NRA Instructor Training BIT by stariya


									                     NRA Instructor Training
                        BIT (Basic Instructor Training)
                   Sunday May 16th 2010 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
          Manteca Sportsmen Inc.            20861 Airport Way          Manteca, CA

 The NRA Instructor Training course is designed to teach you how to teach others to shoot
 using NRA lesson plans and training methods. The course is not designed to improve your
 shooting skills.

 Possession of basic firearm safety and /or shooting skills is a prerequisite for certification as
 an NRA Instructor. You will be asked to demonstrate your firearm background through
 participation in precourse assessment exercises.

 Your responsibilities as an NRA Certified Instructor will include:

     Conducting NRA Basic Courses in accordance with policies and procedures outlined
      by NRA
     Upholding the quality and integrity of national firearm safety and training standards
      established by NRA
     Promoting firearm safety and the shooting sports
     Reporting training data to NRA

Knowing how to shoot is an important requirement for NRA instructors, but you will also need
to know how to teach others to shoot. NRA Instructor Training Courses help you develop the
additional knowledge, skills and techniques needed to organize and teach courses in the
NRA Basic Firearm Training Program.

 Pre-Enrollment Required - Non-Refundable Deposit of $100.00 required to Reserve a Seat

Cost of Course:     $150.00 (Includes NRA Pistol Instructor Class on 5/22/2010)

For Information:     Contact MSI: (209) 823-7919 or
                     Denise King: (408) 687-3791

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