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1. Among the 12,000 _______, women
   outnumbered men nine to one, and most
   had seen a lot more of life than Zaslow,
   who was 28 and never married. (contest)
2. Beth Tolkoff, the third of four children,
   grew up in ______ Philadelphia. (suburb)
3. When Tom told Jennifer he was applying
   for her old job, she warned him it was an
   18- hour-a-day ______ that required a
   strong, stable personality. (commit)
4. The columnist's most _______ idea grew
  out of a letter from a woman who
his claim that Chicago is home to plenty of
  eligible men. (innovate)
5. In the 1970s, the U.S. witnessed an
  increased interest in physical fitness, and
  one result is the current
  widespread______ of marathons in many
  American cities (popular) .
6. As there are thousands of items within
  hand's reach on the shelves, the _______
  to buy things you don't really need or want
  is very strong. (tempt)
7. Evidently, women often find that as they
  grow older and have ______ complicated
  lives, some friendships can be more of a
  burden than a support. (increase)
8. Hotel chains ______ offer special
  promotions, so check newspapers to get a
  better discount. (period)
9. The two trucks collided with each other at
  the crossroads, but the drivers were
  _______ unhurt. (miracle)
10. If your doctor doesn't take your
  concerns seriously, find another one or
  contact the foundation for ______ (assist)
1 contestants 2. suburban
3. commitment 4. innovative
5. popularity   6. temptation
7. increasingly 8. periodically
9. miraculously 10. assistance
11. Embarrassed, the boy finally began to
  read and soon got wrapped up in the story
  describing heroism, ________, loyalty and
  deceit. (coward)
12. If people have a ______ between beef
  and shrimp, a lot of them will still choose
  beef. (choose)
13. The purpose of this organization is to
  protect customers from unethical business
  practices and to promote the______ of
  high business and professional standards
14. Is there any one place that is
  particularly______ for you? (memory)
15. They are trying to introduce the______
  hearing aid that clarifies the spoken word.
16. According to Stuart Vyse, superstitions
  emerge whenever there is ______ and
  anxiety about something that people want.
17. Who are qualified to perform the
  delicate_______ task of suicide
  prevention? (psychology)
18. Since it began operation in January
  1999, the group has received many
  letters of ______ (grateful)
19. “_______, not perfection is
  emphasized," notes the dance
  program director. (participate)
20. For centuries the Chinese have
  believed that planting shoots of
  bamboo assured_______ . (prosper)
11. cowardice       12. choice
13. maintenance     14. memorable
15. digital         16. uncertainty
17. psychological   18. gratitude
19 Participation    20 prosperity
21. She felt hurt, but didn't have the
  emotional resources for a
22. As she developed her talents as a
  writer, Katherine began to make an
  identity for herself that was not
  dependent on peer______. (approve)
23. _______ is the fundamental
  driving thrust that generates
  behavior. (motivate)
24. According to Professor Sears, Americans
  have trapped themselves by allowing the
  economy to become so ______ on the
  automobile industry. (rely)
25. In his______ message the Premier
  hailed the achievements of the
  Organization of African Unity and the
  birth of the African Union. (congratulate)
26. The leader was facing threats not only
  from his former _______, but also his two
  coalition partners. (loyal)
27. Now we know that problem is solvable,
  but it wasn't easy to find the_______
28. No longer is war seen as the automatic
  solution for international______ (agree)
29, His wife and children are his ______. ..
30. Kerosene engines are more_______ than
  gasoline engines because they will increase
  speed. (desire)
21. confrontation     22. approval
23. Motivation        24. reliant
25. congratulatory 26. loyalists
27, solution      28. disagreements
29. dependents       30. desirable
31. Margaret Mead is an anthropologist
  who won fame describing primitive
  people to more ______ evolved
  people. (culture)
32. They think the weather in
  Pennsylvania is_______ so they plan
  to move to Florida (bear)
33. It is believed that weight training
  can increase strength, help restore
  bone______ and diminish knee pain
  from arthritis. (dense)
34. The crew laid their paddle blades flat on
  top of the water to _______ the boat.
35. It is ______ that you realize the
  importance of your decision. (essence)
36. My friends think that I should______
  the hole some more before putting my
  money in. (deep)
37. In Russia, the loss of 15 millions men in
  World War II meant that women had to
  become the doctors, the engineers, and
  the______ (profession)
38. Large organizations usually send a
 formal letter to an______ ,
 acknowledging receipt of an
 application. (apply)
39. The oil comes_____ in floating
 patches that stain the coral black
 and gray. (shore)
40. A severe housing _____ , especially
 in the cities, is also responsible for
 the declining birth rate (short)
31. culturally      32. unbearable
33. density         34. stabilize
35. essential       36. deepen
37. professionals    38. applicant
39. ashore           40. shortage
• Dictation:
  The Internet is the most significant
  progress in the field of
  communications./ Imagine a book that
  never ends, a library with a million
  floors, /or imagine a research project
  with thousands of scientists /working
  around the clock forever. /This is the
  magic of the Internet. /Yet the
  Internet has the potential for good and
  bad. /One can find well-organized
  information-rich websites. /
• At the same time, one can also find
  wasteful websites. /Most websites are
  known as different Internet
  applications. These include online
  games, chatrooms and so on. /These
  applications have great power, too.
  /Sometimes the power can be so great
  /that young people may easily become
  victims to their attraction. /So we
  need to recognize the seriousness of
  the problem. /We must work together
  to use its power for better ends.

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