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					                                  Parkside Centennial Elementary School
                                   3300 – 270 Street, Aldergrove, B.C. V4W 3H2
                                    Telephone: (604) 856-7775 Fax: (604) 856-3727

                                   At Parkside we work together to develop a literate,
                                   numerate and socially responsible school community.

Principal: Mr. Tim Everson                           Vice Principal: Mrs. Paula Howe
Secretary: Mrs. Kelly Bridgen                        Counsellor: Mrs. Carol Perry

Jan. 15        - Family Floor Hockey continues, 6:30 – 8:00
Jan. 16        - Hot Lunch
Jan. 19        - Mad Science after school program begins
Jan. 20        - Afternoon - French Immersion Open House @ Parkside
Jan. 22        - Ready, Set, Learn, 1:30 – 2:30
Jan. 23        - Backwards Yad!
Jan. 27        - Family Literacy Day
Jan. 30        - 12:20 dismissal for students
Feb. 2         - FSA‟s begin for gr. 4 & 7
Feb. 5         - Ready, Set. Learn, 6:00 – 7:00
Feb. 6         - STARS assembly, 2:00

December, 2008 STARS
As you know we give out STAR awards to those children who have been exceptional in
one of more aspects of STARS during the preceding month. Proud recipients this month
were: Laina Besner, Brad Walker, Clayton Churchill, Cole Anderson, Christine Weenk,
Debora Ross, Kaitlin Pool, Martin Mwariga, Hannah Peterson, Katka Kopcova, Sarah
Anderson, Joshua Thiel, Jacob Thiel, Isaac Dickey, Brittnee Rollinson, Dylan Ouelette,
Shaye Maudsley, Taylor Wiens, Lucas Sagasky, Madison Logan, Kali Shaw, Carly
Brkich, Emely Cueva, Dustin Hallberg, Ruth Ma, Nicole Pearson, Amanda-Rose Coad,
Sydney Proteau, Shaun Barnes, Braiden Summerton, Jason Dombrowski, Joshua Hatch,
Mitchell Hoy, Jayden Kaskamin, Sarah McHale, Kabier Nareg, Catrina Hunt, Max
Barker, Josh Jaster, Connel McLeod, Erika Gervais, Jacob Kautzman, Matthew Gerry,
Sivutha Thach, Liam Milford, Alena Pham, Kailey Randle, Julia Rybalka, Jordan Huynh,
Brian Nguyen. Congratulations to all.

Proud Parents
Div. 15 is proud to announce the arrival of 55 new tiny orange coho eggs this week.
Students will be examining their habitat, caring for them and studying their life cycle
until they are ready to be released.

Class Act Award
Class Act awards are given out each month to one deserving grade 7 student. This
Division One student is a thoughtful, conscientious student who is always willing to help
her classmates. Priyal Panchal has been selected as a Class Act Student. Priyal is a
student who shows that learning is important to her. She always completes her homework
and goes beyond what is asked of her in her assignments. Priyal is also a member of
band. She plays the flute and is the only grade seven student in Division One that takes
part in band. When help is needed in our class and school, Priyal readily volunteers. She
enjoys helping others and will do so when she can. Priyal is a caring individual who loves
learning and that is why she is a Class Act.

Guiding Their Reading
Guided reading is the name of the teaching method used in our primary classrooms. It is
based on teachers working with small groups of students who are reading material that is
at their „just right‟ level. This method has proven very effective for our younger students,
and now we are attempting to use this same method in intermediate as well. When
students are dismissed early on Friday, Jan. 30 (at 12:20), intermediate teachers will be
learning how to implement this method and primary teachers will be honing their skills..
It is all part of the school goal we share with all Aldergrove schools to improve our
children‟s reading.

Foundation Skills Assessment
The Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) will be administered from February 2nd to
February 27th for students in Grades 4 and 7 throughout British Columbia. The FSA
measures important skills, gained over several years, in reading, writing and numeracy
that relate to the provincial curriculum. The FSA has been developed by BC teachers and
is administered by teachers and principals.

The purpose of the FSA is to provide a snapshot of how well students in BC are doing in
terms of foundational skills. The results help schools and school districts plan for
improvement; they indicate strengths and areas requiring attention. The results of the
FSA are also useful for parents, teachers and students as they indicate where students are
doing well, and identify areas that need improvement. FSA results are not used to
determine report card marks.

The FSA has multiple-choice questions, which are answered on-line, and a written
section using paper and pencil. The FSA takes approximately four and a half hours,
which can scheduled over a number of weeks. Most schools in the province of British
Columbia provide students at least three sessions to complete the assessment. The
multiple-choice questions are scored electronically and the written part of the test is
scored in our district by teachers and administrators.

Schools will send home FSA scores in late March in the three areas of reading, writing
and numeracy. Parents will also receive the booklet used for the written section of the
FSA. There is additional information for parents at the Ministry of Education website
including a number of questions and answers regarding the FSA and sample questions
and tests.

For more information please feel free to contact Mr. Everson at the school
(604 – 856 – 7775).
                            Some Great Health Suggestions

Free Dental Treatment for Children without Dental Coverage:
Your 5 – 12 year old child may be able to receive free dental treatment through the UBC
Children‟s Program. A supervised dental student will provide treatment. Appointments
will be available starting September 2008. The program is for families who do not
qualify for government sponsored dental coverage or do not have dental coverage
through work. The program benefits families by providing free dental treatment and the
dental students by giving them experience in treating cavities. For this reason it is not
meant for children who need a “check-up”. If you know your child has cavities and
would like more information please contact the Fraser Health Public Health Dental
Program at (604) 539-2900. Free bus transportation will be provided from a central
location. A parent must accompany their child to the appointments. Your children are
eligible if your family receives or is eligible to receive premium assistance through
Medical Services Plan of B.C.
 Healthy Kids is for children 0 – 18, and pays up to $700.00 per year for 6 month
    check ups and cleanings, all basic treatment such as fillings, sealants and x-rays
 For more information, call 1-866-866-0800, press 4 and then 2 or the Fraser Health
    dental staff at 604-539-2900.

Activity Recommendation for Elementary Age Students
Did you know that according to the Canada Fitness Guide the recommended amount of
activity for elementary age students is 90 minutes per day? Schools are currently
required to provide Daily Physical Activity for 30 of those minutes. Families can share
activity time to make sure the other 60 minutes happen. One idea is to earn tv time with
activity time. It works for mom and dad too, and will make you feel energetic after a
hard day at work. Walking, Rollerblading, and playing hockey with friends are just some
of the great ways to get exercise and have some fun! Brought to you by:
                                Healthy Schools Committee
                                Langley School District #35
                           20% Healthier by 2010 Pledge Drive

New Years Resolution Alert!
David Ludwig, associate professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, reports that a
study looking at the eating habits of teens found that they consume about 400 more
calories on a day when they consume fast food compared with a day in which they don‟t.
One suggestion is to plan one day a week that you will have a fast food meal. This will
help you plan your other meal times better!

A Good Night’s Sleep (A Message From Your School Nurse)
Sleep is important for good health and to keep children feeling their best. Lack of sleep
affects children‟s learning. Children need about 9-10 hours of sleep a night.
        To help your child get enough sleep:
             Set a regular bed time routine
             Have a quiet time 30 minutes before bedtime (read, warm bath, etc)
             Avoid caffeine-containing soft drinks and chocolate
             Provide a cool, dark, quiet room for sleeping
             For more information on dealing with sleep issues, go to
       or call your local Health Unit
                                     Community News

Langley Mustangs Track and Field
The Langley Mustangs Track and Field Club has had a long and successful history in
Langley with both Leah Pells and Debbie Brill beginning their track and field training
with the club on their way to becoming Olympians. The Langley Mustangs is both a high
performance and recreational club ranging in age nine to Masters (35+ years). To meet
the needs of athletes of differing ages and abilities, we offer four levels of training which
can be viewed in greater detail on our website at Children
are encouraged to try all the run, jump and throw events including many that schools
cannot offer such as hurdles, triple jump and javelin.
Registration takes place at the following locations:
                            Walnut Grove Pool- Jan 24th 2-4 pm
                              WC Blair Pool - Jan 31st- 2-4pm

Strengthening Family Ties
Aldergrove Neighbourhood Services invites you to join in on family fun every Tuesday
and Thursday from Jan. 15th to June 16th from 6:30 – 8:00 at Aldergrove Community
Secondary School. Bring you family out for an evening of games, food and laughs. Drop-
in is fine, and every evening is free for ages 6 – 12.

Valley Ball Hockey Registration
Saturday, Jan. 24th and Sunday, Feb. 8th from 10:00 – 4:00 at the George Preston
Recreation Centre (20699 – 42 Ave.) there is registration for ball hockey. Children born
from 1990 – 2004 are eligible, simply bring a birth certificate and care card. Phone 604
532 – 9525 or visit the website at for more information.

Ready, Set, Learn!
The Ready, Set, Learn program is a free program intended for children 3 and 4 years old.
Children and parents come together to learn about activities that will help children with
math and reading, as they have fun playing games that are educational. If you would like
to attend our next session, please sign up in the school office or at Precious Moments
Preschool – 604-857-0740 before January 15th.

Next session: “It Takes Two to Talk!” – Learning with Rhymes and Vocabulary.

        Date: January 22                       Time: 1:30 – 2:30

Preschool Registration for September 2009
Precious Moments Preschool is now holding registration for Sept.09 classes.
Registration will be done on a first-come-first-serve basis. Register early as classes fill-up
quickly. For more information and Registration Forms please contact us either in person
at the preschool on site (Parkside Elem. across from the Kindergarten classrooms), by
phone 604-857-0740 or on our web site

                                “Where Learning is Fun!”

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