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					                                                                                                       SUMMER 2009

                                                LUBBOCK IN YOUR WINDSHIELD
                                                BOBBIE LATHAM,LAC TACRAO 2009

              Are you ready for Lubbock? We are ready for TACRAO 2009!
Join us as we celebrate our 88th Annual TACRAO Meeting in the beautiful city of Lubbock, Texas. We are look-
ing forward to “TACRAO’s Promise: Educating Our Future,” November 7-11 at the Overton Hotel and the Holi-
day Inn Hotel & Towers. Make your hotel reservations now! Guest room rates are:

                                               Overton Hotel (Opening July 2009)
                                                         (806) 776-7000
                                       Single $85.00                      Double $119.00

                                                  Holiday Inn Hotel & Towers
                                                         (806) 763-1200
                                       Single $85.00                      Double $85.00
                                        Triple $85.00                      Quad $85.00

                                                                          Hotel Deadline: October 16, 2009
                Inside this Issue                                         Reference TACRAO when you call!
TACRAO SEM Scholarship Opportunity
                                                     2     The Overton is a new hotel that is approximately 10 blocks
SACRAO Scholarship Opportunity
                                                           from the Lubbock Civic Center. Transportation to and from
Message from the President                           3     the Civic Center will be provided. The Holiday Inn Hotel &
Dave’s Doings
                                                           Towers is situated across the street from the Civic Center.
                                                     4     Both hotels will include a hospitality room for rest and
Mark Your Calendar!
                                                           relaxation after sessions are complete each day.
Becky’s Brouhaha
2009 SEM Winner Comments                                                    Registration fees & Deadlines:
TACRAO 2009 Register Now!
                                                     6     Early:           $175.00 (July—September 26, 2009)
Becki’s Blog
                                                           Regular:         $205.00 (September 27—October 14, 2009)
Dewayne’s Diatribe & Chuck’s Chatter                 7     Late:            $220.00 (October 15—November 11, 2009)
Central Texas Citings                                      One Day:         $100.00
West Texas Whistlings
                                                           You don’t want to miss the fabulous events planned for the
TACRAO 2009 Session Sneak Peek!                      9
                                                           TACRAO 2009 Conference! We will host a Golf
North Texas Notes & Stories from South Texas        10     Tournament, a Fun Run/Walk at Mackenzie Park, various
                                                           tours of the National Ranching Heritage Center and the
East Texas Eavesdroppings & Be A Mentor!            11     Buddy Holly Museum. You won't want to miss the exciting
SEM Scholarship Information                         12     Monday Evening Event we have in store for you!

TACRAO Hotel Information & Places of Interest       13
                                                                          TACRAO 2009 Website!!!
TEC & Communication Committees                      14
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                   TACRAO 2009

            The Fred Russell Strategic
        Enrollment Management Workshop

   Learn the latest strategies in Enrollment Management

                 Sunday, November 7, 2009
                       8:30 – 11:30

                          ONLY $25

          You’ll get FOOD and hear a great speaker!


            SACRAO Opportunity!

             This year SACRAO will award two multicultural individual awards
             in the amount of up to $800 each to help cover travel expenses
             for the annual conference in Chattanooga, TN. The scholarships
             will assist two SACRAO members who would not otherwise have
             the funding to attend. The PAE Committee will review applications
             and award the scholarships.

             The application is available on the SACRAO Web site at
    The deadline to apply is October 15, 2009. We
             look forward to receiving your application. For information contact
             Louis Jimenez, VP for Professional Access and Equity via phone at
             (205) 348-8172.
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It has been my honor and distinct privilege, not only to serve as
your TACRAO 2009 President, but to work with the outstanding
individuals on the Executive Committee. We have met twice this
year, and I am proud to announce that the planning for our 88th
annual conference in Lubbock, Texas has been very successful.
In keeping with tradition and this year’s theme, “TACRAO’S                   DECHANT
Promise: Educating Our Future,” our annual conference will
feature sessions that will enhance your knowledge professionally
and inspire you personally.

Your TACRAO 2009 Local Arrangements Committee, chaired by
Bobbie Latham, has been hard at work in planning what is sure to
be one of TACRAO’s most memorable conferences. Just for
starters, the conference hotel this year will be the newly
                                                           “It is our responsibility as
built Overton Hotel which boasts a 5 Star rating.
                                                             leaders in education to
As you prepare for another academic year, it is important
                                                           insure that we continue to
for all of us to continue to focus and never lose sight of champion the accessibility
our common goal which is “Educating Our Future.”           and values of education to
TACRAO is a leading educational force in Texas and in this     future generations.”
country, and it is our responsibility as leaders in
education to insure that we continue to champion the accessibility
and values of education to future generations.

I am proud to be a member of TACRAO and to have the
opportunity to work with all of you as we strive to meet our
common purpose in “educating our future.”

I am deeply humbled and honored to have been given the
opportunity to serve as your TACRAO President.

I look forward to our annual meeting in Lubbock, Texas where we
will continue our tradition and keep our promise to educate our
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                                                D AV E ’ S D O I N G S
                                                DAVE STONE, TACRAO PRESIDENT– ELECT

                                             November     7-11 draws closer, and your TACRAO Executive Committee
                                             continues to plan the Lubbock meeting. We met in the Holiday Inn again
                                             May 20-22. It was very nice, even if the shower heads were a little low. The
                                             free wireless made up for that. We look forward to seeing the new Overton
                                             Hotel August 2-4 when we have our last pre-conference TEC meeting.

Becki and Heather are polishing the program, but it is nearly full of good sessions. LeRoy Rooker will be giving two FERPA
sessions, which is worth the price of admission by itself. We also have a full slate of SEM sessions and with a lower price
tag than the AACRAO SEM conference. We have quite a few experts within TACRAO, and they’ll be in Lubbock to share
their expertise with YOU.

Gretchen Voight is predicting an impressive array of exhibitors, and Bobbie will line up your entertainment. Check your
e-mail using the wireless in the Convention Center as well. Plan to be in Lubbock for the complete deal.

Please watch for hotel and conference registration information and book both as early as possible. With two hotels and
two hotel contracts, early numbers could help us with last minute adjustments.

I could write more here, but past copies of the TACRAO Newsletter remain available at, so there’s really no
point in repeating. I’ll just thank all of our volunteers once more, and wish everybody a great summer.

                                      MARK YOUR CALENDAR!
                                                 TACRAO 2009
                                          November 7-11, 2009
                                             Lubbock, Texas

                                                 SACRAO 2010
                                   January 31—February 3, 2010
                                      Chattanooga, Tennessee

                                                 AACRAO 2010
                                           April 21-24, 2010
                                         New Orleans, Louisiana
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                                     BECKY’S BROUHAHA
                                     REBECCA LOTHRINGER, TACRAO PAST PRESIDENT

                        The final countdown… this article actually signals my last article (and possibly my shortest) as a
                        member of the TACRAO Executive Committee. In ways it is hard to believe my term in office is over;
                        in other ways it seems like my term lasted a life time. Regardless, this has been one of the most
                        amazing journeys of my professional career.

                       TACRAO, the organization, and all of the members represent the very best of our profession. I’ve had
                       a ball working with you, getting to know you and serving you. Thank you for all the support and the
  friendship you’ve provided me.

  TACRAO continues to grow in membership and in strength. With an uncertain economy and the threat of budget cuts,
  TACRAO members continue to be leaders in our state and in our nation. It is amazing all that TACRAO accomplishes each
  and every year – and all of this is accomplished by volunteers! We are one of the strongest, if not the strongest
  association of our kind and it is because of all of you. Keep up the good work! Keep volunteering (a great volunteer
  opportunity is as a mentor) and keep leading! I’m leaving TEC but I’m not leaving TACRAO. Expect to see me popping up
  in various capacities. I’m not finished volunteering my time to TACRAO. I call on all of you to do the same!

  See you in Lubbock!

                              2008 Fred Russell
                    SEM Scholarship Winners Tout TACRAO!

                              Comment from a Scholarship Winner

  As a recipient of the Fred Russell Newcomer Scholarship, I was able to attend the 2008 TACRAO conference
  that was in held in Corpus Christi this past November. The conference was more than I had expected. I had
  the opportunity to meet different people from all over Texas. I learned so much information from the
  workshops throughout the conference that I took back to my institution. The topics of the workshops at the
  conference covered a wide range of topics that reached everyone who attended the conference. I am honored
  to have received the scholarship, and I hope that it continues to allow for more first-time attendees to attend
  the conference. I look forward to continuing to attend the TACRAO conference in the future.

                                                                    Sha’Nelle Lawson, McLennan Community College

                            See page 12 of this newsletter for
                         Scholarship eligibility and requirements!
                    See for the scholarship application!
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                                                                       Register Now!

                                                                   TACRAO 2009 Registration
                                                           Early Bird Registration through September 26th!

                                                                            Overton Hotel
                                                                           (806) 776-7000

                                                                   Holiday Inn Hotel & Towers
                                                                        (806) 763-1200
                             Reference TACRAO when making reservations!
                                   Hotel Deadline: October 16, 2009

                       BECKI’S BLOG

                    It’s hard to believe that more than six months have passed since we left Corpus.  Now most of my
                    attention for TACRAO is on finishing with the session schedule for the Records and Registration
                    Committees. These chairs and their committee members are so critical to the quality of sessions we
                    all count on experiencing at the annual meeting.

It’s easy to complain about committees; after all, most of us have to deal with scores of them at our institutions. Consider
some quotes on the value of committees:

        Football is a mistake. It combines two of the worst things about American life. It is violence punctuated by
        committee meetings. ~George Will

        A committee is a cul-de-sac down which ideas are lured and then quietly strangled. ~Barnett Cocks

        If Columbus had an advisory committee he would probably still be at the dock. ~Arthur Goldberg

But make no mistake, TACRAO can’t provide a valuable annual meeting without dedicated committee members
formulating and proposing session ideas and then doing the follow up work of confirming presenters.

It’s the time of year when you might be asked to serve on a session planning committee. Are you willing to step up to the
plate for your organization and help? Remember that TACRAO isn’t run by paid staff. We need everyone who volunteers to
do the tasks they’ve promised they would do. Putting time into your association will benefit you directly. You get the
satisfaction of knowing you’ve done your part. And remember to describe your contribution on your resume. If you hope to
move up or around in your career, taking on association work and doing it well is a great way to demonstrate your abilities.
S u m m er 2 0 09                                                                                                                   Page 7

                                               DEWAYNE’S DIATRIBE
                                               DEWAYEN GRAGG, TREASURER

                                           I   am excited to write this article while attending your TACRAO Executive Committee meeting in
                                           Lubbock Texas, planning the 2009 annual conference. Now is the time to mark your calendars
                                           for November 7-11 and make plans to attend. Be ready and come prepared. It’s going to be a
                                           great conference with many exciting sessions.

                                          TACRAO remains in great financial state. Our financial resources are well protected and have
                                          not been affected by the economic down turn. All of our accounts are earning interest and
 thanks to treasurers of the past have been well maintained. My goal, as treasurer, is to not mess up the foundation laid for me.

 Our association is a strong and thriving professional organization. Membership dues, College Day & Night Schedules, and our annual
 conference play huge factors in our financial success. Your participation and membership are key to our survival.

 The summer meetings for both Universities and Community Colleges will be in July. Keep an eye out for the dates and get them on your
 calendars. For those of you new to the profession, the summer meetings are very important giving you the opportunity to learn how new
 legislation will affect your institution. Of course, sometimes the meetings can be depressing, but better to get the scoop early and
 remember that your friends and cohorts will be present to share your pain and joy.

 I look forward to seeing each of you at meetings this year.

                                                      CHUCK’S CHATTER
                                                      CHUCK KETTLEWELL, SECRETARY

                             TACRAO        colleagues!                  institution’s annual contribution to the Texas Common
                             Whoever thought that                       Course Numbering System. Your support of TCCNS is
                             summer was a time to kick                  critical to maintain the on-going operations from which
                             back and relax never                       every TACRAO member institution benefits. Please help us
worked at a medical center or served on the TACRAO                      out on the back-end of the process by sending this
Executive Committee!                                                    payment
                                                                        separately from the TACRAO membership fee payment.
                                                                        They go into separate accounts and identifying which
Updates that were submitted to the TACRAO Membership
                                                                        payment is for which need can sometimes be quite
Directory have been completed and each member institution’s
invoice for the 2009-2010 membership year will be in the                challenging.
mail to the institutional contacts within the next couple weeks.
Keep an eye open for the invoice and let’s make every                   Bobbie Latham and her Lubbock LAC have outstanding
possible effort to submit your institution’s payment in a timely        events planned, your program committees have been hard
manner. At $20 per person annual membership, TACRAO                     at work compiling a large volume of programs, and the
remains an incredible bargain with significant return on the            Lubbock Convention Center is rolling out the red carpet. In
investment – something that we all want during the difficult            a former life Bobbie must have been an Arab trader,
economic times.                                                         because she has finagled more benefits from the City of
                                                                        Lubbock than you can imagine – including free wireless
                                                                        connectivity throughout the Convention Center! We look
Each member institution in good standing has already
                                                                        forward to your attendance.        Each member’s active
received the newly-published 2009-2010 TACRAO College
                                                                        involvement in TACRAO makes the organization stronger
Day/Night Program Schedule thanks to the dedicated efforts
of the High School Relations Committee (chaired by Kyle                 and we all benefit from your experience.
Moore from WTAMU).         Distribution of the 2009-2010
Schedule to subscribers from outside of TACRAO has also
begun and right now it looks like subscriptions will be up this

You can also expect to soon receive invoices for each member
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                              CENTRAL TEXAS CITINGS
                              JOY HILL, UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AUSTIN

                           Hello from the center of Texas!
                             Temple College reports that Tammy Smith is the new VA Coordinator and Thomas Gallagher is
                            the new Coordinator of Student Accommodations.               Temple College held their 83rd
                            Commencement on May 16th 10 a.m. at the Frank and Sue Mayborn Campus Center, University
                            of Mary Hardin-Baylor, Belton TX. Toni Cuellar says they are extremely excited and proud of their
                            636 graduates this year. Yea!!!
   The Texas A&M University System has expanded to eleven independent universities. Tarleton State University-Central
 Texas will now be Texas A&M University-Central Texas and Texas A&M University-Kingsville System Center-San Antonio will
 now be Texas A&M University-San Antonio.
   Texas State University-San Marcos announces the addition of several new staff to its Office of Undergraduate
 Admissions. In September 2008 Javier Garcia, a Texas State graduate, became the territory manager for the greater
 Austin area. As a student, Javier worked as a tour guide and was a University Ambassador. Kristi Troxel, another Texas
 Sate alumna, was hired in March as one of two Regional Admission Counselors for the Dallas/Fort Worth area. While an
 undergraduate, Kristi played varsity soccer and studied abroad in Mexico. In the spring, Texas State hired its first-ever
 Orientation Admission Counselor. This position was filled by Victoria Gandaria, who recently received her Master’s degree
 from Texas State. Other new staff includes Mary Jane McCollum and Pat Carlson as part-time in-house counselors, and
 Debra Craig, who will lead communication initiatives directed at underclassmen.
   University of Mary Hardin-Baylor reports that on June 1 Amy McGilvray began as the new Registrar. Amy is a native
 central Texan who graduated from Groesbeck High School and then attended UMHB where she earned her BBA and MBA
 degrees. Amy served UMHB as Assistant Registrar and Registrar between 1995 and 2000. She returns to UMHB from the
 UT Health Science Center in San Antonio where she had been the registrar. Ms. McGilvray and husband Monte have two
 daughters, seven-year-old Meghan and three-year-old Caitlin.

                               WEST TEXAS WHISTLINGS
                               MEGHAN PACE, ANGELO STATE UNIVERSITY

                           Greetings from West Texas!    Can you believe that the spring semester is over and that summer
                           is under way? Wow! I can’t believe it is now time for freshman orientation! I hope you all have
                           a wonderful summer and I hope you get to enjoy some time off! Not much news happening in
                           West Texas but, there are a few items to report.

                           Dorothy Kiser from Hardin-Simmons University reports that after a year without a president, Dr.
                           Lanny Hall will be returning to Hardin-Simmons University June 1 to resume his duties. He was
                           president from 1991 to 2001. Welcome back, Dr. Hall!

Hardin-Simmons University hosted about 50 colleagues at the WTACRAO meeting March 30 and had a very nice meeting.
The group toured the new Holland Science Building that is used for high school students interested in the medical field.
Hardin-Simmons and Abilene Independent School District have a partnership that is allowing high school students to come
to our campus for half a day to study.

Lorri Moore from Angelo State University reported that The University of North Texas Dallas Campus leadership team added
a key member May 18th. Fred Dietz, former Executive Director of Enrollment Management/Director of Admissions at Angelo
State University joined the school as its first Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management. Also, Angelo State
University Provost, Dr. Donald Coers has retired from his Provost position after nine years. However, he will return to the
classroom as an English faculty member!
S u m m er 2 0 09                                                                                                                Page 9

                                2009 TACRAO Conference Session Sneak Peek!

   A Collaborative Approach to Graduate Student Retention             Is That Your Water or Mine
   Apply Texas Application Committee                                  It Does Take A Village: Implement SEM on a Traditional
   Presentation                                                       Campus (How to Maximize the Site)                          IT Security
   Articulation Agreements                                            IT vs. Functional
   Assessing the Registrar's Office: Tools of the Trade               Keeping Up with the Joneses--Your Techno-Savvy Students
   Beyond the SAT....                                                 Legislative Update
   Campus Visit Programming                                           Let's Move the Graduation Application Deadlines
                                                                      Lifting The Fog From Dual Credit
   Catering to the Needs of the Professional Student: Not Just Your
   ABC's                                                              Mobile Go Centers
   Co-enrolled students and the six drop rule                         Movie Maker Presentations
                                                                      Netiquette inside and outside the office.
   Collaborative Efforts across Texas - How do MITCs and SCs work?
   College Academy                                                    New Admissions Professionals Part I - Cultivating Your
   College Readiness Initiatives Update                               New Admissions Professionals Part II - Travel and Safety for
   COMBINED -University Partnership and the Community College         Recruiters
                                                                      No Sacred Cows in your Enrollment Management Plan
   Communicating with High School Counselors
                                                                      Nursing Transfers
   Connecting Community Colleges and Universities                     Offering Seamless Enrollment Information Services to Transfer
   Creating a FERPA Manual for your campus                            Students: A Collaborative Approach Through Technology
   Creating an Enrollment Management Infrastructure to enhance        Perks for Your Staff
   the Success of At-Risk Students                                    Protecting Yourself and Your Identity-Part I & II
                                                                      Recruiter Olympics
   Cross Training: The Good, the Bad, and the Not-So-Ugly
                                                                      Regional Recruiters
   Data Security
                                                                      Registrar 101
   Data, Data, and More Data
   Develop an RFP                                                     Residency and Waivers Update
   Developing an Institutional CRM System to Boost                    SEM Hot Topics
   Conversion, Yield and Retention                                    SEM: Where We Have Been and Where We Are Headed
   Developing Local Business & Community Partnerships                 Sensible Handling of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
   Diploma Mill or Credible School?                                   Showcase Days
   Does Your PowerPoint Have Power . . . and a Point?                 SPEEDE Update
   Effective Staff Training                                           State Reports Update
   Enhancing Academic Ceremonies                                      Strategic Enrollment Management 101
                                                                      Student Input on Successful Transfer
   FERPA: Beyond the Basics and Into the New Part 1 & 2               Student Records - Keep or Throw Away!
   Fraud! Forged Transcripts, Part 1 & Part 2                         Student Success Centers
   Get By (On State Reporting) With a Little Help From Your Friends   Students Versus Customers: Let The Games Begin!!
   Got Data                                                           Successful Small College Registration
   Health Science Hot Topics                                          Supplemental Instruction (SI) What It is
   Hot Topics (all areas)                                             TACRAO 101 for New Members
   How to Survive Process Reengineering in the Admissions Office
   I can’t Motivate Anyone… I Don’t Have Any Money!
   Imaging Tips
   Improving Access and Success by moving to Unified Application                      … and there’s More!
   Dates for Admission and Financial Aid
   Institutional Diversity
   Interdepartmental Communication/Opening the Door to Building
   a better future
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                               NORTH TEXAS NOTES

                       Dr. Berri O’Neal, Executive Director, and the      Registrar at MSU, who after serving 29 faithful years is retiring in
                                                                          August 2009. JaNelle’s wisdom and experience with degree audits
                       Universities Center at Dallas, are proud to        and helping implement both OnCourse and CAPP degree audit
                       welcome April Preston to their staff. April is a   systems will be missed. JaNelle and her husband Lynn will be
                       graduate of Texas A&M and is serving as a          relocating to the San Marcos area to be near their children and
                       Recruitment Specialist, and they can’t wait
                       for her to meet everyone at TACRAO in
                                                                          Roseatta Stephens, Registrar at Ranger College, announces that
                                                                          Ranger College has a new president, Dr. Bill Campion, who began
Suzanne Carter, Director of Admissions Services at Tarrant County
                                                                          on May 1st.
College, announces that Dr. Cathie Jackson, Associate Vice
Chancellor for Student Development Services and former TACRAO
President, retired effective April 30, 2009. All her current and          Randall Nunn, Associate Director, Recruitment and Special Events,
former TCC colleagues are still in shock but she seems to be quite        reports that the University of North Texas Office of Undergraduate
happy about the prospect of gardening full time.                          Admissions has experienced significant growth in office team
                                                                          members. They hired three additional Admissions Counselors this
                                                                          year; two will be housed at the Denton campus, and one will be an
Additional news from the Tarrant County College Office of                 area representative. Kristina Jefferson and Audra Yarborough,
Admissions Services:        Noemi Vela has moved from the                 former students and alumnus, and Tara Wilkins, recently promoted
International Admissions Office to Assistant Director for Admissions      to an Admissions Counselor position, will join the UNT recruitment
Processing and Vik Rajpurohit has joined the staff as Assistant           team this fall. Kristina Jefferson will represent UNT in the Houston
Director for International Admissions.                                    area.

Darla Inglish, Registrar at Midwestern State University, shares that      Also, the UNT Dallas campus has met the criteria to be established
congratulations are in order for Dottie Westbrook, Administrative         as the UNT Dallas campus, no longer supported by UNT Denton. As
Assistant in the Office of the Registrar at Midwestern State              they make that transition, they will continue to build upon their
University, who graduated from MSU with the Master of Arts
                                                                          team members and campus buildings.
Degree with a major in Counseling on May 16.

Also, congratulations go to JaNelle Savage, Assistant to the

                               STORIES FROM SOUTH TEXAS
                               LAURA KNIPPERS, TEXAS A&M-KINGSVILLE

                     Brandy Valle Garcia, Assistant Registrar at the University of the Incarnate Word is proudly reporting two new additions
                      to the campus. Incarnate Word joins other Texas Universities and finally brings the football spirit to the UIW campus
                      and the city of San Antonio. The UIW Cardinal football team will be competing within the Lonestar Conference of NCAA,
                      Division II and will play their first game in the Fall of 2009 against Monterrey Tech. Also in the Fall of 2009, UIW will
                      begin its first professional program under the new School of Optometry. The UIW School of Optometry was granted
pre-accreditation by the ACOEAOA (Accreditation Council on Optometric Education of the American Optometric Association). UIW will be the
only faith based School of Optometry in the U.S.

Barbara Thompson at Del Mar College is happy to report that she has a title change. After 17 years as Assistant Director of Admissions and
Registrar she is now the Associate Director.
Joining the staff as Assistant Director of Admissions and Records is Gracie Martinez. She was formerly with the Business and Registration
Services Department under the division of Workforce and Economic Development where she recently received her 5-year service
award. Gracie is supervising the evaluation of transfer hours and handling the enrollment of Dual Credit and Collegiate High School
students. She is also working closely with Francie Jordan on the conversion to Colleague. Gracie is very excited and eager to work with the
academic side of things and we hope you get to meet her at the conference in Lubbock.

Trudy Wortham, Registrar at University of Houston-Victoria has exciting news:
After a vote on Tuesday by the Texas Senate, only the governor’s signature is needed for the University of Houston-Victoria to add
underclassmen. The Senate passed House Bill 1056, a bill that will allow UHV to admit freshmen and sophomores. The House previously
passed the same bill. Texas Gov. Rick Perry is expected to sign the bill soon. If he does, UHV will recruit its first 190 underclassmen for the
fall semester of 2010.
S u m m er 2 0 09                                                                                                                  Page 11

                                  E A S T T E X A S E AV E S D R O P P I N G S
                                  SHERRY WELLS, STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE UNIVERSITY

                              S ummer is sizzling in East Texas and to prove it just read this submission from Navarro College: Keely
                              Tucker, Associate Director of Student Relations and head football coach Nick Bobeck were wed in May.
                              Tim Dugan, Admissions Specialist, was also wed in May. We understand Margaret Moreno has caught
                              several bouquets recently and received flowers with no card. Hmmm… who could they be from? Student
                              Relations is all smiles at Navarro College!

                              Carolyn Hardy, Assistant Director of Admissions at Stephen F. Austin State University, recently received her
                              FORTY year service award! Congratulations to her on a long and illustrious career thus far.

  According to Jeremy Thomas, Angelina College has been working extra hard to reach out to non-traditional students affected by the
  downturn in our economy by hosting information workshops titled “Not the End, but a Beginning’. These workshops have been offered
  in both morning and evening sessions to familiarize adults who may have experienced a layoff or other unexpected unemployment on
  ways to gain additional education to help them become more marketable. We expect great things will come from these efforts.

  Suzanne Carter emerged from the mound of work on her desk to report that TSTC-Marshall has two new Enrollment Management staff
  members. Ann Scoggins is a new admission advisor and Danyelle Jackson is a new admission technician. We wish them a big TACRAO

  ETACRAO was hosted on the Stephen F. Austin State University campus April 3rd. More than 25 representatives from the East Texas
  region gathered for a great discussion and professional fellowship. After the meeting concluded those interested were given a tour of
  the recently built Baker Pattillo Student Center and the Student Recreation Center facility.

                                                         TACRAO MENTOR
                                                       BE ONE IN 2009!

                      Calling all mentors and all veteran TACRAO members!

  We need you to volunteer as a mentor for the TACRAO annual conference being held this year in Lubbock.  Mentoring is a great
  way to give back your experience and to make new connections. It doesn’t take a lot of time, but can mean a lot to a new
  member. Think back to your first TACRAO conference. Were you alone? Did you wonder whether you should attend Town Hall?
  What about voting at the Business Meeting? Did you wonder if you should vote or stay silent? Why did people keep picking on
  Don Carter? Who is Don Carter? These are questions I know I asked myself my first TACRAO. I’m sure new members ask
  themselves those questions still.

  We have approximately 100 new members to TACRAO each year that are attending their very first TACRAO conference. They
  may have been in the profession for years but they are attending TACRAO for the first time. They need you to help them get
  acclimated to our conference and to help them become involved. Volunteer your time as a mentor at the upcoming conference.
  As a mentor, we ask that you attend the New Member reception on Sunday afternoon prior to the beginning of the conference and
  that your help the new members feel welcome and a part of our organization. It is a rewarding way to volunteer and can make a
  connection that will last your professional lifetime (or even longer).

  To volunteer, simply complete the Mentor application found on the TACRAO website under documents ( and
  e-mail it to me at I’m looking forward to seeing your mentor application soon!
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                         TACRAO FRED RUSSELL

The TACRAO Fred Russell Strategic Enrollment Management scholarship was named for Dr.
Fred Russell, who in 1982 was the youngest president to have served the 50+ year-old
association. During his membership Fred also served as TACRAO Newsletter editor. Fred was a
leader in our association and mentored many TACROAns during his service at Texas Wesleyan
University and East Texas State University (Texas A&M–Commerce), from 1975 to 1994. With
great sadness, Fred passed away in 1996, while serving as Dean of Enrollment Management at
the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville. This scholarship is designed to encourage further
professional development in the association by members who may be future leaders active in
TACRAO. The applicant must be a first-time attendee to the Lubbock, Texas 2009 TACRAO
conference and hail from a member institution in good standing with TACRAO.

          Application Deadline: Friday, July 31, 2009
                                   Scholarship Information
Conference:          TACRAO 2009 in Lubbock, TX, November 7 - 11, 2009
Available to:        First-time attendees to the TACRAO Conference
Scholarship:         Provides up to $500.00 to assist with the following conference expense:
                     1. Registration fee for annual conference.
                     2. Lodging during the conference.
                     3. Travel to and from the conference.
                     4. Meals not covered by the conference.
                     • The 2009 TACRAO newcomer scholarship application must be submitted
                       electronically to by Friday, July 31, 2009.
                     • Applicants must have support from their supervisor to attend the 2009
                       TACRAO conference in Lubbock.
                     • Scholarship recipient must attend the business meeting.
                     • Scholarship recipients must attend the official conference in its entirety
                       (Sunday evening through Wednesday at noon).

                                                         Download the application (.pdf) at:
Dr. Magdalena Hinojosa
S u m m er 2 0 09                                                                                                        Page 13

 TACRAO 2009 Hotels & Information                        Overton Hotel
                                                         Phone:           (806) 776-7000
                                                         Website:         Overton Hotel

                                                            Right across from SBC Jones Stadium and the Texas Tech
                                                                               University campus!
                                                                               Places of Interest:

                                                         Holiday Inn Hotel & Towers
                                                         Phone:           (806) 776-7000
                                                         Website:           Holiday Inn Hotel & Towers 
                                                                Located downtown and across the street from the
                                                                        Lubbock Memorial Civic Center!
                                                                              Places of Interest:
                                                                            Riversmith’s (catfish)
                                                                               Super Wal-Mart

 You may not think of wine when you think of Lubbock, Texas, but the area is home to a thriving wine industry. Thanks to a
 perfect grape-growing climate and moderate elevation, you can tour three different wineries within 15 minutes of Lubbock .

 Pheasant Ridge Winery, about 12 miles northeast of Lubbock, take I-27 to Route 3. The winery is set on one of the state’s
 oldest vineyards, and guests can take tours and tastings on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

 Cap Rock Winery, about 4 miles south of Lubbock, take US 87 south to Woodrow Road. The specialty here is chardonnays,
 cabernet sauvignons, and other wines, from vinifera grapes. Visitors can take free tours and samples every day of the week.

 Llano Estacado Winery, about 5 miles southeast of Lubbock, head to FM 1585 east of US 87 south. What started as a patio
 experiment in the 1970s has grown into one of the biggest wineries in the state. It’s also one of the best, with more awards
 than any other winery in Texas. Visitors can enjoy the tasting room every day except Monday.
 The National Ranching Heritage Center is dedicated to preserving the history of ranching. Outdoor displays include 40 relo-
 cated buildings, including the Victorian-style Barton House from 1909, a dugout dwelling from 1890, a log cabin from 1850,
 and a vaquero corral from 1783.

 At the American Wind Power Center, on Canyon Lake Drive, see more than 200 water-pumping windmills, including all sizes,
 shapes, and colors. Displays, which are featured in the main gallery and outside on the museum grounds, include a rare
 twin-wheel windmill and two of the biggest existent windmills in North America. There is also an art gallery and a gift shop.

 At the Buddy Holly Center in the Depot District, the primary exhibit is about the life and music of Lubbock ’s native son. Dis-
 plays include Holly’s horn-rimmed glasses, his guitars, personal mementos, other memorabilia, and interactive exhibits. Visi-
 tors can also watch the 20-minute Holly documentary, tour the art gallery, and visit the Texas Musicians Hall of Fame.

 The Lubbock Lake Landmark, part of the Museum of Texas Tech University, comprises a 300-acre archeological and natural
 history preserve. It is though to be the only site on the continent where a full record of 12,000 years of human history has
 been discovered. Visitors can see the chronological displays on each group that lived there, from nomadic hunters to 1800s
 pioneers. There are also four miles of nature trails and an outdoor sculpture garden.
        2008-2009 TACRAO Executive Committee
President:        Margaret Dechant
                  Associate VP for EM
                  Texas A&M Univ—Corpus Christi
Past-President:   Rebecca Lothringer
                  Director of Admissions
                  University of North Texas

VP, Admissions: Heather Crowson
                  VP for Enrollment Management
                  Sam Houston State University
VP, Records
& Registration:   Becki Griffith
                  Lee College

Treasurer:        Dewayne Gragg
                  Dean of Enrollment Management &
                  Institutional Studies                                  Visit the TACRAO 2009 Website!
                  Navarro College

President-Elect: Dave Stones
                                                                                      Go there NOW!
                  Southwestern University

Chair, Local Arrangements Committee (Ex-Officio):
                  Bobbie Latham
                  Texas Tech University

                           2008-2009 TACRAO Communications Committee

                         Robert Jenkins, Southeast Texas Region

                          Mary Kincannon, North Texas Region

                           Laura Knippers, South Texas Region

                               Meghan Pace, West Texas Region

                                   Sherry Wells, East Texas Region

                                    Joy Hill, Central Texas Region

                    Bobbie Latham, TACRAO Newsletter Editor

                                       William Morris (Ex-Officio)

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