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Appendix              572
    Over a hundred years ago, the small 11 block Town of Strother straddled the Missouri Pacific
    Railroad tracks. Today, that small town consists of 65 square miles and is known as the City
    of Lee's Summit. In the late 1800's, a man by the name of William B. Howard was drawn to
    this fertile, gently rolling prairie land with the dream of building a city. Today, 79,515
    residents have been enticed to this progressive, yet restful and family-oriented community
    atmosphere, with a unified dream to create a dynamic, vital city. From yesterday to today,
    the story of this once small town has been filled with the courage, dedication, and quiet
    determination of its citizens, making Lee's Summit an ideal city in which to live and work.

    On October 28, 1865, William B. Howard founded the Town of Strother by filing a plat
    containing the 11 blocks that currently encompass the downtown business district. At the
    time of incorporation, the population count stood at one hundred people. In November of
    1868, the name was changed and the area incorporated as the "Town of Lee's Summit".
    Although the "Summit" portion of the name was obviously based on the fact the town's
    elevation is the highest point on the railroad between Kansas City and St. Louis, there are
    numerous opinions and theories on the origin of "Lee". According to one theory, the town
    was named after Civil War General Robert E. Lee, since incorporation took place shortly
    after the war and the majority of citizens migrated from the Southern states. However,
    another version suggests the town was named after a prominent early settler, Dr. Pleasant
    Lea. The discrepancy in the spelling of "Lea" has been attributed to railroad sign painters.

    Lee's Summit's most infamous citizen was Cole Younger, called "The Last of the Great
    Outlaws" by author Homer Croy. According to history, soldiers drove Younger to a life
    outside the law after his father's murder and subsequent robbery. While Union forces were

Appendix                                                                                           573
    enforcing Order #11, the command issued in 1862 ostensibly to burn homes belonging to
    those with Southern ties, Younger and his brothers were credited with saving some of the
    original homes within Lee's Summit, the most prominent of which belonged to William B.
    Howard. Order #11 helped to unify the transplanted southern population in Missouri and
    compelled Younger to join the Confederate guerrilla band known as Quantrill's Raiders. Cole
    Younger was arrested after an attempted bank robbery in Northfield, Minnesota. Following
    25 years of imprisonment for his crimes, Cole Younger was paroled in 1901. Three years
    later, Younger returned to Lee's Summit where he lived as a model citizen until his death in
    1916. His grave is located in the Lee's Summit Historic Cemetery.

    The Fire of 1885 demonstrated yet again the stamina personified by citizens in Lee's
    Summit. While most of the town's residents were attending Sunday morning church services,
    fire erupted in the downtown district, which consisted of dry, wooden buildings. A detailed
    account of the fire, as printed in the April 16, 1885, issue of The Lee's Summit Journal,
    stated the buildings burned " greased wood". Virtually the entire business district was
    destroyed and the loss aggregated at $87,000, with a total of 25 buildings consumed by the
    flames. However, the stalwart citizens took their losses in stride and promptly commenced to
    rebuild the town.

    Almost 30 years later, Mr. R. A. Long, a prominent Kansas City lumberman, began building
    his dream, which became a reality with the construction of Longview Farm. In 1912, Mr. Long
    purchased approximately 1,700 acres in the southwest portion of Lee's Summit. Mostly self-
    sufficient, the farm included five major barn groups and 42 buildings. When completed and
    functional, Longview Farm became internationally known for the horses and livestock
    contained within its white rail fences and was one of only three dozen such showplace farms.

    Building dreams is a major part of Lee's Summit today. From 1992 to 2001, the city averaged
    around 896 new single-family homes each year, the largest increase being from 1992 to
    1996 with an average of 1,036 single-family homes each year. Although the number of
    permits decreased in some of those years, the valuation of the projects increased. This rapid
    and steady expansion contributed to Lee's Summit's title as one of the fastest-growing cities
    in the State of Missouri.

    The history of Lee's Summit abounds with the tragedies and triumphs of courageous people
    who have never failed in their dream of creating a city that will continually progress and
    prosper. Most importantly, Lee's Summit is comprised of dedicated people who never lose
    touch with the basic values that make a community livable. We feel Lee's Summit has lived
    up to the dreams of its forefathers.

Appendix                                                                                             574
                                                                                                      Core Employees Pay Structure
                                                                                                          Fiscal Year 2007-2008

         POSITION TITLE                DEPARTMENT                   GRADE             Annual Salary Range                        Monthly                              Bi-weekly                            80.00 hourly
                                                                            minimum      midpoint     maximum        minimum     midpoint     maximum     minimum     midpoint     maximum     minimum     midpoint     maximum

Cash Receipts Clerk              Finance                              7     $23,715.02   $29,605.51     $35,496.00    1,976.25     2,467.13    2,958.00      912.12     1,138.67    1,365.23     11.4015     14.2334      17.0654
Clerk Typist                     Public Works                         7
Assistant City Clerk             Admin                                7

Meter Reader                     Water Utilities Support Services     8       $25,207.19 $31,612.84     $38,018.49    2,100.60     2,634.40    3,168.21      969.51     1,215.88    1,462.25     12.1188     15.1985      18.2781
Service Attendant                Public Works Operations              8
Airport Attendant                Airport                              8
Shelter Attendant                Animal Control                       8
Custodian                        Building Maintenance and Police      8
Treasury Cashier                 Finance                              8
Receptionist                     Finance and Animal Control           8
Accounting Clerk                 Finance/Accounts Payable             8
Deputy Court Clerk               Municipal Court                      8
Service Representative           Parks                                8
Asst Procurement Officer         Purchasing                           8

                                                                            $27,289.53   $34,337.87     $41,386.20    2,274.13     2,861.49    3,448.85    1,049.60     1,320.69    1,591.78     13.1200      16.5086     19.8972
Deputy City Clerk                Admin                                9
Secretary to Mayor               Admin                                9
Facility Worker                  Building Maintenance                 9
Lead Custodian                   Building Maintenance                 9
Secretary                        Codes                                9
Secretary                        Law                                  9
Court Bailiff                    Municipal Court                      9
Warrant Clerk                    Municipal Court                      9
Bond Clerk                       Municipal Court                      9
Rec Supervisor I                 Parks                                9
Parks Specialist                 Parks                                9
Secretary                        Planning and Development             9
Secretary                        Police                               9
Detention Officer                Police                               9
Records Clerk                    Police                               9
Parking Control Officer          Police                               9
Police Service Officer           Police                               9
Secretary                        Public Works                         9
Secretary                        Water                                9
Customer Service Rep             Water                                9
Service Tech                     Water                                9
Meter tech                       Water                                9

Airport Maintenance Technician   Airport                             10
Animal Control Officer           Animal Control                      10     $29,582.30   $37,345.87     $45,109.44    2,465.19     3,112.16    3,759.12    1,137.78     1,436.38    1,734.98     14.2223      17.9547     21.6872
Office Coordinator               Codes                               10
Administrative Secretary         Finance                             10
Account technician               Finance/Courts                      10
Office Coordinator               Fire                                10
Administrative Secretary         Fire and Police                     10
Administrative Assistant         Fleet                               10
System Support Analyst           ITS                                 10
GIS Tech                         ITS                                 10
Law Clerk                        Law                                 10

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                  Appendix                                                                                                                                                                                                        575
                                                                                                    Core Employees Pay Structure
                                                                                                        Fiscal Year 2007-2008

        POSITION TITLE                      DEPARTMENT            GRADE             Annual Salary Range                        Monthly                              Bi-weekly                            80.00 hourly
                                                                          minimum      midpoint     maximum        minimum     midpoint     maximum     minimum     midpoint     maximum     minimum     midpoint     maximum

Skilled Parks Specialist             Parks                         10
Administrative Secretary             Planning and Development      10
Administrative Secretary             Police                        10
Lead Detention Officer               Police                        10
Purchasing and Supply Officer        Police                        10
Evidence and Property Tech           Police                        10
Administrative Secretary             Public Works                  10
Public Works Management Assistant    Public Works                  10
Utility Inspector                    Public Works                  10
Traffic Technician                   Public Works Operations       10
Office Coordinator                   Public Works Operations       10
Administrative Secretary             Water                         10

Admin Specialist                       Admin                       11     $32,109.30   $40,669.65     $49,229.99    2,675.78     3,389.14    4,102.50    1,234.97     1,564.22    1,893.46     15.4372      19.5527     23.6683
Maintenance Worker                     Building Maintenance        11
Neighborhood Services Officer          Codes                       11
Accountant                             Finance and Parks           11
EMS Billing Specialist                 Fire                        11
Human Resources Assistant              Human Resources             11
Payroll specialist                     Human Resources             11
Insurance Administrator                Human Resources             11
Legal Assistant                        Law                         11
Court Services Officer                 Municipal Court             11
Rec Supervisor II                      Parks                       11
Senior Parks Specialist                Parks                       11
Planning Tech                          Planning and Development    11
Technical Services Specialist          Police                      11
Communications Specialist              Public Safety               11
CIP Resident Inspector                 Public Works                11
Engineering Tech                       Public Works                11
Erosion and Sediment Control Inspector Public Works                11
Inspector                              Public Works                11
Utility Coordinator                    Public Works                11
Procurement Officer                    Purchasing                  11
Metered Services Crew Leader           WUSS                        11

Management Intern                    Administration                12
Office Manager                       Admin                         12     $34,897.37   $44,346.18     $53,794.99    2,908.11     3,695.52    4,482.92    1,342.21     1,705.62    2,069.04     16.7776      21.3203     25.8630
Asst to Airport Manager              Airport                       12
Lead Building Maintenance Worker     Building Maintenance          12
Building Inspector                   Codes                         12
Permit tech                          Codes                         12
Asst Court Administrator             Courts                        12
Probation Officer                    Courts                        12
Accounts Payable Supervisor          Finance                       12
ITS specialist/Trainer               ITS                           12
Legacy Park Supervisor               Parks                         12
Admin Services Coordinator           Parks                         12
Marketing Coordinator                Parks                         12
Master Parks Specialist              Parks                         12
Maintenance Supervisor               Parks and Recreation          12
Aquatics Coordinator                 Parks and Recreation          12

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                 Appendix                                                                                                                                                                                                       576
                                                                                                      Core Employees Pay Structure
                                                                                                          Fiscal Year 2007-2008

         POSITION TITLE                      DEPARTMENT             GRADE             Annual Salary Range                        Monthly                              Bi-weekly                            80.00 hourly
                                                                            minimum      midpoint     maximum        minimum     midpoint     maximum     minimum     midpoint     maximum     minimum     midpoint     maximum

Supv of Cemetery and Grounds          Parks and Recreation           12
Facility Service Tech                 Police                         12
Lead Communications Specialist        Public Safety                  12
Sr Engineering Tech                   Public Works                   12
Environmental Program Coordinator     Public Works                   12
Sr Traffic Tech                       Public Works Operations        12
Field Supervisor                      Public Works Operations        12
Site Supervisor                       Solid Waste                    12
Administrative Supervisor             Water                          12
Facilities Tech                       Water Utilities                12
Metered Services Supervisor           Water Utilities Operations     12
Customer Service Supervisor           Water Utilities Operations     12
Utility Analyst                       Water Utilities Operations     12

City Clerk                            Admin                          13
Maintenance Shop Supervisor           Fleet                          13       $37,976.63 $48,417.17     $58,857.70    3,164.72     4,034.76    4,904.81    1,460.64     1,862.20    2,263.76     18.2580      23.2775     28.2970
Facility Maintenance Supervisor       Building Maintenance           13
Financial Analyst                     Finance                        13
GIS Analyst                           ITS                            13
Community Center Manager              Parks                          13
Senior Center Manager                 Parks                          13
Recreation Supervisor III             Parks                          13
Planner                               Planning and Development       13
Communications Supervisor             Public Safety                  13
Right of Way Agent                    Public Works                   13
Senior Procurement Officer            Purchasing                     13

Animal control Supervisor             Animal Control                 14       $41,381.02 $52,929.64     $64,478.26    3,448.42     4,410.80    5,373.19    1,591.58     2,035.76    2,479.93     19.8947      25.4469     30.9992
Plans Examiner                        Codes                          14
Cash management Officer               Finance                        14
Budget Officer                        Finance                        14
Risk Management Officer               Human Resources                14
Applications Administrator            ITS                            14
Communications System Administrator   ITS                            14
Network Administrator                 ITS                            14
Senior GIS Analyst                    ITS                            14
Asst Engineer
Staff Superintendent
Senior Staff Engineer                 Parks Works
                                      Public and Recreation
                                      Public Works                   14
Manager, Information Mgmt             Police                         14
Assistant Manager                     Purchasing                     14
Assistant Superintendent              Public Works Operations        14
Staff Engineer                        Public Works                   14
Water Quality/Wastewater Supervisor   Water                          14
Facilities Supervisor                 Water Utilities Engineering    14

Assistant To City Administrator       Admin                          15       $45,148.83 $57,936.79     $70,724.75    3,762.40     4,828.07    5,893.73    1,736.49     2,228.34    2,720.18     21.7062      27.8542     34.0023
Airport Manager                       Airport                        15
Fleet Manager                         Fleet                          15
Senior Network Administrator          ITS                            15
Court Administrator                   Municipal Court                15
Sr Planner                            Planning                       15

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                  Appendix                                                                                                                                                                                                        577
                                                                                                    Core Employees Pay Structure
                                                                                                        Fiscal Year 2007-2008

         POSITION TITLE                      DEPARTMENT           GRADE             Annual Salary Range                        Monthly                              Bi-weekly                            80.00 hourly
                                                                          minimum      midpoint     maximum        minimum     midpoint     maximum     minimum     midpoint     maximum     minimum     midpoint     maximum

Inspections Supervisor               Public Works                  15
Senior Staff Engineer                Public Works                  15

Manager of Building Inspections      Codes                         16       $49,323.22 $63,498.72     $77,674.21    4,110.27     5,291.56    6,472.85    1,897.05     2,442.26    2,987.47     23.7131      30.5282     37.3434
Manager of Plan Review               Codes                         16
Assistant City Attorney I            Law                           16
Supt Administrative Services         Parks                         16
Supt of Park Operations              Parks                         16
Supt of Park Construction            Parks                         16
Supt of Recreation Services          Parks                         16
Supt of Planning and Development     Parks                         16
Long RangeCurrent Planning Manager   Planning                      16
Construction Manager                 Public Works                  16
Supervisory Engineer                 Public Works                  16
Manager                              Purchasing                    16
Solid Waste Superintendent           Solid Waste                   16
Superintendent                       Public Works Operations       16
Facilities Manager -Water            Water Utilities Operations    16

Assistant Finance Director           Finance                       17     $53,952.97   $69,683.50     $85,414.02    4,496.08     5,806.96    7,117.84    2,075.11     2,680.13    3,285.15     25.9389      33.5017     41.0644
City Architect                       Codes                         17
Assistant ITS Manager                ITS                           17
GIS Manager                          ITS                           17
Manager IT Projects                  ITS                           17
Assistant City Prosecutor            Law                           17
Asst City Attorney II                Law                           17
Deputy Director                      Planning & Development        17
City Traffic Engineer                Public Works                  17
Development Engineering Manager      Public Works                  17
Asst Director                        WUSS                          17

Director of Development              Admin                         18     $59,092.68   $75,292.83     $91,492.98    4,924.39     6,274.40    7,624.42    2,272.80     2,895.88    3,518.96     28.4099      36.1985     43.9870
Director of Redevelopment            Admin                         18
Prosecutor                           Law                           18
Deputy City Attorney                 Law                           18
Assistant Administrator              Parks                         18
Assistant Director Operations        Water                         18

Chief Technology Officer             ITS                           19     $68,102.34   $86,169.09    $104,235.84    5,675.20     7,180.76    8,686.32    2,619.32     3,314.20    4,009.07     32.7415      41.4274     50.1134
Director of Human Resources          Human Resources               19
City Engineer                        Public Works                  19
Deputy Director                      Public Works                  19

Assistant City Administrator         Administration                20
Director of codes                    Codes                         20     $72,123.18   $92,157.51    $112,191.84    6,010.27     7,679.79    9,349.32    2,773.97     3,544.52    4,315.07     34.6746      44.3065     53.9384
Finance Director                     Finance                       20
Director                             Planning                      20
Director                             Water Utilities               20

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                  Appendix                                                                                                                                                                                                      578
                                                                                    Core Employees Pay Structure
                                                                                        Fiscal Year 2007-2008

           POSITION TITLE         DEPARTMENT   GRADE               Annual Salary Range                         Monthly                              Bi-weekly                            80.00 hourly
                                                       minimum        midpoint      maximum        minimum     midpoint     maximum     minimum     midpoint     maximum     minimum     midpoint     maximum

Chiefs                      Public Safety       21     $77,365.98     $98,508.54     $119,651.10    6,447.17     8,209.05    9,970.93    2,975.61     3,788.79    4,601.97     37.1952      47.3599     57.5246
Director                    Public Works        21

Deputy City Administrator   Administration      22     82,709.76      $105,113.55     127,517.34    6,892.48     8,759.46 10,626.45      3,181.14     4,042.83    4,904.51     39.7643      50.5354     61.3064

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                 Appendix                                                                                                                                                                                       579
Glossary of Common Terms                       other property by a government for
                                               the purpose of levying taxes.
Accrual Accounting: A method of
  accounting that recognizes the            Auditing: Pre-Audit: Posting year-end
  financial effect of transactions,           closing entries, preparing preliminary
  events and inter fund activities when       financial statements and assembling
  they occur, regardless of the timing        supporting documents for review by
  of related cash flows.                      outside auditors.

Amortization: 1) A reduction of debt by     Auditing: Post-Audit: Posting audit
  means of periodic payments                  adjustments and preparing the
  sufficient to meet current interest and     annual financial report.
  liquidate the debt at maturity. 2)
  Provision for the extinguishment of a     Audit Report: The report prepared by
  debt by means of a debt service             an auditor covering the audit or
  fund. 3) Accounting for expenses or         investigation of an entity’s financial
  charges as they apply rather than as        position for a given period of time.
  they are paid.                              As a general rule, the report should
                                              include a) a statement of the scope
Arbitrage: Arbitrage is the difference        of the audit; b) explanatory
   (profit) earned from investing low-        comments concerning exceptions
   yielding tax-exempt bond proceeds          from generally accepted auditing
   in higher yielding taxable securities.     standards; c) opinions; d)
                                              explanatory comments concerning
Assessments: Assessments are                  verification procedures; e) financial
  charges in the nature of taxes upon         statements and schedules; and f)
  property owners to pay the costs of         statistical tables, supplementary
  facilities or improvements that             comments and recommendations.
  benefit the property owned.                 The auditor’s signature follows item
  Payment of the amount assessed              c) or d).
  (together with interest if not paid
  upon assessment) is secured by a          Authority: A governmental unit or
  direct fixed lien on the property. The      public agency created to perform a
  assessed payments are either used           single function or a restricted group
  directly to pay the costs of the            of related activities. Usually such
  facilities or improvements or, if paid      units are financed from service
  over time, are used to repay bonds          charges, fees and tolls, but in
  issued to finance such costs.               instances they also have taxing
  “Special assessment” financing              powers. An authority may be
  proceeds are used for improvements          completely independent of other
  relating to the property, such as           governmental units, or in some
  sidewalks, streets, gutters, sewers         cases it may be partially dependent
  and water systems.                          upon other governments for its
                                              creation, its financing or the exercise
Assessed Valuation or [AV]: The               of certain powers.
  valuation placed on real estate or

Appendix                                                                           580
Balanced Budget: Annual financial plan       underwriter of a new issue of
   in which expenses do not exceed           municipal securities. These monies
   revenues.                                 are used to finance the project or
                                             purposed for which the securities
Bond Counsel: Legal firm hired to            were issued and to pay certain costs
  advise the Issuer regarding the legal      of issuance as may be provided in
  and tax assurance to the bond              the bond contract.
  purchaser that the bond was legally
  issued and is aspects of the sale.      Budget (Operation): A plan of financial
  Bond counsel writes the legal opinion     operation embodying an estimate of
  for the bond issue. This lawyer, in       proposed expenditures for a given
  theory, represents the ultimate bond      period and the proposed means of
  purchaser. The Bond opinion               financing them. Used without any
  provides tax-exempt. Generally            modifier, the term usually indicates a
  responsible for producing the legal       financial plan for a single fiscal year.
  documents required for the sale.          The term “budget” is used in tow
                                            senses in practice. Sometimes it
Bond Election or Bond Referendum:           designates the financial plan
  A process whereby the qualified           presented to the appropriating body
  voters of a governmental unit are         for adoption and sometimes the plan
  given the opportunity to approve or       finally approved by that body. It is
  disapprove a proposed issue of            usually necessary to specify whether
  municipal securities. An election is      the budget under consideration is
  most commonly required in                 preliminary and tentative or whether
  connection with general obligation        it has been approved by the
  bonds. Requirements for voter             appropriating body.
  approval may be imposed by
  constitution, statute, or local         Callable Bond: A bond which the
  ordinance.                                 issuer is permitted or required to
                                             redeem before the stated maturity
Bond Fiscal Year: The 12-month               date at a specified price, usually at
  accounting period, established under       or above par, by giving notice of
  some bond contracts, used in               redemption in a manner specified in
  connection with and issue of               the bond contract.
  municipal securities. Principal and
  interest payments are scheduled in      Call Date: The date on which a bond
  accordance with the bond fiscal year.      may be redeemed before maturity at
  The bond fiscal year may not               the option of the Issuer.
  necessarily coincide with the issuing
  agency’s own fiscal year, and may       Call Feature (Redemption Feature):
  be established in order to take full       Enables the Issuer to pay off
  advantage of the scheduled cash            “redeem” a bond prior to its maturity
  flow of projected pledged revenues.        date. The “call date” is the earliest
  (See also Fiscal Year).                    date the bond may be redeemed
Bond Proceeds: The money paid to             “called”. Usually a premium is paid
  the issuer by the purchaser or             for the earliest call dates.

Appendix                                                                         581
                                               called TRANS, TANS, or RANS (tax
Capital Assets: Assets of significant          and revenue anticipation notes).
  value and having a useful life of            The issue is customarily scheduled
  several years. Capital Assets are            to be repaid when current income
  also called Fixed Assets.                    exceeds current expenses. The
                                               issue typically has a term of one year
Capital Improvement Program [CIP]:             or less.
  A plan of proposed capital
  expenditures and the means of             Cash Management: Tracking and
  financing them. The capital budget          forecasting cash flow, and working
  is usually adopted as part of the           with investment personnel to develop
  complete annual budget which                an investment plan. Maintaining
  includes both operations and capital        cash accounts and controlling their
  outlays. The capital budgets should         disposition. Coordinating and
  be based on a capital improvement           controlling bank accounts.
  program [CIP].
                                            Certificate of Deposit or CD: A
Capital Outlays: Expenditures for the          negotiable or non-negotiable receipt
acquisition of capital assets.                 for moneys deposited in a bank or
                                               other financial institution for a
Capital Projects: Projects that purchase       specified period at a specified rate of
  or construct capital assets. Typically       interest.
  a capital project encompasses a
  purchase of land and/or the               Certificate of Participation [COP]: A
  construction of a building or facility.      certificate showing participation
                                               through ownership of a “share” of
Cash Basis: The method of accounting           lease payments or lease-purchase
  under which revenues are recorded            agreement. Usually made between
  when received and expenditures are           a municipality and an equipment
  recorded when paid.                          vendor. While these certificates are
                                               similar to bonds, they are secured
Cash-Flow Budget (Cash Budget): A              solely by the lease or rental
  projection or the cash receipts and          revenues accruing to the
  disbursements anticipated during             municipality/agency issuing the
  given period. Typically, this                certificates have maturities and are
  projection covers a year and is              paid in a manner parallel to the
  broken down into separate                    process involved in the execution
  projections for each month, week             and administration of bonds.
  and/or day during the year.
                                            Competitive Bid or Competitive
Cash-Flow Financing: A financing in           Bidding: A method of submitting
  which the proceeds of the issue are         proposals to purchase a new issue
  used to pay current expenses of the         of bonds by which the bonds are
  issuer when the issuer’s current            awarded to the underwriting
  income is temporarily insufficient for      syndicate presenting the best bid
  that purpose. Also, sometimes

Appendix                                                                           582
    according to stipulated criteria set      in the case of general obligation
    forth in the notice of sale.              bonds.

Cost Accounting: Accounting which          Debt Service: The amount of money
  assembles and records all costs            necessary to pay interest on an
  incurred to carry out a particular         outstanding debt, the serial
  activity or to deliver a particular        meteorites of principal for serial
  service.                                   bonds and the required contributions
                                             to an amortization of sinking fund for
Costs of Issuance: The expenses              term bonds.
  associated with the sale of new issue
  of municipal securities, including       Debt Service Fund: A fund established
  such items as underwriter’s spread,        to account for the payment of
  printing, legal fees and rating costs.     interest and principal on all general
                                             obligation debt.
Covenant or Bond Covenant: The
  issuer’s enforceable promise to do or    Debt Service Schedule: A table listing
  refrain from doing some act. With          the annual payments necessary to
  respect to municipal bonds,                meet debt service requirements over
  covenants are generally stated in the      the period of time the bonds are to
  bond contract.                             be outstanding.

Debt: An obligation resulting from the     Defeasance: Termination of the rights
  borrowing of money or from the              and interests of the bondholders and
  purchase of goods and services.             of their lien on the pledged revenues
  Debt of governmental units include          in accordance with the terms of the
  bonds, time warrants, notes, and            bond contract for the prior issue of
  floating debt.                              bonds. Defeasance usually occurs
                                              in connection with the refunding of
Debt Limit: The maximum amount of             an outstanding issue before the final
  debt which an issuer of municipal           payment, or provision for future
  securities is permitted to uncurl           payment, of principal and interest on
  under constitutional, statutory or          a prior issue.
  charter provisions. The limitation is
  usually a percentage of assessed         Delinquent Taxes: Taxes remaining
  valuation and may be fixed upon             unpaid on and after the date on
  either gross or net debt.                   which a penalty for non-payment is
Debt Ratios: Comparative statistics
  showing the relationship between the     Depreciation: 1) Expiration of the
  issuer’s outstanding debt and such         service life of capital assets
  factors as its tax base, income or         attributable to wear and tare,
  population. Such ratios are often          deterioration, action of the physical
  used in the process of determining         elements, inadequacy or
  credit quality of an issue, especially     obsolescence. 2) That portion of the
                                             cost of a capital asset that is charged

Appendix                                                                          583
    as an expense during a particular         rendered whether cash payments
    period.                                   have been made or not. where
                                              accounts are kept on a cash basis,
Direct Debt: The debt for which the           expenditures are recognized only
   issuing unit has sole responsibility.      when the cash payments for the
                                              above purposed are made.
Disbursements: Recording accounts           Expense: Charges incurred (whether
   payable, reviewing invoices and            paid immediately or unpaid) for
   supporting documents, and making           operations, maintenance, interest or
   payments to vendors.                       other charges.

Encumbrances: Obligations in the            Feasibility Study: A report of the
  form of purchase orders, contracts or        financial practicality of a proposed
  salary commitments which are                 project and financing thereof, which
  chargeable to an appropriation and           may include estimated of revenues
  for which a part of the appropriation        that will be generated and a revenue
  is reserved.                                 of the physical operating, economic
                                               or engineering aspects of the
Enterprise Activity: A revenue-                proposed project.
   generating project or business which
   supplies funds necessary to pay debt     Federal National Mortgage
   service or bonds issued to finance          Association (FNMA) or Fannie
   the facility. The debts of such             Mae): One of the two presently
   projects are self-liquidating when the      existing corporations which formerly
   projects earn sufficient moneys to          comprised the FNMA. As it currently
   cover all debt service and other            exists, FNMA is a government-
   requirements imposed under the              sponsored private corporation
   bond contract.                              authorized to purchase and sell
                                               mortgages and to otherwise facilitate
Enterprise Debt: Debt which is to be           the orderly operation of a secondary
   retired primarily from the earnings of      market for home mortgages.
   publicly owned and operated
   enterprises.                             Financial Advisor or Consultant:
                                               With respect to a new issue of
Enterprise Fund Accounting:                    municipal bonds, a consultant who
   Accounting used for government              advises the issuer on matters
   operations that are financed and            pertinent to the issue, such as
   operated in a manner similar to             structure, timing, marketing, fairness
   business enterprises and for which          of pricing, terms and bond ratings.
   preparation of an income statement          Can provide cash management
   is desirable.                               services and can serve as an agent
                                               for the issuer during the pricing of
Expenditures: Where accounts are               bonds during a negotiated sale.
  kept on the accrual or modified
  accrual basis of accounting, the cost     Fiscal Agent: An agent (usually and
  of goods received or services                incorporated bank or trust company)

Appendix                                                                           584
    designated by a government to act           cash and/or other resources together
    for it in any of several capacities in      with all related liabilities, obligations,
    the sale, administration and payment        reserves, and equities which are
    of bonds and coupons.                       segregated for the purpose of
                                                carrying on specific activities or
Fiscal Policy: a government’s policy            attaining certain objectives.
   relating to budgeting of expenditures
   and revenues.                             Fund Balance: The excess of the
                                               assets of a fund over its liabilities,
Fiscal Year: A 12-month period of time         reserves, and carryover.
   to which the annual budget applies
   and at the end of which a                 General Fund:        The           largest
   governmental unit determines its          governmental fund, the General Fund
   financial position and the results of     accounts for most
   its operations.                           of the financial resources of the general
                                             government. General Fund
Fixed Asset Management: Tagging              revenues include property taxes,
   and preparing asset ledgers for           licenses and permits, local taxes,
   plant, facilities, and equipment;         service charges, and other types of
   recording changes in asset status;        revenue. This fund usually
   and conducting periodic inventories       includes most of the basic operating
   of assets.                                services, such as fire and police
                                             protection, finance, planning, codes
Full Disclosure: Providing accurate          administration,      public works and
   and complete information material to      general administration.
   a bond issue, which a potential
   investor would be likely to consider      General Long-term debt: Long-term
   important in deciding whether to            debt legally payable from general
   invest. Material facts that enable the      revenues and backed by the full faith
   investor to evaluate the credit quality     and credit of a governmental unit.
   of an issue.
                                             General Obligation Bonds [GO
Full Faith and Credit: A pledge of the         BONDS]: Bonds which are secured
   general taxing power for the                by the full faith and credit of the
   payment of debt obligation. Bonds           issuer. General Obligation bonds
   carrying such pledges are usually           issued by local units of government
   referred to as general obligation           are secured by a pledge of the
   bonds or full faith and credit bonds.       issuer’s ad valorem taxing power.

Full Time Equivalents [FTE]: Equal to        General Property Tax: The tax usually
   one person based on a 2080 hours a          levied on real and personal property.
   year.                                       This tax is typically levied locally.

Fund: An independent fiscal an               Generally Accepted Accounting
  accounting entity with a self-               Principles [GAAP]: GAAP is a way
  balancing set of accounts recording          of reporting. GAAP reporting will

Appendix                                                                                585
    enable your government through the
    use of proper funds, to present more   Grants Management: Recording
    informative and therefore more            grants-related transactions in
    useful financial statements.              keeping with grant regulations, and
                                              preparing financial reports for grantor
Goal: A statement of broad direction,         agencies.
  purpose or intent based on the
  needs of the community. A goal is        Gross Bonded Debt: The sum of all
  general and timeless.                       General Obligation Debt. Also
                                              known as Direct Debt.
Governmental Accounting Standards
  Board [GASB]: A standard-setting         Internal Audit: Reviewing financial
  body, associated with the Financial         transactions in both the finance
  Accounting Foundation and                   department and in operating
  comparable to the Financial                 departments for compliance with
  Accounting Standards Board, which           local policy and generally accepted
  prescribes standard accounting              accounting principles.
  practices for governmental units in
  maintaining their financial records      Internal Control: A plan of
  and releasing financial data to the         organization for purchasing,
  public.                                     accounting, and other financial
                                              activities which, among other things,
Governmental National Mortgage                provides for separation of duties,
  Association [GNMA or Ginnie                 proper authorization from
  Mae]: One of two corporations               responsible officials in processing of
  formerly comprising the FNMA.               a transaction and the arrangement of
  GMNA is an agency of the Federal            records and procedures to facilitate
  Department of Housing and Urban             effective control.
  Development empowered to provide
  special assistance in financing home     Internal Service Fund: Funds used to
  mortgages and is responsible for             account for the financing of goods or
  management and liquidation of                services provided by one department
  federally owned mortgage portfolios.         or agency to other departments of a
  Its liquidation functions involve the        government on a cost-
  issuance of participation certificates       reimbursement basis.
  representing beneficial interest in
  future payments on a pool of             Investment management:
  mortgages.                                  Determining amounts and types of
                                              investments to be made, securing
Grant: A contribution of assets (usually      quotes from financial markets, and
   cash) by on governmental unit or           apportioning interest earned to the
   other organization to another.             proper funds.
   Typically, their contributions are
   made to local governments from          Investment of Proceeds: The
   state and federal governments and          investment of proceeds and other
   made for specified purposes.               moneys relating to an issue is

Appendix                                                                            586
    typically governed by state law and
    by the Indenture or Bond Resolution.     Management Information Systems
                                               Equipment Replacement Program
Inventory: Maintaining custody and             [MERP]: The user departments will
   records of supplies held in stock for       pay a rental or lease charge that will
   future consumption.                         provide funds for replacement of MIS
                                               equipment at a scheduled future
Level Debt Service: An arrangement             date. The rental rate also includes
   of serial maturities in which the           routine maintenance service much
   amount of principal maturing                like a commercial leasing company.
   increases at approximately the same
   rate as the amount of interest            Modified Accrual Basis: The basis of
   declines, resulting in substantially        accounting under which expenditures
   equal annual debt service payments          other than accrued interest on
   over the life of the bonds.                 general long-term debt are recorded
                                               at the time liabilities are incurred and
Levy: (verb) To impose taxes, special          revenues are recorded when
   assessments, or service charges for         received in cash and/or available
   the support of government activities.       revenues which should be accrued to
   (noun) The total amount of taxes,           reflect properly the taxes levied and
   special assessments or service              revenue earned.
   charges imposed by a governmental
   unit.                                     Moody’s Investors Service: An
                                               independent service subsidiary of
Liability: Debt or other legal obligations     Dun & Bradstreet Crop., based in
   arising out of transactions in the past     New York City, which provides
   which must be liquidated, renewed or        ratings for municipal bonds and other
   refunded at some future date. Note:         financial information to investors.
   This term does not include
   encumbrances.                             Municipal Securities Rule Making
                                               Board: An independent, self-
Liquidity: The ability to convert an           regulatory organization established
   investment to cash promptly with            by Congress in 1975 having general
   minimum risk to principal or accrued        rule making authority over municipal
   interest.                                   securities market participants
                                               (generally, brokers and dealers).
Long-Term Debt: Debt with a maturity
  of more than one year after date of        Negotiated Sale: The sale of a new
  issuance.                                    issue of municipal securities by an
                                               issuer through an exclusive
Management Information Systems                 agreement with an underwriter or
  [MIS]: Management Information                underwriting syndicate selected by
  Systems is an internal service               the issuer.
  department that provides computer
  and telecommunications needs to            Net Direct Debt: With respect to any
  the other City Departments.                   given Issuer the amount of all

Appendix                                                                             587
    outstanding debt of such Issuer         Payment Date: The date on which
    (Direct Debt), less the sum of any         interest, or principal and interest, is
    amounts accumulated in sinking             payable.
    funds for such debt and the amount
    of such debt that is self-supporting.   Payroll: Generating employee
                                               paychecks, deducting and
New Issue: An issue of securities              transmitting taxes and other
  which is purchased from he issuer            payments, administering insurance
  and offered to investors, usually on a       and other benefits, and generating
  “when issued” basis, for the first           required reports.
                                            Pension Administration: Managing
Non-Callable Bond: A bond that                contributions to pension accounts,
  cannot be redeemed at the issuer’s          maintaining records of individual
  option before its stated maturity date.     employees’ account balance, making
                                              investments on behalf of pension
Object of Expenditure: Expenditure            funds, and disbursing retirement
  classifications based upon the types        income.
  or categories of goods and services
  purchased.                                Per Capita Debt: The amount of an
                                               issuing municipality’s debt
Objective: Something to be                     outstanding divided by the population
  accomplished in a specific, well             residing in the municipality.
  defined, and measurable terms, and
  that is achievable within a specific      Pledged Revenues: The monies
  time frame.                                  obligated for the payment of debt
                                               service and other deposits required
Outstanding: In general as used with           by bond contract.
  respect to the principal of an issue,
  remaining unpaid.                         Policy Analysis and Research:
                                               Evaluation of policy options and
Pay-As-You-Go Basis: A term used to            recommending policies on revenue
   describe the financial policy of a          generation, financial administration,
   governmental unit which finances all        and financial aspects of operating
   of its capital outlay from current          policies and activities.
   revenues rather than by borrowing.
                                            Premium Call: A redemption provision
Paying Agent: The entity responsible           which permits the issuer to call
   for transmitting payments of interest       securities at a price above par.
   and principal from an issuer of
   municipal securities to the security     Principal (in relation to bond
   holders. The paying agent is usually        issuance): The face amount or par
   a bank and generally provides               value of a security payable on the
   reconciliation of the securities and        maturity date.
   coupons paid and similar services.

Appendix                                                                             588
Proceeds/Original Proceeds/Gross               registrar recording the transfer on
   Proceeds: The amount paid to the            these records.
   issuer by the first purchaser of a new
   issue. Gross Proceeds refers to all      Revenue Bond: A bond which is
   of the moneys relating to an issue         payable from a specific source of
   which are subject to Arbitrage             revenue and issuer with taxing power
   limitations and Rebate under the           is not pledged. Revenue Bonds are
   internal Revenue Code.                     payable from identified sources of
                                              revenue, and do not permit the
Public Offering: The sale of bonds to         bondholders to compel taxation or
  the general public.                         legislative appropriation of funds not
                                              pledged for payment of debt service.
Purchasing: Determining source and            Generally, no voter approval is
   price of goods and services                required prior to issuance of such
   requisitioned by operating                 obligations.
   departments; authorizing and
   monitoring purchases.                    Revenue Collections: Billing,
                                              collecting, and posting revenues
Rating Agencies: The organizations            from user fees, licenses, fines, etc.
   which provide publicly available           Receiving and posting revenue from
   ratings of the credit quality of           tax bills; collecting overdue bills.
   securities issuers.                        Providing technical support and
                                              control to operating departments
Rebate: To pay the United States              which collect such revenue.
  government amounts earned from
  the investment of gross proceeds at       Revenue Estimate: A formal estimate
  a yield in excess of the yield on the       of how much revenue will be earned
  issue.                                      from a specific revenue source for
                                              some future period, usually a future
Redemption: A transaction in which            fiscal year.
  the issuer returns the principal
  amount represented by an                  Revenue Fund: A fund established by
  outstanding security.                       the bond contract of a revenue bond
                                              issue into which all gross revenues
Refunding: A procedure whereby an             from the financed project are initially
   issuer refinances an outstanding           placed and from which the monies
   bond issue by issuing new bonds.           for all funds are drawn.

Refunding Bond: A bond issued to            Risk Management: Making
   retire a bond already outstanding.          determination of issuance coverage,
                                               administering payments to insurance
Registered Bond: A bond whose                  companies and administrative
  owner is designated on records               services providers; determining and
  maintained for this purpose by               financing liability for self-insured
  registrar, the ownership of which            risks.
  cannot be transferred without the

Appendix                                                                             589
Serial Bonds: Bonds of an issue which
   are payable as to principal in          Tax Anticipation Notes [TANS]:
   amounts due at successive regular          Notes issued in anticipation of
   intervals, generally annual or             collection of taxes usually retirable
   semiannual and generally in the            only from tax collections, and
   early years of the term of the issue.      frequently only from the proceeds of
                                              the tax levy whose collection is
Special Assessment: A charge                  anticipated at the time of issuance.
  imposed against property in a               A form of short-term financing.
  particular locality because that
  property receives a special benefit      Tax Base: The total property and
  by virtue of some public                    resources available to a
  improvement, separate and apart             governmental entity for taxation.
  from the general benefit accruing to
  the public at large. Special             Tax Billing: Determining amounts to be
  Assessments must be apportioned             billed to individual taxpayers and
  according to the value of the benefit       distribution of bills to each taxpayer.
  received, rather than the cost of the
  improvement, and may not exceed          Tax-Exempt Bond: Another term for a
  the value of such benefit or the cost       municipal bond. Interest on many
  of the improvement, whichever is            municipal bonds is exempt from
  less.                                       federal income taxation.

System Development Charge: A               Tax Rate: The amount of tax stated in
   reimbursement fee, an improvement          terms of a unit of the tax base.
   fee or a combination thereof
   assessed or collected at the time of    Tax Rate Limit: The maximum rate or
   increased usage of a capital               millage of tax which a local
   improvement or issuance of a               government may levy.
   development permit, building permit
   or connections to the capital           Trustee: A financial institution with trust
   improvement. This charge includes          powers which acts in a fiduciary
   that portion of a sewer or water           capacity for the benefit of the
   system connection that is greater          bondholders in enforcing the terms
   than the amount necessary to               of the bond contract.
   reimburse the unit of local
   government for its average cost of      Underwriters: A dealer which
   inspecting and installing connections     purchases a new issue of securities
   with water and sewer facilities.          for resale. Traders with contacts
                                             with large bond buyers and ability to
Tax or Taxes: Compulsory charges             price the bonds for sale.
   levied by a governmental unit for the
   purpose of raising revenue. Tax         Upgrade: The rising of a rating by a
   revenues are used to pay for              rating service due to the improved
   services or improvements provided         credit quality of the issue or issuer.
   for the general public benefit.

Appendix                                                                           590
Utility Billing: Determining amounts of
    water, sewer, electric bills; sending
    bills to customers, depositing and
    posting receipts, collecting overdue

Vehicle Equipment Replacement
  Program [VERP]: VERP provides
  funds for replacement of vehicles at
  a scheduled future date through user
  departments paying rental or lease
  charges. The rate also includes
  routine maintenance service much
  like a commercial leasing company.

Working Capital (Designated): An
  account within the fund balance of
  the General Fund in which a
  certain amount of resources were set
  aside for purposes of
  maintaining a positive cash flow,
  shortfalls in the revenue projections,
  and emergencies during the fiscal

Appendix                                    591

Appendix                   592
Appendix   593
                                            Major Employers
                                              In the City of Lee's Summit

  Name                                                      Product/Service                       Employees

  R-7 School District                                       Public School System                    2,525
  AT&T                                                      Customer Service                        1,400
  John Knox Village                                         Retirement Community                    1,053
  Longview Community College                                Educational Institution                 700
  Wal-mart                                                  Retail                                  600
  Saint Gobain-Calmar                                       Plastic Dispensing Units/Pumps          580
  City of Lee's Summit                                      City Government                         571
  Lab One                                                   Pharmaceutical Customer Service         500
  Immigration & Naturalization Service                      Federal Government                      500
  Lee's Summit Hospital                                     General Medical & Surgical              450
  Department of Homeland Security National Records Center   Federal Government                      450
  Toys 'R' Us                                               Distributor of Toys                     350
  SBC Telecommunications                                    Customer Service                        315
  CareMark                                                  Pharmaceutical Customer Service         300
  ADESA Kansas City                                         Wholesale Auto Auction                  300
  R & D Tools and Engineering                               Tools Design, Parts & Distribution      248
  Pfizer Global Manufacturing                               Animal Health Products Manufacturer     225
  Fab Tech, Inc,                                            Electronic Component Manufacturer       208
  Government Employees Health Assoc.                        Insurance Processing                    183
  Plastic Enterprises, Inc.                                 Plastic Container Manufacturer          173
  Polytainers, Inc.                                         Plastic Container Manufacturer          170
  PPO USA                                                   Prescription Processing                 150
  CES, Inc.                                                 Wireless Communication                  135
  Cerner                                                    Medical Data Management                 132
  St. Luke's Data Center                                    Hospital Data Management                125
  Perfect Commerce (eScout)                                 e commerce                              120
  Bob Sight Ford                                            Car Sales/Repair                        116
  Adams Toyota Lee's Summit                                 Car Sales/Repair                        113
  Heartland Tanning                                         Tanning Supplies                        110
  American Foodservice                                      Food Distribution Center                105

Appendix                                                                                                    594
                                 City of Lee's Summit, Missouri
                                    Miscellaneous Statistics
                                               June 30, 2007

                                                      2005         2006        % Change

           Estimated Population                         85,642       88,666       3.53%
           R-7 School District Enrollment               15,858       16,381       3.30%
           Unemployment Rates:
            Lee's Summit                                  3.2%         2.9%       (9.38%)
           Building Permits Issued: (1)
            Residential/single family                       911          791     (13.17%)
            Residential/multifamily                          69           82      18.84%
            Commercial/industrial                            67           44     (34.33%)
            Additions                                     1,131        1,223       8.13%
           Retail Sales (in millions)                   1,132.4      1,199.7       5.94%
           Incorporated City (Square Miles)                  64           64       0.00%
           Culture and Recreation:
            Parks                                           26           27       3.85%
            Park Acreage                                 1,064        1,064       0.00%
            Tennis Courts                                   15           15       0.00%
            Swimming Pool                                    1            1       0.00%
            Indoor Aquatic Center                            1            1       0.00%
            Community Center                                 4            4       0.00%
           Fire Protection: (1)
            Number of Stations                               6            6       0.00%
            Number of Fire Personnel                     131.0        137.0       4.58%
            Number of Calls Answered                     6,421        7,003       9.06%
           Police Protection: (1)
            Number of Police Personnel                   167.0        172.0       2.99%
            Number of Patrol Units                          29           27       (6.9%)
           Number of Law Violations: (1)
            Number of Calls Answered                    67,856       63,646        (6.2%)
            Incidents and Other Offenses                 4,707        4,031      (14.36%)
            Traffic Violations                          12,221       12,236        0.12%
           Water System:
              Kansas City, Missouri Water Company        32.97%       42.30%      28.30%
              Independence, Missouri Water Co.           67.03%       57.70%     (13.92%)
            Miles of Water Mains                            600          637       6.17%
            Number of Service Connections                31,991       32,889       2.81%
            Number of Fire Hydrants                       4,867        4,975       2.22%
            Average Daily Consumption                 9,760,000   11,300,000      15.78%
            Maximum Contract Amount                  21,500,000   21,500,000       0.00%
            Maximum Daily Demand                     19,770,000   25,400,000      28.48%
            Total Storage Capacity                   32,200,000   32,200,000       0.00%

           (1) Statistics based on calendar year.

Appendix                                                                                    595
                              City of Lee's Summit, Missouri
                                        Sales Taxes


         General                               3.000%
         Education                             1.000%
         Park System                           0.100%
         Conservation Commission               0.125%
             Total State:                                 4.225%

        General                                0.500%
        Drug Enforcement                       0.250%
        Capital Improvements                   0.375%

              Total County:                               1.125%

      City of Lee's Summit:
         General                               1.000%
         Local Parks                           0.375%
         Capital Projects                      0.500%
         Transportation                        0.500%
             Total City:                                  2.375%

      Total Tax:                                          7.725%

      *Note: There have been four Transportation Development Districts authorized by the
      Jackson County Circuit Court within the City of Lee's Summit. These retail shopping
      districts have levied an additional sales tax to pay for the cost of road infrastructure cost.
      The combined rates are listed below:

                                            Additional    Total
           Douglas Square                     1.000%      8.725%
           Summit Woods                       1.000%      8.725%
           Chapel Ridge Development           0.500%      8.225%
           Raintree North                     0.500%      8.225%

Appendix                                                                                     596
                                                   City of Lee's Summit, Missouri
                                                 Property Tax Levies and Collections
                                                            Last Ten Years

                                                                          Total Tax                                               Outstanding
                                                                          Collections                                             Delinquent
  Year                                   Percent Delinquent               as Percent                                  Outstanding Taxes as
 Ended                      Current Tax of Levy      Tax      Total Tax of Current                                    Delinquent Percent of
June 30 Total Tax Levy       Collection Collected Collections Collections    Levy                                       Taxes    Current Levy

 1997    $ 9,696,337       $ 9,449,573                97.5%          $ 201,478          $ 9,651,051           99.5%   $   246,764    2.5%
 1998    $11,083,789       $ 10,707,945               96.6%          $ 235,452          10,943,397            98.7%   $   375,844    3.4%
 1999    $12,033,214       $ 11,644,903               96.8%          $ 320,441          11,965,344            99.4%   $   388,311    3.2%
 2000    $13,271,353       $ 12,706,633               95.7%          $ 363,404          13,070,037            98.5%   $   564,720    4.3%
 2001    $14,877,152       $ 14,218,941               95.6%          $ 506,614          14,725,555            99.0%   $   658,211    4.4%
 2002    $15,517,866       $ 14,831,021               95.6%          $ 546,287          15,377,308            99.1%   $   686,845    4.4%
 2003    $16,786,636       $ 16,127,126               96.1%          $ 588,930          16,716,056            99.6%   $   659,510    3.9%
 2004    $18,850,627       $ 18,442,958               97.8%          $ 768,746          19,211,704           101.9%   $   407,669    2.2%
 2005    $19,576,491       $ 18,958,177               96.8%          $ 554,206          19,512,383            99.7%   $   618,314    3.2%
 2006    $21,490,030       $ 20,648,608               96.1%          $ 498,387          21,146,994            98.4%   $   841,422    3.9%






                                       1997   1998   1999   2000   2001   2002   2003   2004   2005   2006

     Appendix                                                                                                                       597
                     City of Lee's Summit, Missouri
     Property Tax Rates - Direct and Overlapping Governmental Units
                              Last Ten Years

                                 Tax Rates (Per $1,000 Valuation)

 Ended                         Lee's Summit
June 30              City      School District   County            State     Other     Total

 1997                  16.30           52.70         5.00             0.30      7.63     81.93
 1998                  16.30           52.70         5.30             0.30      7.63     82.23
 1999                  16.30           52.70         5.30             0.30      7.63     82.23
 2000                  16.10           53.90         5.60             0.30      7.73     83.63
 2001                  16.10           53.90         5.60             0.30      7.73     83.63
 2002                  16.10           53.90         5.70             0.30      7.73     83.73
 2003                  16.10           53.90         5.70             0.30      7.73     83.73
 2004                  15.46           60.67         5.70             0.30      7.60     89.73
 2005                  15.50           60.67         5.70             0.30      7.60     89.77
 2006                  15.30           58.90         5.40             0.30      7.40     87.30

                       State                                                    City
            County                  9%
                        0%                                                      19%

                                                 School District

 Appendix                                                                                598
                            City of Lee's Summit, Missouri
                           Schedule of Principal Taxpayers
                           For the Year Ended June 30, 2007

                                                              Percent Paid
                                                                to Total      Assessed
                     Taxpayer                      Amount     Levied Taxes    Valuation

Sprint Spectrum                                   $ 445,097      2.1%        $ 15,932,727

Missouri Public Service (Aquila)                  $ 320,998      1.5%        $ 11,490,465

Pfizer Chemical Company                           $ 209,284      1.0%        $ 7,491,555

John Knox Village                                 $ 201,485      0.9%        $ 7,212,371

Toys R Us                                         $ 182,148      0.8%        $ 6,520,204

Southwestern Bell                                 $ 173,208      0.8%        $ 6,200,187

Southern Union Company                            $ 151,997      0.7%        $ 5,440,910

Wal-Mart                                          $ 134,883      0.6%        $ 4,828,300

Sprint                                            $ 123,165      0.6%        $ 4,408,814

Amli at Summit Ridge LLC                          $ 100,437      0.5%        $ 3,595,253

Data provided by Jackson County

 Appendix                                                                        599
             Projected Population Growth

           140,0001960                       8,267
                  1970                      16,230
           120,0001980                      28,742
                  1990                      46,486
           100,0002000                      70,700
                  2005                      80,603
            80,0002010                      92,375
                  2015                     104,136
            60,0002020                     115,677



                       1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020

             * Years 2005, 2010, 2015 and 2020 are estimatedfigures.

Lee's Summit is one of the fastest growing communities in Jackson County and in
Kansas City Metro area. Since 1980 Lee's Summit has grown, approximatiely 42,000
citizens or an average of 7.75 citizens per day.

Appendix                                                                           600
                         City of Lee's Summit, Missouri
                     Schedule of Construction Permits Issued
                              Last Ten Fiscal Years

               Year                                      Construction
              Ended                                       Permits (1)
             June 30                                           C
                                                     Residential ommercial

               1997                                          1,145                    103
               1998                                            797                     63
               1999                                            843                     60
               2000                                            876                     70
               2001                                            754                     48
               2002                                            805                     65
               2003                                          1,003                     61
               2004                                            934                     78
               2005                                            980                     67
               2006                                            873                     44

















                                      Residential         Commercial

           (1) Information obtained from City Building Inspection Department.

Appendix                                                                                     601
                   Current Land Use Distribution in Lee's Summit

ZONING TYPE                              ACRE       PERCENT OF TOTAL
AGRICULTURAL                               16,461         39.6%
SINGLE-FAMILY RESIDENTIAL                  14,270         34.3%
MULTI-FAMILY RESIDENTIAL                    1,981          4.8%
COMMERCIAL                                  2,194          5.3%
OFFICE                                        191         0.5%
MIX USE                                       618         1.5%
INDUSTRIAL                                  2,425          5.8%
MISC.                                       3,460          8.3%

TOTAL                                      41,600         100.0%

LAND USE TYPE                            ACRE       PERCENT OF TOTAL
VACANT LAND (APPROX.)                      11,918         28.6%
AGRICULTURAL                                3,806          9.1%
SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENCE                     8,778         21.1%
MULTIFAMILY RESIDENCE                         793          1.9%
COMMERCIAL                                  1,122          2.7%
INDUSTRIAL                                  1,106          2.7%
PARK/OPEN SPACE                             5,797         13.9%
PUBLIC/SEMI-PUBLIC                          1,818          4.4%
TRANSPORTATION R.O.W.                       6,231         15.0%

TOTAL                                      41,600         100%

        Appendix                                                       602
                               Average Climate

                                     Normal Normal Rainfall
                 Month                High   Low (inches)

           January                        37.7             20.5       1.09
           February                       41.8             23.7       1.10
           March                          53.0             33.5       2.51
           April                          65.2             45.4       3.12
           May                            74.6             55.5       5.04
           June                           83.8             65.0       4.72
           July                           88.9             69.7       4.38
           August                         87.4             67.9       4.01
           September                      79.6             59.7       4.86
           October                        68.6             48.3       3.29
           November                       53.2             35.3       1.92
           December                       41.2             25.1       1.58

           Source "National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration"

Appendix                                                                     603
                     Local Development Organizations

  Economic Development
           The Lee's Summit Economic Development Council
           Jim Devin, President/CEO
           218 SE Main - P.O. Box 710
           Lee's Summit, MO 64063
           Phone: (816) 525-6617           Fax: (816) 524-8851
           Internet Home Page:

  Chamber of Commerce
           The Lee's Summit Chamber of Commerce
           Nancy Bruns, President
           220 SE Main
           Lee's Summit, MO 64063
           Phone: (816) 524-2424           Toll Free (888) 816-5757
           Fax: (816) 524-5246
           Internet Home Page:

  Downtown Main Street
           Downtown Main Street
           Jeanine Rann, Director
           20 1/2 SW 3rd St. - P.O. Box 1688
           Lee's Summit, MO 64063
           Phone: (816) 246-6598           Fax: (816) 246-7433
           Internet Home Page:

Appendix                                                              604

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