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                       SUMMER 2011                           The London Internet Exchange Membership Magazine

             In this issue of HotLINX...

             Up Front                                2
                          LINX CEO John Souter
                          comments on the recent
                          announcement that Juniper
                          Networks are to be
                                                              Reflecting on the
                                                            New LINX Network
                             LINX’s primary switch
                             equipment vendor.

             Inside Stories                          3
             World IPv6 Day and the IPv6
             World Congress are just two
             of the events which have
             promoted the new protocol.
             Patrick Gilmore comments
             on a big month for IPv6.

             Membership                    4 5 16
                           The members covered in
                            this issue include NetBenefit
                             and Cerberus Networks.
                              We also look at the
                              geographical spread of the
                              LINX membership in Asia.

             LINX Network                       6 7
             In a special two page feature
             we reveal the plans for
             the new LINX network
             architecture from Juniper. Tony
             West provides analysis of
             the latest developments.

             Industry News                 8 9 10
                          New reports on Intellectual
                          Property and peering
                          agreements are among the
                            topics covered in our
                             detailed industry news

             Events                        11 12 13
             Our industry events section
             previews the sixth European
             Peering Forum in Hungary
             and the new venue for
             the upcoming LINX74
             meeting later this summer.

             Staff News                             15
                            New LINX CTO, Derek
                            Cobb, is profiled on our
                            LINX staff page. Also
                            featured is new IT recruit
                               Ararat Smutkochorn and
                               LINX’s work with IPv6.
2   Up Front                                                                                                     Jeremy Orbell
                                                                                                                 HotLINX Editor

    Juniper agreement demonstrates                                                                                Editorial
    LINX’s commitment to a more                                                                                   Network architecture refresh
                                                                                                                  programme now underway
    resilient network architecture                                                                                May I welcome you all to issue 26 of the
                                                                                                                  LINX membership magazine, HotLINX.
    There can be little doubt that the big LINX story     The architecture
    this year has been the announcement I made            refresh programme                                       This year’s Internet industry news has been
    at LINX73 that we have decided to base our            is now well                                             dominated by the passing of the remaining
    architectural refresh on products and services        underway and we                                         IPv4 addresses to the five regional registries,
    from Juniper Networks.                                have appointed                                          and the push towards the implementation
                                                          Tony West as                                            of the ‘new’ IPv6 protocol. For those that
    During 2010, and after extensive consultation                                                                 have been prepared, and in some cases
    with members, we decided that we should move                                                                  prepared for many years, this is no longer
                                                          Manager to ensure
    from our current ring-based topology to a VPLS                                                                news but just plain common sense. The
                                                          the success of all
    architecture.                                                                                                 issue now is ensuring that those who have
                                                          aspects of the work.
                                                          You can find out                                        been late to the party are now able to
    LINX is the first large Internet exchange to                                    John Souter
                                                          more about Tony           LINX CEO                      become fully part of it.
    decide to work with Juniper, but perhaps we
                                                          on page seven of
    will see more exchanges consider using VPLS                                                                   The past few months have seen a number
                                                          this issue, together with an update on the latest
    in the future. Juniper were very enthusiastic                                                                 of events geared towards IPv6 with two in
                                                          developments and a high-level timeline for the
    about working with us, and clearly see this an                                                                particular - World IPv6 Day and the World
    opportunity to showcase their products in                                                                     IPv6 Congress - both featured in-depth
    another demanding environment.                                                                                in HotLINX26. World IPv6 Day was an
                                                          We have much to do during this summer and
                                                          autumn, but we are being well supported by              exercise in industry co-operation witnessing
                                                          both Juniper and Telindus (their reseller). Our         key large and smaller scale networks around
                                                          Juniper resident engineer arrives shortly, and we       the world trial the protocol on the same
                                                          are holding weekly project review meetings with         day. The fact that the day itself passed
                                                          Telindus. The first hardware has already arrived        largely without incident demonstrated
                                                          and is being staged at Telindus.                        that a significant part of the industry has
                                                                                                                  been quietly getting on with the job of
                                                          Future Goals                                            simply making the system work. How
                                                          Our goal is to build an even more resilient and         representative this is of the industry as a
                                                          capable exchange that satisfies the needs of            whole only time will tell.
                                                          the membership, and this will require effort,           Closer to home there is potentially
                                                          imagination and incredible attention to detail.         something else of even greater significance
                                                                                                                  to the LINX membership. This is the
                                                          As always, we want to keep our members
                                                                                                                  announcement of LINX’s new network
                                                          informed, and to keep talking to you about
                                                                                                                  architecture programme which John Souter
                                                          developments. So please watch the email lists
                                                                                                                  has already covered elsewhere on this page.
                                                          and social media feeds for details of how you can
    As well as the high-end MX range that we will                                                                 Two further pages on the subject have been
                                                          keep up to date with progress, starting with a
    be utilising during the first stages of deployment,                                                           included to explain the current position
                                                          member conference call scheduled for later in July.
    Juniper have shown us their next generation                                                                   and future plans for the transition process.
    products - which are attractive to us as we           If you have any specific questions, please feel free    In addition there are profiles of LINX CTO
    continue to grow.                                     to contact us in the usual ways.                        Derek Cobb, and Tony West, LINX’s new
                                                                                                                  Architecture Refresh Programme Manager,
                                                                                                                  who will both be playing a major part in
                                                                                                                  ensuring the change goes without a hitch.
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                                                          Sudbury Print                                           There are many more great stories and
    Jeremy Orbell (HotLINX Editor)
                                                                                                                  articles in this issue which we hope you will
    Megan Nisbet                                          Publishing:
                                                          London Internet Exchange Limited                        enjoy. As ever, if you have any comments or
    Tel:   +44 1733 207705                                Trinity Court, Trinity Street                           content ideas we would very much like to
    Fax:   +44 20 7536 0720                               Peterborough PE1 1DA                                    hear from you.

    Editorial & Content:                                  No part of this publication may be reproduced           Jeremy Orbell,                                      without the permission of the publishers.               HotLINX editor
                                                                                       Inside Stories                                                      3

IPv6 Events
IPv6 World Congress backs the
ideals of World IPv6 Day
The World IPv6 Congress was held at
the Thistle Marble Arch Hotel in London
on the 14th and 15th of June. Its close
proximity to World IPv6 Day ensured that
delegates were still digesting the results of
the trial and what would that mean for their

LINX was one of the endorsing associations
at the Congress event which attracted
over 200 attendees to its conference and

                                                World IPv6 Day
exhibition. The detailed and varied agenda
covered a multitude of topics including how
IPv6 affects differing operators and markets
around the world.

On day one the content stream covered           International Networks Collaborate
                                                in Ground-Breaking Event
strategic directions for IPv6 deployment, a
panel discussion dedicated to World IPv6
Day itself, plus sessions focussed on content
                                                World IPv6 Day was an event organised by             but there were still rare occurrences of issues
providers and operators sharing their IPv4
                                                ISOC, the Internet Society, to test IPv6 across      with some participating websites during the
and IPv6 networking experiences.
                                                international networks. Leading websites and ISPs    test. However, despite this, World IPv6 Day was
The second day of the event looked at           such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Akamai and          considered a qualified success.
government and regulatory leadership on         Limelight Networks were all directly involved
IPv6, transition to IPv6 and techniques for                                                          Bigger problems may arise when IPv6 goes
                                                along with another 1000 Internet organisations
deployment, and the practical issues that                                                            mainstream as many networks are currently not
                                                who had all signed up to take part.
need to be considered.                                                                               set up for IPv4 and IPv6 to coexist. For now, the
                                                In the trial, each one enabled IPv6 on their main    uptake of IPv6 is still expected to be slow but its
                                                services for 24 hours - from 00:00 UTC on            time is coming. Part of the problem is that IPv6
                                                Wednesday 8 June - to highlight any potential        needs to be enabled end-to-end which means
                                                problems with the protocol. As the tests were        there is little advantage in making the switch
                                                made under controlled conditions, it would           alone - this is merely delaying adoption further.
                                                become that much simpler to pick up any issues
                                                                                                     It has been stated that it could be five years
                                                and act upon them.
                                                                                                     before we see even 5% of Internet traffic
                                                                                   Comment           passed over IPv6 but even that would be a stark
                                                  Patrick Gilmore, LINX Vice Chairman and            improvement on the current position. Procera,
                                                  Akamai’s Network Architect, provided a             a deep packet inspection vendor, recently
                                                  preview for World IPv6 Day at LINX72               published a report claiming that IPv6 accounts
                                                  back in February. Patrick said, “World IPv6        for just 0.2% of all traffic. There is clearly some
The second annual IPv6 World Congress             Day is not about turning off IPv4. The goal is
is already being advertised to take place                                                            way to go.
                                                  to motivate organisations across the industry
on 12-13 June 2012. This time the event           - whether they are an ISP, hardware maker,
                                                                                                     The collaboratory process of World IPv6 Day is
is expected to attract over 250 attendees,        operating system vendor or web company - to
                                                  prepare their services for IPv6. It’s necessary    still expected to lay the groundwork for larger
40+ operator case studies, 70+ speakers
                                                  purely because it ensures that when the time       scale IPv6 adoption. Over the course of the 24-
and over 20 exhibitors.                           finally does come, there will be a successful      hour test, it was proved that major websites are
                             Information          transition to IPv6 once IPv4 addresses finally     already well-positioned for the move to a global
  To find out more about the IPv6 World           do run out.”
                                                                                                     IPv6-enabled Internet and this can only lead to its
  Congress, and the 2012 event, please
  visit:                                                                           continued exponential growth.
                                                As technology and systems can vary greatly from                                         Information
                                                area to area it was vital that every continent was
                                                                                                        For further information on World IPv6 Day
                                                involved in the process. Overall the vast majority      please visit:
                                                of users were able to access services as normal
4   Member News

    NetBenefit and World IPv6 Day
    Managed hosting provider, NetBenefit, was one of         connectivity by 2015 – two for every person on          As a result of extensive planning and project delivery,
    hundreds of websites and Internet service providers      the planet.                                             both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses can now co-exist
    around the world participating in World IPv6 day                                                                 within the NetBenefit hosting environment. Although
                                                             When the 32 bit IPv4 standard was introduced            IPv6 represents a whole new world of opportunities,
    on June 8 – the first global trial of the new IPv6
                                                             in 1980, it was not envisaged that the estimated        there are still a lot of devices, websites and networks
    Internet protocol, organised by the Internet Society.
                                                             4.3 billion addresses available would ever run out.     that rely on IPv4 and will continue to do so, so
    Darren Wiltshire, Head of Technical Engineering at       IPv6’s 128 bit addressing system theoretically allows   customer support for both is essential. Its customers
    NetBenefit, has been preparing for IPv6 for several      for 670 quadrillion IP addresses, which will sustain    can now start to experiment with IPv6 hosting on
    months, ensuring that both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses       growth demands for IP addresses for future years.       NetBenefit’s managed hosting platform.
    can co-exist within the NetBenefit hosting
                                                                                                 Comment             NetBenefit reviewed all of its systems and
                                                                Wiltshire continued: “Due to the large, almost       infrastructure from provisioning and billing to
                                                                infinite, number of IPv6 addresses, NetBenefit       network and router configurations in order to
       “Although IPv6 represents a whole new world              will now offer our customers a larger pool of
                                                                                                                     cope with the IPv6 extended addressing system.
       of opportunities, there are still a lot of devices,      IP number choices, such as an IP address for
       websites and networks that rely on IPv4 and we                                                                NetBenefit’s technical team completed thorough
                                                                every Internet connected device, removing
       will continue to support both standards, though          the need for network address translations.           training and were all fully conversant in the new IPv6
       customers can now start to experiment with IPv6          With the growing proliferation of Internet           protocol in time for World IPv6 Day.
       hosting” says Wiltshire.                                 connectivity on devices from cameras to
                                                                mobile phones, we are confident that IPv6
                                                                will satisfy any new emerging technical                 You can learn more about NetBenefit by
    According to a recent Cisco report, it’s expected                                                                   visiting their website:
    that there will be 15 billion devices needing Internet

    LINX Member Case Studies
    LINX recently published two case studies, in                                                                                             The Benefits of
    print and online formats, promoting the benefits                                                                                         Joining LINX
    of networks joining LINX. Italian ISP E4A, and                                                                                           This case study was
    Euroweb Romania, are the first two members to                                                                                            produced to demonstrate
    be featured, with each organisation focussing on                                                                                         how E4A benefitted from
    the advantages particular to them. These include                                                                                         becoming a member
    decreased transit spend as well accreditation                                                                                            of LINX. The company
                                                                                                                                             originally joined in the
    within the Internet industry.
                                                                                                                                             summer of 2008 and has
                                          Comment                                                                                            seen substantial growth
       “Our network is now completely different                                                                                              ever since. This document
       to when we joined and has improved                                                                                                    highlights the issues
       dramatically. We may well have remained a                                                                                             that E4A initially had to
       very limited ISP had we not taken the leap to                                                                                         overcome and the successes
       join LINX. In fact, I hate to say it, but we might                                                                                    they have subsequently
       not have even still existed if we hadn’t joined.”                                                                                     achieved.
       Ricky Losselli, Founder and CEO of E4A
                                                                                                                                             Joining LINX
    Both studies have been used as handouts at                                                                                               from Central &
    various events, and have been well received.                                                                                             Eastern Europe
    Documents of this type are a useful method                                                                                               This case study was first
    for highlighting the benefits of membership                                                                                              used at the Capacity
    and explaining how the concept of Internet                                                                                               Balkans event in Bucharest
                                                                                                                                             in April 2011. It describes
    exchanges could boost their businesses.
                                                                                                                                             how joining LINX helped
    LINX are keen to develop their case study                                                                                                Euroweb Romania meet
                                                                                                                                             some of their core business
    library. If you think you have benefited from
                                                                                                                                             objectives including reducing
    joining LINX, and would like to share your                                                                                               expenditure, improving their
    experiences then please get in touch with us via                                                                                         service and their business Alternatively, If you would like                                                                                     reputation.
    to view and download the existing case studies,
    please visit
                                                                           Member News                                                                5

Joining LINX
By Erik Carlson, Operations
Director at Cerberus Networks
As a cloud service
provider and ISP to
businesses across the
UK, maintaining high
quality, low latency
connectivity whilst
managing our cost
base is vital. Consequently, peering is an
important consideration when managing
our traffic.

While we already had peering
arrangements elsewhere, there were many
big networks that we had limited access to.
                                                LINX Membership - Asia Pacific
LINX was the best option for us to resolve      One of the major strengths of the LINX                The Far East
this and to ensure that our traffic was         membership base is the extent of its                  • China
routed as efficiently as possible.              geographic reach. Beyond the traditionally              Pacnet, PCCW Global
                                                strong UK, European and US markets, LINX              • Indonesia
The joining process could not have been
                                                has seen a remarkable increase in the number            Biznet Networks
made easier. We received prompt answers                                                               • Malaysia
                                                of nations represented at the exchange over
to our questions, paperwork was exchanged                                                               Telekom Malaysia Berhad
                                                the years.
quickly and the engineers were extremely                                                              • South Korea
knowledgeable and helpful. When our             In recent times several networks from Africa            Korea Telecom, SK Broadband Company
second connection to LINX hit some delays       and the Middle East have joined plus others           • Taiwan
on our side we were checked on regularly        from as far away as Oceania. For the basis of           ChungHwa Telecom
and offered assistance when we needed it.                                                             • Thailand
                                                this article however, we are going to look at
                                                                                                        True Internet Gateway
                                                one area in particular - the Asia Pacific region.
After connection, our biggest concern was                                                             • Vietnam
to set up peering quickly and we were           This inspiration for this piece was the recent          Digicom - VTC
really pleased that peering with the route      connection of Chinese network, Pacnet.
                                                                                                    The increasing demand for bandwidth is
collector alone provided access to so many      Pacnet were formed in 2008 following the
                                                                                                    clearly a key motivator for many Asian
prefixes.                                       merger of Asia Netcom and Pacific Internet,
                                                                                                    networks wanting to peer and pass traffic.
                                                two of the largest telecommunications service
After speaking at LINX73, the rate of                                                               This applies not just in their own area, but
                                                providers in the region. This area of the
peering increased dramatically. Even before I                                                       with the leading exchanges in Europe and the
                                                globe has hugely diverse cultural and socio-
had left the podium the emails were coming                                                          Americas. While this doesn’t tell the whole
                                                economic backgrounds. That said, the desire
in. LINX73 was our first LINX meeting,                                                              story it’s clear that the benefits of peering
                                                to be connected, whether as a business like
and we were made to feel really welcome.                                                            over transit are increasingly attractive to the
                                                Pacnet or as an individual, continues to grow
The presentations were informative and                                                              business models of these organisations.
                                                here like anywhere else in the world.
interesting, and it was extremely useful to
be able to discuss common issues face to        The following list features the 10 different
face with other members.                        countries and 12 LINX members who are
                                                based around Asia Pacific region.
LINX provide us a professional and valuable
solution, and I would strongly recommend
                                                  Central Asia
                             Information          • Bhutan
                                                    Bhutan Telecom
  You can learn more about Cerberus
                                                  • India
  Networks by visiting:
                                                    Bharti Airtel
                                                  • Pakistan
                                                    Pakistan Telecommunication
6   Network Architecture

    Juniper Networks:
    The New Network, LINX’s New Network
    “Connect everything, empower everyone” was the           peers, we believe this focus on meaningful
    vision of Juniper Networks’ founder and CTO,             innovation enables us to transform the
    Pradeep Sindhu, when the company began in 1996.          experience and the economics of the network
    This statement is arguably more relevant today           for our customers, and for their customers. The
    than ever before, as business and consumer users         legacy network approach - proprietary, siloed,
    alike put the Internet, applications and anywhere        complex - simply doesn’t cut it in today’s always-
    access at the heart of their daily lives.                on world where ubiquitous data and applications
                                                             are accessed via any device. Juniper offers
    We’re also confident that our vision resonates           the new network: open, simplified, virtualized,
    very strongly with LINX, whose own tagline is            automated and secure; designed for productivity
    “working for the Internet”. Reliable, consistent and     and empowerment, enabled to control misuse
    secure connectivity to data and applications is what     and unlawful access.
    the membership is all about. Juniper has recently
    been chosen by LINX to create a new network              A Short History                                        High-Performance Culture
    infrastructure consistent with our shared vision.        To understand the strength and validity of             15 years on, with a lot of organic development
                                                             our position today, Juniper watchers need to           complemented by thoughtful acquisitions, the
    Juniper Networks is all about “disruptive innovation”,
                                                             appreciate the company’s roots and its journey         company has grown into a multi-billion dollar
    having developed and brought to market some
                                                             to the present day. The company was founded 15         revenue organisation trading on the NYSE
    of the industry’s most ground-breaking, disruptive
                                                             years ago to give service providers an alternative     exchange, with more than 9,000 employees and
    innovations across many aspects of networking
                                                             approach to core routing - the fundamental             47 offices globally. We continue to bring systems
    technology. Because we invest more in R&D as a
                                                             building block of the network. Juniper’s               and software together through innovation and
    percentage of revenue than any of our industry
                                                             differentiated approach was our modular use of         engineering excellence to create solutions that
                                                             software and custom silicon, brought together          solve our customers’ most pressing networking
                                                             to create a flexible, high-performance routing         challenges, in line with their commercial
                                                             platform designed to be programmed and                 objectives and market imperatives.
                                                             upgraded while in service, and to provide a long-
                                                             term migration path with cost-effective CAPEX          Our initial focus on core networks for service
                                                             and OPEX.                                              providers has expanded in several dimensions -
                                                                                                                    today, our business focus encompasses service
                                                             Juniper’s software, the Junos® operating system,       providers (fixed and mobile, plus content
                                                             remains at the heart of our strategy today. The        providers; in total the world’s top 130 SPs are
                                                             code ran on those first routers, the revolutionary     among our customer base), and enterprise
                                                             M40 (many of which remain in production                customers, including 96 of the Global Fortune
                                                             worldwide), and still serves as the integrated         100, as well as hundreds of federal, state and
                                                             platform for our routers, switches and security        local government agencies and higher education
                                                             devices. It is maintained on a single release train,   organisations throughout the world.
                                                             with a regular, predictable upgrade cadence
                                                             that enables our customers to plan and manage          Combining these two sectors, Juniper’s
                                                             their networks very effectively. Running Junos         customers are organisations for whom the
                                                             OS improves the reliability, performance, and          network is a critical success factor in their
                                                             security of existing applications. It automates        business, and who demand high performance,
                                                             network operations on a streamlined system,            reliability, security, simplicity and efficiency from
                                                             allowing more time to focus on new applications        their infrastructure. We believe this is a good fit
                                                             and services. And it’s scalable both up and down       for LINX, its members and your shared business
                                                             providing a consistent, reliable, stable system for    aspirations!
                                                             developers and operators. This, in turn, delivers a
                                                             more cost-effective solution for our customers.
                                                             Junos has developed into a family of “on-the-box”,        Further information on Juniper Networks
                                                                                                                       and their products and services can be
                                                             “beyond the box” and “client-based” development
                                                                                                                       obtained from the company’s website:
                                                             tools and environments that are open to third   
                                                             party developers, too.
                                                        Network Architecture                                                                                                  7

LINX Architecture Refresh                                                                                                    Tony West
Programme update                                                                                                             LINX Architecture Refresh
                                                                                                                             Programme Manager
                                                                                                                             LINX’s new
By Tony West                                                   Juniper is currently in the low-level design phase.
                                                                                                                             Programme Manager,
LINX Architecture Refresh Programme Manager                    Work continues closely with both Juniper and
                                                                                                                             Tony West, has
                                                               Telindus to agree detailed configurations and
                                                                                                                             been brought in to
As Programme Manager I have joined LINX                        establish test and acceptance schedules.
                                                                                                                             oversee the timely
to assist the team in delivering the complex
                                                               The new switches should be with us by middle of               implementation of
introduction of the new Juniper network. Working
                                                               July and staging has been planned at Telindus facility        the new Juniper
in this dynamic environment is proving to be very
                                                               in Camberley. The plan is to fully test fail-over, traffic    architecture.
rewarding and it has been great to start defining in
                                                               flows and interoperability with Brocade within the
detail all the key milestones and deliverables with                                                                          Tony has 20 years of IT and Telecoms
                                                               Telindus testing facility before deploying equipment
the help and support of all the staff.                                                                                       experience, initially as a Systems Engineer
                                                               to site.
The governance process has now been                                                                                          working on Ministry of Defence and NHS
                                                               The new Juniper core is still on schedule to be built         programmes, before moving into Telecoms
implemented which includes a steering board;
                                                               and accepted into service by the end of August. This          with NTL. In this role he ran the design, plan
weekly progress meetings and detailed action
                                                               is a critical step to enable the Juniper edge build and       and build functions for what was the second
register against each internal work stream. A
                                                               member migrations to start in September.
base timeline has been established which covers                                                                              biggest IP network in the UK.
continued business as usual activities, the new                System developments have already started to
                                                                                                                             His recent engagements include a position
MRV optical platform deployment and the Juniper                ensure we can bring both MRV and Juniper devices
                                                                                                                             as Head of IT at BBC Broadcast where he
network delivery. A high level view of the timeline            on to our existing management platform. This
                                                                                                                             was responsible for delivery of over 60
milestones is below.                                           work will ensure alarms and statistics are captured
                                                                                                                             live channels and the implementation of a
                                                               and the support teams can monitor the platform
The LINX team continue to drive the detailed                                                                                 complex Operational Support model for
                                                               performance and diagnose any service impacting
space, power and fibre plans in order to ensure                                                                              BT Operate.
smooth transition to the new network. Training has                                                                                                        Comment
commenced to ensure we acquire all the additional              Brocade LAN                                                     Tony told HotLINX, “As a technical
technical knowledge to manage both the new                     The Brocade network will be taken out of service                programme manager I am experienced
optical and data networks effectively.                         and decommissioned by the end of this year, once                in working across complex environments
                                                               all member migrations have been successfully                    and bringing teams together to deliver
The MRV Optical platform is also moving forward                                                                                key business objectives. This new position
                                                               completed and a period of stable operation
rapidly with the equipment required to start                                                                                   is an exciting one and I’m delighted
                                                               achieved on the new platform.                                   to be involved in the implementation
building the core element already being shipped
                                                                                                                               of such an important part of LINX’s
from the manufacturer. Initial staging and testing has         If you require any further information on the
begun with site deployment and base builds on-                 network architecture refresh programme I can be
going. These are set to be completed on schedule.              contacted via

                                           Architecture Refresh Programme Timeline
  Activity                                                          May-11          Jun-11         Jul-11       Aug-11      Sep-11      Oct-11       Nov-11        Dec-11
  MRV Optical Core Built

  MRV Optical Core Accepted into Service

  MRV Optical Edge Accepted into Service

  Juniper Low Level Design, Configuration and Functional Testing

  Juniper Core Staging

  Juniper Core Accepted into Service

  Juniper Edge Staging

  Juniper to Brocade Lan Interconnect

  Juniper Edge Accepted into Service and Member Migrations

  28 Days Stable Running

  Programme Closure
8   Public Affairs                                                                                                     Malcolm Hutty
                                                                                                                       Head of Public Affairs

    Hargreaves Review releases findings                                                                                 In Brief
    in new Intellectual Property Report                                                                                 The Latest Stories on the
                                                                                                                        LINX Public Affairs Website
                                                             and innovation. The IPO would be charged
                                                             with investigating the economic impact of IP,              New breach notification
                                                             and empowered to demand access to the data                 requirements under the
                                                             necessary for making independent, evidence-based           revised EU Electronic
                                                             policy recommendations. The IPO would also be              Communications Framework
                                                             able to issue statutory opinions, which the courts         Europe, Ofcom, Regulatory Framework
                                                             would be required to take into account, and to             The revised EU Electronic Communications
                                                             make official recommendations to the competition           Framework came into force in May, bringing
                                                             authorities.                                               with it new security breach notification
                                                                                                                        requirements for ISPs.
                                                             If the government has the courage to implement             The Framework requires ISPs to notify the
    May saw the publication of Professor Ian                 these proposals it would be a significant step             national regulator of any security breach that
                                                             towards a modernised intellectual property                 “has had a significant impact on the operation
    Hargreaves’ long-awaited report into Intellectual
                                                             system, but it is likely to face resistance from           of networks or services”.
    Property and Growth. The report was
    commissioned by Prime Minister David Cameron             conservative copyright incumbents.                         Ofcom has set the lowest possible threshold
                                                                                                                        for “significant impact”, requiring ISPs to
    with a brief to refocus intellectual property on its
                                                             UN pushes Human Rights                                     notify the regulator of all security breaches,
    contribution to economic development.                                                                               regardless of scale or impact. However,
                                                             on the Internet                                            networks will only have to notify customers if
    Although Hargreaves disappointed some by                 Human rights on the Internet have shot up the              they believe that the breach will cause them
    arguing against the wholesale adoption of a US-          international agenda in recent months, with two            harm or infringe their privacy.
    style ‘Fair Use’ defence, he is certainly no apologist   high profile reports calling for nations to respect
                                                                                                                        The revised Framework grants Ofcom a
    for the status quo. Unflinching in his criticisms        human rights online and off.                               number of additional powers and duties.
    of governments past and present, he derides                                                                         These include new duties relating to network
    the flawed evidence base which informs existing          In a report to the UN General Assembly, the                security and resilience, additional enforcement
    policy as consisting chiefly of “lobbynomics” - self-    Special Rapporteur to the UN Human Rights                  powers and new powers in relation to traffic
                                                             Council denounced laws which sanction                      management and network neutrality.
    serving statistics created by a group of incumbent
    businesses - rather than credible scientific             disconnection from the Internet as a punishment
                                                             for unlawful file-sharing. Such laws are                   Commission evaluates Data
                                                             “disproportionate”, said the Rapporteur, and violate       Retention
    If the Hargreaves Report is more critical than its       the right to freedom of expression enshrined in            Data Retention, Europe
                                                                                                                        The European Commission has published
    predecessors, it is also more constructive. The          the International Covenant on Civil and Political
                                                                                                                        its Evaluation Report on the Data Retention
    report recommends a number of important                  Rights. He also warned against imposing liabilities        Directive.
    reforms, including legalising CD and DVD ‘ripping’       on Internet intermediaries, which “are inclined to
                                                                                                                        The Commission recommends that the EU
    for personal use, licensing orphan works, and            err on the side of safety by over-censoring potentially
                                                                                                                        should continue to support a data retention
    allowing the use of copyrighted material in parody.      illegal content”.                                          requirement, pointing out that most Member
    He also argues that the UK should fully implement                                                                   States do not believe that targeted data
    the copyright exceptions permitted by European           Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt later                  preservation would be sufficient for law
    law and work with EU Member States to create             led 40 countries in endorsing the report’s                 enforcement purposes.
    new exceptions.                                          recommendations.
                                                                                                                        However, the Commission report does make
                                                                                                                        a number of recommendations that industry
    Hargreaves is also critical of the ever expanding        The Council of Europe also raised the issue,
                                                                                                                        will welcome. On the subject of costs, it
    scope of enforcement measures such as the                producing a set of draft Internet Governance               recognises that small and medium sized
    Digital Economy Act, which was granted on the            Principles - a first step towards an international         operators are disproportionately affected
                                                             ‘soft-law framework’ for Internet freedoms.                by the costs of complying with the Directive,
    promise of the development of new business
                                                             The principles emphasised the importance                   while larger, multinational operators suffer
    models that have yet to appear. He proposes                                                                         from inconsistent cost recovery provisions
    that rightsholder access to new and stricter             of fundamental rights and multi-stakeholder
                                                                                                                        between Member States.
    enforcement should be made conditional on                governance, while seeking to elevate architectural
                                                             features such as the end-to-end principle to the           The report also appears to accept that
    participation in a “Digital Rights Exchange” that                                                                   the direction of travel should be to limit
    would enable entrepreneurial use of copyright            level of governance principles.
                                                                                                                        the Directive and regulate retention more
    works.                                                                                        Information           tightly, rather than expand the scope of the
                                                                                                                        imposition on operators.
                                                                To read more regulatory news please visit
    Less radical is a proposal to equip the Intellectual
                                                                the LINX Public Affairs blog:                           The Commission’s conclusions will be
    Property Office (IPO) with an “overarching                             important in a forthcoming amendment
    legal mandate” to promote economic growth                                                                           review of the Directive.
                                                                                     Industry News                                                         9

Valued Added Benefits for                                                                                    RIPE NCC
LINX Members from Renesys                                                                                    Monitoring and Measuring the
                                                                                                             Effects on World IPv6 Day
We at Renesys are                                    Market Intelligence v6                                  The World IPv6 Day, a global event in which
always looking for ways                              Beta testers wanted! We’re planning a new               organisations around the world offered
that we can provide                                  release of our competitive research and sales           their content over IPv6 for a 24-hour
value to the service                                 prospecting tool - Market Intelligence, with new        period, took place on 8 June 2011. The
provider community,                                  market analytics for IPv6. A beta should be             goal was to motivate organisations across
and our partnership                                  available late summer and we’re looking for a few       the industry - Internet service providers,
with LINX is a key part                              good testers.                                           hardware makers, operating system vendors
of our outreach efforts.                                                                                     and web companies - to prepare their
Here are highlights from                             If you are a current user and are willing to provide    services for IPv6 to ensure a successful
a couple of the benefits      By Phil Simpson,       feedback we’d love to hear from you. Drop me a          transition as IPv4 addresses run out.
available to you as LINX      Product Manager,       line -
                              Renesys                                                                        The RIPE NCC provided a range of
members right now…
                                                     Finally, Renesys is always looking for additional       measurement activities as part of
                                                     sources of data that bring us unique perspectives       monitoring efforts to assess the results of
WhoPeers                                             on the internet. We currently peer with many
In the next few months you will be able to see                                                               World IPv6 Day. These included:
                                                     providers for the purpose of collecting BGP
a new example of Renesys route collection and
                                                     updates, and each peer helps us derive a more           • Measuring connectivity to World IPv6
analysis in the LINX portal. We are developing
                                                     accurate picture. If you have an interesting              Day participants - the IPv6 Connectivity
a “WhoPeers” report that summarizes the
                                                     perspective on the Internet we may ask you to             Chart tested the visibility of all World
differences between registered peering policies
                                                     peer with us, and we’ll share with you a copy of          IPv6 Day participants and other sites
(as specified in RPSL records) and observed
                                                     our BGP routing analysis tool - Routing Intelligence.     that are already dual-stacked and
routing. You’ll be able to view a list of exchange
                                                     Renesys peers for the purposes of route collection        presented the information on a single
members and see the extent to which your
                                                     only; we never advertise any routes, and do not           web page. This was used to find out if
peering policies agree with Renesys’ global view
                                                     send any traffic to peer networks.                        there were problems accessing these
of the routing table. I suspect that you’ll be
                                                                                                               websites, both before and during World
surprised at how often these disagree. A good        Contact us at for more                IPv6 Day.
opportunity to get those registrations updated!      information.
                                                                                                             • Testing connectivity and performance
                                                                                The “WhoPeers” report
                                                                                and Renesys route              to World IPv6 Day participants
                                                                                collection and analysis        using the RIPE NCC Test Traffic
                                                                                will soon be available for     Measurements infrastructure, CAIDA’s
                                                                                members in the LINX
                                                                                website member area.           Ark platform and other volunteering
                                                                                                               measurement nodes.

                                                                                                             • Monitoring performance of the 6to4
                                                                                                               transitioning mechanism in comparison
                                                                                                               to native IPv6 in collaboration with
                                                                                                               BBN. Please visit:
                                                                                                               asymmetric-6to4-measurements to find
                                                                                                               out more.
                                                                                Renesys is also looking                                     Information
                                                                                for Beta testers for
                                                                                a new release of its           More info on these measurements can
                                                                                research and sales             be found on the RIPE Labs website
                                                                                prospecting tool               (, at the
                                                                                “Market Intelligence”.         RIPE NCC World IPv6 Day website
                                                                                                               ( and at the World
                                                                                                               IPv6 Day Connectivity Chart
10   Peering News

     New Peering Agreements Report
     to be discussed at LINX74 Meeting
     The results of a new survey focussing on the               The peering agreements survey’s report was             For each agreement PCH sought answers to the
     characteristics of Internet carrier interconnection        introduced as follows:                                 following three questions:
     agreements has just been published by associate                                                    Introduction                                       Questions
     LINX member, Packet Clearing House (PCH).                                                                           • Is the agreement formalized in a
                                                                   “The Internet, or network of networks, consists
     The detailed report, written by Bill Woodcock                 of 5,039 Internet Service Provider (ISP) or             written document, or is it a “handshake”
     and Vijay Adhikari, includes a great deal of                  carrier networks, which are interconnected              agreement?
                                                                   with one another in a sparse mesh. Each of            • Does the agreement have symmetric
     relevant and useful information for members so
                                                                   the interconnecting links takes one of two              terms, or do the parties exchange
     LINX has scheduled a presentation to discuss                                                                          different things?
                                                                   forms: transit or peering. Transit agreements
     the survey at the LINX74 meeting in August.                                                                         • What is the country of governing law of
                                                                   are commercial contracts in which, typically, a
                                                                                                                           the agreement?
                                                                   customer pays a service provider for access
     Bijal Sanghani, a Solutions Engineer at Reliance
                                                                   to the Internet; these agreements are most
     Globalcom, has kindly agreed to host the talk                 common at the edges of the Internet. Transit        This was followed up with supplementary
     on LINX’s behalf. She has a wealth of industry                agreements have been widely studied and             question asking if the agreement was bilateral or
     experience and is currently PC at the UK                      are not the subject of this report. Peering         multilateral.
     Network Operators’ Forum (UKNOF) as well                      agreements – the value-creation engine of
                                                                   the Internet – are the carrier interconnection      In just over 1,000 cases, both parties to the same
     as a Working Group Chair for the RIPE NCC.
                                                                   agreements that allow carriers to exchange          peering agreement responded to the PCH survey
     Prior to this she held network and technical                  traffic bound for one another’s customers;
                                                                                                                       and almost every case both parties answered
     support engineering roles with LINX members                   they are most common in the core of the
                                                                   Internet. This report examines and quantifies       each of the three questions identically. This
     Sohonet and FLAG Telecom, which later became
                                                                   a few of the characteristics of Internet peering    was believed to indicate that respondents fully
     Reliance Globalcom.
                                                                   agreements.”                                        understood the questions asked and were able
                                                                                                                       answer accurately.
       Talking about the
       survey and the                                           Survey Background                                      The survey’s findings will likely largely confirm
       upcoming presentation                                                                                           LINX members’ understanding of the global
                                                                Packet Clearing House analysed some 142,210
       Bijal said, “This report is
                                                                Internet carrier interconnection agreements            peering environment, but certain results may be
       the most comprehensive
       look at peering                                          in the preparation of this report. The data was        surprising in their degree, particularly the number of
       agreements we’ve ever                                    collected over a six month period between              peering adjacencies that are implemented through
       had and the findings,                                                                                           multilateral peering agreements like the one offered
                                    Bijal Sanghani              October 2010 and March 2001 using a globally
       particularly on multi-       Reliance Globalcom                                                                 by the LINX - -
                                                                distributed survey of all regional Network
       lateral peering, are                                                                                            and the predominance of informal “handshake”
       absolutely fascinating. LINX and I certainly             Operators Groups. In all, in excess of 4,300
       believe the data gathered deserves wider                 different ISP networks from 96 different
       analysis which is why we are so keen to find             countries provided feedback for the study and          The full PCH Peering Agreement report can be
       out what will come out of the discussions at             these accounted for approximately 86% of the           downloaded from the PCH website here:
                                                                world’s Internet carriers.                   

       Packet Clearing House’s survey on Internet peering agreements has been well received in
       the industry. A presentation by Bijal Sanghani of Reliance Globalcom will discuss the report’s
       findings and implications in detail at the LINX74 member meeting in August.
                                     European Peering Forum                                                                                                       11

Agenda announced for 6th
European Peering Forum
As in 2010 this year’s peering forum will last
for three days instead of the former two.
Below is the provisional agenda for the event.

Sunday 18 September
• Registration opens                              ‘Hungary for Peering’
                                                  at the 6th Annual
• Welcome reception at Spoon Café

Monday 19 September

                                                  EPF event
• Registration
• Welcome Note
  Harald Summa, DE-CIX
  Moderator: Serge Radovcic, Euro-IX
• Keynote Presentation
  Speaker from the European Commission
• Content & Eyeball Presentations
  and Panel on Net Neutrality
  Mike Blanche, Google
  Falk van Bornsteadt, Deutsche Telecom
  Moderator: Frank Orlowski, DE-CIX               The sixth European Peering Forum will take               Venue
• Bilateral / Pre-scheduled Meetings              place in Budapest, Hungary, between the 18th             Situated on the banks of the river Danube,
• Cocktail Reception at Minyon Bar                and 21st of September. The event, which was              Budapest is one of Europe’s most beautiful
                                                  first held in Frankfurt in 2006, now attracts            cities. It is famous for its thermal springs and the
Tuesday 20 September
• The ideal Interconnection and Peering           some 250 peering managers and other industry             Royal Palace which was used as the residence
  Environment                                     professionals.                                           of Hungarian kings for over 700 years. Today it
  Frank Orlowski, DE-CIX                                                                                   houses the Budapest Historical Museum, the
  Hassan Al Naqbi, UAE-Exchange                   The event hosts; LINX, AMS-IX, DE-CIX and
                                                                                                           Hungarian National Gallery and the National
• Topical LINX presentation John Souter           Netnod, are confident that EPF will be another
• PUE - The Planning Challenge and Digital                                                                 Library all under its roof.
                                                  successful event and are working hard to ensure
  Media & Gaming Trends - Interxion
                                                  that the entire event is beneficial for all delegates.   EPF6 will be held at the Intercontinental
• Topical AMS-IX Presentation
• Bilateral / Pre-scheduled Meetings                                                                       Budapest. When the weather allows the Corso
• Dinner at New York Boscolo                      Agenda                                                   terrace, on the Danube embankment, has
                                                  Split over three days, the event will cover a range      stunning views over the Buda Hills. The fitness
Wednesday 21 September                            of topics designed spark debate amongst the              centre is opened 24 hours a day and gives you
• Introduction of new Peers
                                                  delegates. As well as the expected informative           access to a modern gym and a relaxation area
• DE-CIX next generation architecture
  Arnold Nipper, DEC-IX                           presentations on peering developments there              with saunas and steam rooms.
• Topical NETNOD presentation                     will be panel debates and tutorials. The side panel
• VOIP-Exchange and Peering Presentations         on this page has a basic overview of the agenda.         Accommodation
  and Panel
                                                                                                           Event organisers have negotiated special rates for
  Moderator: Gerd Simon, DE-CIX
                                                  Networking Opportunities                                 EPF attendees at the Intercontinental Budapest.
• Presentation on Traffic Management
  Anja Feldman, T-Labs                            A key part of the EPF experience is the chance           Prices are 160 Euros per night including breakfast
• RIPE tutorial - Routing Registry and            to meet with peers and discuss new peering               and Internet connectivity from the 18th till the
  Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI)       opportunities. There will be a number sessions           20th of September. To book at EPF rates follow
                                                  that will make this possible including a welcome         this link listed in the Registration section below.
In addition to the organised meeting agenda,
                                                  reception on the Sunday before EPF begins plus
the popular meeting tool that allows
delegates to schedule their own face-to-face
                                                  socials and dinners planned over the coming              Registration
                                                  days. The main event dinner will take place on           Registration to EPF6 opened at the end of June
meetings with other attendees will again be
                                                  Tuesday evening at the luxury Boscolo New York           and places are filling up fast so sign up today.
available. To facilitate these meetings the EPF
                                                  Palace Hotel.
organisers will provide separate bilateral
meeting tables that can be booked through
the meeting tool.
                                                  Sponsors                                                    If you would like to attend this year’s EPF
                                                  Lead sponsor for the event is Interxion, with               and take advantage of the special delegate
You will receive a log-in for the separate        Atrato Networks and Brocade filling the silver              rates and bilateral meeting tool, please visit
meeting tool by registering for the event at:                                                        to
                                                  sponsor slots. Associate sponsors include
                                                                                                              register.                 Ancotel, Google, Telecity, Force10 and Equinix.
12   LINX Meetings
                                                                                                                             New venue and expanded
                                                                                                                             agenda for Summer meeting
                                                                                                                             The LINX74 meeting is a LINX meeting with
                                                                                                                             a difference. As you will see from our article
                                                                                                                             on page 13, LINX are temporarily moving
                                                                                                                             away from what has become its regular
                                                                                                                             home at London’s Congress Centre, to a
                                                                                                                             new venue in Windsor. While that article
      LINX Council Elections: Edwin Punt (KPN), James Blessing (Limelight Networks), Grahame Davies (LINX Chairman),
      Alex Cruz Farmer (Nestsumo) and Steve Wilcox (IX Reach) all stood and took part in the election hustings.              focuses on the “why”, this piece will look at
                                                                                                                             the “what” of the event’s agenda.

                                                                                                                             LINX74 Agenda
                                                                                                                             After the welcome and round-the-room
                                                                                                                             introductions, John Souter will provide his
                                                                                                                             regular quarterly CEO update and LINX
                                                                                                                             stats overview. Next up will be CTO,
                                                                                                                             Derek Cobb, who will announce the latest
                                                                                                                             developments regarding the network
                                                                                                                             architecture refresh programme as part of his
                                                                                                                             Engineering presentation.
      Three of the presenters from the LINX73 AGM meeting in May: Dan Rees of Silver sponsors MRV Communications,
      Thomas Weible of flexOptix and Steve Groombridge of event Gold sponsor, Systems & Network Training                     The second part of day one will be passed
                                                                                                                             over to LINX Head of Public Affairs, Malcolm

     LINX73 AGM and Council Elections                                                                                        Hutty, for the latest regulatory news before
                                                                                                                             an eagerly anticipated discussion on the

     with new ‘X’ Factor Technology                                                                                          Extreme LAN completes day one.

                                                                                                                             Day two will see the introduction of two
     The 73rd member meeting and LINX council                       Technician courses available from LINX73 Gold            separate presentation streams that will
     elections took place in May 2011 at The Congress               sponsor, Systems & Network Training. Presenter           allow delegates the opportunity to decide
     Centre in London.                                              Steve Groombridge tested the audience’s                  whether to break out of the normal agenda
                                                                    knowledge with a quick-fire quiz.                        and choose a talk in the adjoining Syndicate
     It was a memorable meeting not least because
                                                                                                                             Room. This is a new innovation for LINX
     of the introduction of a new electronic voting                 The first day concluded with a preview of World
                                                                                                                             and will take place after Interxion’s sponsor
     system fat the AGM. Each voting delegate was                   IPv6 Day by Dave Freedman of Claranet.
                                                                                                                             presentation on Tuesday morning.
     issued with a hand-held device that allowed instant
     push button decision making on AGM topics and                  Day Two         (Tuesday 17 May)                         Syndicate Room
     the council election itself. The results of the LINX           There was a strong focus on Engineering on the           The Syndicate Room will feature a short
     council voting are detailed below.                             second day with a detailed network architecture          talk on LINX Member Relations and a
                                                                    update from Derek Cobb plus separate talks on            new member introduction presentation by
     Day One         (Monday 16 May)                                IPv6 and Engineering Operations by Mike Hellers.         Ben Hedges. There will then be a series of
     Patrick Gilmore oversaw the first session, ‘Getting            Ben Hedges provided the Marketing & Business             lightning talks and a discussion on the PCH
     the most from LINX membership’. This was aimed                 Development presentation which covered the new           peering agreements survey hosted by Bijal
     primarily at new members and first timers to                   Member Relations team while Michael O’Reirdan            Sanghani. A taster of the latter session can be
     LINX meetings. This was followed by John Souter’s              spoke on Comcast’s work on Botnet Detection.             found on page 10 of HotLINX.
     regular LINX stats update and Malcolm Hutty’s
     Public Affairs review. Ofcom’s Tony Holmes was                 Dan Rees gave a presentation on behalf of Silver         Main Hall
     invited to speak as part of Malcolm’s session on               sponsor MRV Communications and John Souter               In the main meeting room John Souter will
     the subject of DNSSEC deployment.                              provided his CEO’s update. Finally, just before lunch,   again take to the stage, this time to give
                                                                    it was the eagerly awaited Council election hustings.    a detailed run down of the seven LINX
     Next up was Derek Cobb, LINX’s new CTO,                                                                                 associate members. David Freedman will
     who provided a formal introduction as a prelude                The AGM featured motions on the annual accounts          then introduce a section dedicated to IPv6
     to his first Engineering update scheduled for                  and a consultation on an amendment to the LINX           ending with a panel session moderated by
     day two. Thomas Weible of flexOptix then gave                  MoU. Then followed the council election - after          6UK’s Richard Yule.
     an interesting talk on Link Aggregation which                  a hard fought contest, both Grahame Davies and
                                                                                                                             Further details on LINX74 can be found at
     preceded an overview of the LINX Internet                      Steve Wilcox were re-elected for another term.
Ben Hedges
                                                                          Industry Events                                                                     13
Head of Marketing &
Business Development

 Meet with LINX
 Events to be Attended by
 LINX Representatives
 LINX staff attend a number of industry
 events around the world every year. Please
 take a look at the list below to see where
 you can meet with LINX representatives
 over the coming months.

 15-16 August 2011

                                                  A Right Royal LINX Meeting
 Windsor, United Kingdom
 Attended by: LINX staff and Board
 Web page will be now available
                                                  LINX Heads to Windsor for LINX74
 UKNOF20                                       As LINX members will know, LINX hold four           is planning to use the opportunity to change the
 6 September 2011
 Bristol, United Kingdom                       member meetings every year in the months of         standard format for its future Summer meetings
 Attended by: LINX staff TBC                   February, May, August and November. Traditionally   which includes the way content is presented and                                 these have been held in London with only            even dates for the meetings themselves. The aim
                                               occasional trips away from the capital.             is to encourage even greater attendance and
 EPF6                                          Since the first LINX meeting was held on the 5th
                                                                                                   participation from the membership.
 19-21 September 2011
 Budapest, Hungary                             of August 1994, only nine meetings have been        One of the added benefits of LINX74 being
 Attended by: John Souter, Ben Hedges, Megan   held outside London and none since LINX33           staged at a new location is that allows the
 Nisbet and Emuobor Dafimu                     in May 2001. On that occasion the Edouard VII       entire meeting, including social and delegate                          Conference Centre in Paris was the venue.           accommodation, all to be held under one roof.

 PLNOG7                                        For LINX74 in August, LINX is heading out           Sponsors so far confirmed are Interxion and
 28-29 September 2011                          west to the Beaumont Estate near Windsor.           MRV Communications with more expected to
 Krakow, Poland                                In choosing the new venue for the Summer            follow. The Congress Centre in Central London
 Attended by: Bartek Raszczyk                  meeting LINX had one eye on the future with         will continue to be LINX’s preferred venue for                                  the London Olympics and Paralympics taking          standard meetings for the time being..
                                               place in August 2012.
 Capacity Russia                                                                                                                         Registration
 3-4 October 2011                              LINX’s standard meeting dates would mean
 Moscow, Russia                                LINX78 would be scheduled to take place in            Registration for LINX74 will opened on
 Attended by: Jennifer Atherton and Katrina                                                          Wednesday 13 July. To find out more about
                                               between the London Olympics and Paralympics
 Readshaw                                                                                            the event and see the agenda please visit:
                                               when accommodation and venue prices are     
                                               likely to be at a premium. For that reason LINX

 9-12 October 2011
 Loews, Philadelphia, USA                      Events Round Up
 Attended by: John Souter                It has been a busy time for LINX, both at home
                                               and abroad, as the exchange seeks to maintain
 Capacity North America                        and develop new peering opportunities for its
 26-27 October 2011                            members around the world.
 Toronto, Canada
 Attended by Ben Hedges                        The importance LINX attaches to face-to-
                                                                                                    Jennifer Atherton and Ben Hedges were at ITW to discuss                   face meetings at events such as RIPE, GPF and        peering opportunities with new potential LINX members
                                               NANOG is well known, and it is trend that is
 RIPE63                                        set to continue. Added to this LINX has been        The 19th UKNOF in Leeds was another recent
 31 October - 4 November 2011                  attending more industry trade shows such            opportunity to meet with members who are
 Vienna, Austria                               as Capacity Balkans in Bucharest and ITW in         usually unable to attend the regular LINX meetings
 Attended by: LINX staff TBC                   Washington DC with more planned over the            in London. A special lunch was arranged as part of            coming months.                                      LINX’s continuing outreach program.
14   Meeting Sponsors
                                                                                                                      Connecting Russia and Europe
                                                                                                                      with new DWDM fibre channel
                                                                                                                      Russian and European users can now
                                                                                                                      exchange data at massive speeds of up to

                                                                                                                      Independent telecoms provider edpnet
                                                                                                                      has deployed a new external and fully
                                                                                                                      redundant DWDM (Dense Wavelength
                                                                                                                      Division Multiplexing) channel between
                                                                                                                      Saint-Petersburg and Stockholm, connecting
                                                                                                                      Russia and Europe. This new connection,
                                                                                                                      which enables speeds up to 6.4Tbps (160
                                                                                                                      waves x 40Gbps) between Russia, Europe
                                                                                                                      and North America, is the next major
                                                                                                                      milestone in edpnet’s expansion in Russia.

     Open Cloud Networking from Force10                                                                               Advantages
                                                                                                                      The biggest advantage of the new DWDM
     Datacentre owners and operators building large          S7000 supports Data Center Bridging (DCB), Fibre
                                                                                                                      channel between Saint-Petersburg and
     and small facilities are tasked with creating faster,   Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), TRILL, User Port
                                                                                                                      Stockholm is that edpnet can now easily
     more scalable datacentres while continually             Stacking, and Virtual Link Trunking (VLT). Using the
                                                                                                                      offer 10Gbps (STM-64, OC-192c, 10GigE
     addressing the need for lower power and space           appliance module, users could perform a wide
     consumption. Smarter devices, new applications          array of functions like load balancing, firewalling,     WAN PHY, 10GigE LAN PHY) and 40Gbps
     and traffic patterns - moving from north/south to       packet sniffing, caching, etc. directly on the switch,   wavelengths not only in strategic points of
     east/west traffic - are driving the need for new        eliminating the need for an additional external          presence in Europe and North America,
     datacentre architectures.                               server for that function.                                but also in Russia. For Russian and European
                                                                                                                      end-users the new DWDM channel means
     Force10 Networks Open Cloud Networking                  A second key part of Force10’s new OCN                   much faster speeds to the main foreign
     (OCN) framework, a new vision for cloud and             framework, the new Z-Series ZettaScale core              hosting resources.
     conventional datacentres, represents a new and          switches, a generational technology leap in density
     open way to build, scale and manage existing and        and performance, they offer a choice between             Deployment
     next generation datacentres powered by a new            centralised and distributed core infrastructure.         The deployment of the DWDM channel
     family of centralised and distributed core switches,                                                             took from December 2010 till March 2011
     a new top-of-rack (ToR) switch and an extension                                                                  and was divided into two stages. The first
     to the open automation software that delivers                                                                    stage was setting up fully equipped points of
     powerful new capabilities for the next generation of                                                             presence along the route from Stockholm
     datacentres.                                                                                                     to Helsinki. The second stage was extending
     A key component of Force10’s new OCN                                                                             this route from Helsinki to Saint-Petersburg.
     framework, the S-Series S7000 Open Cloud Switch         The new Z9000 distributed core switch is                 All operations were executed
     which is a new type of ToR node that combines           available in one of the smallest, greenest, densest      simultaneously by edpnet’s Russian and
     storage and application processing capabilities in a    footprints with disruptive price/performance,            European network specialists, which
     single non-blocking 2RU unit, it enables ‘cloud-        ever introduced. The Z9000 with its 2.5 Tbps             resulted in a rapid completion of this
     in-a-rack’ capabilities and brings a new level of       non-blocking switching capacity designed to meet         project. In the future edpnet will expand its
     convergence and functionality to the top-of-rack.       the requirements for high density 10/40 GbE              DWDM channel further towards central
                                                             aggregation in a datacentre End of Row, or core          Russia.
                                                             network. The product can support 32 ports of                                          Information
                                                             40 GbE or up to 128 ports of 10 GbE realised               You can find out more about edpnet’s
                                                             through breakout cables.                                   complete range of products and
                                                                                                                        services by visiting their website at
                                                             All solutions support a full suite of Ethernet   
                                                             switching and Routing protocols in the hardened
                                                             FTOS operating system to enable layer 2 or layer 3
     The S7000 supports 36 ports of 1/10 GbE, 12
                                                             network architectures.
     ports of converged Ethernet/Fibre Channel and 4
     ports of 40 GbE. The 40 GbE ports can be realised       More information on Force 10 Networks can be
     as 4x10 GbE ports through breakout cables. The          found at:
                                                                                                                Staff News                                                   15

  Recruitment                                             Derek Cobb ‘In the Spotlight’
  Information Technology
  Team                                                    LINX’s New Chief Technical Officer Interviewed
                                                          Derek Cobb recently joined LINX as Chief                  I’m very impressed
  Ararat                                                  Technical Officer. HotLINX caught up with Derek           with the commitment
  Smutkochorn                                             to ask about his career, his impressions of LINX and      of all the Engineering
  Trainee Systems                                         the future plans for the exchange.                        Team who have put
  Administrator                                                                                                     in an awful lot of hard
                                                          First of all can you tell us about your career to
  Ararat Smutkochorn                                                                                                work under pretty
                                                          date in the telecoms industry?
  has joined LINX as                                                                                                trying circumstances.
                                                          I began my career as a 16 year old apprentice at BT.
  a Trainee Systems
                                                          This eventually led to me joining their International
  Administrator. She                                                                                                What do you see as
                                                          Division and then Cellnet before it became O2.                                          Derek Cobb,
  graduated from The                                                                                                the primary targets in
                                                          At that time I was the head of the GSM Network                                          LINX CTO
  University of Essex in 2009, with a Masters                                                                       the immediate future?
                                                          Development Team which was a role I held for
  Degree in Computer Network Security.                                                                              The most important things to me are that we
                                                          about four years.
  After graduating, she became a system                                                                             sustain the service we deliver to our members
                                                          After 23 years with BT, I joined AT&T UK as Head          at the level of quality they expected from us and
  analyst at True Corporation, a dominant
                                                          of Capacity Management and Architecture, helping          that we deliver the new Juniper LAN platform in a
  telecommunication company in Thailand,
                                                          build their first wholly owned network outside of         timely and efficient manner with minimal disruption
  working on network traffic analysis
                                                          the US. I later spent eight years as Architecture         to our members.
  based on IDS (Intrusion Detection
                                                          Director at ntl and eventually Virgin Media. I was
  Systems). Ararat had the responsibility                                                                           I’m a great advocate of teamwork and responsibility.
                                                          responsible for the strategy and development of
  here to identify and block malwares and                                                                           I believe everybody in my team is responsible for
                                                          all the network platforms within ntl. I left after
  suspicious traffic. Occasionally, she had                                                                         delivering service to our members and managing
                                                          completing the design and business case for
  the opportunity to assist the network                   integration of the ntl and Telewest networks into         the technology. We are all accountable to each
  engineers in their network configurations.              Virgin Media.                                             other. We also need to maximise the input from
  After 6 months at True Corporation, Ararat                                                                        our partners whether that’s our vendors, our
                                                          I then returned to BT where I headed up their VoIP
  moved to the UK and began her career at                                                                           outsourced NOC or the membership.
                                                          and contact centre build and spent the last two and
  LINX in March 2011.                                     a half years working on the London 2012 Olympics.         Something else I think is important is Engineering’s
                             Comment                      Had I stayed I would’ve been one of the operations        relationship with the Marketing & Business
     Ararat comments, “LINX offers me a                   directors at games time but for the call asking if I      Development team and IT. We have to ensure that
     great opportunity to join a strong team
                                                          would be interested in becoming LINX CTO.                 what we are doing is communicated well, timely and
     and work in the core of the Internet
     network. I am training with an expert                                                                          accurately to the membership and getting feedback
                                                          What are your initial impressions of LINX?
     in Unix server development who guides                                                                          on that is a critically important thing to do.
                                                          Speaking as someone with my background the role
     me to work with the servers properly
     and neatly. Everyone at LINX works as a              appealed as an exciting opportunity and also a great      In the end I personally want to be visible and
     team and seeing my colleagues working                honour. I was aware of the plans for the network          available to all the members. I want to make sure
     in their area of expertise drives my                 architecture refresh but, even so, I probably didn’t      that what we’re doing is meeting their service
     enthusiasm to stay on top in this role”.             fully appreciate the intensity of work that would be      needs and that we are performing to a level that is
                                                          needed right away! It’s been a terrific learning curve.   expected of us.

Enabling IPv6 on the LINX Network                                                                                   With the secure perimeter in place, Bernd and
                                                                                                                    Steve began testing on LINX’s internal websites
                                                                                                                    and this yielded some surprising results. Some
LINX recently undertook a project to make its             IPv4 networking, like BGP and OSPF, were still
                                                                                                                    users were seen to be switching between IPv4 and
member facing services and internal network               not available for IPv6 in the firewall’s software.
                                                                                                                    IPv6 and while the DNS configuration was RFC
compliant over IPv6. This was jointly run by              Centrally managed host based firewalls, using
                                                                                                                    compliant, it became clear that simplifying it further
Project Co-ordinator Bernd Marienfeldt and Steve          ip6tables, were deployed across the entire LINX
                                                                                                                    would resolve the problem. Once the initial hurdles
Harrison who began by completing some in-depth            service platform.
                                                                                                                    were overcome, the successful roll out of the
analysis of LINX systems.
                                                          As stated, a major objective of the project was           remaining services was relatively straight-forward.
In initiating this project Bernd and Steve first tested   to deploy IPv6 over the various LINX office
a series of code bases in the lab. They also entered      networks. With Bernd and Steve both being                   Between April and June 2011 the following
into a firewall vendor’s beta program which helped        located in Peterborough, this location was chosen           websites and services were enabled over IPv6:
them debug some of the issues that had to be              as the first to be enabled and this was achieved in
                                                                                                                             • • •
overcome for LINX to proceed. Another problem             late 2010. The deployment of IPv6 in the London     • •
was that a number of the standard features of             office and other sites is now nearing completion.                       • •
16   Membership News                                                                             Jennifer Atherton
                                                                                                 Business Development

                                                                                                  Sales Update
     New Members Connected                                                                        For the Period
                                                                                                  April - June 2011
     Blinkmind                                        Runiso                                    LINX is pleased to announce the connection
     ASN:            40739                            ASN:            44099                     of ten new members since the beginning
     Country:        USA                              Country:        France                    of April. This is three more than the seven
     Network:        NSP                              Network:        Content                   who joined the exchange over the first three
     Policy:         Open                             Policy:         Open
                                                                                                months of the year.
     IPv4 Address:                    IPv4 Address:
     Website:                Website:            A glance at the flags opposite shows that
     Email:            Email:        red, white and blue are the dominant colours
     Tel:            +1 408 648 4806                  Tel:            +33 362 138371            clearly indicating that the attractiveness of
     Peering DB:     Yes                              Peering DB:     Yes
                                                                                                peering in London remains strong in the
                                                                                                United Kingdom, US and French markets.
     Cerberus Networks                                Telappliant
     ASN:            51918                            ASN:            34066                     What is particularly interesting is the depth
     Country:        United Kingdom                   Country:        United Kingdom            of differing network types. Content, VoIP, NSP,
     Network:        Cable/DSL/ISP                    Network:        VoIP                      Hosting, Cable, DSL and ISP providers are
     Policy:         Open                             Policy:         Unavailable
                                                                                                all represented by new LINX members this
     IPv4 Address:                   IPv4 Address:
     IPv6 Address:   2001:7f8:4::cace:1                                                         quarter.
     Website:       Email:   Other new members include Pacnet, an NSP
     Email:   Tel:            +44 845 004 4040          network from China, Vectra, a cable, DSL and
     Tel:            +44 845 257 1333                 Peering DB:     No
                                                                                                Internet Service Provider from Poland and
     Peering DB:     Yes
                                                                                                Telekom Srbija, LINX’s first member from
     Currenex                                         Telekom Srbija
     ASN:            17088                            ASN:            8400                      A complete LINX membership list is on the
     Country:        USA                              Country:        Serbia                    LINX website:
     Network:        Content                          Network:        NSP
     Policy:         Unavailable                      Policy:         Selective
     IPv4 Address:                   IPv4 Address:            Member Relations Update
                                                                                                LINX has now recruited two new people for
     Website:                 Website:
                                                                                                its new Member Relations team with Katrina
     Email:             Email:
     Tel:            +1 203 395 7930                  Tel:            +381 113 069145           Readshaw and Emuobor Dafimu both joining
     Peering DB:     Yes                              Peering DB:     Yes                       LINX as Member Relations Representatives
                                                                                                back in June. LINX Head of Marketing &
     Pacnet                                           Vectra                                    Business Development, Ben Hedges, had this to
     ASN:            10026                            ASN:            29314                     say about the new appointments:
     Country:        China                            Country:        Poland
     Network:        NSP                              Network:        Cable/DSL/ISP                                             Comment
     Policy:         Selective                        Policy:         Unavailable                  “We are delighted to welcome Kat and Em
     IPv4 Address:                   IPv4 Address:               to LINX family. They will both be based in
     IPv6 Address:   2001:7f8:4::272a:1                                                            our Peterborough office along with the rest
     Website:                   Email:            of the Marketing & Business Development
     Email:               Tel:            +485 874 26224               team, but members will be sure to see them
     Tel:            +852 2121 2828                   Peering DB:     No                           around at LINX member meetings and
     Peering DB:     Yes                                                                           other industry events.”

                                                                                                The new team will work closely with all parts
     Rightnow Technologies                            Webfusion                                 of the company as well as acting as an interface
     ASN:            15179                            ASN:            20738
     Country:        USA                              Country:        United Kingdom            between members and the exchange itself. The
     Network:        Content                          Network:        Hosting                   role will involve dealing with specific enquiries
     Policy:         Open                             Policy:         Unavailable               from the membership and directing requests
     IPv4 Address:                   IPv4 Address:            and any issues to relevant departmental
     Website:                   Website:       colleagues.
     Email:               Email:
     Tel:          +1 866 630 7669                    Tel:            +44 208 587 7238          Both Kat and Em will be profiled in a future
     Peering DB: Yes                                  Peering DB:     No                        issue of HotLINX.

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