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					Technology Offers
                                                              Areas of Application
                                                              Environment protection, agriculture, tourism, war against
      Waste Paper Recycling System                            malaria, dengi and mosquito-spreaded diseases. Typical
                                                              customers: municipalities, government (e.g. India)
Our Company manufactures waste paper recycling
systems with capacities ranging from 10-50 tons per day.
The system can be customized as per the exact user’s
needs.                                                        The special low-density highly porous carrier material
                                                              can absorb a lot of liquid (double of its weight), namely
Area of Application                                           the fermentation liquor containing larvicides. The air-
The system helps the local environment by using the waste     drying in mild conditions gives a stabilized encapsulated
paper to produce packaging paper.                             biological mosquito killing agent without liophylization
                                                              step. The chemical composition of the granules gives
                                                              an appropriate medium to stabilize and enhance the ef-
SPT system is quite easy to operate and needs minimum         fectivity of the enzymes of larvicides. Advantages of the
training.                                                     product:	•	Low-density	and	sizes	•	Cheap	air-spreadability	
Environmental aspects                                         •	 High	 surface	 density	 on	 water	 •	 Controlled	 larvicide
                                                              capacity	 •	 Floatability	 and	 time-dependent	 sinkability
Cleaner production, Waste utilization, Energy efficiency
                                                              •	 Low	 production	 costs	 •	 Selectivity	 for	 blood-sucking	
Development Status                                            mosquitoes	•	Combinability	with	other	active	ingredients	•	
Fully Commercialized                                          No	environmental	pollution	•	Long	storage	ability	•	Combi-
                                                              nation with attractants for female mosquitoes to put larva
Legal Protection                                              in a treated area.
Patent in progress
                                                              Environmental aspects
Technical specifications
                                                              Cleaner production, Energy efficiency
10-50 tons per day
                                                              Development Status
Transfer Terms
Consultancy, Equipment Supply, Turnkey                        Pilot Plant

Contact                                                       Legal Protection
Mr. Ahmad Ghaly, Smart Paper tech.                            Patent
Villa 11, 26th Street, off Nozha Road,
Sheikh Zayed 6th of October                                   Technical specifications
Cairo, Egypt.
                                                              The subject of the present invention are carrier materials
Zip/Pin Code : 12588
                                                              for mosquito-larvae killing pesticides (carrier composites).
Tel: 0020100018521
                                                              Numerous insecticide preparations have already been
Fax: 0020238509288
                                                              developed for exterminating.
                                                              Transfer Terms
                                                              Technical services, Technology Licensing, Equipment
                     HUNGARY                                  Supply
  Carrier Materials for Mosquito-larvae
           Killing Pesticides
                                                              Dr. Peter Mogyorosi
Our partner, a Hungarian Institute has developed a novel      Laser Consult Ltd (Hungary)
way for the production of carrier materials for mosquito-     H-6701 PO Box 1191
larvae killing pesticides. They are interested in a license   Szeged, Hungary
agreement for the production of pesticide carrier substrate   Tel: +36-62/562-782
or selling of production equipments or the carrier mate-      Fax: +36-62/562-783
rial itself.                                                  E-mail:

54        TECH MONITOR     • Mar-Apr 2010
                     HUNGARY                                                              INDIA
         Continuous Room-Temperature                               Sodium Silicate from Rice Husk Ash
              Biodiesel Production                               Sodium Silicate is made from rice husk ash which has
Our partner, a Hungarian Institute has developed a novel         very high silica content by digesting with Sodium Hydroxide
continuous process for the room-temperature production           and by further orocessing.
of biodiesel. The main advantage of this technology is the
                                                                 Areas of Application
avoidance of soap formation which so far cause many
problems during biodiesel production (emulsion formation,        Sodium Silicate finds very wide application in Soaps,
washing problems, slow phase splitting, etc.). They are          Detergents, Adhesives and so on.
interested in a license agreement or selling of production
                                                                 Environmental aspects
                                                                 Cleaner production, Waste utilization, Energy efficiency
Areas of Application
Biofuel production plants, fuxel mixing firms. Typical cus-      Development Status
tomers: Refineries, biodiesel producers, vegetable oil           Fully Commercialized
                                                                 Transfer Terms
Advantages                                                       Consultancy, Joint Venture, Turnkey
Room temperature process, energy saving - Avoidance of
soap formation, thus many other problems do not occur, like:     Contact
•	Problems	during	emulsion	formation	•	Washing	problems          Mr. Sudhir Kumar,
•	Slow	phase	splitting	-	Continuous	production	technology	in	    Auro Associates (India)
a simple apparatus (tube reactor) - Cheap catalyst remov-        B-12, Dhanlaxmi Complex
ing (KHSO4 or H2SO4) by recyclization of catalyst-removing       Nr. Samta Society,
KHSO4 (acid) with regenerable ion-exchangers - The by            Subhanpura
products (K2SO4, glycerol or methanol) can be used as            Baroda, India
rapeseed production fertilizer or starting material for biogas   Zip/Pin Code: 390021
production - No water in glycerol phase - Low methanol and       Tel: +919824366779
potassium content in the raw ester phase                         E-mail:
Environmental aspects
Cleaner production, Energy efficiency
Development Status
Pilot Plant                                                               New Technologies Applicable
Legal Protection                                                                 to Agriculture
Patent                                                           Complete know-how on technologies related to agriculture
Technical specifications                                         and allied areas are available with National Research
Vegetable oil methyl esters are generally produced at            Development Corporation (NRDC), India.
60°C in the presence of 1% KOH/NaOMe catalyst with               Areas of Application
stirring for 15-60 min. The main technological problem is        Agriculture, Horticulture, Livestock, Pest Mangement
the soap formation.
Transfer Terms
                                                                 Most of them are well developed to commercial scale.
Technical services, Technology Licensing, Equipment Supply       Trail marketting has been done; field trials data avaliable;
Contact                                                          cost reduction.
Dr. Peter Mogyorosi,                                             Development Status
Laser Consult Ltd (Hungary)                                      Laboratory Model, Pilot Plant
H-6701 PO Box 1191. Szeged, Hungary
Tel: +36-62/562-782; Fax: +36-62/562-783                         Legal Protection
E-mail:                                 Patent

                                                                                TECH MONITOR       • Mar-Apr 2010     55
Transfer Terms                                               Areas of Application
Technology Licensing                                         Cost-effective, construction of homes

Estimated cost (US$)                                         Advantages
400,000                                                      Cost-effective, Faster process
Contact                                                      Environmental aspects
NRDC, Bangalore                                              Cleaner production, Waste utilization, Energy efficiency,
National Research Development Corporation                    Systems integration
(A Government of India Enterprise)
Regional Office, # 107, 8th Main,                            Development Status
19th cross Malleswaram, Banglore, India                      Fully Commercialized
Zip/Pin Code: 560055
Tel: 91-80-23341255                                          Legal Protection
Fax: 91-80-23347555                                          Trade Mark, Patent
E-mail:                                     Transfer Terms
                                                             Technology Licensing

               SOUTH AFRICA                                  Moladi
                                                             port elizabeth
 Cost-effective Construction of Homes
                                                             Port Elizabeth, South Africa
We can offer technology to build more homes faster, better   Zip/Pin Code: 6011
and in a cost-effective manner with our Moladi Construc-     Tel: 0027413722152
tion Technology.                                             E-mail:

                       Global On-line Resource to Facilitate Access to IP Information
  The (World Intellectual Property Organization) WIPO launched on June 1, 2010, WIPO GOLD, a free, on-line
  global intellectual property (IP) reference resource that provides quick and easy access to a broad collection of
  searchable IP data and tools relating to, for example, technology, brands, designs, statistics, WIPO standards,
  IP classification systems and IP laws and treaties.

  WIPO GOLD is a free public resource which provides a one-stop gateway to WIPO’s global collections of search-
  able IP data. It aims to facilitate universal access to IP information.

  WIPO is committed to narrowing the global knowledge gap by facilitating the free-flow of IP information globally,
  and by improving access to and use of IP information. For example, much of the technological information found
  in patent documents is not published elsewhere. Patent documents, therefore, represent an extremely valuable
  resource in today’s knowledge-based societies.

  Powerful databases, such as WIPO’s PATENTSCOPE® search service, makes it possible to conduct, free-of-
  charge, high-quality searches of data relating to over 1.7 million international patent applications filed under the
  PCT, and patent data collections of a growing number of countries.

                                        For further information, please contact:
                                               Media Relations Section
                                       World Intellectual Property Organization
                                             34, chemin des Colombettes
                                           CH-1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland
                                       Tel: (+41 22) - 338 81 61 or 338 95 47
                                              Fax: (+41 22) - 338 82 80

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