Praise God for Sue Laurie Transitions by alicejenny


									                                                                  NEWSLETTER OF RECONCILING MINISTRIES NETWORK

VOL. 26 NO. 3
                                                 WWW.RMNETWORK.ORG                                                     SUMMER, 2009

Transitions                                   Praise God for Sue Laurie
                                          After sixteen years of ministry              Conference. Knowing the policies of
By Audrey Krumbach                        affirming that “Reconciling is the            exclusion in The United Methodist
Summertime in a United Method-            radical notion that gay people want          Church, she pursued her Masters
ist church – vacation bible school,       to go to church”, Sue Laurie officially       of Divinity and along the way suc-
old ladies with paper fans, camp-         retires from her staff role with RMN         cessfully challenged discrimination
meetings, and everyone’s favorite         on September 7 at the Justice and            in housing at Garrett Evangelical.
– new pastors! I sat in church this       Joy convocation. In her past eight           While policies prevented Sue from
morning and where just two weeks          years as outreach staff, she has             being set aside for local ministry,
ago stood a tall, brunette, mid-30’s      faithfully spread the Good News that         they paved the way for a national
male pastor was a thin, blonde,           all are welcome at God’s table.                           pulpit at RMN.
young woman pastor. Across our                                                               “I am t
                                          As a circuit rider, Sue has traveled              tenure emendously
connection, younger souls are fill-        thousands of miles by air, land, and                       at RM            proud
                                                                                          minist            N
ing pulpits recently vacated by the                                                               ry grow and have se my
                                          sea (ferry boats) to reach the most           positiv             and de            en the
now-retired; families move out of                                                                e ways              velop in
                                          challenging regions of our church.              I have          in m                  m
a parsonage, and a single person                                                                   loved m y eight year any
                                          The journey to challenge church               seekin              y work             s here.
                                                                                                 g a tru              with p
moves in. Favorite sermon illus-                                                        in the           ly                   e
                                          injustice began with believing what                   United inclusive san ople
                                                                                       am dee             Metho             c
trations will never be heard again,       she was taught as a child in Sunday                   ply gra           dist Ch tuary
                                                                                       ships a           te                urc
and tired old jokes will be (hap-         School that “Jesus Loves Me This                      nd opp ful for the re h. I
                                                                                      in this           ortunit            la
pily) forgotten.                          I Know”. Each year, after receiv-                   minist             ies I ha tion-
                                                                                     continu           ry and             ve had
                                                                                              e to co          it is m
Less than three weeks after I             ing the call to ministry, she went                          ntribu           y hope
                                                                                                             te in th            to
graduated from high school, my            forward during the ordination                             Sue La             e futur
clergy mom was appointed to a             service invitation to ministry of
new church. We moved from a sub-          the Western Pennsylvania Annual
urb of 80,000 to an unincorporated                                                        See Page 3 for “Reflections on Sue’s Ministry.”
town of about 2,000. We moved
from a neighborhood full of houses,
people, and my friends to a street
with a taxidermist’s shop, orchard,
corn field, an egg farm, and cows!
My life was over, or so I thought.
It took me about three weeks to
discover the surprising blessings
of tiniest-town-ever living: fresh
peaches at the end of a run, Miss
Francis’ homemade fig cook-
ies, scrambled eggs from today’s
laying, and singing from the old
Cokesbury hymnal.
Here at the Reconciling office,
we are experiencing a few transi-
tions this summer. In the midst
of hiring, retiring, transitions and
changes, we are experiencing new
realities in the general church and
world! We celebrate with Iowa and
                                                      Susan Laurie (left) and Randy Miller at United Methodist Church’s
                    Continued on Page 6             2000 General Conference in Cleveland. A UMNS photo by Mike DuBose.
                                                                                                      Summer 2009 • Katalyst | 1
    Spotlight: Faith UMC, Cedar Rapids, IA                                        RECONCILING MINISTRIES NETWORK
“We are a small congregation dedi-       nights, open door coffee houses,         mobilizes United Methodists of all
cated to the mission and ministry        sports events and concerts.              sexual orientations and gender
                                                                                  identities to transform our Church
of Jesus and John Wesley to preach
                                         On their website, Faith UMC lists        and world into the full expression of
Good News to the poor. This comes                                                 Christ’s inclusive love.
                                         historical and present social con-
from Luke 4, where Jesus describes
                                         cerns which keep them busy with
the mission of his own life as he
                                         God’s work:                              BOARD OF DIRECTORS
understood it.”                                                                   Helen Andrew
From church website                      •   Bible study in its historical, po-   Rachel Birkhahn-Rommelfanger
                                             litical, socio-economic context.     Vincent Cervantes
The Iowa Annual Conference meet-
ing included joyful, hardworking lay     •   Preaching the Gospel as Libera-      Rev. Daniel Diss
members from a church in Cedar               tion Theology.                       Lawrence T. Duncan
Rapids. Officially reconciling since                                               Rev. Duane A. Ewers
                                         •   Broad world view and awareness       Elizabeth A. Fimbres
1993, Faith UMC identify them-
                                             of diversity in Cedar Rapids.        Will E. Green
selves as “a group of friends, called
Christians, where everyone                                                        Will J. Green
can belong.”                                                                      Esther Villarreal Houser
                                                                                  David Mauzy
Working in several ministry                                                       Rev. David Meredith
teams, Faith UMC seeks to be                                                      Dr. Randall Miller
and learn together in social                                                      Rev. Holland Morgan
action, worship, education and                                                    Rev. Joshua M. Noblitt
spiritual growth. Learning                                                        Rev. John Oda
together how to love God and                                                      Elizabeth Okayama
neighbor, Faith UMC helps                                                         Rev. Dr. Karen Oliveto
many individuals realize how                                                      Rosario Quiñones
much God loves them. Rev.                                                         Rev. Dr. Bruce Robbins
Kathleen Moore, pastor, says                                                      Rev. Dr. Martha Scott
of the church “I am touched                                                       Sally Sparks
by the number of people…                                                          Rev. Dr. Derrick Spiva
                                         •   Sanctuary church in response to
who express relief and joy at find-                                                Monica L. Swink
                                             war in El Salvador and the needs     Joy T. Watts
ing a church that accepts them or
                                             of undocumented workers and          Ralph A. Williams
their family members and friends. I
                                             Hispanic immigrants.                 Christina Wright
long for the day when all of Christ’s
church is so accepting.”                 •   Supported and testified on behalf
                                             of adding gender identity to the     LEGAL COUNSEL
Not just a social justice church,                                                 Jennifer Soule
                                             Civil Rights Code.
Faith is actively involved in outreach
and education. Defining evangelism        •   Provided sanctuary for the Cedar     RMN STAFF
as care for not only those beyond the        Rapids Women’s Clinic while          Meg Carey
church family, but also visitors, con-       it was under fire for issues of       Business Manager
stituents, and even current members          reproductive choice.
at whatever point they are in the                                                 Rev. Carl Davis
                                         Check out Faith UMC Cedar Rapids’        Director of Development
spiritual journey. Classes, worship
                                         website at!!!
and fellowship opportunities abound,
                                                                                  Antony Hebblethwaite
with progressive dinners, movie                                                   Communication/Technology Manager

    New Reconciling Communities                                                   Stephanie Johnson
                                                                                  Admin & Donor Relations Associate
Congregations                            Eastern Parkway UMC of Schenect-
                                         ady, NY                                  Audrey Krumbach, M.Div.
Hope UMC of Iowa City, IA
College Hill UMC of Wichita, KS          Campus Ministry                          Field Organizer
First UMC of North Andover, MA
                                         The Student Community of the Wes-        Susan Laurie, M.Div.
Garden Street UMC of Bellingham,
                                         ley Foundation of the University of      Outreach Coordinator
                                         Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA
Trinity UMC of Toledo, OR                                                         Rev. Troy Plummer
Kenwood UMC of Milwaukee, WI             Community                                Executive Director
Centenary UMC of Richmond, VA
                                         The Journey, a group at Forest Cha-
Highlands UMC of Denver, CO
                                         pel UMC of Cincinnati, OH
Grant Avenue UMC of Denver, CO
2 | Katalyst • Summer 2009
    Reflections on Sue’s Ministry                                                             Welcome New Staff
“Sue gets arrested in front of hun-         Sue came with us to clean his apart-                       Rachel Harvey, the new
dreds, comes to stay at your house in       ment where she went right to work                          Associate Executive
New Jersey, tells Bible stories better      scrubbing the toilets and mopping                          Director, comes to us
than your childhood Sunday school           the floor. God bless you, Sue Laurie.”                      from The Advance at
teacher, enjoys excessively long            Bob and Betty Dorr, Betty is a former Board                the General Board
meetings, makes Bishops stop in             Member                                                     of Global Ministries
their tracks, finds her way into front       “Sue’s gift of hearing the stories,                        where she spear-
page color photo ops, gets hitched          letting them have an impact on                headed the national launch of the B1
while others are preparing legisla-         her theology, mobilizing ordinary             campaign.
tion, likes board members, celebrates       churches and folks at a grassroots            “Throughout my journey from far off
volunteers and enacts social justice        level, alongside her ability to reach         places like Vermillion, SD to chaotic
before most people have had their           out in reconciling -- yet clear -- ways       New York City, my spirit has been
morning cup of coffee.”                     to those around her are things that           sustained and challenged to grow
Jeff Spelman, former Board Chair            encourage me to keep on believing.”           through the work of Reconciling
                                            Joretta Marshall, former Board Member
“Year after year at the Western PA                                                        United Methodists. I’m really excited
Annual Conference (her                                                                    to be a part of the life sharing work
home Conference), Sue                                                                     of the RMN family. I look forward to
would go forward at the                                                                   meeting you at Convo!”
ordination service at that
point in the liturgy when                                                                               Carl Davis, the new Di-
the Bishop issued an                                                                                    rector of Development,
invitation for people feel-                                                                             joins Reconciling Min-
ing called to ministry to                                                                               istries Network after
come forward. Sue did not                                                                               having spent the last
hesitate to walk forward                                                                                seven years pastor-
as a kind of “protest”                                                                                  ing United Methodist
because it was a tremen-                                                                  congregations in the North Indiana
dous opportunity to show                                                                  Conference. Prior to that Carl was
everyone the effects of our      Tiffany Stenwert and Sue Laurie hand out newsletters     a Captain in The Salvation Army,
discriminatory ordination               at 2004 Pittsburgh General Conference.            where he served as the Executive
policy. Every year, more                                                                  Director for The Salvation Army in
and more people would walk forward “Courage, gentleness, simplicity,                      Miami County, Indiana.
with Sue, sometimes wearing rain-           relentlessness, glorious.”                     “I’m thrilled to be your new Devel-
bow stoles or holding other symbols         Jorge Lockward, Convo Music Director
                                                                                          opment Director and am eager to
of the struggle. It made a difference
                                            “I will never forget the joy on Sue’s         meet everyone at Convo! My work is
for many people in WPA. Sue is a
                                            face as she served communion dur-             motivated by the reality that we are
woman of conviction and courage!”
                                            ing Sunday worship for General                all God’s children and I love connect-
Renee Waun, Western Pennsylvania
                                            Conference 2008. Knowing that she             ing resources to needs so that all
“When Beth Stroud’s first trial              is prevented by the church from               may have enough, and live in justice
ended, many of us had been standing fulfilling her passion to minister and                 and peace. I can’t wait to get to the
in support. When the key players,           that the church loses the great gifts         Rockies and be with you.”
other observers, and press left, Sue        that she could give as a pastor, fuels
encouraged us to form a large circle,       my desire to work for change.”                               Stephanie Johnson, the
and we were together in singing/            Elizabeth Fimbres, Board Member
                                                                                                         new Admin and Donor
”worship”/prayer. I admired how                                                                          Relations Associate,
she could speak on the spur of the                                                                       is a native of Chicago,
moment as Spirit led, and not for the                     minist
                                                   us; cha        ry has
                                                                          stre                           IL. She worked at
first time did I mourn the systematic                       lle
                                                   us as w nged us; and ngthened                         the General Board
loss of people like Sue, and Beth,                        e journ            suppor
                                                   work. J         ey               te    of Pension and Health Benefits for
from our UMC. ”                                            oin wit together in t d
                                                  Sue’s c          h me t          his    the United Methoodist Church for
                                                        on               oc
                                                to wish tributions to elebrate
Peggy R. Gaylord, New York
                                                         her we           R               almost two years in data and health,
                                                God ca          ll in th MN, and
“When we were devastated by our                        lls her          e futur           before moving to Breast Cancer
                                                 Monica        to new           e, as
                                                           Swink       minis              Network of Strength as a Develop-
youngest son Mike’s struggles, Sue                                , Board tries.”
was a true friend who talked and                                           Chair          ment Associate. “I am excited to join
prayed with us. When Mike died,                                                           the staff of RMN and look forward to
                                                                                          getting to be able to put faces with
                                                                                          names at Justice & Joy.”
                                                                                                     Summer 2009 • Katalyst | 3
                                            RMN Welcomes the General Commission
                                            on Religion and Race to Justice & Joy!
                                        Join staff members of the General Commission on Religion and Race for an
                                        interactive approach to looking at our own experiences, and connecting those
                                        to the world around us. This context will include individual, small group,
                                        and plenary interaction for a hands-on experience. We will discuss the in-
                                        tersections of Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Classism, that together create
                                        positions of privilege and oppression in our society and church. This plenary
                                        will start the discussion of how to address all these issues with our move-
                                        ment and church to bring lasting change.
                                        Erin Hawkins has been the General Secretary of the Gen-
                                        eral Commission on Religion and Race (United Methodist
                                        Church) since September, 2007. She joined the staff as
                                        an Associate General Secretary in 2001, serving as a staff
                                        representative and resource consultant to the Southeast-
                                        ern Jurisdiction, Black Methodists for Church Renewal
                                        (BMCR), the Strengthening the Black Church for the
                                        21st Century Initiative and other ministries serving the
                                        denomination’s black constituency. She is a Harry Hosier Life Member of
                                        Erin was previously a legislative assistant to U.S. Congresswoman Juanita
                                        Millender-McDonald from California. She has a Bachelor’s degree in busi-
                                        ness administration from the University of California at Riverside and two
                                        Masters degrees, one in public affairs from Indiana University and one in
                                        organizational development from United Methodist-related American Uni-
 Are You Registered?                    versity in Washington.
 We are very exited to report that
                                        The Rev. Barbara Isaacs is the Associate General Secretary
 over 450 people have registered
                                        of the General Commission on Religion and Race (United
 for Justice & Joy! at the YMCA of
                                        Methodist Church) with primary responsibility for Educa-
 the Rockies. Here are some impor-
                                        tion, Institutional Development, White Constituency Anti-
 tant details about joining us in the
                                        Racism Concerns and GCORR’s work and relationships in
 mountains. Registration is still
                                        the Northeastern Jurisdiction.
 open. The key deadline to keep in
 mind is August 2. The YMCA of          Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Barbara was ordained an Elder
 the Rockies opens up our housing       in 1977 and is a member of the Northern Illinois Conference. She received
 block to others on that date. You      her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Theological Studies and the Graduate
 can still obtain housing, but it is    Certificate in Gender Studies from Northwestern University, in Evanston,
 not guaranteed.                        Illinois, in 2002. In her thirty-plus years of pastoral experience, Barbara has
                                        been a pastor of rural, urban and suburban local churches; a chaplain; and a
 To register, visit http://www.rm-
                                        staff person at educational institutions and general agencies. Click
 “Register” at the top of the page.     For more information, visit

4 | Katalyst • Summer 2009
 Justice and Joy! Workshops                                                      A Special Focus
 A. Transforming Our Congregations                                           By Sue Laurie: That’s So Gay! The Bible
                                                                             and United Methodist Hymnal
   A.1. Rethinking Church: New Models of Missional Church for the New
   Methodists                                                                God’s call for inclusion of all people
   A.2. Are We Relevant? Can the Progressive Church Have Political Influ-     comes in the words of the Gospel.
   ence                                                                      Of course the Bible and the UM
   A.3. The Church and Global AIDS                                           Hymnal are sources of inspiration to
   A.4. Evangelism for Reconciling United Methodists                         many people in following this call.
   A.5. Teaching Children About Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity      However, their message is muted
   A.6. JUST Worship                                                         when forced through a heterosexual-
                                                                             privileged lens. This workshop will
 B. Equipping for Social Change
                                                                             explore some favorite texts and
   B.1. Building An Inclusive Church Community                               hymns–ones that give me renewed
   B.2. Bringing People Together to Make Change Happen                       spirit as a lesbian Christian on the
   B.3. Ordination and Social Change                                         journey toward a Reconciling UMC.
   B.4. Organizing for Change in Your Annual Conference                      Sometimes it is a word such as “rain-
   B.5. Media Savvy in a Soundbite World                                     bow” or “home”, other times it may
   B.6. Overcoming Discrimination Through the Lens of Paolo Freire           be the theology of Advent or Shalom
                                                                             that causes me to say, “This hymn
 C. Engaging Intersections: Toward Wholeness
                                                                             was written for gay people!” Come to
   C.1. Transcending Gender (Introduction)                                   sing and to enjoy!
   C.2. Toward a Gender-Positive World (Advanced)
                                                                             Camp song:
   C.3. Creating Communities of Listeners in Different Regions of the
                                                                             We are one in the Spirit, we are one
                                                                             in the Lord (x2)
   C.4. Black Queer Theology
   C.5. Can People of Privilege Be Prophetic? Moving from Apology to Ac-     and we pray that all unity may one
   tion                                                                      day be restored. R
   C.6. Sacred Worth: Integrating Our Sexuality and Faith
                                                                             We will work with each other, we
 D. Arts & Storytelling                                                      will work side by side (x2)
   D.1. Getting Our History Out of Our Closets                               And we’ll guard human dignity and
   D.2. Think Like a Filmmaker: Using all the Senses to Strengthen your      save human pride. R
                                                                             Refrain: And they’ll know we are
   D.3. Conversations with a Reconciling Bishop
                                                                             Christians by our love, by our
   D.4. That’s So Gay! The Bible and United Methodist Hymnal
                                                                             love; Yes, they’ll know we are
   D.5. “Incompatible With Christian Teaching” Film Screening and Dis-
   cussion                                                                   Christians by our love.

   Workshop Registration
If you’ve already registered, send us your two workshop choices at convo@ or login and add them to your registration account.
  1. Visit and click “Register”.
  2. Above the email box, click link “Already Registered?”
  3. Enter the email address and password you used to register for Convo
  and click the “Continue” button.
  [If you have forgotten your password, enter your email address and click          “What Bible story holds you to
                                                                                       the Christian faith?”
  the link “Forgot your password”. Follow the instructions and obtain your
  password from your email account. Return to Step 1.]
  4. Find your name and click on the “Personal Information” link under
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and under the title “Workshop
  Preregistration”, select your two workshops.
  6. Click the “Continue” button.
  7. At the bottom of the page, click the “Finalize” button.
  8. At the bottom of the page, click the “Update My Registration” button.
When you see the words, “Your registration is complete”, you are done!
                                                                               “Can you listen again with LGBT ears?”
                                                                                         Summer 2009 • Katalyst | 5
 “Transitions” Continued from Page 1        When All Really Means All
 mourn with California over mar-        By Rev. Troy Plummer
 riage equality decisions; Desert
                                        When All Means All, we won’t vote          inclusive church. Some of our folks,
 Southwest claimed their prophetic
                                        on the worth of human beings or            who thought they were alone in con-
 voice by affirming their stand as a
                                        the legality of their marriages in         servative areas, are now finding out
 Reconciling Annual Conference.
                                        the church or the                                             that they are not
 At first, transitions can seem          world.                                                        alone!
 frightening and sad. California’s
                                        Even against a                                                 We grew stronger
 passage of Proposition 8 was a
                                        strong disinfor-                                               as we expanded
 clear legal defeat and a loss to our
                                        mation campaign                                                trainings from 22
 brothers and sisters, but here in
                                        from opponents,                                                to 35 annual con-
 Chicago a series of marches and
                                        the annual confer-                                             ferences and grew
 rallies indicate a renewed move-
                                        ence gatherings of                                             from one trainer
 ment energy for national marriage
                                        United Methodists                                              to seven trainers
 equality. As of this writing, with
                                        in the U.S. edged                                              for All Means All.
 the question of Amendment 1 (All
                                        a simple major-                                                Now, we plan to
 means ALL) before us, a MAJOR-
                                        ity for a stronger       Believe Out Loud Training in Boston   launch 50 Believe
 ITY of United Methodists in the
                                        statement on                                                   Out Loud train-
 United States voted for an inclu-
                                        inclusiveness in an almost evenly           ings in September with 14 trainers
 sion that has NO EXCEPTIONS.
                                        split UMC. This is the largest na-          to continue growing the movement-
 In the midst of this season of         tional poll we’ve had for inclusion in      -this time at an even deeper grass-
 change, we have many things to         The United Methodist Church at a            roots level. We welcome new lead-
 look forward to. Believe Out Loud      grassroots level. It shows progress         ers, LA McRae, Toyomi Yoshida,
 – our upcoming campaign – will         even against the usual backdrop of          Gloria Soliz, Jim Robey, Michelle
 fertilize our grassroots by offering   hate language and tactics. Is this          Blue, Ruben Herrera, Derrick Spiva,
 the support and skills for building    the tipping point time?                     Rachel Harvey and Carl Davis.
 Annual Conference Teams (ACTs),
                                        Building relationships through             Each regional gathering of Recon-
 who will then go out and connect
                                        organizing makes a difference. In          ciling United Methodists reveals
 with United Methodists across
                                        the annual conferences where the           miracles. The stories of passion and
 their conference. Reconciling is
                                        All Means All teams actively en-           hope along with deep faithful com-
 growing at a rate we have rarely
                                        gaged fellow United Methodists, we         mitment to justice inspire, motivate,
 ever seen – almost every week
                                        did better. It is good discipleship to     challenge, and heal. When a survey
 another church declares their fully
                                        witness to our faith and hope for an       of Protestant clergy shows that that
 inclusive ministry – and convoca-                                                                        Continued on Page 7
 tion registrations are pouring in!
 Beginning to recognize RMN’s               Annual Conference Amendment 1 Votes
 leadership, The United Methodist       Top reported “yes” votes per Jurisdiction for Amendment 1, All Means All.
 Church is moving towards wel-
 coming all persons of all sexual        Northeastern    Southeastern     North Central   South Central        Western
 orientations and gender identities.     New England        Virginia        Wisconsin     Central Texas      Oregon-Idaho
 In the last year, Desert Southwest         (87%)            (48%)           (79%)           (77%)              (95%)
 Annual Conferences and the West-             Troy         Tennessee        N. Illinois      Missouri        Desert South-
 ern Jurisdiction declared them-             (77%)           (46%)            (75%)           (67%)           west (94%)
 selves reconciling; the General
 Board of Church and Society has        17 Annual Conferences meet the             Of Note: Rio Grande 79%.
 initiated the creation of curricu-     required 2/3rds vote.
 lum which will obey the Resolu-
                                        ACTS: Annual Conference Teams              ACT organizers ran out of “ALL
 tion passed by General Conference
                                                                                   Means ALL” buttons in West Vir-
 “Opposition to Homophobia and          Here are a few highlights:
                                                                                   ginia and Florida. Both conferences
 Heterosexism.” In many ways our
                                        MIND, the ACT of New York Annual           garnered over 40% in the voting for
 United Methodist family and our
                                        Conference, negotiated a plenary           Amendment 1 raising the awareness
 structure are taking steps toward
                                        time and then featured 8 Reconcil-         for inclusion.
 the call of God to a welcome which
                                        ers of varying ages, races, genders,
 reflects the love of Jesus Christ for                                              ACTS 4:31b And they were filled with
                                        and family roles to advance the
 all persons.                                                                      the Holy Spirit and spoke the word
                                        understanding of full inclusion.
                                                                                   of God with boldness.
                                        We celebrate the many inclusive
                                        candidates who were ordained.
6 | Katalyst • Summer 2009
    “Gifts In Memory of...”                                             “Gifts In Honor of...”
 Gifts In Memory of…             Remembered By…                      In Honor of…                   Honored by…
 Weslie Buss                     Faith Buss, Marilyne Dahl, PRN      Julie Arms                     Joshua Arrowood & Tiffany
                                 Steering Committee, Carolyn Pen-                                   Steinwert, J. Randy Beggs, Laura
                                 nington,                                                           Butler, Sarah Megan Howery,
                                                                                                    Lynn Shirley, James Smith,
 Glenn Alan Campbell             Doris & William Campbell
                                                                                                    David Story
 John Carty                      Larry Fox
                                                                     John & Jack                    Elsa & John Bengel
 Christian                       Roxanne Danek
                                                                     B.J. Birkhahn-Rommelfanger     Rachel Birkhahn-Rommelfanger
 Steve Jackson                   Gary Jackson
                                                                     David and Alex Braden          Candie ODell
 Tom Marston                     Dale McAllister
                                                                     Julie Bruno & Sue Laurie       John & Maggie Carr
 Chuck Myer                      Karen Oliveto
                                                                     Bob Cary                       Robin Ridenour
 Gary Pennington                 Helen Andrew, Anonymous,
                                 Mary Ann Appel, Andy & Mari-        Ann & David Thompson Cook      Samuel Paul Stapleton
                                 lyn Belcher, Kevin & Lawanda
                                                                     Sandy Cox                      Mauvette Hurst
                                 Potter, Faith Buss, Cathy Che-
                                 leen-Mosqueda, Kathryn & Robert     Rev. Gay King Crede            Kevin Fanning & Rosalie Rippey
                                 Clark, Daniel & Valerie Taylor
                                                                     Alice Cromwell                 Ed Hoar
                                 Close, Vera Lea Follmer, Larry
                                 Fox, Joe & Kimberly Giansante,      Aida Fernandez                 Will J. Green
                                 Rosalie Hulbert, Kevin Keeley &
                                                                     Joanne & Phil Gillis           Richard Lee Burns
                                 Eileen McNutt, Phyllis Dee Lewis,
                                 Bishop Calvin & Velma McConnell,    God’s Blessing                 Rosalie Kent
                                 Judith Newman, Kelly Oatman,
                                 PRN Steering Committee, Carolyn     Lori Graham                    Donald Hurst
                                 Pennington, Carol Waymack           Walter L. Helms, Jr.           J. Timothy Reynolds
 Mary Jo Ruggles                 Marilyn Nicely                      Lizz Herron-Sweet              Anne Broyles & Larry Peacock
 Bishop Melvin Wheatley          Betty & Paul Beeman, Donald         Keith Kimberlain               Cynthia Round
                                 & Gay Bossart, Mary Damonte,
                                 Lonnie Johnsont, Chrystal & Ken-    Mary Kraus                     Jen Ihlo
                                 neth Neal, Olive & Roger Robison,   Virginia Lapham                Samuel Paul Stapleton
                                 Nancy Grissom Self, Linda Strem
                                                                     Sue Laurie’s Retirement        Beatrix Jones
 Kathy York                      Dawn Gotoh
                                                                     Randall Miller, Jr.            Gill Foundation
                                                                     Martin Morley                  Nancy Kollhoff
     Sue an
             d Julie                                                 Loren Mullins                  Betty & Bob Dorr
    in the            a
            Reconc re collecting                                     Old West Church                Caridad Silva
    and sto         iling M          keepsa
            ries to         ov               ke
   Chicag           New H ement. Pleas s of Sue’s tim                Karen Oliveto                  Michael Alexander, Joshua
           o, IL 6          ope UM           e send           e                                     Arrowood & Tiffany Steinwert,
   org wit         06               C (711           photos
           h “Sue 31) or email              5 W. H
                                                    oo                                              Richard Bentley, Laurie Hays
                   Memor           to
                           y” in th Audrey@rm d Ave.,                                               Coffman, Jayson Kerr Dob-
                                   e subje          networ                                          ney, Betty & Bob Dorr, Darren
                                           ct line.        k.
                                                                                                    Hochstedler, Luna Han, Shireen
                                                                                                    McSpadden, Wade Meyer, Robyn
                                                                                                    Morrison, Will Rogers, Jane
                                                                                                    Schlager, Michael Schlager, Amy
“When All Really Means All” continued from Page 6
                                                                                                    Stapleton, Vicki Woods
between 62% and 93% support protections and inclu-                   Drew Phoenix                   Ella Pritchard Curry
siveness, but only 7% have expressed their convictions
                                                                     Troy Plummer & Walter Treash   Samuel Paul Stapleton
publically, it is time we help each other Believe Out
                                                                     Judy Prenzler                  Betty & Bob Dorr
Loud. When a similar survey shows that both persons in
the pews and persons in the pulpits are ready to move                Chett Pritchett                Samuel Paul Stapleton
forward but that each is waiting on the other to say                 Tony L. Reynolds               J. Timothy Reynolds
something, it is time to Believe Out Loud.                           Tiffany Steinwert              Mary Todd, Jim Robey

One of these 50 trainings may be very near to you! We                Julie Todd                     Jim Todd
hope you will plan to attend and even help organize                  Ann & Ernie Turney             David Johnson
these events building grassroots growth and helping                  Brian Watson                   Charles Chipman
each other to be BOLD (Believe Out Loud Disciples)                   Bill & Joy Watts               Richard Lee Burns
deepening our faith in Christ who calls us into this great
                                                                     Henry Lee Heather Waymack      Jeff Waymack
adventure. Don’t miss the launch at Justice and Joy
                                                                     Lucile Wheatley                Nancy Grissom Self
RMN’s 25th anniversary celebration this Labor Day
Weekend in the Rocky Mountains!

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