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									                              Forest City Owls Baseball Club
                                       PO Box 1062
                                  Forest City, NC 28043
                                     (828) 245-0000

                        Forest City Owls Internship Program

The Coastal Plain League (CPL) is a collegiate summer baseball league with 14
franchises in South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. The CPL is open to eligible
players from NCAA Division I, II, III, NAIA and JUCO programs looking to forward their
baseball career beyond college. To get a jump-start on a professional career, the CPL
uses wooden bats exclusively.

The Forest City Owls are the newest addition to the CPL. Forest City is located in
Rutherford County, NC in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The Owls will play
home games at McNair Field, a $3 million stadium set to open in 2008. The Owls will
play 30 home games ranging from late may to early August.

Not only do players jump start a career in baseball, members of the front office “team”
can also gain valuable experience to further their careers in baseball with CPL Clubs.

By participating in the Owls Internship Program you can gain experience in any of the
following areas:

      Group/Season Ticket Sales
      Promotions
      Concessions

Interns will receive a stipend pay of $500 per month, as well as the chance for
commission on all group and community night sales. In some cases interns will not
concentrate only one area listed above, in fact it is likely you will gain experience in
multiple areas of baseball operations.
                      Group/Season Ticket Sales

The group/season ticket sales intern will be responsible for the following:

                Selling individual and group ticket packages.

                Selling game sponsorships, community nights, scout nights,
                 church nights, and any other specialty nights on the Owls

                Organizing tickets the day of home games, and supervising the
                 ticket office during the game.

                Other duties such as mascot appearances, stadium
                 maintenance, or helping interns in other areas as assigned.


       The promotions intern will be responsible for the following:

                Organizing and executing mascot and player appearances

                Assist the sales and marketing intern with selling of ticket
                 packages and promotional nights.

                Organizing the Owls souvenir stand on the day of home games.

                Organizing and executing all pre-game ceremonies and on-field

                Preparing and executing all give-away nights.

                Hanging and removing all sponsor banners before and after
                 home games.

                Other duties such as stadium maintenance, or helping interns in
                 other areas as assigned.

     The concessions intern will be responsible for the following:

              Stocking and organizing the concession stand.

              Supervising the game-day concession stand staff.

              Ordering and receiving stock.

              Cleaning and closing concession stand after games.

              Providing drinks to dugouts, press box, and umpires.

For more information, please contact James Wolfe at (828) 245-0000 or

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