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					                     The                                     Check out the new Bluenose
                                                                Academy website at:

                                                           Principal’s Message:
  LUNENBURG ACADEMY                                        This is my last opportunity to speak with you from my desk as
                                                           principal of Lunenburg Academy. I have thoroughly enjoyed the
                1895                                       opportunity to work with the students, staff, parents and community
                                                           of Lunenburg in this post. There will never be another school like the
    A National Historic Site                               Academy on the hill.
              Year 115
                                                           SAC/Bluenose Academy news: The students from CCS, LA and
     DATE:          June 17, 2011                          RDES will vote on the mosaic design next Friday, June 24 when we
                                                           travel to CCS for morning fun activities. Fundraising for the outdoor
                                                           classroom and playground equipment is moving along very well. The
 Del        97 Kaulbach Street                             website for Bluenose Academy is also up and running.
 Mail       PO Box 759
                                                           This week on the Hill: Golf in Schools launch was held June 10 at
           Lunenburg NS B0J 2C0                            10:00 AM. The students now have a great new gym resource. Thanks
                                                           to Golf NS and Golf Central. On Tuesday we were entertained by the
 Tel        902-634-2220                                   S.O.U.L. (Singers of United Lands) musicians. What a musical
 Fax       902-634-2222                                    treat. Math Musical Measurement Day was a great success. Thanks
                                                           to Mrs. Glen for her hard work in arranging the day. Look for a write
 Email                                     up in a future Bulletin. Academy Wear will be distributed either this
                                                           afternoon or early next week. Wear it with pride.
                                                           Curriculum news: Provincial math assessments results will be sent
Looking Ahead:                                             home next week. If parents request a re-scoring of an assessment, they
June 22        Field Day                                   must contact the school principal before Thursday, June 30, 2011. On
June 23        Gr. 6 Graduation @ 6:30pm                   a different note, the Department of Education has provided
June 24        Walk/Run & Fun Day @ CCS                    bookmarks in support of bicycle safety. These will be going home with
June 27-29     Marking days (No Students)                  this Slate. Take time to check out the bicycle safety book for grades P-
June 30        Report Card Day - 10:15 dismissal           7 at It is a very informative book for
               (Parents/Guardians welcome – 3rd floor)     students and parents. You can print your own copy.
Aug. 8-12      Primary Transition to School@ LA
                                                           Classes for next year: As most parents know, there will be two split
                                                           classes at the Academy from September to December (Grade 3-4 and
                                                           4-5). There will be included with report cards on June 30, a letter
       Wind in our Sails - June 24th                       about the process for determining placement in these classes. We will
   Bluenose Academy Outdoor Space Fundraiser               also tell parents the teachers’ names - those we know- who will be
                                                           teaching each grade level.
        Walk/Run - PINK DAY
     @ Centre Consolidated School                          Academy off site: Students from all grades have enjoyed a variety of
                                                           class trips in the month of June, sprinkled as they have been between
                                                           rain storms. We are very fortunate to have teachers dedicated to
8:30 - LA Students leave for CCS by bus                    learning in the larger “classroom” around Lunenburg and further
8:45 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. WALK/RUN                             afield in NS.
            (Wind In Our Sails) (45 min)
                                                           Spring Fair: What a successful day we enjoyed! The rain held off!
9:30 - 11:30 Fun Day Activities (2 hours)                  Thanks to Tara Green and her team for their amazing organization
11:30- 12:00 Bluenose Academy Student Mosaic               and scheduling of the events. Such a fun day does not happen
Voting                                                     without the wonderful help of many behind the scenes volunteers.
12:00 – board the bus for return to LA
                                                           Accreditation update: Yesterday, June 16, the Department of
Remember to wear Pink in support of Anti-                  Education awarded Lunenburg Academy a full five year
                                                           accreditation. Congratulations to staff, parents and community for
Bullying!                                                  five years of hard work on school improvement.
Parents/Guardians are welcome to join in the fun, please   Summer Fun: Coming home on June 23 with all students P-5 will be
meet us at Centre School.                                  a little book of activities for families to complete during a week of
                                                           your choice during the summer - Screen Free, Summer Fun. We
                                                           encourage you to participate in this alternative to screen time.
                                                      P-6 who participate in Art Club. Thank
                                                      you for helping to make this club a
                                 Jill Martin,
                                 Principal            success!

From the Lunch Room:
                                                      Spring Fair:
Milk Money
Month of June
(5 days remaining x $0.35 = $1.75)                    Thank you to Tara Green for her hard work
                                                      and dedication to our annual spring fair! You and
    ----------------                                  your team of volunteers helped to raise just
Lunch Menu:                                           over $5000.00 @ the 2011 LA LA PA Looza
Mondays –    Mac & Cheese                             held this past Sunday. The Day provided three
             or                                       hours of great fun enjoyed by kids and adults
             Grilled Cheese Sandwiches                alike. This was the final year for our Spring Fair,
Tuesdays-    Corn Chowder or                          and Tara’s 10th year organizing it! Thank you to
             Caesar/Chicken Caesar Salad or           all staff and students who helped out as well, and
             Ham & Cheese Subs                        of course to the various
Wednesday –                                           businesses that made
      June 22 - Chili                                 donations. A portion of the
Thursdays - Chicken Wraps (with Ranch                 funds raised will be donated to
             Dressing, lettuce and cheese)            the “Wind in our Sails”
                  or Toasted Bagels                   campaign for Bluenose
                                                      Academy’s outdoor space.
Fridays -       Big Red’s Pizza

                                                      Assistance Around Cyberbullying
           SSRSB transportation department is         Survey for Teachers, Students
           looking for your help: Many Students
           will be switching schools next year,       As you may already be aware, the Minister of Education has
           whether it be transferring from            struck a task force to address the issue of cyber bullying in
                                                      Nova Scotia. The task force and its working group consists
elementary to junior high school or due to moving.    of many individuals with expertise in working with children
One issue that seems to bring a lot of confusion      and youth. These people also want as much student and
for these students is whether or not they will have   teacher input as possible in order to deliver practical
the same bus and bus stop next year. In the           recommendations by December of 2011.
majority of these cases there will be a different
                                                      Last week, the Department of Education launched an online
stop, route and time for their bus next year.         survey on cyber bullying.
Therefore we ask that you contact the
transportation department at 902-541-8252 or          The URL for the Task Force website is:
902-541-8253 to determine where their bus stop
will be next year.                                    The URL for the Task Force survey is:

                                                      Cyber bullying touches all of us in some way. Only together
                                                      can we tackle this issue, and find ways to reduce this form of
The Grade 3 Class won $250.00 in a                    harassment. Your help is greatly appreciated.
                                                      If you have any questions, or if you need assistance, please
contest this year and have decided                    don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.
to donate the money to the "Wind In
Our Sails" campaign. This puts                        Glenn Friel
them in the Doryman category and the                  Communications Officer Department of Education
                                                      902-424-5432, Cell: 902-456-7416
School, Grade and Year will                           E-mail:
appear on the donor Recognition Wall.

                                                      SCREEN-FREE SUMMER:
                 Ms. Chisholm would like to           With fine weather, we always strive to encourage
                 thank all students in grades         children to move away from computer or TV
      screens. On June 23, your son or daughter will
      be bringing home a package including many fun
      activities. We encourage you for at least one
      week to turn off those screens and enjoy family


Splashes at the Lunenburg Swimming Pool
Opening Week June 20 to 24
        Public Swim 2 to 4 pm
        Swim Team 4 to 5pm
Sat/Sun June 25 & 26
       Regular weekend schedule * begins June 27 Swim lessons/Regular daily schedule * begins
    *See Summer Recreation Guide
Call Courtney Tremere our Pool Manager, at 634-4499 if you have any questions. Hope to see you there!

                                       Paint Sea on Site
                                     Children’s Art Event

Two sessions on Saturday, July 23 from 9am until noon or 1 pm to 4pm. Budding artists,
aged 6 to 13, are invited to create paintings, which will be displayed at the Paint Sea on Site
Show on Saturday and Sunday.
The participants should register from 8:30 until 9 or 12:30 until 1pm at the Lunenburg
Community Centre.
At the start of the session, they will receive a 30 minute painting lesson, then the children head out
into the town to paint the scene of their choice. A parent or other adult must accompany the children at
this time. Two hours later, the young artists should bring their work back for hanging. These paintings
will not be for sale.

For only $10.00, each child will receive a basic painting kit, a Paint Sea on Site hat, a painting lesson,
and the fun of seeing their work on display in a big art show.
         A maximum of 25 children can be accepted for each session, so reserve a spot early.
                 To register, or for more information, call Susan Beavan at 766-0126.

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