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									                                                                                                                                        Volume 18 • Summer 2011

My Trinity Journey
Editor’s note: On June 8, Trinity held its eighth commencement ceremony. This year’s class consisted of 43 students. We hope
you enjoy reading their Trinity Journeys below and on our Web site,

                                                                         Brianna Jenkins, ‘11

T   rinity has been a big part of my life for the
    past five years. For me, it has been a roll-
 ercoaster; there were tough times as well as
                                                          It was life changing! I loved the people and
                                                          the culture of Nicaragua. Also, I loved being
                                                          recognized on the honor roll for the first time
 great times. The one thing I loved about Trin-           in seventh grade. I made friends for a lifetime
 ity is that there was always something new and           at Trinity, and I know we will all stay in touch
 exciting to look forward to.                             when we are in high school.
 I came to Trinity in the fourth grade. It was            One person that has changed my life forever
 a very different environment than I was used             is Father Smokey! He has been like a second
 to. I found that Trinity was like a big fam-             father to me. I got to know the fun side of
 ily and was different from the schools that I            him in Nicaragua. He has always encouraged
 came from. I was scared that everyone would              me to be a great scholar, leader and to do well
 already have their friends and cliques and that          wherever I go. I respect and admire Father
 I wouldn’t fit in. I liked that even though I            Smokey, and I hope when we meet again, he
 was not there from kindergarten, the other               will see what his hard work and nurturing
 students made me feel like I had been there all          has produced.
 along. I will miss walking to ImaginOn with
 my best friends, side-by-side with me. FourthThe past few years at Trinity have
                                              taught me a few things. I learned the
 grade was one of my favorite years at Trinity,                                                                                                                     Brianna Jenkins
 I will always remember it.                   wonderful language of Spanish and to                                                                                  (top) and Mills
                                                                                                                                                                     Whiting are
                                              appreciate the culture. I have experi-                                                                                 members of
 Middle school was the best thing that hap-   enced things that have made me step                                                                                    Trinity’s Class of
 pened to me at Trinity! We had Without Walls outside of my comfort zone. I have                                                                                    2011.
 Week (WOW) in middle school, lockers, got    learned that it is alright to be different                                                                            Brianna will attend
 to change classes and it was great. One of   and still get along with people. And                                                                                  Hopewell High
 the best experiences for me was going to     most of all, I learned the Trinity Way.                                                                             School and Mills will
 Nicaragua in seventh grade for WOW week.                                                                                                                        head to The McCallie
                                                                                                                                                              School in Tennessee in the
                                                                  Mills Whiting, ‘11

I    came to Trinity in fifth
     grade from Elizabeth Tra-
 ditional Elementary School.
                                       I thought possible and was a
                                       little nervous about Middle
                                                                            In Middle School you knew
                                                                            everybody and it all seemed
                                                                            like a big family. Even the
                                                                                                                 grade began. It was a great
                                                                                                                 feeling knowing that you were
                                                                                                                 the top dogs in school and
                                                                                                                                                 in stone that I was going to
                                                                                                                                                 the public high school near
                                                                                                                                                 my house. But then Father
 I wasn’t too happy to leave                                                new kids that year were im-          you were the kids that every-   Smokey mentioned a board-
 but my parents wanted to try          I entered sixth grade and            mediately welcomed into the          one looked up to.               ing school fair. The more
 something new and sent me             found my locker and my               community. I ended sixth                                             I thought about boarding
 to Trinity for middle school.         friends from the year before.        grade knowing that I had             Everyone started looking at     schools, the more I wanted
 I left ETES with Ran Minter,          Before long it seemed as             made the right choice coming         high schools and wonder-        to go.
 my longtime friend from               though I knew everyone in            here.                                ing where they were going
 kindergarten, and we met              the grade instead of just ev-                                             to go. It was pretty much set   (continued on page 4)
 again at Trinity on the first         eryone in the class. In Lower        Seventh grade started
 day of school. I felt like I was      School I knew some of the            and again, all of the
 welcomed right into the com-
 munity from the first day.
                                       other class but only from
                                       lunch and recess.
                                                                            new kids were wel-
                                                                            comed. Seventh grade            In this issue...
                                                                            ended and eighth
 I remember that Finn Pol-
                                                                                                                   > Begin with the End in Mind
                                                                                                                       The Rev. Dr. Louis “Smokey” Oats
 lock, Michael Ruth, Ran and
 I were immediate friends on
 the first day. I ended that year
                                                                                                                   > A Love Letter
                                                                                                                        Heather Hill
 with many more friends than
                                                                                                                   > Commencement & Post-Trinity
   Creating Scholars, Nurturing Spirituality and Embracing Diversity                                                 School Choices
                       in Charlotte’s Center City                                                                  > Insert: 2010-11 Volunteers & Donors
The TriniTy Voice                                                                                                                           Volume 18 • Summer 2011

    Begin with the                                                                                           A Love Letter
                                End in Mind
   The Rev. Dr. Louis “Smokey” Oats, Founding Head of School 1999-2011
                                                                                                             Adds Beauty to a Yearlong Celebration
                                                                                                                                                       Heather Hill, TES Parent
   My staff and I have spent a lot of time the      and “a quest for knowledge driven more by
              last three months talking about       a desire for understanding and possibility               Trinity’s 10th anniversary celebratory year kicked off
                  what a Trinity graduate           than grade point or mere completion of an                in September with the Founders’ Day Chapel service,
                      should look like – what       assignment.” (Scholar) We signal our delight             Trustees Roundtable and Family Picnic. The fun continued
                        a graduate should           in “the student among us who has most                    in October when, following the All Saints Chapel service,
                          know, be able to do       graciously applied his/her spiritual, servant            the entire school walked to Alexander Park for a day
                            and be. It’s been a     and creative gifts toward a greater good in              of service and a ribbon cutting ceremony for the newly
                             most worthwhile        the example of our Lord … and connects                   renovated Alexander Street Park. The Lessons and Carols
                             endeavor, one          faith to action.” (Spirituality) We call out “the        Chapel service in December and the annual Grandfriends’
                             which I wish we’d      student who… lives out an ethic of respect               Day in May were also highlights of the year. But the
                            done when we were       for and celebration of differences, daringly,            celebration came to a climactic finish at this year’s Arts
                          starting this School.     rightly and intentionally building bridges               Festival with the unveiling of A Love Letter. Located in the
                        To begin with the end       that enrich and strengthen the fabric of our             Dickson Dining Hall, A Love Letter is a 10th anniversary
                    in mind is sage advice, tried   community.” (Diversity)                                  commemorative artwork and the vision and creation of
               and true.                                                                                     Trinity’s founding Art teacher
                                                          ...a quest for                                     Jen Rankey.
   Not surprisingly, our discussions have
   been robust. Serving a mission that calls          knowledge driven more by                               Pictured below: The Mosaic tiles run along the beam
                                                                                                             and the two columns in Dickson Dining Hall.
   us to create scholars, nurture spirituality         a desire for understanding
   and embrace diversity necessarily conjures         and possibility than
   up a wide variety of possible bullet points
   in support of each tenet, each with its                grade point or mere
   particular nuances and shades of meaning,                    completion...
   each with its particular advocate, each
   read through the lenses of a particular          Maybe we’re over-thinking this Portrait of
   life experience, each worded according           a Trinity Graduate project. Maybe there’s
   to a particular vocabulary springing from        more consensus than we realize. Maybe we                 Ms. Rankey says she was thrilled and honored to be given
   a particular mindset. Trying to arrive at        just need to keep doing what we’ve always                free reign over the project, even though initially she had no
   consensus, given the high quality and strong     done – help children to grow fully into                  idea how her vision would become a reality.
   wills of the professional wordsmiths in this     themselves as learners and as citizens of
   building, really has been quite interesting.     heaven and earth. Maybe we need to leave                 “I’m obsessed with trees, and I’ve always thought of a
                                                    the details to God. Given the track record               tree as a good metaphor for Trinity,” Rankey says. Clay
   Somewhere late in the conversations, we          of our graduates in their schools of choice              is her preferred artistic medium, so A Love Letter is a tree
   realized that, in crafting a Portrait of a       after leaving Trinity, our graduates are clearly         composed entirely of handmade mosaic tiles created
   Trinity Graduate, we very well may have          recognizable and an awful lot of folks like              throughout the school year. The piece incorporates two
   “already been there and done that.” At the       what they see.                                           structural pillars in Dickson Dining Hall as the tree trunk,
   Commencement exercise that officially                                                                     with 15 panels of branches and leaves extending out across
   launches our latest graduates into the world,    Fr. Smokey Oats’ journey continues as he prepares        the top. The trunk symbolizes the “foundation” of the
   recognition is given to the eighth-graders       to serve the St. James Episcopal School community in     school – with tiles made by alumni, parents of alumni,
   who best represent Trinity ideals around         Corpus Christi, TX, as their interim head of school.     trustees, board members and teachers. The branches
   our mission. In this moment we speak of                                                                   above are inscribed with the names of all Trinity graduates,
   “equal doses of tenacity and joy” in learning    Trinity’s new head of school, Tom Franz begins July 1.
                                                                                                             intentionally placed as the support system for the green
                                                                                                             leaves, which represent and were crafted by current

Grandfriends’ Day 2011
                                                                                                             students. The students inscribed the leaves with their own
                                                                                                             messages, quotes, symbols or names, giving even greater
                                                                                                             meaning to this life-sized symbol of Trinity.
This year, our guest speaker was Ted Rast, a founding and current member of Trin-
ity’s Board of Trustees. Mr. Rast talked to more than 300 Trinity grandparents and                           Jen notes that A Love Letter is unfinished by design. As with
friends about the Trinity Way and what makes TES unique. To read Ted Rast’s notes                            real trees, it will continue to grow every year, eventually
from that Chapel service, please visit to the Current Students page of our Web site,                         extending across the dining hall and out into the halls as                                                                                        new leaves and vines are added by future generations of
                                                                                                             TES students. Mounted directly onto the school walls, A
                                                                                                             Love Letter will be an enduring reminder of the strength,
                                                                                                             beauty and grace of Trinity’s mission for students and the
                                                                                                             community at large.
 The TriniTy Voice                                                                                            Volume 18 • Summer 2011

Class of 2011 High School Choices
Dani Brown†                                   Providence Day School      Remy Laughlin†                                Myers Park High School
Emma Brown                                    Providence Day School      Morgan Levy†                                    Charlotte Latin School
Gilbert Browne                               Myers Park High School      Julianne Mata                          Charlotte Catholic High School
James Cobb                            Charlotte Christian High School    Abbe McCarter                                   Charlotte Latin School
Lauren Crotty†                               Myers Park High School      Madie Mercer†                                 Myers Park High School
Abby Davenport                                Providence Day School      Bobby Miller†                            St. Andrew’s School, Delaware
Olivia DiNome                          Charlotte Country Day School      Ran Minter                                    Myers Park High School
Jordan Eley                               Mallard Creek High School      Finn Pollock†                           Charlotte Country Day School
Teddy Garner†                          Charlotte Country Day School      Daniela Prado                                 Myers Park High School
Catherine Gill†                                Charlotte Latin School    Michael Ruth                           East Mecklenburg High School
Caroline Hall                          East Mecklenburg High School      Charlie Salzer                         Charlotte Catholic High School
Katie Heffner                                 Providence Day School      Mary Hunter Shaver                            Myers Park High School
Chris Hinson                                 Myers Park High School      Cate Slaven                                   Myers Park High School
Alex Hull                                       Davidson Day School      Kenya Smith†                                    Davidson Day School
Parker Hyland†                           Christ School, North Carolina   Hannah Taylor                                          Cannon School
Brianna Jenkins                                Hopewell High School      Jordan Wallace†                                        Cannon School
Merritt Johnson†                             Myers Park High School      Adam Watts†                                     Charlotte Latin School
Sylvia Johnston                              Myers Park High School      Mills Whiting                                McCallie School, Tennessee
Cameron Jones†                                Providence Day School      Christian Wiemer†                       The Masters School, New York
Eliza Joyner†                          Charlotte Country Day School      Matt Williams                           Charlotte Country Day School
Rahab Karout                                   Chatham Hall, Virginia    Ross Winston                         Woodberry Forest School, Virginia
Hayes Laporte                            Christ School, North Carolina                    †
                                                                                              Lifer Student

Following Our Alumni...
Class of 2007 College Choices
Ben Barnes                        Hampden-Sydney College, Virginia       Sarah Handy                               Appalachian State University
Frances Belk           Sewanee: The University of the South, Tennessee   Tyler Hearn                 University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Tasia Bennett                                        Gaston College      Claudia Heath                                               Undecided
Anslee Boozer                       Furman University, South Carolina    Sophia Heck                             North Carolina State University
Lucy Boswell                                       Davidson College      Marshall Jackson                   College of Charleston, South Carolina
John Bowman                                         Duke University      Tevin Johnson                                               Undecided
Martha-kylah Bradley          Central Piedmont Community College         Ted Langton                                                 Undecided
Dale Brown                            Winston Salem State University     Ben Leach                                 Appalachian State University
Morgan Carnes                           Occidental College, California   Hugh Long                               Pepperdine University, California
Joseph Cato                                               Undecided      Italia Marr                 University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Peter Conway                                  Wake Forest University     Scotty McCray                                               Undecided
Elizabeth Dalrymple                           Wake Forest University     Ginny McMillian                          Emerson College, Massachusetts
Meredith Dougherty                                        Undecided      Ryan Mercer                               University of Georgia, Georgia
Jackson Eubank                                Wake Forest University     Juel Niamien-Parchment                                      Undecided
Matthias Farley                    University of Notre Dame, Indiana     Joan Palumbo                University of North Carolina - Greensboro
William Floyd             University of South Carolina, South Carolina   Patrick Rankowitz                      Furman University, South Carolina
Ellie Good                              Appalachian State University     David Restaino                             St. Andrews College, Scotland
John Grainger             University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill     Tony Restaino                             University of Chicago, Illinois
Haley Gray                          Furman University, South Carolina    Kwadwo Woods-Lokken                         Hamilton College, New York
Andrew Hall                                         Duke University
2010-11 BoArD oF TruSTeeS                          The Trinity Voice is a publication of                 Contact the Advancement and Communications Office
Robert J. Miller     Chair                         Trinity Episcopal School                              for more information or to update mailing information.
Elizabeth G. Hobbs   Secretary                     750 E. 9th Street                                     Trinity Episcopal School admits students of any race, color, religion, national
Victor E. Williams   Treasurer                     Charlotte, NC 28202-3102                              and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally
Pamela B. Johnson Parents’ Assoc.                  Telephone 704. 358. 8101                              accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on
                     President                     Facsimile 704. 358. 9908                              the basis of race, color, religion, national and ethnic origin in administration of
                                                                                                         its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and
Albert P. Lindemann Past Chair                                             athletic and other school-administered programs.
Rev. Dr. Smokey Oats Head of School

Robert R. Anders Jr.
Catherine B. Browning                              My Trinity Journey continued...
Ann Blakeney Clark
Sandra D. Dalrymple                                Mills Whiting, ‘11
Mary Anne Dickson                                  I convinced my parents to take me to the board-            I ended up getting scholarships to both schools and in
Sarah Belk Gambrell                                ing school fair and I was hooked. I looked at              the end picked McCallie as the school of my choice.
Elizabeth A. Hardin                                                                                           I was so excited that I was going away to school. I
William H. Joyner
                                                   Christchurch School, Woodberry Forest, Episcopal
David C. Keesler                                   High School, Christ School and McCallie.                   couldn’t believe that this School that I had only been
Anna S. Nelson                                                                                                at for four years had already influenced my life.
John G. Norman                                     I ended up applying to Christchurch School, Christ
Ashley S. Pollock                                  School and McCallie. I had visited all of them and      While on the eighth-grade trip in Washington DC we
S. Woods Potts                                     loved McCallie and Christchurch. When I was look-       had an emotional chapel service that made all of us
T. Edmund Rast       Trustee Emeritus              ing at the McCallie web site I saw a link for an honors reflect on the good times we have had together. As
Stoney D. Sellars                                  scholarship.                                            graduation approaches I keep thinking about the great
Nicholson B. White                                                                                         friends I made at Trinity and I realize how much I
                                                   I checked it out and sent in an application to McCallie owe to this School for providing me with such a great
The TriniTy Voice commiTTee
                                                   and Christ School for the honors scholarships there. experience and so many opportunities.
Elizabeth Bridges      Parent                      I was accepted to both and drove up to both schools
Leslie Culbertson      Parent                      for the scholarship weekend. I had a great time and
Portia Eley            Parent                      couldn’t wait for that phone call.
Jamie Kiser            Parent
Heather Hill           Parent
Paige Johnston         Parent
Jessica Masanotti      Staff
Vanessa Shelton Stolen Staff

                                             Trinity students and teachers say their goodbyes
                                             on the last day of school.

 upcoming                                                                                                                                                                     NONprOFiT Org.

 events                                                                                                                                                                         US pOSTAgE
                                                                                                                                                                               pErmiT # 3554

 Summer clothes closet                                                                                                                                                         ChArlOTTE, NC

 & Book Sale                                                           750 E. 9th Street
 Wednesday, July 13, 3-6pm                                   Charlotte, NC 28202-3102

                                                             Telephone 704. 358. 8101
 Parent hoops night                                           Facsimile 704. 358. 9908
 w/Tom Franz
 Thursday, August 11,                                    Address Correction requested


 Wildcat round-up
 Monday, August 15, 4:30-7pm

 First Day of School
 Wednesday, August 17, 8am
 Parents’ coffee
 w/Tom Franz
 Tuesday, August 23, Thursday,
 August 25 and Thursday,
 September 1, 7:45-8:30am

 Parents’ Afternoon Tea
 w/Tom Franz
 Wednesday, August 24 and
 Wednesday, August 31,

 chapel: installation of
 Tom Franz
 Friday, September 23, 8am
 *Reception to Follow in Jamie’s Courtyard

            Creating Scholars, Nurturing Spirituality and Embracing Diversity in Charlotte’s Center City
Many Hands, Many Hearts
                  at work for TES
Katherine Addison         Elizabeth Damesek     Dartinia Hull        Jennifer Naddell      Mimi Shimiles
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Mr. & Mrs. Damon Bidencope                Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Eubank II   Ms. Lisabeth Willard                    Mr. & Mrs. Terry W. Pietsch               Anne B. Tomlinson
Mr. & Mrs. William Bigham                 Ms. Susan Evans                        & Mr. Martin Kinnamon                Mr. & Mrs. C. Cotesworth Pinckney         Robin E. Tuttle
Mary & Hugh Bigham                        Mr. & Mrs.Todd Everett              Elizabeth & Jamie Kiser                 Amy & Joe Pitt                            Ms. Karen Vaughn
Mr. & Mrs. William Bigham                 Andy & Mac Everett                  Mr. & Mrs. James W. Kiser               Bernice & Joe Pitt                        Karen & Rob Vaughn
Ms. Vicki Sutton & Mr. Chuck Bing         Dr. & Mrs. Patrick Evivie           Mr. & Mrs. Joe Kluttz                   Mr. & Mrs. Ralph A. Pitts                 Ms. Angelina Vazquez
Candy & Darren Bing                       Laurie & Ed Exson                   Mr. & Mrs. Steve Knight                 Dr. Helene Keyzer & Dr. Richard Pollard   Ms. Eva Veland
Mr. & Mrs. William S. Blackmon            Mr. & Mrs. Douglas W. Ey Jr.        Mr. & Mrs. Greg Kolander                Ethel & Norman Pollock                    Ms. Tiana Veland
Dr. Deb & Mr. Allen Blackwood             Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Faison          Ms. Elinor Landess                      Ashley & John Pollock                     Laura & John Viccellio
Cece Gilman Blank                         Mrs. Mollie Faison                  The Laporte Family                      Ms. Graciela Ponjuan                      Boo & Casey Viser
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Blohm                    Olga & Jay Faison                   Mr. Peter A. Larkin                     Mr. & Mrs. William F. Potts Jr.           Ms. Pat Viser
Dr. & Mrs. Willard H. Boardman            Gail & Tom Fennimore                Mr. & Mrs. John Laughlin                Leto & Bo Powell                          Mr. Richard Walker
Ms. Julia Bond                            Mr. & Mrs. Jay Ferguson             Mr. & Mrs. John C. Laughlin             Melanie & Lee Powell                      Mr. & Mrs. Richard Walker
Mr. Calvin Boone & Amber McQueen          Caroline D. Fewster                 Julia Laughlin                          Mr. & Mrs. James R. Price                 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel T. Wall
Ms. Jacqueline V. Borkowski               Mrs. Betty S. Fipp                  Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Law                   Mr. & Mrs. Edward Priest                  Mr. & Mrs. Edward Wall Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bowman                 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Fisher         Mr. & Mrs. Tony Lazarus                 Mr. Michael Primiani                      Dr. & Mrs. Jim Wall
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Boyd                 Cassell & John FitzHugh             Mr. & Mrs. George C. Leary              Dr. & Mrs. William H. Prioleau            Mr. & Mrs. Mahlon B. Wallace III
Dr. & Mrs. R. Carr Boyd Jr.               Mrs. Marion Fournier                Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lee                  Emmaline H. Pursley                       Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Wallis
Paula & Bob Bradham                       Ms. Debora Arnold & Mr. Sean Fox    Susan Luck & Don Leonard                Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Pursley                Kristin & Jeffrey Wallis
Tonya & Stanton Brandon                   Margaret & Henry Frantz             Ragnhild Daasvand & Bruce Levy          Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rady-Pentek             Mr. & Mrs. Ferman Wardell
Mr. & Mrs. Brad Brantley                  Ms. Allison Frantz                  Joanna & Houghton Lewis                 Mr. Stanley Raffa                         Dr. & Mrs. Will Warlick
Mr. & Mrs. Edson L. Bridges II            Helen Harrell French                Anne & Albert P. Lindemann Jr.          Ms. Jennifer Rankey                       Mr. & Mrs. T. A. Watts III
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bridges                 Mr. & Mrs. Tom Frick                Ellie & Al Lindemann                    Mr. & Mrs. L. R. Ranson Jr.               Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Watts
Kobi & Ron Brinson                        Ms. Kristina Gagliardi              Nancy & Tom Little                      Mr. & Mrs. L. R. Ranson III               Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Weiss
Beth & Henry Britt                        Mr. & Mrs. James Gallagher Sr.      Mr. & Mrs. Mark Little                  Mr. & Mrs. T. Edmund Rast                 Diana & Nick White
Ms. Linda Britton                         Kelly & James Gallagher             Mr. & Mrs. Nevan D. Little              Mr. & Mrs F.D. Rayburn                    Judy & Pete Whiting
Amber & Todd Brown                        Ms. Mary Gallego                    Carter Little                           Kaye & Tom Redford                        Carol J. Whitmire
Donna & Rick Brown                        Mrs. Sarah Belk Gambrell            Cameron Little                          Ms. Peggy Schilling & Mr. Duff Regan      Janet & Bob Whitmire
Hilary & Ken Brown                        Mr. & Mrs. Frederic H. Garner       Alice Lloyd                             Ms. Mary Regester                         Sarah & Tim Whitmire
Irene & Coleman Brown                     Mr. Roderick C. Gayle               Kim & Lamar Lloyd                       Susan Reif                                Julie & Brian Wichern
Ms. Jennifer Brown                        Mr. & Mrs. Roger Gebhart            Dr. Elizabeth H. Locke                  Mrs. Becky Rencher                        Dr. Klaus E. & Linda Wiemer
The Rev. & Mrs. Kevin Brown               Jenifer & Tim Gelorme               Mrs. Charlotte W. Lofton                Mr. & Mrs. Reese Rencher                  Betsy & Brian Wilder
Lisa & Tom Brown                          Ms. Azeb Alemu                      Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Long                  Mr. & Mrs. Jack A. Richter                Mr. & Mrs. Tim Wilkerson
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Brown                    & Mr. Athanassios Genita          Christine Wright & Tim Low              Emily & David Rietz                       Angela & William Williams
Mrs. Ronda Brown                          Mr. & Mrs. Hanspeter Giger          Jim Luft                                Mr. & Mrs. Bruce H. Rinehart              Mr. & Mrs. Victor Williams
Shannon & Brad Brown                      Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Gill III      Elizabeth Lynah                         Mr. Kyle Rippey                           Mr. & Mrs. William H. Williamson, III
Mr. & Mrs. J. Gilbert Browne              Patti & Adam Glassner               Nancy & John Maloney                    Mr. & Mrs. Monte Ritchey                  Ms. Mary Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Herb Browne                    The Honorable & Mrs. Gary Glazer    Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Martin                Mr. & Mrs. Jay C. Rivers                  Ms. Wanda Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Browning                  Carole Glidden                      Mr. & Mrs. David Martin                 Mr. & Mrs. Bob Roberts                    Dr. & Mrs. Henry V.P. Wilson, III
Cynthia M. Carlson & William R. Bullock   Dr. & Mrs. John S. Glover           Mr. & Mrs. George E. Martin III         Mr. & Mrs. Russell Robinson               Jennie & Ry Winston
Ms. Marian Burgess                        Izzy Golden                         Ms. Janelle R. Bontrager                Mr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez                 Nancy & Sandy Wolcott
Elizabeth Burns                           Leslie & Jacob Golden                  & Mr. Jason Martin                   Mr. & Mrs. Casey Rogers                   Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Wolcott
Mr. Chris Burton                          Judy & Henry Goldman                Mr. & Mrs. Jay Masanotti                Karen & Ken Rogich                        Dr. Sharita Womack
Helen & Brian Butler                      Mr. & Mrs. Michael Goldman          Ms. Ashleigh Mason                      Mr. & Mrs. John Roncevich                    & The Rev. Lawrence Womack
Zan & Heath Byrd                          Mr. & Mrs. John Victor Grainger     Mr. & Mrs. Roel Mata                    Barb & Dave Rosbrook                      Sophie & Ed Wood
Mr. & Mrs. Trip Caldwell                  Cindy & Bruce Grier                 Sharon & Ron Matthews                   Mr. & Mrs. Chris Rosbrook                 Ms. Barbara Wright
Linda & Joe Camp                          Laura & Greg Griffin                Mr. & Mrs. Tom May                      Mr. & Mrs. Marty Rosenberg                Mrs. Elizabeth Wright
Mr. & Mrs. Juan Carlos Cardarelli         Ms. Martha W. Griffin               Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Mayer             Margaret & Macon Rudisill                 Katy & Dan Wroble
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Carlson               Tom Griffin                         Patti & Steve Mayo                      Karen & Tom Rush                          Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wyndham
Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Carroll Jr.          Deidre & Clay Grubb                 Margaret & Angus McBryde                Julie & Pat Russo                         Mr. & Mrs. Scott Yarbrough
Mr. & Mrs. Ned Carroll                    Kathie & George Guenther            Mr. & Mrs. Neill McBryde                Mr. & Mrs. James Ruth Sr.                 Martha & Neil Yeargin
Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Carroll Jr.          Becky & Jed Guenther                Mr. & Mrs. Dean McCarter                Libby Bell & Tim Ryan                     Mr. & Mrs. Howard Yellets
Mr. & Mrs. A.T. Castillo Jr.              Ms. Janea Gunn                      Mr. & Mrs. Kevin McCarter               Mr. & Mrs. Shannon Rydell                 Mr. & Mrs. Bryan York
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur T. Castillo             Ms. Barbara P. Guth                 The Rev. & Mrs. Martin F. McCarthy      Ms. Paola Saavedra                        Court & Andy Young
Sherrie & Greg Catledge                   Ms. Abeba Negash                    Mr. & Mrs. Christopher D. McCoy         Ms. Oyinda Salami                         Mr. & Mrs. David Young
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Cato                   & Mr. Belachen Habtu              Mr. & Mrs.Timothy McCoy                 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Salzer                   Mr. & Mrs. Jim Young
Monica Charlton                           Maria & Richard Hall                Mr. & Mrs. James R. McDonald            Lisa Samuels                              Ms. Shawn Young
Asisa Chiles                              Dr. & Mrs. James S. Hall            Bonnie & Jerry McKinney                 Angela & Steve Schang                     Mr. & Mrs. Terry Young
Ms. Andrea Chisolm-Jennings               Mr. & Mrs. David R. Hall            Burgess McMillian Family                Mr. & Mrs. Keith Schleicher               Baird Foundation
Ann & David Choiniere                     Ms. Lanette Harbison                Marlette & Khalid McRae                 Mr. & Mrs. Bob Schleusner                 Bank of America Foundation
Ms. Ann B. Clark                          Elizabeth A. Hardin                 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Meckley            Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schleusner              Bomray Medical Clinic
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Clark                   Jennie & Greg Harper                Alejandro Medrano                       Jim & Doris Schmitz                       Charlotte Chapter of Drifters Inc,
Kim & Jack Cobb                           Ms. Myque Harris                    Mr. & Mrs. Richard Megorden             Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Schoenhoff                   Scholarship Account
Mr. & Mrs. James Orr Cobb                 Ms. Mary Harrisonranson             Mr. & Mrs. Scott Mercer                 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Schrader                Christ Episcopal Church
Mr. & Mrs. Alberto Coello                 Mr. & Mrs. John Hasner              Laurie & Gary Mesibov                   Mr. & Mrs. Frank Schrimsher               Clariant Matching Gifts Program
Amy & Phil Colaco                         Arlena Hawthorne                    Mesibov Family                          Mr. & Mrs. Scott Schrimsher               Compass Group
Dr. Debby Coles                           Mr. & Mrs. Steve Heffner            Mr. & Mrs. Albert Meurer                Mr. & Mrs. Stoney Sellars                 Fidelity Foundation Matching Gifts
Dr. Amy Boardman                          Mr. & Mrs. William Heisel           Mr. & Mrs. G. Wilson Miller             Mr. & Mrs. R. Daniel Sellers III          High Temperature Technologies, Inc
   & Dr. Robert P. Collins                Mr. & Mrs. Rick Hendrick            Krista & Robert Miller                  Mary Ann Shapard                          Mecklenburg Ministries
Barbara & Tim Comin                       Mr. & Mrs. Ralph T. Hester          Patty & Bill Miller                     Mr. & Mrs. Martin Shelley                 Minor Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Shannon Cooper                       Mr. & Mrs. Giorgio Hiatt            Sally & Bob Miller                      Mrs. Margaret Shelton                     MMC Matching Gifts Program
Sara & Woody Cooper                       Higbea Family                       Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Milton             Dr. & Mrs. Terence Shimp                  Premier, Inc
Maureen Cox                               Heather & David Hill                Mr. & Mrs. Hardin Minor                 Susan & John Shimp                        The C D Spangler Foundation
Kristen & Craig Cox                       Sylvia A. Hines                     Mr. & Mrs. Randy Minter                 Mr. & Mrs. David Sinclair                 The Dickson Foundation
Dr. Martha Groblewski                     Lynn & Bobby Hinson                 Mr. & Mrs. John Morris                  Mr. & Mrs. Roy L. Smart                   The Dowd Foundation
   & Mr. Harry Creemers                   Beth & Bill Hobbs                   Mr. & Mrs. Jon Morris                   Maureen Smith                             The Gambrell Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Crotty                Elizabeth H. Hobbs                  Virginia Morrow                         Mr. & Mrs. John T. Smith                  Wells Fargo Community Support
Marilyn & Garrett Crotty                  Dr. & Mrs. William A. Hobbs Jr.     Gay Moss                                Mr. & Mrs. Grady Smith                       Campaign
Leslie & John Culbertson                  Ms. Bridget Hodge                   Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Murphy                Mr. Alfredo Solis                         Wells Fargo Matching Gifts Program
Peggy & Bob Culbertson                    Mr. Carl Hohnbaum                   Mr. & Mrs. William C. Murphy            Mr. & Mrs. Jason Solomon
Mr. Glenn Dahlen                          Katherine & Cory Hohnbaum           Katie Oates & Dan Murrey                Ms. Milenia Soto                          *This list reflects gifts received by June 20, 2011
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin A. Dalrymple Jr.         Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Holtz        Mr. & Mrs. Jason Naddell                Mr. & Mrs. C.D. Spangler, Jr.             to Annual Fund, Faculty Enrichment/Angel
Drs. Elizabeth & Joshua Damesek           Dr. & Mrs. Hunter A. Hoover         Mr. & Mrs. Fred Nebrig                  Mr. & Mrs. Terry Spell                    Funds and the Oats-Langley Scholarship Fund.
Helen M. Damon                            Mr. & Mrs. William D. Hoover        Mr. & Mrs. Mark Nebrig                  Mr. & Mrs. James Spellings                In compiling our lists of donors, we have strived to
Joan & Bill Daniels                       Mr. & Mrs. Larry Houpe              Anna & Tom Nelson                       Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stack                  be as accurate as possible. Please accept our sincere
Anne & Allison Davant                     Mr. & Mrs. Troy Hull                Goretti Niyongabo & Patrice Nibasumba   Mr. & Mrs. Graham Stevens                 apologies for any inadvertent omissions.

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