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					     CES Update
A newsletter published by the Alberta Chapter of The Canadian
Evaluation Society                                Fall, 2004

Message from the President                      Details on how to register for events will
                                                be available as soon as plans become
I hope that everyone was able to take           more concrete.
advantage of the sunshine over the
summer months. We'll all be back to our         At the AGM held in Red Deer on April
very hectic work and school lives soon          23, 2004, our Board of Directors for the
enough. The Board did take some time            coming year was elected. See our Board
out to meet in July to discuss plans for        listing on the following page. Thank
the coming workshop season. I never             you to our returning members and
fail to be amazed by the level of               welcome to our new members. Feel free
dedication and commitment of our                to contact any one of us for additional
Board members to ensure that we offer           information on planned events, to share
our members opportunities to network            information you'd like to see in the
and develop their evaluation skills.            Newsletter or to suggest activities we
                                                might want to be involved in.
You'll be able to find more details about
our offerings in the Newsletter and             I'm looking forward to another
communications throughout the year but          successful year!
thought I'd share a few of the events we
have planned. Our Calgary Coordinators
plan to offer the Essential Skills Series
(ESS) this fall, are working on a number
of workshops and, in response to popular                       Cheryl McClellan-Moody
demand, intend to host another                           President, CES Alberta Chapter
Aboriginal Symposium in the spring.
The Edmonton Coordinators are trying
something new this year - breakfast
discussions         and       networking
opportunities. They intend to host the
ESS in the spring. National CES has
developed an intermediate level Logic
Model Course that we propose to present
this fall. We look forward to hearing
your feedback on this new material.

                                          Darren Chernuka
                                          Banister Research & Consulting Inc.
President                                 Ph: (780) 451-4444
Cheryl McClellan-Moody,                   E-mail:
Human Resources Development Canada
Ph: (780) 495-6660                        Calgary Coordinators
E-mail: cheryl.mcclellanmoody@hrdc-       Evelyn Valge                                Valge Health Management Consulting
                                          Ph: (403)270-7265
Vice-President                            E-mail:
Laura N. L'Heureux
Panoptik Research & Consulting            Michelle Bickley
Ph: (403) 520-5256                        The Hera Society
E-mail:            Ph: (403) 777-6990
Past President
Birgitta Larsson                          Membership
B.I.M. Larsson & Associates               Wendy Doughty
Ph: (780) 988-9420                        Emerging Directions Consulting Ltd.
E-mail:           Ph: (780) 469-3258
Sonia Parker, Director of Planning        Newsletter Coordinators
Youville Home                             Leslie Buckle
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National Council Representative
Francis Remedios                          Wendy Doughty
Alberta Justice Department                E-mail:
Ph: (780) 422-4447
E-Mail:                                   Website Coordinator           Laura N. L'Heureux
Tiana Rust                                Member-At-Large
The Capital Care Group                    Ray Downie
Ph: (780) 426-5418                        Broadview Applied Research Group Inc.
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                                          E-mail :
Edmonton Coordinators
Mark Biddle                               Administrative Assistant
KMB Consulting                            Susan Johnson
Ph: (780) 434-1481                        SDJ Office Services
E-Mail:                   Ph: (780) 498-0536

                                                 development sessions in Edmonton. She
                                                 had an interesting suggestion to make
                                                 about future programs for our chapter:
                                                 she feels it would be valuable to have a
                                                 mentorship program linking experienced
In this edition, we profile two long-            evaluators to new evaluators in the field,
standing CES members.                            helping ―learn the ropes.‖ She has
                                                 recently been involved in establishing
Olive Triska -Renewing Member                    such a project between the Canadian
Olive Triska figures it was probably the         College of Health Service Executives
early 1990’s when she first joined CES.          (CCHSE) and the University of Alberta.
Olive is currently an Assistant Professor
in the Department of Public Health
Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine and          Raj Gill – Renewing Member
Dentistry at the University of Alberta.
She has a PhD in Educational                     Raj Gill became a member of CES in
Psychology from the University of                1986 or 1987. He was then working in
Alberta.                                         the Program Evaluation Branch of what
                                                 was then Alberta Social Services and
Olive spoke about evaluation now                 Community Health. He is now Senior
compared to when she first started in the        Manager,    in    the    Accountability
mid-1980s. She feels that evaluation is          Frameworks     and    Surveys     Unit,
much more theoretically based, more in           Performance      Measurement        and
depth, more performance-oriented, and            Reporting Branch, Alberta Learning.
more focused on objectives than it used
to be.                                           Discussing the practice of evaluation
                                                 back then, Raj indicated that the
Olive noted that a sound foundation in           provincial government tended to
research methods is critical for                 implement very large evaluations, in
evaluators. She teaches Research                 which the client was the Deputy Minister
Methods as well as Program Evaluation,           or other senior officials. The purpose
and, interestingly, the methods course is        was to provide in depth reviews of
a prerequisite for the evaluation course.        particular programs, to answer questions
                                                 about added value. Multi-disciplinary
Most of Olive’s evaluation work is in the        teams would lead the evaluations, with
health area. She has studied accessibility       some work being done internally, and
issues for patients of Edmonton diabetes,        some contracted out to consultants.
and early childhood development
programs in the East Central Health              According to Raj, evaluations like this
Region. She is currently working with            rarely occur any more. The provincial
the occupational therapy program at U of         government’s    current    focus     is
A on an evaluation of their revised              performance measurement. Over the last
program.                                         few years, his work has consisted of
As for the benefits of CES membership            working with stakeholders to identify
over the years, Olive finds the Canadian         key dimensions such as outcomes and
Journal of Program Evaluation very               ways of measuring and reporting on
helpful, and also enjoys the professional        these to the public. Most recently,

Alberta Learning has been working with            Some of the projects that Council is
school boards to develop a common set             working on are the joint CES/AEA
of measures that will be reported on by           Toronto conference October 26, 2005
all school boards.                                through Saturday, October 29, 2005
Raj holds a joint membership with the             ?section=1&ssection=1&_lang=an&num
AEA and finds CES and AEA                         =68),
conferences and journals useful.                  the 25th anniversary of the society and
                                                  the 20th anniversary of the Canadian
When asked for suggestions for CES                Journal for Program Evaluation that
Alberta activities, Raj mentioned that he         will be celebrated at the 2006 PEI
would like to see us bring some leading           conference.
figures to Alberta. He is a big fan of
logic models for both planning and                                      Francis Remedios
evaluation, and mentioned Len Rutman                                 National Council Rep
and Joseph Wholey, who have done
important work in this area.

 Bookmark our Website
The Alberta Chapter’s website is found
at On it
                                                  The CES – Alberta Chapter is pleased to
you will find updates regarding events
                                                  announce its Edmonton event schedule
and new opportunities. You can also
                                                  for the 2004/05 year. This should prove
send in postings, consulting profiles, and
                                                  to be another exciting year as we
so on. Other suggestions are welcome.
                                                  continue to provide learning and
Contact      Laura      L’heureux        at
                                                  networking opportunities for evaluators
                                                  at every level.

                                                  New this year is our Breakfast Series,
                                                  which will feature a one-hour breakfast
                                                  with a presentation by an individual in
                                                  the evaluation field. These breakfasts
                                                  will cover a variety of interesting topics
                                                  and allow for discussion and networking
                                                  amongst your evaluation peers. In
As a result of the election, on July 1,
                                                  November, we will be offering an
2004, Carl Doucette, PEI Chapter,
                                                  intermediate level course on Logic
became the new president. His July 26
                                                  Models that takes basic knowledge of
President’s message with his photo can
                                                  logic models to the next level. Planned
be found at:
                                                  for late spring is a panel discussion
                                                  where funders, agencies and evaluators
                                                  will share their experiences in working
CES National also has a new treasurer,
                                                  together and ideas for the future of
Sandra Bozzo, previously the Ontario
Chapter representative to Council.

For those of you who missed it last year,        development, health promotion, school
Mark Biddle will once again be hosting           based or gender based programs,
―Writing a Credible and Usable                   storytelling, resiliency programs, or
Qualitative Evaluation‖, a course                leadership programs.
intended to examine the dilemmas
encountered when writing a qualitative           Evelyn and Michelle are also hoping to
evaluation and identify techniques to            organize a workshop on Data Analysis
address them. In addition, CES – Alberta         and Report Writing, a session on
Chapter again will be putting on the             Evaluation Challenges (round table), a
Essential Skills Series in Edmonton this         session called ―Beyond Evaluation‖
year.                                            which addresses some of the skills
                                                 required of evaluators such as
The schedule for the year is contained in        negotiation,      facilitation,     and
this issue. Check our website regularly at       organizational development. Finally, we for more           hope to hold a follow up to last year’s
information and updates about each of            Aboriginal symposium.
these events.
       Mark Biddle and Darren Chernuka           Dates for the Calgary sessions have yet
                  Edmonton Coordinators          to be firmed up, but will be
                                                 communicated via broadcast email, and
                                                 posted on our website.

                                                         Leslie Buckle, from information
                                                  provided by Evelyn Valge and Michelle

In July, a group of new and long-
standing CES members, plus last year’s
Coordinator, Agnes Dallison, met with
our two new Calgary Coordinators,
Evelyn Valge and Michelle Bickley, to
brainstorm ideas for the coming year.
Evelyn and Agnes then took the list and
winnowed it down. They came up with
a full schedule indeed!

Essential Skills I and II (combined in               Positive Outcomes!!
one day) will be offered in September,
followed by ESS III and IV (one day
each) in October.

Other plans include two sessions
devoted to Case Studies of particular
types of evaluations. These will be
drawn from the following suggestions:
social     marketing,     community

                                               colleges and schools of social work are
                                               provided with education on the health
                                               needs of GLBT people and strategies to
                                               address those needs; that professional
                                               associations provide ongoing training for
                                               staff within the various health care
                                               fields; that GLBT communities have the
                                               capacity to address access to care issues;
                                               and that GLBT people become active
This issue, we start a new feature which       participants in their health and wellness
we hope will become an ongoing one.            and are able to access appropriate
To encourage networking and sharing,           primary health care. CRHC Board and
we would like to profile evaluations in        staff are driving this process. Eight pilot
progress. This way, members can find           projects will be funded across Canada.
out who else is working in their area of
interest, whether defined by issue area,       Evaluation:
method, program type, or target                The overall approach to the evaluation is
population. We first invited submissions       a ―pre/post‖ design. Baseline measures
from Board members and received two            of current research, curricula, resources,
responses. This evaluation is described        policies and committees regarding
below. We welcome submissions for              GLBT access to care issues will be
future issues.                                 collected    through     a     nationwide
                                               environmental scan. Other pre/post
                                               measures of resources, partnerships,
                                               awareness, knowledge, and capacity will
Evaluation of The Canadian Rainbow             be gathered through the funded pilot
Health Coalition (CRHC)                        projects.

Evaluator(s):                                  Status of the evaluation:
Laura L’Heureux of Panoptik Research           Still in the design phase. Baseline data
& Consulting, Calgary, in collaboration        will be collected this fall and the ―post‖
with:                                          follow-up will occur in 2006.
     Kinzel Cadrin & Associates
       Consulting Inc., Saskatoon,             Contacts:
     Rochon Associated Human                  Laura N. L’Heureux, M.A.
       Resources           Management          Panoptik Research & Consulting
       Consulting Inc., Saskatoon, and
     The staff at CRHC.
                                               Gens Hellquist
Project:                                       Canadian Rainbow Health Coalition
The Improved Access to Care project is
an initiative to address health and
wellness and access to care issues for
gay     men,     lesbians,   bisexuals,
transgendered and two-spirit (GLBT)
people. This includes working to insure
that students in medical and nursing

Aboriginal and Family Violence                actual evaluation of the demonstration
Project:   Process and Outcome                project, which is targeted for April 2004
Evaluation                                    to March 2006. This will include both a
                                              process and outcome evaluation.
Name of Agency:
Aboriginal Consulting Services                Contact:
                                              Birgitta Larsson
Evaluator:                                    Ph (780) 988-9420
BIM Larsson & Associates            

Type of Program:
The Aboriginal Family Violence
Program project is funded through the         Did you know………
Crime Prevention Investment Fund              That for only $60 US, CES members
(CPIF) of the National Crime                  can become a member of the American
Prevention Strategy.                          Evaluation Society (AEA)? This
                                              membership comes with subscriptions
The Aboriginal Family Violence                to the American Journal of Evaluation
Prevention Program provides services          and New Directions for Evaluation, the
to men, women and children. The               opportunity to join ―topical interest
project provides support, education and       groups‖ and more.
skill development; increases knowledge        Go to for more
of safety and risk-related behaviours;        details.
and explores family violence through
the use of Aboriginal traditions,
teachings, and ceremony. The content
of the program reflects what has been
proven successful in mainstream family
violence programs and incorporates an
Aboriginal focus. The underpinning
Theory of Change is:
                                              Looking for something new starting in
By providing targeted Aboriginal              September?     Are you interesting in
programming, which includes the whole         sharing your knowledge and experience?
family, incorporates underlying issues        Become involved with CES Alberta in
which impact family violence, is              one or more of the following ways
culturally sensitive and open-ended,
Aboriginal families will be safer from
                                                    Present at a CES luncheon
family violence.
                                                    Offer a workshop
Type of Evaluation:
The     first phase  involved    the
development of a Theory of Change                   Present an Essential Skills
Model, with a supporting literature
review, and the development of an
evaluation framework (Jan.- April,
2004). The second phase involves the

For more information contact:

Calgary: Evelyn Valge at or Michelle Bickley at

Edmonton:     Mark        Biddle at or Darren Chernuka

Our newsletter editors are always
looking for interesting contributions

      Review a book, website or
       software program for the
      Tell us about an upcoming
       conference that would be of
       interest to members.
      Let us know about an evaluation
       you are involved in that may be
       of interest to other members
       because of the content area, or
       perhaps the methodology. We
       would like to create a list each
       issue of ―evaluations to watch.‖

Contact      Leslie Buckle
or           Wendy Doughty

        Schedule of Events –
Date*                   Course                              Description
                            CES Breakfast Series                  One-hour breakfast with 20 min. presentation and
September 28 ,                                                      discussion among evaluation focused individuals.

Friday                      Writing a Credible and                Hosted by Mark Biddle, this interactive, half-day
October 22, 2004             Usable Qualitative                     workshop will examine the dilemmas encountered
                             Evaluation                             when writing a qualitative evaluation and identify
                                                                    techniques to address them.
                            Logic Model Course                    An intermediate level course that builds on basic logic
November 18 ,                (Intermediate)                         model knowledge. Intended to build capacity of
2004                                                                participants to assess, develop and utilize logic models
                                                                    for planning and evaluation.

                            CES Luncheon                          One and a half hour lunch with presentation and
December 1 , 2004                                                   discussion among evaluation focused individuals.

                            ESS – Modules 1&2                     Understanding Program Evaluation/Building an
January 20 , 2005                                                   Evaluation Framework.

                            CES Breakfast Series                  One-hour breakfast with 20 min. presentation and
February 1 , 2005                                                   discussion among evaluation focused individuals.

                            ESS – Module 3                        Improving Program Performance.
February 17 , 2005

                            ESS – Module 4                        Evaluating for Results.
February 24 , 2005

                            CES Breakfast Series                  One-hour breakfast with 20 min. presentation and
March 8 , 2005                                                      discussion among evaluation focused individuals.

                            Innovative Services                   A panel discussion with representatives from 3
April 13 , 2005                                                     perspectives of evaluation (Funders, Agencies &
                                                                    Evaluators). Sharing of ideas and experiences
                                                                    individually and with each other. Opportunity for
                                                                    attendees to also share their experiences and network
                                                                    with various other groups in attendance.

May                         Annual General Meeting                This year’s AGM will be held in Edmonton.

 *All dates are tentative until official notice provided.

                                                       Stakeholder Identification
MEETING THE PROGRAM                                    Ethics and Standards
EVALUATION CHALLENGE:                                  Working with an Evaluation
A Three-Part Training Program                           Consultant
for Program Managers and                               Reflection and Application
Evaluation Consultants                           Part Two
                                                 Thursday, October 21, 2004
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Wednesday, October 20 – Friday,                  Creating RFP’s that Work!
October 22, 2004                                 Marylee Stephenson, PhD
                                                 CS/RESORS Consulting, Ltd.
Part One
                                                 Join Marylee in analyzing real-life
Wednesday, October 20, 2004
                                                 proposals that exemplify the good, the
                                                 bad, and the ugly. Work in small groups
An Evaluation Primer for
                                                 to create RFPs that will work for your
                                                 organization. Learn from the mini-
Gail Barrington, PhD
                                                 lectures, the case studies, and from
Barrington Research Group, Inc.
                                                 interacting with your fellow workshop
                                                 participants. You will leave the
This interactive one-day workshop is             workshop with the tools to put together
designed for managers in government              effective RFPs that will ensure that your
and in the non-profit sector who need to         organization or department’s evaluation
understand program evaluation and plan           needs are met – effectively, efficiently,
evaluation projects. Key evaluation              and with a minimum of stress. If you are
topics    will    be    discussed     and        an evaluator, you too might find this
opportunities will be provided to                workshop useful, for honing your skills
strengthen your understanding, skills and        in assessing and responding to RFPs.
practical application of program                 All levels of experience, from either side
evaluation. Useful evaluation strategies,        of the evaluation coin, are welcome!
types, models, frameworks and standards
will be discussed in your own context.
Tips on working with an evaluation               Topics will include:
consultant will be provided. You will
                                                    The function and value of RFPs
leave the workshop with a wealth of
                                                    The GIGO principle (Garbage
information and resources, as well as a
                                                       In/Garbage Out)
renewed sense of the benefits evaluation
can provide.                                        Review of the evaluation
Topics will include:                                Basics of a range of evaluation
      Purposes and Benefits of                     What makes an RFP that will
       Evaluation                                      really work for you
      Matching Program Stages and                  Critique and develop sample
       Evaluation Types                                RFPs with your group
      Simplifying Logic Models

      Discuss challenges, successes               can utilize their services effectively and
       and    solutions   of    RFP                efficiently.
                                                   Topics will include:
Registrants will have a chance before the
workshop to offer their own examples of                  Is consulting is an appropriate
program evaluation needs for possible                     career choice for you?
selection as case studies.                               Breaking into the consulting
Part Three                                               Writing proposals
Friday, October 22, 2004                                 Setting fees
                                                         Building and maintaining client
Consulting Skills for Evaluators                          relations
Gail Barrington, PhD                                     Ethics and standards
Barrington Research Group, Inc.                          Managing your professional
Back by popular demand, this interactive                 Planning for action
one-day workshop is designed for
evaluators who are thinking about
becoming independent consultants or                YOU WILL BENEFIT FROM ANY OR
who have recently begun their                      ALL OF THESE WORKSHOPS IF:
consulting practice. Participants will be                You are a manager in a
encouraged to explore some critical                       government program or a non-
consulting topics and learn if they have                  profit agency and want to
the skills and characteristics required to                evaluate your program or
be a successful consultant. Marketing,                    project—for             improving
proposal writing, and building client                     effectiveness and demonstrating
relations will be discussed. Important                    accountability      to      senior
management topics such as setting fees,                   management, your Board, your
ethical practice, and legal structures will               target group – and the public.
be discussed and many practical                          You are committed to making
examples will be shared. Opportunities                    your whole evaluation process
will be provided to work both                             efficient and comfortable. You
independently and with colleagues to                      want this to start with the
problem solve and to develop an agenda                    development of your RFP and to
for action. At the end of the workshop, a                 continue through to a successful
round-up session will address other                       completion – and you want to
participant issues as time permits.                       learn more about how to make
                                                          this happen.
Please note, managers whose                              You are thinking about a career
responsibilities include engaging                         as an evaluation consultant and
independent consultants may find this                     want some tips on how to get
workshop of value in their own work.                      started – or if you’re already on
The better you understand how your                        the road, you can learn more
potential suppliers work, the better you                  about increasing your skills as an
                                                          evaluator and businessperson.

                                                quantitative research, and managed
Enroll now. Space is limited!                   projects from case studies to sector
                                                reviews. Her popular workshops on
Go to our website for further                   consulting and program evaluation skills
information and to register for this            have been presented to a wide variety of
event.                                          audiences from Yellowknife to                   Honolulu. She is a certified teacher and
                                                an adult educator and has taught at Grant
Part One: An Evaluation Primer for              MacEwan Community College and the
Managers                                        University of Calgary. She currently
Wednesday, October 20, 2004                     instructs Health Systems and Services
                                                Evaluation, an online course in the
Part Two: Creating RFP’s that Work!             Master of Health Studies program at
Thursday, October 21, 2004                      Athabasca University. Gail is also a
                                                Certified Management Consultant.
Part Three: Consulting Skills for
Evaluators                                      Marylee Stephenson, Ph.D. is the
Friday, October 22, 2004                        founder and president of CS/RESORS
                                                Consulting, Ltd. in Vancouver. Marylee
                                                has completed over 200 program
Location:                                       evaluations and is very experienced with
Executive Royal Inn North Calgary               the process of responding to RFPs. Her
2828—23rd Street NE                             firm’s evaluation projects have ranged
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2E 8T4                from a few weeks to three years. The
(off Barlow Trail, near the Calgary             have been conducted for local, regional
International Airport and major                 and national programs and for clients
highways. Free parking. Guest rooms             from government to the not-for-profit
have high-speed Internet access.                sectors.     Program     areas    included
Conference room rate available.                 employability enhancement, community
                                                health, corrections, justice, children and
Our Presenters:                                 families, countering abuse and violence.
                                                Marylee has also led numerous other
Gail Barrington, Ph.D. has conducted            projects, including labour market
or managed over 100 program                     analysis,      organizational     reviews,
evaluation studies since she established        feasibility studies and needs assessments
her Calgary-based research and                  - most involving the RFP process. She
consulting company, Barrington                  has delivered training in program
Research Group, Inc., in 1985. She has          evaluation for many years including the
conducted evaluation projects in such           Essential Skills Series for the Canadian
program areas as health promotion, post-        Evaluation      Society.        Marylee’s
secondary and adult education,                  avocation as a standup comic ensures
professional education, knowledge               that her training has a light touch,
transfer, and community development.            helping to bring participants together in
She has designed evaluation                     a creative, upbeat working environment.
frameworks, conducted qualitative and


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