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					                   CORPORATE RESOLUTION
                       (Company Name)
       The undersigned, being the sole shareholder and director of (Company Name) a North
Carolina, Sub-S (add Corporate Type Here) (the "Company"), hereby approves and adopts the
following resolutions.

        RESOLVED, that the Company is hereby authorized to enter into that certain
GIVEN) effective the (Date of Transaction) (“Transaction”);

      FURTHER RESOLVED, that the (Name of Authorized Person) of the Company
(“Authorized Officer”) be, and is, hereby authorized to execute and deliver any and all
documents required by (Company Name) to effectuate the Transaction;

        FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Authorized Officer be and hereby is authorized and
directed to do all other things and acts, to execute and deliver all other instruments, documents
and certificates, and to pay all costs, fees and expenses as may be, in her sole judgment,
necessary, proper or advisable in order to carry out and comply with the purposes and intent of
these resolutions, and that all acts and deeds of the Authorized Officer that are consistent with
the purposes and intent of these resolutions, be, and hereby are, in all respects, ratified, approved,
confirmed and adopted as the acts and deeds of the Company;

    FURTHER RESOLVED, that all acts of the Authorized Officer and agents of the
Company in connection with the negotiation, execution and delivery of the Transaction are
hereby ratified and confirmed.

     IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned has hereunto signed this resolution to be
effective as of (Date).

                                               Date _____________________
(Name of Company Authorized

____________________________________Date _______________________
 (Name of Authorized Person)

Description: Corporate Resolution acknowledgment by members and stockholders consenting to the sale of assets or equipment.