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					                         AED / Lightning Safety Program
The Collegiate Sports Medicine Foundation, Mississippi Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center,
Mississippi High School Activities Association and the Mississippi Athletic Trainers’ Association has
teamed up with Life Signs America to offer a unique program to school sports medicine programs and
athletic departments. This program provides a Medtronics AED and StormHawk Lightning Detector at
no cost to the school, training of personnel, maintenance and replacement cost for five (5) years. In
addition to the AED and lightning detector the school would receive a credit with Sports Health for the
as described below. In exchange for these benefits, Life Signs America would place an Eye Catcher™
display in a high traffic location on campus or within the community. Life Signs America would then
be responsible for selling advertisements to support the AED program. The school system (high
school, middle school, elementary school or college) would receive the AED, training and supply
credit when nine (9) advertisements have been sold. In addition, the Mississippi High School
Activities Association and the Mississippi Athletic Trainers’ Association would receive a $250 each
per AED / Lightning Safety Program placed in the state school system.

School Responsibility Summary:
- Identifying and securing a high traffic area (with a power source) for which the Eye Catcher™
   display can be placed.
- Routine monitoring of the Eye Catcher™ display to ensure proper working status

School Benefits Summary:
Year #1
-      Medtronics AED
-      AED Training for three (3) individuals by organization of choice
-      AED Annual maintenance by LifeSignsAmerica
-      StormHawk Lightning Detector Detector (Hardware and Software Value = $1700)
-      Cingular Data Service

Year #2, 3 and 5
-     AED Training for up to three (3) individuals in the event that there is change in staff
-     Maintenance of AED (Pad / Battery) in the event of need
-     Cingular Data Service
-     $500 credit with Sports Health

Year #4
-     $500 credit for equipment upgrade and Cingular Data Service OR
-     $500 credit with Sports Health and Cingular Data Service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How quickly can an EyeCatcher™ display and AED be installed at my location?
LifeSignsAmerica’s goal is to sell the advertising to fund the display and the AED and have the device
up and running within 60 days from the time you sign a contract with LifeSignsAmerica.

What is the EyeCatcher™ display made of? How much room does it take up?
The EyeCatcher™/AED unit is on a pedestal that is 74 inches tall. The top sign box is 43 inches high,
30 inches wide and six inches deep. The EyeCatcher™ includes 18 ads that are backlit on 4 ml. films,
which scroll from left to right and then back again. The ads are 23 inches wide and 34 inches high. Ad
viewing times can be pre-set from one second to 10 hours. Ad view time is usually 12 seconds.

The EyeCatcher™ unit is manufactured by DiAZiT, a strategic alliance partner in the
LifeSignsAmerica program. This company recently built the largest sign in Times Square for Toys "R"

Who services or repairs the EyeCatcher™ display?
LifeSignsAmerica contracts with local small businesses to provide any service
or repairs needed by the EyeCatcher™ display. However, these displays are
very reliable and seldom need service.

Who creates and prints the ads that go on the EyeCatcher™ display?
Our partners that sell the advertising, handle all aspects of creating and printing
the advertising used on the display.

How often are the ads on the EyeCatcher™ display changed?
The ads usually change every quarter.

Who changes the ads on the display?
LifeSignsAmerica contracts with local small businesses to change the ads, once
again supporting the local community and economy.

Does the EyeCatcher™ display have to be placed with the AED?
No. The AED can be located in any location separate of the EyeCatcher™ display.

What locations should we consider for the placement of the EyeCatcher™ display?
High and Consistent Visibility
Student Cafeteria, School Lobby, Grocery Store, Hardware Store, Shopping Mall

How do we get started on the AED / Lightning Safety Program?
Contact Deborah Plummer at the numbers below and / or fill out the information request form on the
web site if you haven’t done so already.

For more information regarding this program please contact Deborah Plummer at the Collegiate Sports
Medicine Foundation at 954-941-8822 or . You may also access
online information including our “Inquiry Form” on our web site at .