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					Department of General Services
Procurement Division
December 12, 2008

Office of Outreach and SB/DVBE

         Eric Mandell
      Special Words

Governor’s SB/DVBE Advocate

        Marty Keller
Words of Encouragement


       Will Bush

Deputy Director

  Jim Butler

•   Panel 1 (0900-1010):

         Fran Archuleta – Strategic Sourcing and Acquisitions
                          Branch –Manager

         Ben Martin     –   Engineering Branch - Standards and
                            Quality Control Manager

       Marjorie Rubenstein – Technology Acquisitions Branch -
                             Acting Purchasing Manager

•   Break (1010-1020)

•   Panel 2 (1020-1130):

       Angel Carrera – Business Development
                       Program - Program Manager
       Eric Mandell – Office of SB/DVBE Services /Outreach -
       Joan Rabang – Statewide Training, Policy and Customer
                        Services Branch - Manager
       Robin Borden – Purchasing Operations
                        Branch – Acting Manager

•   Closing: Eric Mandell
Fran Archuleta – Strategic Sourcing and
                 Acquisitions Branch
                                           Jim Butler
                                         Deputy Director

                            Strategic Sourcing & Acquisitions Branch

                              Fran Archuleta, Purchasing Manager
                                       Fran Archuleta
                                    Purchasing Manager

GS $mart               Pharmaceuticals           Acquisitions & Contracts         Multiple Award Program

                         Greg Doe                      Vacant                         Skip Ellsworth
Pat Mullen
                      PHARMACEUTICAL                 MGR EDP ACQ                      MGR EDP ACQ
                     PROG CONSULTANT

                                                                        Masters              CMAS

   One-Time Acquisitions     Food Acquisitions       Contracts Unit 1       Contracts Unit 2    Intake & Analysis

        Tom Abeyta                                    Steve Casarez          Linda Daveler           Alex Chin
                               Dion Campos
     SR EDP ACQ SPEC                                  SR EDP ACQ             SR EDP ACQ             SR EDP ACQ
                               STF EDP ACQ
          (SUPV)                                      SPEC (SUPV)            SPEC (SUPV)            SPEC (SUPV)
State Financial Marketplace

•   GS $Mart – Financing vehicle
•   Lease $Mart – Leasing vehicle
•   Energy $Mart – Financing of energy management
•   Overall – Expect $200 million in projects over the next
    fiscal year
•   Rates approximately 3.5 – 5% for financing
•   25 lenders participating in program
•   Contact:
•   Phone: (916) 375-4617

•   Statewide pharmaceutical program mandated by
    GC 14977 - 14982.
•   Marketing to local governmental agencies to
    become part of statewide program
•   Pharmaceutical Information Management System
    (PIMS) – currently working through FSR
•   Cooperative agreements for medical and surgical
•   Contact:
•   Phone: (916) 375-4533
One-Time Acquisitions

•   Track one time purchases to determine sourcing
•   Approximately 300 procurements annually
•   Procurement value - $250 million annually
•   Both IT and non-IT procurements
•   Purchase Estimate due dates
•   Cross training of employees for staff development on
    value-added procurements
•   Contact:
•   Phone: (916) 375-4491
Food Acquisitions

•   Work with departments to track delegated spend to
    incorporate into DGS statewide contracts
•   $140 million annual spend, 110 contracts, 68% spend to
    small business
•   Types of contracts: Medical, Renal, Special dietary
    needs, Pharmaceutical supplements
•   Miscellaneous Food Contract – Anticipated $200 million
    spend over 2 year term, non-mandatory
•   Contact:
•   Phone: (916) 375-4431
Contracts Management Unit

•   Integrating Strategic Sourcing methodology in solicitations
•   Integrating Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP)
    in solicitations
•   More comprehensive contract administration
•   Current major efforts:
•                Office supplies re-bid   PC Goods/Servers
•                Enterprise Storage       Fleet Vehicles
•                Combination Body Armor Open Office Panels
•   Contact: - (916) 375-4624
•   Contact: - (916) 375-4459
Multiple Award Program

•   Master Agreements
•   California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS)
•   Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA)
•   Software Licensing Program (SLP)
•   Current annual spend $3 Billion
•   Traffic Management Unit (TMU)
•   New contracts to address department needs
•   Contact:
•   Phone: (916) 375-4602
Intake & Analysis Unit

•   Front door to procurement division
•   Gathering spend data to explore new areas for
    sourcing opportunities
•   New compliance tool - Compliance and Savings
    Administration (CASA 2.0)
•   New reverse auction tool, once e-Procurement
    in place
•   Contact:
•   Phone: (916) 375-4526
Ben Martin – Engineering Branch -
             Standards and Quality
             Control Manager
Engineering – What We Do

•   Develop standards and specifications for bid
•   Perform market research and evaluate product
•   Evaluate technical considerations for LCB/NCB
•   Perform product testing
•   Help to resolve conflicts due to technical issues
    between the vendor community and state
Engineering – Our Objectives

•   Improve quality of specifications to mitigate disputes
•   Better integrate with acquisition units to improve quality of
•   Develop methodology/processes to shorten solicitation
•   Support Federal Receiver on CDCR Health Care Initiative
•   Better integrate with state departments and with other
    DGS divisions such as Fleet, OPSC, etc.
•   Support training programs
•   Help departments with their specification needs (OES,
    CHP, DOJ, etc.
EPP Program – What We Do

•   Include environmental requirements in all
•   Continuously update the online Environmental
    Best Practices Manual
•   Provide outreach training for state departments
•   Support Green Chemistry Initiative
EPP Program – Our Objectives

•   Develop a “Green California” label
•   Increase membership and participation in
    environmental interests groups
•   Develop outreach partnerships with the federal
    government and other states, etc.
•   Improve web presence with additional
    information, interactive processes, etc.
Dawn Ford for
Marjorie Rubenstein –Technology
                     Branch - Acting
Technology Acquisitions Section

•   Information Technology Procurement Plan
•   Formal and Informal Acquisitions
•   Value Effective Acquisitions (PCC 12100.7(g)
    and PCC 12101)
•   Negotiations (PCC 6611)
•   Alternative Protest Process (PCC 12125-12130)
•   Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Software Provisions
Information Technology
Procurement Plan (ITPP)

  •   Standalone document used to assess the
      project’s readiness for procurement

  •   Describes the overall strategy necessary to
      accomplish and manage the procurement.
Types of Procurements

  •   Informal Procurement
       - Under $500,000

  •   Formal Procurement
       - Over $500,000
Value Effective Acquisitions (PCC
12100.7(g) & 12101):

•   The Value Effective Acquisitions allow the State
    to conduct acquisitions that take into
    consideration, in addition to cost, other important
    aspects of the bid evaluation process (i.e.,
    warranties, past performance, etc.).
Negotiations (PCC 6611):

•   If conditions exist, the State may enter into
    negotiations with respective bidder(s) to obtain a
    better solution, pricing, and terms and conditions
    during the procurement process.

•   Administrative Order #05-01 states Guidelines
    and Procedures.
Alternative Protest Process (APP) (PCC

•   Process is an alternative to established protest
    procedures that can be lengthy and prevents award until
    hearing and resolution.

•   Protest period is abbreviated (1-5 days to submit an
    intent and 7 working days to submit a detailed protest.)

•   Award can be made even though process is continuing.

•   Allows the State to deem protests frivolous.
IT COTS Project

•   New Third Party Commercial-Off-The-Shelf
    software General Provisions (July 15, 2008)

•   For use when Primary Supplier is using
    Subcontractors to supply COTS

•   Working with Office of Legal Services (OKS) to
    develop stand-alone COTS General Provisions
Questions and Answers
10 Minute Break
Angel Carrera – Business Development
                Program - Program
Outreach Key Advisor to Underrepresented
and Emerging Small Businesses

•   Develop corporate partnerships with various
    statewide ethnic Chambers of Commerce,
    women business organizations and small
    business advisory groups
In partnership with the Office of Outreach and
  Small Business and DVBE Services:

•   Assists Certified Small Businesses to navigate
    state government contracting

•   Participation in selected panel
    discussions/workshops targeted to emerging and
    unrepresented small businesses
Small Business Liaison to State

•   Provides support to small businesses in
    underrepresented, emerging and other business
    communities regarding DGS Certification,
    reciprocity programs and contracting

•   Increases the visibility of DGS by developing
    success stories of SB/DVBE businesses and
    prime contractors
Small Business Liaison to State

•   Key advisor for DGS to ensure the internal
    contracting processes are administered to meet
    or exceed the 25% SB and 3% DVBE
    participation goals
Small Business Liaison to State

•   Facilitate the sharing of best practices which will
    enable all state agencies to meet or exceed the
    Governor’s mandated 25% SB participation goal
DGS Special Advisor on AB 761 –
Infrastructure Bonds: Small Businesses

 •   I-Bond Action Plan

 •   I-Bond Report Training

 •   Develop a contract for an I-Bond Outreach
Eric Mandell – Office of Outreach and
SB/DVBE Services, Branch Manager
Outreach Calendar of Events

Jan 14-15   CA Native Indian Gaming Assoc.
            Palm Springs
    15      CalTrans Dist 11 Awards
            San Diego
    16      Nat’l Vet's Entrepreneur Conf.
            San Francisco
Outreach Calendar of Events

          San Francisco

    29    RT Primes and Subcontractors

  29-30   DBE Regional Conference
Outreach Calendar of Events

FEB 5    Valley Business Expo
    6    Stockton Blvd. BIC
    10   East Bay SBDC
 27-28   Black Expo
Outreach Calendar of Events

MAR 5     City of Fresno SB Development Day
   10     Metro Expo
   12     Sonoma Co Economic Dev Brd
          Rohnert Park
  18-19   SB Conference
Outreach Calendar of Events

MAR 24 CalTrans Dist. 11 Procurement Fair
       Los Angeles
    25 San Francisco Center
       San Francisco
    26 BIC Hillsdale
    30 Long Beach CC
       Long Beach
        Event Calendar
Customer Forum Dates for 2009

        Feb   11th (Wed)

        May   14th (Thurs)

        Aug   12th (Wed)

        Nov   5th (Thurs)
FY 2008-09 Contract Reports

 Tanya Little – Certification, Compliance and
                Reports Manager
FY 2008-09 Mid-Year Report

•   Mid-Year for Internal Departmental purposes only

•   February 2009 DGS submission cancelled
    (DGS will announce cancellation of the Mid-Year
    Report due February 1, 2009. Instead, the Reports
    Team will prepare to offer the Annual Training in
    March 2009 or early April 2009 to promote statewide
    acclimation to eProcurement processes.)
eProcurement Reporting

•   eProcurement Report User Group:
•               Department of Consumer Affairs
•               Department of Transportation
•               Integrated Waste Management
•   Board:
•               California Highway Patrol
•               DGS's Real Estate Services
•   Division:
•               DGS eProcurement Transition Team
•               DGS Procurement Representatives
•               OSDS Reports Team
eProcurement User Group Goal

   Promote submission for FY ending 2010:
       Consulting Services Report
       Ethnicity, Race and Gender Report
       SB and DVBE Reports

   Contracting Enhancement: Notice Letters
Joan Rabang –Statewide Training, Policy and
             Customer Services Branch -


•   Expand CalPCA so that it is a “state of the
    art” training program capable of training the
    State’s procurement workforce.

    Office of Policies, Procedures and
   Increase benefit to departments and agencies by
    having efficient, effective and clear policies and
    procedures that are aligned with the State’s goals.

•   Increase level of customer service and
    communication by leveraging existing tools (e.g.,
    PPO & PAMS mailboxes and website).

Purchasing Authority Management Section

•   Increase Purchasing Authority to allow
    targeted departments more authority to
    conduct their own purchases thereby
    improving the procurement process and
    reducing overall transaction time.


•   Increase course schedule from 9-12 months
    to offer more flexibility and opportunity for
    departments to train their staff.

•   Expand training classes to provide
    intermediate and advanced curriculum and

CalPCA – Continued

•   Explore alternative training methods (e.g. on-
    line training; on-line “How-To” library;
•   Create workshops to support IACP and/or
    advanced training.
•          - Risk Analysis
•          - Evaluating Financial data
•          - NCB Writing Workshop

•   Create a “real time” update process for the SCM
    so Policy and procedures are received
•   Include state department participation in the
    development and review of policies and
•       - SCM updates
•       - Develop new procedures

PPL – Continued

•   Implement a plan to improve the way
    legislation, policy, and procedures impacting
    procurement are deployed throughout the
    enterprise/State to increase understanding
    and awareness.


 Re-engineer the delegated purchasing
 authority process .

  - Multiple year renewals
  - Self-certification if no changes to current

 PAMS – Continued

 •   Work with other areas of PD to implement
     strategies to streamline the external
     approval processes.
 •   Create a customer help desk.
Robin Borden – Purchasing Operations
               Branch – Acting Manager

•   Contracted with an ASP to host eP system for 5
•   Complete online environment, accessible
    anywhere at any time
•   Streamline our manual paper procurement
    processes within PD and statewide
•   Consolidate and replace fragile and outdated
Improves customer service

•   One-stop shop for procurement services
    (customer agencies and suppliers)
•   More efficient processing and output
•   Data consolidation and centralization allows
    more efficient and accurate reporting
Supplier's perspective

•   Seek opportunity (CSCR/SOS)

•   Submit bid/proposal (Orders)

•   Public info (what's the State doing with
    taxpayers' money?)

•   SB/DVBE online certification
Buyer's perspective

•   Consistency (process, policy execution)
•   Easy to use (can use when transferring to
    most other State depts)
•   Easy and quick access to information
    (procurement files, data and reports)
•   Help with better managing workload (tracks
    progress, tracks outstanding items)
Project Update

•   Training
     • Non-pilots start 12/8
        • CSCR, SCPRS, SB/DVBE certification
          search, LPA search and view
     • Pilots mid-January 09 (CHP, DCA,
        • Full functionality
•   Rollout 2/2/09
•   Phase in non-pilots mid-Feb
Questions and Answers
Closing Remarks

  Eric Mandell

What percentage of the information you heard
  today was New to you?
 -------------------______25% ______50%
  ______75% ______nearly 100%

Was this session of value to you? Why?
 ______YES_____NO_____SOMEWHAT