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Terms _ Conditions


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									                                   Terms & Conditions

1.1-   The tender is single bid system which is open as tender norms.
1.2-   The tender will be opened by the Chief Engineer, Engineering Cell, Dept.of Health &
       Family Welfare, Govt. of Jharkhand, State RCH Office Campus Namkum, Ranchi or his
       authorized officers on 19-04-2011 at 3.30 P.M. in the office of undersign. The tenderers
       or their authorized agents who-so-ever desire may remain present at the time of opening
       the tender.
1.3-   The items of works, plans, specifications or any others information in connection with the
       work can be seen in the office of the concerned Executive Engineer, Dept.of Health
       &Family Welfare , Govt. of Jharkhand, State RCH Office Campus Namkum, Ranchi. on
       any working day during the office hours before filling the tender.
1.4-   Bill of Quantity /Tender document can be purchase from the office of The Chief
       Engineer, Engineering Cell, State R.C.H Campus, Namkum, Ranchi and camp office of
       Executive Engineer, Health &Family Welfare Deptt., Palamu Division at Ranchi on the
       payment shown in first page of N.I.T in shape of account payee Bank draft of S.B.I in
       favour of Executive Engineer, (H & F. W. D) Palamu Division, Palamu payable at
       Daltonganj. All tender paper will be sold by any of the above office on the after date and
       time fixed for sale of Tender papers.
1.5-   The tenders are required to deposit earnest money as mentioned in Tender Paper. This
       may be deposited in the form of Bank Guarantee issued by scheduled Bank (Valid for 11
       months), N.S.C. VIIIth issue/post office savings banks 3/5 T.D. only duly pledged in
       favour of concerned Executive Engineer, (Health &Family Welfare Deptt.), Palamu
       Division, Palamu Govt. of Jharkhand. Tenders without requisite amount of earnest money
       as required form shall be summarily rejected. Any claim for exemption for depositing
       earnest money may be entertained only with the approval of Government of Jharkhand.
1.6-   Tenderers should quote his rate on overall items (not item wise) in percentage above or
       below (both in figure and words) over the estimated cost or B.O.Q. amount. In the case
       the rate quoted by the tenderer is less than (-) 15% this will be treated as unworkable and
       tender shall be rejected.
1.7-   The Department reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the tenders received
       without assigning any reason there of. Ambiguous and conditional tenders are not
       acceptable and will be out rightly rejected.
1.8-   Successful tenderer, will have to deposit @ 5% of tendered amount including Earnest
       Money towards the initial security deposit at the time of agreement, remaining 5% shall
       be deducted from the each running bill.
1.9-   The earnest money of the successful tenderer will be forfeited in case the tenderer
       declines to sign the agreement or fails to deposit security money within 10 days of being
       called upon to do so after approval of the tender by the Competent Authority.
1.10- The N.I.T. with general rules and special conditions will from a part of the contract
1.11- It will be obligatory for the tenderer to keep his offer open for acceptance for a period of
       180 days from the opening of the tender.
1.12- Up- to-date Sale Tax clearance Certificate/ Income Tax clearance Certificate/ up to date
       labour license/ upto date character from DM(DC)/SP shall be submitted by the tenderer,
       in absence of which tender may be rejected.
1.13- Photostat copy of the registration certificate and others document in support of the claim
       duly attested by Gazetted Officer must be enclosed along with the application.
1.14- Tender before quoting the rate should visit the site and see the site condition and
       availability of material.
1.14A. Tender before quoting the rate of Group No. 5 to 15 should visit the site for work done
1.15- If estimated cost is changed, the earnest money will be deposited according to the cost
       mentioned in the BOQ.
1.16- All applicable taxes and cess will be deducted from each running bill.

                                                                   (Executive Engineer),
                                                           Deptt. of Health &Family Welfare,
                                                                Palamu Division, Palamu.

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