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					                                                           Bulletin of Leeds NUT
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                                                            Fax. 0113 2747663

                                                          Editor: Patrick Murphy

Edition: 10/2008                                            Date:         Friday September 12th 2008

Price rises slash teachers’ pay
                                                                                  TEACHERS PAY LAGGING…

                                                                                    Teachers Pay Rise


At the end of this first month back at work we will      The School Teachers Review Body had a fresh
receive pay packets which include a 2.45% increase.      opportunity to address this problem in July. They had
Members will be aware that the NUT has already           the power to ask the government to look again at our
taken strike action in opposition to that pay deal on    2008 pay settlement given that inflation was so high.
the grounds that it was well below inflation and that    The NUT asked them to do just that. They accepted
we are also to get below inflation increases for the     that inflation was high enough to merit a review and
following two-years.                                     that this would have a significant impact on teachers’
                                                         living standards but argued that there was no need
Events since April and especially over the summer        for a review because there was no evidence of
period have only made matters worse. When NUT            serious problems in recruiting new teachers to the
members voted to strike last term inflation was 3.8%     job. Of course we have been demonstrating for years
and rising. Inflation is now 5% so that the prices we    that the major problem for teacher supply isn’t initial
pay for goods, services, mortgages and so on are         recruitment but retention. Thousands of young
rising at twice the rate of our salaries. In fact even   people continue to be attracted to teaching- only for
this figure can provide only a partial picture of the    up to 50% to leave within 4 years!
problem we all face. For most individuals their
personal inflation rate will be much higher. The         For all these reasons the NUT is preparing for a
incredible rises in energy and fuel costs alone will     further industrial action ballot this term. Such a ballot
mean a very difficult winter for many of our members.                                     th
                                                         is likely to open on October 6 and will ask members
                                                         to support ‘discontinuous’ action. This would allow for
During the NUT action the government insisted that       more than just a one-day strike and would give the
we were using the wrong measure of inflation. The        Union flexibility to call additional days, half-days or
‘real’ measure, they claimed, was the consumer price     selective action in particular areas. On this timetable
index (CPI). They prefer the CPI because it excludes     the first action would need to take place by
some major costs, like rising mortgages, and is                          th
                                                         November 27 at the latest. You will be fully informed
always lower. At the time of our strike the CPI was      and consulted throughout this period by the local and
2.2% and, on the basis, they claimed that teachers       national union. We will be working hard to involve the
would receive a real increase in pay.                    other school unions both teaching and non-teaching,
By July the CPI was up to 4.4%. The ground has           though that is not always within our control. In the
shifted dramatically on the issue of teachers’ pay.      meantime we would ask members to be prepared, to
Even by the government’s chosen measure there is         discuss the issues with colleagues at work and to
no doubt that teachers are having their pay and their    ensure that the evidence and arguments presented
living standards cut.                                    here are as widely known as possible.

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                   ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                          THURSDAY 25TH SEPTEMBER 2008
                      4.45PM – 6.30PM - SHEESH MAHAL,LEEDS
                 (346-348 Kirkstall Rd, Leeds - opposite Vue Cinema Complex)
                         (Tea and Coffee will be available from 4.30 pm)

                             Special Guest Speaker
                                           Christine Blower
                       Acting National General Secretary

                              “ Who’s Failing Kids” - 638
                            Schools or Government Policy?

A room has been booked (upstairs) and all members attending will have the opportunity to enjoy a free
meal and a chance to meet officers and other members afterwards. The Sheesh Mahal is an award-
winning, licensed restaurant with a well-established reputation for excellent food combined with first-class

   LEEDS NUT OFFICERS FOR                                          Police in Schools
          2008 - 2009                                    Leeds NUT have received a few concerns
                                                         from members where police officers have
           President - Mike Stirland
                                                         had to come into their school to deal with
      Vice President – Claire Johnson                    pupils and have done so in what they felt
                                                         was an inappropriate manner.
    Division Secretary - Patrick Murphy                  There is an agreed national protocol called
                                                         “Police and Schools – A Code of Practice”
         Treasurer - Dennis Gibbons                      which should be used in these situations.
                                                         This gives guidelines for the conduct of all
  Membership Secretary - Richard Raftery
                                                         police involvement in schools. This may be
     Assistant Secretary - Paul Walton                   a useful reference if you have concerns or
                                                         have experienced any situation where you
   Assistant Secretary - Claire Johnson                  have felt that an incident was inappropriately
                                                         dealt with. Or you can contact this office for
     Health & Safety Officer - Tim Hales
                                                         further advice.
                                     Bulletin of Leeds NUT
                                     Office 0113 230 4385
                                      Fax. 0113 2747663
                                     Editor: Patrick Murphy

                       JOIN THE NUT:
Ring the Recruitment Hotline on 0845 300 1669 OR Visit the NUT
   Websites: OR (National)

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