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                                  Information Sheet 4a
                                  Doctors & Dentists

  Last Updated: Dec 2010


Church Walk Surgery                  Appointments        Opening Hours
Drury Street                         01526 320522        Monday – Friday 8.30am – 1.00pm /
Metheringham                                                             2.00pm – 6.00pm
                                     Repeat              Monday – Friday 9.00am – 12.00pm
Dr Fernley                           Prescriptions
                                     01526 322340

Metheringham Surgery                 Appointments        Opening Hours
High Street                          01526 323955        Monday – Friday 8.00am – 6.00pm

Dr P Mitchell

Ruskington Medical Practice          Appointments        Opening Hours
Brookside Close                      01526 832204        Monday – Friday 8.30am – 6.30pm
Off Meadowbrook
NG34 9GQ

Dr M E Jones & Partners

Sleaford Medical Group               Appointments        Opening Hours
Riverside Surgery                    01529 303301        Monday – Friday 8.40am – 5.30pm
47 Boston Road
NG34 7HD

Dr J D Collinge & Partners

P.A.L.S (Patient Advice & Liaison Service) can give you information about registering with a
GP Surgery, changing surgeries or you can contact them for any other enquiry regarding
your GP.

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If you do not have a dentist and need routine care, phone the Lincolnshire Dental Help
line on 01522 515386 and they will be able to tell you of Dentists in the area who are
taking on NHS patients. For emergency or urgent dental care if you don't have a
dentist, contact your local Dental Access Centre. This is at 134 Dixon Street, Lincoln Tel:
01522 560018 and is open Monday to Friday 0845hrs to 1200hrs and 1300hrs to 1630hrs
(1600hrs on a Wednesday). You can make an appointment to visit the Dental Access

Listed here is a selection of local Dentists from the NHS website:
Oasis Dental Care                  Rose Cottage Dental Practice               Clover House Family
6 Carre Street                     12 West Banks                              Dental Health Centre
Sleaford NG34 7TW                  Sleaford NG 34 7PX                         Boston Road
Tel: 01529 303268                  Tel: 01529 302143                          Sleaford NG34 7HD
                                                                              Tel: 01529 306123

Institute House                    PR Walker                                  J Ogden & Partners
Carre Street                       27 West Banks                              41 Silver Street
Sleaford NG34 7TW                  Sleaford NG34 7PX                          Coningsby LN4 4SG
Tel: 01529 303085                  Tel: 01529 305179                          Tel: 01526 344008

37 High Street                     Heckington Dental Practice                 Appleby & Associates
Ruskington                         1 Kyme Road                                227 Lincoln Road
Sleaford NG34 9DY                  Heckington NG34 9RS                        North Hykeham LN6
01526 832922                       Tel: 01529 461555                          8NH
                                                                              Tel: 01522 687000

Oasis Dental Centre                Oasis Dental Care                          Portland Dental Care
33 The Strait                      101 Doddington Road                        15/17 Portland Street
Lincoln LN2 1JD                    Lincoln LN6 7HD                            Lincoln LN5 7JZ
Tel: 01522 521012                  Tel: 01522 685309                          Tel: 01522 523704

The Dental Surgery                 Thomas Powell & Associates                 D Mould
Woodhall Spa                       157 High Street                            130 Hykeham Road
Lincolnshire LN10 6SQ              Lincoln LN5 7AA                            Lincoln LN6 8AW
Tel: 01526 352929                  Tel: 01522 520997                          Tel: 01522 520794

All Smiles Dental Practice
29 Newland
Lincoln LN1 1XP
Tel: 01522 543982

                                     Digby HIVE Information Centre
                    (Mon & Thu 0830 – 1230 pm, Tue & Wed 0900 – 1500 pm, Fri Closed)
        Integrated Welfare Facility, c/o Central Registry, RAF Digby, Lincolnshire, LN4 3LH
                                             Tel: 01526 327543

      HIVE cannot accept liability for the accuracy of information provided by external agencies nor does
       the inclusion of this information endorse the quality or reliability of goods and services displayed.