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Receivership Law & Practice
   January 16-17, 2009

                                     Days of
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      Presented by California Receivers Forum at Loyola Law School
                                                                      Loyola ΙΙΙ :
                                                                      Receivership Law &
                                                                      Practice Symposium
                                                                      Loyola III–        a comprehensive two-
                                                                      day symposium on receivership law and
                                                                      practice -- will be held Friday and
                                                                      Saturday, January 16th and 17th, 2009 at
                                                                      program host Loyola Law School’s campus
                                                                      near downtown Los Angeles.

The Receivership Law & Practice Symposium, presented by the California Receivers Forum and Loyola Law
School, is co-chaired by Bob Mosier and Kirk Rense. The symposium’s executive team includes Ted Phelps,
Craig Collins, Kevin Singer and JBS & Associates.

Twenty-one select panels comprised of two-to-four receivership professionals – judges, receivers, attorneys,
accountants, adjusters and property managers -- will discuss virtually every aspect of receivership law and
practice over the two-day period.

The first day will consist of ten sessions focused on the theory, law and technical requirements governing and
shaping receiverships. Saturday’s sessions feature two groupings: nine panels dealing with the practical
hands-on experience with seven types of receiverships and two panels discussing alternatives to

Some 50 panelists will be drawn from California's top receivership professionals -- lawyers, judges,
accountants and administrators. All of California’s Receivership Forum chapters will be represented by
panelists from San Francisco, Sacramento, Fresno/Bakersfield, San Diego and Los Angeles/Orange County.

This is an opportunity for experienced receivers and receivership professionals to broaden their expertise and
practice, and – most importantly -- for novices to learn the ropes of this emerging and expanding area of the
law. An estimated 14 hours of MCLE credit will be provided to counsel, and up to 12 hours of MCLE and CPE
credit will be available for accountants (exact hours are yet to be approved).

Space is limited to the first 150 to sign up, so act quickly. The seminar cost for two days of programs plus two
sponsored breakfasts and two sponsored luncheons plus a hosted Friday evening cocktail reception is $849
per participant. See the registration form for details on potential discounts for past participants and California
Receivers Forum members.

This program traditionally sells out in advance. Register early to reserve your place. The maximum allowable
attendance is dictated by the stadium style seating in the law school classrooms, and cannot be expanded.
Don’t miss this opportunity – the symposium is presented only once every four years, so the next will be in

Additional symposium information is available on www.receivers.org. or may be obtained by calling Toni
Spangler at 949-497-3673 x 200 or corresponding with her at TSpangler@JBSAssociates.ws.

This symposium is also a unique opportunity for sponsors and vendors to reach the California receivership
community. Sponsorship information is available from Kevin Singer at 310-552-9064 or

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CRF Loyola ΙΙΙ
Receivership Law and Procedure

Panel Schedule
     Albert H. Girardi Advocacy Center, Loyola Law School
     Friday, January 16, 2009
     Time    Panel
     7:00    Breakfast
             Welcome, Introductions, Overview, Agenda
             Legal Authority for Appointment of a Receiver
             Overview/Types of Receiverships & Appointment of Receiver
             Procedural Aspects (Bond, Oath, Taking Charge, Tax ID, Bank Accounts, etc.)

     10:15   Coffee Break
             Funding the Estate (Receivers Certificates, Priming Loans, Advances from 3rd Parties)
             Locating Assets (Finding the Hidden Gold)

     12:00   Lunch: Keynote Speaker Regulatory Panel (FTC/SEC/IRS)
             Sale of Assets (Court Authority, Confirmation Sales, Overbids, As Is, etc.)
             Claims Procedures and Distributions (Paying the Creditors in Priority)

     3:00    Coffee Break
             Receivers’ Rights and Risks, Compensation of Receiver and Professionals
             Accounting and Taxes Common Tax Mistakes
             Final Reports and Accounts (Closing the Estate and Post-Receivership Issues)

     5:00    Cocktail Reception

     Saturday, January 17, 2009
     7:30    Breakfast/Coffee
             Rents and Profits
             Substandard Housing
             Build-outs including Entitlements, Construction and Selling
             Selling Options (Conventional Sales vs. Auction)

     10:20   Coffee Break
             Title Options (Grant Deed, Quit Claim Deed, Title Reports and Title Insurance)
             Banking Options
             Family Law (forms, Hidden Agendas, and Special Role of the Receiver)

     12:15   Lunch (Economist on Where our Economy is Headed — What lies ahead)
             Regulatory Receiverships including Forensic Accounting
             Business Receivership, Turnarounds, Dissolutions and LLC

     3:15    Coffee Break
             Bankruptcy Issues (What Happens When a BK is Filed)
             Alternatives to Receivership (Provisional Director, Partition Referee, Special Master)

     4:30    Adjournment
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Key Contacts
 Robert Mosier                                    Kevin Singer
 Loyola III Co-Chair                              Sponsorship Chair
 T: 714.432.0800                                  T: 310.552.9064
 E: rmosier@mosierco.com                          E: Kevin@receivershipspecialists.com

 Kirk Rense                                       Craig Collins
 Loyola III Co-Chair                              Accounting
 T: 714.317.3869                                  T: 714.432.0800
 E: krense@renselaw.com                           E: ccollins@mosierco.com

 Ted Phelps                                       Jeanne Sleeper
 Education Chair                                  Toni Spangler
 T: 213.629.9211                                  Conference Management
 E: tphelps@phelpsconsulting.com                  T: 949.497.3673 x200
                                                  E: tspangler@jbsassociates.ws

                                   LOYOLA LAW SCHOOL CAMPUS

                                 CRF Meals
                CRF Classroom
                & Registration

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Loyola ΙΙΙ Seminar
California Receivers Forum

                       The California Receivers Forum is the primary source of education for receivers, their agents, and
Why Attend?            counsel. This in-depth educational program is only offered every four years and includes a binder
                       of sample forms, pleadings, and data that are only available to those who attend the program.
                       Those CRF members who complete the course receive a certificate of participation and are
                       eligible to have a special acknowledgement of completion next to their name on The List, a
                       collection of receivers’ names and contact information published quarterly in Receivership News.
                       MLCE & CPE credit will be offered.

Date                   This is a two-day program on Friday, January 16 and Saturday, January 17. Attendees must
                       complete both days in order to qualify for the certificate of participation and obtain the
                       acknowledgement of completion.

Place                  The campus of Loyola Law School in downtown Los Angeles. Note that Loyola Law School is on
                       its own SEPARATE campus, at 919 South Albany St, Los Angeles, CA 90015 (near the cross
                       streets of 9th & Alvarado.)

Classroom              The seminar will be held in the beautiful Girardi Advocacy Center’s Robinson Courtroom. It is
                       located on the campus’s central grass plaza and is a rust-orange colored building.

Time                   Plan to arrive Firday morning at 7:00 am, and Saturday at 7:30 am and enjoy the breakfast that
                       precedes the seminar start.

Parking                Park in the Loyola Law School security controlled parking structure. The entrance is on Albany
                       Street. The parking is included in the course registration fee. Parking is sponsored.

Dress                  Business casual attire (Khakis & polo shirts ok) is recommended. The classroom is air-
                       conditioned. If you tend to get cold, bring a sweater. The breakfasts and breaks will be served in
                       the registration white tent.

Course Materials       You will receive a large binder of materials Friday at registration. These binders are only provided
                       to registrants and are not available for separate sale. Sponsored by Braun.

Meals                  Included in the registration fee are breakfasts, luncheons and coffee breaks both days, and a
                       Friday night cocktail reception.

Laptops                The Robinson Court room features seating at counters equipped with electric outlets if you
                       choose to take notes on your laptop.

Who Can Attend?        Any professional involved in the various aspects of receivership cases may attend the program.
                       There are no academic prerequisites. Seminar is limited to 150 registrants and will sell out in

Directions to Loyola   Go to the Loyola Law School web site at www.LLS.edu. Click on the “About” at the top, then
                       click on “The Campus” on the sidebar.

Hotels                 A prestigious downtown Club in Los Angeles is the official headquarters guest accommodations
                       for the program. Through special arrangements with a Club member, Loyola III program
                       participants have access to the Club. Other near-by hotel choices are listed on the Loyola Law
                       School web site in the About Loyola section. Reservations at the Club must be made using the
                       CRF-Loyola Hotel Reservation Form. Reservations at other properties are “on your own” using
                       their reservations systems.

Other Questions?       If you have other questions, call JBS & Associates 949-497-3673 ext 200 for Toni.
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            REGISTRATION FORM                                                  TO REGISTER:

                                                                      Complete this form and fax or mail it to
                                                                        JBS & Associates, 954 La Mirada St.
                                                                              Laguna Beach, CA 92651
LAW & PRACTICE                                                                     Fax 949-497-2623
2-day educational program presented by the
California Receivers Forum in conjunction with                             Questions: 949-497-3673 x 200
Loyola Law School of Los Angeles
Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Seating is limited. We expect the program to
sell out, so do not delay sending in your registration. Cancellations prior to December 1, 2008 will be
refunded less a $50 service charge. Transfers from one individual to another member of your organization are
at no charge prior to December 1, 2008. Transfers after December 1, 2008 cost $50. No refunds for
cancellations or no-shows after December 1, 2008.
                             PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY                                  DATE/TIME
                                                                                   Friday and Saturday
Name: _____________________________________________________________________        January 16-17, 2009
Company: __________________________________________________________________        8am - 5pm

Address: ___________________________________________________________________       PLACE
                                                                                   Loyola Law School
City/State:__________________________________________________________________      (downtown Los Angeles)
                                                                                   919 South Albany St.
Zip code: __________________________________________________________________       Los Angeles
Phone: _____________________________________________________________________       DIRECTIONS
Fax: _______________________________________________________________________  www.LLS.edu
                                                                              go to “About” at the top,
E-Mail: _____________________________________________________________________ “The Campus” in left column,
Did you attend Loyola Ι or ΙΙ in April 2000?    Yes   No 2004?      Yes    No then “Directions.” The official
                                                                              hotel is the Jonathan Club.
Are you a member of a CRF Chapter?          Yes     No                        Reserve your room only on the
If yes, which one(s)? __________________________________________________      CRF Reservation Form available
                                                                              on www.receivers.org
If no, which one do you want to join? ____________________________________
CHECK ALL THAT APPLY                                                                  CRF Member              $ 649
                                                                                      who attended
                                                                                      Loyola Part Ι or ΙΙ
   Receiver                       Attorney            CPA
   Property Manager              Trustee              Real Estate Broker
                                                                                      CRF Member              $ 749
   Turnaround/Workout Professional                    Other – list                    who did not
                                                                                      attend Loyola
                                                                                      Part Ι or ΙΙ
   Government Agency Employee                         ______________________

PAYMENT(Payment required at time of registration.)                                    CRF Non-member          $ 849
Enclosed is a check payable to: California Receivers Forum                            (includes one year
                                                                                      CRF membership)
Charge my       Mastercard      Visa   (No Am Ex)
                                                                                      Friday Evening Optional
Card Number _______________________________________________________________           Reception & Dinner
                                                                                      7pm at California Bank
Exp Date _________________________Billing Zip Code: _________________________         & Trust – LA            $50
                                                                                      Judges          Please call
Name on card ______________________________________________________________
                                                                                      Jeanne Sleeper
Security code (3 digit number on the back side) ________________________________      949-497-3673 ext. 300
                                                                                      Speakers/Panelists Please call
Signature___________________________________________________________________          Toni Spangler
                                                        Page 6                        949-497-3673 ext. 200

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