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					         • Membership dues are due!
          membership form included
                in this issue
President’s Message:
Happy Spring!

We had an enjoyable meeting at Syracuse April 4th, with a surprising turnout given the Easter
weekend date of the shows. Discussion centered on the upcoming BernerFest, June 13 at Myers
Park north of Ithaca (for more info and to volunteer, contact Galen Zimmer). Lots of activities
are planned for all Berners and their owners, especially pets, including a photographer on site.

Members, please do send Treasurer Bev Burney your dues to renew your membership if you
have not yet done so.

The website is looking very nice under the guidance of Lance Nelson and Lynn Carlson. We
have decided to add a section entitled “In Memory Of” to commemorate dogs no longer with us.
Do feel free to submit to Lance and Lynn photos and info on your dogs that have passed.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you at our next Club Meeting, approximately one-
half hour after judging at the Kanadasaga Kennel Club show, to be held in Bainbridge on
Saturday, July 3. See officers and board members at ringside for the location of the meeting.
(Check for details of the judging time 1 week prior to the show date:

Galen & Sue                    I’m gonna get
                              that bunny, He
                                  took my
                                Easter eggs!

April 4, 2010 AT Syracuse, NY
Members: Sue Ellen Repine, Debra Brown, Bev Burney, Sue Brightman, Lynn
Carlson, Ellen Lechner, Pat Nelson, Debra Brown, Kim Barber, John Mihalek,
Kathy Mihalek, Debbie Butler Miller, George Narby.
Guests: Kate and Michael Wheeler, Christine Cady

President Sue Brightman called the Meeting to order at 11:45 AM.
Introductions were made.
Minutes of the last meeting were accepted.
Treasurers Report (B. Burney): Expenses were for Ways and Means and the
BernerFest, to be held June 13 were discussed, as well as $100 for maintaining
the website for one year. Bev reminded all members to pay dues and trophy
donations for the Wine Country supported entry—many have not done so.
Secretary Report: Patty Smith was unable to attend, so no report was made.

Committee Reports:
BernerFest- Discussion centered on the activities to be offered, including a
Photographer on site arranged by Debra Brown for June 13. Debra Brown raised
discussion about advertising the BernerFest and Wine Country Supported Entry
as opportunities to learn about the breed and meet other owners in surrounding
city newspapers. After some discussion, it was agreed to use free events
posting in Penny savers, Craig’s List, and Facebook and using public service
announcements. Debra offered to work on this advertising.
Sunshine (K. Barber)- We don’t send cards when dogs pass. Lynn Carlson
proposed adding a page to the website “In Memory Of” with photos and info on
dogs that have passed.
Rescue (L. Carlson)- Lynn mentioned that she and Galen are working with a
couple of people to place their Berners as well as continuing to add to their list
of people interested in adopting a Berner that is rescued or in need of re-homing.
Newsletter-After much discussion, members will be able to advertise Berner- or
dog-oriented business on a quarter-page in the newsletter at no cost if they
make a donation to Ways and Means or one of the club’s functions.
Nonmembers will be able to advertise at the following cost: ¼-age $25; 1/2-page,
$50; full-page, $100.

Meeting adjourned 12:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Lynn Carlson and Sue Brightman

                       OFFICERS & COMMITTEES
          Co-Presidents               BOARD OF DIRECTORS
          Sue Brightman                  Patty Gill
          Galen Zimmer
          607-844-4168                      Linda Carney
          Vice President
         Steve Costantino                      Ray Hughes     

           Treasurer                          WEBSITE
         Beverly Burney                      Lance Nelson         
           Secretary                          Blassi News
          Patty Smith                     Debbie Butler Miller                       607-345-2605
                                            6 Greenwich St.
             Rescue                        Homer, NY 13077
          Galen Zimmer         
          Lynn Carlson                    Sunshine
              Membership                    Kim Barber
             Galen Zimmer                  607-733-0436

Check this
                       The 2010
        BMDCA Specialty will be held starting on
   MONDAY, MAY 10 thru SATURDAY, MAY 15, 2010, at the
                    Olympia Resort in
                 Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
       Check this

                       Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the
                       Fingerlakes, Go check it out at…

  Here are the details on BMDCFL’S YAHOO GROUP….

  Got a question, something to share or just want to see what the other members of bmdcfl are up
  too… Join our Yahoo Group! Just click on the home page link below and join the group, it’s that
  easy! When one of our members posts a message every member of the group will be able to view
  it and respond it they choose. It’s a great way for us to keep in touch!

  Group home page:
  Group email address:

While on Facebook, just type in the BMDCFL in the search bar and join the group!!

BERNERFEST!!! June 13th
Berner Fest is coming up soon! We want to get the word out to everyone
about our great breed! Please help us by printing out or making copies of
“Page 4” of this newsletter and posting it at your vets office, where you
buy dog food or anywhere you know it will be seen! If we all post 2 or 3
copies think of the area we can cover!!

If you are interested in Bernese Mountain Dogs,
and would like to learn more about the breed,
this is your opportunity to meet some of the most
 respected breeders and their dogs in New York State!

Hosted by the:
Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Fingerlakes.
Myers Point Park
The Town of Lansing Parks and Recreation
Department provides a variety of experiences at the
Lansing Town Park in Myers. Admission to the Park
is free for Town of Lansing residents. Nonresidents
are charged $3 per car on weekends and holidays.

Approximately 60 miles southwest of Syracuse, and
10 miles north of Ithaca, Myers Park sits on the
eastern shore of Cayuga Lake, one of the Finger
Lakes in Tompkins County. Located in the southern
part of the Town of Lansing off of Route 34B, the
park is graced with 31 acres of grass covered, tree
shaded land, with extensive Cayuga Lake frontage.

There are seven pavilions. Picnic tables and barbecue grills are scattered throughout the park grounds. Camping is
available in a designated area. There is a large boat marina and three paved launching ramps where boats may be put
into the water for a small fee. The park is routinely patrolled.

A swimming area (with lifeguards on duty,) playground, volleyball net, basketball court, horseshoe pits, and vending
machines are available.

There are 19 available sites each having electric and water hookups. A dump station is available.

The nightly fee is $20 and monthly rates are available. Reservations may be made by calling the Parks & Recreation
Department office starting January 2nd. Visa/Mastercard/Discover are accepted. Call 607-533-7388 Mon.-Thurs.
7:30am-4:00pm and Fri. 7:30am-noon.

2010 BMDCFL Membership Dues Renewal Where Due Jan. 1st!

2011 Membership is due January 1, 2011
Dear BMDCFL Members,

If you have not renewed your membership with the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Finger Lakes
Please do so ASAP!

Membership dues are $10.00 per year/ Individual and $15.00 per year /Family.

Breeder listing on our Web Page is an Annual fee of $25.00.

Please make checks payable to BMDCFL along with this form and send to:

       Beverly Burney
       Treasurer, BMDCFL
       PO Box 322
       Barneveld, NY 13304

Please Print Information Clearly

$10.00_____ Individual Membership,
$15.00_____ Family Membership,
$25.00_____ Website Breeder listing


Street: _____________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________ State: ____________ Zip: ___________

Phone: ________________________________ e-mail: ________________________________

1) ____ I choose to receive my newsletter via e-mail, help us go green and save $$$ with this choice
    (Please send an e-mail to Debbie Butler Miller at to be added to the club
    e-mail list.)

____ I choose to receive my newsletter via U.S. Mail

2) ____ yes, include me in a club directory   ____ no do not wish to be included in a directory

Your donations to the following club funds are greatly appreciated!

Trophy Fund $___________ Rescue $__________ General $__________

Signature ___________________________________________________________________
                                               Adesa’s Battleship Defender
                                              Owned by George and Eleanor Narby

                                                      Wins Best of Breed
                                                        April 3, 2010

                                            North Country Kennel Club, Syracuse, NY

                                                    Judge, Paula Nykiel
                                                Handled by Debbie Butler Miller

Our club needs your support!! Please make a donation to
help support the purchase of trophies for the Wine Country
Circuit! This show is our chance to shine! Contact Debra
Brown, show chair.


16th      Mason Dixon BMDC Annual Day for dogs, John Rudy Park, York, PA

23RD      Nashoba BMDC, Working Dog Day, Middlesex County 4-H Fairgrounds,
          Westford, MA

29th & 30th 3 Rivers BMD Specialty in conjunction with the New Castle Kennel Club
            & Trumbull Kennel Club show, New Castle, PA.
5th         Nashoba BMDC, Ladies Dog Club Show, Crackerbarrel Fairgrounds,
            Wrentham Mass.

13th        Fingerlakes BMDC, Bernerfest, Myers Point Lansing. Fun
            match, draft demo, dish to pass

3rd         Fingerlakes BMDC, Meeting following Bernese judging,
            Bainbridge, NY

11th        Potomac Valley BMDC Supported Entry, National Capital Kennel Club
            West Friendship, MD.

14th        Mason Dixon BMDC, Supported Entry, Penn Ridge Kennel Club.
            Farm Show Arena, Harrisburg, PA.

11th        Nashoba BMDC, Regional Specialty. Carroll County Kennel Club,
            ER Hussey Field, North Conway, NH.

2nd         Fingerlakes BMDC Supported entry Wine Country Circuit,
            Romulus, NY
2nd & 3rd   BMDC of Ontario Specialty

7th         Watchung BMDC Supported entry Morris & Essex Kennel Clubs
            Somerset, NJ

9th         Watchung BMDC draft test, Allentown, PA

10th        Watchung BMDC Regional Specialty, Allentown, PA

      Finger Lakes BMDC meeting Syracuse Fair Grounds
      following Bernese judging, date and time TBA

                              NEW MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
   Please use one application form per applicant. Please print or type.
              APPLICANT NAME:                                   DATE:                      APPLICANT

              ADDRESS:                                          PHONE:                     E-MAIL:

              PROFESSION:                                       SPONSOR:                   SPONSOR

                                                                SPONSOR:                   SPONSOR

   SPONSORS: These recommendations must be made by two unrelated, current BMDCFL members in good
   standing. They shall attest that, to the best of their knowledge, you will abide by the Code of Ethics,
   Constitution, and By-Laws of this club.

   FEE: $10/single or $15/family shall accompany this application. This covers dues for the period from January
   1 of the current year, through December 31 of the same year. Checks should be made payable to the BMDCFL.
   Upon approval of this request for membership, the applicant that he/she is in good standing with the American
   Kennel Club, and agrees to abide by the Code of Ethics, Constitution, and By-Laws of this club.
                                       APPLICANT INFORMATION SHEET
   On a separate sheet of paper or on the back of this form, write a brief autobiography, which will be shared with
   the membership prior to a vote on your application. Please include the “animal membership” of you household;
   a comment or two on what attracted you to the breed, current dog activities (including membership in clubs),
   showing and/or breeding expectation you have for your Bernese and from the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of
   the Finger Lakes, and a list of skills or particular interests which you feel would contribute to club activities.
                                                     CODE OF ETHICS
   Sign one copy of the BMDCFL Code of Ethics and return with your application form to:
   Galen Zimmer, BMDCFL Membership Chairperson
   485 North Road
   Freeville, NY 13068
   (607) 8444168

   This application has been presented and approved/disapproved according to the Constitution and By-Laws of
   the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Finger Lakes

   President: _________________________________________ Date: ___________________

The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Finger Lakes, in keeping with the aims of breeding the best possible dogs while
preserving their unique beauty and character, and of promoting the best possible care and training of these dogs, adopts the

                              CODE OF ETHICS
1. Breeders shall strive for perfection of the Bernese Mountain Dog in accordance with the official
standard set forth by the _______American Kennel Club. In this regard, they shall:

a. Maintain high standards of health and care for the dogs.

b. Use only physically and temperamentally sound stock, and will refuse stud service to any bitch
that is unregistered or _______shows obvious defects. They shall study and learn the good and
bad points within their own stock, never doubling up _____
on a known and visible fault.

c. Ideally X-ray for evidence of hip dysplasia at age of two years or over, and strive to breed
dysplasia-free Bernese.

d. Refrain from Breeding the bitch until her second season, and preferably waiting until at least 18
months of age.
A bitch shall be bred no more than two out of three seasons, this depending on the size of the litter
whelped and her ______condition. It is suggested that in most cases, a period of one year lapse
between litters.

2. Breeders will not sell stock without true representation to the purchaser nor use misleading or
untruthful statements in selling or advertising.

3. No member shall sell adults or puppies to any known retail or wholesale pet outlet.

4. A buyer shall be supplied with a four generation pedigree; with information on inoculations and
other veterinary care that ______
the dogs has had; with instructions on the care, feeding and training of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

5. A breeder will guarantee the health of his stock subject to a veterinarian’s examination within 48
hours of the sale.

6. A breeder should try to keep in touch with the progress of dogs of his breeding in order to better
analyze his own program.

7. Breeders shall exhibit at dog shows and matches where feasible.

8. Members shall at all time exhibit good sportsmanship at all events related to eh club and dog

9. Members shall not degrade any other member or kennel.

  Adopted October 4, 1986



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