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					Famous Relatives |Kate Middleton | Alexander Hamilton

                                                     John of Gaunt
                                                     Catherine Roet
                         John Beaufort                                  Joan Beaufort
                            Margaret Holland                               Ralph de Neville

                         Joan Beaufort                                  Mary Ferrers
                            King James I of Scotland                      Ralph de Neville

                         King James II of Scotland                      John de Neville
                            Mary of Guelders                               Elizabeth Newmarch

                         Mary Stewart                                   Joan (Jane) de Neville
                           James Hamilton                                  Sir William Gascoigne

                         James Hamilton                                 Sir William Gascoigne
                           Janet Bethune                                   Margaret Percy

                         Janet Hamilton                                 Agnes (Ann) Gascoigne
                            Alexander Cunningham                          Sir Thomas Fairfax

                         William Cunningham                             William Fairfax
                           Janet Gordon                                  ----------

                         Elizabeth Cunningham                           William Fairfax
                            Alexander Cunningham                         Lucy Goodman

                         William Cunningham                             John Fairfax
                           Elizabeth Stewart                              Mary Birch

                         William Cunningham                             Benjamin Fairfax
                           Elizabeth Napier *                             Sarah Galliard

                         Alexander Cunningham                           Benjamin Fairfax
                            Janet Cunningham                              Bridget Stringer

                         Rebecca Cunningham                             Sarah Fairfax
                           John Hamilton                                   Rev. John Meadows

                         Alexander Hamilton                             Philip Meadows
                            Elizabeth Pollock                             Margaret Hall

                         James A. Hamilton                              Sarah Meadows
                           Rachel Fawcett                                  David Martineau

                         Alexander Hamilton                             Thomas Martineau**
                         1 U.S. Treasury Secretary                        Elizabeth Rankin

                                                                        Elizabeth Martineau
                                                                           Dr. Thomas Michael Greenhow

                                   Olive Christina Lupton               Frances Elizabeth Greenhow
                                      Richard Noel Middleton               Francis Lupton

                                   Peter Francis Middleton              Francis Martineau Lupton
                                     Valerie Glassborow                    Harriet Albina Davis

                                   Michael Francis Middleton
                                     Carole Elizabeth Goldsmith

                                   Kate Middleton

* Elizabeth Napier is the daughter of famous mathematicion and inventor of logarithms John Napier
** Thomas Martineau is the father of famous English author Harriet Martineau

Famous Relatives | Kate Middleton | Alexander Hamilton
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