Targeted Ideation Frameworks by yaoyufang


									                          Targeted Ideation Frameworks
  Tools and Techniques to Spark New Thinking, Identify New Opportunities, and
                     Define Marketing Leading Products

“Ideation” is the process of generating targeted
ideas and innovative thinking that leads to new
opportunities and valuable differentiating features.             This workshop answers the
These targeted activities are designed to solve                   following key questions:
customer problems, discover new opportunities, and          1. What is the range of ideation techniques
see valuable trends before competitors. Leaders                and which ones are best for which
who have these critical skills are able to develop             problems?
superior plans that engage customers, generate
                                                            2. When should ideation techniques be
peer enthusiasm, and position them as innovators.
                                                               used in a planning process?
Managers, marketers, technical leaders and other            3. How do I know how to ask the best
innovators must learn new methods and have the                 questions to drive ideation?
facilitation skills necessary to successfully execute
and lead ideation activities. Targeted Ideation             4. What is the value of ideation and when is
                                                               it the best use of our team’s time?
Frameworks provides specific methods to build
these skills.                                               5. How can I gain peer and management
                                                               support to conduct ideation activities?
You’ll learn critical methods such as:                      6. Who should participate in ideation
                                                               activities and who should lead?
      How to articulate problems that lead to new
      thinking and optimal solutions                        7. What are the secrets to facilitate
                                                               successful ideation sessions?
      The most efficient tools to help teams quickly        8. How can I continue to build on the
      identify new opportunities and define market             innovative thinking skills I learn?
      leading products and services
      How to facilitate successful ideation sessions

Workshop Description                                    Who Should Attend?

Targeted Ideation Frameworks provides practical         Targeted Ideation Frameworks is critical for any
methods and tools to build innovative thinking skills   product, marketing, or innovation leader who is
that can be applied in a wide range of situations.      involved with defining new products or identifying
The workshop uses an interactive format with step-      new opportunities.
by-step methods, examples, and plenty of time for
                                                           Product Managers and Marketers who are
hands-on exercises. Participants will also receive an
                                                           responsible for the success of their products
ideation tool book to build on their skills.
                                                           Technical Managers responsible for finding
This two-day intensive workshop provides
                                                           and developing innovative solutions
                                                           Senior Managers who want to spark new
1. A foundation of innovative thinking and how to
                                                           thinking with their teams
   formulate the right problems and questions
                                                           Other leaders who want to build more
2. Six proven ideation techniques ranging from
                                                           innovative thinking skills
   basic (but powerful) to advanced methods

3. Guidelines and practice in leading efficient,
   results oriented ideation sessions
                  Targeted Ideation Frameworks
                                    Course Outline
Day One                                                   Day Two
Foundations of Ideation Frameworks                        Day two focuses on applying the methods
1. Getting Started with Ideation                          and skills learned during day one. After a
                                                          short period of facilitation training, teams will
   o Clarifying ideation as a tool
                                                          be formed and each participant will have an
   o When to apply ideation methods                       opportunity to lead an ideation session.
   o Establishing ideation goals                          Problems can be selected by the participants
2. Categories of Ideation                                 or from a set of thought provoking problems
                                                          shared by the facilitator.
   o Lateral thinking
   o Pattern recognition
                                                          Facilitating Ideation Sessions
   o Problem analysis
                                                          1. Selecting the right tools for the right
3. Articulating problem statements                           problems
   o Customer problems                                       o Goal setting and selection
   o Market problems                                         o Building the right ideation team
   o Technical problems
                                                          2. Initiating an ideation session
   o General purpose ideation starters
                                                             o Setting the ground rules
4. Exercise: Defining problems to ensure                     o Successful kick-offs
   successful ideation
                                                          3. Facilitation skills
Ideation Techniques and Methods                              o Staying on track
                                                             o Leading without stifling creativity
1. Techniques to dramatically improve
   products                                                  o Stretching participants thinking
   o Experience ideation – end to end
      customer experience visualization                   Hands-On Practice, Practice, Practice
   o Matrix and attribute ideation
                                                          1. Teams of 6-8 will be formed to practice
2. Techniques to analyze customer problems                   the learned techniques in short 30-minute
   o Problem breakdown and analysis                          ideation sessions
   o TRIZ - technical problem solving                        o A facilitator for each ideation session
3. Techniques to identify BIG opportunities                  o Problems are articulated
   o Trendeation™ - seeing trends with                       o One technique for each session
      new ideas                                              o Results and learning will be
   o Value Chain Analysis – identifying new
                                                                 summarized after each session
      ways to create value for customers
                                                          Building on Ideation Skills
4. Overview of the range of creative thinking
   techniques                                             1. Recommendations to continue building
5. Examples and hands-on exercises                           ideation and critical thinking skills
   throughout the afternoon

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