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2005 - Habitat for Humanity Brampton


									                            Annual Report from the Chair
                                 Board of Directors
                           Habitat for Humanity Brampton

As I sit and write this message, I do so with the knowledge that at the end of this
meeting, I will step down as Chair of the Board and make way for one of my fellow
directors to share their leadership talents and vision for this wonderful
organization. Naturally, I am contemplative.

I have reported over the course of the last several years at various functions on how
this affiliate has grown and matured. Never was this as profound as it has been over
the last year. I believe many of our committees have a much greater depth to them
than ever was the case in the past. Committee leadership is paramount to our
success and we all can take pride in the group of individuals that have been
recruited to lead our committees. Organizational structure, accountabilities,
position descriptions, and succession plans have been adopted throughout the
affiliate with an intent to ensure a corporate memory lingers beyond any one
person’s tenure. Policies and procedures have begun to be developed and archived.
And strategic planning has become a part of our organizational culture. A new
goal of 8 homes for 8 families in need by 2008 was adopted by the board in
December, 2005 and plans for its successful attainment have been developed. This is
a dynamic process, and these plans will continue to be reviewed and revised where
needed, AND we are working these plans with success in the forefront of our minds.
I believe this will be an enduring legacy of our affiliate.

Of course there are a host of other, very tangible, successes that have punctuated
this past year. Restore, for example, has been a phenomenal success. The product
of many volunteers time and vision and of a remarkable Manager and staff, this
operation has surpassed the expectations of even the most optimistic of its
proponents. At the risk of offending someone by omitting their name, I’ll simply
say this, to each of you who have contributed in any way to this initiative: whether it
was in the initial stages of finding a suitable location, to writing the business plan, to
filing the Trillium grant application to making coffee, painting, greeting and helping
customers, driving truck, checking inventory, ordering lunch, picking up donated
goods, pricing, fixing, checking, ordering, helping, cheering, supporting—thank you
all. It is fitting that this Annual General Meeting which celebrates our year’s
successes, is being held within Restore on its first anniversary.

We can also be proud of the fact that we have secured land for three townhouses.
Although this land is being assessed for construction suitability, and may not prove
to be ideal for homes, it is the spirit of our affiliate to ensure this land is developed
into a place that builds hope and pride for the residents of the community. We
should all feel optimistic of this fact. We have also begun to assess a second, larger
site for the construction of a multi-unit housing project and look forward to positive
news on that site in the future.
In anticipation of our success at acquiring land suitable for construction, we have
identified three partner families, with a total of ten children, who will be the
recipients of homes from our affiliate in the future. Seeing their faces, and hearing
of their reaction to the news of their selection, serves as an inspiration to us all to
work with passion toward the fulfillment of our goals.

Through numerous successful fund development initiatives including our Gala in
2005, the Bowlerama, many car washes and a new corporate fundraising strategy,
our revenues have grown helping us to prepare for future builds.

In short, we have had many successes over 2005 and are poised for truly remarkable
growth in 2006.

And despite all of our accomplishments, there is still much to do. Land, corporate
fund development, and building awareness are key to our future. With passion and
energy, we will work as a team to deliver what needs to be done. That is our
collective promise.

On a final note, allow me to offer you my thanks for the privilege to lead such a
wonderful group of individuals. I have learned much from your fellowship, your
stewardship, your compassion and your talents. I have been blessed to have
experienced faith in action at fundraising functions, board meetings, and here at
Restore. I have seen how love can transform a community of resistance and
opposition to one of understanding and compassion. And I know I will always carry
in my heart a special feeling of ‘swinging a hammer’ in service of the greater good.

God Bless You,

David McLean
Chairman, Board of Directors
Habitat for Humanity Brampton
April 22, 2006

 “Do not what you are obliged to do but that which you have an opportunity to do”

The Fundraising Committee rose to the challenge in 2005 and raised in excess of $80,000
through various fundraising events held in the City of Brampton. We continued to raise
community awareness and build new partnerships with Peel Region business owners and
residents. The following is a list of a few of the events held:

March – Mardi Gras Gala and Silent Auction, net funds: $60,000! This event was a
festive Mardi Gras celebration with a Cajun inspired menu and a taste of New Orleans
atmosphere. The evening started off with music from the R.K. Sound Blows Dixie and
Ron Kemp and the juggling antics of Marcelo Dalmao. Dancers from the Cawartha
School of Arts entertained our guests during dinner with a selection of southern music.
                        The Gala was attended by several City of Brampton council
                        members along with the Brampton Board of Trade, several
                        builders and contractors and many members of the Brampton
                        Community. Event Sponsors included Mattamy Homes, Paradise
                        Homes, Castlepoint Investment Inc., Royal Pine Homes, Great
                        Gulf Group, Gallucci Group of Companies, Springbrook
                        Management Inc., Senator Homes, Giampaolo Investments Ltd.,
Gagnon Law Bozzo Urban Planners, Kiwanis International, Sky Homes Corporation,
Arista Homes, Gold Park Homes, and Brampton Brick. Special thanks goes to Karen
Black and Pat Palleschi, Co-Chairs of the Gala Committee, whose hard work and
dedication, along with all gala committee members, made this event such a great success.

Summer Car Washes, net funds raised $2,000 Our
youth were able to get involved this summer with car
washes held from May to August. We were joined
once again by the Brampton Fire Fighters at the
Bramalea City Center in July and the Peel Police - 21
Division at Shoppers World in August.

Brampton Real Estate Board Motorcycle Run
In our first year partnering with the Brampton Real Estate Board we put on our very first
Motorcycle Run. Sponsored by the City of Brampton and in part by The Outback
Steakhouse. Several riders participated on this gorgeous summer day and enjoyed great
music and food at Chinguacousy Park after the ride. We are already planning for the next
Bike run on Saturday, May 27th, 2006 and are attending Motorcycle shows in January,
March and April to spread the word about this great event.

Community Events: Brampton Farmers Market, Brampton Fall Fair – Sign-a-stud
raised $ 1,200 Sign-a-stud is a new Habitat Brampton Fundraiser. People are encouraged
to be a part of Habitat by signing a stud for a $2 donation. These signed studs will be
used in the construction of our next homes. The community has supported this initiative
from the get go. We hope to have many more Sign-a-stud opportunities in 2006.
October – Mad Hatter Bowl-a-Thon, net funds raised $9,000 This event asked teams of
four to five bowlers to raise a minimum of $100 per bowler. Bowlers joined us wearing
the funkiest hats for an afternoon of bowling, food and fun. We had several lane sponsors
                                showing their support including RBC Financial Group,
                                Clorox Company of Canada, Brampton Tridont Dental
                                Care, Flakeboard, Watters Environmental Group Inc., Dr.
                                Sansalone, Dr. Brian Chekay of Bramalea-Steeles Dental
                                Office, Sutton Group Professional Realty Inc., GMAC,
                                Scott Funeral Home, Investors Group, Adesa Canada, and
                                Dr. Albert Camastra. We had bowling and a best Hat
                                competition as well as raffle draws.

In November, we were privileged to be a part of the Tri-City Gospel’s Choir Concert at
Bramalea Baptist Church. An offering was collected during the 100-man choir concert
and raised over $6,600! A special thank you goes out to the choir and Bramalea Baptist
Church for their generosity and for including us in this special event.

As we head into 2006, we have launched a Sponsor a Square Foot Campaign across
Brampton and the Dutch community. Sponsor a Square Foot encourages members of the
community to Sponsor one square foot of our next home for $75 per square foot. With
1000 sponsors we would raise enough money to build one home or $75,000. As of the
beginning of January we already have 100 square feet of our next home sponsored. We
are excited about spreading the word about this campaign and have no doubts that the
community will embrace it with open arms.

The fundraising committee has also put together a Corporate Fundraising team to help
spread Habitat Brampton’s mission to the corporations in the community. Gord Zatylny,
Ray Patterson and Kim Tighe are a professional, hardworking group of individuals who
have already made strides in this area. We welcome them aboard and look forward to
what they can do in 2006.

Our focus for 2006 is to continue with our event schedule and introduce new and exciting
fundraising initiatives....such as the 5K “Walk for Habitat” hosted by the Brampton
Running Room in April. Also in April, the 4th Annual Gala and Silent Auction, Bonnet
and Top Hat East Gala will be held at the Pearson Convention Center on Saturday,
April 1, 2006. We are on our way to Habitat Brampton’s vision of 8 by 2008!

2006 will also see the introduction of a new Chair and Vice
Chair as our term has come to an end. Wendy and I would
like to say thank you to everyone for the incredible
experience of heading up the fundraising committee for the
past two years and look forward to the new ideas and
initiatives to be introduced by our new members.

Tanja Ljubicic                                      Wendy Bezak
Chair, Fundraising Committee                        Vice-Chair, Fundraising Committee
                             BUILD COMMITTEE REPORT

Membership and Positions
x     Past Chair - David Mclean
x     Chair - Thomas Fischer
x     Co-Vice Chairs - Erin Zagar & Don McPhee
x     Secretary - Carol Melia
x     Relations
          o Volunteer
                  - Pre Volunteer Coordinator – Carol Melia
                  - Volunteer Committee Liaison - Maria Laing
                  - Volunteer Coordinator -
          o Public Relations (PR)
                  - PR Committee Liaison -
                  - Build Celebrations -
          o H4H Alliance
                  - Provincial / National Liaison – Thomas Fischer
x     Budgets
          o Budget manager – Bob Shepley
          o Budget coordinator – Bob Shepley
                  - Data entry – Pam Grant
x     Education and Information
          o Training Manuals Coordinator – Erin
          o Volunteer Training – Mark G., Nidal, Tarek
          o Construction librarian –
x     Project Planning
          o Project plan manager – Mark G.
          o Schedule Coordinator – Mark G.
          o Construction Manual Coordinator – Bob V.
          o Post Build Coordinator –
x     Drawings and permits
          o House plan coordinator – Erin, Fabio M., Joanne K., Tim G., Sheri B
          o Permit coordinator –
          o Site selection liaison – Don McPhee
          o Family Selection Liaison – Maria Laing
x     Material/Fundraising
          o Material procurement – Ralph D
          o Warehouse coordinator – Brian G.
          o Materials Coordinator – Ralph D.
          o Delivery Coordinator –
          o Equipment Coordinator – Ralph D.
x     Construction Coordination
          o Project Manager –
          o Construction manager –
          o Site supervisor –
          o House crew leader –
x     House Warranty
          o Warranty coordinator – Eldon K.
A Year in Review.

2005 has gone quickly. It was filled with tremendous committee growth, much planning
and the drive to achieve 7 by 2007. The year 2005 began with continued recognition and
appreciation for those who supported us during our 2004 build.

On January 10th the board agreed to move forward with a mock build concept
encouraging us to begin putting plans in place as if we had land to build on. Our
committee quickly learnt, during some preliminary ‘timeline’ planning, how much we
were dependent on the many volunteers who ran supporting committees to the build
committee. To those committees knowing now the huge task and man hours that go into
planning and developing, I thank you.

In February we restructured our committee into subcommittees to handle the many tasks
that would need to be completed as well as to enable easier recruitment of qualified
committee volunteers. Material commitments for a potential building project were
beginning to come in at the end of February and City inspectors made commitments to
meet with us and assist us in properly planning an upcoming build.

Drawings were developed by Erin Zagar and submitted for the mock project on March
15th and those same drawings would be later used for our upcoming build.
         In April the beginning stages of how we wanted to train our volunteers immerged.
         Training would include skill training, tool training and safety training. Our volunteer
         application asks potential volunteers to rate their skill levels from 5 to 1 in various skill

1   Contractor / Tradesperson   2   Very skilled, can supervise   3   Skilled   4   Have some skills   5   Willing Worker

         Our objective for volunteers is to take a person from ‘5 – willing worker’ to possibly a
         ‘4’ or ‘3’. The only way to do this is by creating a program that included ‘training plus
         experience’ only both will move someone toward the ‘very skilled’, ‘2’ level. With a
         properly organized build we could accomplish both.

         May committee meeting revealed that skilled supervisor and crew leader training is one
         of the most important training programs we began focusing on. We realized that you can
         build a house with unskilled volunteers but not without skilled supervisors and crew
         leaders. It is integral to Habitat’s partnership with the community that unskilled
         volunteers successfully learn construction skills through the guidance and patience of
         skilled supervisors.

         On June 28th Sheri Binsell our vice chair, at the time, stepped down to have a baby and
         two new vice chairs Erin Zagar and Don McPhee took on the roll of co-vice chair.

         July 26 a motion was made to focus on a 2006 spring excavation and build rather than a
         fall excavation and spring build. We decided to take the time between now and than to
         build our base of volunteers and train them.

                                                                                               August 16th marked
                                                                                               the start of a new
                                                                                               beginning.     A new
                                                                                               build beginning! On
                                                                                               that    day    Habitat
                                                                                               Brampton completed
                                                                                               the purchase of a
                                                                                               build site located in
                                                                                               Brampton, on a road
                                                                                               called        Hoskins
                                                                                               Square. This lot could
                                                                                               potentially house a 3
                                                                                               unit        townhouse
September was encouraging as we our talks with Brampton south Home Depot revealed
an interest in helping us train volunteers. Mike at Brampton South Home Depot who does
a lot of their training class’, also agreed to be of assistance.

In December we were updated about the zoning application. The zoning application has
been delayed due to the fact that survey reveals that the property is below the flood line.
A meeting Dec 9th will be taking place with the Toronto Regional Conservation
Authority; to define what steps must be taken before building. Once a proposal and
decision is made the application can move forward. Once the Zoning application is
approved we will have confirmation of the proposed setbacks and can apply for a permit.
With the flooding issue, it has been defined we will definitely be looking at a slab on
grade project without a basement or crawlspace. We have decided to pursue an
EnergyStar rating for this project.

Note from the committee chair

I thank each of you on the building committee and those who support the function of the
build committee. Each of you has contributed so much of your time and energy during
this past year. Without your help and total support the affiliate would not be in the
position to build homes for so many partner families.
A new vision set forth by the board on January 2006 will take us on a new path, a path of
building “8 homes by 2008”, We are on a path of hope and opportunity… for you, for
me and those around us in need.

Thomas Fischer, Build Committee Chair.

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