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					                       "The Fourth Dimension"

                          CREATIVE BRIEF

                           Eddy Moretti

99 North 10th Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11211
“The Fourth Dimension”
Creative Brief

Written by Eddy Moretti, inspired, in so many (very
different) ways, by his friend Harmony Korine.

Dear director from another land, here are your

This film must be the best film you have ever made.

You must forget everything you know.

This film has to have real life.

It has to have more real life than anything else you have
ever made.

It needs to stop people from going about their day.

It should blur the line between what is real and what is

We must never know the truth.

We need to be shown things we have never been shown before.

We need to see things that are secret to most.

We need to go places that we may not have been before.

We need privy and access to an unknown culture.

You need to take us to a different world, an unknown world.

You cannot be afraid.

You need to be bold.

The hero needs to be bold. Bold in an unexpected way.

The hero also has to be flawed.

The hero has to be capable of doing bad things.

The hero must never appear to be a “hero.”

The hero must be reluctant.

The hero must have greatness thrust upon him or her.

The hero must have a missing tooth.

The hero was a terrible student.

The hero tells bad jokes. But they’re good.

The hero needs to believe in something so deeply that nothing
else matters.

The hero needs to be independent.

Eccentrics are good.

People with a surfeit of character are good.

People who live outside the mainstream are good.

People who look a different way are good.

People who move a different way are good.

Stray dogs are good. They can be really meaningful.

There needs to be music playing within the scene.

Someone must sing a song that is completely made up.

There needs to be a character named “Mickey House.”

There needs to be love.

There needs to be someone wearing tap shoes.

A stuffed animal needs to make an appearance.

You must try and make this film look very beautiful.

The director must direct one scene from the film with a
blindfold on over his or her eyes.

We will choose that scene.

We will film the director while he or she is directing that

We must hear someone tell a great story.

The story must be something that has actually happened to the
writer/ director in real life, something that they have never
revealed to anyone else.

A character must say “Don't worry, I’m sure you will

We need to see what the sky looks like where you are filming.

You must give us private entrance into another world.

This is important: you must refer to the “Fourth Dimension.”

And you must show us a glimpse of this “Fourth Dimension.”

It should challenge our commonly held assumptions of the
“Fourth Dimension.”

Director, you are required to give us magic.

You are required to catch lighting in a bottle.

You are required to make your audience walk away elevated,
even afraid of their own potential as human beings.

You cannot fail.

Thank you Director. We are all counting on you.


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Description: Creative brief from Eddy Moretti re: Harmony Korine project