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									Somewhere over the rainbow, there’s

                 our 2009-2010 annual report
MerryMount helps children by supporting         Mission
    their faMilies in crisis and transition.    Merrymount is a caring organization committed to providing support and crisis
   our round-the-clock prograMs provide         care for children and families. we deliver responsive and innovative programs
                                                to strengthen children and their families in times of transition.
  a place for children to stay when there
 is a crisis. our education and prevention      vision
              prograMs support More than        our goal is to be a leader in the field of crisis support and transition services
                                                for children and their families.
                   7,000 faMilies each year.
                                                we help iMprove the lives of children. we help keep faMilies together.
                                                what could be More iMportant?

                Burden Lifted
       Imagine experiencing life-threatening illness
       within days of arriving in a new community...
 ...imagine wondering who would care           had the sense that this was the right
 for your child while you cope with            place for Junayd. It was a whole new
 regular four-hour dialysis sessions.          world, with doors opening for us.”
 This was the experience of Riz                Junayd has diabetes and Riz felt
 Ramzanali. “I went into kidney                confident that he would be well cared
 failure,” she remembers. “It was very         for at Merrymount. It was soon clear
 stressful. We didn’t have time to             that he loved being there, too. Riz could
 adapt to anything – everything just           focus on regaining her health, knowing
 came at us head on.” Because her              that Junayd was happy and well.
 husband was often away from home              It doesn’t take much for a family to
 on business, Riz had to find care for         experience crisis. A sudden illness.
 her son Junayd while she attended             A habit that slips into addiction.
 evening dialysis appointments.                Abuse. Divorce. Mental health issues.
 Someone at the hospital suggested             Each situation is different but every
 that she contact Merrymount.                  family needs somewhere to turn.
 From the moment she entered the               For the Ramzanalis and many other
 building, Riz felt as if a burden             families, that place is Merrymount’s
 had been lifted. “Everyone was so             Family Support and Crisis Centre.
 welcoming and so accommodating,               For 135 years, we’ve been there
 it was just amazing. We immediately           for families in crisis.
                                                               This year’s annual report incorporates
                                                              an original print by artist Heidi Dange,
                                                             generously donated to Merrymount from
                                                                  the Ramzanali family ~ thank you!
                    One family’s story of
                    caring and support

Kari and Tim McAteer were at the end of their rope. They had three daughters
at home, twin four-year-olds and a two-year-old. Kari was pregnant. In the fifth
  month, her water broke and she had to be hospitalized. There was no family
      nearby and Tim’s employer couldn’t extend his leave any further.
Fortunately a social worker in the hospital told       Recently the McAteers were looking forward to the birth
Kari about Merrymount. It wasn’t easy to send the      of their fifth daughter. The girls visited Merrymount often
girls the first time, Kari admits. “As a parent, you   during the pregnancy, so that Kari could get the rest she
think that nobody can care for your children as well   needed. Fortunately, the pregnancy was uneventful.
as you. And it’s always hard to ask for help. But we
didn’t have any choice.”
Soon all hesitation vanished. Merrymount became        “I don’t know what we would
a second home to the little girls and a pillar of
strength for their parents. “When I saw how happy
                                                       have done wIthout MerryMount”
the girls were, I knew this was a place I wanted
them to be,” says Kari. “I don’t know what we          The McAteers had arranged for the girls to stay at the
would have done without Merrymount. They were          Centre during the planned birth. But the baby decided
like family to us.”                                    to arrive a week early, so Tim made an urgent call to
                                                       Merrymount. “Once again, they were very accommodating
Kari was in hospital for two months awaiting the       in fitting us in,” Kari says.
birth of baby Aleeyah. The three girls went to
Merrymount daily and thrived on the experience.        “I have only the highest regard for Merrymount,” says Kari.
Once the baby arrived and Kari was home, the           “When I walk in people stop and talk to me – there’s a real
older girls continued to come to Merrymount            sense of personal connection, which is so important when
regularly. Aleeyah had lung problems, a result         your children are there.”
of spending two months without amniotic fluid.
“The first year was really hard,” Kari says. “We
were at children’s emerg at least once a month,
with pneumonia and other respiratory problems.
Merrymount took the other girls while I stayed
in hospital with the baby.”
Eventually the girls started school and daycare,
but Merrymount continued to be a source of
support and practical help. The girls would spend
time at the Centre, when needed, to give their
parents a respite break from the stresses of raising
a busy young family. Kari says they asked eagerly
every week if they were going to Merrymount.
letter froM the executIve
dIrector and PresIdent,
Board of dIrectors
It was a good year, a productive year, a            “They take so much of my stress and worry        delivery to families and children in crisis.
soul-searching year, but also a financially         away. They give 100% support. I have             Merrymount is a committed community
frustrating year. In the end, 2009 was another      somebody to depend on. Before I had              partner and believes that the combined
year we were able to support over 7,000             no one and I was lost.”                          strengths of the community will continue to
families so that they too could look forward to                                                      grow solutions for the families that we help.
                                                    These are the voices we listen to. These are
a tomorrow. In our message this year we would
                                                    the voices that direct our work. These are       The Strategic Planning Process reaffirms the
like to take this opportunity to thank our staff,
                                                    the voices asking for our doors to be open       essential services we offer our community
our volunteers, members of our Boards, our
                                                    round the clock.                                 and our goal will be to continue to provide
community partners, and our funders. The
                                                                                                     the services families in crisis and transition
work that we do would not happen if your            Merrymount has always been a community
                                                                                                     are desperately seeking.
support wasn’t behind us. Throughout this           partner and a friend to the people in need in
report are quotes from the voices of children       the community. Reduced financial resources       Thank you again to our community partners
sharing their experiences at Merrymount.            have caused Merrymount and its Boards to         for your trust and support. We could not do
Their comments reaffirm that what we are            re-focus on what Merrymount offers best for      our work if you were not there working with
doing here is working and meaningful to real        the community.                                   us. It was a good year, a productive year, a
people’s lives. We also heard from parents                                                           financially frustrating year, and yet another
                                                    For our Board, it has been a year of education
and caregivers about Merrymount:                                                                     year spent supporting over 7,000 families.
                                                    and analysis. In challenging financial times,
                                                                                                     It was a year that forced us to take a look at
“Merrymount is there the minute you need            the role of the Board changes. The Board
                                                                                                     ourselves. We know that together we can see
them, to support you, to talk to you. They          has an expanded function of ambassador for
                                                                                                     a better tomorrow.
do know what’s out there and give you               Merrymount and a commitment to raise the
information about everything possible               awareness of Merrymount’s mission and
to help you.”                                       need to its friends.
“Thanks to Merrymount, my kids are healthy          This year, our staff, management and Board
and growing and I feel that life is worth           members have truly learned that we are
living. I have someone to call for support.”        stronger by working together and having          Joanne Beasley
                                                    support. Like the families in crisis and         President, Board of Directors
“Every staff member goes above and
                                                    transition that we service, Merrymount has
beyond. Kids love it here, and the staff
                                                    shown that we can change and build from
members are like family. Merrymount helps
                                                    our strengths in challenging times. Difficult
make life easier. It’s the little things they do
                                                    choices have faced Merrymount this year
that make the difference.”                                                                           Ailene Wittstein
                                                    and the process of decision-making has
                                                    strengthened our commitment to service           Executive Director
        Community Partners

As one of five branches of Mission Services of London, Rotholme Women’s and Family
Shelter operates a 41 bed emergency shelter providing a safe haven for between
15 to 20 families who are homeless and at different points personal crisis. Over the
last 12 years, while I have been the Director at Rotholme Women’s and Family Shelter,
Merrymount Children’s Centre has been one of our key stakeholders.
One of the first things when a new family needs shelter we do is to try and understand
some of the complex reasons that contributed to the family living in poverty and
what has lead them to lose their housing. When our caseworkers look for resources
to support families in crisis one of the first referrals they make is to Merrymount
Children’s Centre. Many of our children have already been a part of their wonderful
array of groups and services. however, for others it is a chance to link them with an
agency that prioritizes doing everything it can from a client centered, strengths based
approach supporting vulnerable parents and their children by building coping skills
and resiliency so they can survive and thrive as viable families.
Families report to us that the parent relief they receive from Merrymount Children’s
Centre both from day programs and overnight stays is a real “life saver”. In the midst of
everything falling apart, they tell us that this time helps them to sort out their situation
so they can move forward again. They also rave about the practical help they get from
the nurse Practitioner at Merrymount. They have told us that they feel safe leaving
their children at Merrymount Children’s Centre. Those who have accessed groups and
parental supports and even the supervised access services have told us they do not feel
judged but are treated respectfully and helped to become better parents.
Merrymount Children’s Centre has a proven track record for excellent service and
community partnership. Thus we look forward to them continuing to provide a full
range of their services to make London safer for our high-risk families and their children.

Leaurie noordermeer
Director, Rotholme Women’s and Family Shelter
Mission Services of London
                               highlights of the year
During the past fiscal year, the Overnight Care program
served 1901 children from 900 families. The Family Support
& Crisis Care Program served 533 children from 365 families.
                                                                  “Merrymount ParentIng educatIon
                                                                                   and chIldren’s PrograMs
The top agency referral sources for the year were: Children’s      is lots of fun By supporting both the parent and the child,
Aid Society; the Middlesex-London Health Unit; and local           and we learn we are strengthening the family as a whole and
shelters. During the last quarter we had an increasing
number of referrals from hospital social workers to provide
                                                                   how to be safe” showing parentsjob of they are not alone in the
                                                                                   most important        their lives!
care for children who had critically ill family members. The        teddy age 9
top presenting concerns for families were: isolation, mental                                       The Parenting programs continue to be well
illness of caregiver, financial, housing and chronic stress.                                       attended and sought by parents of children 0-12
                                                                  years and community professionals who make referrals. The eighteen programs
faMIly suPPort and crIsIs care                                    that have become our core curriculum, offer support and education through
Family Support and Crisis Care continues to provide support       discussion groups, interactive programs and concurrent parent/child programs.
to families experiencing acute and chronic crisis. Each of        A TeenChat program for young parents and Secure Connections partnerships with
our classrooms has been designed to meet the emotional,           the Children’s Aid Society, Salvation Army’s Bethesda Centre, and Middlesex-
cognitive and physical needs of each child in a safe and          London Health Unit’s Smart Start continue to support families who use our
predictable environment. More than 530 children from birth        services. Some programs address specific needs (separation/divorce, families
up to 13 years of age, have been welcomed into our program.       with addiction, starting kindergarten, attachment, grandparenting) and some
The flexibility of the program to accommodate the children up     address general parenting concerns, but all are designed to promote parenting
to 23 hours per day, seven days a week has afforded parents       competencies and to strengthen families to produce better outcomes for children
the time to cope with their challenges and to provide             and their parents.
for their family’s needs.
                                                                  Our Art and Play Therapists continue to facilitate group programs for children
overnIght care                                                    here and in the schools, offering children an opportunity to work though issues
The creative and talented staff continued to offer quality        of self-esteem, divorce, and violence in the family.
programming for the 1901 preschool and school age children,
who stayed in Overnight Care last year. The staff worked          suPervIsed access
diligently to address the individual needs and interests of the   Due to the increased number of families in the London/Middlesex Court District,
children in our care by providing diverse programming in a        we have expanded hours for visits and exchanges. Our staff is now in the office
safe, positive and nurturing environment.                         seven days a week in order to serve the families and have been involved in
                                                                  training and have also attended many workshops. To better understand transition,
To enhance school age children programs, the staff created        the three Coordinators and the Supervisor attended an International Conference in
a number of new areas for the children including an               May and came back with many new ideas to enhance the Program. Our Elgin and
“Imagination Station”, “Kids Corner” and “Interactive To Go”.     Oxford programs are in the process of expanding to outlying areas.
These areas exposed the children to many new activities and
experiences including drama, music, crafts, group games,          all kIds Belong
cooking, science experiments, gardening and more.                 All Kids Belong has served 472 children in
                                                                  London/Middlesex and 96 children in St.Thomas/

                                                                  Elgin during 2009. The staff team presented 35
                                                                  workshops with 748 participants in St.Thomas/
“Merrymount is cool – play bowling,
 play on computers, eat good food”
                                                                  Elgin and 70 workshops in London/Middlesex with
                                                                  739 participants. These workshops were presented
                                                                                                                        is interesting
 tIMothy age 8                                                    to child care staff, parents and other community      and
                                                                  professionals on various topics such as Inclusion,
                                                                  Power Struggles, School Transitions, Learning         basketball,
The school age children were also able to take part in
structured groups that focused on building self-confidence,
                                                                  Language and Loving It, Fostering Peer Interactions
                                                                  and Triple P - Positive Parenting to name a few.
identifying and dealing with their stress, building social        After completing an intensive Program Evaluation in   outside, go
skills, making friends, and learning strategies to deal with
bullying. The preschool children were able to experience many
                                                                  2009, the staff reviewed our service delivery, forms,
                                                                  protocols and ways of working to respond to the       to groups..”
new activities such as crafts, songs, stories, puppet plays,      suggestions and feedback from the evaluation. All     savannah age 9
music and co-operative games to build and enhance their           Kids Belong staff continues to work closely with the
numeracy, literacy and social skills.                             families and elementary schools to assist with the
                                                                  transition to “big school”.
“Love it! It makes me so
 happy when I am here.
 I love outings, playing
 outside and in the gym
 and I like bedtime.”
 sIlvIo age 6

ontarIo early years centre –
london fanshawe
It has been a busy year for London Fanshawe
Centre. There were 10,054 visits by children
and 6,422 visits by parents/caregivers to
our main centre and eight weekly community
playgroup locations. There were 1145 people
                                                reconnect MerryMount
                                                ReConnect Merrymount is a Thames Valley              join this program as students continue to share
that attended our parent learning workshops.
                                                District School Board partnership with               their learning experience with friends, partners
These opportunities also included many
                                                Merrymount. The program started in 2009 to           and acquaintances. The student parents are
parent/child interactive sessions such as
                                                assist secondary school aged students, who are       happy they have the opportunity to learn in a
Family Math and Letter Fun. Workshop
                                                either pregnant or new parents, to continue their    way that suits their lifestyle and appear more
requests from community groups to
                                                educations while learning to cope with their new     confident individuals. The sense of community,
provide opportunities for parents as well as
                                                responsibilities. The goal is to reduce drop-out     an invaluable support to these young people, can
professional groups have increased this year.
                                                rates and re-engage students who have left           be felt when you walk in the door. The TVDSB and
We would like to thank our wonderful            school without graduating. The popularity of         Merrymount are very proud of this partnership!
community partners. Together, London            ReConnect Merrymount has grown exponentially
Fanshawe Centre continues to provide a          since September. There is currently a wait list to
place for families to visit, play and learn.
         Financial Summary
         In the 2009-10 year, we spent $6,849,277 on programming and services for our families. Merrymount is a not-for-profit,
         registered charitable organization. Programs and operations receive support through individual donors, corporations,
         local businesses, foundations, associations and government. We depend on the generosity of the community to help
         maintain our unique, around-the-clock, seven day a week programming and parent education and children’s groups,
         each critical to our mission. The response of community members over the years has enabled Merrymount to continually
         help improve the lives of children and build a brighter future for families.

   MerryMount chIldren’s centre
                                                                                                   OTHER 5%
   fInancIal data year ended March 31, 2010                                        COnTRACTED
                                                                                   SERVICES 5%

    governMent                         $4,904,659         72%
    MerryMount foundatIon              $1,258,551         18%                          FOUnDATIOn 18%
    contracted servIces                 $339,215           5%
                                                                                                              GOVERnMEnT 72%
    other                               $346,853           5%

    total:                             $6,849,277        100%

OFFICE ADMIn 2%                                                              salarIes and BenefIts*             $5,936,230        87%
FOOD & PROGRAM 3%                                                            ProPerty                             $317,848         5%
                                                                             food and PrograM                     $208,670         3%
                                                                             offIce adMInIstratIon                $177,055         2%
                                     SALARy AnD BEnEFITS 87%                 ProfessIonal servIces                $134,474         2%
                                                                             sPecIalIZed servIces                  $75,000         1%

                                                                             total:                             $6,849,277        100%

                                                                             *In keeping with most social service agencies, personnel
                                                                              costs for professional, experienced staff, account for
                                                                              more than 85% of all expenditures.
volunteers & staff
MerryMount centre               Kristine Geddes     executIve dIrector             Amanda Colborne             Paul Miszczyk
Board of dIrectors              Mary Gillick        Ailene Wittstein               Dina Collard                Jonathon Mota
Joanne Beasley (President)      Betsy Gorniak                                      Sherri Daley                Kathryn Mrkoci
Cathie Auger (Vice President,   Terri Goss                                         Dora Dawkins                Bob Mullins
Secretary/Treasurer)                                adMInIstratIve assIstant                                   Tina neeb
                                Jazmine Greystone                                  Lori Dean
Tom Allen                                           Kym Loos                                                   Theresa nicholson
                                Kendra Haggith                                     Maria Del Vasto
Shelley Baker                   Tsakani Hantchi                                    Geri Dibsdale               Lori nigh
Joe Belecky                     Audryanna Harback   senIor ManageMent              Todd Dickey                 Kathleen nutt
Lyn Campbell                    Stephanie Harkin    Richard Macgregor,             Darlene Donaldson           Beth O’Hagen
Dawne Dopp                      Julie Hermson       Manager of Business Services   Lynn Donaldson              Cheryle O’Hara
Fabian Gorodzinsky              Fran Hardy          Tom Patterson,                 Tiphanie Doxtator           Melissa Oliver
Robert Kayser                                       Manager of Human Resources                                 Maria Park
                                Shay Indian                                        Glen Everett
Sigmar Martin                                       Christine Walker,                                          Violet Pilarski
                                Chantell Kelly      Director of Development        Tracy Faulkner
Greg McCarvell                  Haley Kivell                                       Katie Foote                 Meredith Pirrie
Shawn McConville                Cynthia Leavitt                                    Harold Fox                  Marisela Ponce
                                                    suPervIsors                                                Melissa Riehl
Susan Rodger                    Steve Lethaby                                      Dara Francois
Suzanne Vandervoort                                 Lynne Booker-Collins                                       Denise Riopelle
                                Jennifer MacRae                                    Judy Gasparik
                                                    JoAnn Dunn                                                 Julie Ritchie
                                Cathy Mamo                                         Louis Gasparik
                                                    Deborah Gillis                                             Adela Rivera
MerryMount foundatIon           Melanie Matthews                                   Linda Gates
Board of dIrectors                                  Della Morton                                               Tanya Ross
                                Heidi Mettler                                      Andrea Gilkes
Mike Blewett (President)                            Rosemary nasswetter                                        Paulina Rybka
                                Mary McGuinness                                    Jennifer Graham
Cathie Auger                                        Helen Sleaford                                             Rebecca Salton
                                Kasey Moore                                        Leslie Green
Joanne Beasley                                      Lisa Sortun                                                Annette Scholier
                                Lindsay O’Connell                                  Angela Grigg
Joe Belecky                     Jena Pilon                                         Darlene Gwodz               Karen Scott
Al Edwards                      Cathy Pintus        coordInators                   Brooke Hannah               Tiffany Scott
Michael Flanagan                Stacey Pipicelli    Amanda Bruyns                  Joanna Hicks                Krishna Sengupta
Robert Kayser                   Jamie Pszeniczny    Audrey Burnett                 Mary Jane Hodsman           Patricia Serrato
norm Thompson                   Angela Ryan         Stacey Leighfield              Lisa Jackson-Lumley         Jackie Sharzer
Mark Wendling                   Lisa Schwartz       Susan McKane                   yasika Jarquin              Jennifer Smale
Clint Wilson                    Lori Serratore      Wendy Tapp-Moore               Jenise Jarvis               Karen Smith
                                Judith Smith                                       Elisa Jones                 Jerry Smithers
volunteers                      Deb Tobin           staff                          Gloria Jean King            Heather Soares
                                Donna Travis                                       Alice Kolendowski           Amanda Spoelstra
Joanna Alexis                                       yvette Aconito
                                Ashley Whalen                                      Brenda Lampman              Lisa St. Marie
Kim Anderson                                        Faduma Amin
                                Alyssa Van Cliet                                   Kimberley Lamport           Brenda Stevenson
Penny Brennan                                       Becky Wilfong-Armstrong
                                Tracy Vickers                                      Danielle Lewis              Sandra Stewart
Robyn Buckler                                       Kathleen Ashton
                                Amelia Whiltshire                                  nancy Liabotis              Julie Sylva
Anna Currado                                        Angela Balcom
                                Krista Xettler                                     Carolyn Little              Barbara Szczukowski
Claire Cyr                                          Angelica Baldinelli
                                                                                   Teresa Liwosz               Kevin Thompson
                                                    Stephen Baldinelli
                                                                                   Dianne Loft                 Janice Topping
                                                    Jason Bertling
                                                                                   Michelle Loos               Rosemary Van Wieren
                                                    Michelle Bielski
                                                                                   Erin Lovell                 Maria Warren
                                                    Deb Bloomfield
                                                                                   Mario Lucci                 Sarah Wells
                                                    Aaron Botosan
                                                                                   Lori Masterson              Angelica Wilde
                                                    Kelley Cates
                                                                                   Patricia Mazariegos         Patricia Wistow
                                                    Wanda Caughell
                                                                                   Sandi McAlpine-McCullough   Marlena Wojciechowska
                                                    Angie Ceneviva
                                                    yolanta Chajder                Teri McCullagh
                                                    Colette Chapman                Heather McDowall
                                                    Rosemary Ciccone               Kate McKeon
                                                    Kelly Clark                    Patricia Meek
                                                                                   Marie Merrimen

                                          thanks to each and every one of you
Thank you to the donors who so generously supported Merrymount in
2009-2010. your gifts helped change the lives of children and families.

Aboutown                            Dr. yehoshua Brownstone        Thelma Edwards                   Mary Hall
Advanced Landscaping Co. Ltd.       Dorothy Bullock                Elleyr Investments Ltd.          Rhonda Hallberg and Gene Sorin
Al Anon Program                     Bev A. Burns                   EllisDon Corporation             Terrence Harnett
Dr. John Albert                     David R. Campbell              Wouter and Maria Eshuis          June Harris
Patricia and Dr. Larry Allen        Linda Campbell                 Dr. H. Brian and Janey Evans     Harrison Pensa LLP
Thomas and Patty Allen              CIBC                           Peter Feeney                     Shona and Robert Hart
The Arcangelo Rea                   CIBC Children’s Foundation,    Catherine Finlayson              Pat Hayes
Family Foundation                   The McGorman Investment Team   and James Macneil                Anne and Robert Hayman
Employees of Arthur Labatt Family   Lynne Booker-Collins           Vito and Sharon Finucci          James Hendry
School of nursing                   Mary Jane Collins              Myrna and James Fisk             Highstreet Asset Management Inc.
Margaret Atchison                   Dan Cullen                     Derek Floyd                      Margaret Hoff
Cathie and Lowell Auger             Jacqueline Cullen              Krystyna Fraser                  Investors Group Financial Services
Carol I. and Edward Aziz            Raymond Cullen                 Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta    Inc.
Dr. David Bach                      Michael and Susan Davies       Gary and Etta Galvin             IODE - Bishop Hellmuth
Richard and Shelley Baker Family    noreen De Shane                Linda and Randy Gates            Marion and William Jamieson
                                    Maria Del Vasto                Edna Gee                         Robert Johnston
Joanne Beasley
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Joseph and Jacquie Belecky
                                    Karen and Todd Dixon           Deborah Gillis                   Kappa Alpha Theta
Beverly and Dr. David Bell
                                    Tim Dixon                      Manuella and Dominic Giuliano    Dr. Sheila Kappler
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Brown Beattie O’Donovan LLP                                        Ronald Hair                      Kathryn and Robert Lannigan

RBC Foundation                                                        London Community Foundation
Thank you to RBC Foundation for its generous donation                 Thank you to the London Community Foundation for its generous
to Merrymount’s Secure Connections program.                           Urgent need Grant in support of the Merrymount Family Fund.
Lerners LLP                         M. Catherine nichols                     Mrs. Helene Sellery                   Patricia and Dr. Josef Vladars
nancy Liabotis and Bill Hill        norquay                                  Mary and Darwin Semotiuk              Pegi M. Walden
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Myrna McDermid
                                    Juan Riordon                             The London Heritage Council
Dr. John W. and Susan McDonald                                               and the City of London
Judie McDonald                      Jim Robinson                                                                   And three donors who wish
                                                                             The Sisters of St. Joseph             to remain anonymous
Sylvia McGeein                      Stan and Jean Robinson
                                                                             Beverly and James Thompson
Susan and David McKane              Linda and Dr. Cecil Rorabeck
                                                                             David S. Thompson                     whIle every atteMPt has Been Made
Lawrence J. McKenzie                Thelma and Dr. David Rosner                                                    to ensure accuracy, we aPologIZe
                                                                             Jim Thournout
Bill and nancy McKeough             Rotary Club of London West                                                     for any errors or oMIssIons. Please
                                                                             Janice Topping
Margaret Mcnulty                    Virginia Rutledge                                                              let us know of any changes.
                                                                             Michael and Susan Tremblay
Catherine McRoberts                 Paulina Rybka
                                                                             Jane and Paul Trudell
Paul Miszczyk                       yashwant and Vaishali Sankpal
                                                                             Lillian and Jerry Ugar
S. Elizabeth Moore                  Debbie and Bob Schram
                                                                             Paul Vandenbosch
Della Morton                        Peggy Schucht                            and Cindy Wright
Rose nasswetter                     Scotiabank                               Suzanne Vandervoort

Rotary Club                                                         Investors Group Financial Services Inc.
of London West                                                      Thank you to Investors Group Financial Services Inc. for its leadership support
Thank you to the Rotary Club of London West                         of Merrymount’s Comedy night that has raised more than $100,000 and
for its ongoing support of Merrymount’s Family                      provided more than 500 days of 24-hour care for children.
Support and Crisis Centre.

                 519-434-6848 x250

                          1064 Colborne St.               T   519.434.6848          Charitable Registration #
                          London, ON N6A 4B3              f   519.434.6851          107692303RR0001
                            Merrymount Children’s Centre is an accredited Children’s Mental Health Centre
                                      and is a member of London’s Child and Youth Network.


                                  A special thank you to photograph contributors Richard Bain, Bob Kayser,
                                           Paul Miszczyk. Artist, Heidi Dange. Design by RedRhino.

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