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PhD Progress Form - ODU CS


									                                   Department of Computer Science
                                     Old Dominion University

                                   Fall 2010 Progress Report—PhD
The purpose of this report is to have the current information on file and to monitor a student progress in
the PhD program.
Students: Please submit the completed form online here

Part A.            To be completed by the student

Current Contact Information
Last Name                                            First Name
City                                                 Province                 Postal Code
Daytime        (     )   -                           Email

Program Information
Degree:                      PhD                  Current advisor/supervisor:
Program start (mm/yy):
Research area/topic:
How are you currently supported?         TA          RA         Self        Others
Has your PhD supervisory committee been formed?                   Yes       No    Date (mm/yy):
If you answered yes, please list committee member:

When was the last time you met your PhD supervisory committee?          Date (mm/yy):
Note: Students who have a PhD supervisory committee are expected to meet the committee as a whole
once a semester.
Have you completed your diagnostic exam (old system)?             Yes       No    Date (mm/yy):
Have you completed your breadth exam (new)?                       Yes       No    Date (mm/yy):
Have you completed your research ability exam (new)?              Yes       No    Date (mm/yy):
Have you been advanced to candidacy?                              Yes      No     Date (mm/yy):
Expected date of completion (if known):             month          year

Coursework completed
Please list the completed courses including the ones you are taking in the current semester. For the
current courses, please leave the grade field blank.
Course Prefix & No.      Title (or topic)                                                         Grade


Coursework plans for coming year
Please list the specific courses or types of courses you intend to take in summer and fall. If coursework is
completed, please leave blank.
Course Prefix & No.      Title (or topic)

Please write a short summary of your progress in the PhD Program over the past 6 months (1 page).
Include accomplishments such as papers submitted or accepted, conferences attended, honors and
awards, or any other significant event. You should also mention any problems in making progress on your
degree that we should be aware of. Finally, state your plans and what you hope to accomplish over the
next year.


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