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                                           AdAS iSrAel CongregAtion

                                                              Vol. 72, No. 1       July–august 2009       tammuz–elul 5769

                                           Congratulations to
                                           our new Synagogue leaders
                                           robert A. peck, President                           is a commercial broker and provides strategic
       M A BlD
      Te f Ra                                               Bob and his wife, Lynn             real estate portfolio and development adviso-

      Dover Emet                                            Palmer, have been members
                                                            of Adas Israel for nearly 15
                                                                                               ry services to corporations, governments and
                                                                                               nonprofit institutions. For five years during the
  Speaking the truth                                        years. He recently chaired our     Clinton administration he served as commis-
        Rabbi Gil Steinlauf                                 Senior Rabbi Search Commit-        sioner of GSA’s Public Buildings Service.
                                                            tee, heads the task force on           Bob has served on corporate and nonprofit
teACh your tongue                          our 21st Century Building Renewal and En-           boards; is a former president of the DC Preser-
                                                                                               vation League; served on the U.S. Commission
to SAy, “i don’t know”                     dowment Project, and has served as an officer
                                                                                               of Fine Arts, the Federal Advisory Council on
        (Talmud Bavli, Berachot 4a)        and board member.
                                              Formerly full-time president of the Greater      Historic Preservation, and the National Capital
This is one of my favorite teach-                                                              Planning Commission; and was one of the ini-
                                           Washington Board of Trade, Bob is now a man-
ings in the Talmud. Our human                                                                                                  continued on page 3
                                           aging director of Jones Lang LaSalle, where he
nature never seems to change:
we hate to admit that we don’t             eric Fox and Jeri greenberg to head 2009
know, that we’re not sure. Some            kol nidre Appeal
of us would rather lie to others           Eric Fox, newly elected vice        serious cuts in our syna-
and even to ourselves than admit           president for development,          gogue staff, programs, and
that we don’t know something.              will team with outgoing             expenses. But even with
It’s as if there’s some deep-seated        development VP Jeri Green-          fewer resources, we have
fear within us that being wrong is         berg to head up our 2009            maintained our obliga-
a terrible thing.                          Kol Nidre Appeal. As our only       tions and have remained
     I love not knowing! When              synagogue fundraiser of the         focused on our mission as            Eric Fox         Jeri Greenberg
people ask me a question about             year, the appeal is particularly    a leading congregation.            port our excellent clergy and
Judaism—or anything—I’m                    important this year in light        However, the success of our        professional staff.
happy to admit when I don’t                of the board’s decision not to      2009 Kol Nidre Appeal will             Although our economy is a
know the answer. I’m grateful.             raise membership dues.              determine our ability to carry     challenge, we are committed
That person has given me an op-                This past year has been         out our plans.                     to building and maintaining
portunity to look something up             an extremely difficult one for          Although our resources         our excellent schools, diverse
and to learn. I even love it when          our community, our economy,         are strained, we have honored      religious services, expanded
I say something incorrect or con-          our members, and our con-           our financial commitments          lifelong learning, and in-
fused, and someone points out              gregation. For the first time       to our retired clergy, to assist   creased involvement in our
to me that I am wrong. That’s the          in nearly 20 years, we are          Jimmy Young, to retain our         communities through tikkun
best of all! I am delighted when           operating with a deficit bud-       devoted maintenance and            olam (repairing the world).
life shows me that I was wrong.            get and have had to make            support staff, and to sup-                    continued on page 16
                     continued on page 2

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         CelebratiNg our 140th year                      Sisterhood                         Youth                        Todah Rabbah
        the ChroniCle is suPPorted iN                       Page 4                           Page 7                            Page 15
       Part by the ethel aNd Nat PoPiCk                  Men’s Club                         YP@AI                        Contributions
               eNdowmeNt FuNd                              Page 5                            Page 7                            Page 17
                                                          Holidays                   Schools/Education                Tikkun Olam
                                                            Page 5                          Page 12        September 2008 • ChroniCle • 3
                                                                                                                         Page 20
        Clergy Corner                                                                              M A BlD
                                                                                                  Te f Ra
                                                                                                  Dover Emet
                                                                                              Speaking the truth
                                                                                                    Rabbi Gil Steinlauf
                      Dover emet continued from page 1
                        How else can I find the truth? How else can I       been given: we learn, we grow, we try to be the best people we
                        ultimately be right?                                can be. And a life well-lived is one where we let life itself teach
                            There are those who believe that knowl-         us its wisdom without us imposing our “I know” attitude onto it.
                        edge is power, and they’re right. But the           When we let life itself—with its experiences of both success and
                        greatest knowledge, the greatest power              failure teach us, then we’re truly living Torah, being Torah.
                        of all is resting comfortably in the ultimate           So many of us are perfectionists. We’re afraid to make mis-
 Rabbi Gil Steinlauf truth that, as Socrates taught, none of us re-         takes. We fear that we’ll be disempowered, rejected, or seen as
ally ever knows. We’re all doing the very best we can, and I am             fools or idiots. Some of us let the fear of failure constrict our en-
grateful that we have Torah as a guide to help us make the best,            tire lives. But the truth I have found is that, even mistakes, even
kindest, and most ethical decisions on how to act in life. Can we           failures, can be the kindest of blessings.
ever absolutely know that we’re getting it right? No, not at all.               As I have lived my life with this attitude of seeing Torah in
And I love that!                                                            everything, I have discovered that life has so much more wisdom
     I reflect on not knowing because we live during times of both          to show me the way than any brilliant wisdom or insight that I
uncertainty and great change and optimism for the future. These             can “invent” on my own out of thin air (as if that were possible).
factors are at play in our wider society, in our personal lives, and        I would like to invite everyone in the congregation to join me in
in our congregation as well. My recurring theme in writing this             becoming students of the Torat Chayim, of the Torah of life itself.
column all during the year 5769 has been “change.” Things are               Let’s try new things together. Let’s see where they take us. Let’s
changing, new ideas are percolating, new initiatives are getting            see if they deepen our sense of connection and warmth and in-
set to start up in the congregation.                                        sight into Judaism—and into all of life itself. If they don’t seem to
     Next year, you’ll see all kinds of new ideas and programs.             be working, let’s acknowledge that and celebrate that we went
You’ll see an exciting new lifelong learning program with new               down a path that led us, not where we expected, but some-
kinds of classes and offerings. You’ll see changes in our servic-           where even better: to greater wisdom of where to go next.
es—new formats, new styles, new approaches and experiences.                     Let’s join together and build a culture where we celebrate
There will be new programming for kids on Shabbat, new pro-                 not knowing. The Torah of not knowing leads us to the greatest
grams for young adults and families and seniors and singles and             joy of all: there’s ultimately no such thing as failure. There is only
empty-nesters. There will be all kinds of new opportunities to              more wisdom to attain, more life and possibility to celebrate,
learn, to find meaning and community, to act in kindness and to             more Torah to be found. It’s a journey that has no dead ends, a
repair the world. “This sounds great, Rabbi,” you might say, “but           journey that I’m so grateful to be on with all of you. ¢
is it really going to ‘work’? Is it really going to create ‘success’?”
Here’s my answer: I don’t know.
     And when I say, ‘I don’t know,’ I say that without the slightest
                                                                              Adas israel in your neighborhood
twinge of fear or existential dread or embarrassment. From my                 Continues
perspective, the best, most delicious part of all these new pro-              Havdalah in Your Neighborhood to Kick Off
gramming and community-building initiatives is that we could                  Expanded Program
be wrong! I certainly have a strong hunch, based on my profes-                Adas Israel in Your Neighborhood coffees will continue
sional training and experience, that many of our new initiatives              and expand next year with Rabbi Feinberg, Cantor Weber,
will yield great joy and meaning for this congregation. But if any,           and Hazzan Greenberg joining Rabbi Steinlauf to meet
                                                                              members of the congregation in small, informal gatherings.
or even all, of these new initiatives “fail,” then I will be the first to
                                                                              Michelle Leavy, Debra Benator, and Gail Levine chair the
feel grateful, even joyful, because then we’ll be headed in the
                                                                              program, which is coordinated through our Rabbinic Tran-
direction of what can succeed for us.
                                                                              sition Committee headed by Margaret Siegel.
     I like to say that everything is Torah. By this I mean that the
                                                                                  The expanded program will kick off with “Havdalah in Your
Torah and the mitzvot are really a metaphor for how we live                   Neighborhood” on November 7 when all congregants and
every aspect of our lives. We engage in learning to ask the ques-             synagogue staff will gather in members’ homes for a special
tions, not to be sure of the answers. We perform the mitzvot                  evening. If you would like to be invited to a scheduled coffee,
even while we’re not entirely sure if we’re getting it right. The             or you would like to be a host beginning in November, please
ultimate value—Torah itself—is found in engaging in the pro-                  contact Glenn Easton, When you
cess, in the ongoing practice, in the growing and learning that               receive your personal invitation, RSVP to the host.
happens over the course of a lifetime.                                            We thank our most recent hosts, Sandy & Adina
     What’s true for the texts and mitzvot of Judaism is equally              Mendelson, Irv & Estelle Jacobs, Dan & Jennifer Mendelson,
true for every aspect of life itself. We engage the life that we’ve           and Marion & Michael Usher.
2 • ChroniCle • July–AuguSt 2009
SynAgogue leAderS continued from page 1
tial mayoral appointees to the reorganized D.C. Board of Educa-
tion. He lives in the District with his wife, a teacher at Woodrow      Yad Squad!!
Wilson High School, and their two children.                             Julia Peck and Juliana Isaac were honored
                                                                        in May, when they were called to the
Johanna Chanin, vice President for Administration
                                                                        Torah to receive special recognition for
                 Johanna, vice president and associate counsel
                                                                        reading 50 verses of Torah at Adas Israel.
                 for the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies,
                                                                        Thanks to a generous gift from Doug
                 has been a member of Adas Israel since 1990.
                                                                        Kamerow and Celia Shapiro, these young
                 She has served on the Membership, Lifelong
                                                                        women will both receive a beautiful yad        Julia Peck
                 Learning, Nominating and Cantor Search
                                                                        from the Sisterhood Gift Shop.
                 committees, is immediate past chair of the
                                                                            In addition, Hazzan Jenna Greenberg
Personnel Committee, and has been a member of the Board of
                                                                        presented them with special certificates
Directors since 2005. She is also a member of the Bereavement
                                                                        recognizing their achievements at the
Committee. Her two children, Carolyn and Aviva Weinstein, are
                                                                        Torah. It is our sincere hope that their
graduates of Gan HaYeled and became b’not mitzvah at Adas Isra-
                                                                        achievement will inspire other young
el in 2004 and 2006. Born and raised in Macon, GA, Johanna is a
                                                                        adults in our community to continue to
graduate of Boston College and the George Washington Univer-
                                                                        read from the Torah. We are pleased to
sity National Law Center. She is also a semi-expert challah baker.
                                                                        be able to celebrate their accomplishment Juliana Isaac
maria lasa-Sloan, vice President for membership                         with the entire Adas Israel community. Yashar koach!
                    Maria and her family joined Adas Israel in 1997
                    when her oldest daughter entered Gan HaY-
                    eled Nursery School. Soon after, she became             With help from Hazzan Greenberg, Cantor Maurice Singer,
                    involved in the school’s parent association as    and Lou Rosen, he learned to daven and chant haftarot and has
                    treasurer and co-president. In 2000, Maria con-   done so for the daily minyan, on Shabbat and the chagim, and
                    verted to Judaism. Her choice of the Conserva-    at High Holy Day services. Dirk lives in the District with his wife
tive movement arose not only from her experience at Adas Israel,      Patricia; his son, Geoffrey, lives and works in Colorado.
but also from her understanding of the movement’s purpose             eric Fox, vice President for Development
and its ability to make the teachings of the Torah meaningful,                         A tax attorney with the DC firm of Ivins, Phillips
relevant, and alive in today’s world.                                                  & Baker, Eric has been active in the congrega-
    Subsequently, Maria became the congregation’s vice president                       tion since 1983, having served on the Board of
for youth and education. During her tenure, the board approved                         Directors, as an officer on two occasions, and
and hired its full-time youth director and expanded youth Shabbat                      as a trustee. He is active in local Jewish affairs,
services. Maria also planned and led activities for the synagogue’s                    serving as president of the local Jewish National
expanding South American and Latino membership. In addition,                           Fund for several years and on JNF’s Leadership
she was our mikvah coordinator from 2002 to 2006, during which        Council, and he led committees of the Jewish Federation seeking
time where she served as a representative from Adas Israel to the     gifts from lawyers. He has two children, Karen and Benjamin.
wider community Currently, Maria is a synagogue board member,
                                                                      Amy Schwartz, vice President for education &
member of the Youth Department Steering Committee, and direc-
tor of communications for Sisterhood.
                                                                                       Amy, who is beginning a second term as educa-
    Mother of Sarah and Soledad, Maria is married to Michael
                                                                                       tion and youth VP, is a journalist specializing in
Sloan, also an active member of the congregation. When not
                                                                                       cultural and educational topics, a contributing
volunteering at her children’s schools or at the synagogue, she
                                                                                       editor and regular book reviewer for the Wilson
hones her silversmith skills at the Corcoran College of Art.
                                                                                       Quarterly, and a former editorial writer and op
dirk Aardsma, vice President for Programs &                                            ed columnist for the Washington Post. She has
           religious Practices                                        been a member of Adas Israel since 1992 and has served on the
                  Dirk, a member of Adas Israel since 2003, is        Board of Directors; the Ritual, Membership, Adult Education,
                  a CPA and taught American Literature at the         World Affairs, and Religious School Education committees; and
                  University of Colorado and high school Eng-         the Traditional Minyan Coordinating Committee.
                  lish in Florida. He edits fiction and nonfiction       Amy’s husband, Eric Koenig, is also active on many syna-
                  manuscripts and is working on several writing       gogue committees. Their three children are graduates of Gan
projects. He is a member of the synagogue’s board of directors        HaYeled and attend the Melvin Gelman Religious School. Amy
and chairs the Religious Practices committee. In addition, he has     has also been the acting president, vice president, and a long-
been a member of the Traditional Egalitarian Minyan’s Coordinat-      time teacher at the Jewish Study Center.
ing Committee since 2004 and helps with service coordination
and other arrangements.                                                                                               continued on page   16

                                                                                                   July–AuguSt 2009 • ChroniCle • 3
                                                                                                 Save the date
                                                                                           Seaboard Torah Fund Event
                                                                                                September 13

                                                                         Sisterhood 2009–2010
                                                                         There’s something special in the air at Adas Israel Sister-
                                                                         hood. While many of us are enjoying a more relaxed (or
                                                                         in some cases, a whirlwind) summer, the new Sisterhood
                                                                         Past Presidents’ Council and Board of Directors are hard at
                                                                         work planning for an exciting year. Membership forms for
                                                                         2009–2010 membership forms will arrive at homes in July
                                                                         and are due back by August 30.
torah Fund Campaign                                                          There’s never been a more interesting and important
2008-2009 wrap-up                                                        time to be a part of Sisterhood, so please re-member: with-
                                                                         out you, there is no Sisterhood!! A number of decisions
The first Torah Fund Campaign of Women’s League for Conservative
                                                                         regarding the organization’s future are on tap for this com-
Judaism began more than 60 years ago with a goal of $10,000. This
                                                                         ing year, as are wonderful opportunities for personal and
past year, Adas Israel alone raised close to $14,000. Special thanks
                                                                         spiritual growth, education and skill building, doing mitzvot,
to all who gave so generously. Contributions ensure the future
                                                                         and making the time for friendship. Stay tuned through the
of Conservative Judaism by supporting students at the Jewish
                                                                         Chronicle, the new monthly message from the Sisterhood
Theological Seminary, the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies,
                                                                         president starting in July, the mid-month Sisterhood Cares
and the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies. These students are
                                                                         e-Newsletter (resuming in August), and the website, and
the future rabbis, cantors, educators, synagogue administrators,
                                                                         please share your thoughts/concerns. If you are a current
social workers, and lay leaders of the Conservative/Masorti
                                                                         member not receiving these e-mails, please e-mail our Com-
Movement. This year, JTS Chancellor Eisen personally expressed
                                                                         munications VP immediately at
his appreciation to a number of Adas Israel Torah Fund donors
following the 2009 Annual Kay Lecture (see photo above).
     As we look to the 5770 Campaign, participation is the key.
A donation of at least $18 from everyone who reads this article
                                                                       ruth and Simon Albert
will allow Adas Israel Sisterhood to surpass previous Torah Fund       Adas israel gift Shop
fundraising proceeds easily. Perhaps you can increase last year’s      The Adas Israel Sisterhood Gift Shop hours
gift by $18. Those able to contribute $180 (Benefactor) or more        during July and August are Tuesdays and
will receive the Torah Fund pin for 5770. The theme of the pin is      Fridays, 10 am to noon. If these times are not
“Le’avdah ul-shamrah—To Plant and Preserve.”                           convenient, please call Helene Weingarten, 301-
    Additional levels of special giving include $300 (Guardian);       320-2909; Diane Keller, 301-469-0050; or Jean
$600 (Associate Patron); and $1,200 (Patron). Remember, you can        Bernard, 301-654-8914, to set up a time to meet
also donate any amount between these designated levels; any            at the shop.
and all contributions are appreciated. You can also increase your                Special-order cards and invitations may be ordered at
giving by purchasing Torah Fund greeting cards for all occasions       any time by calling Leah Chanin, 202-362-4062. We will continue
or by selling items on eBay for the benefit of Torah Fund. While       to take special orders for kippot as well.
pins will be available in September, you can make a pledge now                   Please keep us in mind for all your Judaica and gift
and pay it in full anytime before June 2010.                           needs. Remember: your purchases allow us to contribute to
    Pledges and contributions should be made through the               Adas Israel and its various programs. Thank you for your support
Sisterhood Torah Fund Chair and all checks should be payable           throughout the year and this summer.
to Torah Fund-JTS. For more information and to view the new                      We are making our annual August trip to the Gift Show
pin, see the Torah Fund flier on the Virtual Flyer Rack at www.        in New York to purchase exciting new merchandise for the shop. ¢                                                      Plan to visit us in September and see what’s new! ¢

4 • ChroniCle • July–AuguSt 2009
              Men’s Club
Congregation to receive FJmC torah mantle
On July 2, Mark Berlin will be installed as the international president   from past president to past president until it is presented to the
of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs (FJMC), and on                          incoming president.
Saturday morning, August 15, one of the perks of that                               While three past FJMC presidents were from Adas Is-
honor—a specially crafted mantle for a Torah scroll—                            rael—Philip Goldstein, Max Goldberg, and Jack Lish, their
will be presented to the congregation where it will be                          terms preceded creation of the mantle. The mantle will be
housed for the two years of Mark’s presidency.                                  officially presented to the congregation during Shabbat
    The needlepoint on the FJMC Torah mantle was                                services on August 15 and will remain on display and in
created by Chellie Davidoff of Lansdale, PA, when                               occasional use during the next two years.
her husband, Steve, was installed as FJMC president in 1997. At              Mark and Leslie Berlin will be a sponsor of the kiddush that
each FJMC international convention, the Torah mantle is handed            morning in honor of his installation of FJMC president. ¢

Join our ushers and Kesher Ishi greeters!
32nd Annual Community Cpr program, September 8;
high holy day usher light Supper precedes Cpr Course
For the 32nd consecutive year, the Men’s Club will sponsor a                  During the supper we will thank and brief our High Holy
Community CPR program, providing an opportunity to learn                  Day ushers on important security, emergency, and procedure
or brush up on your CPR skills. All High Holy Day and Shabbat             information.
ushers, and Keshi Ishi Greeters, and new participants as well, are            To register, contact Steven Miller, 703-981-1709, 703-415-
encouraged to attend this year’s training on Tuesday, September           0684, or Registration is limited. There is
8. The Men’s Club will provide a free light supper, starting at 6:15      no charge for synagogue members; the charge is $5 for non-
pm, and training will begin at 6:45.                                      members. ¢

high holy day packets in the mail •• Yom Kippur Gan Pre-schoolbegin atwill begin at 5:45 pm
                                     Yom Kippur
                                                Late Yizkor will
                                                                         5:30 pm

note new Service times                                                    • Yom Kippur N’eelah will begin at 6:30 pm
Planning for the 2009 High Holy Days is underway, and packets
                                                                              Watch your mail for the High Holy Day packet, which also
of information will arrive at members’ homes by the end of the
                                                                          includes requests for youth services, holiday honors, Memorial
                                                                          Book listings, ushers, and the Kol Nidre Appeal. ¢
    Remember, to simplify the holiday ticket process, if you want
tickets for the people in your household, they will be sent to you
automatically; there is no form to complete. You only need to re-          ‘renew your high holy day Spirit’
turn the ticket form if you have dedicated seats in the Charles E.         Spiritual Retreat Led by Rabbi Charles Feinberg
Smith Sanctuary, if you want to order extra seats for family and           Would you like to get more out of the High Holy Days? Do you
guests, or if you want a reserved seat in the Sanctuary service.           sometimes feel that Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are missed
Please call or e-mail Elinor Tattar, 202-362-4433 or elinor.tattar@        spiritual opportunities? Then come to a spiritual retreat, Sun-, at the synagogue office with any questions.                day, September 13, 10:30 am to 4 pm, led by Rabbi Feinberg.
    Please note a few minor service time changes to improve the                 During the retreat, in Gewirz Hall, participants will study a clas-
flow of our services and to enhance your holiday season:                   sic text on a High Holy Day theme, engage in a meditative chant,
• Rosh Hashanah services will begin at 8:15 am instead of 8:00 am          do some personal reflection through a written exercise, and be in-
• Rosh Hashanah Mincha/Maariv will begin at 7:00 pm instead of             volved in a bibliodrama (role-playing) on the theme of forgiveness.
  6:45 pm                                                                       The retreat is free, but there is a $15 charge for lunch and
• Yom Kippur Yizkor will be at approximately 11:40 am instead              snack. For more information, please contact Rabbi Feinberg,
  of 2:45 pm or 3:30 pm                                                    202-362-4433, ext. 122, or
• Yom Kippur Musaf and Martyrology will be at approximately                     Space is limited! Please reserve your spot no later than
  12:40 pm                                                                 Wednesday, August 26, by contacting Marcia Miller, 202-362-
• Yom Kippur Lecture and Discussion will be at 3:45 pm                     4433, ext. 112, or
• Yom Kippur Mincha will begin at 4:45 pm
                                                                                                          July–AuguSt 2009 • ChroniCle • 5
                                                                                              Judah drelich, August 29

              Life Cycle                                                                      Judah is the son of Rabbi Gilah Langner
                                                                                              and David Drelich, and the grandson of
                                                                                              Pearl Drelich and the late Arthur Drelich,
                                                                                              z”l, and Rabbi Allan M. Langner and the
                                                                                              late Nancy Langner, z”l. He graduated
milestones                                                                                    from the Jewish Primary Day School of the
birth                                                                                         Nation’s Capital in 2008 and is continuing
Oliver Block, son of Ryan and Jamie Hotchkiss and great-                                      his education at the Charles E. Smith
grandson of edith block                                                                       Jewish Day School.
We wish our newborn and her family strength, good health, and joy
marriage                                                                                      Zachary klayman, August 29
Omri Argaman, grandson of rabbi & mrs. Stanley rabinowitz;                                    Zachary Klayman, who attends Westland
son of Judi and Amnon Argaman of Herzlia, Israel, to Moran                                    Middle School, began his education at Gan
Hulin, daughter of Shlomo and Edna Hulin, also of Herzlia.                                    HaYeled. He is the son of Elliot and Iona Klay-
                                                                                              man and the brother of Danielle and Leo.
We wish our newlyweds and their families a life of joy, good health,
                                                                                              His grandmothers are Irene Sherman and
and connection to the Jewish community.
                                                                                              Dora Klayman. Zachary plans to do a mitz-
in memoriam                                                                                   vah project involving senior citizens and will
We mourn the loss of synagogue members:                                                       be donating to local animal rescue leagues.
Harry Bodansky
Elizabeth Gelman Kossow
                                                                       members in the news
                                                                       The United Jewish Charities (UJC) Nominating Committee
Sophie Shapiro
                                                                       nominated michael gelman to chair the UJC Executive
We note with sorrow and mourn the passing of:
Louise Kramer Goldsmith, mother of Merrill Goldsmith
Sidney Krauser, father of Florence Meyer and grandfather of
Stephanie Dunn
                                                                       welcome to our new members
                                                                       gavriel kullman & leslie karp live in Washington, DC. Gavriel
B’nai mitzvah                                                          is an online political consultant with Anne Lewis Strategies, and
                       Aaron ginns, April 6                            Leslie is a fundraiser for Defenders of Wildlife.
                      Aaron, son of Laura and Jonathan Ginns,          Jordan leven, who lives in Washington, DC, is an intern on
                      became a bar mitzvah in Jerusalem on             Capitol Hill.
                      April 6, in a two-part ceremony that also        Jesse & elana mendelson live in Washington, DC with their son
                      honored his family’s heritage. On April          Zev. Jesse is a management consultant, and Elana is an interior
                      5, Aaron had a tefillin ceremony at the          designer with Lisa Adams Design.
                      chapel at Yad Vashem, during which he
                                                                       Jeffrey & Christine rosen live in Washington, DC, with their
                      was honored with blessings and words
                                                                       sons Sebastian and Hugo. Jeff is a law professor at George
                      from his maternal grandfather, Ludwig
                                                                       Washington University, and Christine is an independent scholar
Hiss, himself a Holocaust survivor. He then received the tefillin
                                                                       at the New Atlantic.
worn by his paternal great-great grandfather and dating to
approximately 1850. The next day, Aaron was joined by family           noam Saxonhouse & lisa nichols live in Washington, DC, with
and friends at Robinson’s Arch, the southernmost part of the           their children Garrett and Maya. Noah is an investment banker
Western Wall, where he chanted Shmini and read his d’var Torah         with Friedman, Billings, Ramsey Group, Inc., and Lisa is a post-
during the Shacharit morning service. The Ginns family would           doctoral fellow at the National Institutes of Health.
like to thank Hazzan Greenberg and Rabbi Steinlauf, who were           neal wolin & nicole elkon live in Washington, DC with their
instrumental in preparing Aaron for this occasion.                     sons Ethan and Oliver. Neal is deputy secretary of the Treasury.
                       tate Sweeney, August 22
                       Tate will enter the Third Form (8th grade)
                                                                       life Cycle information
                                                                       Cemetery hours
                       at Oakham School in the UK this fall. She
                                                                       Visitation at the Adas Israel Cemetery is by appointment only.
                       attended the Melvin Gelman Religious
                                                                       Contact Henry Silberman at the synagogue office, 202-362-4433,
                       School before attending boarding school in
                                                                       ext. 144, to schedule a visit. Celebrating a Simcha? Sponsor a
                       England. Tate served as a classroom volun-
                       teer at School for Friends preschool for her
                                                                       Mark your special birthday, anniversary, graduation, or wedding
                       tzedakah project. She celebrates her simcha
                                                                       with a contribution to our weekly Shabbat Kiddush Fund.
                       with her family and friends.
                                                                       Contact Henry Silberman at the synagogue, 202-362-4433, for
                                                                                                            LIFE CYCLE continued on page 7

6 • ChroniCle • July–AuguSt 2009
                                                                                     Adas Israel Congregation
          Youth @ AI                                                            Youth Services Schedule
                                                                                             Summer 2009
                                                                        tot ShABBAt
                                                                        An introduction to services for our 3–5 year olds
On behalf of Youth@AI, we wish you all a wonderful summer and           11:00 am–12:00 pm
can’t wait to see you in the fall!!                                     July 4, 11, 18, 25; August 8, 29
   USY and Kadima: There’s still time to sign up for USY                k–1St grAde ShABBAt SerViCe
Encampment/Kamp Kadima (August 17–23 at Capital Camps)!                 11:00 am–12:00 pm
Download an application today from our website, www.                    July 4, 11, 18, 25; August 8, and send it in! ¢
                                                                        2nd–3rd grAde ShABBAt SerViCe
4Chaverim kids show                                                     11:00 am–12:00 pm
off their moves on May                                                  July 4, 11, 18, 25; August 8
31 as they learn how to
achieve zen through
yoga to prepare for
Shabbat.                                                                                        YP @ AI
                                                                      YP@AI is a community for young Jewish adults between the
                                                                      ages of 21 and 35. Singles can meet singles, young couples
                                                                      can meet young couples, newcomers can connect with other
                                       3USYers kick back at our       newcomers. For more information, or to be added to our
                                       end-of-year pool party.        listserv, please contact Elie Greenberg,
                                                                       yp@Ai is on Facebook . . . join our group!

                                                                   KETUBAH KLUB
                                                                   is getting
life Cycle Continued
                                                                    ll Fired U July
                                                                   AJoin YP@AI on p 10 for
Visit the mikvah                                                   a chill, traditional, lay-led
The Adas Israel mikvah is available to members and to the com-    Sunday,night service. *FREE* Oneg Happy Hour starts at 7:00 pm,
                                                                   Friday August 23
munity. For daytime appointments, please contact Naomi Malka,      followed by Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv services at 8:00. Relax,
                                                                  An afternoonandcmeet ics anfun, n witpeople. couyou fcan eat or 202-841-8776. For evening appointments, schmooze, of eramsome d fu new h your All ple riends
please contact Menuhah Peters, To learn          (pareve snacks) and drink every second Friday of the month; see
                                                                   We will meet at 2:00 PM Sunday, August 23 at All Fired Up (3413
more about our mikvah, visit  Connecticut The Oneg andfrom the Starbucks) located one block
                                                                   you there! Avenue, across service take place in the Gewirz Hall.
                                                                   And from the Cleveland August 14 for our second Shir Delight.
                                                                   away plan to join us on Park Metro Stop.
when death occurs
When death occurs, please call the synagogue office, 202-362-         YP@AI is introducing two new programs this fall that special-
                                                                   Refreshments and snacks will be served (this includes beer and wine).
                                                                   ize in events for young couples and $50. There is no charge for
                                                                   Cost for ceramic pieces range from $4 to singles respectively. Be on
4433, so that we may inform the clergy and be of assistance.       the event but you more information. pay for your piece(s) of choice.
During business hours, ask for Glenn Easton or Henry Silberman.    the lookout for will be responsible to
After business hours, a staff member on call may be reached by
                                                                   KetUBAh klub
calling the synagogue office at the number above and pressing
                                                                      getting “All August
                                                                   is Please RSVP by Fired up”
                                                                      18 to
“2” to be connected automatically, or by calling the answering
                                                                       or call August 23,
                                                                   Sunday,Elie Greenberg 2 pm
service, 301-421-5271, which will page the staff member on call.         at (202)
                                                                   An afternoon362-6295
                                                                                   of ceramics and fun
     On Yom Tov and Shabbat, even though detailed funeral
                                                                   with your couple friends
arrangements should not be made, a staff member on call can
still be reached at 301-421-5271.                                  We will meet at 2:00 pm Sunday, August 23 at All Fired Up (3413
Comforting our mourners: Congregational bereavement                Connecticut Avenue, across from the Starbucks) located one
notices                                                            block away from the Cleveland Park Metro Stop.
If you would like to receive bereavement notices regarding             Refreshments and snacks will be served (this includes beer
members of the congregation, please send an e-mail to jane.        and wine). Cost for ceramic pieces range from $4 to $50. There E-mails regarding the deaths of          is no charge for the event but you will be responsible to pay for
congregants and their family members are sent automatically to     your piece(s) of choice.
those who request such notification. By sharing this information,      Please RSVP by August 18 to or call Elie
our entire congregation can comfort the mourners in our            Greenberg at (202) 362-6295 ¢
synagogue family. ¢
                                                                                                   July–AuguSt 2009 • ChroniCle • 7
Annual Summer Speakers Series
each summer we invite synagogue members to be our guest speakers on
Shabbat mornings. this year we welcome the following people:
4 July 4: Sheldon kimmel, what Calls you?                                   abuse, adult siblings, and interfaith families and their efforts
    In 2007, Sheldon Kimmel’s health collapsed little-by-little             to construct a religious identity. Currently, she is developing
    until December, when his doctors guessed at a diagnosis                 a film and a manual based on her workshop model.
    and treatment. Since then he is very grateful that his healing      4 Aug. 1: ruth marcus, my Anti-Semite
    has given him freedom from the walker and nursing home                  A Livingston, NJ, native Ruth Marcus graduated from Yale
    he had needed in 2008. As he says, he has been given back               College and Harvard Law School. She and her husband, Jon
    his old job (as an economist at USDOJ) and the opportunity              Leibowitz, chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, have
    to go to shul whenever he wants.                                        two children, Emma and Julia.
4 July 11: rabbi ken Cohen, Anger: righteous                            4 Aug. 8: Jacob heilbrunn, israel-American rela-
    and not-So-righteous                                                    tions: the influence of the neo-Conservatives
    Rabbi Ken Cohen has been the director of American Univer-               Jacob Heilbrunn, a senior editor at the National Interest,
    sity Hillel since 2001. He lives in Bethesda with his wife, jour-       writes regularly for the New York Times and TalkingPoints-
    nalist Joanne Kenen, and their sons, Zachary and Ilan          He is the author of They Knew They Were Right:
4 July 18: mark hanis, the tragedy in darfur: the                           The Rise of the Neocons.
    road out                                                            4 Aug. 15: laura Apelbaum, Jewish washington:
    Mark Hanis founded the Genocide Intervention Network                    Scrapbook of an American Community
    (GI-Net) to provide ordinary citizens with tools to prevent             Laura Apelbaum, executive director of the Jewish Historical
    and stop genocide. As a grandchild of four Holocaust                    Society of Greater Washington, is a native of the Washington
    survivors, and with a background in human rights, Hanis                 area. Her work has centered on preservation of the 1876
    was compelled to focus on genocide prevention. A recent                 historic 6th & Eye Synagogue, building the community’s ar-
    Swarthmore College graduate, Hanis has been featured in                 chives, expanding the Society’s school and family programs,
    the New York Times and the New Republic and has appeared                and outreach to the community.
    on CNN Headline News and NPR.                                       4 Aug. 22: dan Shapiro, u.S. policy in the
4 July 25: marion usher, outreach in the Jewish                             middle east
    Community                                                               Dan Shapiro, who is on the staff of the National Security
    Dr. Marion Usher is a clinical professor of psychiatry and be-          Council, works with Gen. James L. Jones (ret.) and former
    havioral sciences at George Washington University School                Sen. George Mitchell on Middle East policy.
    of Medicine and Health Sciences. In her clinical practice in        4 Aug. 29: Al munzer, remembrance and
    Dupont Circle, she specializes in working with individuals              reconciliation: A Visit to rymanow, poland
    and couples in long-term therapy. For the past 15 years, she            Longtime congregant Al Munzer returned to his ancestral
    has led workshops for interfaith couples. In addition, she              home, Rymanow, Poland, last summer. He will discuss his
    has published articles on couples and intimacy, substance               experience and his reactions to his trip. ¢

                Zemer Chai pre-Selichot Concert, September 12
With great anticipation for a stirring performance, Adas Israel         it goes. In past years, it has been joined in performance by choral
welcomes Zemer Chai, Washington, DC’s premier Jewish chorus             groups such as the Jerusalem Academy Choir of the Hebrew Uni-
to a special community Selichot concert, Saturday, September            versity, the United States Soldier’s Chorus, Coral Cantigas, and the
12, at 9:00 pm.                                                                                            Signature Heritage Chorale. Zemer
    Singing sacred and spiritual mu-                                                                       Chai has been featured at the Can-
sic in Hebrew and Yiddish that will                                                                        tors Assembly Convention and the
prepare the listeners for the Days of                                                                      Martin Luther King Jr. celebration
Awe, Zemer Chai will offer an un-                                                                          at Strathmore Hall, and has sung in
forgettable musical experience at                                                                          Israel and New York.
this most special time of year.                                                                                We are fortunate to have Ze-
    Zemer Chai, Living Song, is a                                                                          mer Chai join us for our unique
35-member choir dedicated to shar-                                                                         and inspiring Pre-Selichot service.
ing the rich musical heritage of the                                                                       The evening, sponsored by the
Jewish people. The choir, featured                                                                         Joseph and Mollie Muchnick Seli-
this summer at the North American                                                                          chot Fund and the Susan Linowes
Jewish Choral Festival in upstate New York, has performed through-      Allen Memorial Music Fund, will be followed by a community
out the DC region, singing to enthusiastic audiences everywhere         coffee hour and a traditional Selichot Service. ¢

8 • ChroniCle • July–AuguSt 2009
                                                                     yossi leshem to discuss
    handmade Afghans                                                 migration of birds in israel,
    project                                                          July 17
                                                                     Dr. Yossi Leshem, a leading Israeli
                                                                     ornithologist and environmentalist, will
                                                                     discuss bird migration in Israel on Friday,
                                                                     July 17, at 8:15 pm. Leshem pioneered
                                                                     research in protecting planes from birds
                                                                     and birds from planes, and he worked
                                                                     with Palestinians and Jordanians on tracking the different paths
                                                                     of bird migration over the Middle East.
                                                                         Leshem worked at the Society for the Protection of Nature
                                                                     in Israel (SPNI) for 25 years, beginning as a guide and then
                                                                     becoming director of a Field Study Center, head of the Nature
                                                                     Protection Department, initiator and director of the Israel Raptor
                                                                     Information Center (1980–1991), and SPNI executive director
                                                                     (1991–1995). He is senior researcher in the Department of
    Marcia Miller, assistant to the Adas Israel clergy, taught new   Zoology in the Faculty of Life Sciences at Tel Aviv University and
    knitters and guiding experienced ones in knitting 6-inch x 9-    is the founder and Director of the International Center for the
    inch rectangles for the Handmade Afghans Project. The rect-      Study of Bird Migration at Latrun, Israel, established by Tel Aviv
    angles are being put together to make afghans for military       University and the SPN.
    men and women wounded in service to our country.                     Leshem’s talk is co-sponsored by the Jewish National Fund. ¢

Cemetery markers                                                     Bar/Bat mitzvah Family
The Jewish Funeral Practices Committee of Greater Washington         retreat recap
(JFPCGW) has contracted with Fram Monument Company, Inc.,            This year’s pre-Bar/Bat Mitzvah Family Shabbaton for children
to supply bronze grave marker plaques at prices generally 30         celebrating b’nai mitzvah in 5770 (2009–2010), led by Rabbi Gil
percent below normal charges.                                        Steinlauf, Cantor Jeffrey Weber, and informal programs director
    The prices, which apply to certain local cemeteries, include     Elie Greenberg, took place at the Pearlstone Conference &
granite base, concrete foundation, installation, all memorial-       Retreat Center just outside of Baltimore, May 8–10.
related cemetery fees, and unlimited lines of Hebrew and/or              The Shabbaton, underwritten in part by the Sandra and
English inscription. There is a 50-year warranty on materials and    Clement Alpert Fund for Family Education, was a wonderful
workmanship.                                                         opportunity to share Shabbat with other families celebrating
    According to the arrangement, all Adas members are               a bar/bat mitzvah the same year, to share ideas about this
eligible for the special discount. Those should contact Ste-         important event and to deepen the Jewish aspect of the
ven Venick directly at Fram, 1-410-486-8666, and ask for the         celebration. The Shabbaton included fun activities as well as
JFPCGW discount.                                                     opportunities for prayer and discussions with Rabbi Steinlauf,
    The Adas Israel Bereavement Committee is a part of the           Cantor Weber, and other parents.
JFPCGW, which has had contracts with funeral homes in                    We again thank the Alpert family for helping to underwrite
the Washington area since1976. This contract with Fram for           this annual event. ¢
grave marker plaques is its first for funerary goods and is a
pilot project.                                                       bereavement Spiritual
    JFPCGW is a member of Kavod v’Nichum, a U.S. and Cana-
dian organization of Chevrai Kadisha. (For more information,
                                                                     Support group
                                                                     If you have recently been bereaved of a loved one, or have suffered
visit ¢                                    a loss in the past that hasn’t quite healed, join us for a Bereavement
                                                                     Spiritual Support Group on three Monday evenings in July.
          mArk your CAlendAr                                             Meeting in the Miller Chapel, the group will explore partici-
                                                                     pants’ experience of loss and bereavement, and then turn to the
     Congregational Family picnic                                    healing riches of Jewish tradition, including studying texts on
                                                                     loss and healing, meditating on verses from the Psalms, writing
                      date: August 30                                new prayers, experiencing a healing service, and finding ways to
                       time: 3:00 pm                                 make a loved one’s memory an ongoing blessing.
                       location tbA                                      Led by Rabbi Gilah Langner, co-director of the Washington Jew-
                                                                     ish Healing Network, the group meets July 6, 13, and 27, from 7:15
                                                                     to 8:30 pm. The cost is $45. Please call 202-364-3006 to register. ¢
                                                                                                   July–AuguSt 2009 • ChroniCle • 9
                                                                                 office Closing
 July–August 2009
                                                                                 The synagogue and Religious School offices are closed Friday, July 3.

                                                                                 no Shabbat babysitting
                                                                                 Please note that there is no Shabbat babysitting during the summer
                                                                                 months. Due to budgetary constraints, we do not know yet whether
                                                                                 Shabbat babysitting will resume in the fall. Please check the Septem-
                                                                                 ber issue of the Chronicle and look for our expanded youth services

                               Friday                                                                       Saturday
       3 IndEPEndEnCE dAY ObSErvEd                                 4 PArSHAt CHukAt-bALAk
       Schools and offices Closed 8:19 pm                          IndEPEndEnCE dAY
       9:00 am Morning Minyan                                      8:00 am Boker Ohr Parashat Hashavuah Class
       5:45 pm Kabbalat Shabbat                                    9:30 am Traditional Egalitarian Minyan Shabbat Service
       7:00 pm Ruach Minyan Service & Dinner—Off-site                       combined with Smith Sanctuary Service
       No Late Service                                                      Guest Speaker: Sheldon Kimmel
                                                                   12:15 pm Congregational Kiddush sponsored by the Paul
                                                                            Goldstein-Lillian Goldstein-Lande Shabbat Kiddush Fund
                                                                   5:45 pm Shabbat Mincha/Maariv Service

        10                                               8:17 pm
                                                                   11 PArSHAt PInCHAS
       7:30 am   Morning Minyan                                    8:00 am Boker Ohr Parashat Hashavuah Class
       5:45 pm   Kabbalat Shabbat                                  9:30 am Shabbat Service, Smith Sanctuary
       7:00 pm   YP Shabbat                                                 Guest Speaker: Rabbi Ken Cohen
       8:15 pm   Shabbat Late Service; Sermon by Rabbi Feinberg    9:30 am Traditional Egalitarian Minyan
                 Oneg Shabbat sponsored by the congregation                 D’var Torah by Mark Katkov
                                                                   12:15 pm Congregational Kiddush sponsored by the Paul
                                                                            Goldstein-Lillian Goldstein-Lande Shabbat Kiddush Fund
                                                                   5:45 pm Shabbat Mincha/Maariv Service

        17                                                         18 PArSHAt MAtOt-MASEI
       7:30 am   Morning Minyan                        8:13 pm     8:00 am Boker Ohr Parashat Hashavuah Class
       5:45 pm   Kabbalat Shabbat                                  9:30 am Shabbat Service, Smith Sanctuary
       7:00 pm   Ruach Minyan Service                                       Guest Speaker: Mark Hanis
       8:15 pm   Shabbat Late Service                              9:30 am Traditional Egalitarian Minyan
                 Guest Speaker: Dr. Yossi Leshem                   12:15 pm Congregational Kiddush sponsored by the Paul
                 Oneg Shabbat sponsored by the congregation                 Goldstein-Lillian Goldstein-Lande Shabbat Kiddush Fund
                                                                   5:45 pm Shabbat Mincha/Maariv Service

        24                                             8:08 pm
                                                                   25 PArSHAt dEvArIM/SHAbbAt CHAzOn
       7:30 am Morning Minyan                                      8:00 am Boker Ohr Parashat Hashavuah Class
       5:45 pm Kabbalat Shabbat                                    9:30 am Shabbat Service, Smith Sanctuary
       8:15 pm Shabbat Late Service; Sermon by Rabbi Feinberg               Guest Speaker: Dr. Marion Usher
               Oneg Shabbat sponsored by the congregation          9:30 am Traditional Egalitarian Minyan
                                                                   12:15 pm Congregational Kiddush sponsored by the Paul
                                                                            Goldstein-Lillian Goldstein-Lande Shabbat Kiddush Fund
                                                                   5:45 pm Shabbat Mincha/Maariv Service

        31                                              8:02 pm
                                                                   1 PArSHAt vA’EtCHAnAn/SHAbbAt nACHAMu
       7:30 am   Morning Minyan                                    9:30 am Shabbat Service, Smith Sanctuary
       9:00 am   Sweet Summertime—Last Day                                  Guest Speaker: Ruth Marcus
       5:45 pm   Kabbalat Shabbat                                  9:30 am Traditional Egalitarian Minyan
       8:15 pm   Shabbat Late Service; Sermon by Feinberg          12:15 pm Congregational Kiddush sponsored by the Paul
                 Oneg Shabbat sponsored by the congregation                 Goldstein-Lillian Goldstein-Lande Shabbat Kiddush Fund
                                                                   5:45 pm Shabbat Mincha/Maariv Service

10 • ChroniCle • July–AuguSt 2009
    ShABBAt highlightS &
    AdditionAl SerViCeS:
    Cantor Jeffrey Weber will chant the liturgy. Hazzan Jenna Greenberg will read Torah. Congregational Kiddushim co-sponsored
    by the Paul Goldstein–Lillian Goldstein-Lande Shabbat Kiddush Fund. Note end time is 12:15 pm.
    ‘dial-in’ for programs & Services: If you are unable to attend programs, lectures, or services, dial in to hear them. Call 202-
    weekdAy SerViCeS: Daily Minyan, 7:30 am & 5:45 pm; Sundays, Civil Holidays, 9:00 am & 5:45 pm; refer to calendar for
    Shabbat Mincha times.
    Please turn off cell phones and pagers before entering services. Your cooperation is appreciated.

                        Friday                                                                          Saturday
7                                                              8 PArSHAt EkEv
7:30 am   Morning Minyan                         7:54 pm       9:30 am Shabbat Service, Smith Sanctuary
5:45 pm   Kabbalat Shabbat                                              Guest Speaker: Jacob Heilbrunn
7:00 pm   Ruach Minyan Service & Dinner                        9:30 am Traditional Egalitarian Minyan
8:15 pm   Shabbat Late Service; Sermon by Rabbi Steinlauf      12:15 pm Congregational Kiddush sponsored by the Paul
          Oneg Shabbat sponsored by the congregation                    Goldstein-Lillian Goldstein-Lande Shabbat Kiddush Fund
                                                               5:45 pm Shabbat Mincha/Maariv Service

14                                                             15 PArSHAt rE’EH
                                                  7:46 pm
7:30 am   Morning Minyan                                       9:30 am Shabbat Service, Smith Sanctuary
5:45 pm   Kabbalat Shabbat                                              Guest Speaker: Laura Apelbaum
7:00 pm   YP Shabbat                                           9:30 am Traditional Egalitarian Minyan
8:15 pm   Shabbat Late Service; Sermon by Rabbi Steinlauf      12:15 pm Congregational Kiddush co-sponsored by Leslie and
          Oneg Shabbat sponsored by the congregation                    Mark Berlin in honor of Mark being installed as
                                                                        president of FJMC
                                                               5:45 pm Shabbat Mincha/Maariv Service
                                                                                              July–AuguSt 2009 • ChroniCle • 11

21                                                             22 PArSHAt SHOftIM
7:30 am Morning Minyan                         7:36 pm         8:00 am Boker Ohr Parashat Hashavuah Class
8:30 am Rosh Chodesh Elul Breakfast sponsored by the           9:30 am Shabbat Service, Smith Sanctuary
        Goldstein Rosh Chodesh Minyan Breakfast Fund                    Bat Mitzvah: Tate Sweeney
5:45 pm Kabbalat Shabbat                                                Rabbi Gil Steinlauf
7:00 pm Ruach Minyan Service                                            Guest Speaker: Dan Shapiro
8:15 pm Shabbat Late Service; Sermon by Rabbi Feinberg         9:30 am Traditional Minyan
        Oneg Shabbat sponsored by the family of Tate Sweeney   12:15 pm Congregational Kiddush sponsored by the family ofcontinued on page 7
                                                               5:45 pm Shabbat Mincha/Maariv Service

28                                                7:26 pm
                                                               29 PArSHAt kI tEtzE
7:30 am   Morning Minyan                                       8:00 am Boker Ohr Parashat Hashavuah Class        12:15 pm Congregational Kiddush sponsored by
5:45 pm   Kabbalat Shabbat                                     9:30 am Shabbat Service, Smith Sanctuary                   Irene Sherman, Elliot & Iona Klayman,
6:30 pm   Drelich/Langner Shabbat Dinner                               Bar Mitzvah: Zachary Klayman                       and the Langner-Drelich family
8:15 pm   Shabbat Late Service; Sermon by Rabbi Feinberg               Rabbi Feinberg                            5:45 pm Shabbat Mincha/Maariv Service
          Oneg Shabbat sponsored by Elliot & Iona Klayman              Guest Speaker: Dr. Al Munzer
                                                               9:30 am Traditional Egalitarian Minyan
                                                                       Bar Mitzvah: Judah Drelich
                                                                       Rabbi Steinlauf
                                                                       D’var Torah by Rabbi Gilah Langner
                                                                         Summer hours for religious School office
Schools/Education                                                        Monday–Thursday: 9:00 am–5:00 pm
                                                                         Friday: 9:00 am–3:30 pm
                                                                         Closed Saturdays & Sundays

religious School
mah tovu moments
This section highlights positive and memorable moments in our Re-
ligious School and Community. Mah Tovu means How Wonderful.
heh Class poster Contest
Melvin Gelman Religious School fifth graders participated in a bi-
ography project for which they chose a Jewish figure from history
and created posters to capture important information and details
about the person. The posters are displayed in the hallway outside
the Youth Lounge on the third floor; check them out!
                                                                         Author Shalom Eilati speaks to Religious School parents and
                                                                         community members in the Adas Israel Library.

                                                                         Shalom Eilati signs copies of his memoir at a reception
                                                                         after a special Parents’ Corner.

                                                                     School registration 2009–2010/5770
                                                                     Registration forms and instructions for the 2009–2010 school
                                                                     year may be found on our school’s website, http://www.adasisra-
                                                            You will notice that we have redesigned the registra-
                                                                     tion form so you can complete it entirely electronically. We will
                                                                     still need a hard copy of the completed form with your payment,
                                                                     however. You will also notice a more detailed form for children
Mazal tov to our all our winners—grand prize: Sole Sloan for
                                                                     with allergies. If you have any concerns regarding tuition, please
Dona Gracia Mendes Nasi; for content, 1st place: Raelle Kassoff
                                                                     contact Josh Bender to discuss them. We are sensitive to the fact
for Judah HaLevi, 2nd place: Matt Fuchs for Don Isaac Abrava-
                                                                     that the economic times have been challenging.
nel, 3rd place: Michael Rones for Saadia Gaon, 4th place: Jonah
Antonelli for Don Isaac Abravanel; for artistic expression, 1st
place: Shelby Shapiro for Dona Gracia Mendes Nasi, 2nd place:
Ethan Sorcher for Rabbeinu Gershom, 3rd place: Hannah Robin-
                                                                     leah F. Chanin Scholarship Awarded
                                                                     An Adas Israel student will once again receive the Leah F.
son for Benjamin of Tuleda, 4th place: Isabella Vidal for Glueckel
                                                                     Chanin Day School Scholarship to attend a local Jewish day
of Hamelen.
                                                                     school in the fall. Upon the recommendation of the school, this
Shalom eilati                                                        student will receive the financial aid needed to meet the tuition
A special Parents’ Corner with Shalom Eilati, author of Crossing     requirements of his/her school. The scholarships are need-
the River, who spoke about his journey from the Holocaust to         based, so the recipients remain anonymous.
his new life in Palestine in 1946. Close to 40 school parents and       We are grateful for the foresight of Leah Chanin, which
community members came out to listen to his riveting story.          enables our member families to obtain a Jewish day school
                                                                     education for their children.

12 • ChroniCle • July–AuguSt 2009
 Schools/education Continued

Chagigat haSiddur and graduation
We recently marked two special milestones in our religious          Gan haYeled
school and congregation. On Sunday, May 17, our third grade         Gan haYeled honored
students received their own siddurim (prayerbooks) as part          For the second consecutive year,
of Chagigat HaSiddur, and then went up to the bimah to lead         the U.S. Local Business Association
a shacharit (morning) service for a gathering of students and       has selected Adas Israel’s Gan
parents. From Ashrei to the Amidah, students had the chance to      HaYeled Nursery School for the
share how much they have learned this year in our school. We        2009 Best of Washington Award in
look forward to seeing our students use their siddurim for many     the preschools category.
years to come.                                                         The Gan’s selection as a 2009
    On the following evening, May 18, we honored our 12th grade     Award Winner reflects the hard
students for their many years of commitment to Jewish learning,     work of the many people who
Adas Israel, and each other with a special graduation ceremony.     have supported the school and
Yasher koach and B’hatzlacha (good luck) to our graduates.          contributed to its success. Mazal tov!

                                             3Gimel students
                                             read the personal
                                             messages written
                                              by their parents on
                                              the inside covers
                                              of the siddurim
                                               they received
                                               at Chagigat

4Gimel students
lead Shacharit at
Chagigat HaSiddur.                                                   Cantor Weber sings with Gan HaYeled Oval class members as they
                                                                    entertain the senior residents at Brighton Gardens Nursing Home.
                                                                    Special thanks to Cantor Weber; Ovals teachers Marsha Pinson
                                                                    and Rochelle Ross; and Nicole Rosen, GPA Tzedakah co-chair and
                                                                    coordinator of this event, and special thanks to the Oval children,
                                                                    our Mitzvah Corps—or Chorus! Pictured here are Ovals Dora, Mark,
                                                                    Joshua, Ala, and Max.
                                           3Twelfth grade
                                           graduates Flora and
                                           Miranda Cohen, Lily
                                           Karlin, Ben Cohen,
                                           Rachael Schultz, and
                                           Max Landerman en-
                                            joy the post-Gradua-
                                            tion oneg in Wasser-
                                            man Hall.

4Twelfth grade
teachers Jona-
than Pearl and                                                         Jodie Singer received the Ben Cooper Youth Service Leader-
Guy Ziv join their                                                     ship Award at our 12th grade graduation ceremony for her
students at the                                                        outstanding leadership in USY, our Madrichim Program, and
pre-graduation                                                         Leadership Class. This award was created in memory of Ben
dinner at Max                                                          Cooper (z”l). Pictured (left to right) are synagogue president
Landerman’s                                                            Ed Kopf , Richard Cooper (Ben Cooper’s father), Jodie Singer,
house.                                                                 Judith Areen (Ben’s mother), and Rabbi Gil Steinlauf.

                                                                                                July–AuguSt 2009 • ChroniCle • 13
 Schools/education Continued

                                                                         For children: The Notorious Izzy Fink by Don Brown; Secret
                library update                                       of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman; You Never Heard of
               Summer hours by Appointment only                      Sandy Koufax?! by Jonah Winter & Andre Carrilho; The Travels of
                        Call 202-362-4449
                                                                     Benjamin of Tudela by Uri Shulevitz; and As Good As Anybody;
Summer is a great time for reading, and below are a few              Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Joshua Heschel . . . by Richard
suggestions for adults and children.                                 Michelson.
   For adults: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society         For children and young children with older readers: A is for
by Mary Ann Shaffer; The Inextinguishable Symphony: A True           Abraham; A Jewish Family Alphabet by Richard Michelson; How I
Story of Music and Love in Nazi Germany by Martin Goldsmith;         Learned Geography by Uri Shulevitz; and A Hug Goes Around by
The Septembers of Shiraz by Dalia Sofer; Crossing the Bridge by      Laura Krauss Melmed.
Shalom Eilati; and The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit; My               Enjoy!
Family’s Exodus from Old Cairo to the New World by Lucette           NOTE: Library hours during the summer are by appointment only.
Lagnado.                                                             If you would like to use the library, or if you need assistance, please
   For young adults: Lilith’s Ark; Teenage Tales of Biblical Women   call the Religious School Office, 202-362-4449.
by Deborah Bodin Cohen and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.                                                         Madeleine Cohen Oakley
                                                                                                                  Director of Library Services

 honoring babies                                        Adas israel Confirmation Class of 5769
 born in 5768
 The 14th annual Shabbat Shalom Tinok/
 Baby Shabbat, honoring all babies born
 during the Hebrew year 5768 (September
 2007 through September 2008), takes place
 October 18 as part of our Shabbat morning
 service. On this Shabbat, babies, along with
 their parents and siblings, are called to the
 bimah for a blessing and to receive a special
 gift, compliments of the Sophie Silfen Sha-
 lom Tinok Fund.
     Shabbat morning services will begin at
 9:15 a.m. in the Charles E. Smith Sanctuary;
 our “Baby Ceremony” takes place around
 11:30 am and is followed by a wonderful
 kiddush in the sukkah and Kay Hall gener-
 ously sponsored by the congregation.
     We look forward to including as many
 babies and families as possible. Please call
 Shelley Remer at the Gan office, 202-362-
 4491, if you will be able to join us.

  College update                                                     College Student’s Name ______________________________
  Mazal tov on your child’s high school graduation! Please help
  us stay in touch with him or her next year by completing           School ____________________________________________
  the form below and sending it to Youth@AI, Adas Israel
  Congregation, 2850 Quebec Street, NW, Washington, DC               Year of graduation __________________________________
  20008, or e-mail the information to If
                                                                     Address ___________________________________________
  you have any questions, call 202-362-6295.
      Students receive each issue of the Chronicle, a subscrip-      __________________________________________________
  tion to New Voices magazine, and holiday packages from the
  Sisterhood.                                                        City, State, ZIP_______________________________________
      please note: Even if you gave us information last year, you
  need to do so again, because a new list is compiled each year.     E-mail _____________________________________________

14 • ChroniCle • July–AuguSt 2009
            Adas israel—A diverse and welcoming Community
Conservative movement expands                                         Keruv (outreach) task Force in
Views on homosexuality                                                Formation
As many of us are aware, in 2006, the Committee on Jewish             Under the guidance of Rabbis Steinlauf and Feinberg, Adas
Law and Standards of the Conservative movement adopted                Israel vice president Steve Lachter is heading up a Keruv, or
three distinct responsa reflecting very different approaches          outreach, task force to assist intermarried couples and non-
to the subject of homosexuality. One responsum substantially          Jews who are part of our families to feel more welcome in the
liberalized Conservative Judaism’s approach, including lifting        synagogue and the Jewish community. Keruv means to draw
most (but not all) of the classical prohibitions on homosexual        near or reach out.
conduct and permitting the blessing of homosexual unions and              The mission of the task force is to assist intermarried
the ordination of gay clergy. Two other responsa completely           couples and non-Jewish members of our families, the parents
retained traditional prohibitions.                                    of intermarried or interdating couples, and others affected by
    Under the rules of the Conservative movement, adoption            intermarriage to engage in synagogue and Jewish activities in
of multiple opinions permits individual Conservative rabbis,          a warm and welcoming way. Keruv committees exist at many
congregations, and rabbinical schools to select which opinion to      Conservative synagogues throughout the country and Canada,
accept, and hence, to choose individually whether to maintain a       and while Adas Israel has provided outreach programming in
traditional prohibition on homosexual conduct, or to permit gay       the past, the task force’s goal is to institutionalize our welcoming
unions and clergy.                                                    activities and provide guidance and aid to congregants and
    If you have a gay family member, or your child has indicated      their families.
he or she may be gay, you may want someone to talk with                   For the 2009–10 program year, the task force proposes
about the subject. You also may have questions about what             offering a Friday night interfaith Shabbat in the fall; a brochure
all of this means to you and your family personally and to our        describing Adas Israel’s outreach efforts; a Sunday morning
congregational community.                                             winter program providing information on demographic issues
    Adas Israel strives to be a diverse and welcoming community       facing our community; sessions for interfaith couples, parents
to all its members, potential members and their families. To that     of interfaith or interdating couples, and grandparents of non-
end, Rabbi Gil Steinlauf, Rabbi Charles Feinberg, and several         Jewish grandchildren led by trained facilitators; and a social and
congregants who have personal experience with these issues            community-building activity.
are available to talk with you. Please feel free to contact the           Future activities will include sensitivity training for Religious
Rabbis to talk with them or to be referred to one or more of          School and Gan teachers, professional staff, and lay leadership.
the other volunteers. Plans are underway to include relevant          The task force hopes to address educational issues with
programming in the coming year so the entire congregation can         curriculum proposals and other initiatives as well.
be better informed about this important topic. ¢                          The success of the program depends on the interest and
                                                                      commitment of volunteers, in addition to significant input
                                                                      from the synagogue staff. If you have questions or want to get
                                                                      involved in this effort, contact Steve Lachter, lachter@starpower.

 Lifelong Learning                                                    net, or Rabbi Feinberg, 202-362-4433 or rabbi.feinberg@

To see flyers for new and continuing adult education programs,          toDAh rABBAh
visit Questions about     todah rabbah to popick, bubes, & block
these programs? Contact Marcia Miller,    Families for Supporting the Chronicle
or 202-362-4433, ext. 112.                                             We thank the Popick, Bubes, Block Family Foundation for its an-
                                                                       nual support of the Adas Israel Chronicle. Through its generos-
Downtown Study Group with Rabbis                                       ity and the support of the Nat & Ethel Popick Endowment Fund,
Steinlauf and Feinberg. The next meeting is July 7.                    the Chronicle remains our most important and effective com-
For information contact Beryl Saltman, 202-362-4433, ext. 121.         munication with our membership and the community at large.
‘Boker Ohr’ Each Shabbat, Saturdays,                                       Our thanks also go to all of the contributors to the Chroni-
8:00–9:30 am. Join Rabbi Feinberg every Saturday                       cle, and special thanks to our editor, Jean Bernard, and Chron-
                                                                       icle coordinators this year, Beth Ann Spector, Shira Reeves,
morning for a study session on that day’s parasha. For more
                                                                       and Elinor Tattar. We also express our appreciation to our new
information, please call Rabbi Feinberg at the synagogue, 202-
                                                                       Chronicle graphic artist, Adina Moses, and our redesign com-
362-4433, or Bruce Ray, 202-543-1357. Coffee is served. Please
                                                                       mittee for advising on the publication’s new layout and color.
check the synagogue calendar for summer dates. ¢

                                                                                                 July–AuguSt 2009 • ChroniCle • 15
SynAgogue leAderS continued from page 3
brian Schwalb, Secretary                                                 than 30 years, currently specializing in energy in the United
                  Brian, who is continuing for another term on the       States and international commercial law with a Middle East
                  executive committee, is a partner in the law firm,     focus. He chairs the Adas Israel World Jewish Affairs Committee
                  Venable LLP. He and his wife, Mickie Simon, have       and enjoys davening, Jewish studies, reading about Middle East
                  been members of Adas Israel since 1994 and             affairs, and hugging the grandkids. He also recently served as a
                  have three daughters, all of whom attended Gan         board member and treasurer of his homeowners’ association.
                  HaYeled and are now enrolled in our Religious          ed kopf, Immediate Past President
School. Brian has served on the Board of Directors of the synagogue                       Ed, a principal of BMC Associates LLC, a media-
since 2003 and was a member of our leadership development                                 tion and consulting firm serving family business
program. A native Washingtonian, Brian graduated from Duke Uni-                           and closely held partnerships, has more than
versity and Harvard Law School, and formerly worked in the Justice                        20 years of senior management experience in
Department’s tax division.                                                                rapidly growing public and closely held compa-
meredith weiner Cymerman, Assistant Secretary                                             nies. He recently completed a two-year term as
                   Meredith and her husband, Michael, have been          synagogue president. Ed and his wife, Nancy, have been mem-
                   members of Adas Israel for the last 14 years.         bers of Adas Israel since 1990, and he has sat on the Board of Di-
                   During that time, Meredith has been active on         rectors for much of that time, in addition to chairing the Library
                   several committees and in Sisterhood. Their           Committee and serving on the Social Action, Strategic Planning,
                   children are Gan graduates and are enrolled in        and Personnel committees. Ed has a doctorate in American civi-
                   the Melvin Gelman Religious School. Meredith          lization from Brandeis University and has taught at Brandeis and
served as co-president of the Gan for two years and is looking           Virginia Commonwealth University.
forward to becoming active in the Religious School.                      david povich, Newly elected trustee
   Meredith, who grew up in Akron, OH, and graduated from the                                David and his wife, Connie, have been support-
University of Michigan began her professional life as an environ-                            ive members of Adas Israel for nearly 35 years
mental engineer, with forays into systems engineering at Lockheed                            and represent a fourth-generation synagogue
Martin and project management at Capital One. She has enjoyed                                family. A graduate of Columbia Law School,
involving herself in organizations related to her children, with a fo-                       David is of counsel to Williams & Connolly LLP.
cus on the Washington Ballet, where her daughter, Ariella, studies.                          Identified by Washingtonian magazine as one
herlene nagler, treasurer                                                of “Washington’s Top Lawyers,” David has a national criminal and
                   Herlene, her husband Yaacov, and her three            civil litigation practice that focuses on complex litigation and
                   children are third- and fourth-generation             counseling. When not practicing law or enjoying his family, you
                   synagogue members. An event planner and               can find him sailing.
                   coordinator for Signature Events, a porcelain         Continuing as trustees are Melvin Cohen, Jack Kay, Judie
                   and oil painter, and an avid gardener, Herlene        Linowes, and Lawrence Nussdorf, and Sheldon S. Cohen and
                   is a native Washingtonian. Her memories of            Estelle Gelman are trustees emeriti. ¢
Adas Israel go back over 50 years to Shabbat services with Rabbi
Panitz and Cantor Barkin; the smell of tuna fish for kiddush in the      Kol NIDre AppeAl continued from page 1
Gewirz after Junior Congregation; secretly liking Hebrew School;             Although finances are strained, we intend to continue pro-
joining her entire family, friends, and congregation the night           gramming for our 1,600 Young Professionals, sponsoring our
President Kennedy was assassinated to be comforted, witness-             daily senior lunch program, and planning our youth activities
ing the first bat mitzvah of a classmate, taking her personalized        and expanded Shabbat offerings for our hundreds of youth
file card at the entrance to the Sanctuary during confirmation           group, religious school, and day school families.
year and turning it in to Rabbi Rabinowitz every Friday night af-            The leadership of the congregation has taken a bold move to
ter services so he could check her attendance.                           assist all members who are experiencing financial hardship and to
    Herlene has been an officer, committee chair, and board mem-         recognize the effects of the economy on every member household.
ber during her many years of service to our congregation. She has        There will be no membership dues increase for the coming year. To
also served on the Board of Directors of the Jewish Foundation           support this decision, we need your help and support with our only
for Group Homes and the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School and           annual synagogue fundraising campaign—our Kol Nidre Appeal.
was a charter member of “Tikkun Olam for Women and Girls.”                   Now, more than any year in the past, we desperately need
                                                                         the generous support of our synagogue leaders and members.
Arnold podgorsky, Assistant treasurer                                    Unlike many other organizations, we only request your support
                  Arnie, who is vice president and treasurer of his
                                                                         once a year, and we hope that we can meet our goal prior to Kol
                  law firm, came to Washington in 1975 to work
                                                                         Nidre so we do not have to interrupt the beauty and dignity of
                  as an attorney for the National Labor Relations
                                                                         that service with a spoken appeal.
                  Board. He is a father of two daughters and is
                                                                             Kol Nidre Appeal pre-solicitation materials are in preparation,
                  blessed with two grandchildren and a loving
                                                                         and campaign plans are beginning. Watch your mail for impor-
                  wife, Christy. Arnie has practiced law for more
                                                                         tant information and your opportunity to support the appeal. ¢
16 • ChroniCle • July–AuguSt 2009
        Contributions                                                the congregation gratefully acknowledges
                                                                     the following contributions:
From last month
Men’s Club Amuday Torah Fund                     rabbi Feinberg Discretionary Fund                 Sandra & Clement Alpert Family education Fund
In Honor Of: harry bodansky’s 90th birthday      In Honor Of: Our daughter Betsy by Putnimit       In Honor Of: Clem Alpert’s birthday aliyah by
by Don & Debby Tracy.                            Phommasack & Joel Schwarz.                        Glenn & Cindy Easton.
In Memory Of: rose d. herman by Jack & Flo       In Memory Of: harold hirsh by Jane Hirsh.         In Memory Of: yetta Alpert & Florence J. kahn
Herman. harold greenberg by Irv & Estelle                                                          by Clem & Sandra Alpert.
Jacobs. louis weisbach by Sam Weisbach.          rabbi Stanley rabinowitz history Fund
                                                 In Memory Of: philip Chernikoff by Leslie         Sandra & Stanley Bobb endowment Fund
Mikvah Fund                                      Chernikoff-Berman, David Berman & Ruth            In Memory Of: israel A. hofberg by Sandy &
In Honor Of: naomi malka’s Passover Haftorah     Chernikoff. Charles Silverman by Joseph &         Stanley Bobb, Jodi Macklin, Tammy Mendelson
reading by Glenn & Cindy Easton.                 Frances Silverman.                                & Daryle Bobb.
Mildred & Jess Fisher nursery School Fund        rabbi Steinlauf Discretionary Fund                Shelley remer Gan hayeled enrichment Fund
In Honor Of: B’nai mitzvah of benjamin           For The Speedy Recovery Of: meirav Steinlauf by   For The Speedy Recovery Of: Adam riker by
rubenstein & Juliana isaac by Stewart &          Joel & Cynthia Rosenberg, Irv & Estelle Jacobs.   Lynn Arons.
Shelley Remer.
In Memory Of: e g rosenberg by Mark              rabbi Wohlberg Masorti Fund                       Sisterhood
                                                 In Memory Of: nathan lipkin by Chris Sautter      In Memory Of: Sandra gustin by Charlotte &
Rosenberg & Betty Adler.
                                                 & Harriet Lipkin.                                 Harry Teicher.
Milton engel library Fund
In Memory Of: milton engel by Ed & Ruth          rhoda & Jordan Baruch endowment Fund              Sisterhood Bima & Synagogue Adornment Fund
                                                 For The Speedy Recovery Of: Jordan baruch by      In Honor of the Following Anniversaries: Stanley
Cogen. evelyn promisel by Larry & Myra
                                                 Glenn & Cindy Easton.                             & Ellen Albert’s 50th anniversary, Ronit & Alan
                                                                                                   Gober, Dr. David & Leslie Chernikoff-Berman,
Minnie & Abraham S. Kay israel Scholarship       rose r. Freudberg Sisterhood Memorial library     Sandra & Clem Alpert, Judy & Harry Melamed.
Fund                                             Fund
                                                 With Thanks To: Anna el-eini, James whitman,      Social Action Fund
In Memory Of: Shelley (policicchio) kay by
                                                 & nicholas eleini whitman, all by Sylvia &        In Honor Of: rabbi Feinberg by the Mussar
Janet Baldinger, Glenn & Cindy Easton, Allan &
                                                 Lewis Whitman.                                    Class at Adas.
Bobbie Fried, Harry & Lilli Friedman.
                                                 In Honor Of: Linda & Razi Yitzchak’s grandchild   In Memory Of: kurt enfield & manny karr by
Morris hariton Senior Programming Fund           by Miriam Rosenthal.                              Joel & Cynthia Rosenberg.
In Honor Of: hyman kornberg’s 90th birthday      In Memory Of: h. thomas Austern by David          Solar Cookers–Social Action Fund
by Glenn & Cindy Easton.                         & Marilyn Austern. Janet butler by Stuart &       By: Elaine Kremens.
In Memory Of: herbert goldberg by Stuart &       Jamie Butler. rifkah Sidell, Frances komros       In Memory Of: Selma gratz, Sylvia Cooper
Jamie Butler.                                    & lucy Cohen by Marsh & Arlene Cohen.             korman & Vivienne Pollock’s brother by Allan &
                                                 Anne Fingerhut by Michael & Lois Fingerhut.
offerings                                        i. louis Firestone by Ross Firestone. Joan
                                                                                                   Bobbie Fried.
In Honor Of: raymond greenberg’s birthday        eisenkramer by Art & Edie Hessel. murray          Sophie Silfen Shalom Tinok Fund
by Stuart & Wilma Bernstein. Anita & donald      Jarvik by Larry Jarvik & Nancy Strickland.        For The Speedy Recovery Of: Sophie Silfen by
gertler’s 50th anniversary & ellen & Stanley     Samuel lebow by Irv & Grace Lebow. Sylvia         Marcy Feuerstein & Ron Schwarz, Irv & Estelle
Albert’s 50th anniversary by Blanche             maloff by Pearl Lutzker. ruth lipsie wineburg     Jacobs.
Speisman. harry bodansky’s birthday by           by Judith & Harry Melamed, Susan & Arthur
Philip Martin & Natasha Globus Martin, Jackie    Wineburg. Adolph A. waxman by Mal &               Sylvia & harold Greenberg endowment Fund
& Bob Anthone. Sara Zager’s birthday & Torah                                                       In Memory Of: harold greenberg by Joanne
                                                 Goldie Rivkin. dr. hyman rubinstein by
reading by Jack & Ellen Zager.                                                                     Cosiol.
                                                 Madelyn Shapiro. paul klein by Barry & Beth
In Memory Of: Jacob bressler by Joseph
Bressler & Urszula Krzych. max Cohen by Alan
                                                 Simon. Alice Acson by Howard Streicher &          Sylvia Feldman Shapiro Memorial endowment
                                                 Veneeta Acson. ralph tolleris & beatrice          Fund
& Sharon Cooper. harold greenberg by Harry       tolleris by John Tolleris.
& Lilli Friedman. eve goldsmith gelman by                                                          In Memory Of: Samuel Feldman, irving
Estelle Gelman. Clara g. Schiffer by Izzy &      roslyn & Theodore Kogod Confirmation Class        Feldman by Rose Burka.
Zelda Heller. david l. herson by Joe & Sonia     Fund                                              Tot Shabbat Program
Herson. manny karr by Art & Edie Hessel.         In Memory Of: Jerome klein by Pearl Klein.        In Honor Of: maria Sloan by Joshua Bobeck &
david Sarkin, mona Sarkin, Arnold A. Jaffe,
& lillian Jaffe, all by Michael Evan & Elaine    rothstein Family israel College Scholarship Fund Susan Glickman.
Jaffe. Shmuel ben yehuda layb v’deborah          In Memory Of: Fan p. rothstein, robert J.        Traditional Minyan Kiddush Fund
leah & Adina bat yishayaha v’esther by           rothstein, harry levinson, & edna gerler          In Honor Of: My aliyot by Miriam Rosenthal.
Sheldon Kimmel. george Shaskan by Lynn           korengold, all by Bud & Lorain Rothstein.
                                                 Annabelle miller kraskin & louis kraskin by       Tzedakah Fund
Kletzkin & family. Sol b. kletzkin by Morris &                                                     By: Benjamin & Shelly Buring.
Lynn Kletzkin. irving Sirken by Mrs. Mary B.     Ralph & Bette Rothstein.
                                                                                                   In Honor Of: Joseph & Frances Silverman by
Washington. edith Schelin by Ronald Perlman.     Samuel & Jeanette Weiss Special needs Fund        Elizabeth, Pete, Cassidy & Peter Gahles. Joseph
werner heumann by Judy Heumann & Jorge           In Memory Of: Julia woronow & rose                Silverman’s birthday by the Gahles Family.
Pineda. mona Sinel by Norman & Ellen Sinel.      woronow by Doris & Albert Povich.                 For The Speedy Recovery Of: rabbi resnicoff by
Sandra e. gustin by Harry & Charlotte Teicher,                                                     Glenn & Cindy Easton.
Gayle & Howard Teicher & family. esther          Samuel & Sadie lebowitz israel Scholarship        In Memory Of: richard butler by Stuart &
kessler & esther waxman by Henry & Janet         Fund                                              Jamie Butler. tess Cogen by Ed & Ruth Cogen.
Waxman. robert leibowitz by Paul & Bunny         In Honor Of: harry bodansky’s 90th birthday       mark greenstein by Glenn & Cindy Easton.
Weinstein. esther horwitz by Dov Weitman &       by Bo & Marky Kirsch. Samuel kreps’s 90th         rosa Samban by Raquel Frenk. rose & david
Sylvia Horwitz.                                  birthday by Stephen & Laurie Kirsch.
                                                                                                                              continued on page   18
                                                                                                       July–AuguSt 2009 • ChroniCle • 17
Contributions Continued
lieberman by Irv & Judy Lieberman. manny         Bereavement Fund                                  daughters’ birthdays & our anniversary by Paul
karr by Elaine Schenberg. Joseph masliansky      In Memory Of: beatrice rubin by Don & Gail        & Claudia Taskier.
by Nechama Masliansky. Selma gratz & Sam         Roache.
rosenfeld by Adrian & Annette Morchower.         Bible & Prayer Book Fund                          hazzan Greenberg Discretionary Fund
leonard rovner by Steve & Berdie Pieczenik.      In Memory Of: harry bodansky by John & Sue        In Honor Of: mali rubin’s bat mitzvah by Rob &
Annie plapinger & Joseph polakoff by             Rosenthal.                                        Rachel Rubin.
Dorothy Polakoff.                                                                                  In Memory Of: Sidney krauser by Larry & Flo
                                                 Cantor Weber Discretionary Fund                   Meyer.
Yale Goldberg School retreats Fund
In Memory Of: yale goldberg by Lester & Karen    In Memory Of: harold greenberg by Sylvia
                                                 Greenberg.                                        Joan Alison White Art education Fund
Goldberg.                                                                                          In Memory Of: harold greeenberg, Shelley
Yizkor/Yahrzeit Fund                             Cemetery Fund                                     kay & betty katz, all by Linda & James Cafritz.
In Memory Of: rosario reyes by Irwin & Aurora    By: Y. Israel.
Ansher. lilian bolotin by Jeffrey & Carol                                                          Julius & Anna Wolpe Auditorium Fund
Bolotin. Joseph bulman by Ethel Bulman.          Craig Jeffrey Atlas hebrew University Fund        In Memory Of: rabbi gerald wolpe & evelyn
Albert Feldman, Jack Cooper by Janet             In Memory Of: Shelley kay, harold greenberg       ochs by Donald & Paula Wolpe
Cooper. edward Friedson & Sol & Clarice          & barton buddy levenson, all by Bette Lee
hemelfarb by Janet Friedson. mary gross          Levenson.                                         Kullen Family Foundation
by Joe & Alma Gildenhorn. Samuel leonard                                                           In Honor Of: richard & Carol margolis on their
Joseph by Ed & Amy Godin. Solomon Alec           Daily Minyan Fund                                 daughter Frani’s marriage to Jens Jorgensen by
dektor by Izzy & Zelda Heller. marvin Jacobs     In Memory Of: bessie yecies by Mark Yecies &      Shirley Kullen.
by Alan Jacobs. gloria Zola by Jeffrey &         Ellen Roche.                                      For The Speedy Recovery Of: eleanor klein by
Eileen Joseph. Arnold brophy by Art Karlin                                                         Shirley Kullen.
& Beth Brophy. minnie l. Silverstein by Alan     Dan Kaufman Children’s Program Fund               In Memory Of: Sol kullen, Samuel rosenfeld &
Kirschenbaum & Barbara Silverstein. dennis       In Honor Of: minna kaufman by Dale Kaufman,       rhoda Smith, all by Shirley Kullen.
Seiberman by June Kress. morris bildman          Betty Seiden, Jeanne & Colin Mandelblate.
by Lois Levitan. lou levin by Peter & Carol      In Memory Of: martha “marty” new by Victor        lillian & Daniel ezrin Fund for ritual objects
Levin. gertrude Schwartz by Howard & Susan       Schneider, Don & Gail Roache.                     In Memory Of: richard ganz by Joel & Rhoda
Liberman. rose lieberman by Irv & Judy                                                             Ganz.
Lieberman. nellie greenberg, Abe lish by         David B Sykes Family endowment for the Arts
Jack & Fran Lish. dorothy w. lobel & i. Alan     In Memory Of: Shelley kay, herbert wechsler       Men’s Club Amuday Torah Fund
lobel by Martin & Geralyn Lobel. Zehava          & Sylvia lefson, all by Diane Sykes.              In Honor Of: mark berlin’s installation as FJMC
lev by Shoshana & Aaron Marcus. Arthur                                                             International president by Shirley L. Cohen.
nussdorf by Larry & Melanie Nussdorf. etta       Doris herman Gan Teacher recognition Fund         In Memory Of: harry bodansky by Irv & Estelle
S. Frater by Jean Plotsky. mendel Sender         In Honor Of: Amalia rubin’s bat mitzvah by        Jacobs, Jack & Fran Lish.
by Sydell Sandy. glorya S. Scherr by Stanley     Stewart & Shelley Remer.
Scherr. tillie Schorr by Dan & Lisbeth Schorr.                                                     Mikvah
thelma Shapiro by Steve & Arlene Shapiro.        Dr. louis Jacobs Camp ramah Scholarship Fund      In Honor Of: naomi malka by B’nai Israel
mel mantz by Jeremy & Beth Steindecker.          In Honor Of: Our anniversary by Jared &           Congregation Sisterhood.
rebecca Clayman by Shirley Steinberg.            Deborah Jacobs.
Samuel wolf & herman Cohen by Richard &                                                            Mildred & Jess Fisher nursery School Fund
Barbara Wolf. yakov Zilberbaum by Joseph         ethel & nat Popick Chronicle Fund                 In Honor Of: noa gelb’s bat mitzvah by Stewart
Zilberbaum.                                      In Memory Of: Abraham wagman, Julie               & Shelley Remer.
                                                 polsky by David & Harriet Bubes.
Youth Department Activities Fund                                                                   Milton engel library Fund
In Appreciation Of: Steve & Amy kroll for the    ethel Dubit Seniors Fund                          In Honor Of: deborah russak’s birthday by
USY IC Post Convention Housing by Suzanne        In Memory Of: ethel dubit by Geraldine Dubit.     Glenn & Cindy Easton.
In Honor Of: Jeff knishkowy’s 50th birthday by   executive Director Discretionary Fund             Minnie & Abraham S. Kay israel Scholarship
Glenn & Cindy Easton. Jack rayman’s aliyah &     In Memory Of: robert Schultz & david easton
Cindy easton’s Torah reading by Glenn, Lisa, &
                                                 by Maxine Easton.                                 In Memory Of: Shelley kay by Arnold Bortman.
Amy Easton.
In Memory Of: david rubin by Lillian Kramer.     ezra Pantry                                       offerings
michael hankin by Stanley & Ellen Albert.        In Memory Of: rena lane by Adeline Jolson.        By: Alvin Stern
nathan J. bernstein by Jeannie Bernstein.
                                                                                                   In Honor Of: Amalia rubin’s bat mitzvah,
dr. Cyril A. Schulman by Margaret Schulman.      Fund for the Future                               benjamin gaskill’s bar mitzvah by Florence
Jay yecies by Mark Yecies & Ellen Roche. Julie   In Honor Of: izzy heller’s birthday by Glenn &    Sanders. hermen greenberg’s 80th birthday
kolker polsky & benson Zweig by Sam &            Cindy Easton.                                     by Lenny & Beth Sloan.
Evelyn Zweig.                                    In Memory Of: bessie Zweig, melvin Zweig &        For The Speedy Recovery Of: rhoda baruch &
                                                 max Zweig, all by Sam & Evelyn Zweig.             Jordan baruch by Frank & Esta Friedman.
new Contributions                                                                                  In Memory Of: harry i. Clayman by Melvin
Anna & Joseph Blumenthal Video Fund              Garden of the righteous Fund                      Clayman. louise h. kirshen by Alan & Jeanie
In Honor Of: Flora Atkin’s birthday by Glenn &   In Honor Of: nicholas Streicher’s medical         Kirshen. gerald Joseph miller by Stuart
Cindy Easton, Allen & Annette Wolpe.             school accceptance by Larry & Jean Bernard.       & Cathy Miller. Samuel mostow by Selma
In Memory Of: Clara Hartogensis by Allen                                                           Mostow. louis Joseph by Dorothy Joseph.
Wolpe.                                           havurah Kiddush Fund                              rhoda Smith by Frona & William Steelman,
                                                 By: Edith Couturier, Nechama Masliansky, Silvio   Ronald Orleans. Sandra gustin by Mari
Anne Frank house                                 & Sheara Krvaric, Lynnette Spira.                 Tischler. max weinstein by Paul & Bunny
By: Seth Coplan.                                 In Honor Of: Jerry & kathy Sandler’s 40th         Weinstein.
In Memory Of: philip Stern by Susan Willens.     anniversary from their Adas Study Group. Our
                                                                                                                               continued on page    19
18 • ChroniCle • July–AuguSt 2009
Contributions Continued
oliver & Bertha Atlas Youth endowment Fund         Traditional Minyan Kiddush Fund
In Memory Of: harold greenberg by Rita &           In Memory Of: rabbi yehudah Cardash by
Harold Wolfson.                                    Lillian Cardash. Sidney krauser & irwin

rabbi Feinberg Discretionary Fund
                                                   rosman by Bill Levenson.
                                                                                                       Adas israel on
In Honor Of: estelle Jacobs’s birthday aliyah by
Irv Jacobs
                                                   Tzedakah Fund
                                                   In Memory Of: pearl dubrow & meyer dubrow           Facebook
                                                   by Marsha Dubrow. betty kaye (katz) by Elyse        Please join our online community
rabbi Steinlauf Discretionary Fund                 Kaye. elizabeth gelman kossow & Shelley             on Facebook. Just search for Adas
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karen tersoff by David Margolies & Susan           Scherr by Stanley Scherr. nathan Sinel by
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                                                                                                    unique purpose: “Anne Frank House helps
Tersoff. meyer mazor by Julian Mazor.
dorothy krauss & morris krauss by Allan &          & Celia gildenhorn by Blanche Speisman.          people who fall through the cracks of the
Laura Melmed.                                      harry i. Clayman by Shirley Steinberg. robert    institutional system,” she says. “Some for-
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Margie Siegel.                                     Anne levinson rosoff by Gail Rouchdy. philip     for me. I now face the future with a sense
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                                                                                                       July–AuguSt 2009 • ChroniCle • 19
Vol 72, No. 1       July–august 2009      tammuz–elul 5769
                                                                                                                                                 periodiCAlS poStAge
                                                                                                                                                    wAShington, dC
                                                                                                                                                   And At AdditionAl
AdAS iSrAel CongregAtion                                                                                                                            mAiling oFFiCeS
2850 QuebeC Street, nw
wAShington, dC 20008-5296

              Rabbi Gil Steinlauf, Rabbi
       Rabbi Charles Feinberg, Associate Rabbi
            Hazzan Jeffrey Weber, Cantor
      Hazzan Jenna Greenberg, Associate Cantor
         Rabbi Stanley Rabinowitz, Emeritus
         Rabbi Jeffrey A. Wohlberg, Emeritus
              Rabbi Avis Miller, Emerita
          Cantor Arnold Saltzman, Emeritus
                Robert Peck, President
          Alisa Abrams, Sisterhood President
        Robin Goelman and Sandy Schulman,
        Co-Presidents, Gan Parents Association
              Amy Easton, USY President
         Glenn S. Easton, Executive Director
          Josh Bender, Director of Education
  Shelley Remer, Director, Gan HaYeled Nursery School
    Elie Greenberg, Informal Programs Director

                                                                           Tikkun Olam
   Henry T. Silberman, Synagogue Administrator
              Lesley Brinton, Controller
        Shira Reeves, Communications Director
    Susan Braunstein, Membership Coordinator
       Beth Ann Spector, Program Coordinator
                CHRONICLE (USPS 005-280)
                Jean Brodsky Bernard, Editor                 Anne Frank house update
                Adina Moses, Graphic Design
                                                             We’re often asked about our residents. Here’s           ment and “cycled in and out of homelessness,”
  Published monthly by The Adas Israel Congregation, 2850
                 Quebec Street, N.W., Washington, DC         Victoria’s story; only her name has been changed.       shuttling between shelters and rented rooms,
                 20008-5296. Telephone 202-362-4433;         Do you ever ride the Metro and look at the              but presenting a normal face at work.
                 Hearing Impaired Relay Services 711;
                 Fax 202-362-4961; Religious School 202-     person next to you? Victoria Lowell, one of                 By 2005, with her physical health dete-
                 362-4449; Gan HaYeled Nursery School        Anne Frank House’s residents, seems like an             riorating as well, Victoria finally sought help.
                 202-362-4491; e-mail: AdasOffice@
        Affiliated with The         ordinary Metro rider, but her story is anything         Through Community Connections she was
  United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. Supported        but typical.                                            placed under the care of a psychiatrist who
  in part by The Ethel and Nat Popick Endowment Fund.
  Subscription $25 per year. Periodicals postage paid              Victoria moved from New York in the               diagnosed her mental illness. “I learned that I’ll
  at Washington, DC, and at additional mailing offices.
  Postmaster send address changes to Chronicle, 2850         1980s, settling in Arlington and taking a high-         always have to take medications, something I’d
  Quebec Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20008.                 level administrative position at a major Wash-          been in denial about before,” says Victoria.
    WWW.ADASISRAEL.ORG                                       ington financial institution. “I loved my career            As Victoria came to terms with her chronic
                                                             . . . working 24-7,” she remembers. “I don’t            mental illness, acknowledging that she would
                                                             know when I slept.”                                     never be well enough to work again, she
                                                                   It didn’t last. Victoria’s personal life began    moved to Veronica House at Friendship Place
                                                             unraveling, as depression—and denial—set                but yearned for her own place. In 2007, an
                                                             in. “I was intelligent enough to be stupid              Anne Frank House apartment became avail-
                                                             about my mental health,” she recalls. “I                able, and Victoria’s dreams were fulfilled.
                                                             thought I could handle my problems, but it                  Victoria says Anne Frank House serves a
                                                             was hard to cope.” Victoria gave up her apart-                                          continued on page 19
            buy one more!
                                                             Stand with the people of darfur
Thanks to everyone who has donated
to the Ezra Pantry. In partnership with
So Others Might Eat (S.O.M.E.), the Ezra                     please join members of Adas israel and                     We are now joined by a cardboard cutout
Pantry collects nonperishable food for                       peoples Congregational Church on Sun-                  of George Clooney and a new sign indicating
distribution in shelters, soup kitchens,                     day, July 19 and August 16, 1:30–2:30 pm               that “George Clooney stands with the people
day care centers, and elder care facili-
                                                             (this is a new time) for our monthly Darfur            of Darfur.” We had a spirited group at the April
ties. Please buy one more item than
you need when you shop for food and
                                                             vigil at a new location. We will be on the             vigil and we made our first foray into video
bring it to the Ezra Pantry shelves in                       west side of Connecticut Avenue at Van Ness            (filmed by a passing stranger!) and are on
the synagogue cloakroom. Feeding                             Street, which is near the new Chinese em-              YouTube (
the hungry is a mitzvah. Thank you                           bassy. China is the major trading partner of           furinterfaith). Please come to the July and Au-
again for your continued support.                            Sudan, which is perpetrating the genocide              gust vigils, and bring your friends! Any ques-
                                                             on the people of Darfur.                               tions? Call Laura Cutler, 301-980-7182. ¢
                                                                                                                                                *Please note early deadline!
                                                                    upcoming Chronicle deadlines—
         September issue, Friday, July 31, by 3:00 pm (note early deadline); october issue, tuesday, September 1, by 5:00 pm