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					keep rates lower than neighborhood gyms or conventional
fitness facilities, which is one of the many reasons that
more than half of Association residents are health club

The quality and variety of the equipment, the low cost
membership, and the convenience of not having to go far
to work-out are some of the reasons 720’s health club is
such a great amenity. Some investment owners have pur-
chased the health club membership for their units, thus
increasing the competitive rental of those investment units
by providing the health club membership to potential resi-
dents. The health club has also allowed residents to meet
their neighbors and work-out with friends, which pro-
motes the spirit of the community.

For 720 Gordon Terrace Condominium Association, the
health club is an amenity that has become a strong selling
point for the building and is a valued part of residents’
daily lives. A space that was underutilized was converted
to a space that is used everyday and contributes additional
revenue to the Association. If you have the available
space, a health club can be a great investment and rela-
tively inexpensive addition to the building, resulting in
satisfied residents and a healthy marketability for your
association! ▲

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         Maintenance Programs, Expert Troubleshooting & Repairs
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                      Alphabet Soup:
              CAI’s Professional Designations
                                                 by KRISTEN P. BURTON

        f you are drowning in com-                                                           associations. To become a
        munity association acronyms,                                                      CMCA, a candidate must
        here’s a guide to help you                                                      successfully complete a 16-hour
        sort through the jumble.                                                        course and pass the National
                                                                                        Certification Examination.
   Generally, a CAI designation indi-                                                   Managers Continuing must adhere
   cates that an individual has met                                                     to the CMCA standards of
   certain educational requirements                                                     Professional Conduct and obtain
   through CAI. It may also indicate                                                    continuing education credits to
   minimum years of experience.                                                         remain certified. Continuing
   This can be very helpful informa-                                                    education credits can be obtained
   tion in choosing a professional in                                                   by completing 16 hours of course-
   your Association.                                                                    work every two years; self-study
                                                                                        work and qualified teaching or
   You may already know that there                                                      writing may also satisfy this
   is no state regulation for association managers in Illinois.                         requirement.
   That is why it is important to know the background and
   education of your association manager. CAI                     AMS - Association Management Specialist
   Designations help to take the guesswork out of looking
   for qualified managers - the designations can be verified      Administered by the Community Associations Institute.
   immediately on CAI - National’s website (www.caion-            The AMS designation is the second tier of the pyramid of - look for the Professional Designations link).       professionalism for community association managers. It
                                                                  builds upon the CMCA’s fundamental knowledge with
   CAI offers designations to reserve study professionals and     requirements for added education and verified experience
   insurance professionals as well. Professionals who hold        in the field. To become an AMS designee, a candidate
   CAI designations show a commitment to the industry and         must earn and maintain the CMCA certification, success-
   ultimately, to the clients they serve. They have volun-        fully complete 16 hours of course work in CAI’s
   teered to educate themselves about their professions and       Professional Management Development Program and
   the community association industry.                            demonstrate two years of professional management expe-
                                                                  rience. An Association Management Specialist must
   Use this guide when looking for industry professionals in      maintain a professional level of membership in CAI, com-
   your organization, and “Buy CAI!”                              ply with the CAI Professional Code of Ethics and fulfill
                                                                  continuing education requirements by completing 24
   What Do They Mean?                                             hours of advanced-level courses every three years.

   COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION MANAGERS                                 PCAM - Professional Community Association Manager

   CMCA - Certified Manager of Community Associations             Administered by the Community Associations Institute.
                                                                  The Professional Community Association Manager desig-
   Administered by the National Board of Certification for        nation is the pinnacle of professional achievement for
   Community Association Managers (NBC-CAM). NBC-                 managers with advanced-level skills and experience.
   CAM has developed the only national certification pro-         About 1,000 managers nationwide have earned this top-
   gram to recognize those individuals who have demonstrat-       level distinction. A PCAM designee must earn and main-
   ed the fundamental knowledge to manage community               tain the CMCA certification, successfully complete the
                                                                  Professional Management Development Program and

have at least five years of professional management expe-
rience. After satisfying other participation and service      RESERVE STUDY PROFESSIONALS
requirements, the PCAM designee must successfully com-
plete a challenging case study analyzing a subject com-       RS - Reserve Specialist
munity association. A PCAM designee must comply with
the CAI Professional Code of Ethics and complete a com-       Administered by the Community Associations Institute.
bination of advanced-level continuing education and serv-     The prerequisites for the RS designation include the
ice requirements every three years.                           preparation of 50 reserve studies within the last three
                                                              years; a bachelor’s degree in construction management,
AAMC - Accredited Association Management Company              architecture or engineering (or equivalent experience and
                                                              education); and professional-level CAI Membership in
Administered by the Community Associations Institute.         good standing. RS designees must adhere to CAI’s
An Accredited Association Management Company has              Professional Reserve Specialist Code of Ethics.
met the highest standards for management companies set
by CAI. To earn the accreditation, companies must meet        INSURANCE PROFESSIONALS
financial management and reporting requirements for
client associations’ bank accounts, reserve funds, budgets    CIRMS - Community Insurance
and expenditures and maintain fidelity, liability and work-   & Risk Management Specialist
er’s compensation insurance. The company must have
three years of experience managing client community           Administered by the Community Associations Institute.
associations and at least 75 percent of the company’s         The CIRMS designation recognizes a demonstrated high
qualifying managers must hold a PCAM, AMS, CMCA or            level of competency within the risk management profes-
CPM credential. AAMC-accredited companies must                sion. CIRMS designees must have five years experience
commit to continuing education for all management staff       in the community association insurance field and be of
and CAI’s Professional Code of Ethics.                        satisfactory legal and ethical standing in the industry. ▲

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               2005 Board Member Checklist
         by KIM MERRIGAN, CMCA, AMS, PCAM - Vanguard Community Management

           he last quarter of 2004 brings                                                           dar will insure that your routine
           with it our usual time for                                                               repetitive business is handled on
           reflection and change. Most                                                              schedule and the Community
           people stop to reflect on their                                                          Association is running smoothly. If
   habits of the past and resolve to                                                                you have a computer, you probably
   move forward in the New Year with a                                                              have access to a calendar program.
   “new” positive approach, hence all                                                               Start by noting items that can be
   the New Year’s resolutions most of us                                                            incorporated for your Community
   tend not to keep. This is mainly due                                                             Association’s calendar. Be sure to
   to the fact that we did not organize                                                             include contract expiration dates,
   our thoughts and follow-through                                                                  automatic renewals, and termination
   with a plan of action. Easier said                                                               dates and details. Below is a sample
   than done, right?                                                                                list:

   A Community Association can                                                                      • Aerator installation/removal dates
   resolve to move forward in a more                                                                • Annual Fire Inspection date
   positive manner as well, simply by                                                               • Annual Meeting - mailing dates,
   making organization of the                routine items, especially when the                       open positions
   Community Association’s business,         Board of Directors and Property                        • Annual Report - filing date
   routine. The plan and follow-             Manager’s attention may be directed                    • Auditor Contract - (Tax Returns
   through are simple: create a calendar     toward large-scale seasonal projects.
   of events and review it every month.                                                               Review/Audit)
                                                                                                    • Awning installation/removal dates
                                             One of the best organizational tools
   Much of the business that is con-                                                                • Back flow prevention - testing date
                                             available to a Board of Directors or a
   ducted by a Community Association         Property Manager is a Calendar of                      • Balance sheets - year end,
   is repetitive; organization of this       Events. Initially it takes some time                     delivered to homeowners
   repetitive business is key to keeping     to set up, as some research will be                    • Banking - dates to check for
   track of all that is going on and         required, but once it’s completed, a                     investment opportunities as
   allows for follow-through of these        simple monthly check of the calen-                       CD’s expire
                                                                                                    • Bidding process dates for contracts
                                                                                                      that will expire in this term
                                                                                                    • Boiler flushing dates
                                                                                                    • Boiler inspection date
            We Supervise So You Don’t Have To                                                       • Budget process dates - meetings,
                                                                                                      mailings, review of reserve study.
                                                                                                    • Elevator - maintenance contract
                               PAINTERS USA
                               PAINTERS USA                INC.                                     • Elevator - inspection date
                                                                                                    • Employee Review dates
     15 POINT QUALITY                                                                               • Fire Extinguisher - re-tag date
     • Interior/Exterior Painting • Decorative Finishes                                             • Gutter cleaning contract date
     • Wall Covering • Floor Systems • Parking Garages                                              • Heat on-off dates
                                                                             Member of PDCA.
     1-800-999-8715                                         One of 30 companies Nation-wide
                                                  to earn and maintain Residential Certification.

                                                                    Putting accountability                     FIRST
• Hiring of seasonal employees                                             Putting integrity                   FIRST
• Insurance - renewal dates
                                                                  Putting customer service                     FIRST
• Irrigation System Start-up/
  Shut- down dates
                                                                   Putting communication                       FIRST
• Landscape contract dates                                        Putting your association                     FIRST
• Landscape walk through
• Laundry room - contract dates
• Pool - contract dates
• Pool License - renewal date
• Pool - open/close dates
• Pool - phone service turn-on/turn-off dates
• Risk Management - inspection dates
• Roof Inspection - dates
• Scavenger - contract dates
• Snow Removal - contract dates
• Tennis court nets -installation/removal dates                  FIRST PROPERTIES LLC
• Tax Returns - filed by 3/15/05                                  Condominium and Townhome Association Management

Once you have entered your dates on your calendar, you                       760 N. Ogden Ave., Chicago, IL 60622
                                                                            Phone 312.829.8900 • Fax 312.829.8950
now have a wonderful reference document that is invalu-                 
able in scheduling meetings, creating agendas, and man-             For information, contact Michael E. Rutkowski, Principal
aging the property. ▲                                              312.829.8900 ext. 11 or

                                      MOLD Remediation and Defense
                               State of the Art Delinquent Collection Services
                                       Construction Defect Resolution
                                     Consultation and Problem Solving
                                       Covenant Review and Revision
                                              Rule Enforcement

                            Representing Community Associations Since 1983

            750 Lake Cook Road, #350          134 N. LaSalle Street, #1600   1220 Iroquois Avenue, #100
            Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089     Chicago, Illinois 60602        Naperville, Illinois 60563
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            Fax: 847.537.0550                 Fax: 312.372.4646              Fax: 630.548.5568

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 Cash Management Services

                                    Excess cash sitting idle? Let Harris
                                    Bank cash management experts whisk
                                    those funds into your choice of our
                                    wide range of investment products.
                                    What about collections? Our dedicated
                                    lockbox specialists can help you
                                    process payments more efficiently.
                                    We'll show you how to reduce float
                                    and avoid payment delinquencies, too,
                                    with pre-authorized debit service.

    Proper ty Managers: let Harris make
    y o u r c o l l e c t e d f u n d s w o r k h a rd e r.
                                    Put our 50-plus years of association
                                    banking experience to work for you.
                                    We understand the special needs of
                                    homeowner associations, and we'll roll
                                    up our sleeves to get you what you
                                    need quickly. Just watch our dust!

                                    David R. Zimner

                                    LION POWER


            When Colorful Leaves Are Not
             Exactly Pretty:Tree Diseases
                       by JAYSON DeGEETER - Autumn Tree Care Experts, Inc.

     t is time to take a careful look     more resistant to the disease -
     at your trees.                       decline slowly, losing a few limbs
                                          each year.
     During the past month, the
leaves of many trees in the landscape     Both red and white oak species
have taken on bright hues and fallen      exhibit similar symptoms of this vas-
to the ground en masse. It is antici-     cular disease. As the name suggests,
pated that the trees affected will        the most notable symptom of oak
remain bare well into 2005. What’s        wilt is the “wilted” appearance
happening?                                adopted by leaves on infected
                                          branches: leaves seem water-soaked
Fortunately, this is autumn and your      and turn yellow or brown with a dis-
trees are merely moving into their        tinct line between dead and living
winter dormancy. There are times,         tissue. Defoliation soon follows. In
however, when a tree’s foliage falls      addition, red oak species form fungal
and the result is a moment of exas-       spore mats that protrude from
perated horror rather than breathtak-     beneath the bark and emit a ferment-
ing splendor. This is the moment          ing odor that attracts insects. While
when you realize that the prize speci-    white oak species do not develop
men at the front of your property is      fungal spore mats, white oak sap-
suffering from a tree disease.            wood does develop streaking beneath
                                          the bark as a result of the fungus.
There are countless diseases that are
capable of attacking trees in Illinois.   Regardless of the particular oak
Now, as leaves begin to fall (in that     species, the oak wilt fungus travels
breathtaking splendor sort of way)        from one tree to another via root
two diseases in particular - oak wilt     grafts between diseased and healthy
and Dutch elm disease - deserve           trees. Sap-feeding and bark-feeding
your close attention. The winter          beetles are also capable of spreading
months ahead provide the perfect          fungal spores among oak trees,
opportunity to initiate proactive         although this method is less com-
pruning programs that will help pre-      mon.
vent the spread of these notorious
diseases.                                 Dutch Elm Disease
So what do you need to know?              Dutch elm disease is considered to
Read on.                                  be one of the most devastating shade
                                          tree diseases ever. It is caused by the
Oak Wilt                                  fungus Ophiostoma ulmi; an aggres-
                                          sive, lethal fungus that attacks all
Oak wilt, caused by the fungus            species of native elm trees.
Ceratocystis fagacearum, is lethal to
all oak species. The rate of decline      Dutch elm disease attacks the tree’s
varies according to species: an           vascular system - therefore its symp-
infected red or pin oak will die          toms are very similar to oak wilt.
quickly (usually within 4-6 weeks),       The first noticeable symptom of
while white and bur oaks - which are      Dutch elm disease is when the leaves

                                                                                    COMMON INTEREST / WINTER 2005 / 37
   on one or more branches turn yellow, wilt, and fall from                 tree’s canopy is touching the canopy of another oak or elm
   the tree. As the infection progresses, the wood beneath                  tree, it is safe to assume that the trees share a few root
   the bark becomes discolored. The rate of decline varies                  grafts. Insects, on the other hand, are a bit more pre-
   based on a number of factors, such as the precise species                dictable.
   of elm, the time of infection, climactic conditions, and the
   tree’s vitality. An infected elm tree may decline and die                When trying to prevent an infestation of bark feeding bee-
   through the course of a single season or the process may                 tles, the key is to avoid making your tree an easy target.
   take two or more years.                                                  Many people do not realize that fresh pruning wounds are
                                                                            a welcome mat to bark-feeding beetles. Therefore, oak
   Unfortunately, most infected elm trees cannot be saved.                  and elm trees should only be pruned during the winter
   Like oak wilt, Dutch elm disease is spread by root grafts                months while bark-feeding beetles are inactive. If it is
   or insect vectors. Elm trees can often be found in urban                 essential to prune your oak or elm tree during the growing
   settings lining streets in grand alleés - this trend is one of           season, be certain to use a pruning paint specifically for-
   the elm tree’s fatal faults. Such plantings are laced with               mulated for use on trees.
   root grafts and serve as a feeding ground for generations
   of elm bark beetles - providing a veritable playground for               Symptoms... Spread... Got It.
   the Dutch elm disease fungus.
                                                                            Now What?
   Preventing Disease Transmission                                          There is a lot to know when it comes to oak wilt and
   Via Timely Pruning                                                       Dutch elm disease. Clearly - based on the mass of infor-
                                                                            mation outlined above - a vigilant, educated public is the
   As mentioned above, both of these diseases are easily                    best means of safeguarding our community’s trees.
   spread by root grafts and insect vectors. Root grafts -
   because they are underground - are a bit elusive. If your                You’ve already made a good start of educating yourself
                                                                            about these diseases by reading this article, but continue
                                                                            to study. The information above is merely an introduction
                                                                            to the nature of either disease. Countless volumes of
                                                                            information are available through the University of
                                                                            Illinois Extension Office, on the world wide web, or from
                                                                            your local arborist.

                                                                            Concerned community members should also take good
                                                                            care of existing oaks and elms. Consider a plant health
                                                                            care program that will ensure the vitality of your valued
                                                                            trees. Of course, you should also be on guard for the
                                                                            onset of symptoms of either disease. If you notice leaves
                                                                            wilting, discoloring, and falling from oak or elm trees
                       Building Restoration Contractor                      during late spring through the growing season, contact an
           Tel. (630) 365-1478 Fax (630) 365-1479                           arborist. In addition, there are a number of large-scale
                                                                            precautionary measures that can be taken to preserve val-
                          MASONRY RESTORATION                               ued oaks and elms. If you believe that your tree would
                                                                            benefit from such treatments, you are well advised to con-
                      • Masonry Repair • Parapet Rebuilding                 tact your arborist for assistance.
                • Flashing & Lintel Replacement • Chimney Repairs
                     • Masonry Coatings & Sealers • Caulking                Autumn is the ideal time to enjoy your community’s trees
                        • Chemical Cleaning • Tuckpointing                  in their full splendor. As your trees prepare to fall asleep
                          CONCRETE RESTORATION
                                                                            during the winter season - don’t fall asleep on your trees.
                                                                            Take the steps necessary to safeguard the health of your
        • Sidewalk & Curb Replacement • Parking Garage Repairs & Coatings   oak and elm trees now and help preserve their beauty for
             • Balcony Repairs & Coatings • Pressure Washing & Sealers      generations to come. ▲

                          E.I.F.S. & STUCCO REPAIR

               Serving Chicago & The Suburbs
                      Randy Hinton, Owner/Estimator

      CAI Rights &

CAI’s ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ document is a
series of 42 principles and practices designed to
help association-governed communities promote          REAL ESTATE PROPERTY MANAGERS FOR TOWNHOMES
                                                       REAL ESTATE PROPERTY MANAGERS FOR TOWNHOMES
harmony, enhance communication and reduce the        & CONDOS, FOUNDED ON 25 YEARS OF PERSONAL SERVICE,
                                                     & CONDOS, FOUNDED ON 25 YEARS OF PERSONAL SERVICE,
potential for conflict.                                       GROWTH, COMMITMENT & TEAMWORK
                                                              GROWTH, COMMITMENT & TEAMWORK

To date, these Illinois Chapter Members have
adopted a resolution endorsing ‘Rights and
Responsibilities’ in their Associations. We extend
our thanks and congratulations to these
Associations for being true leaders in building
better communities.

• 65th at University Condominiums -
        Chicago, IL
• 680 Tower Association - Chicago, IL
• Deerpass Village Unit 1 HOA - Marengo, IL
• Dover at Carillon HOA - Plainfield, IL
• Georgetown West Improvement Association -
       Wood Dale, IL
• Gross Point Towers - Skokie, IL
• Lakes of the Four Seasons POA -
       Crown Point, IN
• Lakeside Condominium “A” Assn. -
       Mount Prospect, IL
• Market Square Townhome Association
• North Shore Condo Association
• Optima Center Wilmette - Wilmette, IL
• University Center Condo Association

If you are interested in adopting Rights and
Responsibilities in your association, contact CAI
for more information at (630) 307-0659 or

                                                                        COMMON INTEREST / WINTER 2005 / 39
                      Top 10 New Words For
                     Community Associations
       10. Condo-kazi: A Condo Board member who attacks everyone.
        9. Comoodity: An Association that is temperamental.
        8. Associopath: A unit owner who is obsessed with creating headaches.
        7. Prolixitor: A Board member who goes on and on and on....
        6. Oricondi: The art of burying management in paperwork.
        5. KGBing: The act of squelching dissenters in the crowd.
        4. Condo-maid: One who is employed to attend to children, oops,
           unit owners.
        3. Condolusion: The unrealistic expectations of first-time condo owners.
        2. Rhinoscopy: When you have to dominate the copier to make your
           board packets, you tell your office mates that you’ve got a “Rhinoscopy.”

       And the number one New Word for Community Associations:

        1. Toiletment: All of your hard work that gets thrown in the crapper.

         You Never Know Which Tool You’re Going to Need...
                                      Legum & Norman Mid-West
                                                       Comprehensive Real Estate Services

       Now Open                                                                 L&N provides top quality real estate services and has done so
                                                                                  for more than fifty years. Through our experiences and by
       for Business                                                                         maintaining a highly skilled and knowledgeable
                                                                                                         staff, we have developed a depth of
        in Chicago!                                                                                          resources that is second to none.
                                                                                                              For more information regarding
       Let us put our tools to work for you.                                                                     one or more of our available

                                                                                                                      services, please contact:
       • Real Estate Management

                                                                                                               Jessica Arthur (630) 858-2687

                                                                                                                     Lou Lutz (312) 497-3894


            Homeowners Associations

            Multi-Family Rentals

       • Community Consulting

            Developing Communities
            Resource Materials and Training Programs
            Operational Assessments                                                                                       Chicago Suburban:
                                                                                                                      800 Roosevelt Road, E-402
       • Financial and Custom Management Programs                                                                        Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
                                                                                                                 (630) 858-2687 • Fax: (630) 858-7418
                                                                                                                         Chicago Downtown:
                                                                                                                  900 W. Jackson Boulevard, Suite 3E
                                                                                                                          Chicago, IL 60607
                                                                                                                 (312) 850-4070 • Fax: (312) 850-4074

 13th ANNUAL
          COMMON INTEREST / WINTER 2005 / 41
                        S&D ROOFING SERVICE
                          Over 40,000 Roofs Installed Since 1963

                                            Specialized in Roofing Services & Projects for:
      Specializing in
                                 • Tear-offs • Shingles • Soffit & Fascia • Flat Roofs • Gutters - Siding • Repairs
        Our Experience
                                                      OWENS CORNING
          & Technical                               Preferred Roofing Contractor
      Right the First Time!
                                       A State of Illinois Unlimited Roofing Contractor

      Call Fo
                  630-279-6600 •


       Your RESERVE STUDY is only as good
                                                                        FOSCO, VANDERVENNET
                                                                           & FULLETT, P.C.
       as the information entered into the program.                      350 West Kensington Road, Suite 120
       Our job as Professional Engineers is to                                 Mount Prospect, IL 60056
                                                                   Telephone: 847/259-5100 Facsimile: 847/259-5511
       combine real world experience in your                                    WEBSITE:
       area with solid judgement and genuine
       alternatives to minimize your costs and                       EXPERIENCED, PRACTICAL ADVICE TO
       maximize the life of your buildings                             CONDOMINIUM, TOWNHOME AND
       and systems.                                                      HOMEOWNER ASSOCIATIONS

       Criterium-Collins Architects & Engineers’                         ASSESSMENT COLLECTION
       RESERVE STUDIES provide trusted                                BOARD AND OWNERS MEETINGS
       engineering opinion.                                     ANNUAL MEETING AND ELECTION PROCEDURES
                                                                         DOCUMENT AMENDMENTS
       Locally based - Available for follow-up                    RULES DEVELOPMENT AND ENFORCEMENT
                                                                            CONTRACT REVIEW
       consultation as well as customized
       evaluations of individual components.                      Paul Fosco                     Scott A. Rosenlund
                                                                  Charles T. VanderVennet        Mark A. Gussin
       Contact us at:                                             Stuart A. Fullett              James E. Rosenberg
       708/848-0832                                                                           Additional Offices
       Visit us at:                                               Of Counsel                  Chicago and Homewood                                   D. James Bader              By Appointment

                               Tailored solutions for your condominium banking needs.

      PLEASE   VISIT OR CALL            920 South Waukegan Road, Lake Forest, Illinois                    PLEASE   VISIT OR CALL
     MARTIN I. KLAUBER                               [847] 615-3030                                       LORI HERNANDEZ
        [847] 482-8118                   W W W . P R I VAT E B A N K A N D T R U S T . C O M                [847] 482-8117

                                                                  COMMON INTEREST / WINTER 2005 / 43
             Thank You to Our 2004 Holiday Party
             Sponsors for Their Generous Support!
                               B. T. LAKESIDE ROOFING
                         EMCOR SERVICES / HAYES MECHANICAL
                             LANDSCAPE CONCEPTS, INC.
                                  POOL WATCH, INC.
                               WINDY CITY EXTERIORS

                and a special thank you to the SOCIAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS

              Cathy Blake, CMCA, AMS, PCAM • Roni Dziedzic • Jennifer Eilert
                     Diana Larson, AMS, PCAM • Mindy Maggio, CMCA
              Kim Merrigan, CMCA, AMS, PCAM • Mike Rogan • Cate Sullivan

                                                   ARCHITECTURAL AND ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS


                                                          Reserve Analysis Studies
       CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS                       Property Evaluations
                                                          Maintenance Procedure Review
           Contact: Michael C. Majewski                   Construction Management Services
     619 Enterprise Drive • Oak Brook, IL 60523           Mold & Environmental Inspections 630-954-1400
                       Our goal is to preserve your property values,
                                                  reduce operating costs, and to minimize the
                                                  chance of unexpected special assessments.
                                                  Unlike some reserve
              • Audits                            study advisors, we are
                                                  also capable of preparing
              • Income Tax Planning               plans and specifications
                                                  and can manage
                                                  construction for
              • Reviews                           necessary repairs.

              • Reserve Studies                   Frank Comber
                                                  Business Development                          LM CONSULTANTS, INC.
              • Litigation Services               Manager                                       Tel: (847) 573-1717
              • Compilations                       Corporate Office: 750 E. Bunker Court, Suite 100, Vernon Hills, IL 60061-1835

                                                    Atlanta ▼ Chicago ▼ Denver ▼ Los Angeles ▼ New Jersey

                                                         CAI 23rd Annual Conference and Trade Show
                                                                “A Winning Community”
                    A good                                         January 8, 2005
                   roofer is                               Wyndham Itasca, 400 Park Blvd., Itasca, IL

                   no longer                                      If you’re looking for education, networking,

                      hard                                   and association news, you’ll get it ALL under one roof
                                                                at the CAI-Illinois Conference and Trade Show!

                     to find                                      Trade Show session topics include:
                                                                  • Budgets & Reserves
                                                                  • Arbitration
                                                                  • Capital Improvements
                                                                  • Controlling Unit Owner Improvements
       Skilled hands for             Sharp eyes for a             • Self Management vs. Professional Management
       quality crafts-               thorough visual              • Responsibilities of Ownership
       manship                            inspection              • Three Additional Manager Sessions

                                                                  The largest Trade Show in the state of Illinois
                                                                  for the community association industry features:
                                             ADAMS                • 100 exhibitors in two exhibit halls!
                                         badge for a              • Full catered lunch!
                                                                  • Access to all education sessions!
                                         roofing pro              • Legal Update you can’t miss!
                                                                  • FREE Trade Show Book to keep for reference!
                                                                  • FREE Parking!
                                                                  • FREE Give-aways and raffle prizes!
                                           watch for           Join us on January 8, 2005 at the Wyndham Itasca
                                            on-time            from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. For more information,
                                                              visit our Virtual Trade show at!
                                                                        Yes! I’d like to register for the
                                                                   CAI-Illinois Conference and Trade Show!

                                                               Cost: $55 for CAI Members / $75 for Non-members
                                                                        Early bird discounts are available!
                                                        Name: _____________________________________________
                                                        Assn. / Co: __________________________________________
       Strong                                           Address: ____________________________________________
       back for                                         City: __________________________ State: _____ Zip: _____
       uplifting                                        Ph: _____________________ Fax: ______________________
       results                                          Email: _____________________________________________
                                                        Check enclosed in the amount of $ _______________________
                                                        Pay with Visa, MasterCard or American Express!
                                                        Card #: ___________________________________ Exp: _____
             ROOFING PROFESSIONALS                      Billing Address + Zip Code:
                   “Expect the Best.”
          708 S. Vermont, Palatine, IL 60067
                   (847) 359-1400                       (CCV # is the 3-digit number on the back of your Visa or MC in the signature
                                                        box and the 4-digit number on the front of your American Express.)
                                                                         All cancellations must be received in writing
                                                                       1 week prior to the program to receive a refund.
                    DICKLER, KAHN,
               SLOWIKOWSKI & ZAVELL, LTD.
                       ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS

Marshall N. Dickler
James A. Slowikowski
Sandra T. Kahn
Howard M. Zavell

A general practice Law Firm concentrating in
Homeowners Association Law including:

◆ Covenants - explanation and

◆ Covenant and By-Law Amendments

◆ Rules Preparation

◆ Assessment Collection

◆ Covenant and Rules Enforcement

◆ Developer Turnover, Disputes
     and Suits

◆ Condominium Property Act -
     explanation and application               Dickler, Kahn, Slowikowski & Zavell, Ltd. has
                                               years of experience in numerous areas of
◆ Contract Preparation and                     Association Law, some of which are listed.
                                               This experience and knowledge adds insight
◆ Owner or Contractor Suits                    to your condominium or homeowner
                                               association issues and to all your legal needs.
◆ Real Estate Tax Reduction for all
      units and properties                     — WE WELCOME YOUR CALL —
◆ Unit Owner Bankruptcy and
      Mortgage Foreclosure                     85 West Algonquin Road, Suite 420
                                               Arlington Heights, IL 60005
◆ Real Estate Sales and Closings
                                               Phone:    (847) 593-5595
◆ Labor and Union Issues in
     Associations                              Fax:      (847) 593-5632
◆ Lien Preparation and Foreclosure             E-mail:

                                                                     COMMON INTEREST / WINTER 2005 / 47

        ILLINOIS LEGISLATIVE                   SOCIAL                       HOMEOWNER’S
         ACTION COMMITTEE                    COMMITTEE                    FORUM COMMITTEE
       Committee Chair:               Committee Chair:                 Committee Chair:
       • Mark D. Pearlstein -         • Jennifer Eilert - CISA         • John Saletta - Allstate Insurance
         Levenfeld Pearlstein                                            - Kathy Valek Agency
                                       • Cathy Blake, AMS, PCAM -
       • Mike Baum, PCAM, CPM -          Vanguard Community            • Chuck Bassi - Adams Roofing
         Baum Property Management        Management                    • Mike Baum, PCAM - Baum
       • Boyd Briscoe - Naperville     • Roni Dziedzic - Autumn Tree     Property Management, AAMC
         Area Homeowner’s Association    Care Experts                  • Al Bayer - Rob Roy Country
       • William DeMille, PCAM -       • Diana Larson, AMS, PCAM -       Club Village
         Chicagoland Management          Vanguard Community            • Boyd Briscoe - Naperville Area
         & Realty                        Management                      Homeowners Confederation
       • Jennifer Eilert - CISA        • Mindy Maggio, CMCA -          • William DeMille, PCAM -
       • Louis Lutz, CMCA, AMS,          Coromandel Community            Chicagoland Management
         PCAM - Legum & Norman           Association                     & Realty, Inc.
       • Mindy Maggio, CMCA -          • Kim Merrigan, CMCA,           • Sherm Fields - Acres Group
         Coromandel Community           AMS, PCAM -                    • Steven Heuberger, CMCA -
         Association                     Vanguard Community              Villa Management
       • Carol Metzen, CMCA, AMS - Management                          • Chuck McCrimmon - Dakota
         American Property             • Mike Rogan - Great              Evans Restoration, Inc.
         Management                      Impressions, Inc.             • Chris Nyborg - Nyborg & Co.
       • David Paisley, CMCA, AMS, • Cate Sullivan - CISA              • James Schwantz - Acres Group
         PCAM - Foster / Premier, Inc.                                 • Jordan Shifrin - Kovitz Shifrin
       • Barbara D. Wick, CIRMS -                                        Nesbit
         CARMIC, LLC                                                   • Andrea Sorgani - ALMA
                                                                         Property Management
                                                                       • Kathy Valek - Allstate Insurance
                                                                         - Kathy Valek Agency
                                                                       • Chuck VanderVennet - Fosco,
                                                                         VanderVennet & Fullett, P.C.
                                                                       • Keith Weber - B.T. Lakeside
                                                                         Roofing, Inc.
                                                                       • Barbara D. Wick, CIRMS -
                                                                         CARMIC, LLC

          Community Association
               ★   Communication
               ★   Team Involvement
               ★   Maintenance
               ★   Financial Reporting
               ★   Asset Management

  5999 New Wilke Road, Suite 108
    Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

    Naperville Office:

                                         COMMON INTEREST / WINTER 2005 / 49
        How do you increase                                          CAI-ILLINOIS 2005
        your property values                                        CALENDAR OF EVENTS
        while saving money?                                         ■ January 8, 2005
                                                                      CAI-Illinois Annual Conference and Trade
              CODER TAYLOR ASSOCIATES, INC.                              Show: A Winning Community!
       • Helps you prepare for future maintenance expenses            Time: 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
          by preparing a reserve study that lets you know when        Location: Wyndham Itasca
          repairs will be needed.
       • Saves you money by designing proper specifications.
                                                                      Cost: $55 CAI members, $75 Non-members
          Through research and engineering, we assist you in          (Exhibit Hall free all day!)
          hiring qualified contractors and ensuring that their
          performance is up to the association’s expectations.      ■ February 19, 2005
       • Helps you take a proactive approach in protecting            The ABC’s of Community Associations
          the value of your property from your pavement to            Time: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
          your roof tops.
                                                                      Cost: $45 CAI members, $65 Non-members

                                                                    ■ March 3 -5, 2005
                                                                      M-100: The Essentials of Community
                                                                      Association Management
                 LICENSED ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS                      Time: 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. (Thurs. & Fri.)
             337 W. Main Street, Barrington, Illinois 60010           8:30 a.m. - noon (Sat.)
            Telephone: 847-382-4100 • Fax: 847-382-4104               Cost: For more information, please call
     Email: • Web:          CAI-National at (888) CAI-4321

                                                                    ■ March 29, 2005
                                                                      Dealing with Disaster
                                                                      Time: 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
                                                                      Cost: $35 CAI members, $45 Non-members
     MOSS AND BLOOMBERG, LTD.                                       ■ March 31 - April 1, 2005
          Attorneys and Counselors at Law                             M-204: Community Governance
                                                                      Time: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Both days)
                                                                      Cost: For more information, please call
      Specialized Delinquent Assessment Collections System            CAI-National at (888) CAI-4321

             Covenant & Rule Enforcement-Drafting                   ■ April 21, 2005
                                                                      Capital Improvements
               Construction & Developer Litigation                    Time: 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
                                                                      Cost: $35 CAI members, $45 Non-members
        Advising & Consultation with Association Boards
                                                                    Please refer to the CAI - Illinois website for
                                                                    updates to this calendar:

     305 W. Briarcliff Road     Telephone: (630) 759-0800           CAI - Illinois
     P.O. Box 1158              Fax: (630) 759-8504                    480 W. Lake St., Suite 1B, Roselle, IL 60172
     Bolingbrook, IL 60440-0858 E-Mail:
                                                                       Phone: (630) 307-0659
                                                                       Fax: (630) 307-3641
                 Founding Member of CAI of Illinois,
                       over 30 years experience                     Ask about our EARLYBIRD DISCOUNTS
                 representing community associations.               for advance registration!

                                         INDUSTRY NEWS
                CSR Roofing Contractors, Inc. Receives
      “Consumer Protection” and “Installation” Excellence Awards

                                                                                                WAYNE, NJ, O9/04 —

                                                                                                GAF Materials Corporation,
                                                                                                North America’s largest roofing
                                                                                                manufacturer, is pleased to announce
                                                                                                that CSR Roofing Contractors, Inc.
                                                                                                of Oak Park, IL, has received two
                                                                                                prestigious GAF Excellence Awards
                                                                                                in a national industry represented
                                                                                                by tens of thousands of roofing

                                                                                                The “GAF Consumer Protection
                                                                                                Excellence Award” recognizes
                                                                                                CSR Roofing Contractors, Inc.’s
                                                                                                dedication to helping consumers
              Summit Management Specialists, Inc.                                               better understand their roofing
                                                                                                options, and helping the consumer
                         Customized, Full-Service Property Management
                                                                                                make educated roofing decisions.
            Serving the North and Northwestern Suburbs with over 28 Yrs. Experience
                     •   Board Certified Managers                                               Only 31 roofing companies nation-
                     •   CPA/MBA on staff                                                       wide qualified for this sought-
                     •   Accounting services for self-managed associations                      after Award!
                     •   Customer Service that is second to none!

                         Let our professionals help guide your Board
                                                                                                The “GAF Installation Excellence
                                                                                                Award” recognizes CSR Roofing
                                               977 Lakeview Pkwy. Suite 180                     Contractors, Inc.’s dedication to the
                                                  Vernon Hills, IL 60061                        highest level of quality installations
                                              847.918.0000 Fax 847.918.0002
                                                                                                with no property owner incidents or
                                                                                                complaints. On this particular
                                                                                                award, only 30 roofing companies
                                                                   Trusted Name Since 1984      qualified on a national basis! ▲
                                                                   Licensed, Bonded & Insured

                                                                   Fax: 773-935-6557

           New Porches Built or                                    1111 W. WEBSTER AVE.
          Code Compliant Repairs                                   CHICAGO, IL 60614
                                                                   LINCOLN PARK

        to the
  CAI Award Winners!
The Illinois Chapter of CAI is proud to honor
 our volunteers for their outstanding work:

 CAI-Illinois Olympus Award Winners
          for November 2004:

 The Olympus Award honors those Chapter
 members that have had a profound influence
    on the development of the Chapter.

      Allan Goldberg - Arnstein & Lehr

         Kathy Sicher - Harris Bank

    Keith Weber - B. T. Lakeside Roofing

     Rising Star Awards for 2004:

The Rising Star is awarded to newer committee
 members who have proven to be an asset to
   CAI-Illinois through their volunteerism.

    Stacey Adams - Community Advantage
         of Barrington Bank & Trust

 Theresa Brick, PCAM - Property Specialists
                 of DuPage

             Joel Davis - CISA

      Mike Dobson - Director’s Choice

          Ellen Henderson - CISA

   Diana Larson, AMS, PCAM - Vanguard
         Community Management

    Kim Merrigan, CMCA, AMS, PCAM -
    Vanguard Community Management

      Mike Rogan - Great Impressions

    Shannon Schwarzwalder - Knuckles
              and Associates

                                                COMMON INTEREST / WINTER 2005 / 53
           MAGAZINE:                                     COMING IN THE
                                                       SPRING 2005 ISSUE
              Your source for
              information on                                  of
         Community Associations,                       COMMON INTEREST
           Condos, Townhomes,
             Co-ops and HOAs                               Magazine:
                                                              OUR THEME IS

                                                       • Elevators - How do you
                                                         know they’re being properly
                                                       • Shut-up and chill-out -
                                                         The contractors will get
       ■ Reach over 3,500 people in your
         target market every quarter by                  there when they get there
         advertising in Common Interest
         magazine, the award-winning                   • Pools - Insurance and
         publication of the Illinois Chapter.
       ■ Reach over 75 Management
         Companies and Board Members                   • Getting specs and bids for
         representing more than 125,000
         homeowners in the Chicagoland area.             that big contract
       ■ A complete copy of each magazine
         is also available on the CAI-Illinois         • Plus all our regular
         website (                 department features
                   For more information, contact
            Pat Cannon of William John Associates
            8110 W. Evergreen Road, Mequon, WI 53097
                   Phone: 1-800-483-1614
                     Fax: 1-262-238-8662

                                              FROM THE PUBLISHERS

                  COMMON INTEREST RADIO!!!
                              by AL STREKOW - Alan J. Strekow & Assoc., Inc.

           or many years, you and thou-
           sands of other readers have
           turned to our very own
           Common Interest Magazine
   for the latest news about the condo-
   minium industry. As you know, this
   magazine has been providing you
   with the information necessary to
   help with everyday or once in a
   lifetime buying decisions.
                                                                                     Common Interest Radio
   As of April 1, 2005, Common Interest                                              will bring you:
   Magazine also becomes Common
   Interest Radio! At that time, you                                                 ■ Markets that need to buy what
   will be able to obtain the same                                                     you’re selling
   quality information you’ve been
   accustomed to in the magazine by                                                  ■ Qualified buyers who pay close
   turning to its counterpart on radio.                                                attention to your message
   What’s more, your clients, who
   may or may not be members of the         average household income of $89,000      ■ Maximum impact for your
   CAI-Illinois Chapter, will also have     and up. These people are active            investment
   access to this information.              buyers, not just shoppers.
                                                                                     Advertisements for 13 or 26 week
   Common Interest Radio will be            You know you will be able to trust       periods can be reserved by contacting
   interactive radio — an active            Common Interest Radio because it’s       Pat Cannon of William John
   discussion of HOA contemporary           brought to you by the Illinois Chapter   Associates at 800-483-1614.
   issues and ideas. Broadcast on           of the Community Associations            Production time will be offered FREE
   WBIG/AM 1280, a local news and           Institute, a nation-wide organization.   to those advertisers who reserve their
   information leader since 1939, this      The association’s name recognition,      commercials by March 1, 2005.
   program will reach out to listeners in   reputation and long-standing relation-
   Cook, DuPage Kane, Kendall and           ship with community living will          With Common Interest Radio, you
   Will counties. As a part of the          lend authority and dependability to      will be able to reach your prime
   industry, this program is a perfect      your commercial announcements.           audience — reliably, affordably and
   match for you and the audience           The result will be credibility, which    with the credibility that can turn a
   you want to reach as well — affluent     is vital to the effectiveness of your    potential buyer’s “maybe”
   30-54 year old listeners with an         advertisements.                          into a “yes.” ▲


            ACCOUNTANTS                                            JANITORIAL SERVICES                                              MAINTENANCE
              Conmy & Co., P.C.                                           Cleaning Fanatics, Inc.                      Emcor Services/Hayes Mechanical Inc.
                                                                  Specialized services for condominium properties,      Dependability Since 1918 • 24-hour Emergency Service
               29 S. LaSalle St.                                                and office complexes.                                Preventive Maintenance Agreements
            Chicago, IL 60603-1507                                 Janitorial • Maintenance • Supply Distribution    Sheet Metal - Piping - Controls • Mechanical - Electrical - Plumbing
               Brian D. Conmy                                             Carpet Cleaning • Power Washing              Heating - Air Conditioning • Boilers - Burners - Rental Boilers
             Phone: 312-332-1136                                         Toll Free: 888-686-6711                                   2160 North Ashland Avenue, Chicago
              Fax: 312-855-1930                                            Fax: 888-823-6558                                     Phone: 773-342-0000

            ACCOUNTANTS                                                         LIGHTING                                                  PAINTING
                    Condo CPA                                                                                                AAA Painting Contractors
                                                                      E. Sam Jones Distributor, Inc.
A Division of Schneider, Cupuro & Associates Ltd.
                                                                             2424 S. Wabash                                      30W640 North Ave..
      5440 N. Cumberland Ave., #138                                                                                             West Chicago, IL60185
            Chicago, IL 60656                                               Chicago, IL 60624
                                                                           Phone: 312-225-9444                           Phone: 630-231-8350 or 847-670-1300
              Brad Schneider                                                                                                      Fax: 630-293-9580
          Phone: 773-355-5600                                               Fax: 312-225-9445
       Web: www.Condo                                                                                               E-mail:

                   CARPETS                                                   MAILBOXES                                                    PAINTING
       Carpets by Kornick Ltd.                                              The MailboxWorks
  220 W. Kinzie St., Chicago, IL 60610                                   773.528.3111 630.355.9989                                Artist Touch, Inc.
         Phone: 312-467-9500                                   Large Variety of Commercial & Residential Mailboxes              32W081 Anderson Dr.
          Fax: 312-467-9300                                                     Installation Available                           Naperville, IL 60563
                                                                              Intercoms & Tele-Entry                   Phone: 630-978-2422 Fax: 630-978-4513
    Your Professional Resource for                                                Address Plaques
  Commercial and Residential Carpet                                                 Since 1989
   Free parking available at MartParc                                                                                      Web:

             D. J. Electric
           John T. Dabrowski
              P.O. Box 91
        Bloomingdale, IL 60108
 Phone: 630-351-0130 Or: 847-259-0128
           Fax: 630-351-0713

                                                                       EXPERIENCE                         PERFORMANCE                       LEADERSHIP

       EROSION CONTROL                                            • VINYL *ALUMINUM SIDING                            CUSTOM WOOD CAPPING
                  Riverwalls Ltd.
 Shoreline Stabilization, Creek Crossings, Stream & Spillway      • SOFFIT & FASCIA & GUTTERS                         BALCONY RESTORATION
            Re-construction, Waterfalls/Fountains
                 Darryl Scott Burkett - C.E.O.
             P. O. Box 562, Barrington, IL 60011                  • REPLACEMENT WINDOWS
  Office: 847-382-9696 • Fax: 847-516-0116
   A Division of STL Corporation • Reliability Since 1968

                                                                                                        FAX 630 289-7876
                                                                                                        EMAIL ACCURATEX@SBCGLOBAL.NET

                                                                                                                           COMMON INTEREST / WINTER 2005 / 57

                  PAINTING                                   PROPERTY MANAGEMENT                                     PROPERTY MANAGEMENT
               CertaPro Painters®                                                                                        Conway Management Services
                                                                            Baum Property                             Experienced “Hands-On” Management
     Painting across North America since 1992
            Serving all Chicago Suburbs                                  Services, Ltd., AAMC                                  Janice Conway, CPM
        HOA’s, Condo’s, Property Managers                              Michael Baum, CPM, PCAM                             645 N. Michigan Ave.., #800
     Kane & Northern DuPage: (630) 768-7057                             Phone: 630-897-0500 x25                                 Chicago, IL 60611
     Will & Southern DuPage: (630) 742-5119                                                                          Phone: 312-943-6940 Fax: 312-943-7811

                  PAINTING                                   PROPERTY MANAGEMENT                                     PROPERTY MANAGEMENT
               Painters USA, Inc.                                  Briarcliffe Property Services, Inc.                         First Properties, LLC
         1275 W. Roosevelt Road, #105                                   Serving DuPage County                                Managing ONLY Condominium
             West Chicago, IL 60185                                       1107 Wigtown Court                                  and Homeowner Associations
                                                                           Wheaton, IL 60187                                 Michael E. Rutkowski, Principal
             Phone: 1-800-999-8715                                                                                        760 N. Ogden Ave., Chicago, IL 60622
       E-mail:                                  Phone: 630-690-5800
                                                                           Fax: 630-690-5807                          Phone: 312-829-8900 • Fax: 312-829-8950

     It’s what’s on the outside that really counts.                                                                  PROPERTY MANAGEMENT
                                                                                                                         Heil, Heil, Smart & Golee, Inc.
                                                                                                                        Serving Chicago and its suburbs since 1885
                                    Since 1975 All-American Exterior Solutions   We only use the top brands in:         Experienced Leadership, Today’s Technology
                                    has been enhancing homes throughout          • Roofing                                          Allan J. Schroeder,
                                    your neighborhood with the highest           • Siding                                    Director of Property Management
                                    quality exterior products, professionally    • Gutters/Downspouts                     1515 Chicago Ave., Evanston, IL 60201
                                    installed. It’s the reason we have              • Replacement Windows                      Phone: 847-866-7400
                                    so many satisfied customers who                     • Doors
                                    all agree that a beautiful                             • Insulation and more!
                                    home starts with superior                                  Call for a free
                                    exterior finishes.                                             estimate today!
           For all your home’s
                                                                                                                             S&D Roofing Service
             exterior needs.
                                                847-438-4131 •                                           40,000 Roofs Installed Since 1963
                                                                                                                        Tear Offs • Shingles • Flat Roofs
                                                                                                                      Our experience & technical know-how
                                                                                                                      gets the job done right the first time!
                                                                                                                              Phone: 630-279-6600

BEFORE                                         AFTER

BEFORE                                         AFTER

 Genesis is in the "after" business
  Roofing... Siding... Windows... Walls...    live like new. Whatever the project
  Interior... Exterior... Planned or          requires, the pros at Genesis will
  “Surprise” Events.                          handle all the details.
  When you need construction experts
  for your properties, Genesis is there
                                              EMERGENCY SERVICE
  24 hours a day.
                                              OR SCHEDULED RENOVATION
                                              Fire... wind... water... hail damage
                                                      restoration and insurance
  EXTERIOR AND INTERIOR                               work. Upgrade... renovate...
  From planned rehab to recon-
                                                      modernize... structural or code
  struction, our Certified Restorers
                                                      updates, call on Genesis to get
  and experienced crews make
                                                      it done right the first time.
  your properties look and

    Construction and
    Insurance Restoration          522 Pratt Avenue N       Phone: 847/895-4422
    for Multi-Unit Properties      Schaumburg IL 60193      Fax: 847/895-0202

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