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					Mitel Mobile
– Seamless Communications

Laith Zalzalah
Director Wireless and Hosted Solutions
Mitel NetSolutions
Communications Service Provider

 Complete hosted, mobile, local, long distance, Internet access, and
  complex data network offerings
 Industry leading customer support
 Local, regional, national, and international solutions
 Solutions include:
   – Local services – PSTN
     and SIP services
   – WAN technologies –
     MPLS, VPLS, Ethernet
   – Hosted solutions
        – Mitel AnyWare
        – cloudNOC Network
        – Audio and Web

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Mitel Mobile

 Nationwide voice and data wireless
  services – single number, single invoice
   – Wireless voice, broadband data, and
     text messaging
   – Packages designed specifically for
     business / enterprise
   – Choice of wireless handsets, smart
     phones, and data cards
 Support
   – Industry-leading first line support
   – Responsive Level 2 and Level 3
     Advanced technical support
 Bundles
   – CPE, Wireline, and Wireless Bundles
   – Mobile Convergence Solutions
       – Mobile Wireless Integration
       – BlackBerry® MVS

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           Of 110 million office workers, 90% spend
              20% or more of their time on the go

 Equipping staff with the right tools
  enhances productivity, motivation,
  and staff retention
 Secure mobile email and data
  applications help mobile workers
  stay in touch and up-to-date on
  business issues
 Extending streamlined anytime,
  anywhere access to mobile voice
  applications is the next milestone in
  enhancing mobility

       Freedom to Communicate

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Mitel NetSolutions Provides Convergence

     360º of Convergence with Mitel’s Communications
        Platforms and NetSolutions Network Services

  WAN Convergence: Current MPLS, WAN Ethernet, IP, and Complex Data
   offerings converge applications on robust unified networks.
  PSTN Convergence: SIP-based Local Services provide PSTN
   connectivity through IP-based applications with varying degrees of
   control or Quality of Service.
  Wireless Convergence: Mitel Mobile 3G/4G Wireless Services combined
   with Dynamic Extension and business continuity routing fully integrates
   the wireline and wireless world to help keep you Simply Communicating.

               Mitel Enables 360º of Convergence

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Mitel Mobile Convergence Solutions

 Combine best of breed
   – Mitel IP business                     Offering                 Mitel Mobile Devices
     communications solutions              Mobile                 Network- or Server-Based
   – NetSolutions Wireline and             Integration                   Solutions
     Wireless services                     UCC                    Mitel UC Advanced Mobile
                                           Integration                     Clients
 Delivering converged
  fixed voice and mobile                   PBX
                                           Integration            Mitel Dynamic Extension
 Expanding UCC
  applications to
  the mobile user

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 Puts an end to the “two phone                   Provides:
  numbers” and “two voice                             – One phone number for
  mails” problem                                        mobile and desk phone
                                                      – Simultaneous ring
                                                      – Seamless, transparent
                                                        transfer between desk and
                                                        mobile phone during a call
                                                      – One voice mail inbox using
                                                        the Mitel’s Enterprise Voice
                                                        Mail platform

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 Simplifies end-user experience
 Dialing
   – Extension dialing from the mobile,
     just like from the desk phone
      – No access numbers or
        codes required
      – Works for mobile to desk, desk to
        mobile, mobile to mobile
   – Non-enterprise dialing is completed
     by dialing 10 digits (no “9” required)

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 Cost Savings                           Additional savings:
                                              – Mobile phones can replace
                                                desk phones
                                              – New employees can be
                                                installed faster, cheaper,
                                                virtually anywhere
                                              – Intelligent signaling and
                                                routing allows trunk
                                                    – Mobile to Enterprise
                                                      calls routed through
                                                      data connection

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 Allows Telecom Manager to                         Better Control:
  track and control mobile calls                          – Class of Control from the
                                                            Mitel Communications
                                                            Director (MCD) can be
                                                            extended to the mobile
                                                          – Mobile calls can be tracked /
                                                            logged by the MCD
                                                          – Single published phone
                                                            number remains property of
                                                            the business when an
                                                            employee leaves

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Mitel Mobile Convergence Solutions

 Mitel Mobile Wireless Integration
   – Network-based FMC solution that bridges the gap between wireless
     and wireline services by extending corporate call control and features
     provided by MCD to any Mitel mobile device.

 BlackBerry Mobile Voice System (MVS)
   – Enterprise-based FMC solution designed to unify desk phone’s
     features with BlackBerry smartphones through connectivity of
     BlackBerry MVS Server, Enterprise Server, and MCD.

                Communications with No Boundaries

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Mitel Mobile Wireless Integration (MWI)

 Robust and scalable network-based integration via SIP without the need
  for two-stage dialers, premises-based adjunct servers, or costly wireless-
  to-SIP transcoding
 All calls originating from or terminating at the user’s mobile phone will be
  routed to MCD for further processing
   – Supports four-digit + / extension dialing
   – Delivers one-number subscriber identity
   – Integrated with MCD
   – Leverages installed premises voice mail
   – Will support one-number SMS
                                                                       +         Function

 Works on all Mitel Mobile phones without                           Wireless
  the need for SIP clients or apps, or Wi-Fi
 Complete macro wireless network feature
  functionality on Mitel Mobile’s nationwide network

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Mobile Wireless Integration Network Architecture

                                                              CDMA         IMS


             Site                                             Site               WAN Router
                             WAN Router
             A                                                B
                                     MBG                                           MBG

               Voice Mail                                     Voice Mail

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Mitel Mobility for BlackBerry MVS 5
Full Office Experience on BlackBerry Smartphones

 End Users get their office phone on their
  BlackBerry smartphones
   – One office identity, one office voice mail
   – Office extension dialing and desk phone features all
     accessible from native BlackBerry smartphone client
 Business decision makers get cost savings and
  improved productivity
   – Save money through optimized Call Routing and
     the use of Voice over Wi-Fi® Calling
 IT Administrators get a secure and manageable Unified
  Voice solution
   – BlackBerry Enterprise Server integration to provide
     secure access to the enterprise voice network
 VMware® Ready™: Virtual MCD and BlackBerry MVS

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Mitel Mobility for BlackBerry MVS 5
Infrastructure and Client Interface

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MWI and BlackBerry MVS Solutions
A Quick Glance
                        Mitel Mobile                                   BlackBerry
                    Wireless Integration                                  MVS

Devices           Any Mitel Mobile handset                      BlackBerry smartphones

Internal ext.         Yes – devices act
dialing              as a PBX Extension
PBX features
                            Yes                                           Yes
on device

Single #
                            Yes                                           Yes

One voice
                            Yes                                           Yes
                 Network based – no premises                    Requires BES and MVS
                      servers required                                 servers
                                                              Yes – calls made on the Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi calling                No
                                                                   or cellular network

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 The workforce is more mobile and less tethered to desktop telephony
 Investment in traditional desktop communications devices is expected to
  grow at 8% of companies polled, while smartphone deployment was
  forecasted to grow at 83%.
 Customers desire the same kind of functionality and integration with their
  office communications systems from their mobile devices.
 With Mobile Convergence Solutions from Mitel Mobile, businesses achieve:
   – Increased mobility – solutions provide consistent workplace experience
     for employees in and out of the office by making employees reachable
     anytime and anywhere
   – Increased customer service response – single number, voice mail, and
     simultaneous ring allow key employees to receive live desk calls on their
     mobile device to assist with customer issues and problems
   – Leveraging existing UC business processes

                            : In-Office Experience Anywhere

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Mobile Applications


         Mitel Mobile                                           Adaptive
         Wireless                                               Mobile
         Integration                                            Connect

                                                          UC Advanced
              BlackBerry®                                    Mobile
                 MVS                                       Client / UC

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Solutions for Mobile Workers
360° Convergence

      Mobile               Fixed UC                           Applications

                                                           – Mitel Mobile
                                                           – BlackBerry Mobile
– Smartphones        – Selection of desk                     Voice System
– Tablets              phones and soft-                    – Mitel UC
                       phones (optional)                     Advanced Mobile
– Wireless
  integration                                              – Mitel Applications
                     – In the cloud or on                    Suite

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Resources                           Follow Mitel

                       For more Mitel Mobile information and
                        resources, please visit:

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Thank you

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