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									                                                                Rion Dooley
                                                17336 Manish Dr.  Pflugerville, TX 78660
                                                 Phone: (512) 769-8225  AIM: deardooley

OBJECTIVE       A management/research position utilizing my educational background in Computer Science and research experience
                in the areas of Distributed and Grid Computing.

EDUCATION       Doctor of Philosophy, Computer Science Minor: Computer Engineering
                Dissertation: A Distributed Quadtree Dictionary Approach to Multi-Resolution Compression of Scattered Neutron
                Louisiana State University (LSU), Baton Rouge, LA, December 2003
                Co-Advisors: Dr. Aiichiro Nakano, Dr. John Tyler
                Overall GPA: 3.7, GPA in Major: 3.7, GPA Last 6 hours: 4.0

                Related Coursework: High Performance Computing I & II, Network Architecture, Distributed Algorithms, Compiler
                Optimization, Algorithm Analysis and Design, Theory of Computing, Grid Computing

                Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science; Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics
                Augustana College, Rock Island, IL, May 2000
                Overall GPA: 3.8, GPA in Major: 3.9

                Associate of Arts: General Studies
                Southeastern Community College, Burlington, IA, May 1997
                Overall GPA: 3.9

SKILLS          Languages (years)                          DB                               OS
                            Java (3)                      MySQL                           Windows
                              C (3)                    PostgreSQL                        Linux/RHX
                            MPI (3)                   HypersonicDB                           OS X
                             Perl (1)                                                        Unix
                    Teamed with the Integrated Spectral Analysis Workbench (ISAW) development team in the IPNS division of
                     Argonne National Lab (ANL) in Chicago, IL developing contour plot of neutron data for the ISAW and
                     collaborated with the Math and Computer Science division to implement a Grid between LSU and ANL.
                    Designed, implemented, and tested a fast surface triangulation of billion particle simulations for the Concurrent
                     Computing Laboratory of Materials Science.
                    Developed web-based human resource software as part of a team for a graduate level Software Engineering
                    Created a small-business management software package from the ground up for Hooters of Davenport, IA.

          RESA III, Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), Austin, TX (March 2006 – present)
          Served as lead site developer and strategic planner for the $3M NSF-funded GridChem project. Designed and
          developed services and infrastructure for the computational science community at large.

              IT Analyst II, Center for Computation and Technology (CCT), Baton Rouge, LA (March 2004 – May 2006)
              Assumed lead development of the Cactus task farming infrastructure to perform black hole simulations across
              distributed, heterogeneous environments. Served as lead site developer and strategic planner for LSU on the $3M
              NSF-funded GridChem project. Also responsible for designing and implementing center-wide information
              management strategies within a Grid environment.

              Thesis parts researcher, Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Chicago, IL (Summer 2002)
              Worked as part of the Intense Pulsed Neutron Source (IPNS) division developing a contour plot viewer of neutron data
              for the Integrated Spectral Analysis Workbench (ISAW) and implementing a Grid between LSU and ANL.
                                                      Rion Dooley


Dr. Achiiro Nakano
Associate Professor
Computer Science Department
University of Southern California
341 W. 37th Place
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0781
Phone: (213) 740-4496
Fax: (213) 740-7285

Dr. John Tyler
Computer Science Department
Louisiana State University
239 Coates Hall
Baton Rouge, LA
Phone: (504) 388-1495

Dr. Alok Chatterjee
Intense Pulsed Neutron Source Division
Argonne National Laboratory
1600 S. Cass Ave.
Argonne, IL 60439
Phone: (630) 252-9087

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