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					The kids taking their “Carom – 101” course while Naseeha looks on (wishing she could play).

The children taking it on from there while Naseeha still looks on (api nodanna “chess”).
                                                Three of the children from the orphanage. The
                                                one on the right was found abandoned inside a
                                                temple and couldn’t stand when he first came
                                                to the orphanage. While we were there
                                                however he was constantly active in the games
                                                we played.

One of the kids apparently got a lil ruffled by his friend and needed TLC (Tender Loving Care)
from the girls. 
Jehan “maestro” passing on his knowledge of the guitar to the younglings. Akila explaining that
holding the guitar flat and playing it is far better than whatever Jehan thinks.

Naila enjoys the tales being related by the kid in need of TLC.
Match between APIIT and noguchi! Tough one this was…

Setting up for the movie. Rabne bana ki jodhi or something that sounded vaguely like that.
Everyone Smile!!! Psst.. Kid over there attached to the mobile phone.. smiiile

Bon Appétit. 
“FREEZE!!”… I need a moment to get into my pose.

The “we’ll be there for anything crew” and friends. Your help was really appreciated. Thank you
very much.
Respite from the work for the day. Notice the snacks loaded in the bags. Thanks go out again to
the “we’ll be there for anything crew” for supplying the goodies.

Horsie (and due to the nature of some of us, donkey) rides for the kids. Absolutely free! Sahan
played the part of the thoroughbred horse carrying two little tykes with him.
While we all can acknowledge the fact that Sahan’s intentions were pure, that evil smile on his
face makes us wonder what exactly he is about to do to that child. “heeeheeee.. I shall push
that swing into oblivion!”

                                          uhhhh what?????

                                          Meet the Vice President of Professional
                                          Development for the SAC. That’s right. Professional
                                          Development. Remember, you heard it here first!!
Play that funky music alright!! Baila session with the children. And of course please put your
hands together for the president of the SAC, Aravinda.

“Thank you very much”, says he. The children look on… Awestruck!
  Since she couldn’t play carom we see that
  Naseeha has taken up cricket instead. The
  children were lined up to take turns
  bowling whenever she was on.

And the grand epic carom battle rages on!

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