Lower Bridge Transfer Station

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					Lower Bridge Transfer Station

   Why is Action Required?
   • Current Transfer Station has exceeded its
     useful life

   • It is no longer capable of meeting the
     county’s disposal needs

   • Is undersized for the current population

   • Does not comply with current FDEP
Lower Bridge Transfer Station

    Existing Transfer Station
            Lower Bridge Transfer Station
                                What Has Been Done To Date
• Spring 2007 - Feasibility Study Initiated By BOCC
• September 2007 Study Presented to BOCC
• November 2007 Alternative 4 – Build New Transfer Station Selected by BOCC
• January 2009 Preliminary Engineering Report/Funding Request Submitted to
• April BOCC Authorizes Design of New Transfer Station
• July 2009 Preliminary Engineering Report Approved by USDA
• July 2009 USDA Grant/Loan Commitment Received
• August 2009 BOCC authorized the Chairman to execute the Letter of Intent to
  Meet Conditions to move forward with the transfer station
• December 2009, the Board signed Resolution # 09-57, a statutorily required
  Resolution expressing the County’s intent to include this special assessment on
  the tax bill
• January 25, 2010, the Board approved Change Order #1 to Jones Edmunds for the \
  relocation of the solid waste transfer station within the existing Lower Bridge Landfill
• May 3, 2010, the Board approved the Master Assessment Ordinance
• Design of New Transfer Station in Progress
Lower Bridge Transfer Station

What Options Were Considered?
   • Alternative 1 - Make No Changes to
     Existing Operations

   • Alternative 2 - Modify the Existing Transfer

   • Alternative 3 - Build a Collection Center for
     Hauling to another County Transfer Station

   • Alternative 4 - Build a New Transfer Station
  Lower Bridge Transfer Station

• Alternative 4
  • Considered the most cost-effective
  • Meets current and future solid waste
  management needs

• Alternative 4 also
  • Qualifies for a federal grant for
  $713,500 and low-interest loan for
   Lower Bridge Transfer Station
         Proposed Transfer Station

                                Site Detail

Overall Site Layout
 Lower Bridge Transfer Station
Proposed Transfer Station – Similar Structure
   Solid Waste Disposal
Non-Ad Valorem Assessment
         Legal Requirements

           Special Benefit


  Fair and Reasonable Apportionment
  Lower Bridge Transfer Station
• Transfer Station Costs = $2,203,667

• Estimated Disposal Assessment = $112 Per
Household Per Year ($9.33 Per Month)

• Curbside Pick-up and Recycling Estimated
at an Additional $149 Per Household Per Year
($12.42 Per Month)
Lower Bridge Transfer Station

     Why an Assessment?
    Lower Bridge Transfer Station
         Grant and Loan Received

• Grant = $713,500

• Loan = $1,495,000
  (3.50% over 38 year period)
          Lower Bridge Transfer Station

             Alternatives to an Assessment
• Tipping Fees
•   Communication Services Tax
•   Public Services Tax
•   State Revenue Sharing
•   Sales Surtax
•   Local Government Infrastructure Surtax (Portion)
        Note: Existing revenue sources are already used in
        the current budget. To make such fund available
        for the Transfer Station, budget cuts would be
        Lower Bridge Transfer Station

                  Two Primary Options
1. Proceed with Residential Disposal Assessment and
reduce overall costs with the USDA Grant and Loan.

2. Not implement Residential Disposal Assessment and
use an alternative revenue pledge.
      a. Risk losing USDA Grant and Loan.
      b. Risk FDEP forcing upgrades with funding
      responsibility entirely on Wakulla County.
      Lower Bridge Transfer Station
                        Solid Waste Licensing
•   Companion regulation to the Solid Waste Disposal
•   Provides minimum LOS standards, insurance requirements,
•   Requires all haulers to obtain an annual license for hauling
    waste within the county.
•   Requires all solid waste be disposed of at the County Transfer
•   Requires offset from monthly contracts for the disposal
•   Optional License Fee set at a percentage of gross revenues.
     Lower Bridge Transfer Station
                      Next Steps
1. Policy Direction on Solid Waste Disposal Assessment
   Program and Licensing Ordinance – May 17, 2010
2. Adoption of Initial Assessment Resolution – June 21,
3. Notices For Solid Waste Disposal Assessment – 20
   days prior to public hearing
4. Bid & Construction Process – Summer 2010
5. Public Hearing and Adoption of Final Assessment
   Resolution – prior to September 15, 2010

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