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									   LANSING                       BUILDING PRODUCTS

WWW.LANSINGBP.COM                                                                                                                     FALL 2011

    LANSING                        BUILDING PRODUCTS                                                 Fall Marketing Special

                                                                                                     Full Color Trifold Brochures. These
                                                                                                     brochures are 11x8.5, trifolded to 3.66x8.5
                                                                                                     and printed on high quality paper which
                                                                                                     provides exceptional picture and image
                              PRESIDENT AND CEO                                                      reproduction.

                      I usually start this letter by remarking how quickly the time has gone.        Our graphic designers will help you create
                      This one will not be an exception. The summer is behind us, and we are         a trifold specific to your business. The
                      well into our selling season. Football is on TV, the leaves will be starting   marketing special includes 2 hours of layout
                      to turn, and we are losing a little daylight each day. The good news is        and design time.
                      that fall brings on the selling season. Here in the east we have recently
                      experienced Hurricane Irene and are aware of opportunities created             The trifold pricing is 250 for $178.00, 500
                      by hurricane damage along the Mid-Atlantic. Some of you are already            for $201.00, 1,000 for $232.00, and 2,500
                      vigorously involved in this added business.                                    for $304.00, excluding shipping and taxes.
                                                                                                     This offer expires October 31, 2011.
 For all of us, fall represents an opportunity to help homeowners get their homes ready for
 the winter. Often this includes windows, since they are one of the most energy efficient
 products available on the market. For those who have not sold replacement windows, I would
 recommend them to you. Most homeowners recognize that leaky windows in the winter cost
 them a lot of money.

 Additionally, siding is a desired product to offer because of its added curb appeal. With
 homeowners trying to improve the value of their homes in a difficult environment new siding
 can make a big difference.

 Not only do we have great exterior building products for sale, we have been busy adding
 to our sales force. New salesmen have been added over the summer to increase the contact
 we have with you. Hopefully they will be problem solvers and idea generators to help you
 grow your business. We have opened a new warehouse in Springfield, VA to better serve our
 customers in the Washington-Baltimore area. This brings the number of branches serving
 this large market to seven, more than any other market we serve. We have also relocated our
 Little Rock, AR warehouse, and are in the process of moving our Wilmington, DE facility.
 These are larger warehouses with 360-degree showrooms. Furthermore we have remodeled
 our office in Dallas, TX to give our customers a better look at the products we sell. Finally,
 I have not spoken about our marketing department. It is growing in double digits this year.
 Our marketing department is exclusively for our customers to use. We will help you whether
 it is customized door hangers, targeted mailers, or even your own custom branding initiatives.
 With our purchasing power you will find it will likely be less than anything you could buy
 locally. It gives our customers an added tool in closing jobs; one you should not miss using.
 Your LBP salesman can help you get started.
                                                                                                     Prices include setup, shipping is additional.
 In summary, in a very difficult environment we are growing our business. We do this because
 we believe conditions will continue to improve, albeit at a slow pace. We think our formula
 for doing business, along with the highest quality products and the very best people, DO                                    Facebook
 make a difference. We are grateful for your business and realize your success is our success. We
 want to be helpful and look at you as partners and hope you view us the same way.                                           Lansing Building is
                                                                                                                             now on Facebook.
 Let’s have a great fall!                                                                                                    We invite to visit
                                                                                                                             and “Like” it.
 Good Luck and Good Selling,
                                                                                                     The address is
Earn greater revenue from your existing projects...
With Nichiha fiber cement panel products
                                                    Nichiha panel systems offer the following                                  Nichiha panel systems are ideal for the
                                                    advantages over masonry claddings:                                         following markets:
                                                    •	 Significant	$$	savings	over	masonry	products	                           •	 Residential	new	construction/remodeling	
                                                       (product savings and labor savings)                                     •	 Multi-family	(apartments,	retirement	
                                                    •	 Fewer	trades	to	schedule	and	manage	(keep	                                 communities, condos and townhomes)
                                                       your own employees working)                                             •	 Light	Commercial	(hotels,	motels,	
                                                    •	 9	sq.	ft.	panels	install	quickly	with	patented	                            restaurants, strip shopping centers, etc.)
                                                       clip system, lowering your labor costs
                                                                                                                               Nichiha is also an international manufacturer of
                                                    •	 Temperature	or	weather	conditions	are	not	a	
                                                                                                                               lap siding and accessories in various thicknesses,
                                                       factor when installing Nichiha panels
                                                                                                                               widths, textures and colors. Nichiha’s Sierra
                                                    •	 Nichiha	panels	do	not	require	additional	                               Premium Shake Plus is ½” thick and ideal for
Many remodels include masonry as a part of             structural considerations (foundation brick                             coastal applications, withstanding winds up
the total project. Masonry work is typically not       ledge, lentils, etc.)                                                   to 150 miles per hour without face nailing.
done by a siding or remodeling contractor and                                                                                  Frontier Shake is 7/16” thick, available primed
                                                    •	 Seamless	transition	between	different	
offers a unique set of challenges.                                                                                             or in 4 stain colors. The stained Frontier Shake
                                                       products offers unlimited design options
                                                                                                                               is generally less expensive than the competitor’s
Nichiha Panel Systems can take the place of         •	 Patented	installation	clip	system	creates	a	¼”	                         unprimed product.
traditional masonry (simulating stone, brick           drainage plane to help keep the building dry
and block) and can easily be installed by your      •	 Can	use	standard	metal,	PVC	or	vinyl	siding	                            All of Nichiha’s products offer industry leading
siding crews using traditional fiber cement            accessories to speed installation                                       product and finish warranties and are available
tools. Nichiha offers a broad selection of fiber                                                                               through any Lansing Building Products
cement panel products in over 30 various colors     •	 Green	products	apply	toward	LEED	credits	
                                                                                                                               location. Most products categories offer First
and textures. By using Nichiha Panel Systems           and satisfy the needs of your “green
                                                                                                                               time user rebates. A Certified Installer program
you will increase your profits and keep your           customers”
                                                                                                                               is also available to insure quality installations
own crews working on every project.                                                                                            and reward loyal installers.
                                                                                                                   Introducing Our New
                                                                  Super Spacer® nXt Warm Edge Sealing System              TM

Lansing Windows and Doors                                                  Our dual-seal warm edge spacer system featuring Super Spacer® nXt™ is better
Series 80 - Now With                                                      able to ensure NFRC ENERGY STAR® certification* by providing the lowest U-Value
                                                                              among dual-seal systems and the best durability available in the industry.
                                                                                                                   Introducing Our New
Super Spacer… Standard!
                                                                  Super Spacer® nXt Warm Edge Sealing System
                                                                             Sustainability = Strength = Durability

The Lansing Windows Series 80 is now equipped with
Super Spacer®, the industry’s most desirable warm-edge
spacer system! This product upgrade is offered as a standard
                                                                         Our dual-seal warm edge spacer system
                                                                      The Very Best Spacer Systemfeaturing Super Spacer® nXt™ is U-Value
                                                                                                                 in Your Very Best Window!
                                                                        able to ensure NFRC ENERGY STAR® certification* by providing the lowest

feature with no upcharge, adding to the value of the brand’s                   Now Standard in the Series 80 Double Hung, Picture Window and Bay/Bow Units that Match
                                                                                among dual-seal systems and the best durability available in the industry.
top of the line double hung window line!
                                                                                The Industry Leading               If Only the Strong Survive,
With absolutely no metal, Super Spacer dramatically                                            Offers:
                                                                                Spacer SystemSustainability = Strengthwe will outlast all the rest!
                                                                                                                   then = Durability
                                                                                                                              Super Spacer tests in the chamber
increases the window’s condensation resistance beyond                                  – Reduced condensation
                                                                                                                              show it to last over 75 weeks.
that of any other spacer system on the market. It is also             The Very Best Spacer System in Your Very Best Window!
                                                                                       – Long lasting durability
                                                                                                                              75 Weeks is considered to
proven in tests to reduce stress cracks and seal failures, and                      – Less seal failure                       be Window and Bay/Bow Units
                                                                               Now Standard in the Series 80 Double Hung, Picture approximately equivalent that Match
                                                                                      and fewer stress cracks
provide long lasting durability as the leader in dual-seal                                                                    to 75 years in the field.
sealant system performance.                                                     The Industry Leading                                 If Only the Strong Survive,
                                                                                Spacer System Offers:                                then we will outlast all the rest!
When combined with Lansing’s Ultra Low-e Glass                                                                                       Super Spacer tests in the chamber
                                                                                       – Reduced condensation
with Argon, the Series 80 provides incredible thermal                                  – Long lasting durability
                                                                                                                                     show it to last over 75 weeks.
performance, Energy Star compliance and qualifies for                                                                                75 Weeks is considered to
                                                                                       – Less seal failure                           be approximately equivalent
the current 10% federal tax credit*. With a 25 year glass                                and fewer stress cracks
                                                                                                                                     to 75 years in the field.
breakage warranty also a standard feature on the Series 80,
the addition of Super Spacer as a standard feature adds
one more significant advantage to the competition at no
additional cost to you!

Call today or come in for more information about the             The Durability Test
upgraded Series 80, or any of the other Series in the Lansing    Super Spacer withstands 140° temperatures,
family of windows and patio doors!                               95% - 100% humidity levels and constant                                                  Keeps the inside of
                                                                 UV bombardment in P/1 Chamber tests.                                                     your home comfortable
                                                                                                                                                          and all the rest out!
*10% up to $200 for qualifying windows. See your Lansing
                                                                 For more technical information, go to                                   *In conjunction with Ultra Low-E Argon.
associate for more details.

                                                                 The Durability Test
AZEK Building Products: Outdoor Living Solutions Designed to Last Beautifully
AZEK Building Products is the leading              Grade Trim, a two piece system that hides nail
manufacturer of premium, low-maintenance           holes; and AZEK Rabbeted Cornerboards and
exterior products that resist moisture and add     Rabbeted Trim. The new AZEK Mouldings
long-lasting beauty and design elements to any     include the AZEK Water Table, decorative
home or commercial structure. The product          AZEK Band Moulding and AZEK Garage Door
lines include AZEK® Trim, AZEK Mouldings,          Thermostop to help keep out weather.
AZEK Deck, AZEK Porch and AZEK Rail, all
with quality performance and the assurance         In addition, AZEK Deck added two new colors
of building code reports or undergoing             to its Arbor Collection with Cobre® and Silver
confirmation testing for code reports. And,        Oak®, along with clever In-Deck Storage, Bench
they carry extended warranties of up to 25 years   and Planter Hardware kits. And, AZEK Rail’s
or more.                                           innovations include a streamlined installation
                                                   process along with new hardware items, a
All AZEK solid pvc trim and decking products       redesigned 5X5 Post Sleeve, and a sleek, stylish
allow builders and architects to replicate the     Single or Double Gate Kit that works with AZEK
look and feel of wood without the hassles          Rail Premier and Trademark product lines.
associated with wood. These products endure
harsh weather without rotting, splintering,        Sustainability is another important dimension
cracking or warping and have excellent             to the entire AZEK product line. AZEK Building
longevity and sustainability.                      Products was recently awarded The National
                                                   Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Research
2011 has been a landmark year for AZEK,            Center’s “Green Approved Product” seal of
with the introduction of more than a dozen         approval for its AZEK Trim, AZEK Mouldings,
new products that solve everyday issues for        AZEK Deck and AZEK Porch product lines. This
contractors while saving time and labor.           means the products are eligible to earn points
Several of the trim and moulding profiles assist   toward certification of a given project under the
with water and/or weather management and           National Green Building Standard™. To learn
contribute to easier installations. The new        more about the lifecycle and sustainability of
trim profiles include: AZEK Integrated Drip        AZEK products, see your Lansing representative,
Edge, AZEK Universal Skirt Board, AZEK Finish      or visit

Haven Insulated Siding by Royal™ Looking This Good Never Made Such Perfect Sense
                          There is a feeling that comes when you know you have             separation between layers and over 20% more bond
                          surrounded your loved ones with safety and warmth. It            strength than competitive products.
                          brings a sense of wellbeing to protect them from cold,
                          noise, storms and whatever the outside world has in              “Haven is the latest in a long line of innovative and
                          store. This magical place of sanctuary is more than just         high-quality vinyl siding products from Royal,” said
                          a home. It is a HAVEN.                                           Simon Bates, vice president and general manager,
                                                                                           Royal Building Products. “By adding significantly to the
                          Architecturally accurate aesthetics married with                 R-value of a home’s exterior, Haven Insulated Siding
                          superior energy savings in one single product. That’s            provides an aesthetically sophisticated way to reduce
                          Haven Insulated Siding by Royal. With the industry’s             energy consumption.”
                          most advanced insulation backing for outstanding
                          rigidity and straight, clean lines – year in and year out.       While energy savings is a major selling point, Haven
                                                                                           also provides homeowners with a low-maintenance
                          Haven Insulated Siding is initially available in one             siding choice that offers enhanced impact resistance
                          profile designed to mimic real cedar clapboards. The             and a lifetime warranty.
                          double 6” profile is available in a palette of 14 colors
                          and represents the look of traditional clapboard siding          “Designers will be proud to specify Haven with its
                          – but with a number of advantages. Haven’s EPS                   architectural authenticity and look of real cedar
                          Insulation is engineered to resist thermal bridging (heat        siding, while contractors will appreciate that Haven
                          loss through wall framing) while offering outstanding            is a premium product that is easy to install and will
                          moisture protection. Superior permeability allows                perform well for the life of the structure,” Bates said.
                          moisture from inside the home to escape while keeping
                          heat in. Haven’s continuous lamination technology                Complete the sale with Haven Insulated corners and
                          puts old glue beads to shame. Haven fully covers the             window/door surrounds and offer your customers an
                          backing for a “locked tight” TXL (Thermal Cross Link)            alternative to the “every day” siding choices currently
                          Lamination Technology adherence between layers.                  in the market. Contact your Lansing representative to
                          Facing and insulation act as a true composite – no               schedule a meeting to discuss Haven Insulated Siding.
Innovation Orchestrated Through Nature
Inspired by the charm of cedar and the warmth       Collection colors offers earthy richness, light
of shake and shingle homes, The Foundry             elegance and bright coastal flavor.
is passionately focused on products that
deliver cedar’s natural beauty, while providing     The Foundry’s beauty comes with safety and
maintenance-free endurance.                         long-lasting endurance in mind. A Class A fire
                                                    rating offers the highest level of fire-resistance.
Homes clad in cedar have undeniable                 An ASA cap strengthens durability and keeps
attractiveness, but wood requires regular           colors vibrant for as long as you own your
upkeep to maintain its original appeal.             home. You can rest assured with The Foundry’s
Foundry siding is crafted from more than 100        limited lifetime warranty.
unique molds cast from real cedar to achieve
incredible authenticity. Our premium PVC            A cost-effective siding solution, Foundry panels
panels present genuine wood graining and a          save material and time. The Foundry installs
random look with no patterns visible on your        easily, with an environmentally-friendly, low
home. And unlike with wood, there’s no worry        2% scrap rate. Once installed, homeowners will
about rotting or cracking, or ever having to pick   never have to apply paints or stains, or purchase
up a paint brush.                                   siding again. Coming in exclusive contractor-
                                                    friendly 5-ft. lengths, Foundry siding provides
The Foundry offers a complete selection             efficiency that gets homes built faster.
of shake and shingle panels in a variety of
exposures, with profiles featuring classic fine     For more information, contact your Lansing
details or ruggedly rustic grooves. A selection     representative, or visit
of 24 Traditional colors and 18 Weathered

Pioneering, Perfecting and Listening to Contractors
                                                     Tapco is celebrating half a century of pioneering,    NEW! Pro50 Anniversary Brake
                                                     perfecting and listening to contractors with          •	 New	hinge	system	eliminates	hinge	wearing	
                                                     their Special Edition 50th Anniversary Brake.            and material scraping and can be easily
                                                     Over the years, understanding contractor’s               removed for cleaning and lubricating
                                                     needs has helped Tapco Tools deliver advanced         •	 The	 lifting	 handles	 can	 be	 positioned	
                                                                                                              anywhere along the brake to suit the user
                                                     sheet metal brakes and integrated tool systems
                                                                                                           •	 Dual	 durometer	 urethane	 strip	 grips	 work	
                                                     that are lighter, faster, stronger, versatile, and
                                                                                                              piece, but is rigid where metal is crushed
                                                     extremely reliable. Tapco provides easier                against anvil
                                                     bending, safer cutting, faster slitting, and          •	 Star	labels	reference	common	bends	used	on	
                                                     near-effortless roll forming for standout trim           the job site
                                                     aesthetics. Contractors can fabricate pieces with
                                                     an exacting fit for functional, home-protecting       For more information, contact your Lansing
                                                     performance and the ultimate fine finish.             representative, or visit

EPA Will Not Require Lead Clearance Testing
The EPA announced July 15, 2011 that it will not add additional clearance       a great deal of money on lead testing. If remodeling is more affordable,
testing requirements to the current Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting        home owners will be able to hire an EPA-certified renovator to keep them
Rule. “After carefully weighing all available information and considering       safe from lead dust hazards during renovation.”
the public comments, EPA has concluded it is not necessary to impose
                                                                                The WDMA (Window & Door Manufacturers Association) will continue
new lead-dust sampling and laboratory analysis, known as the clearance
                                                                                in its efforts to bring the LRRP Rule back on track with what was originally
                                                                                approved in 2008, in particular efforts to reinstate the opt-out provision
“The agency believes that the existing lead-safe work practices and clean up    for homeowners who do not have children under six or pregnant women
requirements—which went into place in 2010—will protect people from             present in their home, O’Brien adds. The association will also oppose
lead dust hazards created during renovations jobs without the need for          efforts to expand the rule to commercial buildings.
additional clearance requirements,” the statement continued. “Nothing
                                                                                The announcement from EPA notes that although the agency is not
in today’s action will hamper implementation of the tough protections
                                                                                imposing clearance requirements, it has changed the final rule that
already in place. EPA determined that the lead-safe work practices will
                                                                                “clarifies and strengthens the current lead-safe work practices, including
protect human health without imposing additional regulatory burdens
                                                                                requiring that a vertical containment system or equivalent measures be
and costs associated with taking dust samples and obtaining laboratory
                                                                                used when outside renovations are performed within 10 feet of a property
                                                                                line, and that HEPA-vacuum filters be changed at regular intervals.”
The decision was welcomed by numerous building and construction
                                                                                EPA also states that it will “aggressively enforce” the LRRP rule and
organizations. “We’re pleased that the EPA listened to the concerns
                                                                                continue its education and outreach program to ensure lead-safe work
of remodelers about the extreme costs the proposed clearance testing
                                                                                practices and to reduce lead poisonings across the country.
would have imposed,” says Bob Peterson, NAHB Remodelers chair and a
remodeler from Fort Collins, CO. “Homeowners are saved from spending            Source,

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