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Sisters of St. Francis of the Providence of God by wuyunyi


									Sisters of St. Francis of the
    Providence of God
Our Congregation’s
INSPIRED by Francis of Assisi
  to follow Jesus Christ
  in total responsiveness
  to the Providence of God
  the evangelical life in community
  striving to live the poverty
  of Jesus Christ
  and to proclaim peace
  in the joy of the Spirit.
What is a Charism?

The charism of a religious congregation
provides a set of spiritual values that
guides life within the congregation and
the mission of the religious
congregation in the Church. Each
congregation’s charism is unique
demonstrating God’s great love for the
Church given through a diversity of
gifts and functions.
From Our Mission
 We, Sisters of St. Francis of the
 Providence of God . . .
 . . . will be instruments of justice and
 peace among those in need of
 evangelization, healing and
 reconciliation, especially
 the poor and oppressed.
Historical Timeline

   1922 - Lithuanian Sisters of St. Francis
    founded in Pittsburgh to serve
    Lithuanian immigrants.
   1923 – Work begun on original
    Motherhouse for the congregation in
    Whitehall section of Pittsburgh
   1931 – Sisters sent to teach Lithuanian
    children in schools throughout East
    and Midwest.
Historical Timeline

 1938 – Five
  Sisters set sail for
  Brazil to minister
  to immigrants
  fleeing Lithuania
  prior to WWII.
Historical Timeline

   1939 - Ground broken for St. Francis
    Academy. Would educate 3,000 young
    women before closing in 1991.
   1949 – Name changed to Sisters of St.
    Francis of the Providence of God to
    reflect the congregation’s expression
    of God’s Providence and to be a sign
    of our ministries to all ethnic groups.
Historical Timeline

   1965 - Sisters are teaching in 27
    elementary schools and 8 secondary
    schools in the U.S.A. and Brazil.
   1965 - Vatican II Council: Church
    reforms open up new opportunities for
Historical Timeline

 1990 – Desiring
 to promote peace
 as a way of life,
 Sisters dedicate
 property as a
 Peace Site
Historical Timeline

 Early 1990s –
 renovations to all
 buildings on
 property to
 changing needs
Historical Timeline

   1992 - Franciscan Child Day Care
    Center founded to help parents and
    children enjoy extended family
    environment. Initial enrollment is 13.
   1995 – Franciscan Spirit & Life Center
    dedicated as a new ministry.
Historical Timeline

   1997 – Sister
    Dolorita plays
    major role in
    establishing St.
    Clare Hospice in
Historical Timeline

   2007 - FCDCC celebrates 25th
    anniversary with enrollment of 110
   2009 – Benefactors and friends
    contribute to a new emergency alert
    system and handicap accessible van
    for Sisters in Assisi Hall.
Historical Timeline

 2010 – Sisters
 engage in
 planning process
 to determine
 long term use of
 the Motherhouse
Sisters of St. Francis of
the Providence of God

Congregation is comprised of two
        USA Province
      Brazilian Province
Generalate - Oversees
Entire Congregation
                     Sister Janet
                   General Minister

 Sister Yolanda
                   Sister Margaret    Sister Rute Almeida
                       Markey              Guimaraes
 Asst. General
                  General Councilor    General Councilor
USA Province Leadership
                     Sister Joanne

Sister Barbara
                   Sister Althea Anne         Sister Elise
                         Spencer                 Mora
Asst. Provincial
                   Provincial Councilor   Provincial Councilor
Current Ministries

              Franciscan Child
              Day Care Center
              – Provides day care
              for children 6 weeks
              to 5 years of age.
              Also, before and
              after-school care
              for K thru 5th grade.
Current Ministries

              Franciscan Spirit
              & Life Center –
              offers retreats and
              programs to
              persons of all
              faiths. Welcomes
              other non-profits
              who want to
              facilitate their own
              meetings, retreats
              or workshops.
Current Ministries

              Hermitages –
              Three hermitages
              built in secluded
              wooded area on the
              grounds available
              for day, overnight
              or extended stays
              for quiet, solitude
              and prayer.
Current Ministries

              Townhouses –
              Designed to provide
              adults (55+)
              freedom and
              within a
Working for Peace and
   We promote the sacredness of life
    through all its stages
   We support legislation to curtail the
    availability of weapons
   We promote fair trade as an “antidote”
    to the exploitation of workers
   We support legislation that provides
    protection, financial assistance to
    survivors of domestic violence and
Working for Peace and
   We work with other Franciscan
    communities to end the horrors of
    human trafficking
   We work for just and human solutions
    to criminal justice and oppose the
    death penalty
   We commit to reversing the waste and
    destruction of our natural resources
Assisi Hall

 Home for our
 retired and infirm
 Sisters. Care is
 flexible, and
 maximizes the
 privacy and dignity.
Providence Hall

 Home to our
 administrative staff
 to include human
 resources, finance,
 housekeeping, and
 development. Also
 Heritage Room.
Mary Immaculate Chapel

 Main chapel for
 Sisters’ prayer
 services, daily
 Mass and special
Sources of Income
   Sisters’ Salaries from Off-Campus Ministries
   Retired Sisters’ Social Security
   Investment Income
   Event Income - Autumn Gala, Spring Fling
   Donations for Benefactors and Friends
   Sales of Franciscan Blend Coffee, Soup, Gift Shop
   Property Rental Income
   Franciscan Spirit & Life Center
   Franciscan Child Day Care Center
   Foundation Grants
Brazilian Province

              Grinding poverty
              distinguishes many
              regions in Brazil.
              During our years of
              ministry there, our
              Sisters have found
              new energy and
              direction for
              responses to the
Brazilian Province

              Our Brazilian
              Province also
              operates three
              schools in Sao
              Paulo, Our Lady of
              Mt. Carmel, St.
              Michael the
              Archangel and
              Pius XII.
Bolivian Mission
              Several Sisters from
              our Brazil Province
              currently minister to
              the needs of the poor
              in Bolivia. We seek to
              expand our Franciscan
              presence in this region
              to help meet the
              spiritual and social
              needs of the largely
              indigenous population.
Lithuanian Mission
              Two Sisters from the
              USA offer the
              Lithuanian people
              support and guidance.
              We provide them an
              opportunity to meet
              and work with vowed
              religious women in
              their daily lives. Our
              Sisters are involved in
              youth projects, food
              distribution and
              hospice care.
Lithuanian Mission

              Additionally, pastoral
              services are offered at
              the 45-bed St. Clare
              Hospice and the Sisters
              distribute over 200
              food baskets each
              month to needy
  We Are Franciscans!

The ministries we choose today
and the service we give are driven
by a long range strategic plan to
continue to manifest the
Providence of God by imitating the
compassion demonstrated by St.
Francis of Assisi nearly 800 years

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