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									                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ARAB TIMES, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2011
          LOCAL                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  6

                                                                                                                              DIWANIYA                                                                             a digest of public opinion

                                                                                                                                                                Deafening silence of parliament cause for concern

                                                                                                                Top brass must shed light on MPs swelling accounts
                                                                                                                “THE issue of millions of dinars being          hostility against us, but unfortunately         nature of these requests in exchange for         ner the issue is being handled by our law-
                                                                                                                deposited in the accounts of some people        some of us deal with the international          staying in power. America does not care if       makers determines their performances and
                                                                                                                has not only taken a vast dimension but         reports as a conspiracy to undermine our        the Arab regime is dictatorial or not.           reaction to our problems. Whenever an
                                                                                                                has undermined the reputation of Kuwait         image, and not to correct our mistakes and         “The Syrian regime that is practicing all     issue arises, the MPs burden us with cruel
                                                                                                                without revealing the names of those who        reform our situations.                          sorts of torture against its people is one       utterances against specific suspects whose
                                                                                                                have benefited from these deposits,”               “However, it was indeed good to see the      such corrupt and dictatorial regime. The         names are never mentioned, and the main
                                                                                                                columnist, former MP and an incumbent           Central Bank of Kuwait clearing the situa-      question is: Why does not this regime learn      issue eventually evaporates into thin air!
                                                                                                                professor at Kuwait University Dr               tion without wasting time by making it          from the former ousted regimes? If the              “With the issue of admission, 33 law-
                                                                                                                Abdulmohsen Jamal wrote for Al-Qabas            clear that the evaluation report issued by      Syrian regime loves the country and is sin-      makers signed for an emergency session
                                                                                                                daily Wednesday.                                the International Monetary Fund was pre-        cere about what it says about reform, it         after series of noises witnessed at the
                                                                                                                   “Speaking of the report which has been       pared at the request of Kuwait represented      should step down. This is what the people        social networking sites in that regard.
                                                                                                                issued recently by the International            by its Central Bank.”                           have been demanding; a demand for which          However, only 31 lawmakers appeared
                                                                                        KUNA photos
                                                                                                                Monetary Fund (IMF) describing Kuwait                          ❑     ❑     ❑                    blood had to be shed.”                           and 3 of them were not among those who
                                                                                                                as a haven for money laundering, we sug-                                                                        ❑     ❑    ❑                     gave their signature, indicating 5 of those
His Highness the Deputy Amir and Crown Prince Sheikh                                                            gest this report has most likely been based        “The call made by MP Faisal Al-Muslim
Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah received on                                                                                                                    in the name of the Development and                 “We have resorted to ten electoral con-       signing for the emergency session never
Wednesday HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-                                                               on reports which are being issued from                                                                                                           showed up! Later, they turned round to
                                                                                                                time to time by some Kuwaiti lawmakers          Reform bloc to declare financial status of      stituencies, shortly after we started clam-
Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah at Bayan Palace (top). HH                                                                                                            MPs indicates the bloc’s keenness to pro-       oring for five constituencies because we         accuse the government of scuttling their
Sheikh Nawaf also received First Deputy Prime Minister                                                          in addition to the news reports published                                                                                                        motive, and that was how far they went”.
and Minister of Defense Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-                                                             by the local dailies.                           tect public interests and silence some          are eager to dispose off the twenty-five
                                                                                                                                                                tongues that are making accusations with-       constituency system to avoid the recur-                         ❑     ❑     ❑
               Hamad Al-Sabah. (KUNA)                                                                              “Here I would like to point out that the
                                                                                                                statement which has been issued by a vet-       out any evidence,” columnist Saad Al-           rence of tribal by-elections, parliamentary         “It has been said before that if you dis-
                                                                                                                eran politician over the same issue such as     Me’etesh wrote for Al-Rai daily.                tensions and unnecessary distractions,”          cuss inconceivable ideas with a supposed

Oil sector pay                                                                                                  the Speaker of the National Assembly               “I personally welcome the call and           AbdulRahman Al-Awad wrote for Al-                wise man and he believes you, it means he
                                                                                                                Jassem Al-Khorafi is in fact accurate,          praise Al-Muslim for it, and I wish that he     Hurriya daily.                                   does not have a mind,” Talal Al-Saeed
                                                                                                                because we know the Speaker was quoted          adopts the form of parliamentary questions         “Other reasons for our attempt to get rid     wrote for Al-Seyassah daily.
                                                                                                                as saying ‘I hope the government will not       to implement his call. All I wish is that the   of the system include grilling proposals            “The local political arena is currently
                                                                                                                                                                honorable MP continues his good deed and        that are rooted in personal interests and

hike gets nod
                                                                                                                remain silent in the face of what has been                                                                                                       abuzz with talks on the million dinar
                                                                                                                published by the IMF but take necessary         puts the condition of revealing the finan-      vote-buying that have actually taken place.      deposit scam. It is unimaginable that the
                                                                                                                executive actions. However, we say if the       cial status of not only MPs, but also minis-    We tried five constituencies and the situa-      government has the ability to ‘buy’ one,
                                                                                                                IMF has no concrete information to sup-         ters, undersecretaries and other high-rank-     tion remained unchanged. There was no            two or even ten lawmakers for KD25 mil-
                                                                                                                port its claim, it should apologize’.           ing officials. The asset declaration must       gain from the arguments, outcry, counter         lion, because their performance is not
                                                                                                                                                                start from the first win in parliamentary       accusations and suspicions over intentions
                           Expats to benefit                                                                       “But calls for attention is to see six
                                                                                                                political powers in the country some of         elections for MPs, and the date of appoint-     and actions among the lawmakers.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 worth such an enormous amount. Under
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 such circumstances, one cannot help but
                                                                                                                them members of the National Assembly,          ment for undersecretaries. In case we come         “Now, the lawmakers are trying to             wonder what compelled the government to
KUWAIT CITY, Sept 7, (KUNA): Minister of                                                                        issuing a statement                             to know these facts, I guarantee that the       blame the electoral constituencies for their     pay millions.
                                                                                                                accusing both the                               Kuwaiti people will raise their e’egal          misdeeds and are currently agitating
State for Cabinet Affairs and spokesman of                                                                                                                      (headcord), but I do not guarantee that all     against the system, so as to transform the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    “Granting the payment was made to ten
                                                                                                                government and the                                                                                                                               lawmakers, KD2.5 million is still a huge
the government Ali Al-Rashed announced on                                                                       National Assembly                               of them will be able to salute the officials    entire country into a single constituency.       amount. Why did the government pay that
Wednesday the approval of the Civil Service                                                                     of involvement in the                           and MPs as the majority will hit them on        We warn the blocs behind this plan that          much even if it can actually shell out a
Commission (CSC) at its meeting today,                                                                          issue of money                                  their backs.                                    their scheme will be useless because
                                                                                                                                                                   “There is a problem with financial status    Kuwaitis are united as a single indivisible      small amount to purchase loyalty or prin-
chaired by Deputy Prime Minister and                                                                            deposited in ques-                                                                                                                               ciples? Well, some people have the guts to
                                                                                                                tion.                                           and I do not know the way to find out           family, and they will only accept a system
Interior Minister and acting President of the                                                                                                                   about overseas bank accounts and real           that serves the national interest.”              sell their principles for a small amount.
                                                                                                                   “Not just that,                                                                                                                                  “Our problem is that we always choose
CSC Sheikh Ahmed Hamoud Al-Sabah, to                                                                            these powers have                               estates. The people whose financial status                      ❑     ❑    ❑
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 to disagree and focus on personal conflicts,
grant an increase of salaries and allowances                                                                    vehemently attacked                             we want to know hold special passports             “I very much admire the rational
                                                                                                                                                                and are not subjected to inspection at                                                           away from public good. The entire nation
of Kuwaiti workers and salaries of non-                                                                         the executive power                                                                             speeches of National Assembly Speaker            is also gullible; it easily believes rumors
                                                                                                                and the legislature              Jamal          departure or arrival.”
Kuwaitis in the oil sector.                                                                                                                                                                                     Jassem Al-Khorafi. He neither ‘flirts’ with      especially if the issue concerns the govern-
                                                                                                                and used vulgar                                                ❑     ❑     ❑                    the street, nor does he worry about the
   The minister told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) after                                                                                                                                                                                                             ment and the Parliament.”
                                                                                                                words to accuse them of collaborating to           “In the developed world, responsibility      upcoming elections or popular gains as                          ❑     ❑     ❑
the meeting that the Civil Service Council agreed to grant                                                      destroy and loot the national wealth and        entails accountability. The more power          much as he fears for Kuwait and its peo-
an increase of the salaries of Kuwaiti workers in the oil                                                       appointing in senior positions people who       you hold because of your job, the more          ple,” columnist Talal Al-Saeed wrote for            “Al-Arabia TV recently broadcast a seri-
sector by a fixed percentage of the total basic salary plus                                                     are corrupt.                                    your decisions will be scrutinized,” colum-     Al-Watan Arabic daily.                           al themed ‘president by chance’ and in one
an incentive bonus to be in the form of a monthly finan-                                                           “Now the question: Do these powers           nist Zayed Al-Zeid wrote for Annahar               “The country is subjected on a daily          episode, privatization in Egypt and mis-
cial reward.                                                                                                    actually act as members in the National         daily.                                          basis to a new tremor that is eating up our      takes the former regime committed by sell-
   He said senior officials would be granted an increases of                                                    Assembly, or are they in fact suffering            “This is what happens in the world of        national unity. Khorafi spoke in the name        ing some sectors such as petrol stations to
16.5 percent of basic salary, while administrators would                                                        from internal political divisions? We say       genuine transparency. However, what is          of the Kuwaiti people when he commented          traders and relatives of some government
receive an increase of 33 percent of basic pay.                                                                 this because we know they have accused          happening here is the complete opposite.        on the report issued by the International        officials was shown. The regime had gone
   As for the technicians, the minister said they would                                                         the entire members of the National              We talk at length about transparency,           Monetary Fund (IMF) that had really              ahead and committed those crimes at the
receive an increase of 66 percent of basic salary in addition                                                   Assembly ignoring the fact they actually        applying of law, and equality and justice,      offended Kuwait. He demanded authorities         expense of the nation and deteriorating
to the promotional allowance for the grade.                                                                     are MPs in the incumbent Parliament.            but the reality is extremely grim. Do you       to deny or quickly deal with what has been       economic situation at that time. Those
   He said the Civil Service Commission also agreed to                                                             “Such being the case and based on the        remember the so-called financial deriva-        reported if it was true in order to preserve     policies were among the reasons for top-
grant an increase in allowances for non-Kuwaiti employ-                                                         above, we have observed that the political      tives crisis that took place two years ago      Kuwait’s reputation that is important to all     pling the former regime,” Mohammad Al-
ees in the oil sector between 25 to 50 Kuwaiti dinars per                                                       action in Kuwait has reached such a low         and resulted in a loss that had exceeded the    of us. He also talked about some MPs who         Dosari wrote for Alam Al-Yawm daily.
month and KD 30 for irregular shift a month. A housing                                                          level that various political powers have        capital of the bank that witnessed the scan-    have millions of dinars in their bank               “The issue reminds me of recent steps
allowance of KD 75-80 will also be paid.                                                                        started leveling accusations at each other.     dal? Have you heard about putting anyone        accounts. He demanded anyone who has             being taken to privatize the petrol stations
   The minister added that technicians in the oil sector                                                           “The International Monetary Fund             on trial because of corruption that had led     evidence to present them to justice, and he      in Kuwait, notwithstanding the smuggling
                                                                                                                based on these accusations has issued its       to the evaporation of KD 400 million?           volunteered to take up this issue if there       of subsidized fuel is still under investiga-
almost represent two thirds of the workers.                                                                     report without leveling any specific charge
   He said that the Civil Service Board agreed to grant a 50                                                                                                    What is disastrous is that there are indica-    was evidence. He was very realistic, and I       tion by the committee formed for that pur-
                                                                                                                against any specific individual.                tions pointing to attempts to cover up this     wished that he had mentioned the source          pose.
percent increase in salaries of non-Kuwaiti employees in                                                           “However, I don’t know how this can
the oil sector.                                                                                                                                                 mess through public funds — our money           of those leaks that had damaged our                 “Privatization of petrol stations in
                                                                                                                happen particularly since the party that has    and that of future generations.                 national economy and shook the trust in          Kuwait is a strange initiative, since the
   The minister congratulated the employees for these                                                           involved itself in the issue is an interna-
incentives.                                                                                                                                                        “I remember MP Khaled Al-Tahous had          the local banks.                                 sector is vital to national security.
                                                                                                                tional organization like the IMF and some       asked the minister of finance precise par-         “He also called for coordination              Whatever relations the traders have with
   On the other hand, Al-Rashed said that the Civil Service                                                     MPs belonging to the Kuwait National
Board reviewed at its meeting today some of the organiza-                                                                                                       liamentary questions on that scandal, but I     between MPs and the Speaker’s office             decision-makers, it’s not appropriate to
                                                                                                                Assembly. However, the fact is some MPs         doubt the government would dare to              before requesting the holding of an emer-        privatize this sector, in light of dangers
tional structures provided by some government agencies                                                          are currently facing the charge of benefit-                                                                                                      associated with smuggling our fuel to
and took the appropriate decisions.                                                                                                                             answer. The difference is not between our       gency session so that it does not go up in
                                                                                                                ing from the millions of dinars said to have    banks and banks in the West, although           air like the one in Ramadan. I wish all MPs      neighboring countries like Iraq and Iran”.
                                                                                                                been deposited in the accounts of some          there are huge differences in aspects of        were like Al-Khorafi and thought of their                       ❑     ❑     ❑
                                                                                                                members.                                        management and systems. The real differ-        country’s interest and preserving the repu-
                                                                                                                   “Ironically, this is the strangest kind of                                                                                                       “The document discovered in the office
                                                                                                                                                                ence is between our government and              tation of the legislative institution that is
          Kuwait Today                                                                                          behavior on the part of the incumbent           theirs. That is because of the reactions that   unfortunately going through its worst            of the former Libyan intelligence chief
                                                                                                                National Assembly because it coincides          differ from one government to another           phase despite the presence of Jassem Al-         showed that the CIA has rounded up sus-
                                                                                                                with silence on the part of the Parliament      towards facing up to violations, transgres-     Khorafi as speaker. The Kuwaiti people           pects and sent them to Libya for interroga-
             Prayer Timings                                          deaths                                     because it has failed to deal with the                                                                                                           tion,” Abdulaziz Sabah Al-Fadli wrote for
                                                                                                                                                                sions, thefts, and embezzlements. That is       are looking for quick fixes for their prob-
Fajr ...............................04:08 am                  Fehaid Mejbel Saleh Al-Amyan Al-
                                                                                                                ‘deposits’ issue.                               the real difference between us and them.”       lems as talk now has turned to the corrup-       Al-Rai daily.
Sunrise ...............................05:29                                                                       “We request all political powers in the                                                                                                          “The Human Rights Watch (HRW) said
                                                          Azemi, 83 years old, buried on                                                                                       ❑     ❑     ❑                    tion of MPs. Where are we heading to?”
Zohr ....................................11:46            Wednesday. Condolences: Ali Sabah Al-                 country to dot the i’s and cross the t’s if                                                                                                      there are pieces of evidence that some CIA
                                                          Salem, Block 5, St 12, House 3, Tel:                  they have any information on the issue in         “Tyrants don’t carry out reforms and so,                      ❑     ❑    ❑
Asr ..…………………… 03:18 pm
                                                          99004293-66272322. Abdul Rahman
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 agents were present during interrogations
Maghreb .............................06:02                Abdullah Eidan Abu Eidan, 22 years                    question. Failing to do this a finger of        expecting them to carry out reforms is like        “The Central Bank of Kuwait has put an        and the agency even sent questions for the
Isha.....................................07:21            old,     buried      on     Wednesday.                accusation will be pointed at all MPs           expecting a devil inside paradise. A legiti-    end to rumors and arguments on the recent        suspects. The organization also accused
                                                          Condolences: Kheitan, Block 3, Ibrahim
                   Weather                                Bin Adham St, House 225, Tel:
                                                                                                                including those who are part of these polit-    mate leader with constitutional backing or      report of the International Monetary Fund        the US of tolerating the Libyan intelli-
       Expected weather for                               99524567- 66126111. Mansour Ali                       ical powers.                                    socio-historical legitimacy will have the       (IMF), saying the evaluation was done in         gence agents who tortured the suspects.
         the next 24 hours
    By night: Relatively hot with
                                                          Ahmad Al-Qatan, 91 years old, buried
                                                                                                                                   Also:                        ability to listen to people and hold dia-       response to the request of Kuwait and it was        “This document is a clear proof of the
                                                          on      Wednesday.        Condolences:
light to moderate north westerly                          Mansouriya, Huseiniyat Al-Awhad, Block
                                                                                                                                                                logue with them,” columnist Salah Al-           carried out in a transparent manner,” Hassan     cooperation between the Western nations
wind, with speed of 12-35 km/h.                                                                                    “It looks like the hubbub caused recent-     Sayer wrote for Al-Anba daily.                  Al-Mehaimzy wrote for Al-Sabah daily.
    By day: Hot with light to moder-
                                                          1, Diwan Al-Qatan, Tel: 25334945.
                                                                                                                ly by the International Monetary Fund                                                                                                            and certain Arab leaders in torturing the
ate north westerly wind, with speed
                                                          (Women) Surra, Block 1, St 11, House                                                                    “However, a tyrant will remain deaf and          “The bank also explained that although        citizens they are supposed to defend.
of 12-35 km/h.
                                                          23. Abdullah Merza Ali Mohammad, 65                   (IMF) report warning Kuwait is likely to        dumb and will never hear his people. A          the report said Kuwait has yet to take
                                                          years old, buried on Wednesday.                       become a fertile ground for money laun-                                                                                                          Muammar Gaddafi is just one of the lead-
              Kuwait Weather                              Condolences: (Men) Maidan Hawally, Al-                                                                tyrant is a coward and is miserable due to      measures to criminalize financing terrorist      ers who deceive the people by faking
Station                         Max              Min      Huseiniya       Al-Ashkinaniya,     Tel:              dering activities is irrelevant, particularly   the fear of unknown. He is scared whenev-       activities, it still managed to pass the anti-
                                                          99799269. (Women) Mubarak Al-                         since we know the Central Bank of Kuwait                                                                                                         enmity against imperialists, while secretly
                                Rec              Exp
                                                          Kabeer, Block 3, St 22, House 21. Al-                                                                 er he hears noise or whispering. This           money laundering bill and no enormous            serving as their agents.
Kuwait City                      45               34
                                                          Zagei Jamaan Musalam Al-Rasheedi,
                                                                                                                yesterday issued a statement asserting the      explains why he belittles people and forces     terrorist act has been recorded so far.
Kuwait Airport                   44               26
                                                          74 years old, buried on Wednesday.                    report of IMF in this regard was prepared                                                                                                           “Many nations have been faking resist-
Nuwaiseeb                        42               29                                                                                                            them to worship him alone.                         “Undoubtedly, the Central Bank plays          ance to the American and Zionist influence
Wafra                            45               27
                                                          Condolences: Ardiya, Block 11, St 4,                  at the request of Kuwait in accordance            “A coup planner who hijacks the power         its role in monitoring the activities of
Salmi                            43               26
                                                          Avenue 2, House 80, Tel: 66119878-
                                                                                                                with the outcome of a meeting of financial                                                                                                       in our region but they are actually working
Abdaly                           45               27
                                                          66478878. Aysha Abdul Jaleel Al-                                                                      of authority by force has only one force in     exchange bureaus, banks and investment           in the interest of the two. Some of our
Jalaliyah                        44               27
                                                          Baqer, 64 years old, buried on                        work group of the Middle East and North         his dictionary. He no longer needs the          companies to ensure strict implementation
Failaka                          44               28
                                                          Wednesday. Condolences: (Men)                         Africa which was held in Kuwait last                                                                                                             leaders are mere cards in the hands of the
                                                          Khaldiya, Block 4, Ali Al-Fathala St                                                                  water of Euphrates to quench his thirst         of anti-money laundering regulations to          Western world; they are discarded once
Ahmadi Port                      43               33      House 10, Tel: 99669901. (Women)                      May,” columnist Badr Al-Rashidi wrote           because he got used to drinking blood           prevent financing of terrorism.
Umm Al-Maradem                   39               33      Yarmouk, Block 3, St 1, Avenue 2, House               for Freedom Journal daily Wednesday.                                                                                                             they are rendered useless, similar to what
Warba-Bubiyan                    45               25      8, Tel: 25335811. Adel Ahmad Hasan                                                                    every time people gather for protests and          “The IMF has not accused Kuwait of            happened to Saddam Hussein, Yasser
             Marine Forecast                              Al-Baloshi, 46 years old, buried on
                                                                                                                   “As a matter of fact, this is our problem    chant ‘AllahuAkbar’.”                           money laundering; it only warned against
                                                          Wednesday. Condolences: Salmiya, Al-                  because we blow things out of proportion                                                                                                         Arafat, Zine bin El-Abidine, Hosni
Station         Max Min Sea Today’s
                Exp Rec Surf Waves                        Huseiniya Al Haidariya, Block 10,                     and level the accusations at each other and                    ❑     ❑     ❑                    the tendency of our country in becoming a        Mubarak and Gaddafi.”
                              Ht Direction                                                                                                                                                                      haven for such practices. As usual, people
                                                          Amman St 2, behind Al-Rashed hospital,                then go into a shell. When the facts surface       “The US was one of the first countries to                                                                    ❑     ❑     ❑
South Dolphin       41 33 31 4ft        SE                Tel: 99820400-97337134. Husein
                                                                                                                                                                support the Arab regimes that have disap-       with inordinate ambitions have quoted the
Ahmadi L/V          39 33 33 4ft        SE                Mohammad Al-Wetaib Al-Ajmi, 17                        and no apology is issued then we raise hell.                                                    report out of context to instigate chaos.           “We supported Syrians on religious
Beacon M28          37 32 32 4ft        SE                years old, buried on Wednesday.                          “In this context, we say some people         peared from the Arab and international                                                           grounds and were surprised of odious reac-
Beacon N6           42 31    - 4ft      SE                Condolences: (Men) Adan, Block 8, St
                                                                                                                                                                political map and appeared on the media            “Kuwait has confirmed that it is keen on
Umm Al-Maradem      39 33    - 4ft      SE                21, House 32, Tel: 55870000. (Women)
                                                                                                                have dealt with IMF report in question as                                                       combating financial crimes. It has gone a        tions that transformed the issue from sim-
Sea island Buoy     38 34 33 4ft        SE                Bayan, Block 11, Avenue 3, House 9.                   abuse against Kuwait. However, we won-          map,” columnist Hamad Al-Enizi wrote for                                                         ply obtaining civil rights into another
                                                                                                                                                                Al-Mustaqbal daily.                             long way in earning the respect of bankers,
Salmiyah            43 33    - 4ft      SE                Jalabah Jayed Adham, 60 years old,                    der what these people would have done if                                                                                                         thing,” Ahmad Al-Shohoumi wrote for Al-
Julaia Port         41 33    - 4ft      SE                widow of Faleh Jedai Dahom, buried on
                                                                                                                the Central Bank of Kuwait had made it             “The revolutions are continuing to dom-      financial gurus and economists. The duty
   Tide times at Shuwaikh Port                            Wednesday. Condolences: (Men) Waha,                                                                                                                   of the lawmakers then is to amend the            Anba daily.
                                                          Block 3, St 3, House 29, Tel: 66049828.               clear that the said report was prepared by      inate due to youth who insist on following
1st high tide: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21:15     (Women) Waha, Block 3, St 3, House 33,                the IMF at the request of the State of          them up and staying committed to their          existing laws and rectify the flaws. It is not      “We must confess that toppling Bashar
2nd high tide: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .07:15       Tel: 24562340. Khalifa Saleh Al-
                                                                                                                Kuwait.                                         goal of toppling corrupt regimes that have      good to tarnish the image of Kuwait to           Al-Assad’s regime in Syria is tantamount
1st low tide: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .01:45    Shayei, 85 years old, to be buried on                                                                                                                 achieve political goals.”                        to collapse of the crescent Iran is devoted-
2nd low tide: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15:45      Thursday       after    Asr     prayers.                 “Meanwhile, we say according to the          stolen the riches of the peoples. They are
Sunrise: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .05:28   Condolences: (Men) Kaifan, Block 2,                   Central Bank of Kuwait, the evaluation          continuing to voice the famous statement,                       ❑     ❑    ❑                     ly trying to depict in the region. The recent
Sunset: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18:05    Okath St House 28, Tel: 24849090.
                                                                                                                was done by a specialist team from the          ‘The people want the ouster of the regime’         “Apparently, our lawmakers are good           rioting in Bahrain was a blow to the Gulf
     Recorded yesterday at                                (Women) Jabriya, Block 9, St 19, House
                                                          8, Tel: 25315085. Noora Talal Abdul                   International Monetary Fund in October          which had a strange effect in scaring and       with the roles they play in discharging          when it suspended support to the uprising
        Kuwait Airport                                    Karim Al-Awadi, 8 years old, to be                    2010, about one year ago.                       shaking the corrupt regimes that have fall-     their duties via mobile phone and social         in Egypt, Libya and Syria.
Max temp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46C     buried on Thursday after Asr prayers.                                                                                                                                                                     “Currently, the Iranian observer moni-
Min temp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31C     Condolences: (Men) Bayan, Block 1, St                    “Hence, we wonder why some people            en like dominos on hearing those words.         networking sites, without necessarily
Max Rh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21%     1, Avenue 5, House 27, Tel: 94922212-                 have kicked the dust now. And why did           The American administration has to now          being inside the parliament. Ever since the      toring events in Kuwait believes that buy-
Min Rh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .05%     99685189. (Women) Fintas, Block 2, St
                                                                                                                these people not try to probe what had          catch up with the demands of the revolting      parliament break, our lawmakers have not         ing political loyalty has become easy here.
Max Wind . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .N 46 km/h         17, House 32, Tel: 23902957-66190022.                                                                                                                                                                  I learnt one of the lawmakers involved in
Total Rainfall in 24 hr . . . . . . . . . .00 mm                                                                actually happened before waging an unfair       youths in order to keep its relations with      stopped bombarding us with series of hot
   Recorded yesterday at South
                                                                         Sept, 7, 2011                          campaign against the International              democratic regimes that are coming up           statements on array of issues. However,          the KD 25,000,000 scandal justifies the
                                                          Prev Wave Dir/Max Wave Ht........... N/3 ft           Monetary Fund?                                  inevitably. And thus, the administration is     they have not presented a single solution to     amount which has been transferred into his
            Dolphin                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              account to allegedly support charity activ-
Min/Max/ Air Temp .........................33/42C
                                                          Min/Max Sea Surface Temp ..........31/32C                “However, we should keep in mind that        making demands from those who were one          any problem,” Ahmad Al-Essa wrote for
                                                          Sea Current...............................Downdraft                                                                                                                                                    ities in Lebanon”.
Min/Max Rel Hum .........................16/58%               — Directorate General of Civil                    the International Monetary Fund is an           day its allies and who never turned down        Al-Jareeda daily.
Wind Direction/Wind Speed......N/41 km/h                     Aviation, Meteorological Dept.                     international body and does not harbor any      any American requests regardless of the            “The million-dinar scandal and the man-                    — Compiled by Zaki Taleb

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