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									Troop 230
New Parent Orientation
February 27, 2011
 Welcome and Introductions
 Troop Structure
 Scout Leadership
 Meetings
 Advancement
 Flags Across America
 Adult Leadership
 Summer Camp
                Some Thoughts
   Make it Fun!!!!
   This is not a race!! There is no finish line.
   Encourage your scout but don’t push too hard.
   If you are involved, your son will be too.
   All leaders do not always know everything!
   Ask questions. Ask a leader!
   You don’t have to have scouting experience.
   Encourage your son to try new things. Support
    them in their leadership positions. Scouting offers
    a safe environment for them to grow & learn.
   Our goal is not to create Eagles, but instead to
    develop great men of strong character.
         BSA Organizational Overview

   The Scout Organization
       National Council of Boy Scouts                National Council, BSA

       Southern Region                                       Region

       Local Council                                          Area

            Sam Houston Area Council                     Local Council
       District                                             District
            Texas Skies District
                                                      Chartered Organization
       Chartered Organization
            St. Peter’s United Methodist Church         Unit Committee

       Troop Committee                            Units – Packs, Troops, Crews,
                                                     Teams, Posts, Ships, Etc.
            Chris Walker – Committee Chair
       Troop
            John Balden – Scoutmaster
            Senior Patrol Leader – Zach Walker
            Troop Communication
   Troop Website (
       Calendar for the Troop
       Scouthouse Calendar for both troops
       Forms, Contact Info, Flags Across America
        (User = User, Password = Pass)
 Troop E-mail Updates
 Weekly Meeting Announcements
 Twitter: follow troop230katy : 40404
Patrol Structure
           Horizontal vs. Vertical
        Horizontal                  Vertical
         Method                      Method
                                  (Troop 230)
   Boys of the same age      Boys of all ages
   Dwindle over time         New boys added each
   Transitioned in to a       year
    Venture patrol            Permanent patrols
                              No Venture Patrol
                  How it works?
   New Webelos will be formed into a 1st
    year patrol
       Entering Webelos den/patrol remain in tact
       Concentrate on 1st Class activities
       Moved into permanent patrols after 1st year
   4 Permanent Patrols
       Stronger leadership
       Critical mass for camp outs and meetings
       Mentorship within the patrol
Scout Leadership
            Scout Leadership Positions
   Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) Elected Positions
       Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)
       Two Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders (ASPL)
       Patrol Leaders (each patrol has a patrol leader)
   Other Official Leadership Roles Include
       Quartermaster, Troop Guide, Bugler, Scribe, Historian, Librarian,
        Chaplain’s Aide, OA Representative, Den Chief
       Leadership positions not required for advancement until 1st Class

   Roles and Responsibilities found on Troop website
   All positions require “meaningful” leadership and
    sign-off by Scoutmaster, ASM or Committee
Troop Meetings
                 Troop Meetings
 Weekly meetings unless posted on calendar
 Scout needs to sign in upon arrival
 What to expect during the meeting
       Full participation during the meeting
       Patrols sit together
       Patrol meetings/Patrol time
       Patrol challenge games/instruction
       Boards of Review (formal advancement meeting)
       Scoutmaster Conference (discuss advancement)
       Campout Planning
   Class A: Formal, full dress official Boy Scout uniform. This consists of dress shoes or
    boots (no tennis shoes), BSA pants or shorts (not jeans), Class “A” shirt, BSA socks,
    belt, merit badge sash or Order of the Arrow (OA) sash as applicable. Headgear is
    optional, but if worn, only BSA or Troop Hat is permissible. The Eagle Neckerchief
    may be worn, as applicable. Proper insignia and patches should be correctly worn on
    the uniform. Class “A” uniforms are to be worn at Courts of Honor and other formal
    scout functions as designated by the Patrol Leaders Council.
   Class AB: Full-dress BSA uniform with pants or shorts or blue jeans, BSA shirt with
    the proper insignia and patches correctly sewn on the uniform and close-toed shoes.
    Headgear is optional, but if worn, only BSA or Troop Hat is permissible. Note:
    Regulation uniform long or short stockings must be worn if BSA pants or shorts are
    worn. The Scout Class AB uniform is to be worn by all Scouts, Scoutmasters, and
    Assistant Scoutmasters to the Troop meetings and during transportation (to and from
    outings). In addition, the Class AB uniform is required at Boards of Review and
    Scoutmaster Conferences, daily flag ceremonies at all campouts and other special
   Class B: Informal Boy Scout uniform. BSA long or short pants, blue jeans, or solid
    color shorts are worn with a Troop 230 tee shirt. Headgear is optional, but if worn,
    only BSA or Troop Hat is permissible. BSA long or short socks should be worn with
    BSA shorts. Close-toed shoes are generally recommended for safety. This is the
    proper uniform for campouts after travel and work projects or other activities
    requiring physical activity.
      Troop Expectations – Youth
   Active Membership
   Advancement
   Review Process
   Uniforms
   Conduct
   Merit Badges
   Training
   Service Hours
              Monthly Camping
   One weekend per month
   Locations determined during annual planning (May)
   Scouts camp in patrols
   Adults must be registered with troop & YPT
   Depart Friday afternoon/return Sunday
   Class AB worn while travelling
   Must pay grubmaster (scout/adult) by prior Monday
   If your son is grubmaster…….
   Gear (Sleeping bag, clothes, shoes, hygiene)
   Troop Gear; What to do when it comes home
   No Electronics except while traveling
   $ Required for dinner up, lunch or snack back
Awesome Scouting Adventure           Cost for 2011 Summer Camp
 June 18 – June 25, 2011            Scout:  $410 Adult: $335
 Approx 50 Merit Badges             Cost includes:
 First Class Emphasis Program          14 Passenger Van Rental
 Adult Training Program                Camp Fee
 Average High 88 F (64 F – 100 F)      Star Party
 Average Low 60 F (51 F – 84 F)        Tour of Fort Davis
 Chance of Rain - NONE
                                     Extra   costs not included
 2 person tents provided for        above
                                        Meals in transit
 Located in the Davis Mountains
 4500 feet above sea level              Camp Crafts and Snacks
 Touring of the Fort Davis area        Camp Photos and Shirts
 before camp (Star Party at
 McDonald Observatory and Fort
 Davis Historic Site
       Boy Scout Advancements

   Process by which a Boy Scout Progresses
   Advancement is a means to an end, not an end in itself…
           Designed to help Scout have exciting and meaningful experience
           Education and fun are key to advancement principles
           Scouts experience growth by overcoming obtainable goals
           Scout through First Class Ranks focuses on Scouting’s basic skills;
            Trail to Eagle focuses on Leadership & Service

   Rank Advancements
           Scout
           Tenderfoot
           Second Class
           First Class
           Star
           Life
           Eagle
           Active Membership
 Participation in Patrol and Troop Activities
 Paying Troop Dues
 Progress towards Advancement
 Live the Scout Oath and Law
 If the ASM or Committee Chair doesn’t
  know your son, he is probably not active.
 We understand your son may be involved
  in other activities, just communicate and
  plan your participation. Especially
   Four step process (Learning, Review, Testing, Recognition)
   Tracked via Scout Handbook and TroopMaster (if turned in)
   Cannot be signed off the same day as instruction
   Cannot be signed off by a parent
   Must be signed off by a trained ASM (1st Preference is Patrol)
   Can be retested to ensure retention (all the way to eagle)
Some Tips
   Have Scout make copies of the Scout Handbook
   Scout requests advancement coordinator enter completions
   Scout requests history reports 2x per year
   Notice this says SCOUT and not Parent.
                   Review Process
   Scout contacts Advancement Committee member to make
    sure participation, merit badge, and Leadership Position
    requirements are recorded and have been completed
   Scout schedules Scoutmaster’s conference with trained
       Life and Eagle conferences are done with the Scoutmaster
   Scout schedules Board of Review with Advancement
    Committee member (The Window)

NOTE: Scout must wear Class A or AB uniform and be prompt
   and prepared for all conferences and reviews (including
   scout belt, patrol patch, correct rank). Full Class A is
   required for Star, Life and Eagle rank conferences.
                    Merit Badges
   Over 120 offered by BSA
       21 Required for Eagle, 12 Predetermined
       Summer/Winter camps, Museums, MB Fairs.
   Troop offered twice per year      (same night as FCE)
       1st Class and above, some exceptions
   Obtain blue card & signatures prior to attending
   Complete requirements with MB Counselor
   Obtain completion signatures – counselor &
    Scout Master
   Turn in to Advancement Coordinator (window)
             First Class Emphasis
   Opportunity to Focus on New Scout Skills
       Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class
   Troop offered every month
       Wednesday Night, Check Troop Calendar
   Troop Guide Driven with ASM Support
   Great Opportunity to See, Learn, Do
   Sign-off cannot occur on same night
   Goal of getting your scout to 1st Class in
    12 to 18 months
   TLT (Troop Leadership Training)
       Provided by troop and required for “Trained” patch & Leadership
        requirement for rank advancement (Star, Life and Eagle).
   NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training)
       Provided by SHAC
       Troop offers some assistance in tuition
   NAYLE (National Advanced Youth Leader Experience)
       Provided at Philmont Scout Ranch
       Requires completion of NYLT
       Troop offers some assistance in tuition
                    Service Hours
   For rank advancement
       Troop prefers that they be with the troop
           At least 2 troop sponsored activities per year
           Most camp outs
           Multiple Eagle Projects
       Outside the troop
           Requires prior approval from ASM
           Adult sign-off from the event
           Scout uniform (A or B) must be worn
   Can not count for rank advancement and
    also for other awards, e.g.Texas Award,
    50 Miler
Flags Across America
Boy Scouts of America – Sam Houston Council
Texas Skies District
Troop 230 – Katy, TX

     • What is it?
         The Troop’s primary fundraiser

     • How much does the Troop raise each year?
         Current accounts: 1,000 subscriptions
         Annual subscription: $30/yr per flag
         Troop’s annual revenue: $30,000

     • How much goes to the Scout?
         Scout’s allocation per subscription: $17/account ($5 per subscription,
         $2 per flag day) ($1 to post flag, $1 to pull in flag)
         Avg Scout has 20~30 accounts: $340 - $510/yr
         Process in place if you cannot put flags out due to schedule conflicts
         Troop utilizes $ to maintain flags, purchase gear, support activities
Boy Scouts of America – Sam Houston Council
Texas Skies District
Troop 230 – Katy, TX


     • How many Holidays are covered?
        6 Holidays:
         Presidents Day (Feb)
         Memorial Day (May)
         Flag Day (Jun)
         4th of July (Jul)
         Labor Day (Sep)
         Veterans Day (Nov)
Boy Scouts of America – Sam Houston Council
Texas Skies District
Troop 230 – Katy, TX

     How does it work?
        • 1st: Get some accounts (see website for forms)
        • 2nd: Get some flags (see Mr. Smith for materials)
        • 3rd: Post the flags
        • Flag maintenance
            • Scout keeps the flags at home
            • Troop provides the materials
        • Account maintenance
            • Bring payments to the Scout House
            • Troop’s Treasurer tracks Scout Acct balances
 Boy Scouts of America – Sam Houston Council
 Texas Skies District
 Troop 230 – Katy, TX

      Using the Troop’s Webpage
         • General information
             • Program overview
             • Flag placement
             • Subscription status database
      Link to Troop’s webpage:

       Steve Smith
       281-979-9352 [cell]
Adult Leader Training
Adult Leader Training
   A multitude of courses are offered online and
    may be accessed at
       You will need to create an account if you do not
        already have one.
       Choose the "Training" tab. You will then see a tab
        for "e-learning".

       Print the certificate and give to “The Window” or
        email to John Machen.
Adult Leader Training, con’t.
   Other courses will be offered by Host Districts
    & the Sam Houston Area Council

   Availability will be communicated via email
    and during the “Announcement Time” of the
    Troop Meetings

   Troop will reimburse the tuition fees for ASM
    Required Training. If a leader (ASM or Committee)
    desires to receive additional training that requires a
    tuition, must seek approval from the committee
Troop Committee Member Training
   Boy Scout Leader Fast Start
   Youth Protection Training (YPT)--required
    every two years
   This is Scouting
   Troop Committee Challenge
          These courses are offered online
Scout Master/Assistant Scout Master
   Boy Scout Leader Fast Start

   Youth Protection Training (YPT)--required
    every two years

   This is Scouting

           These courses are offered online
Scout Master/Assistant Scout Master
 Scoutmaster         Specific Training
 Intro    to Outdoor Leader
     These courses are offered by Host
      Districts. They require overnight camping.

     See next slides for dates & contact info.
Scout Master/Assistant Scout Master
Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills
Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (S11)
 Feb 15, 18-20
                  Copperhead          Chuck Devier     713-818-2258
 w/ SM Specific
                   Tall Timbers
  March 11-12       Iron Horse        Karen O’Toole    936-321-6728
                  George Strake
    April 1-3      North Star          Jon Sturgis     281-494-7240
                   North Star
   April 9-10                          Jon Sturgis     281-494-7240
                  Thunder Wolf
   March 30
                  Golden Arrow        Fritz Maxwell    281-238-4438
   April 9-10
   April 9-10         Orion         Jeanine Holloway   936-521-9813
   May 4,
                   Texas Skies        Benno Dunn       281-413-9912
  May 14-15
 April 28-May 1     Bayshore           Ron Wiehle      281-386-6990
    Nov 9,
                   Texas Skies        Benno Dunn       281-413-9912
   Nov 19-20
Scout Master/Assistant Scout Master
Scoutmaster & Asst Scoutmaster Specific
   March 12        North Star    Jon Sturgis     281-494-7240

   March 19       Golden Arrow   Fritz Maxwell   281-238-4438

    April 2       Golden Arrow   Fritz Maxwell   281-238-4438

    April 9       Texas Skies    Benno Dunn      281-413-9912

    April 16        Phoenix      Tim Durham      281-658-1948

    May 14         Bayshore      Ron Wiehle      281-386-6990

    May 21        Arrowmoon      Scott Hoose     979-776-8219

 Sep 7 (part 1)   Texas Skies    Benno Dunn      281-413-9912

Sep 14 (part 2)   Texas Skies    Benno Dunn      281-413-9912

Sep 21 (part 3)   Texas Skies    Benno Dunn      281-413-9912
Beyond the Basic Requirements…
 Weather  Hazards       Safe Swim
 Safety Afloat          Defense
 Trek Safety            Climb on Safety

 Some events require a certain number of ASMs
 be trained in these courses.
         Open Leadership Positions
 Assistant Scoutmasters
 ASM Summer Camp Assistant
 Committee Roles
       New Member Processing Coordinator
       New Member Processing Assistants (4)
       Scouthouse Manager
       Training Coordinator Assistant
       Service Project Coordinator
       Eagle Project Review Team (6 Members)
Troop 230, Katy Texas


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