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					          Bridge Marketing

Connecting Companies and Causes through
    Social Marketing Campaigns for
           Television Stations

    Cause Marketing Is Here to Stay Source: Cause
                   Marketing Forum national survey

• The future is promising for cause marketing. Those already
  engaged plan continued commitment.

• 41% report that all of their programs are multi-year.

• 95% say that some are planned for a 5-year life span.

         Return on Investment Matters

• When it comes to ROI, cause marketing works!

• Cause Marketing programs can -- and should -- deliver
  against bottom-line objectives and provide social benefit.

• Cause marketing will account for almost 1 billion dollars in
  corporate spending in 2004.

         Return on Investment Matters

• Growth will continue to accelerate, according to a study by
  the Cause Marketing Forum.

• Designating dollars for non-profit organizations builds
  awareness of social issues and develops loyalty.

• People shop today with a cause in mind.

       Why Television for Cause Marketing?

• Cause marketing is not philanthropy; it is expected to make a
  return on investment.

• Television can motivate behavior and drive action better than
  any other media.

• Delivering the ROI on the cause marketing investment.

               Selling Cause Marketing

• Retailers are emphasizing, customized, local campaigns to
  meet their needs.

• They’re making these decisions in advance, separate from

• They’re willing to make multi-year investments.

• They need television’s local viewers for the success of their

                 Benefits to the Station
• Selling beyond ratings          • Cash flow. Most campaigns
                                    are paid in advance or net 30
• 100% new-to-television            days.
  direct dollars
                                  • Positions each Raycom
• Client loyalty. These clients     station as the television
  are station partners              leader in its community.

• Campaigns -- rather than        • Sustainability. Stations
  agencies -- drive inventory       create their own campaigns.

         What is Bridge Marketing?

• Bridge Marketing is based in Portland, Oregon

• Bridge Marketing specializes in Connecting
  Companies and Causes developing Non Traditional
  Revenue by addressing the needs of the community.

            Who is Melanie Fernandez,
         The Founder of Bridge Marketing?
• She is not your typical “traveling gypsy one hit wonder” sales
  consultant. (Please don’t call her a consultant!)

• Melanie was a senior television AE for 15 years in Portland

• She was the top earning AE in the City for the last 7 years at
  the NBC station!

• Melanie billed over one million dollars in new, direct, business
  through Cause Marketing

      Why is Bridge Marketing Different?

   Because the Founder, Melanie Fernandez, knows what
    it’s like to have great training that can be put into
    practical use daily in a Television station.

   Because she knows what it’s like to have your time
    wasted by the “traveling gypsy” trainers.

   Her approach comes from experience with a
    determination to be different.

              HOW TO
    Connecting Companies & Causes
• Each AE & manager will receive a “how-to” packet.
• Marketing strategy for non-profits
• The Bridge Marketing System.
• Create individual campaigns
• Build a compelling proposal
• Scripts for sales calls
• Sales calls with Melanie Fernandez
• Turn-key campaigns and templates

       Connecting Companies & Causes

• Melanie is available for emails and phone
  calls from sales staff, coaching them in every
  aspect of Cause Marketing Selling

• New ideas will develop as we identify
  additional opportunities for cause

           Bridge Marketing Works!

• It’s Simple!

• It can be duplicated easily!

• It’s Star Proof!

• All skill levels can be successful with the Bridge
  Marketing System

                  Just ask the
           Bridge Marketing Clients!
“Melanie jump started our brains, now Connecting Companies
and Causes is part of our culture. WXIX will generate Half a
Million in new business with Bridge Marketing. We are
continuing our relationship for at least two more years!”

             Ron Stricker, LSM WXIX Cincinnati, Ohio

                   Just ask the
            Bridge Marketing Clients!

“The best part about working with Bridge Marketing is that your
entire staff can get involved on day one. Her approach eliminates
the confusion for newer AE’s and the resistance from Senior AE’s
typical to other sales programs. My whole staff gets energized
when Melanie comes to town.”

              John Farmer, LSM WACH-TV Columbia, SC

                   Just ask the
            Bridge Marketing Clients!

“I worked in the sales department with Melanie in Portland,
Oregon. She generated more new to television direct business
through Social Marketing than the entire sales staff combined.
We are lucky to have her on our team!”

             Ray Mirabella, GSM WXIX Cincinnati, Ohio

                    Just ask the
             Bridge Marketing Clients!

“We have been working with Bridge Marketing for five years, and
our new to television direct business through Social Marketing just
keeps growing.”

                       Rosalie Drake, KASA Albuquerque, NM

                    Just ask the
             Bridge Marketing Clients!

“We value our relationship with Bridge Marketing and have
experienced great success in developing campaigns with
organizations we would never have thought of on our own. 2006 is
our second year with Bridge Marketing and we plan on continuing
for 2007”

             Stephen Hayes, GSM WTVR Richmond, VA

                   Just ask the
            Bridge Marketing Clients!

“I consider Melanie part of our team and our family at WACH
TV. She has taken our sales staff to a whole new level of
professionalism and abilities. I look forward to working with her
for many years.”

              Scott McBride, GM WACH Columbia, SC

                  Just ask the
           Bridge Marketing Clients!

“I just renewed our contract with Bridge Marketing through
2008. We cannot afford to be without Melanie as part of our

             John Long, GM WXIX Cincinnati, Ohio

                    Just ask the
             Bridge Marketing Clients!

“Because of our relationship with Bridge Marketing, our station is
now known as the Go To Station for Social Marketing in our
market. This has given us a definite advantage over the

              Bruce Bryan, GSM WNWO Toledo, Ohio

                    The Opportunity

• To develop new to television business that is loyal and not
  dependent on market conditions or ratings

• Take your sales staff to a higher level

• Develop relationships with the presidents and CEOS of

• Increase revenue that is only limited by the imagination

          When you hire Bridge Marketing

• You work with, Melanie Fernandez, the original founder and
  creator of Connecting Companies and Causes

• In order to ensure that each station will receive individual
  attention and the best possible results, Ms. Fernandez can
  accept no more than 6 stations per year.

  Bridge Marketing
      for 2007

        Melanie Fernandez
       Office: 503-590-4588


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