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Ibogaine Is It A Cure-All Drug For Addictions


									Savannah News-Press • Saturday, January 29, 1994
                                                                    ACCENT                                                                                                                                                       Section B


How To Pick The
Right Fruit Tree
            good home orchard starts

A          with good quality nursery
           stock. The first thing to con-
           sider is whether the tree is
adapted to your area. The climate of
Georgia varies more from St. Mary's
                                             TV Scrambles
to Blairsville than the climate differ-
ence from Blairsville to Chicago. For        To Portray Harding,
this reason variety selection is ultra-
critical in Georgia.
    All fruit trees have a requirement
                                             Kerrigan Saga
for a certain number of hours (chill
hours) during the winter below 45 de-        By FRAZIER MOORE
grees F to bloom and grow normally in        AP Television Writer
the spring. This may vary from a few
hundred to more than a thousand chill             NEW YORK - Who could ever forget
hours, depending on the variety.             that vision from 1992 - the devoted mother,
    If you plant a very high chilling va-    legally blind, her nose pressed against the
riety in our area of Georgia, fruit pro-     TV screen to catch even a blurry glimpse of
duction will be poor. If you plant a very    her daughter on the ice just yards away.
low chilling variety in north Georgia, it         Like Brenda Kerrigan rinkside in Albert-
will bloom early and chances are the         ville, France, viewers have been glued to
blooms will freeze.                          the tube since the brutal attack on Olympic
    Consult the figure to determine the      figure skater Nancy Kerrigan three weeks
average chilling in your area. Plant         ago.
varieties with chilling requirements si-          You don't have to know a triple axel
milar to the average chilling in our
area or with a high chilling require-
ment in you are in north Georgia.
                                             from Axl Rose to be following this saga. It's
                                             the perfect TV story. Beauty in motion, plus
                                             sportsmanship turned squalid. Violence.
    The highest chilling fruit varieties     Tragedy. Intrigue. Even comic relief.
require around 1,100 hours. Seek ad-
vice from your county extension agent
                                                  It's going to make a heckuva TV movie.
                                             Especially when you fold in the genre's fa-
                                                                                                                                                                                                      If it's true, you
on which varieties have performed            vorite ingredient: woman as victim. For in
well for your area. The extension office
has pamphlets on such fruits as apples,
                                             this tale you have not one, but two - name-
                                             ly, Kerrigan, the victim of a thug with a                                                                                                                couldn't make
pears, figs, peaches, plums, blueber-        billyclub, and her archrival, Tonya Har-
ries, persimmons, muscadines and
bunch grapes.
    Once you know what varieties to
                                             ding, arguably a victim of life.
                                                  A couple of weeks ago, 20 Kerrigan
                                             scripts had piled up at one network. Kerri-
                                                                                                                                                                                                      up a story like
purchase, seek them out. It is usually       gan's agent reportedly was sifting through
easy to find some adapted apples,
pears, muscadines, blueberries and
                                             at least three dozen offers for the rights to
                                             her life.
peaches at a local nursery. Plums,                But whatever comes of it all will just be
bunch grapes (in south Georgia) and
persimmons will often have to be or-
                                             an encore. Already, "Nancy and Tonya -
                                             Live!" is TV's most compelling series. It                                                                                                                           - Bill
dered by mail to get the correct varie-      will continue at least until next month's
ties. Ask your county agent where you        Winter Olympics, where Kerrigan may get
can find them.
    Once you have found the correct va-
                                             to wage her ultimate showdown with Har-
riety in a reputable nursery, make                And unlike the Nancy-and-Tonya adapta-
sure the tree is alive. Nick the bark        tions to come, no viewer knows how this
and look for green tissue just under the     original will turn out.
bark. Nick a root and see if it has a             TV wasted no time claiming the story. A
white interior. The tops of most fruit       tape of Kerrigan moments after her Jan. 6
plants can survive temperatures as           attack was scooped up by ABC News. The
low as -20 degrees F, but the roots may      images of a face wrenched in pain and the
be killed by temperatures below 20 de-       wails of "Why? Why?" instantly became
grees F, if they freeze.                     video mythology.
    If you are buying bare root trees,            In the days since, TV has stayed on the
look for ones that have a large root sys-    story, both watching it and helping it unfold.
tem in relation to the top. It is not nec-        During a recent interview on "Dateline
essary to purchase a very large tree to      NBC," anchor Jane Pauley asked Kerrigan
get a quality plant.                          if she thought the attack had been meant for                                                                      Tonya Harding (left);
    Most fruit trees should be pruned to      her, or if she had been a random target.                                                                          Nancy Kerrigan
30 inches at planting. This is done to            "Anything's possible," Kerrigan said.
bring the top and root system into bal-           No kidding.
ance and to encourage low branching.              The next night, NBC's "Now" broke de-
The first branches should be at the 18-       tails of a Kerrigan hit allegedly cooked up
to 30-inch level.                             by associates of Harding, notably her ele-
    Fruit trees and plants increase your      phantine bodyguard (casting tip: John Can-
property values. Make sure you are           dy).
getting quality stock of the right varie-         "If it's true, you couldn't make up a sto-
                                              ry like this," said correspondent Bill
ty so you will reap the maximum bene-
fits from your investment.
         Doctor Garden Soil Early
                                              Lagattuta on CBS' "Eye to Eye" the night
                                              after that.
                                                  Then "60 Minutes" aired excerpts from
                                                                                                 Panel To Investigate Allegations
    You may need to doctor your gar-          an 8-year-old film portrait of Harding. It         From Wire Reports                              "no prior knowledge" of the attack.              was not scheduled to testify in the initial
den soil before the 1994 season starts.       was made as a Yale senior project by San-                                                             "I am responsible, however, for failing      stage.
                                             dra Luckow, a native of Portland, Ore., who            PORTLAND, Ore. - Tonya Harding              to report things! learned about the as-              "We feel extremely confident in the
The only way you will know if it needs                                                          admitted this week she failed to tell au-
attention is to soil test. A soil test re-    as a youngster, like Harding, took skating                                                        sault when I returned home from nation-          hearing panel's ability to make a recom-
                                              lessons from Diane Rawlinson, now Har-            thorities what she knew about the Nancy         als," she said, reading from a statement         mendation which recognizes the rights of
port will give you a prescription to go                                                         Kerrigan attack, but denied planning to
by to make your garden soil well             ding's coach.                                                                                      in a voice that shook with emotion at            all of our athletes and upholds the integri-
                                                  Luckow, now a New York-based film-            injure her figure skating rival and asked       times.                                           ty of the association," USFSA president
again.                                                                                          to remain on the U.S. Olympic team.
    Some home gardeners don't soil test       maker who herself teaches skating at Man-                                                             A five-member pajiel to investigate al-      Claire Ferguson said.
                                              hattan's Central Park rink, said she had              Harding's statement came as her ex-         legations of Tonya Harding's involvement             She gave no deadline for the panel to
because they think something that is                                                            husband, Jeff Gillooly, who was arrested
simple and easy is not important. To          never before sought an audience for this                                                          in the attack on Nancy Kerrigan was ap-          complete its work, but the association
                                              early work.                                       in the attack, was apparently working out       pointed Thursday by the U.S. Figure Skat-        must submit its team for the Feb. 12-27
lime or fertilize a crop without the ben-                                                       a deal with authorities to testify against
efit of a soil test report is like giving          "But with all the negative publicity                                                         ing Association                                  Winter Games in LHlehammer, Norway,
                                              about Tonya Harding, I wanted people to           her.                                                The action was the first formal step in      by Sunday.
someone medicine without knowing if
it's the right kind or enough to cure the     see the human being behind the story," she            Harding said she was "embarrassed           deciding whether Harding will remain on              Harding's attorney has already indicat-
ailment.                                      said.                                             and ashamed to think that anyone close to       the U.S. team for the Winter Olympics.           ed they would fight any attempt to remove
    So to be sure, take a soil sample.                                                          me could be involved" but said she had          The chairman of the panel said Harding           her from the team.
Remove soil from several spots in the        • See SAGA, Page 68
garden to get a uniform soil sample. At
each spot, dig down 6 to 8 inches and
remove a thin soil slice from the top to
the bottom of the hole. Place this soil in
a clean bucket and continue to the oth-
er spots until you have several slices in
the bucket.
                                             Ibogaine: Is It A Cure-All Drug For Addictions?
                                                                                               addicts who reported losing their craving        specific doses of the drug.                       ami; so far, it is the only site approved for
     Mix this soil thoroughly and then       By GENE DOWNS
                                                                                                                                                                                                  such tests.
place about a pint of this soil in a spe-    Features Writer
                                                                                               for heroin after taking ibogaine."                   "This finding does not preclude evalua-
                                                                                                   Ibogaine is not addictive and could "de-     tion of ibogaine at this point as there may be        The purpose is to determine ibogaine's
cial soil test bag available from your                                                                                                                                                            safety and effectiveness, said Karen Rogich
county Extension office. The extension          It may help break addictions to heroin,        crease chemical dependency across the            species differences and an effective dose at
                                             cocaine, nicotine and alcohol.                    board 15 percent," said Howard Lotsof,           which this neurotoxicity (brain damage)           of the National Institute on Drug Abuse
office will send your soil bag to the Ex-                                                                                                                                                             While doctors at Willingway and the
tension Soils Lab and will mail you the         The National Institute of Health's re-         president of NDA International "We think         does not occur." an institute statement said
                                             search journal said it "might be the drug to      it is going to be highly effective."             last year. "NIDA will, however, be conduct-       Clark Center have expressed interest in re-
results.                                                                                                                                        ing more studies on other species to further      searching ibogaine. they doubt that they
     When you get the report back, you       end all drugs."                                       Among addicts who have tried ibogaine.
                                                It is ibogaine, and doctors at Memorial        the results vary. "We have some people who       evaluate and define ibogaine's lexicological      will be able to play a part.
will have a prescription to follow. If                                                                                                                                                                "What I am trying to find out is what
you need to doctor the pH. the report        Medical Center's Clark Center and                 have gone for years < without drugs) and         profile "
                                             Will ing way Hospital in Statesboro hope to       others who have returned to drug use in a            Further studies found no brain damage         kind of trial they are going to do," said Dr
 will tell you what to use and how much                                                                                                         occurring in other animals "Both Universi-        James Turner of the Clark Center "I would
 to put on the soil. It will also tell you   get in on the act if the National Institute of    few weeks "
                                             Health awards more contracts to test the              However, the object is not to cure the ad-   ty of Miami and Johns Hopkins < University >      love to try it (studying ibogaine). but being
 how much plant food you should apply                                                                                                           researchers found no neurotoxicity in pri-        a test site is more than calling the NIH and
 to feed the vegetables you will be grow-    drug.                                             diction but to interrupt it long enough to let
                                                 In 1991, the National Institute on Drug       the patient "put his life together, begin to     mates." Lotsof said. "The (toxicity) data         saying, 'I want to be a test site.' It is a very
 ing. If your soil report recommends a                                                                                                          was found only in rats, and that is most like-    clear process, and the hospital is very scru-
 dolomitic lime, be sure this is the kind    Abuse, an entity of the National Institutes of    replace it (drugs) with something worth-
                                             Health, began to evaluate ibogaine, a deriv-      while." Lotsof said.                             ly due to a different structure in the rat        pulous about following that process It takes
 you buy                                                                                                                                        brain and the primate brain "                     a while even if the NIH wants you to do it."
                                             ative of the iboga shrub of western Africa.           In August 1992, the National Institute of
                                             The reason: NDA International - a Staten          Drug Abuse began to study ibogaine's                  In an apparent vote of confidence, the           The drug trials answer two questions.
   Ed Poenicke is an extension service       Island-based company that patented use of         makeup, safety, side effects, and reputed         Food and Drug Administration's Drug              Turner said: How much of the effect of the
agent for the Chatham County Cooper-         the drug in 1985 - delivered to the institute     hallucinogenic properties The studies found       Abuse Advisory Committee approved a lim-
ative Extension Service,                      "compelling anecdotes from about 25 heroin       that brain damage occurred in rats given          ited test on humans at the University of Mi-     • See DRUG, Page 6B

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