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					                                                                                              Engine Generator Sets SIR/RFO No. DTFAWA-11-R-00004
                                                                                                             Questions with Answers

#    Section   Name   Sub-Section                               Question                                                                      Government Response
1      C       SOW     C.     Will the Contractor receive adequate notice of the requirement   Yes. Contract will require 14-working days notice for equipment shipped within continental United
                                     for shipment, offloading and placement? What length of           States. To-Be-Determined (TBD) for equipment shipped outside the continental United States.
                                     notice, in working days, will be provided?
2      C       SOW      C.3.3.8      Does FAA require software code for service tools used to         No.
                                     configure and maintain generator and engine controllers?
3      C       SOW     C.     Please provide a definition of Spare Parts Peculiar?             Spare parts peculiar to the vendor's equipment; it is possible this list is same or almost identical to the
                                                                                                      Depot Level Spare Parts List. These could be parts ordered from third party vendors that require long
4      C       SOW    C. &    Please provide a definition of Depot Spares? What qualifies as Spare parts used by the vendor's service technician to perform on-site equipment restoration, and
                       C.     a depot spare?                                                 available to be shipped within 24-hours. These could be critical parts on the shelf and/or supplied by
                                                                                                    third party vendors or vendor's supplier. On-Site Engine Generator Set repair does not include major
                                                                                                    engine overhauls.
5      C       SOW      C.3.5.2      Section C.3.5.2 CDLS Program. Can we use our factory
                                     COTS based systems for the electronic administration of         No. The vendor must interface with the FAA’s Logistics Center (FAALC) Web-based interface known
                                     orders, tracking, contract status requests and fulfillment?     as - CDLS Web, see Section-C paragraph C. The vendor must monitor the CDLS Web to obtain
                                                                                                     FAA equipment part orders and provide part order status, see Section-C paragraph C.3.5.2 and Section-J
                                                                                                     Attachment J.19 “CDLS User Guide” for vendor procedures and vendor use of Graphical User Interface
                                                                                                     screens. FAA field personnel enter equipment part orders into the Logistics Inventory System (LIS), see
                                                                                                     Section-C paragraph C.3.5.6 for FAA field personnel ordering procedures.
6      C       SOW     C.     What ISO Certifications on processes would be recognized as ISO certifications that demonstrate the vendor's compliance with the FAA's Integrated logistics Support
                                     fulfilling these requirements?                                  (ILS) as defined in Section-C, Statement of Work.
7      C       SOW     C.     Can we use our factory COTS based parts system for the          See answer to Question #5.
                                     electronic administration of aftermarket parts orders, tracking
                                     and fulfillment?
8      C       SOW     C.     Because many parts are heavy and ship by express means cans No. When charges exceed $100 a copy of the waybill must be submitted with the invoice.
                                     the $100 requirement changed to a higher value ($200)?
9      C       SOW     C.     Does FAA require license of electronic hardware design          No, the FAA does not require license of electronic hardware design.
                                     (schematics, pcb layout, ORCAD files, stencil design, BOM, No, the FAA does not require custom supplier designs on printed circuit boards.
                                     etc.)? Does this include custom supplier designs used on the
10     C       SOW     C.     Does FAA require use of software or processors that do not      No.
                                     have security or tamper proof settings that prevent contractors
                                     from modifying or decoding later?
11     C       SOW     C.     What is the need to provide the executable software/firmware Used by the FAA's internal second level engineering support.
                                     that in some cases may be proprietary?
12     C       SOW     C.     The COTS manuals provided do not include OEM part               The vendor must provide Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM) parts cross reference to the vendor's
                      Section 4) h   numbers.                                                        part numbers. This requirement can be satisfied by listing in a separate manual or data disc.

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                                                                                             Engine Generator Sets SIR/RFO No. DTFAWA-11-R-00004
                                                                                                            Questions with Answers

13   C      SOW          C.   During the first two years, how many training classes are          See Attachment J.21 "Bill of Materials", Contract Line Item Number 0039. The estimated class size is
                                     expected per year?                                                 Min 5, Max 10. First year Maximum number classes 250/5 = 50 classes. Minimum number 250/10 = 25
                                                                                                        classes. Second year Maximum number classes 200/5 = 40 classes. Minimum number 200/10 = 20
                                                                                                        classes. Actual number of classes is dependent on number of students in each class.
14   D    Packing &       D.2.2      Who will be required to enter the UID information into the         The vendor is required to scan EGS and ATS equipment bar codes and forward a soft copy to the
           Marking                   UID Registry?                                                      Government. See Section-J, Attachment J.2 Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) M003; and
                                                                                                        associated Data Item Description (DID).
15   D    Packing &       D.3.2      When does the scanning/tracking process begin? At the              See Section-J, Attachment J.2, CDRL M003, "When EGS or ATS units are shipped from factory floor
           Marking                   factory or at the warehouse?                                       to the Pre-Deployment Warehouse or directly to the site. And, when shipped from the Pre-Deployment
                                                                                                        Warehouse to a site."
16   D    Packing &       D.3.2.     Section D.3.2. states that “The contractor will support the        See answer to Question Number 15.
           Marking                   FAA with scanning for tracking production units from their         This paragraph will be revised/corrected and new Section-D page issued with SIR/RFO Amendment.
                                     point of shipment originating at the production facility to
                                     receipt of production units in Oklahoma City” . Is the point of
                                     shipment Kohler or Bentley? Would the units need to be
                                     scanned upon arrival at Bentley and then when they are
                                     transferred to FAA stock?
17   D    Packing &                  Is a label generated on a thermal printer acceptable for an        Yes, a thermal printer generated label is acceptable.
           Marking                   identification bar code being applied directly to the Engine
                                     Generator Set (EGS) and Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)?
18   D    Packing &                  Is a label generated on a thermal printer acceptable for an        Yes, a thermal printer generated label is acceptable The label must be applied directly to the Engine
           Marking                   identification bar code being applied to containers for the EGS    Generator Set and Automatic Transfer Switch.
                                     and ATS?
19   D    Packing &                  Is the UID Registry the preferred data base, or is there another   The unit identification code bar code identification registry is the preferred data base.
           Marking                   system being used (i.e. WAWF or GEX)?

20   F   Deliveries or               Commercial shipping procedures require the owner of the            No.
         Performance                 equipment to make international shipping and payment               When a Task Order is issued to ship an Engine Generator Set or ancillary equipment from the Pre-
                                     arrangements. The contractor will be able to assist as             Deployment warehouse the vendor must make all arrangements and pay all expenses necessary to
                                     consultant but cannot legally make the international shipping      complete the task. This is true if the EGS and EGS ancillary equipment are shipped to a site one mile
                                     arrangements. Will this be acceptable?                             from the Pre-Deployment warehouse or halfway around the world. The vendor will be reimbursed the
                                                                                                        shipping expenses.
21   G     Contract       G.7.1      Will the FAST PAY procedure be used?                               No
            n Data
22   G     Contract       G.7.1      Can the SF 1034 be pre-populated and submitted                     No, all SF 1034 forms must be submitted along with the invoice as instructed in Section G.7.1.
         Administratio               electronically?
            n Data
23   G     Contract       G.7.1      Is the FAA developing a payment process similar to WAWF?           No.
            n Data

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                                                                                                 Engine Generator Sets SIR/RFO No. DTFAWA-11-R-00004
                                                                                                                Questions with Answers

24   G     Contract         G.7.1       Does this mean all monthly invoices for a month have to be          All services provided within one month can be submitted on one invoice. Lost or corrected invoices may
         Administratio                  submitted as a batch or does it mean an individual invoice can      be submitted outside of the monthly schedule.
            n Data                      only be submitted once per calendar month in the event it was
                                        lost or issued as a correcting invoice?
25   L   Instructions,       14.1       Reference Part IV-Section L.14.1 Volume I – Offer, (2)              You can ignore clauses 3.10.2-2(i)(1) and (2). Clause (i)(1) was included in the original AMS but was
          Conditions                    Section I Clause 3.10.2-2 Subcontracts (Cost-Reimbursement          subsequently altered in the first change in October 1996. Since then, the clause has always been reserved.
         and Notice to                  and Cost Reimbursement and Ceiling Price Contracts) (i) (2)         Given that clause (2) depends on clause (1) it is inoperative
                                        2) Additionally, the Contractor shall include in each cost-
                                        reimbursement subcontract under this contract a requirement
                                        that the subcontractor insert the substance of the appropriate
                                        modified subparagraph referred to in subparagraph (1) above
                                        in each lower tier price redetermination or incentive price
                                        revision subcontract under that subcontract.

                                        Can you please explain what subparagraph2 above means,
                                        particularly when subparagraph (1) referred to in the above is
                                        designated as “Reserved”?

26   J    Attachment       J.101.1    The specifications is asking for Switch Gear on the Generators. The Engine Generator Systems (EGSs) do not have switchgear.
              J.1                     Can you tell me how or what the switch gear is being used for The "Switchgear" reference is found in Paragraph 101.1 of the EG Specification. This is a reference to
                                      or what is the application?                                     ANSI/IEEE and IEC standards. There is no standard specifically for Automatic Transfer Switches
                                                                                                      (ATS). These standards are listed to insure compliance of the ATS to industry standards. The ATS
                                                                                                      purpose and construction have much in common with switchgear.
27   J    Attachment       J.102.2.b  Please define how service load is determined. Is the service    Service Load is the kW rating of the Engine Generator Set.
              J.1                     load a set percentage of the nominal kW of the genset chosen
                                      for a particular service load?
28   J    Attachment     J.102.2u & v Please define what is meant by step load increase? Does it      See Attachment J.1paragraph 212.4. A step load increase is equal to 1/4 of 80% to 100% of the Engine
              J.1                     mean the max step load increase or other?                       Generator Set kW rating.
29   J    Attachment     Section 204. Do you want all units capable of being paralleled or do you     All E/G's 500kW and above to have the capability of being paralleled, and for the paralleling feature to be
              J.1                     want certain ones to be capable of being paralleled( Section    an option available at the time of ordering the unit.
                                        204 of Specs).
30   J    Attachment       J.206.4      Is the manually initiated test described in this section intended   Yes. Section 206.4 and Section 211.15k are referring to the same feature, this is the ELT (Extended
              J.1                       to be the same as extended load test described in Section           Load Test).
                                        211.15.k? It is not clear what the difference may be between
                                        these two tests.
31   J    Attachment       J.209.1      Can additional details be provided regarding what an external       This device would perform precisely the same function as the internal bypass switch in the OTTS/BS
              J.1                       stand alone bypass switch is and how it differs from an             except that it would be in a separate enclosure from the ATS. The amperage sizes required are exactly
                                        OTTS/BS? Is there a 1 line drawing available? What                  the same as the size rating of the ATS. If a 400 ampere ATS is required, then a 400 ampere Bypass
                                        amperage sizes are required? This item is not listed in the J.21    would be required. The stand alone bypass cabinet is priced in Attachment J.21 Base contract period
                                        BOM/Pricing Matrix.                                                 Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs) 0014, 0019, 0024, and 0029; and Option contract periods 1
                                                                                                            through 4.

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                                                                                                 Engine Generator Sets SIR/RFO No. DTFAWA-11-R-00004
                                                                                                                Questions with Answers

32   J   Attachment       J.210.1     Section J.210.1. Is a by-pass version of the residential          Yes.
             J.1                      automatic transfer switch truly required?

33   J   Attachment    Section J.212 Section J.212 Load Bank Assembly. Are load banks to be             This is dependent on the vendor's engine generator prime mover.
             J.1        Load Bank manual with no shed share included?                                   Shed/Share is only required if continuous operation of the engine generator under lightly loaded
                        Assembly                                                                        conditions would adversely affect the performance of the engine.
34   J   Attachment       J.212.2    Section J.212.2 What kW range generators require load banks        Attachment J.21 Bill of Materials Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs) 0001 through 0006 have options
             J.1                     to be radiator mounted? Spec section 212.2 states that units       for skid mounted load banks and remote load banks. CLIN 0001 480 volt Engine Generator Sets (EGS)
                                     above 75kW require remote, pad mounted load banks however          have optional sub-CLINs for skid and remote up to and including 500 kW. CLIN 0002 208 volt EGS up
                                     J.21 pricing matrix asks for pricing for skid mounted load         to and including 100kW are skid mounted load banks; and 125 kW up to and including 300 kW have sub-
                                     bank on units above 75kW.                                          CLINs for skid mounted and remote load bank. CLIN 0003 has sub-CLINs for both skid mounted and
                                                                                                        remote load bank. CLINs 0004 through 0006 sub-CLINs are all skid mounted load banks.

35   J   Attachment J.212.6.g; Load   Is digital metering (Volts, Amps, Hz, and kW) required?           Digital or analog metering is acceptable, provided that an appropriate scaling is used such that + 5%
             J.1      bank control                                                                      accuracy readings can be made.
36   J   Attachment      J.300.1      Is a Dranetz Power Quality Monitor the only acceptable            If any other brand of device is used, then the vendor must supply the government with any and all
             J.1                      monitoring device, or is an equivalent alternate acceptable?      required, licensed software for review and analysis of the data collected.
37   J   Attachment    J.300.12.c     This section states that “The engine speed must be caused to      Overspeed shutdown is an NFPA 110 requirement. 120% of generator name plate speed rating. Manual
             J.1                      rise above rated speed slowly until these trips.” Please advice   speed control adjustment is a requirement, see section 202.4 and 204.1.b. This adjustment shall not
                                      what percentage above the rated speed is considered an            require the use of software.
                                      overspeed condition? Note, current EPA requirements have
                                      ECM programming which does not allow manual control of
                                      engine speed
38   J   Attachment      J.300.19a;   Fuel shutoff. Assume this refers to gas powered sets only.        This applies to all Engine Generator Sets.
             J.1       Miscellaneous Please confirm.
39   J   Attachment        Section    Please confirm what safety switch(es) this refers to.             This is referring to the Emergency Stop Button or Emergency Power Off (EPO).
             J.1         J.300.19.b
40   J   Attachment        Section    This sections states to perform tests that are up to 110% of      The 80% load bank may be used for this test provided that it can load the EGS to 110% of it's rated load
             J.1      J.300.23.a Four rated load using the load bank with the EGS. Section 212.4        or capacity.
                         Hour Test    states the load bank to be sized for a minimum of 80% of the
                                      EGS kW rating. Will the EGS load bank sized to 80% be used
                                      for this test?
41   J   Attachment        Section    Are the kW loads referred to in this section the service rated    Yes.
             J.1      J.300.23.a. 1-5 kW?
42   J   Attachment         J.401     Is preservation packing required on every production EGS or       Preservation packing is required on every production Engine Generator Set.
             J.1        Preservation will it be specified on the Purchase Orders for specific units?

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                                                                                              Engine Generator Sets SIR/RFO No. DTFAWA-11-R-00004
                                                                                                             Questions with Answers

43   J   Attachment J.5 - Day Tanks                                                                      This means that Engine Generators for CLINs 0001A and 0001AA have the same size Day Tank.
                                    Under Section J, EG Day tanks-- Engine Generator CLIN
                                    0001A and 0001AA both show Day Tank Item 0030K. Does
                                    this mean that the two generators will operate off of the same
                                    Day Tank or does It mean that each generator will have a
                                    0030K size tank?
44   J   Attachment                                                                                      Section-J, Attachment J.21 Bill of Materials Estimated Quantity "EST QTY" for CLINs 0030, Day Tank;
            J.21                    In the Bill of Materials you stated that there are 75 day tanks.     0031, Load bank; 0032, Silencer; and 0033, Remote Radiator were changed to match Estimated Quantity
                                    If you total the number of day tanks in the spread sheet it totals   in Section-M, Attachment M.2. Changes to same CLINs in OPTION Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4.
                                    more than 75. What is the total quantity of day tanks?
45   J   Attachment Pages 6-12, 27- What enclosure styles are required for the bypass isolation          The ATS/Bypass and stand alone Bypass cabinets are NEMA Type 1 enclosures.
            J.21     32, 44-50, 61- switch? The spec refers to both NEMA 1 and NEMA 3R but
                       66, 78-83    this sections does not specify which enclosure type.
46   J   Attachment                 CLIN 14, 19, 24, and 29 are for “Automatic Transfer Switch           Attachment J.21 Base contract period Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs) 0014, 0019, 0024, and
            J.21                    (ATS) ByPass Cabinet”. Are these actually for only the               0029; and Option contract periods 1 through 4, are stand alone bypass cabinets with switch devises.
                                    cabinet and not a complete switch? We do not understand
                                    why an empty cabinet would be ordered
47                                  Reference Solicitation DTFAWA-11-R-00004 titled Engine               Kohler is the current incumbent.
                                    Generator Sets (EGS), is there an incumbent for this program?
                                    If so, who is the incumbent? If there is not an incumbent, is
                                    there a previous similar program? Who was the incumbent on
                                    that program?

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