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BEST PRACTICES- Greenberg Traurig


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Tuesday April 27, 2010                                                           Home | News | Opinion | Clas

                          Monday, April 26, 2010

                          BEST PRACTICES: Greenberg Traurig

                          When casino boss Steve Wynn gets a blockbuster idea, he calls Mark
                          Tratos. As the intellectual property lawyer for Wynn Resorts Ltd., Tratos
                          safeguards those moments of inspiration from piracy and copycats.

News                      "Intellectual property covers every element of the resort
                          conceptualization," said Tratos, who has been a Las Vegas resident since
Business Wire             1963 and is also managing partner of Greenberg Traurig's Las Vegas
Press Releases            office. "A distinguished physical or visual appearance can constitute a
                          unique expression."
Business Life             Intellectual property protection is just one of Greenberg Traurig's
                          specialties. The 47-year-old firm, founded in Miami in 1967, does
Opinion                   commercial litigation, corporate practice and entertainment law.
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the Best Penny Stock     "At one time, we
Newsletter in the
                         represented about
                         80 percent of the resort industry," said Tratos, who also teaches at the
                         University of Nevada, Las Vegas. "It's experience coupled with success
Penny Stock              and a business focus that makes the difference. We don't have to
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voted penny stock        Attorney Michael Bonner has helped hone Greenberg Traurig's resort
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today!                   Showboat and Paul-Son Gaming Corp., among others. Greenberg
       Buy a link here   Traurig selectively recruits experienced local attorneys with strong
                         community ties and winning track records; the firm feels this
                         employment strategy gives it a competitive edge over rivals.

                         Other Greenberg Traurig cornerstone attorneys, besides Tratos, include
                         Mark Ferrario and Philip Hymanson.

                         "Mark Ferrario and Philip Hymanson have tried those 'bet-the-company'
                         type of cases," said Tratos, who has been with Greenberg Traurig since
                         2005. "They're the go-to guys because of the sheer volume and success
                         they have had in jury trials."

                         Like many businesses, Greenberg Traurig is being forced to adapt amid
                         the economic downturn. As clients trim expenses, Greenberg Traurig is
                         shifting from an hourly rate structure to lump-sum per-job billing. Law
                         firms are now being asked to provide project estimates so clients can
                         better forecast expenditures.

                         "Las Vegas is probably one of the most challenged cities in America.
                         None of the businesses are thriving because people aren't coming to
                         town and spending money," said Tratos, who enjoys doing dinosaur digs
                         during his free time. "The law practice is changing toward a pricing
                         structure that lets you know what you're going to pay before the case.
                         Other industries have done it. We're going to see that same kind of

                         -- Tony Illia

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