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									                                ABCs OF IBC


Banking is as Easy as IBC
Congratulations on opening your new IBC checking account. A checking account is a convenient way to manage
your finances. This brochure is a tool designed to help you manage your checking account responsibly. Good
account management means understanding options and making an informed choice about how to conduct
transactions. This includes recording all transactions in the check register provided with your check order and
balancing that check register against your monthly account statement. You may use FREE tools such as IBC
Voice, IBC Bank Online and/or IBC Mobile Banking to assist you in keeping up with your account and tracking
your account balance. Keeping a balanced checkbook is the best way to avoid unnecessary fees. By spending a
few minutes balancing your checkbook each day you can avoid unexpected fees. IBC is glad to help you with
any questions you have regarding this brochure or any of the contents of the brochure – just contact us at any
of our many locations, and a sales representative will be happy to assist you.

    The ABCs of
    IBC Checking:
    Ready for the convenience of your own checking                  You’ll also avoid the risks of carrying more cash than
    account? Make bill paying easier and save money on              necessary. Here’s a detailed look at an IBC check like
    the fees charged by supermarkets and check cashing              the one you could be using …
    centers for cashing paychecks, government checks, etc.

   For purposes of identification, here is where your name                                               Check
   and address (and other information, if desired) are                                                   number
                                                                     This is where you
   printed. If you and your spouse have a joint checking
                                                                     show the date that                             Here is where
   account, both of your names appear here.                Date      you write the check.                           you write the
       On this line, write the name of                     opened
                                                                                                                    amount of the
       the person or business you are                                                                               check in
       paying with your check.                                                                                      numbers.


Here is
where you
write in
words the
amount of
the check.
Cents are
as shown,
as a                                                                                          This is the line for your signature,
fraction or                                         This is                                   assuring that you personally wrote
part of a             This is your bank                                                       and authorized this check.
dollar.               information commonly
                      referred to as Routing
                      Transit Numbers.                                  Your checking account number
                                                                        is printed here to help in the
              This is the memo line. Use it for a                       processing of your check.
              description to remind you of what
              payment or purchase you made.
   The ABCs of
   IBC Checking:
                                                                      One way to add money to your checking account is
                                                                      completing a deposit slip to deposit any cash and checks. All

                                                                      checks you are depositing must be endorsed on the back with
                                                                      your signature. Here’s an example of an IBC deposit slip …

                                                                                                                 Write the amount of
                         Write the number of the check you
                                                                                                                 any check(s) you are
                         are depositing here.                             Write the total amount of cash
                                                                                                                 depositing in
                                                                          (paper and coin money) here.
                                                                                                                  this space.

                          Write the date of
                          your deposit here.

                                                                                                                           Add this
                                                                                                                           column and
                                                                                                                           write the

                                                                          LESS CA ED

                                                                                                           If you want part of your
                                                                                                           deposit returned to you in
                                          Your checking account                                            cash (less cash), list that
               This is your bank                                                                           amount here.
                                          number is printed here to
               information commonly
                                          help in the processing
               referred to as Routing
                                          of your check.
               Transit Numbers.                                               Subtract the amount, if any, of
                                                                              cash received, and write the
If you want to receive cash back                                              total amount to be deposited
from your deposit, complete this line                                         into your account in this space.
with your signature.

   When you want to deposit your check(s) and/or cash, complete          want it with the convenience of never having to step inside
   and use this deposit slip at any lobby or drive-thru IBC Bank         the bank. Please be aware that some deposits do not become
   teller location. If you want the convenience of paychecks,            available immediately and instead become available as
   dividends and other recurring credits deposited directly into         explained by IBC’s Funds Availability Policy provided to you
   your account, enroll in direct deposit at Using          at account opening and available at any branch.
   direct deposit is a no hassle way to get your money where you
    Balancing                                                          Consistently balancing your checkbook helps manage your

    Your Checking                                                      finances more effectively and avoids unnecessary bank fees.
                                                                       Keeping track of the money in your checking account is

    Account                                                            easy. Simply record all checks written, other withdrawals and
                                                                       deposits in your check register as shown here:

                                                                                              Amount of deposit is
                                                                      Record the amount of each
                                                                                              listed here and added
                                                                      check or other withdrawal here.
                                 Describe the transaction or show
                                                                                              to the current balance.
                                 the recipient of the check here.
                                                                                              Some deposits do not
       Write the date of                                                                           become available
       transaction in                                                                               immediately and
       this column.
                                                                                    $5 00.00         instead become
                                                                                                     available as explained
                                                                             $100.00 $600.00          by IBC’s Funds
                                                                                                      Availability Policy
                                   osit                                     $2       $558.0
                           5/1 Dep                            w $4
                                                                    0.00                               provided to you
                                        ATM W                                               0
                                                                                                       at account opening
                                                rocer           $50.00     ✔                           and available at
                                        Store G
                      591    5/1 Corner                                                                 any branch.

Write the check
number here.

                                                                                                           This is your running balance.
                                                                                                           Subtract each check or
                                                                      This is where you record service     debit from your balance.
                                                                      charges or other banks’ ATM          Add deposit amounts to
                                                                      fees. These charges should be        your balance.
                            Place a “✔” in this column
                                                                      subtracted from your balance.
                            once the transaction is cleared
                            at the bank, as shown on your
                            monthly statement.

  A simple and convenient way to keep track of your accounts           may not have knowledge of outstanding checks that you
  is through IBC Bank Online.With this feature, you can view           have written and have not been submitted for payment. You
  your online accounts and balances, monitor eStatements,              have control of your account by balancing your checkbook.
  have Totally Free Bill Pay and more. You can also see all your       The only sure way of avoiding any unexpected fees is by
  pending transactions to help you balance your account. To            writing down every check and transaction on your check
  learn more go to You can also check your                register, and keeping a balanced checkbook. You should
  balance free of charge by calling IBC Voice or at any IBC            verify your balance against your check register before
  ATM. All of these are tools designed to assist you in                conducting any transaction.
  managing your account, however keep in mind that IBC
Your Monthly
To make your finances and your account status clear and                         IBC Bank Online. Receiving eStatements allows you to bypass
easy to track, IBC will send you a recap of your                                the uncertainty of the mail and leaves you with less clutter.
transactions which have posted each month. You can also                         Review your statement to be certain that your records match
view previous and current statements electronically on                          the information shown.

This section of your statement                                                                               mmerce
                                                                                                    nk of Co
shows your balance at the                                                                  ional Ba
                                                                         N                                                                                             6
beginning and end of the                                                                                                                                       NT
                                                                                                                                                                   PAGE NO
statement period plus the                                                                                                                 CUSTOM
                                                                                                                                                  ER NO
                                                                                                                                                               1    of      1
total number and amount                                                                                                                                        07/14/10
of credits/deposits (money                                       SON                                                                       06/15/10
                                                         . MORRI
put in) and debits/checks
                                        C        JAMES C MORRISON                                                                        STATEMEN
                                                                                                                                                   T PERIOD
                                                    RY A. IDAN DRIVE
                                        S        MA      ER            08                                                                  rt any
                                                 1765 SH TY, STATE 102
(money taken out).                                                                                                                and repo
                                         O                                                                               examine
                                         E        YOUR CI                                        call IB
                                                                                                         C Voice.
                                                                                                                              tative .
                                          R                                              please              service                                  ########
                                                                                  count,              stomer                               T NUMBER
                                                                          your ac            ing a cu                              ACCOUN
                                                              io n about       date  by call
                                                     informat          atement
The date and amount of                   For 24
                                                        from yo
                                                                 ur st
                                                                                                        T RECAP                                        Closing
                                                14 days                                        ACCOUN
                                                                                                                                              als      Balance
each of your deposits                                                                                                        of
                                                                                                                      Numberts              (Debits)               340.71
                                                         Checking                                                       Debi
                                              IBC Free                                         Deposits)                                     636.39
are shown here.                                                               of
                                                                       Number s                (Credits                   20
                                                          g             Credit                   420.00
                                                 Balance                   2                                                                                       #       Amount
This section shows the date,                      55 7.10                                              DEPOSITS                              Date De
                                                                                                    posit #
check number and amount                                                                     Date De                   300.00
                                                                                                 3   9983
                                                                       Amount               07-0                                                                            Amount
of all checks written                                 posit #                                                       DEBITS                            eck #
                                              Date De                  120.00                    CHECKS
                                                                                                          & OTHER                             Date Ch                         7.70
                                                 -23   9984                                                                                            635
which have posted.                            06                                                                       Amount                 07-10                          12.96
                                                                                                     eck #                                             636
                                                                                              Date Ch 9                 35.66                 07 -10                         30.37
                                                                                                     62                                                637
                                                                        Amount                06-26                     36.33                 07-11                          63.00
                                                Date   Check #           66.00                06-28
                                                                                                                          8.27                 07-13
                                                          621                                         631                                               640
                                                06-16                    71.30                06-29                      30.00                 07-14                          20.00
Paperless transactions,                                  *623                                         632
                                                06-20     624            30.00                 06-29                                           07-10
including direct deposits,                      06-20                     76.00                06-26                     30.00
                                                           625                                         634
                                                 06-19     626            16.19                07-10                                   sequence
ATM withdrawals,                                                          12.54                             k number
                                                 06-15    *628                                      in chec
check card transactions                          06-20                                       a skip
                                                                                  *Indicates                   TY
                                                                                                                   IC ACTIVI                                                     36.70
and service charges, if                                                                                                                            PURCHASE
any, are listed here.                                                                                    rner       Store Gr
                                                                       Debits                    #627 Co                                                                            $0.00
                                                                                                                                 ARY                    od
                                                                       ACH Debi
                                                                                t                                              FEE SUMM         ent Peri                            $0.00
                                                                                                       T AND RE
                                                                                                               TURN ITEM               Fees Curr      te
                                                   06-20                                    OVERDR
                                                                                                   AF                        turn Item Fees Year to Da
Current Period reflects total                                                                                        Total Re rn Item
                                                                                                          $0.00              tu
                                                                             ent Peri
                                                                                     od                              Total Re
fees paids for the current                                          Fees Curr to Date                     $0.00
                                                            erdraft                                                                                                         455.07
statement cycle. Fees Year to                       Total Ov draft Fees Year                                      NNING BA
                                                                                                                               LANCE                      07-10
                                                            er                                                                                                              424.70
                                                    Total Ov                                            DAILY RU
Date reflect total fees paid                                                                                              300.33                                            361.70
                                                                                                          06-26           264.00                          07-13
                                                                             540.91                       06-28                                            07-14
beginning January 2.                                          06-15                                                       225.73
                                                                             474.91                       06-29
                                                              06-16                                                        525.73
                                                                             398.91                        07-03
                                                              06-19           248.37
The changes in your                                            06-20          368.37
account balance are                                            06-23
                                                                                                                                             n, etc.
documented in this                                                                                                          ll cons           edit.
                                                                                                                    car, bi          ne of Cr
                                                                                                        ed s – new        Eq uity Li
                                                                                                your ne            a Home
section of your statement.                                                             Whatever           en with
                                                                                                  em happ
                                                                                          make th

Look for important
information from the
bank here.
Overdraft Courtesy                                         ®    checks. If you use your debit card at a POS or at the ATM when
                                                                you do not have sufficient funds in your account, the transaction
                                                                will be declined and you will NOT be charged a fee.
An overdraft occurs when you do NOT have enough
available funds in your checking account to cover a             If you decide to opt-in to Overdraft Courtesy® on your account,
transaction, but we pay it anyway. IBC can cover your           you have an additional choice to make.
overdrafts in two different ways:                               2nd Choice: Opt-in/out of ATM and Everyday
1. We offer the Overdraft Courtesy Program that can be
                                     ®                          Debit Card Transactions:
added to your account; or                                       Once your account has been opened a minimum of 30 days
                                                                and is in good standing, we authorize and pay overdrafts on the
2. We also offer Overdraft Transfer Protection, which can       following types of transactions:
link your checking account to a secondary account and
if items post against insufficient funds on the checking        • Checks and other transactions made using your checking
account, the necessary funds are automatically transferred        account, such as ACH payments
from the secondary account for only $9.00 per daily transfer,   • Automatic bill payments
no matter how many items are presented. This service            As required by federal regulation, we will not authorize and pay
may be less expensive than Overdraft Courtesy®.                 overdrafts for the following types of transactions unless you ask
                                                                us to:
You have different options available to you for Overdraft
Courtesy® Services:                                             • ATM transactions
                                                                • Everyday debit card transactions
1st Choice: Opt-in/out of the Overdraft                         If you decide not to have these transactions covered, the
Courtesy® Program                                               transaction will be declined if you do not have sufficient funds
You can choose to have Overdraft Courtesy® added to             in your account, and you will NOT incur an overdraft charge or
your checking account. If you choose to add Overdraft           item return fee. This may be less expensive for you than opting-
Courtesy® it will be added to your account once it has          in to ATM and everyday debit card transactions.
been opened for 30 days and is in good standing. Please         If you decide to opt-in to have ATM and everyday debit
see the Overdraft Courtesy® Disclosure for details on           card transactions authorized and paid, the transactions will be
how an account qualifies for Overdraft Courtesy® and the        authorized and paid by the bank up to your established limit and
limits of Overdraft Courtesy®.                                  you will be charged an overdraft fee.
Under IBC’s Overdraft Courtesy®:                                IBC’s Overdraft Courtesy® is a discretionary customer
• IBC will charge you an overdraft fee of up to $29.00          service that may cover inadvertent or occasional
  each time we pay an overdraft. You will not be                overdrafts. You should know that there are less expensive
  charged an overdraft fee if your ending account               options in case of an emergency, such as Overdraft
  balance is overdrawn by $3.00 or less.                        Transfer Protection, as explained above. For complete
                                                                details of the Overdraft Courtesy® terms, please refer to
• Your account may be charged a maximum of $174.00 in           the Overdraft Courtesy® Customer Disclosure.
  overdraft fees on the same day.
                                                                Please remember that you always have a choice, and
• In addition, overdraft amounts will accrue an OD              you can change your mind at any time about having
  interest charge at the rate of 18% per annum from the         Overdraft Courtesy® on your account and whether or
  date of the overdraft until the date of receipt by Bank of    not you want ATM and everyday debit card transactions
  repayment of such overdraft.                                  covered by Overdraft Courtesy®.
If you decide to opt-out of the Overdraft Courtesy®
Program, the bank will not pay any item presented when
you do not have enough funds. Please be aware that there        * Overdraft Courtesy® is a privilege extended to customers at IBC’s discretion. Overdrafts
                                                                  must be repaid within 35 days. Transactions may be refused if they exceed courtesy
is a $29 return item fee for each check or ACH payment            amount or if account is not in good standing. PLEASE NOTE: No fees or overdraft
presented, and merchants typically charge a fee for returned      interest are assessed if you never use these overdraft services.
How Your Transactions
are Posted to Your                                                    The way the process works is that a hold is immediately placed
Account                                                               for the amount of any authorization, such as an ATM
                                                                      withdrawal, POS purchase, or other account transfer, and that
The way IBC posts transactions, both debits and credits,              amount is deducted from the balance available for making
affects the available balance on your account. Pending item           future authorizations. The amount of these authorizations or
amounts are always deducted from the balance available to             holds will affect your available balance for paying checks just
pay checks and other items that post to your account.                 like it will affect your balance for authorizing ATM and POS
Pending transactions are transactions that have been                  transactions. You should deduct these transactions from your
authorized and that the bank is committed to pay, but have            check register balance. This will help avoid an overdraft and
not yet posted to your account. These transactions include            reduce NSF fees.
ATM withdrawals, point of sale (POS) purchases with your
IBC debit card, and IBC Bank Online transfers. Therefore,             If the net available balance, after deducting pending transactions,
the item posting process will essentially cause these type of         is insufficient to pay all checks and other electronic transactions
transactions to affect your balance for posting checks and            that are presented for payment, items will be paid up to the
other debits on the day they are approved rather than on              available overdraft courtesy and assessed an overdraft fee for
the day they are posted.                                              each item that did not meet the balance requirements.

    This is the available balance at the                                                      This is the available balance after
    beginning of the day before any                                                           pending items have been authorized
    transactions are deducted.                                                                and deducted from balance.

                                                                                                     These are authorized pending
                                                                                                     transactions not yet posted.

                                                                                             This is a posted transaction resulting in an
                                             Overdraft Charge                                overdraft fee due to insufficient funds.

NSF/OD fees are only assessed on posted items not pending             card or point of sale withdrawals (3) checks and ACH withdrawals
items. Please remember to deduct all checks and transactions          from highest to lowest dollar amount. Transactions may not be
from your check register. It is the bank’s policy to clear items in   processed in the order in which they occur. The order in
the following order: (1) First any wire transfers from highest to     which transactions are processed can affect the total amount
lowest dollar amount; (2) items we have already paid out or           of overdraft/non-sufficient funds fees incurred. Bank reserves
committed to pay from lowest to highest dollar amount such as         the right to clear in any order, as permitted by state law.
ATM withdrawals, teller cash withdrawals, transfers, and debit
Your choice, your                                   IBC Regions
responsibility:                                     LAREDO – CORPORATE HEADquARTERS
                                                    1200 San Bernardo Ave., Laredo, TX ..................................... 956-722-7611

                                                    AuSTIn/SuRROunDIng AREAS
                                                    (Including: Bastrop, Buda, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Leander, Round Rock and
Good account management means                       Taylor)
                                                    Main Branch:
understanding options and making an informed        816 Congress Ave., Ste. 100, Austin, TX ...............................512-397- 4506

choice about how to conduct transactions.           BROwnSvILLE/SuRROunDIng AREAS
                                                    (Including: Harlingen, Port Isabel and South Padre Island)
Below is a quick recap of the things you can do     Main Branch:
                                                    1600 Ruben Torres Blvd., Brownsville, TX ..............................956-547-1000
to avoid unnecessary fees:                          CORPuS CHRISTI/SuRROunDIng AREAS
                                                    (Including: Aransas Pass, Portland, Rockport and Sinton)
                                                    Main Branch:
• Record all transactions and checks on your        221 South Shoreline Blvd., Corpus Christi, TX....................... 361-888-4000

                                                    EAgLE PASS/SuRROunDIng AREAS
  account register.                                 (Including: Del Rio and Uvalde)
                                                    Main Branch:
• Review your monthly statement                     2395 East Main St., Eagle Pass, TX ........................................ 830-773-2313

                                                    HOuSTOn/SuRROunDIng AREAS
• Enroll in Overdraft Transfer Protection           (Including: Angleton, Dickinson, Freeport, Galveston, Katy and Lake Jackson)
                                                    Main Branch:
                                                    5615 Kirby Dr., Houston, TX ................................................... 713-526-1211
• Be aware of any holds placed on deposits
                                                    McALLEn/SuRROunDIng AREAS
• Take advantage of our FREE tools to assist        (Including: Edinburg, Mission, Pharr and Weslaco)
                                                    Main Branch:
                                                    One South Broadway Ave., McAllen, TX................................ 956-686-0263
  you in managing your account such as IBC
                                                    PORT LAvACA/SuRROunDIng AREAS
  Voice, IBC Bank Online, and IBC Mobile            (Including: Bay City and Victoria)
                                                    Main Branch:
  Banking                                           311 North Virginia St., Port Lavaca, TX.................................. 361-552-9771

                                                    SAn AnTOnIO/SuRROunDIng AREAS
• Use your account responsibly                      (Including: Boerne, Luling, Marble Falls, New Braunfels, San Marcos and
                                                    Main Branch:
                                                    130 East Travis St., San Antonio, TX ...................................... 210-518-2500

Also, take advantage of IBC Free Checking and       ZAPATA/SuRROunDIng AREAS
                                                    (Including: Alice, Beeville, Freer, Hebbronville, Kingsville, Rio Grande and
Totally Free Online Bill Pay. It’s the fast, easy   Roma)
                                                    Main Branch:
                                                    U.S. Highway 83 @10th Ave., Zapata, TX .............................. 956-765-8361
way to pay bills electronically, including one-
time and recurring bills.                           (Locations in 33 communities, from Ardmore to Guthrie & Miami to Lawton,
                                                    including Oklahoma City and Tulsa)
                                                    Main BranchES:
                                                    Oklahoma City
                                                    3817 NW Expressway, Ste. 100, Oklahoma City, OK ............ 405-841-2100
                                                    2250 E. 73rd St., Tulsa, OK ..................................................... 918-497-2400
                                                    6425 NW Cache Rd., Lawton, OK .......................................... 580-250-4311

                                                    COMMERCE BAnk
                                                    Main Branch:
                                                    5800 San Dario Ave., Laredo, TX ........................................... 956-724-1616


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