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SIMs and Service Packs for iFIX 5.0

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									                                    SIMs and Service Packs for iFIX 5.0
                                         Last updated 06/03/2010

FIX50_1699258897   Workspace: General

                   * In Fix Desktop, Error Read Write Access of unallocated block for DA tag. (1-699258897, 1-

                   * GetSignature automation method gets crashed randomly when calling from VBA scripts. (1-

                   * With security enabled and no user currently logged in, any user can put the Primary SCADA
                   node into Maintenance Mode via ScadaSyncMonitor and switch the SCADA roles
                   (ACTIVE<=>STANDBY) using the SCADA's NSD.F_SWITCHSCADAROLE and
                   NSD.A_SWITCHSCADAROLE fields. (1-871719799)

                   * TT block displaying ??? while accessing A_CV field. (1-850908254)

                   * AlarmSummary shows alarms with wrong font size on scrolling if font size is set to other than
                   10. (1-862750545)

                   * Startup race condition between a failover-enabled SCADA pair. (1-889402362)

                   * Unable to execute text comparison when database is empty. (1-493016681)

                   * iFIX AE OPC server does not send OPC acknowledge comments to iFIX alarm sub-system. (1-

                   * EGU description not getting updated from iFIX SCADA node to Historian Server's tag. (1-

                   * Login and Electronic Signature dialog user name and password fields and labels disappear
                   when entering a password with the Caps Lock enabled. (1-864111781)

                   * PCM Database Compare errors if it contains extended ascii char such as Unit symbol. (1-

                   * Datalink does not accept NULL characters. (1-807809069)

                   * ALM ODBC temporary file is not processed when using ALM_MSGID as primary key. (1-

                   * Authentication issue for auto login user while accessing the remote tag. (1-787601111)

                   * HTD does not display iHistorian data for pens with long tagnames. HTD does not display
                   iHistorian taglist. (1-323622696)

                   * Workspace crash using a AlarmsummaryOCX on a picture opened by a VBA reference. (1-

                   * Desktop Draw crashes when picture contains long or multiline text object and saving to Report.
* Desktop Draw crashes when trying to save as a Report. (1-479192082)

* Picture Converter crashes when converting Fix32 ODF that contains chart object. (1-

* -s command line parameter does not Filter errors in Fix desktop. (1-630340205)

* Save Files with Thumbnails crashes workspace when grf and fds files contain new charts and
are opened with hidden mode by the tool. (7226)

* The data Sync Transport Options dialog in the Failover configuration of the System
Configuration Utility may display incorrect settings for network adapters if new adapters are
added or enabled. The same dialog may also behave erratically if the order of the adapters in the
Description field is changed by using arrow buttons or an invalid partner IP address is entered. (1-
787645081, 1-641113631)

* The Align Horizontal Center and the Align Vertical Center toolbar button bitmaps are inverted.

* Problem with MaxCharactersPerLine when using language file. (1-855068821)

* Build Dynamo Wizard clips tagnames that use dashes in their name. (1-502901011)

* Table font was not set to Dataset Legends in new chart, but set to X Axis label incorrectly.

* NLS: Desktop applications crashed with Russian iFIX. (7495)

* WSACTASK.exe crashes on chaining MDI block with EV Block. (1-826058919)

* Filtering in alarm summary causes workspace to crash and graphic to corrupt. (1-837838611)

* Date format "dd-MMM-yy" in the alarm summary filter is not accepted. (1-825994291)

* The long picture paths and names in the Picture Cache dialog are not fully visible. (1-

* Workspace crashes randomly when using Historical ODBC.(1-795252161)

* Build Dynamo Wizard clips tagnames that use dashes in their name. (1-502901011)

* Double click on a text object which sits on top of a rectangle brings up the rectangle's animation
dialog. (1-395185251)

* Cursor not responding correctly when editing a text object in Configure mode using in-line
editing. (1-486838627)

* OPC Datalink to byte data type being set to incorrectly to character type. (1-547100961)

* During picture conversion (.ODF to .GRF), visibility animations are not converted properly. (1-

* During picture conversion (.ODF to .GRF), datalinks with large (> 32768) operator limits are not
converted by the Script Converter. (1-525895694)
* View crashes when Animation Low and High Limits set to 0. (1-425979101)

* Slow performance when opening up a tag status (BDF) file in FIX Desktop View on VIEW node.

* Unable to acknowledge Individual Alarms or Alarm Page when using LIN driver and Language
for Non-Unicode Programs is set to Chinese in Regional Settings. (1-441355862)

* OPC20iFix leaks handles and memory when communicating with iBatch (1-405081401)

* OPC20IFix was taking a exceedingly long time to enable large lists of items. (1-398530151)

* NCB leaks when closing connections due to some socket errors. (1-421407904)

* SendSignedOperatorMessage causes AlmODBC to Crash when UserID is empty. (1-

* The triggering time of a SQT block drifts increasingly if a scan time of one hour (1H) is used on
the block. (1-421572881)

* The SQL wizard of VisiconXData has too small columns and no scrollbars. (1-719115271)

* Resource not getting Cleaned-up when iFix connecting to "iFIX ODBC drivers" via VB
Application. (1-615096211)

* Report generator is throwing an error when performing a query from excel. (1-671373621, 1-
530868914, 1-689632261)

* NLS: If Historian is not installed during iFIX installation, but installed later, sub menus under
Configure Historian in ribbon gets a VBA error. (7375)

* NLS: String truncations in VBA forms(7340)

* NLS: When resolving TagGroup expression, some extra ascii codes were not validated correctly
on double bytes system.(7417)

* Picture cannot be saved in Workspace because of "Parameter is Incorrect" error. (1-

* Tag Group Editor crash when user selects more than 13 pictures to resolve a tag group file.(1-

* When Ribbon style is enabled hotkey strokes to save/print a file do not work.(1-767901541)

* ALT + SpaceBar keys popping up windows menu when using ribbon view with Environment
Protection enabled. (1-683749660)

* Test connection button in PCM server settings will not notify any error if logged in user does not
have "Change Management" application permission. (1-607190305)

* Added support for running iFIX on Windows XP Embedded (XPe) operating system.(1-

* iFIX OPC Server has HANDLEs leak. (1-779416401).
* EGU Description in Proficy Historian is deleted on start of SCADA Node 5.0 with iFix to Proficy
Historian integration enabled. (1-728580531)

* EGU limits are overwritten with blanks in Proficy Historian by FixtoHist (iFix to Proficy Historian
integration). (1-786975200)

* Unable to open Recipe file from the WorkSpace system tree if name begins with a

* NLS: Polish and Russian strings did not appear correctly in List control of

* Picture resizes after a remote console session connects to the terminal server. (1-413411481)

* Application error while writing to A_CV field of DR block if value exceeds 8 Characters. (1-

* This SIM makes the enhanced failover more tolerant on an overloaded system. Switching may
still occur if the system becomes unresponsive.(1-790087880)

* If the Alarm Summary control is configured to have specific foreground and background colors
for Alarm status of SQL_CMD and SQL_LOG, at run-time these configuration settings are not
respected and instead the colors displayed are unpredictable.(1-771297944)

* ScadaSync.exe crashes if a filename is greater than 60 characters. (1-744751772)

* Auto Failover - Database Tags Off Scan on Startup using iFIX 5.0 Scada Enhanced Failover. (1-
704083672 / 1-776950489)

* Find/Replace doesn't work correctly. (1-61779924)

* Foreground Expert error 13(D) type mismatch when using Node.AlarmCounters.F_TOT.(1-

* Chart throwing invalid parameter error when few legend options are deselected. (1-494854291)

* NLS: String truncations in VBA forms. (7158, 7167)

* Find/Replace doesn't work correctly (1-61779924)

* Fix for OPC A&E server always starts Maximized (1-536294741,1-620675381)

* If OPC20iFix.exe is added to configured tasks list the EXE should start and stop with iFix start-
up and shut down.(1-637157751)

* A_TV and F_TV value doesn’t give the same value- (1-719694481)

* Animation error table values were not being used for fill style property in case of Error Mode (1-

* If HTA config was exported into csv on English, then can not import into German - HTA.exe will
throw an error. (1-767034511)

* Event log (EVT) log is filled with the following entries. "[TCPTASK.EXE] TCP/IP:
IssueNewConnects() osx_que_get() failed. [DATA (Intel byte order): 0x0 0x0 ]"

* Some operator Messages originated on client node randomly don't show up in the alarm
history/file on SCADA node.(1-150488408)

* If the Alarm Summary control is configured to have a specific foreground and background
colors for Alarm status of ‘Change From Normal’, at run-time these configuration settings are not
respected and instead the colors displayed are unpredictable. (1-743926352, 1-715919106, 1-

* Refresh rate settings defined in expression builder of Datalink are not persisting when the
picture is copied to another machine. (1-468759354)

* Setting a value to the F_LOLIM field for an AO data block from a datalink within Workspace,
does not persist entry. (1-560394881)

* A_OPCQLTY field of MDI tag shows wrong value if not all 3 addresses are being used. (1-

* When picture is replaced by calling ReplacePicture command in run mode, new picture size is fit
to old picture size and shapes will be scaled based on zoom factor. In this situation, thickness of
pipe was not scaled correctly and distorted square elbows remarkably. (1-764194866)

* Receive error that there is no active document when user attempts to resolve files with no
pictures opened. (1-595379053)

* FixScheduler_Close event does not fire if FixSchedulerService is set to run as a domain
account. (1-679639059)

* Alarm summary giving message, "exception on dispatching a message window". (1-765586458)

* A new header file installed in a project causes Workspace to crash and creates Dr. Watson
errors. (1-559035021)

* Workspace crashes with copy of enhanced chart after re-ordering datasets.(7078)

* Duplicate e_signature columns generated when exporting database as .csv file. (1-682107189,

* iFix Tag status pull down menu option fails in Desktop View with the error "invalid database
block format". (1-600633471).

* Sample system not working if SP2 is installed (7125)

* NLS: Build Dynamo form button layouts are corrupted when contained objects have no

* NLS: Proficy Historian tab of Block config - Time resolution list entries (Seconds and
Milliseconds) were not translatable. (7171)

* NLS: In Ribbon home tab - New group, clicking on Picture, Schedule, Dynamo Set button does
not create new document. Also Create a new picture in Quick Access Toolbar does not launch
Picture Wizard. (7152)

* Importing a database from the client node using the logical name of the enhanced failover
SCADA node pair, can trigger both SCADA node to go ACTIVE. Can lead to both SAC being
stopped for importing the database.(1-611070382)

* Enabling network dynamic connection and validating an expression longer than 16 characters
(without data server and nodename) can cause exception in the TCPTASK.exe and

* AI Tag Import Problem - with compression type - A_HIST_COMPTYPE field (1-704148142)

* WSQLODC crashes randomly. (1-654473771)

* PictureAlias doesn't allow users to specify which picture gets the alias. (1-693793610)

* After the first Auto Alarm Manager successful connection, subsequent connections fail, if the
connection is WAN (RAS) dialup. (1-64885851)

* Text object's inline editing did not work with double bytes characters when deleting characters
by Backspace and Delete key. (1-527852762)

* When creating Text object with multi lines, moving cursor up, and then removing chars, then
adding characters did not account CR correctly. (1-527852865)

* Needs a warning that alerts users to the fact that their converted PAUSE command (i.e.
ConvertRT_Pause) will call DoEvents. (1-630508341)

* Long translation are truncated in buttons on propsheet of the Chart UI. (7069)

* Script converter is converting Commented out commands (1-699329221)

* When dropping a pipe into a group in the system tree, the pipe's actual bound rectangle was not
taken into group's bound rectangle recalculation, so the pipe was not redrawn correctly. (1-

* Workspace crashes when validating a user in the Electronic Signature dialog.(1-665222914)

* Added new security application features for Batch Campaign Manager.(1-695589301)

* Pictures don't refresh if they are opened on DST switch day and DST switch time is at midnight
(12:00 AM). (1-621712440)

* Enhancement: Enable or disable autoplay/autorun of CD and USB devices, enable or disable
system tray balloon tips, based on the "task switching" application feature.(1-668890121)

* When the ACTIVE SCADA network connection is down, the STANDBY SCADA is not taking
over and client nodes can only connect to the STANDBY SCADA.

* The iFixNotification dialog may cover a modal error dialog box that needs to be acknowledged.

* In webspace, problem adjusting historical rate if current chart update rate is not divisible. (7137)

* In webspace, Chart with Historical Update Rate < 10 sec does not update Chart Refresh Rate
with 2 sec ini setting (7130)

* CPU usage high on webspace server while AlarmSummary displaying in webspace session
                    * The mouse is unresponsive after opening several pictures in one WebSpace session (7015)

                    * Websessions open up unexpected menu items. (7096)

                    * Some client nodes are not automatically switching to the newly Active SCADA. (1-730037679)

                    * A user may see a delay when logging in that could range from several seconds to several
                    minutes after installing iFIX 5.0 SP2. (1-668890121)

                    * Closing Shadow session also closes original session. (7088)

                    * Pictures saved at different resolution do not display as expected in webspace. (7079)

                    * After web session reconnection, session is being shutdown. The Alarm files get SECURITY
                    VIOLATION messages for shutdown. (7083)

                    * No default memory allocation for the network task buffer which is put on the NDK header.

                    * The message: "WCL1540 SECURITY VIOLATION: access to APPLICATION FEATURE
                    WorkSpace Runtime" appears in the Alarm typers when web session connects. (7081)

                    * When SCU is opened on SCADA while Database Manager is running, all the other web
                    sessions get ???? for the real driver tags. (7006)

                    * Workspace goes away when we open multiple copies of customer pictures. (7065)

                    * WebSpace session does not start if server machine also has Terminal Services. (7064)

                    * Internet Explorer title bar freezes when double clicking to shrink, then double clicking to expand.

                    * iFIX WebSpace Server - Driver Image table not found error when attempting to write from a
                    client node. (7006)

                    * Translated strings are truncated on Dynamo related tools. (7050)

                    * HistoricalLineChart.FDS name is not translatable. (7051)

                    * Some Block UI embedded controls show white spaces. (7044)

                    * ProficyHistorian toolbar dialogs were not translatable. (7037)

                    * Extra counts in the alarm counters after running the script that switches the ACTIVE/STANDBY
                    SCADA repeatedly for about 3 days. (1-708899902)

                    * Fix for chart throwing invalid parameter error when few legend options are deselected (1-

                    * NLS: String truncations in VBA forms (7158, 7167)

iFIX50_1682869051   Database Manager
             * The DataBaseManager scrollbar locks up and disappears when scrolling repeatedly through
             multiple pages of tags. Scrolling using the mouse to select and drag and using the shift + arrow
             up or down keys does not work.(1-682869051)

             * Scrolling in the Databasemanager spreadsheet with the mouse wheel or page up page down
             requires repeated clicking in the spreadsheet to enable scrolling to continue (1-677578309)

iFIX50_SP2   iFIX 5.0 – Service Pack 2

             * "Ghost alarm" in alarm counter and queue, but not showing up in alarm summary on in PDB. (1-

             * Dynamo Updater overwrites datasources in dynamo instances even when no datasources have
             been changed.(1-682106991)

             * Clients switch back to the Primary when maintenance mode is enabled. (1-676803814)

             * Workspace crashes when using GetSelectedUserDefFields method on a record containing
             empty user defined fields in the alarm summary. (1-561161601)

             * Random crash inside the FixGraphicConnectiondll.dll when updating the caption of a text object.

             * Schedule entry doesn't high light once user click on any field in the spreadsheet. (1-291936765)

             * Slow performance in workspace run mode on client node when electing a group object that is
             selectable and contains a not of animations using D16's fields as data sources or activating an
             open document that has such a group object selected. (1-188550811)

             * Workspace crashes on startup if the Windows user has the security policy "Do not keep history
             of recently opened documents" enabled. (1-493822020)

             * The Alarm Summary displays garbage characters when some alarms initially show up. (1-

             * Enhanced Redundancy - with continuous switching some blocks would stop updating (1-

             * If the iFIX security primary path is different from local path or secondary path, the security
             configuration files will not synchronize when using Proficy Change Management functions. (1-

             * The PCM Utility is run when you get the latest project files and security files do not get copied to
             the primary and backup security paths if they are not iFIX's LOCAL path. (1-607190394)

             * iFIX allows login to a disabled Windows account. (1-627068021)

             * Alarm summary on Primary SCADA node does not display alarms from Standby SCADA node,
             when Primary is shutdown and restarted and is now be in standby role. (1-616404383)

             * Visibility Expert shows incorrect condition. (1-308484641)

             * iFix Screen Saver disappears without any mouse or keyboard input. (1-371943316)

             * Workspace crashes when switching to picture retrieving iHistorian data. (1-616586591)
                * Tooltip containing "A&&B" Does Not Display Correctly. (1-417730413)

                * PictureConverter is unable to convert pictures named with Japanese characters. (1-295911051)

                * Pushbutton stays in pushed-in state after right mouse is clicked. (1-455107923)

                * Alarm Summary link repeatedly jumps back to the top when user is scrolling through alarms
                using the down arrow key. (1-457936491)

                * Delay command line parameter no longer works for delaying WSACTASK startup. (1-

                * Tag Status Picture Slow to Show Data for Remote Tag. (1-414816681)

                * SCU exception when iFIX installed to a long path and try to change project path to the same or
                another long path. (1-642222772)

                * Workspace crashes when the Alarm Summary OCX receives alarms that have been generated
                by the EPA (Eurotherm) LIN Driver. (1-630351267)

                * Charts loading CGW files containing T_DATA sources will grow out of control. (1-441590991)

                * Workspace memory leaks when opening and closing pictures and dynamo sets that contain
                grouped connected objects multiple times when picture cache is disabled. (1-577323841)

                * Datalink with raw format of %s% crashes workspace in run mode. (1-494969321)

                * Datalink with raw format of %7.2f% drops succeeding characters. (1-405109691)

                * Using iFix A+E Collector, COMM alarm from iFIX does not populate the ItemID and Tagname
                fields in the MSDE table. (1-333666908)

                * Ported utility ihFIXCtl.exe from FIX32 so that iFIX users can use it to start and stop iFIX data
                collector (ihFIXCollector.exe) when iFIX is running as a service. (1-562772197)

                * The VBA BringToFront and SendToBack functions now work in Run Mode. (1-659933459)

                * Application Validator Reports Non-Existent File Differences. (1-457511631)

                * Low and High Scaling EGUs always default to 0 and 100 when importing exported database file.

                * iFIX to PCM 5.8 -> Unable to go online with remote SCADA server database file. (1-608235071)

                * Environment protection doesn't work properly with certain key combinations. (1-532500284)

                * WorkSpace generate an exception when switching to "Configure" mode after creating Microsoft
                Office Chart 11.0 ActiveX object via a script in "RUN" mode. (1-446133771)

                * Complex expression (fix32.thisnode.ai1.f_cv * 2) entered in the expression editor is returning
                error on the Traditional and Chinese Windows code page. (1-606846128)

iFIX50_SP1   iFIX 5.0 – Service Pack 1
* Service Pack contains the following updated help files: CM, DRW, DYNAMICS, GS, FIXVBA,

* After the DST change, cannot add a Historian DataSource to new Enhanced Chart. (1-637263571)

* Alarm counters show incorrect numbers. (1-616404383)

* TS client unable to establish session with the TS SCADA server running on the same machine with
one NIC card. (1-630368181)

* Workspace crashes if adding historical point through the Expression Builder and more than 6 tag
filters have been used on the Proficy Historian tab.(1-538819812)

* A rounded rectangle is drawn 1 pixel smaller in both the horizontal and vertical directions. (1-

* The iFIX - Historian 3.1 tab in collector compression doesn't gets set from database if decimal is
used. (1-567598101)

* The WorkSpace window will no longer be movable by clicking and dragging the ribbon title bar when
displaying the full screen ribbon in WorkSpace full screen ribbon view. (1-617242362)

* WorkSpace will correctly display the run mode Quick Access Toolbar on startup when configured to
start in ribbon view run mode. (1-610732274)

* Excessive flickering of the desktop and WorkSpace during mode switches and when enabling or
disabling toolbars in ribbon view has been greatly reduced. (1-612617132)

* WorkSpace will correctly display the run mode Quick Access Toolbar on startup when configured to
start in ribbon view run mode. (1-610732274)

* Quality of Bitmaps decreases when used with lower resolutions. (1-446753394)

* A_CV field changes to Scientific Notation unexpectedly. (1-438872813)

* Disable edit event on copy & paste from FDS into a picture. (1-476110885)

* FixToHist application performance improvements. (1-612616951)

* New Historical Dynamo for the Enhanced Historical Chart - scroll time axis by direction. (1-

* Alarm Summary column format contains duplicate columns and at runtime cannot acknowledge
single alarms in a picture saved on a pre-4.0 system. (1-563958911A)

* Linear scaling not working properly when using EGUs with a low value other than zero. (1-

* Linear scaling clamping not working. (1-572983330)

* DBM Export does not provide error when export fails from remote node. (1-523677828)

* Database Manager prints garbage characters for Kanji. (1-499110781)

* ProficyHistorian.tbx was entered in wrong place in ImportToolbars.txt, which could result in an issue
where the Proficy Historian is not visible when first imported. (1-598334492)
* Workspace crashes when switching to run mode with customers picture. (1-563958911)

* Mission Control - Datascope does not show up when driver is 6.X (1-496871931)

* Kanji object name is sometimes not recognized. (1-301871888)

* Changing the name of an object using the property window deletes any comments that precede the
object's scripts in VBA. (1-300769481)

* Datalinks that are configured with data sources that are enclosed in single quotes can now be
modified using the Data entry Expert. (1-443561594)

* New Enhanced Chart does not show double bytes in chart's labels correctly. (1-600330161)

* Dynamos that are made in iFIX 4.0 or earlier only have the Property "Description". Customer that
have used this property to create a unique Tooltip to all their instances (many hundreds in some
cases) of Dynamos will lose their work when converting this "old" (1-600330212)

* Dynamos to version 5.0 Dynamos since the Property "Description" is overwriten by the Master
Description. (1-600330212)

* Horizontal scroll bar does not work in PG block (1-520899059)

* Show Warning checkbox selection is not retained. Being reset to TRUE all the time. (1-427212692)

* When time cursor is changed thru scripting, the time cursor processing is not done to update
legend, tooltips etc. (1-469522971)

* When Alarm summary object is too thin on some customer pictures, view crashes (1-437725701)

* Datalinks in FIX Desktop are displaying a decimal separator after 0 if the value is 0. (1-479313230)

* Microsoft Web Browser caused Workspace to crash if CTRL key is pressed. (1-450960071)

* Security system variables do not update after an automatic logout. (1-484760597, 1-353249435, 1-
334318458, 1-514499231)

* Can not change value of F_TV1 field through OPCiFIX (1-508832582)

* MsgID truncated in Oracle database from Alarm ODBC (1-401241901)

* Workspace and other applications shut down unexpectedly after getting the "os_get_current_user:
invalid user" error. (1-452511221 1-479677461 1-562794171)

* FixGetCurrentUser() is not returning error code if no user is currently logged in. (1-607151161)

* Fix.exe display register task list dialog exception if the executable name is longer than 24
characters. (1-607151220)

* HTD does not plot data in lab mode when sample data is plotted, while workspace uses Lab mode
in this case hence the plots are different. (1-303715701)

* FIX Desktop - when deleting alarms on the backup, the View freezes. (1-474445623)
* Copying and pasting a shape from MS Word, such as the arrow or square, would result in a large
black blob on the screen. (1-554962216)

* Unable to paste Enhanced MetaFile in iFIX. (1-414673451)

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