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					    Slide                              Upload pictures, create effects and transitions

              Slide Show Widget

              How to use

              HTML code

              JavaScript code

              How do I use a simple slide show widget in the photo application
            without implementing the DWR?

              HTML Code

              Parameters for initializing the dekohSlideShow class in the widget

              Required arameters

              Optional parameters

              Functions

              DWR Implementation

              DWR XML

              Converters

              Creators

              Methods-functionality

              Availability

    Slide Show Widget

    The Slide Show widget is a simple, unobtrusive script used to
    overlay images on the current page, display sets of images and
    create slide shows using your favorite photos. The widget is based
    on the Prototype JavaScript library and LightboxEx JS slideshow
    (, and works
    on all modern browsers.
How to use
Add this code to the head section of the page:
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
""> <style
type="text/css" title="currentStyle" media="screen"> @import
leURL(request, "theme","app","css.jsp?externalApp=true")%>';
on%>/pebbles/css.jsp'; </style> <script
src='/dekohportal/dwr/engine.js'></script> <script
src='/dekohportal/dwr/util.js'></script> <script
icFileURL(request, "common",null,"JSlibrary.jsp")%>">
</script> <script type="text/javascript"
Version%>/lightboxEx/slideShow.js"> </script>

HTML code
Include the following code where you want to invoke the Collection Manager
in page:
<span onclick="dSS.startSlideshow();"
id="dekoh_actionButton_slideshow" title="View

JavaScript code
The basic syntax to initialize the Slide Show widget is
<script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ dSS
=new dekohSlideShow('dSS',
ILL_START'}); //]]> </script>

How do I use a simple slide show widget in the
photo application without implementing the DWR?
                                            Upload powerpoints to share with
                                            others. Supports ppt, pps & pot
                                            (PowerPoint), pdf, odp (OpenOffice);
Slideshare                                  Keynote users can save as pdf, doc,
                                            rtf, xls (MSOffice), odt & ods
                                            (OpenOffice) & pdf

Slideshare is a site where you can host your presentations and
share them with others. Presentations can be linked to at the site
itself or else embedded in a web page. You can also synchronise
an MP3 audio file (podcast) with the slideset to create a slidecast -
a more powerful way of distributing presentations/tutorials.
Slideshare is also a tremendous resource site of presentations.

  Cost                 Free
  Availability         Online
  2007 ranking         31=
  2008 ranking         20
  2009 ranking         7
  Social Media In
  Learning             Presentation sharing & Slideshare
  Directory of         Presentation tools
  Learning Tools       Presentation hosting tools

Comments from some of those who selected Slideshare as
one of their Top 10 Tools in 2009

     Wonderful possibility for building the online presentations
      and their integration in web sites Malinka Ivanova
     This is a great way to share student work on a webspace.
      Mary Howard
     upload powerpoint presentations and documents to share
      easily with others. Source of great learning resources. Maria
      de los Angeles Castro
     upload powerpoint presentations and documents to share
      easily with others. Source of great learning resources too
      Jane Challinor
     PowerPoints from presentations always available and can be
      embedded into blogs and Moodle. Leia Fee
     I find this gives me fresh ideas, from both content and
      presentation point of view. Sarah Frame
     a comfortable way to manage my presentations (archive,
      link, connect, browse) Jochen Robes
     allows me to post my slide shows for others to see, but, more
      importantly, allows me to find great slideshows from others.
      There’s some amazing information there and all free of
      charge. (Carol Skyring)

Comments from those who selected Slideshare as one of their
Top 10 Tools in 2008

     "Now, how could I share my slides without slideshare? Yes,
      there are other ways but slideshare is true community. You
      can provide all the boundaries you want or leave your slides
    out on the table to be "borrowed" by just anyone. I figure no
    one would copy EndNote slides if they didn’t need them. I
    search slideshare for topics I’m interested in or need to know
    about and the presentations I find are so helpful to me I do
    download them and study how someone else did what I want
    to do." Lissa Lord
   "I've been making more use of Slideshare recently - both as
    a consumer and as a publisher. It really is an easy way to
    make presentations available to others online." Jane Hart
   "Slideshare is an excellent sharing tool. Students can create
    a post their PPTs for class, and students can comment on
    them. It is an excellent tool for sharing ideas." Beth Ritter-
   "a comfortable way to manage my presentations (archive,
    link, connect, browse)" Jochen Robes
   "As with other social networking sites, SlideShare has
    opened up the collaborative sharing of presentations. The
    coupling of presentations with tagging and Creative
    Commons leads to creative use of shows worldwide for
    learning" Britt Wattwood
   "for uploading and sharing my powerpoint presentations"
    Derek Wenmoth
   "Other educators have provided excellent resources from
    Slideshare and slidecast, and I have been inspired to use it
    too!" Anne Paterson
   "A fantastic Web 2.0 tool that lets students and instructors to
    upload their presentations and share them online through a
    YouTube-like interface. Also, it is a good place to discover
    presentations and slideshows from others." Steve Yuen
   "In my view, the YouTube of presentations. This is a great
    social networking site for sharing presentations. You can
    access some really interesting presentations here." Manish
   "I can share my slides with others" Jose Carlos del Arco
   "The idea of sharing in life is not just superb, it is a pointer to
    the solution of many problems in all levels. Identifying the
    existential importance of our relations within societies helps
    us overcome individualism and develop our humanity.
    Slideshare as a tool is a perfect example of technology-
    driven enabler in global scale. Moreover, slideshare is a
    source of great material, thanks to their open-minded
    contributors. I've spent hours discovering fascinating
    presentations in various subjects." Stylianos Mystakidis
     "Wonderful possibility for building the online presentations
      and their integration in web sites." Malinka Ivanova
     "Great way to share .ppt files easily and without fuss" Phil
     "Can store my PowerPoint slides (and other formats) online
      easily. Also, it is a super site to visit to learn the art of crafting
      a presentation. When I first visited this resource, I realized I
      have a long way to go to create great presentation slides
      (with learning outcomes). In short, it is a wonderful place to
      explore and be inspired by amazing works of art that strike a
      point (impact and learning outcomes)." Zaid Algasoff
     "Great for sharing presentations. But I love the Slidecast
      facility where you can add an mp3 file to run with your slides.
      Great for vocab drilling because you can show the flashcards
      at the same time." Adam Sutcliffe
     "The hosting of PowerPoints that can be shared with others
      and embedded into webpages - a very tidy service." Richard
     "My slideshare space and groups are also a fundamental
      part of my research and networking. This site is for sharing
      powerpoint slideshows and much more. It is used by a
      number of web gurus across the world and for this reason
      alone is worth the time. I enjoy receiving posts from users
      and seeing the number of users my groups’ attract
      increase." Elaine Talbert
     "Can be a nice resources for getting ideas and finding
      presentations for remixing and re-using" Michele Martin
     "Perhaps dangerous as a way of proliferating bad
      presentations, but also a great resources for finding and
      sharing great content" Jeff Cobb

Comments from those who selected Slideshare as one of their
Top 10 Tools in 2007

     "Can be a great resource for getting ideas and finding
      presentations for remixing and re-using." Michele Martin
     "This site enables you to share PowerPoint presentations by
      providing an HTML code which you can publish in blogs.
      Fantastic!" Ana Maria Menezes
     "My inspiration source: The place where from you can
      download or watch different kinds of presentations from
      different people from all over the world. Now with a new
      feature: voice." Gabriela Grosseck
      "This is a tool that I started using in a shy way, but that I am
       growing fonder and fonder of. I especially like it because it is
       easy to upload and to link / embed the slide presentation to
       webpages and/or blogs. I am also impressed with the
       networking feature, which I find very interesting and inspiring.
       I am now starting to get interested in their new voice feature.
       It’s a tool to consider!" Cristina Costa
      "a great source of materials, communication and learning."
       Jose Luis Cabello
      "A very good tool to share and find very good presentations
       in Flash (many of them including the original document in
       PowerPoint, Open Office or Acrobat). It is the YouTube of
       presentations." David Delgado
      "for sharing my works hoping to receive comments and
       feedback. But they download and lurk" Gianni Marconato

                                                      Upload your slides, keynote or
Sliderocket                                           powerpoint and video. Publish to
                                                      any webpage

SlideRocket is a rich internet application (RIA) that provides for every part of the
presentation life cycle. It integrates authoring, asset management, delivery and
analytics tools in a single hosted environment that allows you to quickly create great
looking presentations, store, tag and search your assets, collaborate with your
colleagues, securely share your slides in person or remotely and measure the results.

SlideRocket differentiates itself from other presentation products by being web based,
feature rich, easy to use, secure and complete. It also provides a community
marketplace where content and services needed to make presentations can be bought,
traded or made available for free.

SlideRocket was founded by Mitch Grasso and Mike Lingle in 2006 with the vision of
building a better presentation experience, one that provides for every part of the
presentation lifecycle and helps you make great presentations
                                                  Upload all your photos, videos, and
Photobucket                                       images for free. Make photo slide
                                                  shows to share pics with friends

Photobucket is an image hosting, video hosting, slideshow creation and photo
sharing website. It was founded in 2003 by Alex Welch and Darren Crystal and
received funding from Trinity Ventures.[2][3] It was acquired by Fox Interactive Media
in 2007.

Photobucket is usually used for personal photographic albums, remote storage of
avatars displayed on internet forums, and storage of videos. Photobucket's image
hosting is often used for eBay, MySpace (now a corporate cousin), Bebo, Neopets and
Facebook accounts, LiveJournals, Open Diarys, or other blogs, and message boards.
Users may keep their albums private, allow password-protected guest access, or open
them to the public.

Photobucket advertises 99.9% uptime, and offers 500MB free storage (reduced from
1GB on 19th August 2009). This reduction of storage space frustrated users, who
were locked out of adding new images to their accounts unless they agreed to pay the
upgrade fee. (Unlimited space with paid PRO account)[4], Unlimited (was 100GB but
went to 25GB in July 2008 and down to 10GB on August 19, 2009) monthly
bandwidth. [5] Unlimited space and bandwidth is valid only for non-commercial use.
Uploaded photos must either be smaller than 1 MB or 1024x768 in size (5 MB or
2240x1680 with paid account), uploaded videos must be five minutes or shorter (10
min with paid account).[6]

Since Photobucket does not allow sexually explicit or objectionable content, they may
remove content at their discretion due to violations of their TOS.[7]

Photobucket supports FTP uploads, but the user must be a Pro account holder.[8]
Windows XP Publisher is supported as an alternative to FTP. It is available in free

                                            Add your voice to your photos or
                                            presentations, and share these narrated
Yodio                                       photos with your friends and colleagues.
                                            Create from your phone or computer and
                                            embed into any website
Web 2.0 : Yodio
Site Name : Yodio


Description : Yodio is an emerging Seattle-based Internet company offering an
integrated, one-stop digital audio publishing service and marketplace – a Web
community where anyone can go to self-record, produce, and buy/sell personal audio
recordings (podcasts).

                              Present and share powerpoints. Port directly to YouTube.
                              Start a meeting online, invite contacts to discuss live.
Authorstream                  Embed into any website, blog or share by email. Create
                              your own channel to showcase your presentation.

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authorSTREAM is a web-based[1] PowerPoint presentation sharing platform from
authorGEN Technologies, a company based in Raleigh, North Carolina (NC), USA,
with a development arm in Chandigarh, India.

After creating a multimedia presentation in Microsoft's presentation program
PowerPoint, users can upload presentations to authorSTREAM, which get converted
to Flash format. A Presentation uploaded to authorSTREAM shows up on a unique
URL and is available in a Flash player. Users can get unique code of the Flash
presentation to embed in blogs and websites. Every presentation also provides users
the option to share the presentation through e-mail[2].

authorSTREAM also allows its users to share their presentations on Apple iPod or
iPhone or on equivalent devices, and to upload it on YouTube.[3][4]

[edit] Services and features
authorSTREAM supports sounds, gif animations, and narrations within a PowerPoint
presentation. Flash, as a Web browser plug-in, is a prerequisite for accessing
presentations from authorSTREAM.

Presentations can also be uploaded to authorSTREAM from authorPOINT Lite[5], a
free desktop application, which can import PowerPoint presentations. Users have the
option to upload presentations as "public" or "private". If a presentation is private,
then only registered users invited by the author to view the presentation can access it.

authorSTREAM also offers a free add-in "ribbon" for PowerPoint called
authorSTREAM Desktop[6], which can search videos from YouTube and insert them
in slides while an author is creating a presentation. This PowerPoint add-in can also
search for images using Microsoft's search engine, Bing and insert them in slides. The
add-in ribbon works on an Internet connection but there is no need to use an external
Internet browser. After creating a presentation, users can also upload it to
authorSTREAM right from within this add-in.

The website interface on authorSTREAM provides multiple features, browsing and
search options. There are also a number of RSS feed options including customized rss
feeds for users.

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Type           Slide hosting service

Founded        2007

Headquarters Alexandria, United States

               Slava Uskov, development lead; Yury
Key people
               Uskov, CEO

Owner          iSpring Solutions, Inc.

Slogan         Online presentations


Type of site   Slide hosting services

Advertising    no

Registration   optional

Launched       March 4, 2008


SlideBoom is an online service for PowerPoint presentations sharing. SlideBoom is
an analog of YouTube in a way, but it is used for presentations.


        1 History
        2 Use cases
        3 Features
        4 Localization
        5 See also
        6 References
        7 External links

[edit] History
SlideBoom platform development started in May 2007 by iSpring Solutions, Inc. that
is headquartered in the USA and has offices in Russia and India. SlideBoom has been
originally designed as a web application that gets easily integrated with desktop and
server site solutions. Since 2008 SlideBoom has started offering advanced services
mainly for business purposes. It means that earlier user stories only included pictures
and slideshows, CVs and portfolios, e-cards and virtual tours, lections and courses.
New business user stories may contain both free and business presentations with
advertizing materials and other commercial information.

[edit] Use cases
SlideBoom is used for PowerPoint to Flash conversion. Next user scenarios at
SlideBoom are presentations exploring, searching, uploading, sharing and site
members communication. SlideBoom communication facilities are represented by
group joining, text and graphical commenting. Each uploaded presentation may be
viewed privately or shared within blogs or social networks, emailed or displayed for a
certain group. SlideBoom has a PowerPoint add-in to make uploading process more

SlideBoom may be used in three different ways:

        No registration.
        Free registration – gives essential functionalities.
        PRO registration – gives additional functionalities.

[edit] Features
SlideBoom supports public and private presentation sharing, over 180 PowerPoint
animations, video and audio import, grouping and graphic commenting. Graphical
annotation feature allows users to draw over slides and make it viewable for all the
website users. PRO subscription features enhanced facilities as Slidelog, greater
upload limit, customizable players, private sharing secured with SSL, SWF
downloading, private groups, offline presentation distribution and compression
options. Private group at SlideBoom allows user to protect their content from
unauthorized viewing and make them available for the group members only.

Presentations can be uploaded to SlideBoom from a free desktop PowerPoint add-in.
The add-in allows to add audio narration and supports video.

SlideBoom supports PowerPoint 2007/2003/XP/2000 presentations (PPT, PPTX) and
slideshows (PPS, PPSX).

SlideBoom has an upload limitation for free accounts: max file size 100 Mb, max
presentation quantity 100 items.

                                                           Turn your photos into a musical
Photoshow                                                  PhotoShow in just minutes

Too Many Photos and Slides Stored Away?
Get your old photos, slides or digital images into action with a lively photo slideshow! Tell the story of
any event or occasion; wedding, anniversary, vacation, retirement or life tribute.

Create a permanent tribute for any aspect of family or business life. A professional custom slideshow is
a treasure forever

Share it with family and friends with permanent DVD copies and our online viewing

Click below and see custom slideshows in action!

  Wedding Slideshow

     Vacation Slideshow

        Birthday Slideshow

          Business Slideshow
Vuvox                                           Produce dynamic interactive
                                                panoramas with hot-spots

Vuvox: Your Visual Voice
By Mary Zedeck on May 22, 2008 9:56 AM

Have you been wanting to try out a fresh and different approach to presenting
your image, audio and video files? If the answer is yes, then Vuvox may be your

There are three areas to explore within Vuvox:
Vuvox Express - Instantly create and publish from RSS feeds and web albums
Vuvox Collage - Create dynamic interactive story panoramas
Vuvox Studio - Contains tools to customize your video, music and photos (you
need to create an account to use this feature)

This is an example of Vuvox Collage which addresses Writing in the 21st Century
created by Barbara Ganley:

                                                  Free download for Windows.
                                                  Create slideshows using your
                                                  digital photos. Touch-up, crop, or
Photo                                             rotate pictures.
                                                  Add stunning special effects,
Story 3                                           soundtracks, and your own voice
                                                  narration to your photo stories.
                                                  Personalize them with titles and

Microsoft Photo Story 3 for Windows XP
Brief Description
Bring your digital photos to life.

On This Page
Quick Details
System Requirements
Related Resources
What Others Are Downloading

Validation Required

This download is available to customers running genuine Microsoft Windows. Please click the Continue button to begin
Windows validation. As described in our privacy statement, Microsoft will not use the information collected during
validation to identify or contact you.

Windows Vista users must pass Microsoft Genuine validation requirements to enable certain product features and to
obtain non-security updates and product support from Microsoft. For more information, go to the Windows Genuine
Advantage FAQ.

Quick Details
     File Name:                          PStory.msi

     Version:                            3.0

     Date Published:                     4/6/2005

     Language:                           English

     Download Size:                      5.0 MB

                                                                                                Dial-up (56K)
     Estimated Download                                                                                                      13
     Time:                                                                                    min

                                           English                                 Change
     Change Language:

Create slideshows using your digital photos. With a single click, you can touch-up, crop, or rotate pictures. Add stunning
special effects, soundtracks, and your own voice narration to your photo stories. Then, personalize them with titles and
captions. Small file sizes make it easy to send your photo stories in an e-mail. Watch them on your TV, a computer, or a
Windows Mobile–based portable device.

                                                                          Create slide shows with your photos.
Slideroll                                                                 Publish your slideshows on the
                                                                          internet, and e-mail them to friends
Slideroll™ is a photo slideshow maker that you can use to create slide shows
with your photos. Publish your slideshows on the internet, put them on
MySpace or YouTube, and e-mail them to friends. Try the Slideshow Creator
Demo »

Create Cool Slideshows from Your Photos

Upload photos from your computer into our interactive drag-and-drop slide
show creator. From there, you can build slide shows with smooth pans,
zooms, and fades. Create documentary-style slideshows with that famous
"Ken Burns Effect".

Publish to the Net

You can publish your slideshow on this site, or get code to embed the slide
show on your own site. They are in Flash SWF format, so they are small and
anyone can see them, even over dialup! There are privacy options so that
only your friends and family can see your slide shows.

Publish to Video for DVD or YouTube

With Slideroll Videomaker, you can turn your slideshows into video that you
can use for your DVDs, or upload to YouTube. You can even add your own
MP3 Soundtrack. With Slideroll™, you can turn those static photos into
wonderful stories! Best of all, basic membership is completely free! Join
                           Make rolling slideshows from your Flickr photostream
Slideoo                    and sets in seconds.

Slideoo is a new web app for Flickr users that lets you create
horizontal streaming slideshows of your Flickr photos. To use
Slideoo, you'll need to already be a registered member of Flickr, or
at least know the member name of a user whose photos you'd like
to create a slideshow of. Enter in your or someone else's username
on Slideoo, and proceed to customizing your show. You can specify
the albums from which you'd like Slideoo to pull photos, photo
width, and the number of photos to be included in the show. If you
want to include all of your photos from all of your albums, choose
the "My Photostream" option instead of "Use Your Sets" (the latter
prompts a visual display of your Flickr albums which you can
handpick to include in your show). When you're done, you can
view your show at the top of the page. You'll also be provided with
quick links to a variety of social networks and content-sharing sites
(Facebook, LiveJournal, WordPress, etc). If your site isn't
supported, simply copy and paste the code which Slideoo provides
for you

Read more:

                                      Easily embed the classic flickr slideshows
                                      on your website or blog. All you need to do
                                      is enter the flickr URL address of the user,
Flickrslidr                           photo set or group you would like to embed
                                      along with some options. You'll receive the
                                      HTML embed code in return
ickrSlidr allows you to easily generate embeddable Flickr slideshows for your site,
blog or personal webpage. You just need to provide a Flickr URL as the source of the
slideshow. The URL can be a user’s photo stream, a specific photo set, or a group.
You can also select specific images from this source URL based on tags

Flickrshow is a lightweight, cross-browser javascript slideshow,
providing you with an easy way to display your Flickr images on your
own website. It is simple to install and can be used to access images
within Flickr groups or photosets, or using a tag-based search. The
demonstration below is retrieving images from the Twenty Five photset
by the very talented Limonada.

                                                Biggest slideshow selection on the web.
PictureTrail                                    Post them to any webpage. Also photo
                                                sharing and image hosting.

PictureTrail offers several services that enable you to express yourself. Photo sharing,
cool photo slideshows, and image hosting will enhance your online community
experience. We also host personal homepages which enable you to build your own
social networking community right here on PT. We support myspace layout codes as
well as music and web widgets from anywhere on the web!

                                                                   Choose your design.
                                                                   Add photos, videos,
ebox                                                               words, music. Email,
                                                                   blog or print it.
This site covers my eBox (entertainment box) - in short, a quiet PC that I can put in
the lounge to play DVDs, record TV, play MP3s and CDs. I set out from the start to
build the eBox using Linux and as many modifications to the case and careful
purchases to reduce the noise as possible. The unit would be controlled almost
exclusively from a normal-size infra-red remote control, and would have some sort of
GUI interface suitable for use on a TV with the remote. The eBox is currently a work
in progress - see the status and news pages for how things are going. One of the major
parts of the eBox project is now my eboxy software package that provides menus with
which to control it.

In these pages I will attempt to provide as much information as I can as to how I've
done things, to help others interested in building similar machines. I've organised the
site by function, so you can see exactly what you need in hardware and software to
perform a specific task. Even if you're not using Linux for your project, there should
be some useful information here particularly in the hardware mods section and in the
hardware info on each of the function pages. I am happy to answer any questions to
the best of my ability, so drop me an email if you'd like to ask something or have a

Standard disclaimer: I accept absolutely no responsibility and disclaim all liability
for any problems you might have, damage/injury that might occur, etc. as a result of
making use of what I have written here. Follow these instructions entirely at your own
risk. (Sorry, had to be said).

                                                              Make a slideshow with
                                                              moving photos like a video
                                                              with your choice of
Photopeach                                                    background music,
                                                              captions on each photo, fun
                                                              effects, and more.

Just Released: Three Major New Features
Dear PhotoPeach Users,

At PhotoPeach, we are constantly working to make the service better for you
and we are proud to announce three new changes that we think.

1. New fun way to comment

We just added a new way to comment on slideshows.
You can now exchange comments in a chat window while you're watching a
PhotoPeach slideshow.
The comments are connected with each photo in a show, so you can easily chat
about all the great pictures that appear.
As a creator, you can also manage comments left for your photos by clicking
"Manage Comments" in the Owner Options of each slideshow.

We think that this new system makes it even more easy and fun to comment,
so get in there and start chatting!

2. Faster Upload

You might have noticed before that our Java-based photo upload tool took a
while to load up.
Well, that's no longer a problem. Our new Flash-based uploading tool loads
quickly and even automatically optimizes the size of your photos to improve
the upload speed even further.
We think that we now have one of the fastest uploaders on the web

3. Watch Your Favorite Creators

We also just added the 'Watch' functionality to PhotoPeach. When you find a
creator with slideshows that you like while browsing featured shows or your
friends' shows
you can simply click 'Watch this creator' and whenever they publish a new
public slideshow, it appears on your home page automatically.
You can also see when slideshows that you are watching have new comments.
I watch a lot of good creators at featured show. I always look forward to seeing
their updates

                                                     Upload photos, create great
                                                     photo slideshows, and share
                                                     them with your friends and
Photosnack                                           Manage your photos online,
                                                     share your photo albums. Lots
                                                     of stylish templates
                                                     and themes.

    - Creating &
       Sharing Slideshows Online
       Ads by Google

       Research New & Used Cars
       Shop with All the Info You Need. Review Pricing, Features & Videos.
       Artworks & Tattoos
       Mathias Podlovics Grafik Design & Mediengestaltung
   PhotoSnack is an online resource that let users create and
    share photo slideshow presentations along with online photo
    galleries. By default, PhotoSnack contains several
    customizable templates, and using it is an intuitive task.
    Embeddable Flash widgets can be created and put about in
    an equally effortless way, so that the slideshows can be
    accessed   by     a   public   as    wide    as    possible.

    This is also a perfect solution for professional photographers
    or designers to promote their works online through high-
    quality portfolio presentations and professional photo
    slideshows. They can even add their logos and use their
    online portfolios in any way, and publish them wherever they

    In principle, PhotoSnack can be used for free, but a premium
    version is included and the slideshows created through it
    come without watermarks. Should you need further
    information simply pay the website a visit at and see if you can come up with some
    slideshows to write home about. Also, you can check out the
    provided video introduction in case you want to know more
    before getting down to creating something.

Shared By: