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					Delegate Training Module
   49th Quadrennial Session
  General Conference
       Nashville, TN
    June 27 – July 4, 2012
Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center
                 Nashville, TN
Dr. Clement W. Fugh,
General Secretary/CIO

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          Ministerial Delegate
  Itinerant Elders who have traveled at least four
  (4) years prior to the General Conference.
  - By all itinerant preachers of the Annual
      Conference – Deacons and Elders
  - Secret Ballots or Voice Vote where there is
              Lay Delegate
 - Must be an AME for four (4)
    years/member of local church for 6
 - 18-30 years olds must stipulate “youth”
          Lay Delegate (con’t)
  - Adults elected by members of Church
      Conference (two week notice) called for that
      purpose by all members 18 years old or
  - Youth delegates elected by youth (18-30
      years old)
  - Adult and Youth delegates to Electoral
      College receive a “Certificate of Election”
      signed by Pastor and Presiding Elder.
           Lay Delegate (con’t)
Electoral College
1. Adult electoral college delegate from host church
   convenes the Electoral College and presides through
   election of temporary Chair and temporary
   Secretary. Once permanent Chair is elected he/she
   completes the organization by electing a Secretary,
   Teller and Clerks.
2. Election is by secret ballot. In cases where there is
   no contest, a voice vote may be held but at least one
   member of the Annual Conference delegation must
   be a youth between the ages of 18-30.
          Lay Delegate (con’t)
Electoral College
3. Elect the same number of Alternates as
4. The Episcopal District President of the Lay
   Organization is automatically a member of the
   General Conference Delegation.
5. Secretary report results to Annual Conference
   Presiding Bishop
       Delegate Responsibility
• Apprise himself/herself of proposed
  legislation posted online
• Be present in designated seats during
• Attend District Caucuses
• Abide by the Rules of the General
• Participate in Committee Work
• Lines at Convention Site
  - Certificates of Election
• Online
• Barcodes
A. District/Conference Legislature Task Force
   - Tutorial on Legislation:
        What – Title
        Where – Reference
        How - Intent
        Why – Rationale
        Whole – Text
        How Much– Budgetary Implications
   - Electronic Submissions/Templates
           Legislation (con’t)
Title (What?)
• Assign a Title/Subject to the matter (What?)
• The Title/Subject should be concise, yet clear,
  typically one line.
           Legislation (con’t)
Reference (Where?)
• Indicate all sections (Where?) in the current
  Doctrine and Discipline of the African
  Methodist Episcopal Church 2008 that are
  impacted by the proposed legislation.
• Include Part, Section, Article and page
          Legislation (con’t)
Intent (How?)
• Explain (How?) the proposed legislation will
  impact the Church.
• Objectives, Changes, Additions, etc.
           Legislation (con’t)
Rationale (Why?)
• (Why?) are these changes / modifications /
  additions necessary?
• Please elaborate.
           Legislation (con’t)
• The text of the Bill should be printed “double
  spaced” exactly as it is to appear in the
  Revised Discipline.
• Each line should be numbered (1, 2, 3, etc.)
         Legislation (con’t)
How Much – Budgetary Impact

          Estimated cost of implementation.
               Legislation Template
To submit legislation, please save this
document to your computer, enter the
information requested below, and then
email a copy to the General Secretary

 Bill Number
          Legislation (cont)
B. Online Review
C. Revisions Committee
D. Three General
   Conference Readings/
   On Screen Review
   refreshed daily
E. Compilation Committee
       Evolution of Reporting
A.   Episcopal Districts, Departments –
     Components: Loose Paper; Bound
B.   Common Template Projected On Screen
C.   Posted on Official Website:
D.   Downloadable on Personal Devices
        49th Quadrennial Session

General Conference
African Methodist Episcopal Church

   Department or Component Here

   Executive Director Or President Here
                NAME HERE
ADD Highlights Description Here
• Add Financial Summary Here
Recommendations or Forward Look

• Add Recommendations or future plans here
               Thank You
• Add Final Thoughts here

Paper Ballots            Voting Machines

Hand Held Device
         Staying Healthy at
         General Conference

1. Try to get a good nights sleep.
2. Try to stay calm at all times, reducing your
   stress level.
3. Persons with Health and Ambulatory
   challenges should consider renting a
   scooter or electric wheelchair.
       Staying Healthy at
    General Conference (con’t)

4. Persons needing oxygen should arrange
   renting before leaving home.
5. Take medication as ordered.
6. Diabetics please take your medication as
   scheduled. Eat regular meals and keep a
   snack in pocket or purse.
Thank You