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					Volume 8, Issue 1
Spring Edition, 2005

     The Board

Chairman of the Board
Dennis Kuchararczyk
320D Limestone Valley Dr
Cockeysville, MD 21030

President                                       PRESIDENT’S LETTER:
Veronica McBurnie
84 Highland Ave.
Leonardo, NJ 07737
(732) 291-4051

Vice President                                            Happy winter and happy snow to those
Eileen Brady                   in the Snow Belt regions. While I am writing this in mid
Mane Inc.                      February, we still have some snow on the ground and probably
999 Tech Drive                 more to come. Spring is on the way!
Cincinnati, OH 45150                    The year has gone so quickly.            We’ve already
(513) 239-2225                 accomplished quite a bit so far this year. We have many new
(513) 248-0920 fax             members and a few newly retired members. Congratulations to
vice-                          them all.
                                        The Symposium was a great success and we made some
                               money on it. As a result of this 50th anniversary celebration,
Mariano Gascon
                               I’ve asked Carole Pollock to contact some of our Emeritus
Wixon                          members to see what they’ve been up to. Carole decided to start
1404 E Bolivar Ave.            with the Past Presidents and this has been a great success.
St. Francis, WI 53235          Some of their responses are printed here, but check the website
(414) 978-6184                 for the full text.    It’s great to hear that most of them are
(414) 769-3019 fax             enjoying retirement, although some are still actually working.    We will continue to post them on the website as long as the
                               responses keep coming in. So if you are a past president or an
Secretary                      emeritus member of SFC, feel free to contact us and let us know
Agneta Weisz                   what keeps you busy these days. Thank you to those who have
Comax Flavors                  already contributed. Your words are very inspiring and
130 Baylis Road                interesting. I’m sure that you have a lot more stories to tell.
Melville, NY 11747
                                        As you all know, we raised the dues because of the
                               escalating costs of our meetings as well as our administrative
Administration Offices         expenses. In turn we will continue to offer reduced dinner
Bob Bauer                      charges for our members at all of our meetings. I hope with this
AFI                            reduced rate, more members will attend and show your support.
3301 Route 66                  The dues are not subsidizing the cost of the meals but will help
Suite 205 Bldg C               defray the costs of the educational programs at these meetings
Neptune, NJ 07753              as well as the administrative costs incurred.
Phone: (732) 922-3393                                                      Continued Pg. 2
Fax: (732) 922-3590
Volume 8, Issue 1                                                                              2
    Committees                 This increase should carry us through for a few years. We also
                               plan on spending some of the “surplus” for 50th anniversary
•   Historian Committee:
    Chair: Dolf DeRovira       gifts for all of our members. So watch your mailbox for that
    E-mail:                    secret gift. We should have this completed by the May meeting.
    historian@flavorchemis              We have also started to upgrade the employment                      section on the website. I’ve appointed Dennis Kucharczyk head
                               of this committee, since he is recently retired and our most
•   Library Committee:
    Chair: Dolf DeRovira       recent past president. He has contacted all of your companies
    E-mail:                    individually for any job opportunities. If you know of any,
    library@flavorchemist.or   please contact Dennis.
    g                                   As you can see from this newsletter, we are trying to go
•   Membership                 back to publishing more than twice a year. I congratulate Kathy
    Committee:                 McNamara for a job well done. I also thank Mary Foster and
    Chair: Joan Harvey         Valerie Barber for their input with pictures and publicity. Make
    E-mail:                    sure you check out the “living color” version on the website,
    membership@flavorchem      also.                             Dolf DeRovira and I visited the Library at Monell
•   Midwest        Meeting     Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia recently. As you may
    Committee:                 or may not know, Earl Merwin, one of our founding fathers
    Chair: Chris Williams      (charter members), donated his collection to SFC. We have
     E-mail:      midwest-     stored them at Monell for anyone of our members to visit. The
    meeting@flavorchemist.o    list of books can be found on the website. If you would like to
    rg                         “visit” these books, please let us know and arrangements can be
•   Newsletter Committee:      made with Monell. If you have books or other publications that
    Chair: Kathy McNamara      you would like to donate, please contact us.
    E-mail:                         We were going to present the “Golden Blotter” award again
    newsletter@flavorchemis    this year at our annual meeting in May. The recipient this year is                      Jim Broderick who is one of the charter members and founding
•   Publicity Committee:       fathers of our Society. Unfortunately, Jim will not be
    co-Chair: Val Barber &     unavailable in May, so we will be making the presentation at the
    Mary Foster                September meeting instead. This award was initiated by Dolf
    E-mail:                    DeRovira and is given to Emeritus members for outstanding
    publicity@flavorchemist.   contributions to our Society and to the Flavor Industry. A
    org                        definite date or location have not been set yet for this meeting,
•   Program Committee:         but should follow shortly. I encourage all of you to attend this
    Chair:                     meeting, if possible.
    E-mail:                                  The rest of our meeting agendas are being set, so
    program@flavorchemist.     look for them in this newsletter as well as on the website.
    org                                 As you can see from some of the past presidents’ letters,
                               this organization has been a key player in the Flavor Industry
•   Symposium Committee:       history as well as in their individual’s lives. Please ask us how
    Chair: Ken Kraut
                               you can get involved. We need your input to keep this a
                               successful organization.                                   Enjoy the rest of the spring and summer!
•   Website Committee:
    Chair: Jack fastag                     Ronnie McBurnie
    E-mail:                                President 2004-2005
Volume 8, Issue 1                                                                                 3
    Committees                                         Culinology™ *
•   West Coast Meeting            (The blending of culinary arts and the science of food)
    Chair: Lisa Vaughn           We’re Not All That Different: Culinary Similarities in
    E-mail: west-coast-                            Ethnic Cuisine
    rg                          By: Julie Snarksi, Dir. Culinary Research, David Michael CO.
•   Arrangements
    Committee:                           Are you old enough to remember Chung King Chinese
    Chair: Susan Lerner       food in the grocery store? When I grew up that was the extent of
                              the Chinese ingredients we had available to us. The Chinese
    arrangements@flavorche                  restaurant in the next town was very similar to the one we see in
•   By-laws Committee:        the Jean Shepard movie “A Christmas Story”. My mother–in-law
    Chair: Garry Conklin      made spaghetti sauce from Campbell’s tomato soup, believing
    E-mail: by-               that was Italian. Tacos and enchiladas, they were never heard of    in Clark, NJ. Our tastes and adventuring spirit have grown since
•   Employment                the 1950’s and early 60’s. Now we can buy most authentic
    Committee:                ingredients for Asian recipes in a grocery store. Most markets
    Chair: Dennis             carry more and more ingredients for Mexican recipes and these
    Kucharczyk                stores now have a whole aisle of Italian ingredients, pasta and
    E-mail:                   sauces. It’s human nature to be afraid of things we don’t know.
                              That is why for years as developers we combined the exotic with
                              the traditional to make it more acceptable. An example is Mango,
•   Nominating Committee:
    Chair: Dennis             for years it has been combined with other more traditional fruits
    Kucharczyk                like Peach and Orange. But why are we afraid? World cuisines
    E-mail:                   really aren’t that different though their appearance might lead you
    nominating@flavorchemi    to think otherwise. Take for example a calzone, pizza dough that                    is filled with meat, cheese and for added flavor basil, oregano,
•   Arrangements              garlic and Parmesan cheese. How about empanada, it too is
    Committee:                dough that is filled with meat, cheese maybe vegetables and
    Chair: Susan Lerner       flavored with cumin, garlic, lime, chili peppers and oregano. How
    E-mail:                   about another dough-based product, the dumpling or egg roll; it’s
    arrangements@flavorche    filled with vegetables and meat or seafood and seasonings such as
                              ginger, garlic, fish sauce, and soy sauce. Even the seasonings are
•   By-laws Committee:
    Chair: Garry Conklin      similar. Looking at the flavors of the world what do we see, more
    E-mail: by-               similarities than differences. For instance garlic, it is used in many    countries, but so is lemon and lime juice. Also, cilantro is widely
•   Employment                used in some Asian cuisines as well as in Mexican, Central &
    Committee:                South American cuisines. And spicy peppers, in Italy, Mexico
    Chair: Dennis             and Asia hot peppers of one type or another are used to enhance
    Kucharczyk                the flavors of the other ingredients in a dish. The green notes
    E-mail:                   found in a green bell pepper are the same throughout the world.
    employment@flavorche      Crab, shrimp and other seafood are found in most countries with                  access to water. You can make a Key Lime Pie with sweetened
•   Nominating Committee:     condensed milk or if you are in a Vietnamese restaurant have your
    Chair: Dennis
                              coffee with it in the traditional way. In Mexico it can be poured
    E-mail:                   on a cake as a very popular topping. What is really the difference
    nominating@flavorchemi    between Pho, the Vietnamese noodle soup and Tortilla Soup in                    Mexico?

                                                                               Continued Pg. 4
Volume 8, Issue 1                                                                                4
     Mark Your                  Both are broth based, both have some meat component. Pho is
                                served over noodles, typically a rice type noodle; Tortilla Soup
     Calendars                  is served over strips of fried tortillas. Each soup is served with
         2005                   garnishes such as sliced hot peppers and basil or cilantro, and
The Society of Flavor           lime. Stracciatella “Italian Rag” Soup is almost identical to
Chemists –                      Chinese egg drop soup.
February 17, 2005; Newark                    As Americans we are what Bob Messenger calls us
NJ                              “ a nation of tribes”. For years there were sections that were all
March 16, 2005 –Joint w/        Italian or all German, now many cultures have blended. With
CSA & NAFFS; Hyatt              that and an amazing thing called Food TV we as consumers
Regency Anaheim, CA             know more about other types of cooking and ingredients that
April 14, 2005; Cincinnati,
                                ever before. As chefs, flavor chemists and food scientists we
May 19, 2005; Newark, NJ        must find commonality when we are developing for the masses.
July 19, 2005; IFT Breakfast    If we think about the similarities in cuisines and not the
meeting     7:30am;     New     differences we can venture into new development and cooking
Orleans Hilton, New Orleans,    adventures having fun, playing with our food.
LA                                      Two of my resources were:
April 26-28 – ifia Japan             The Von Welanetz Guide To Ethnic Ingredients
2005 and Healthy Foods               Diana & Paul Von Welanetz
Expo; Tokyo; contact: Kathy          JP Tarcher, Inc., Los Angeles
Giannetti; tel: 301-493-5500;        1982
e-mail:             The Food Lover’s Atlas of the World
                                    Martha Rose Shulman
July 12-16 – XVII
                                    Firefly Books
International Botanical
Congress: Nomenclature              Ontario
Section; Vienna; contact:           2002
Josef Greimler; tel: +43-1-
4277-54123; e-mail:             *Culinology is a trademark of the Research Chef’s Association;

July 16-20 – Institute of
Food Technologists Annual
Meeting; New Orleans, LA;           MEMBERSHIP NEWS:
contact IFT                            Newly Elected Members December 2004
July 17-23 – XVII
International Botanical
Congress: Scientific Sessions
and Ceremonies; Vienna;
contact: Josef Greimler; tel:
+43-1-4277-54123; e-mail:;

August 7-11 – 6th Pangborn
Sensory Science
Symposium; Harrogate
International Centre, North
Yorkshire, UK; contact: Sarah
Phillips; tell +44-0-1865-            Amy Bennett, Michele King, Larissa Goble, Denise Serafim
843691; e-mail:                                                               Continued pg. 5;

            Continued Pg. 5
Volume 8, Issue 1                                                                        5
   Calendar                    Certified:
Continued 2005                 Amy Bennett: is from Degussa she has worked with Victor
                               Levey. Amy has a BS in Food Science from University of
WFFC West Coast of the
US Study Trip
                               Minnesota. She has been an apprentice member since Dec.
August 21 - 27, 2005           2002. She has also worked at General Mills in the flavor
Enjoy the sights, scents and   department. Amy is also involved as the site coordinator at
flavors of the west coast.     Degussa for a worldwide exchange program which supplies
For information check:         funding and coordination for exchanges between the                   children of Degussa employees around the world. She can
                               be reached at:

  ASSOCIATION                  Apprentice:
   CONTACTS                    Larissa Goble: is working at Flavor Systems International
BSF -British Society of        with William Wasz. She received her B.S. in Natural
Flavourists                    Science from Xavier University in 1998. She enjoys
Chris Goddard                  working with customers to create new flavors for sweet and
Tel: 44-1277-224587            beverage products. In her spare time she enjoys playing
e-mail:                        volleyball, camping, hiking, and repelling. Larissa can be         reached at:

CSA – Chemical Sources
Association                    Michelle King: is from Givaudan and has been working
Patrick McNamara               with Dennis Brown and Lori Bratton. She has a BS degree
Tel: 201-392-8900              in Biology from the University of Cinncinati. Michelle has
                               been focusing on creating flavor for beverages and sweet
EFEO – European                goods. She is excited to be a participant in Givaudan’s
Federation of Essential        Flavorist trainee program. Michelle has said she was highly
Oils                           impressed with the Society at her first meeting and she kept
Lutz Düshop
                               the name badge on her bulletin board to remind her of her
Tel: 49-40-23-60-16-15               goals to attain membership. I look forward to her being
                               involved with the organization in the future. Michelle can
FEMA- Flavor & Extract         be reached at:
Kim Earle                      Denise Serafim: from Ottens flavors she has been working
Tel: 202-293-5800              with Dave Thomson. She has a BS degree in biology from
                               the University of Pennsylvania. Denise’s specialties include
IFEAT – International          meat & savory and sweet flavors.             She is very
Federation of Essential        complimentary of our education program and looks forward
Oils & Aroma Trades            to the next evolving flavor trends. Denise became a mom
Tel: 44-20-7836-2460           this past spring and she enjoys cooking, wine tasting,                  decorating and painting, but especially in the summer she
                               enjoys sailing with her husband on the Chesapeake. She can
IFT – Institute of Food        be reached:
Name: Gail A. Wiseman

WFFC – Women in
Flavor and Fragrance           JoanHarvey- Membership Committee-Chair
Commerce                       973-385-6369  
 Tel: 732-922-0500
Volume 8, Issue 1                                                                      6
  Important                             SFC FELLOWSHIP AWARD
                                    The SFC sponsors a graduate fellowship award
                            every year through the IFT. This year’s recipient is
Newsletter now prepared
                            Andriana V. Schirak, a Ph. D student at North Carolina
with Publicity Committee:
                            State University. Here is a brief synopsis of her proposed
Email important
                            research that was provided to us by the IFT:
information to:
                                    “Blanching is an important step in the processing of
                            peanuts. It consists of a heating step to remove moisture,
                            followed by gentle abrasion to remove the seed coat.
                            Blanching improves the flavor of final products such as
MEMBERS: Please             peanut butter, and the step also prepares the peanuts for
review your membership      subsequent processing such as roasting in oil. Furthermore,
information on our          blanching enables the identification of discolored or
Society’s website many      damaged peanuts which can be indicators of aflatoxin
addresses and e-mails are   contamination.”
not current. If you find
yours in error please       Some information about the Award also provided by IFT:
                                     “For this particular award, students who enter the
update with correct
                            general IFT graduate fellowship competition, and who
information. Thank you!     intend to conduct research either in flavor chemistry or in a
                            food technology area involving some aspect of flavor
                            chemistry, use a “check off” on the entry form to indicate
                            their interest in being considered for the Society of Flavor
                            Chemists Memorial Fellowship. A total of 128 students
                            entered the Graduate Fellowship competition; I believe six
                            students used the “check off” this year to be considered for
                            the award, and the jury chair narrowed it down and awarded
                            it to Andriana.”
                                     Andriana will be presented with this award at the
                            Dogwood Section local IFT Student Recognition night on
                            April 14, 2005 in Charlotte, NC. Patricia Butler of Mother
                            Murphy’s will make the presentation. Look for pictures on
                            the website in May.

                                      December 2004 meeting

                            The 354th meeting of the Society of Flavor Chemists took
                            place on December 2, 2004 in Newark, NJ. The educational
                            portion of the meeting consisted of presentations by Charles
                            Iker, V.P., Flavor Creation, Application & Regulatory
                            Affairs, Mane, Inc. on Supercritical CO2 Extraction and
                            Dr. Robert Braddock, Professor of Food Science, Citrus
                            Research & Education Center, University of Florida, on
                            Citrus By-Products for Food and Flavor Application.

                                                                     Continued pg. 7
Volume 8, Issue 1                                                                                                     7

The business meeting and dinner followed the educational meeting. Dr. Xiaogen Yang was the dinner speaker who
shared with the membership about Givaudan’s TasteTrek® research project.

        Charles Iker, Mane Inc.          Dr. Xiaogen Yang, Givaudan            Dr. Robert Braddock, U of FLA

                                             50TH ANNIVERSARY NOTES
                                            PAST PRESIDENTS

L to R bottom row: Al Saldarini, Tom Ulinski, Gene Buday, Bob Vogt, Joan Harvey, Frank Fischetti, Dolf De Rovira,
Dennis Kucharczyk, Denise McCafferty, Dieter Bauer, Carmine Donnarumma, Carl Holmgren, Kent Zeller
L to R top row: Bob Peterson, Ronnie McBurnie, Alfred Goossens, Mike Fasano, Gerry Mosciano, Dennis Kujawski, Klaus
Bauer, Greg Lima, Ed Albaugh, Dick Heinze

A NOTE FROM JERRY DI GENOVA, PRESIDENT 1963-1964 (charter member)

I am doing fine now and I will be spending the winter months in Sarasota Florida.

I miss the employment of being a Flavor Chemist at Givaudan and being active in the Industry. I came to know
quite a list of acquaintances and enjoyed the variety of flavor challenges—the successes and, more often,

                                                                                                 Continued Pg. 8
Volume 8, Issue 1                                                                                                   8
the failures. I believe I was both honest and helpful to my staff members and those around me in my job as I
ascended the various steps in my profession.

I remember very clearly the excitement of being a Charter Member of the Society of Flavor Chemists. The early
meetings were marked by inertia and lack of activity. I believe there are only five of the Charter members left—Jim
Broderick, Earl Merwin and two others whose names escape me, and me.

Much has transpired during these fifty years. The Society has grown to what it is today—and I am very proud of it!
I wish that all the members are cognizant of the Society’s history and that they be honest in their relationships and
devoted to its further success and growth. I appreciate immensely the spirit of the members and their love of their

Yours truly,

Jerry Di Genova, President 1963-64

From Carole Pollock, President 1993-1994:

Congratulations to the Society of Flavor Chemists on reaching their 50th anniversary. I remember the good times
and the fellowship of my "brother and sister" flavorists.I found that it didn't matter where people worked (and for
some, it was hard to keep up with the changes), we all enjoyed meeting and laughing together. Some of the
meetings were unforgettable especially the talk on cow taste buds and the wine tastings.

I'd like to thank my teachers-especially Jerry DiGenova, Dick Potter and Earl Merwin-for helping me with the
career I've loved so much. I fondly remember Al Venutolo and Sol Reiss who are probably still playing smurf
basketball in Heaven to see who will pay for lunch and telling terrible jokes with the other flavorists there.

To all the "young flavorists" I give the advice to take time to "play" with your craft, keep training every day, share
your findings with your lab-mates and try to make the best flavors that you possibly can.

One of the memorable events during my presidency was the Symposium on March 3, 1994. There was a major
blizzard through the night and three feet of snow closed airports and highways. Still all of the speakers and most of
the attendees made it through. The Society wisely decided to have future Symposiums in more clement months!

Best as always,

Carole Pollock,President 1993-94

Joseph Cipriano (Joe), President 1988-89

When I think back on my active days with the Society, I think what I miss most is the camaraderie I experienced
working with other board members. I miss those board lunch meetings and the many good friends I made there. I
spent 15 years either on the board or on a committee assignment and would highly recommend the experience to
any of our younger members. Not only for the good friendship and feeling of accomplishment, but also for the
wider perspective I gained on the flavor industry in general.

Looking back over my career I also feel great fondness for all the colleagues I worked with - the good times and
bad, the trials, the joys, the achievements. I remember my first experiences with the original Florasynth (up in the
Bronx), Givaudan (both in NYC and NJ), Philip Morris in Richmond, and of course my many years spent with
Kraft/General Foods. I remember the great educational experience I had taking Professor Bedoukian's natural
product courses at Columbia University's College of Pharmacy when I worked in Manhattan, as well as all the great
times I had enjoying the various foods and ethnic sites while working on the west side.
                                                                                                  Continued Pg. 9
Volume 8, Issue 1                                                                                                       9
I keep up to date with industry news through friends and publications, and still offer training and guidance to
apprentices not only from my former employee but also to others I have met in the Chicago area.

Joe Cipriano, President 1988-89

P.S. Please let the membership know that any and all can feel free to contact me at

Dick Potter, President 1972-73

I have been retired for 8 and 1/2 years now. It was a great retirement until last year when my wife lost her
battle with cancer. It has left an awful void in my life, but fortunately my kids and grandkids (11) are a
great help.

To me, being a flavor chemist was more like a hobby than work, especially when a new GC showed up. My
greatest pride was seeing my trainees becoming accomplished chemists. Several of them finished their degrees and
several got advanced degrees. Some were goofy, but we had fun and cranked out a lot of work.

I remember when the Flavor Chemists met at the Hotel Russelon Park Ave. in NY. I don’t know how I ever got to
be President when we moved to the Chemists Club, but I have my suspicions. My predecessor instituted the
practice of wine on the tables for our dinners. So I ran on that platform with a lot of support. That distracted from
the fact that while treasurer the auditors found me a dollar short. That’s a whole lot better than I do with my own

Carole, remember the days on 44th Street? What a goofy bunch that was! Flavor Chemistry is a great career. I wish
all of the young practitioners success, but have fun while you are at it.

Best wishes for a happy and successful 50th Anniversary.


Dick Potter,President 1972-73

Dolf De Rovira, President 2000-2001

I would like to personally congratulate and acknowledge our organization in its 50thyear. I believe that there is no
finer group of talented people, and rarely individuals who can claim to make so many people delighted by
improving the foods they consume.

It is an honor and a privilege that we have and also a responsibility that we are so intrinsic in the providing of good
quality products. For those of you who are just starting out, I can only say, “work hard, and persevere”, for this
industry is one of the finest there is, and to be a flavorist is truly something of which to be proud.

Personally, I have watched my company grow for twenty years now, and I have to say that it has been an
immeasurably pleasant experience. We are looking for Flavor Dynamics, Inc. to have its best year ever.

At Polak Frutal Works, where I first trained in this industry, we used to call that bit of creativity that is so necessary
in our job the “Spark”. I am involved with education as many of you know, and I see the “Spark” in many of the
eyes of the younger trainees.

For that, I am encouraged and assured that the enthusiasm and energy needed to be proficient in our special career
will continue in the hearts and minds of the newcomers.
                                                                                                   Continued Pg. 10
Volume 8, Issue 1                                                                                                   10
I am saddened that out of the six trainees, Dennis Kucharzyck, myself, Dennis Kujawski, Phil Capasso, Carlos
Isaacs and Lynn (then Jaworski) Wheeler, that Phil and Carlos have both passed away at an early age, and I would
like to remember them.

I believe that my involvement on the board and as past president was extremely rewarding, I hope the “Golden
Blotter” award continues as the ultimate honor for members of the society.

As each member becomes more comfortable in their profession, and as they begin to understand that involvement
in this organization can be both extremely rewarding and beneficial to their careers, they consider becoming
involved more with the workings of the organization. We are always looking for “new ideas” and all it takes
sometimes is for someone to show an interest to begin the path of involvement.

I would like to thank all of the members for their support when I was president and wish everyone best wishes in
the future.


Dolf De Rovira, President 2000-2001

Dennis Kucharczyk, President 2003-2004

I spent over 30 years in the flavor industry and I wouldn’t change my career choice if I were able to do so. I
currently work 2 days a week in the ER of a local hospital and I constantly find myself analyzing some of the
aromas around me. You have to trust me on this. When you work in an ER you get some interesting aromas to try
to pick apart.

Some of my fondest memories go back to my days as an apprentice Flavorist at PFW. I had the pleasure of learning
the art of flavor creation with people like Dolf DeRovira and Dennis Kujawski. I had the good fortune to be taught
by wonderful Flavorists such as Charlie Weiner Gene Buday and Bob Adamson. I had the privilege of knowing
Carlos Isaacs and Phil Capasso who are no longer with us

One of the most rewarding things for me was being able to teach flavor creation. I am able to look at some very
successful current Flavorists and know that I played a small part in helping them get to where they are. In summary
I thank the industry and the Society for enriching my life and leaving wonderful memories.

Dennis Kucharczyk, President 2003-2004

Greetings from Gerard Mosciano, President 1987-1988

I am doing fine. I am gradually retiring from flavor training and creation and enjoying it very much. I am still active
writing articles for Perfumer & Flavorist. I am in the final process of editing on the various aspects of the flavor
industry with contributions from some of the best creative flavorists in the business. It should be available in the
third quarter of 2005.

I first started my “management” role with the Chemical Sources Association. At first I only wanted to be able to
travel to the East coast to see my parents, and then it became a very rewarding experience. When I finished my
duties with CSA, I moved on to work for The Society of Flavor Chemists. I got much more out of it than I put into
it. The highlight of working with SFC is the many friendships I’ve made over the years. I can remember the early
meetings at the Chemists Club in New York City. I remember the sense of accomplishment that came from
chairing the Mid-west meeting for many years. I am proud of the scholarship that the Society funded at my
initiative. I continue to feel that it is important that we support the educational mandate in our Charter.
                                                                                                 Continued Pg. 11
Volume 8, Issue 1                                                                                                  11
I encourage the younger members of the SFC to get involved. It is only through such personal effort that the
Society will grow and continue to benefit future Flavorists. The rewards will last forever and the effort is minimal
in comparison.

I wanted to add a note about the pleasure of meeting and learning from the “Old Guys” but now I realize WE ARE
the Old Guys!

Gerard Mosciano, President 1987-1988

From Alfred Goosens, President 1979-1980:


I'd like to congratulate all members of our Society with this important milestone in our history. Over the years
many of us have actively participated in the continuous growth of our valuable organization, some as charter
members, some as members of the Board of Directors and the various Committees and still others who participated
in the various activities that made our Society the strong organization that it is today. For instance many of our
members were present at the Flavor Symposium that was held in October 2004 and were part of the celebrations of
our 50th Anniversary during this event.

But times are changing and also the Flavor Industry is changing. With these changes there some concerns and
challenges that I like to bring forward. Over the years we have seen many mergers and acquisitions, I am sure that
we have not seen the end of this. These changes have resulted in the fact that there is more pressure than ever to
deliver stronger sales and profit figures. This will affect also The Society of Flavor Chemists. For instance,
companies will cut back on the number of meetings its employees are allowed to attend and they will cut back on
the number of attendees to each meeting. This of course is of great concern to all of us, but it also creates
opportunities for the Society!

The answer has to be: “Raise the Bar!” Improve the quality of the performance of The Society of Flavor Chemists!

I will be so bold to give some examples:

    •   Make absolutely sure that the quality of the presentations during our meetings is of excellent quality. It is
        one thing that we come to the meetings to socialize and to meet our friends, but it is essential that we learn
        something that will benefit our work. Don’t accept excuses such as “we can’t afford” this speaker or that
        venue. Find solutions, and “raise the bar”!
    •   Pick the Chairpersons of our Committees carefully. It is not good enough if somebody says that he or she
        “is willing” to become a Chairperson. The Chairperson and the Committee members have to walk the extra
        mile and should deliver what is expected from that Committee.
    •   Therefore it would be beneficial if the Board would publish “Duties and Responsibilities” of each
        Committee. It is already difficult for a long-term member of the Society to know all the ins-and-outs of a
        Committee, and it is even more difficult for a newer member. In order for them to do a superb job, we
        should tell them what is expected from them…in detail. Thus we can “raise the bar!”
    •   And if the above suggestions are not controversial enough… here is another suggestion. The Nominating
        Committee should pick candidates for the Board with even more care as has been done in the past. Yes,
        there are the standard qualifications that may have been considered, however we should look for members
        who are bright, who have the drive and energy to walk the extra mile for the Society, who can think “out of
        the box”, and who are LEADERS.

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Volume 8, Issue 1                                                                                                  12
And last but not least, let us protect and defend the history of our The Society of Flavor Chemists! I cringe, when I
read in the just-published minutes of the meeting of December 2004: “We may combine our library with The
Flavor Heritage Society”.

The Library of the Flavor Chemists Society is one of the pillars of our past and of our future. Not only because of
the books that have been donated to us by members who founded this Society, but very much because these books
deal with the blood, sweat and tears of the people who build this great industry of ours. We NEVER should not
even consider this. With NO other organization. Our library is housed at The Monell Chemical Senses Center;
maybe the worlds foremost research organizations in the perception of taste and smell.

It is an HONOR for our Society to be associated with them through our flavor library. We should expand and build
on our library, make it known to the world that we have these books, and make them accessible to the world. I
believe that it is expected that I say a few words about myself. I started in the flavor industry in the early 60’s in
Johannesburg, and it was Jan Buchel who taught me the principles of flavor chemistry and the flavor industry.

Those were the good old times! I have been very fortunate in my career and retired, after more than 25 years with
IFF, in 2001. But there was still a lot of flavor in my blood, so I started consulting under the name Flavorful
Solutions. And still today this is good for body and soul.

I wish The Society of Flavor Chemist the very best, with many more Anniversaries!

Alfred Gossen, President 1979-1980

To read more Past President greetings please visit our website. Also note we will continue to
publish greetings all year in our newsletters. So if you don’t see someone this issue be sure to check
the upcoming ones. Thank you.