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  General Information
  The Vidyalaya is run by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan sponsored by the
Ministr y of Human Resource Development, Department of Education with an
endeavor to facilitate children of Central Government Employees, Defence
Personnel and employees of autonomous bodies who are liable to be
transferred from one State to another State to receive Uninterrupted
educational facilities with easy accessibility to any Kendriya Vidyalaya in any
part of the Countr y.The school embodies some of the good features of Public
School with emphasis on Indian Culture and values without raising the cost of

  There will be 3 Unit Tests in a year in t he month July, September and
Januar y for 40 marks each respectively. The cumulative test will be held
before the end of which ends in November. The area shall comprise the entire
syllabus covered up to that period. The session ending examination shall be
held during entire course prescribed for the year is to be tested in the
examination. The final assessment of a pupil in classes VI to IX & XI at the
end of the on his total achievement in all tests and in the examinations as well
as his class work, home work during the academic year. The final assessment
will be on a maximum of 100 marks in each subject distributed as

               a]        Class work, home work             5

               b]        Project                           5

               c]        Unit Tests                        15

               d]        Cumulative Test                   25

               e]        Session ending examination        50
                         _____________________________     _____
                         Total                             100
         Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan has already decided to make the assessment of
the students in Primary classes on a 5-point scale of grades

                            A       Outstanding
                            B       Very good
                            C       Good
                            D       Average
                            E       Need Guidance
  Generally no detention in classes I and II. If a child gets ‘E’ grade in 3
subjects or more in classes III onwards, he can be detained in the same class
with the consent of the parent. In case the parent does not consent, the
student will be promoted to next class. However if the student again gets ‘E’
grade in three subjects or more, in the next class the Principal can detain the
child in the same class.
   The earlier provision that the child gets ‘E’ grade in class V will be given an
opportunity to improve upon if he /she gets ‘D’ even in one subject will be
promoted to class VI, will continue.

Class VI to IX & XI
      Each student would need to pass the continues and comprehensive
evaluation as well as the Annual Examination separately will at least 33%.
   a). To pass the Examination a student must obtain not less than 33% marks
in each of the academic subjects.
   b). In class IX & XI a child securing less than 33% in one or two subjects in
the session ending examination will be eligible.
   c)· To take the supplementary examination in those subjects .The candidate
will be promoted to the next higher only if he/she secures 33% marks in each
of the subjects in the supplementary examinations.
   d)                 To pass the examination, a student needs to secure overall 33%
marks in continuous & comprehensive evaluation and Session Ending Exam. in each of the
academic subjects and at least 33% marks in the aggregate.

  e)          Grace marks will be awarded to promote the students of class VI to VIII only and
 shall not be more than 10 marks in all subjects put together restricted to a maximum of 05
 marks obtained by a student in a subject out of 100 marks.

   f) In Class XI, the student has to pass separately in theory and practical (33%) to be eligible
 for promotion. In class IX and XI if a student secures less then 33% in one or two subjects,
 he will be eligible to take the supplementary exam. In those subjects, the supplementary
 examination will be conducted 03 weeks after the declaration of results. The students will be
 promoted to the next higher class if he/she secures 33% in each of those subjects in the
 supplementary exam. The result of the supplementary examination will be declared in the first
 week of May.

  g) The student who is detained twice in same class will be issued T.C. on the last date of
 the session.
a). A pupil will be eligible to appear in the session ending examination if he/she has completed
    75% attendance.
b). Leave to a student or absence is granted only on an application addressed by the
principal through the class Teacher submitted in time, duly signed by the parents/guardian.
c). The period of leave with reasons should also be recorded in the student’s calendar by
the parent with signature.
d). In case of illness or medical certificate must be attached with the application. Long
    absence except in case of illness should be discouraged.
e). The name of the student will be struck off from the rolls of Vidyalaya if he/she is absent
for more than 10 days continuously without sanction of leave.



      1.    Two languages out of English, Hindi & Sanskrit

      2.    Mathematics

      3.    Science with practical

      4.    Social Science

           (History, Geography, Civics and Economics will be spread over two years)

      5.    Work Education

      6.    Art Education (Painting, Dance, Music, Drama etc.)

      7.    Physical and Health Education.

      8.    Computer Literacy
     (B) Classes XI & XII

  1. SCIENCE GROUP                   2. COMMERCE GROUP            3. HUMANITIES
  Compulsory:                                                     Compulsory:
                                    1. English Core Languages,
  1. English Core Language                                        1.   English
                                                                  Core Language,
                                    2. Work Education,
  2. Work Education
                                                                  2.  Work
                                    3. General Studies,
  3. General Studies,                                             Education,
                                    4. Health & Physical
                                                                  3.   General
  4. Health & Physical Education.   Education.
    Elective:                            Elective:
                                                                  4.   Health &
   (Any four of the following)      (Any four of the following)
  1.Physics (Compulsory)            1. Accountancy
  2.Chemistry(Compulsory)                                         Elective:
  3. Mathematics                    2. Business Studies
  4. Biology                                                      1.   Economics
                                    3. Economics
  5. Informatics Practices
                                                                  2.    Hindi Core /
  6. Hindi Core Language            4. Mathematics                Elective

                                    5. Informatics Practices      3.   History

                                    6. Hindi Core                 4.   Geography

Marks of Examinations
    Class XI examination shall be conducted internally by the schools
themselves while Class XII examination based only on the s yllabus for Class
XII shall be conducted by the Board in all the subjects except General Studie s,
W ork Experience, Physical & Heath Education which will be assessed
internally by the schools. In all the subjects examined by the Board a student
will be given one paper each carrying 100 marks for 3 hrs. However, for
subjects involving practical work s uch as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and
Geography the written examination will be of 70 marks and the Practical of 30

       Classes IX examination shall be conducted by the School themselves,
while Class X Examination based on Class X Syllabus shall be conducted by
the Board. Details of question papers, marks and time duration are given as
        SR. NO.        SUBJECT                      NO OF PAPERS         MARKS      DURATION
        1              Language                     1                    100        3 hours
        2.             Language                     1                    100        3 hours
        3              Mathematics                  1                    100        3 hours
        4              Science                      1 (Theory)*          75         3 hours
        5              Social Sciences              1                    100        3 hours
        6.             Additional subject if any    1                    100        3 hours


    A candidate failing in 2 out of the 5 subjects of external examination shall be placed in
  Compartment in those subjects in Class X.


        i· In addition to numerical scores, the Board will indicate grades in the marks sheets
  issued to the candidates in case of subjects of External Examinations. In case of Internal
  assessments only Grades will be shown.
      ii· Letter Grades on a 9 pt Scale will be used.
      iii· The Grades will be derived from scores in case of External Examination. In case of
  subjects of internal assessment they will be awarded by the schools on a 9 pt scale and
  reported to the Board.
     iv. The passing marks in such examination will be 33%.

Scheme of Final Examination in English at AISSE:

               1      Reading Skill (unseen passage)                              30 marks
               2      Writing Skills (based on verbal and visual Stimuli)           30 marks
               3      Literature Study Skills (related to the prescribed texts)    25 marks
               4      Grammar (in context)                                        15 marks


  2.        Change of subject in class IX to be allowed not later than October of the class.

     1.    A Candidate will be eligible to get Pass Certificate of the Board, if he gets a grade
  higher than ‘E’ in all subjects of Internal Assessment and 33% marks or more (i.e. higher
  than grade ‘E’ in any four out of five subjects of external assessment.)

       2.      No over-all division/ distinction/ aggregate will be awarded.

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