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New and Award-Winning Videos For the K-12 Curriculum


									                         UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA EXTENSION

                         CENTER FOR MEDIA AND

                         INDEPENDENT LEARNING                                 1999-2000

               New and Award-Winning
                For the K-12 Curriculum
                                                                 A World of Differences: Understanding Cross-
                                                                 Cultural Communication (page ):
                                                                 “I’d feel a lot better about the future of our
                                                                 planet if I knew every student in school today
                                                                 had seen this video and discussed the issues it

                                                                 Forgotten Fires (page ):
                                                                 “If we wanted a real dialogue about race in
                                                                 America, we’d start with this film. Its strong
                                                                 dose of reality begs for an honest response
                                                                 from a wide audience.” — Bill Moyers

                                                                 Six Billion and Beyond (page ):
                                                                 “The best introduction available on video to
                                                                 the interconnected issues of population
                                                                 growth, economic development, equal rights
Cover Image:                                                     for women, and environmental protection
Secrets in Stone (page ):                                      around the world.”
“This is the best short video…
on the research that led to the theory
of plate tectonics. The graphics are excellent
and the narrative superb.”                                http://www–
2      Social Studies/History                                                                                                            Phone: --

Social Studies/History                                  NEW FOR 1999-2000!

                                                       South Africa: Building Democracy
                                                       This authoritative three-part series on the “new” South Africa examines the historic transformations
                                                       sweeping the country. Each part consists of two stand-alone half-hour stories of exemplary South
                                                       Africans, while the series as a whole may provide the most comprehensive and accessible portrait
                                                       currently available of contemporary South Africa. This remarkable series helps students understand
                                                       the large events and issues in South Africa’s recent past and present by entering the lives of vibrant,
                                                       compelling people. This approach enables the films to bring key topics vividly to life — from health
                                                       care and housing to government and business. This series will be of interest to a wide range of teachers
                                                       of high school social studies, world history, and current world affairs, Produced by Sam Kauffman.
                                                       “An extremely valuable teaching tool! The dramatic events that followed the collapse of apartheid in South
                                                       Africa provide a rare opportunity to observe how a diverse polity, confronted with deeply rooted social and
                                                       economic problems, can nevertheless create genuinely democratic institutions. The films capture this process
                                                       vividly and admirably. They tell a powerful story through the voices of those who are working under
Six Billion and Beyond                                 extremely difficult conditions to consummate this historic transformation. I highly recommend this series.”
                                                       — Glenn C. Loury, Dir., Institute on Race and Social Division, Boston Univ.
    NEW FOR 1999-2000!
                                                          Save More Than 25%
Six Billion and Beyond                                    Special Series Price: $425
              world’s six billion people

H          are under the age of . The decisions
           they make about how many children
to have, and when to have them, will be critical
                                                       Part One
                                                       Father Smangaliso Mkhatshwa, a Catholic
                                                       priest, was tortured and imprisoned during the
in shaping life on earth in the next  years. But     apartheid era. He was recently elected to Parlia-
what factors are shaping these young people’s          ment and helps pass a new Constitution. His
decisions?                                             work with both whites and blacks in Parliament
This thought-provoking documentary is, stated          shows that reconciliation is possible.
simply, the best and most comprehensive intro-         Claudette Yakobi lives in an infamous squatter
duction available on video to the interconnected       camp called Phola Park. Although the living
issues of population growth, economic develop-         conditions are shocking, Claudette and the
ment, equal rights and opportunities for women,        other residents of this squatter camp work to-          South Africa: Building Democracy
and environmental protection around the world.         gether to build a better life for themselves. With
The film interweaves expert commentary with             a grant from a private agency and money from            Part Three
incisive portraits of young people in six diverse      the new government, they are able to buy small
                                                       plots of land. They hope that someday they will         Dawie De Villiers, an Afrikaner businessman
countries — Mexico, Italy, Kenya, India, China,                                                                living in Pretoria, tries to conduct business in a
and the USA — to illustrate how young people           be able to exchange their shacks for real houses.
                                                                                                               country now run by blacks. Like many whites,
are making decisions about their lifestyles, pat-      52 min. Gr. 9-12 1999 Catalog #38474                    his love of South Africa is undercut by his disdain
terns of consumption, and reproductive choices.        Sale: video $195, Rental: video $70                     for the black government, which he considers
The film demonstrates how these decisions will                                                                  incompetent. He threatens to leave the country
have an extraordinary impact on the world’s            Part Two                                                if standards begin to slide and crime is not
environment, and how in turn the condition of          Sarah Khambane is a health worker in the                brought under control.
the environment will strongly affect the quality        Northern Province of South Africa, a province           Thandi Orleyn-Sekete, a lawyer, is national
of people’s lives everywhere.                          known for its right-wing Afrikaners. She teaches        director of IMSSA, South Africa’s largest inde-
Six Billion and Beyond is a thought-provoking          primary health care to black farm workers on            pendent mediation and arbitration service.
work that will stimulate classrooom discussion         white-owned farms. She confronts one Afrikaner          Under apartheid, she struggled to get a decent
in any high school class that considers economic       farmer about the appalling conditions of farm           education that would enable her to compete
development, population issues, contemporary           workers on his farm. Throughout the episode             with whites. Having managed to earn a law
social issues, the environment, or women’s             Sarah tries to implement urgently needed                degree and build a career as an attorney, she
studies. It was produced by Linda Harrar               improvements in health care by working directly         bristles at the charges of black incompetence
Productions and is hosted and narrated by noted        with the affected farm workers. She says that            leveled by whites. Thandi proves by example
actress Blythe Danner. An accompanying study           little progress has been made in rural health care      that, with training, blacks can deliver the same
guide helps facilitate classsroom use.                 since the  elections, and she wonders how           standards as whites. She cautions, however, that
“A fresh, contemporary, and highly informative         long it will be before any change takes place.          providing high standards for everyone is a lot
look at global population issues. It adeptly reveals   Selven Chetty, a violence monitor, struggles to         harder than providing high standards only for
the heart of the population-environment challenge      help contain the simmering civil war that has           whites.
by exploring the choices and aspirations of today’s    long threatened the stability of the province           52 min. Gr. 9-12 1999 Catalog #38476
teenagers within their own cultures. Engaging and      called KwaZulu-Natal. By demanding that an              Sale: video $195, Rental: video $70
thought-provoking, the film is ideal for generating     investigation of a brutal massacre be conducted
spirited classroom discussion and debate on some of    by police living outside the region, he is able to
the most critical issues of our time.” — Sandra        bring the perpetrators to justice. For his work,
Postel, Senior Fellow, Worldwatch Institute            Selvan is honored by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
56 min. Gr. 8-12 1999 Catalog #38472                   52 min. Gr. 9-12 1999 Catalog #38475
Sale: video $225, Rental: video $75                    Sale: video $195, Rental: video $70
Fax: --                                                                                                          Social Studies/History                  3

 NEW FOR 1999-2000!                                                                                            NEW FOR 1999-2000!

Forgotten Fires                                                                                               Ishi of Fire Mountain
        Golden Spire Award, San                                                                               This extraordinary video is a newly restored and
          Francisco Intl. Film Festival                                                                       edited version of the classic educational docu-
        Gold Medal, Flagstaff Intl.                                                                            mentary, Ishi in Two Worlds. That film won
          Film Festival                                                                                       major awards and honors worldwide and is still
        Juror’s Choice Award,                                                                                 widely used in classrooms at all levels through-
          Charlotte Film Festival                                                                             out the country. Theodora Kroeber collaborated
        PBS National Broadcasts                                                                               on the original script and furnished many of the
                                                                                                              film’s rare still photographs and vintage motion-
          a new docu-

E      mentary comes along that is
       so powerful, so illuminating,
and so unforgettable that it is
                                                                                                              picture footage. The film is based on her emi-
                                                                                                              nent book, also titled Ishi in Two Worlds, which
                                                                                                              remains after nearly  years in print one of the
                                                                                                              most moving and sensitive depictions ever writ-
deemed an instant classic and an                                                                              ten on cultural differences and the relationship
essential classroom teaching tool.                                                                            of people to the environment and each other.
Forgotten Fires is such a film. This
                                                                                                              This new edition of the film skillfully relates the
riveting exploration of the devastat-
                                                                                                              poignant story of Ishi, the last survivor of
ing consequences of racial hatred
                                                                                                              California’s Yahi tribe, and makes that story
shines a profoundly revealing light
                                                                                                              meaningful for students today. Superb color
into the darkest reaches of America’s
                                                                                            Forgotten Fires   photography of the Yahi homeland blends seam-
heart and soul.
                                                                                                              lessly with vintage images of Ishi and his time.
The film investigates the burning of two African-American churches in rural South Carolina by a                This new edition is narrated by Darryl Babe
young convert to the Ku Klux Klan. Told through remarkably frank interviews with both the victims             Wilson of the Iss and Aw’te, neighboring tribes
and the perpetrators of these racial crimes, the film puts a surprisingly human face on racism, trans-         to the now-extinct Yahi, and author of several
forming a seemingly simple story of blacks and whites into a complex tale filled with endless shades of        works on Native American culture for young
gray. What begins as an investigation into the church burnings becomes an extraordinary meditation            readers.
on race relations in America today.                                                                           Ishi’s is a great story with profound insights into
Filmed over a one-year period in Manning, South Carolina, Forgotten Fires goes behind simplistic              nature, human behavior, bigotry, and resolve;
news headlines and examines the historical, economic, and social contexts to the epidemic of church           none who meet him here will soon forget him or
burnings in the s. Skillfully interweaving Ku Klux Klan home movies with gripping live sequenc-           what he represents. Ishi of Fire Mountain was
es, informative historical footage, and startling confessional testimony, the film traces the coming of        produced by David Shepard, who has made
the Klan to this sleepy rural town and shows how the group’s twisted logic of racial enmity found fer-        some  acclaimed restored editions of historic
tile ground among the region’s dirt-poor whites. In a place where blacks and whites had lived side by         films. The video’s music is inspired by authentic
side for years, the fiery oratory of the Klan attracted eager white converts ready to blame their black        Yahi songs recorded by Ishi on wax cylinders.
neighbors for their own lost opportunities and impoverished lives.                                            There is an accompanying study guide.
One young man who found purpose in the Klan’s seductive rhetoric was Timothy Welch. As a boy, he              “I would heartily recommend that Ishi of Fire
would perch in the pecan tree outside Macedonia Baptist Church and listen to the Sunday service,              Mountain be shown in every classroom in the
waiting for his black friends to come out and play. At age , Welch would burn that same church to           country! The video made the Yahi culture come
the ground. He now resides in a federal prison, sentenced to  years for civil rights violations.            alive to my fourth-grade students. They were espe-
Through his remarkable commentary Welch initially emerges as a starkly candid homegrown white                 cially enthralled to hear Ishi’s actual voice singing
supremacist, but his portrait gradually softens to reveal a troubled youth, with deep ties to the black       his gambling song. The timing and pacing of the
community he betrayed and a burdened conscience turning from hatred toward remorse.                           video seemed perfectly attuned to my fourth-graders
                                                                                                              and left them interested in discussing many aspects
Equally compelling is the quiet fortitude of black pastor Jonathan Mouzon, whose musings on the
                                                                                                              of Ishi’s life and his interactions with other people.”
meaning of the church to the black community and its ties to the past give us a profound insight into
                                                                                                              — Cordelia Saltzman, Big Valley Intermediate
the roots of community. His compassion for the perpetrators of the church burnings is a marvel of
                                                                                                              School, Bieber, California
racial tolerance and empathy.
                                                                                                              “All students should learn about Ishi, and this film
Rarely has a film on race relations granted such deep humanity to all its participants, and it is this         is the ideal introduction to his life and times. Just
inclusiveness that gives Forgotten Fires its overwhelming impact. It will inspire thought, discussion,        as Anne Frank personalizes the Holocaust, Ishi
and analysis in a wide variety of high school courses in American history, social studies, and multicul-      personalizes America’s th-century genocide
turalism. It also creates a powerful impression in school assemblies and special programs on tolerance        against Native Americans. Ishi’s poignant tale is
and diversity.                                                                                                well told in this fine film. It is engaging and accu-
Forgotten Fires was produced by Michael Chandler and Vivian Kleiman for the Independent Television            rate, visually inspired, and features an excellent
Service with funding provided by the Corp. for Public Broadcasting. Forgotten Fires is a presentation         collection of photos of Ishi and the environments
of the Independent Television Service.                                                                        and people around him. Especially moving is the
“If we wanted a real dialogue about race in America, we’d start with this film. Its strong dose of             footage of the wilderness in which he spent most of
reality begs for an honest response from a wide audience.” — Bill Moyers                                      his life.” — Prof. Leanne Hinton, UC Berkeley
                                                                                                              18 min. Gr. 4-11 1999 Catalog #38459
“A stunning film, deeply felt, deeply moving, and worthy of repeated viewings.With excruciating even-
                                                                                                              Sale: video $150, Rental: video $50
handedness and generous compassion — even for those who might not deserve it — the film shows us the
victims and the victimizers and reveals the true, heartbreaking dimensions of the tragedy and the ongoing
suffering and struggle for redemption of all involved. The film provides a clear window into the connections
and disconnections of a small southern American town, which becomes, as the film plays on, a microcosm for
the nation as a whole.” — Anthony Walton, author of Mississippi, An American Journey
57 min. Gr. 8-12 1999 Catalog #38447
Sale: video $295, Rental: video $95
4      Social Studies/History                                                                                                Email:

Social Studies/History                                     Riding the Rails                                      The Moravian Massacre
                                                                    Natl. Educational Film Festival Gold                  Natl. Educational Film Festival Award
                                                                      Apple Award                                         Columbus Intl. Film Festival Award
                                                                    “Best Documentary Feature Film,”                      Chicago Intl. Documentary Film Festival
                                                                      Worldfest Houston                                    honoree
                                                                    Sundance Film Festival honoree                        San Luis Obispo Intl Film Festival
                                                                    “Documentary Jury Award,” Cinequest                    honoree
                                                                      San Jose Film Festival                     On the morning of March , , in the sev-
                                                                    Selected for screening at more than two      enth year of the American Revolution, at the
                                                                      dozen film festivals worldwide              Moravian mission of Gnadenhutten, a group of
                                                           This universally acclaimed documentary pro-           Pennsylvania militia forced  Christianized
                                                           vides an unforgettable account of the lives of        Indians of the Delaware tribe into two cabins.
                                                           teenage freight-train riders during the s. In     Within a few hours, all of the converts, most of
                                                           so doing it also offers a visionary perspective on     whom were women and children, were beaten
                                                           the supposed romanticism of the road and a            to death by militia members.
                                                           cautionary warning on the legacy and effects of        Why did it happen? This powerful and thought-
Riding the Rails                                           the Great Depression. The Depression forced           provoking documentary blends artwork, inter-
                                                           some four million Americans onto the tracks in        views, readings from primary documents, and
What Reviewers Are Saying                                  search of work, food, and lodging. Of these           contemporary footage of the massacre site into a
about Riding the Rails                                     transients, more than , were children.          mesmerizing account of what is considered one
                                                           Through painstaking research and with tremen-         of the most brutal atrocities in American history.
“Striking in its detail and depth of emotion, this is                                                            The story depicts a dark side of the American
that rare documentary that will inform, dazzle,            dous sensitivity, Riding the Rails relates the
                                                           experiences and painful recollections of these        Revolution that is rarely discussed: the war on
and move its audience to tears.” — Rebecca                                                                       the frontier. It reveals the politics, bigotry, and
Yeldham, Sundance Film Festival                            now-elderly survivors of the rails. Seamlessly
                                                           interweaving archival footage, personal photos,       hatred that permeated the early American wil-
“This is simply one of the best documentaries ever         and interviews, the film recounts the children’s       derness and that has left an indelible stamp on
made.” — Zade Darwish, Florida Film Festival               “trade secrets” for survival and their stories of     all of American history. Directed by Randall
“Kids like stories, and this is that rare kind of story    dank miseries, loneliness, imprisonment, death,       Wilkins for Wapatomika Productions.
with which teenagers can identify. The structure           and dispossession. What emerges is a heart-
and movement of the film make it possible to show           breaking portrait of transformation and loss in a
in either one or two seatings. I’ve used it both ways.     land of bankrupt promises and vacant opportu-
The length of the film was not a problem because            nities. As it reveals the poignant post-Depression
the story held the students’ attention so strongly.        fates of the now--year-old survivors, Riding
They were quite drawn to this film about their age          the Rails illuminates the irrevocable repercus-
group in a long-ago era. A major challenge of              sions of a bitter chapter in American history.
studying the s is that students are distanced          This memorable film will encourage discussion
from the Depression…. The beauty of oral history           in any American history or social studies class. It
and the narrative style of the film helped students         has a natural breaking point halfway through to
bridge this gap. Screening the film and reading             facilitate classroom use. It was produced and
Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath was particularly               directed by Michael Uys and Lexy Lovell.              The Moravian Massacre
thought-provoking for our students.” — Rem
Briggs, American Studies and History Teacher,              53 min. Gr. 8-12 1997 Catalog #38413
                                                           Sale: video $250, Rental: video $95                   “As an American Studies teacher, I find it a con-
Roosevelt High School, Hyde Park, NY                                                                             stant challenge to present the multifaceted and
                                                                                                                 complex issues which molded our American heri-
                                                                                                                 tage. This is particularly true with our first topic of
    NEW FOR 1999-2000!                                                                                           the year — the melding and clashing of European
                                                                                                                 and Indian cultures. Such a topic involves ques-
Privy to the Past                                                                                                tions of religion, politics, economics, culture, and
          Society for Historical Archaeology screening selection                                                 race. In no single incident in the colonial history of
          This detailed and engaging documentary provides an outstanding introduction to the goals               the country is this complexity more evident than in
          and methodologies of historical archaeology. The video chronicles an excavation in West                the Moravian Massacre. This comprehensive video
Oakland, California, in advance of a major freeway construction project. It shows how archaeologists             vividly captures the entire scope of the various in-
uncover collections of artifacts from a variety of ordinary families who lived in working-class West             fluences which led to that awful event, and it has
Oakland between the mid-s and the early s. West Oakland was the first truly integrated                    become the centerpiece of our class discussions con-
community in the United States; people of different ethnic backgrounds lived next door to one                     cerning European and Indian interactions in the
another rather than in small ethnic enclaves.                                                                    colonial period. And this has not been solely my
                                                                                                                 decision, but the choice of my students as well, for
The video follows the archaeologists as they work ahead of construction crews, excavate archaeological           this stirring video causes them to stop and ponder
features, research historical documents, and interpret their discoveries. Artifacts from Chinese, white,         all that has molded our American culture.” —
and black households are examined for clues to the diverse ways of life of the th century residents,           Mark Baker, Page High School, Franklin, Tenn.
and oral history interviews with descendants of those residents both broaden and corroborate the
archaeological evidence. Privy to the Past is accompanied by an excellent Instructor’s Guide. Produced           48 min. Gr. 8-12 1997 Catalog #38405
by the California Dept. of Transportation in association with Sonoma State Univ.                                 Sale: video $175, Rental: video $60
“I thoroughly enjoyed this video and highly recommend it! It presents an excellent case study of how
cutting-edge archaeological research is conducted in the field, the laboratory, and library archives.” —
Kent Lightfoot, Prof. of Anthropology, Univ. of California, Berkeley
29 min. Gr. 7-12 1999 Catalog #38471
Sale: video $150, Rental: video $50                                                                                 Social Studies/History                 5

                                                       From Fields of Promise
                                                                Natl. Educational Film Festival Gold
                                                                  Apple Award
                                                                Intl. Film & TV Festival of New York
                                                                  Gold Medal
                                                                CINE Golden Eagle Award
                                                                SECA “Best Historical Documentary”
                                                       Ossie Davis and John O’Neal narrate this out-
                                                       standing, widely acclaimed historical documen-
                                                       tary. The film chronicles the story of the Afri-
                                                       can-American farmers of Gee’s Bend, Alabama.          When I Was 14: A Survivor Remembers
                                                       First as slaves, then as “freed men,” and finally as
                                                       landowners, the Black farmers of Gee’s Bend           When I Was Fourteen: A
                                                       and their descendants have lived on and farmed
The Italians in America                                the same land since . They have experienced       Survivor Remembers
                                                       the demise of slavery, struggled with Jim Crow,                Film Arts Foundation Festival honoree
The Italians in America                                were felled by the Great Depression, were en-                  Boston Jewish Film Festival honoree
         San Francisco Intl. Film Festival Golden      franchised by a “social experiment,” and partici-              San Diego Jewish Film Festival honoree
          Gate Award                                   pated at the center of the Civil Rights move-         This profoundly inspiring and deeply humanistic
         American Intl. Film Festival Creative         ment. Today, their region remains one of the          documentary is a must for any junior or senior
          Merit Award                                  poorest in America, but the farmers of Gee’s          high class studying the Holocaust or modern
         Chicago Intl. Film Festival Gold Hugo         Bend have carved out a modest existence for           European history. It chronicles the experiences
          Award                                        themselves, sent their sons and daughters to          of Gloria Hollander Lyon, a Jewish Czechoslo-
         American Italian Historical Assn. honoree     college, and quietly stand as a symbol of dignity     vakian now living in America. When she was 
         American Assn. for Italian Studies            and a beacon of hope for the nation. By John          her family was arrested and sent to Auschwitz,
          honoree                                      DiJulio, Bruce Kuerten, and M.G. Trend.               where she narrowly managed to escape the gas
         PBS National Broadcasts                       56 min. Gr. 9-12 1995 Catalog #38328                  chambers. Gloria survived seven concentration
Just as the name “Little Italy” defines an immi-        Sale: video $195, Rental: video $70                   camps before she was liberated by the Swedish
grant neighborhood, so it describes a state of                                                               Red Cross and “restored to life” in the home of a
mind. The Italian-American experience embod-                                                                 Swedish family. In  she immigrated to
ies the contradictions of every ethnic group that                                                            America, where she married, raised a family, and
has struggled to find a place in the American                                                                 lived a “normal” life. But a pamphlet she saw
cultural landscape. This acclaimed historical                                                                that claimed the Holocaust never happened
documentary gets behind cultural stereotypes                                                                 motivated her to speak out, mainly in schools,
and explores a universal story of assimilation                                                               about her experiences and to urge her listeners
and retention of cultural identity. It recounts the                                                          to fight racial hatred and to respect all humanity.
struggles and triumphs of Italian Americans                                                                  To teach today’s youth the lessons of the Holo-
through archival footage, photos, and contem-                                                                caust, this film recounts that traumatic period of
porary scenes. A variety of noted and everyday                                                               th-century history while interweaving Gloria’s
Italian Americans recall their personal histories                                                            riveting life story and contemporary visits to the
and delve into the “Little Italy” of their present                                                           camps in which she was imprisoned. Produced
lives. Their poignant and humorous stories re-         From Fields of Promise                                by Marlene Booth and Jameson Goldner.
veal a resilient culture and comment forcefully                                                              “A heartwarming and enthralling biography that
on the strength of family, community, and              Point Bonita Lighthouse                               touches all viewers but is especially relevant to
ethnic identity in modern America. Produced                     Natl. Educational Film Festival Award        today’s youth, who learn from the video about
by Will Parrinello and John Antonelli.                          Marin Natl. Film and Video Festival          courage and faith in the face of the most horrible
“A welcome addition to the materials available                   honoree                                     cruelty in history. This will be an essential part of
about American immigrant and ethnic groups, and        This beautiful documentary traces the history of      my classes when we deal with the history of World
in particular about Italian Americans, a group         one of America’s most important lighthouses —         War II and the Holocaust.” — Dianne Mayer,
whose authentic history and culture is poorly          at the entrance to San Francisco Bay. It employs      Social Studies Teacher, California High School,
known and whose story is in danger of being            old photos, quotes from memoirs and letters,          San Ramon, Calif.
washed away in never-ending tidal waves of non-        and anecdotes and stories to bring the history of     57 min. Gr. 8-12 1995 Catalog #38326
sense in the mass media.” — Prof. Richard              the lighthouse to life and to show the impor-         Sale: video $175, Rental: video $70
Gambino, Center for Italian Studies, SUNY at           tance of lighthouses to general historical events.
Stony Brook                                            By Kathleen McDonough.                                Pipe City
“An impressive look at a subject too often distorted   “An excellent video for elementary and junior high    This “model historical documentary” explores a
by Hollywood stereotypes. For the first time the real   school students studying the Gold Rush era and its    fascinating episode of the Depression era, when
issues of Italian American history and culture are     effects on California and American history.” —         a community of homeless men lived in unused
presented. The video gives vision and voice to an      Carlene Searway, Teacher, Silveira School, San        portions of sewer construction pipe in Oakland,
overlooked and misunderstood American experi-          Rafael, Calif.                                        California. The residents of Pipe City created a
ence.” — Dr. Fred Gardaphe, Vice President,                                                                  unique cooperative that set them apart from
American Italian Historical Assn.                      13 min. Gr. 4-9 1992 Catalog #38149
                                                       Sale: video $99, Rental: video $40                    other shacktowns and “Hoovervilles” prevalent
31 min. Gr. 7-12 1996 Catalog #38363                                                                         at the time. They bartered for food, maintained
Sale: video $175, Rental: video $60                                                                          their community, searched for work, and even
                                                                                                             elected their own mayor and police chief. Pro-
                                                                                                             duced by Richard Heeger.
                                                                                                             30 min. Gr. 7-12 1993 Catalog #38228
                                                                                                             Sale: video $99, Rental: video $50
6     Social Studies/History                                                                                                         Phone: --

Social Studies/History                                 American Impressionists and                           The American Indian Series
                                                       Realists: In Search of the New
                                                                                                                     American Film Festival Awards
                                                       In the period between the Civil War and World                 CINE Golden Eagle Awards
                                                       War I, America underwent great social and tech-
                                                       nological change. Waves of immigrants arrived,                 These classic films, made some  years
                                                       bringing new cultures with them. Industrializa-       ago, are among the most heavily used titles in
                                                       tion brought wealth for some, poverty for many,       many schools and districts nationwide. They are
                                                       and the rise of a working class. Cities grew enor-    more important today than ever as people be-
                                                       mously, the automobile replaced the horse and         come increasingly aware of the splendid heritage
                                                       carriage, electric lights replaced candle lights,     of Native American culture. No social studies
                                                       and Americans began going to movies. In the           collection is complete without them.
                                                       midst of this dramatic change, two groups of          Acorns: Staple Food of California
                                                       American artists stood out from the rest: the         Indians
                                                       American Impressionists and the Realists. Al-
                                                                                                             Pomo tribe members demonstrate traditional
                                                       though long perceived as very different in style
                                                       and philosophy, both groups shared a similar          acorn harvesting, storing, and leaching.
                                                       vision and wanted to capture the energy and           28 min. Gr. 4-11 1962 Catalog #37113
                                                       vitality of modern America. This lively docu-         Basketry of the Pomo—Introduction
                                                       mentary combines fascinating archival film foot-       Shows, in slow-motion and animation, the im-
                                                       age and photographs as well as beautifully shot       portant basketmaking techniques of the Pomo,
                                                       images of paintings to portray this vibrant era of    who were the world’s most expert basketmakers.
                                                       American history and the response to it of many
Clementine Hunter: American Folk Artist                                                                      30 min. Gr. 4-11 1962 Catalog #37115
                                                       important American artists. Includes works by
                                                       Sargent, Cassatt, Chase, Sloan, Bellows, and          Beautiful Tree—Chishkale
Clementine Hunter: American                            many others. Produced by Katina Simmons.              Shows how the Pomo removed poisonous tannic
Folk Artist                                            22 min. Gr. 7-12 1994 Catalog #38294                  acid from the acorns of the tan oak tree and
         Natl. Educational Film Festival Award         Sale: video $150, Rental: video $50                   built an entire food economy around them.
         Global Africa Intl. Film & Video Festival                                                           20 min. Gr. 4-11 1965 Catalog #37118
          Award                                                                                              Buckeyes: Food of California Indians
This outstanding video profiles one of America’s                                                              Shows how the Nisenan harvested buckeyes and
greatest African-American folk artists. In ,                                                             processed them by stone boiling and leaching.
when she was already in her s, Clementine                                                                  13 min. Gr. 4-11 1961 Catalog #37119
Hunter began to paint her memories of her life
on Melrose Plantation in northern Louisiana.                                                                 Game of Staves
The resulting images, painted until her death at                                                             Pomo boys demonstrate the game of staves, a
age , are vivid remembrances, pictures “put                                                               form of dice played by most Indian tribes.
in her head by God,” of a hard but joyous life.                                                              10 min. Gr. 4-8 1962 Catalog #37126
This program shows many of Hunter’s colorful
paintings and includes commentary by the artist        Tugboats: A Day on the Bay
                                                                                                             Pine Nuts
herself and by those who knew her well. Local                                                                Members of the Great Basin Paviotso and Paiute
folk music and historical context help students        Tugboats: A Day on the Bay                            tribes demonstrate how pine nuts were harvested
understand plantation life for African Americans                                                             and prepared as food, using techniques in prac-
                                                       This lyrical, enormously rich video takes chil-       tice since pre-Columbian times.
in the early part of this century. Produced by
                                                       dren out for a day on San Francisco Bay to
Katina Simmons for the Museum of African                                                                     13 min. Gr. 4-11 1961 Catalog #37138
                                                       join three tugboats as they go about their work.
American Life and Culture, Dallas.
                                                       The video is joyous, entertaining, and factual in     Sinew-Backed Bow and Its Arrows
“A high-quality, sensitive, and deeply insightful      every detail as it conveys a wide variety of key      A Yurok craftsman shows the traditional con-
presentation…. It will be useful in teaching about     learning concepts for children from kindergarten      struction of a sinew-backed bow — the finest of
the history of African Americans and American          through second grade. These concepts include          the American Indian bows.
multiculturalism, and it will prove inspirational to   the satisfactions and importance of working           24 min. Gr. 4-11 1961 Catalog #37140
students of all ethnic backgrounds.” — Dennis          together; that no matter how “small” you are
Reinhartz, Prof. of History, Univ. of Texas            you can make a big difference in the world; the        Totem Pole
28 min. Gr. 7-12 1993 Catalog #38237                   importance of asking for help when it’s needed;       Explores the totem poles and the sophisticated
Sale: video $195, Rental: video $50                    and the necessity of taking care of oneself. A        woodcarving art of the northwest Pacific Coast
                                                       number of key language arts concepts are also         Indian tribes. Shows the carving of a pole by
Birth of a Community: Jews                             developed: the video is particularly useful for       Mungo Martin, legendary chief of the Kwakiutl.
and the Gold Rush                                      illustrating the difficult idea of analogy. Directed    27 min. Gr. 4-11 1963 Catalog #37143
                                                       by Stephen Burgess and produced by Mary
This unique video relates the history of Jewish        McMillan, Wendy Morrow, and Terry Gordy.              Wooden Box: Made by Steaming
pioneers to California during the Gold Rush                                                                  and Bending
period. It employs a lively mix of archival pho-       “My kindergarten class loved this video! Through      Illustrates a woodworking specialty of the
tographs, vocal re-creations, old film footage,         its rhymed narration and its eye-catching photogra-   Kwakiutl of the northwest Pacific Coast: the
and commentary by historians to show how               phy it enhances the learning experience and helps
                                                                                                             steaming and bending of a wood slab to form a
Jews first came to California, their reasons for        children visualize and understand many important      tight box using no nails, screws, or glue. Also
coming, and their way of life once they arrived.       social studies and language arts concepts.” —         popular in woodshop and crafts classes!
Produced by Bill Chayes for the Magnes Museum          Dianne Hofler, Kindergarten Teacher, Vallemar
                                                       School, Pacifica, Calif.                               33 min. Gr. 4-12 1962 Catalog #37150
Western Jewish History Center.
40 min. Gr. 4-11 1994 Catalog #38274                   12 min. Gr. K-2 1995 Catalog #38331                   Sale: $99 each; any three for $75 each
Sale: video $125, Rental: video $50                    Sale: video $95, Rental: video $50                    Rental: varies; please inquire
Fax: --                                                                                                               Social Studies/History                  7

                                                        Ishi, the Last Yahi
                                                                 “Best of Festival,” Natl. Educational Film
                                                                 “Best Documentary Film (short),”
                                                                  American Indian Film Festival
                                                                 Audience Choice, “Best Film,” Munich
                                                                  (Germany) Film Festival
                                                                 Gold Hugo, Chicago Intl. Film Festival
                                                                  film recounts one
                                                        T      of the most extraordinary and important
                                                        stories in American history and explains its con-
                                                        temporary relevance with power and eloquence.
                                                        In , there were more than ten million Native          Ishi, the Last Yahi
                                                        Americans in North America. By , their
                                                        numbers had been reduced to fewer than                    Ishi was produced and directed by Jed Riffe and
                                                        ,. In California, massacres of Indians in           Pamela Roberts and written by Anne Makepeace.
Popol Vuh: The Creation Myth of the Maya                the s and s had nearly exterminated the           It is a Rattlesnake Productions Presentation.
                                                        Native peoples in the state.                              Major funding was made possible by a grant
  ALSO AVAILABLE IN SPANISH!                                                                                      from the Natl. Endowment for the Humanities.
                                                        Therefore the sudden appearance in northern
Popol Vuh: The Creation                                 California in  of Ishi, “the last wild Indian in      “A wonderful film! It’s absolutely appropriate for
Myth of the Maya                                        North America,” stunned the nation. For more              elementary students and it’s definitely effective in
                                                        than  years, Ishi had lived in hiding with a            the classroom. In fact, students should see this in the
         Natl. Educational Film Festival Gold           tiny band of survivors. When he walked into the           fourth or fifth grade and then come back to it
          Apple Award                                   white man’s world, he was the last Yahi alive.            again in junior or senior high school when they are
         CINE Golden Eagle Award                                                                                  more mature and can understand it even more
         Latin American Studies Assn. Award             Ishi dedicated the last four years of his life to
                                                        relating Yahi stories and demonstrating the tra-          deeply. I’ve taught for  years and seen lots of terri-
         Native American Film Festival honoree                                                                    ble educational films, but this one shows how good
                                                        ditional way of life he knew so well. His quiet
This much-honored, best-selling animated film            dignity and remarkable lack of bitterness toward          an educational film can be.” — Kerin Baker, Wade
employs authentic imagery from ancient Maya             the people who had destroyed his tribe greatly            Thomas School, San Anselmo, Calif.
ceramics to create a riveting depiction of the          impressed everyone who met him.                           “Since we are the repository for materials relating
Popol Vuh, the Maya creation myth. Considered                                                                     to Ishi, we receive a never-ending stream of inquir-
                                                        Ishi, the Last Yahi provides a unique look at
the most important work of Native American                                                                        ies, especially from kids, wanting to know more
                                                        Native life in America before the arrival of Euro-
literature, the Popol Vuh is similar to the Biblical                                                              about Ishi. I can’t think of a single subject that has
                                                        peans. It features a compelling narration by
story of Genesis in its breadth, scope, and                                                                       retained its vitality over the last quarter of a centu-
                                                        Oscar-winning actress Linda Hunt and inter-
themes. It is the origin of many myths and be-                                                                    ry more than that of Ishi. Students may be bored
                                                        weaves a lively mix of still photographs, archival
liefs that spread throughout North America and                                                                    with Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon, but they
                                                        film footage, dramatic readings of articles and
formed the foundation of most Native American                                                                     never tire of Ishi. And nothing teaches Ishi’s story
                                                        letters by Ishi’s contemporaries, and wax record-
religious, philosophical, and ethical beliefs.                                                                    better or more compellingly than this film.” — Dr.
                                                        ings of Ishi’s voice. It also includes commentary
The film is ideal for introducing younger stu-           by Native Americans who discuss the meanings              Frank A. Norick, Phoebe Hearst Museum of
dents to the great mythic, ethical, and spiritual       of Ishi’s songs and myths and the importance of           Anthropology, UC Berkeley
traditions of Native Americans; it will also in-        Ishi’s legacy today. Logical stopping points every        57 min. Gr. 4-12 1993 Catalog #38245
spire the visual imagination of young students           minutes facilitate educational use.                    Sale: video $175, Rental: video $75
and, through its mesmerizing story, stimulate
language development and an appreciation of
other cultures. There are logical stopping places       Bear’s Hiding Place: Ishi’s Last Refuge
every  minutes and an excellent teacher’s guide.
                                                        This documentary journey into the past follows a contemporary archaeological expedition to the
At the junior high and secondary level, it will         remote sunken gardens of Deer Creek Canyon near Mount Lassen in northern California. This is the
provide students with a deeper understanding of         second attempt by the team to find and confirm the location of Wowunupo’mu Tetna, or Bear’s Hiding
Native American spiritual traditions and is es-         Place, the last refuge of the Yahi and of Ishi before his dramatic appearance in . The archaeological
sential for social studies units on the American        team is attempting to understand how Ishi and the few surviving Yahi adapted to the invasion of their
Indian, the ancient history of the Americas, and        homeland by non-Indians, which began with the Gold Rush of . How had they survived as a
world religions. Produced by Patricia Amlin.            small band, following the extermination of almost all their people? Other than concealment, what did
“Patricia Amlin has made this great American            this thicket of poison oak and bay trees, perched on the side of a steep cliff covered with talus slopes,
Indian myth one that a person of any age — child,       offer to sustain the remaining Yahi? How long did the Yahi hide here? The answers to these and other
teenager, adult — can appreciate. The film makes         compelling questions are revealed in the course of the expedition’s difficult and dangerous journey.
the tale accessible to a wide public not by diminish-   Produced by Jed Riffe.
ing it, but by visualizing it.” — Prof. Mary Miller,    “The great thing about this film is that it demonstrates to youthful viewers that archaeology is both impor-
Yale Univ.                                              tant and fun. Important because it helps us answer significant questions about the past, and fun because it
“This beautiful and historic film gives life to the      involves fascinating people, procedures, and puzzles. Looking at some of the scenes in the video makes it clear
mythic history and art of the Maya. Students and        why the few surviving Yahi were able to survive into the th century. This is an excellent portrayal of the
teachers of Native American culture, literature,        location and its importance to the Yahi and to Ishi.” — Jerald Jay Johnson, Chair, Dept. of Anthropology,
and history must see it.” — Lawanna Trout,              Calif. State Univ., Sacramento
Director, Institute in American Indian Culture          17 min. Gr. 4-11 1998 Catalog #38433
and History, The Newberry Library, Chicago,             Sale: video $125, Rental: video $50
and former National Teacher of the Year
60 min. Gr. 5-12 1989 Catalog #37902
Sale: video $150, Rental: video $70
8     Multicultural Studies                                                                                                  Email:

Multicultural Studies                                     Passing
                                                                   Anti-Defamation League/Dore Schary
                                                                   Columbus Intl. Film Festival Award
                                                          This provocative and highly dramatic film is
                                                          sure to stimulate discussion of racial and gender
                                                          stereotypes, the impact of the media, and today’s
                                                          climate of racial tension. It questions our reflex-
                                                          ive responses and stereotyped expectations sur-
                                                          rounding the everyday occurrence of two people
                                                          walking alone at night on an urban street. One
                                                          person is Black, one is white. One is male, one is     Can You See the Color Gray?
                                                          female. The film suggests that in our media-
                                                          oriented society our fears and preconceptions          Can You See the Color Gray?
A World of Differences                                    largely come from media images. This is an
                                                          excellent and effective enhancement to any class                 International Film and Video Festival
A World of Differences:                                   dealing with American society, current social                     Award
                                                                                                                          New York Festivals Award
Understanding Cross-                                      issues, racial stereotypes, or media literacy. Pro-
                                                          duced by Cydney Cort.                                  This unusual documentary is sure to inspire
Cultural Communication                                    “As the director of a media literacy program for       discussion and self-reflection in any class that
                                      inner-city high school students, I have used this      deals with racial differences and stereotypes. It
                   from other societies or cultures,      short, honest film with great success. It is a rich,    shows numerous people from diverse racial and
                   we may fail to understand them         multilayered discussion-starter that challenges stu-   ethnic backgrounds as they grapple with probing
                 for many reasons, including differ-       dents to delve into the following questions: How       questions about their racial attitudes and their
ences in language, values, gestures, emotional            does television inform our perceptions and preju-      feelings about their own ethnicity. The video is
expression, norms, rituals, rules, expectations,          dices? What is the relationship between our daily      particularly revealing in its exploration of the
family background, and life experiences. This             lives and the images we encounter in the media?        subtle development of racial attitudes in children
extraordinary new video shows that cross-                 What assumptions do we make about those around         of varying ages, some of whom are followed over
cultural communication can be successful if we            us? This is an invaluable learning tool that inte-     a two-year period. The video is divided into two
manage to understand the powerful differences              grates seamlessly into our curriculum.” — Scott        logical parts of  minutes each. Each part has a
that separate people from differing cultures.              Rosenberg, Director, Art Start, New York City          brief intermission, providing an opportunity to
The video examines  key facets of cross-                                                                       address questions or begin discussing the issues
                                                          “Offers a vivid and disturbing snapshot of the
cultural miscommunication. In each case, the                                                                     that have been raised. By Alexandra Corbin.
                                                          conscious and unconscious prejudices that influence
power and subtlety of cultural differences are             us… An excellent discussion starter.” — Anti-          “Students and teachers will find many layers of
explored and illustrated. As the video demon-             Defamation League Resources for Classroom              information contained in the structural progression
strates, culture can be like a veil that prevents us      and Community                                          of the video. Children are followed chronologically
from understanding those from other societies,                                                                   and, in one case, revisited after a two-year hiatus
                                                          6 min. Gr. 7-12 1996 Catalog #38323
and also prevents them from understanding us.                                                                    to consider changes in their attitudes. This film is a
                                                          Sale: video $99, Rental: video $50
While some aspects of “culture shock” are pre-                                                                   must for all of us: for children, for adults, for stu-
dictable, such as language differences, many key           Displaced in the New South                             dents, and for educators.” —Joan Gewurz, Dir. of
differences are less obvious, and perhaps there-                                                                  Counseling, New York City Board of Education
fore even more “culture-shocking.” Examples                        Natl. Educational Film Festival Award
                                                                                                                 54 min. Gr. 8-AD 1997 Catalog #38381
include dramatic differences in personal space,                     Worldfest Houston Gold Medal
                                                                                                                 Sale: video $225, Rental: video $75
patterns of touching, etiquette and ritual, the                    PBS National Broadcasts
expression of emotions, ideas about edible and            This acclaimed documentary explores the                 NEW FOR 1999-2000!
delicious food, gestures, courtship patterns, and         cultural collision between Hispanic and Asian
parent-child relationships.                               immigrants and the suburban communities near           Personal Space
This highly acclaimed video was produced by               Atlanta, Georgia, in which they have settled.          This fascinating and frequently funny video
Dane Archer, Prof. of Sociology at UC Santa               The film focuses on a culturally diverse high           portrays the effects of space on everyday human
Cruz. It is both richly instructional and keenly          school and uses humor, commentary, and live-           behavior in an engaging and dramatic manner.
enjoyable and features an exemplary in-depth              action footage to examine the prejudices and           Students from a variety of cultural backgrounds
Instructor’s Guide.                                       resulting misunderstandings that abound there.         vividly demonstrate how our culture defines our
“In my opinion, showing A World of Differences             It provides a compelling case study of a nation-       use of space, territory, and touching. The video
to students is likely to make a world of difference in     wide trend that is bringing explosive political        does a masterful job of blending student testi-
them. It speaks directly and forcefully to students by    upheaval all across America: waves of people,          mony and often amusing field experiments to
using the words and experiences of their fellow           mostly from Asia and Latin America, coming to          explore the use of space, territory, and touching
students from around the world — with an impact           communities that have never before experienced         in virtually every facet of life — where we live,
no lecture could duplicate. I’d feel a lot better about   immigration on such a scale. By David Zeiger           work, play, eat, and even go to the bathroom.
the future of our planet if I knew every student in       and Eric Mofford.                                       This is the newest in the widely acclaimed series
school today had seen this video and discussed the        “An eye-opener, a wealth of information to help        on nonverbal communication produced by Prof.
issues it raises.” — Mark L. Knapp, Jones Centen-         both students and teachers understand the problems     Dane Archer, of UC Santa Cruz. Like all of his
nial Professor in Communication, Univ. of Texas           and challenges faced daily by immigrant families.      videos, Personal Space is both delightful and
                                                          As a teacher in Los Angeles, I can truly relate to     instructional and includes an exemplary Instruc-
30 min. Gr. 9-12 1997 Catalog #38383                      this film. It is set in the South, but it could be      tor’s Guide.
Sale: video $195, Rental: video $70                       anywhere.” — Helene Nielsen, Teacher, Burbank          28 min. Gr. 9-12 1999 Catalog #38457
                                                          Middle School, Los Angeles                             Sale: video $195, Rental: video $70
                                                          57 min. Gr. 7-12 1995 Catalog #38317
                                                          Sale: video $225, Rental: video $70                                                                                      Multicultural Studies               9

The Seasons of the Salish                                                                                       NEW FOR 1999-2000!
Shot on location in Idaho and Montana, this                                                                    In My Corner
lyrical documentary follows the traditional
annual round of the Native peoples of the                                                                               Natl. Educational Film Festival Gold
Northern Rockies and Inland Plateau. From the                                                                             Apple Award
story of the origin of the bitteroot — first fruit                                                                       Best Short Documentary, Nashville
of spring — to the stories and songs of the hunt,                                                                         Independent Film Festival
war, hand game, and winter jump dances, the                                                                             Chicago Latino Film Festival honoree
video weaves scenes of contemporary practices                                                                           PBS National Broadcasts on P.O.V.
with elders’ memories of the old ways. Produced                                                                         Selected for screening at more than a
by Jacqueline Peterson and Lawrence Johnson.                                                                              dozen major film festivals worldwide
“An important film that speaks with eloquent             Between Two Worlds                                     This riveting documentary provides an intimate
Indian voices about how their tribes have survived                                                             and powerful portrait of two young Latino
the challenges of the past and remained strong in       Between Two Worlds                                     boxers on their journey through adolescence into
the present. The film is not only exceptionally infor-            Natl. Educational Film Festival Award         adulthood and self-discovery. Filmed largely at a
mative, but also a superb model of how to present                Rochester Intl. Film Festival Award           community boxing gym in New York City’s
Native American history and contemporary life to                 Sinking Creek Film Festival Award             South Bronx, the film draws viewers into the
students from junior high through college.” —                    Assn. for Asian Studies honoree               gripping drama of the young fighters’ inner
James Nason, Prof. of Native American                            Korean American Film Festival honoree         battles, their victories and defeats inside the
Studies, Univ. of Washington                                                                                   ring, and the challenges and conflicts they face
                                                        This award-winning documentary explores the            at home, at school, and in the streets.
30 min. Gr. 7-12 1996 Catalog #38364                    lives of young Asian Americans raised in the
Sale: video $150, Rental: video $50                                                                            The film centers on -year-old Joey Rios, a
                                                        U.S. and examines the difficulties they must
                                                                                                               young phenom struggling with family problems
                                                        overcome in establishing their cultural identi-
                                                                                                               as he trains for the Junior Olympics, and
                                                        ties. Six young Asian Americans, mostly Korean
                                                                                                               -year-old José Suarez, a newcomer to the gym
                                                        Americans and all children of immigrants, are
                                                                                                               who shows drive and promise but whose ties to
                                                        featured. They describe the significant cultural
                                                                                                               the streets threaten his chances to succeed in the
                                                        differences between them and their more tradi-
                                                                                                               ring. Fueled by the dream of becoming big-time
                                                        tional parents, who criticize them as being
                                                                                                               boxing champs, Joey and José unexpectedly get
                                                        “Americanized” and lacking interest in their
                                                                                                               hard lessons in life from two surrogate fathers
                                                        Asian cultural heritage. Yet they also encounter
                                                                                                               when trainers Luis and Angel step into their
                                                        major conflicts within the mainstream culture,
                                                                                                               corner. The film is a compelling reminder of
                                                        where they are commonly viewed as “exotic”
                                                                                                               how local heroes, wherever they may be found,
                                                        and alien, complimented when they speak fluent
                                                                                                               can shape the lives of young people as they
                                                        English, and often asked when they are “return-
                                                                                                               begin sparring with adulthood.
                                                        ing home.” Produced by Chul Heo.
                                                                                                               In My Corner reaches beyond the stereotypes of
                                                        30 min. Gr. 7-12 1998 Catalog #38436
The Seasons of the Salish                                                                                      break-through champions and reveals how one
                                                        Sale: video $150, Rental: video $50
                                                                                                               gym has offered small but steady rewards in a
The Keetoowahs Come Home                                 NEW FOR 1999-2000!
                                                                                                               neighborhood more often known for quick deals
                                                                                                               and short lives. Produced by Ricki Stern and
          Gold Cindy Award
          Natl. Educational Film Festival Award         Red White Blue November                                Anne Sundberg in association with the Indepen-
                                                                                                               dent Television Service and WNET/Thirteen.
          Silver State Doc. Film Festival Award         November is special for the Thaos, a Hmong
          Columbus Intl. Film Festival honoree          family in Fresno, California. It was in November       “To escape the grim fate that supposedly awaits
                                                        two decades ago that Ge and Pamoua Thao                poor kids, to break free of drugs and crime and
This engaging documentary, told entirely from                                                                  make something of yourself: this is the real story of
the Native point of view, explores the saga of the      brought their family to America, escaping war-
Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians, who                 torn Laos. Then on November , , their            In My Corner. It’s a tough, lyrical, unexpectedly
were forced from their homelands in the South-          -year-old son was killed in a drive-by shooting.     moving documentary — an uppercut to the heart.”
                                                                                                               — Matt Zoller Seitz, Newark Star-Ledger
east and relocated to what is now Oklahoma in           This poignant documentary explores with great
the infamous episode known as “The Trail of             insight and sensitivity the Thao family’s frustra-     57 min. Gr. 7-12 1999 Catalog #38456
Tears.” The film traces the history of the               tions and successes in becoming American. The          Sale: video $195, Rental: video $70
Keetoowah and the Cherokee, emphasizing the             film is structured around the Thaos’ preparations
contributions of the great Indian scholar               for the anniversary of their son’s death. Inter-
Sequoyah, who devised the Cherokee syllabary.           views with older and younger members of the
It also focuses on contemporary Keetoowah               family reveal that their perceptions of the shoot-
efforts to preserve their traditional culture and        ing are largely shaped by each person’s differing
language and to return to Arkansas, where many          expectations and experiences of life in America.
Keetoowahs had migrated before the “Trail of            This outstanding film will stimulate discussion
Tears” Indian removal occurred. Produced by             in American history, multiculturalism, and
Larry Foley; Project director: Frank Scheide.           social studies classes. It was produced by Saidah
“This film is well-made, expressive, and poignant,       Said and Sapana Sakya.
a combination that is all too rare in documentaries     “A brilliant tale of a Hmong family in California’s
of this type.” — Prof. Stephen Fabian, Hanover          Central Valley. The film manages to tell the story of
College                                                 many immigrants through its examination of just        In My Corner
29 min. Gr. 7-12 1997 Catalog #38400                    one extended family.” — Lydia Chavez, Prof. of
Sale: video $150, Rental: video $50                     Journalism, Univ. of California, Berkeley
                                                        28 min. Gr. 7-12 1999 Catalog #38443
                                                        Sale: video $150, Rental: video $50
10    Guidance/Counseling/At-Risk                                                                                                           Phone: --

Guidance/Counseling/At-Risk                             The Human Body:
                                                        Appearance, Shape and
                                                                 American Psychological Assn. honoree
                                                                 Western Psychological Assn. honoree
                                                                 This often poignant and always
                                                        compelling video examines with sensitivity and
                                                        cross-cultural insight the variety, meaning, and
                                                        importance of the bodies we inhabit. It explores
                                                         different facets of the human body, each of
                                                        which impacts our preferences, our ideals, our            Caught in the Crossfire
                                                        attitudes, and — perhaps most important — our
                                                        self-images.                                              Caught in the Crossfire
                                                        Some of the subjects examined in the video are                     San Francisco Intl. Film Festival “Golden
Hear Us Now
                                                        bulimia, anorexia, tattooing, branding, plastic                      Gate Award”
                                                        surgery, scarification, body prejudices and
Hear Us Now                                             “weightism,” the impact of “super-models” and
                                                                                                                           Natl. Educational Film Festival Award
                                                                                                                           Film Arts Foundation Festival honoree
         Natl. Educational Film Festival Award          beauty pageants, the effects of aging, and cultur-
         Gold “Cindy” Award (K-12 Category)             al differences in ideas about personal beauty. In          This highly realistic drama is the outcome of a
         Columbus Intl. Film Festival Award             each case the power, subtlety, and significance of         project in which a multicultural group of San
         Award of Distinction, The                      the body is explored. Using the vivid evidence of         Francisco youth, themselves at risk of becoming
           Communicator Awards                          their own lives, the young people who appear in           perpetrators and/or victims of urban violence,
         World Medal, The New York Festivals            the video demonstrate how each of us is                   collaborated with film professionals and educa-
         Selected for screening at more than a          dramatically affected by the strong attitudes,             tors in the creation of a film based on the social
           dozen film festivals worldwide                preferences, and feelings we have about our own           conflicts they experience each day.
            and inspiring film will          bodies. Produced by Prof. Dane Archer, of the             As the students arrive at their racially diverse

T         teach important lessons to students
          about leadership, achievement, motiva-
tion, self-esteem, and empowerment.
                                                        Univ. of California, Santa Cruz. An in-depth
                                                        Instructor’s Guide provides suggested uses of the
                                                        video, classroom activities, and background
                                                        reference materials.
                                                                                                                  school one overly hot day, many of them antici-
                                                                                                                  pate trouble of some kind, but none of them are
                                                                                                                  prepared to be caught in the crossfire just outside
                                                                                                                  the school. What happened? Who caused it?
It relates the story of Andrea Schlesinger, the                                                                   What could have prevented it? These are ques-
-year-old Student Representative to New York                                                                    tions facing the students as they try to make
City’s Board of Education, and her efforts to                                                                      sense of a shooting battle in which many of
give students a strong voice in the educational                                                                   them participated but which no one saw start.
system. Whether she’s speaking to the Board of
Education, giving a keynote address at Brooklyn                                                                   As they unravel the mystery of who fired the
College, or appearing on a television talk show,                                                                  first shot, this diverse group of young people
she repeats over and over that students must be                                                                   discovers that each of them must confront pow-
heard. And, at the same time that she is pushing                                                                  erful racial, cultural, and gender stereotypes. In
for adults to listen to students, she is motivating                                                               the process, they must rethink the essence of
students to voice their concerns to adults.                                                                       their personal identities and ultimately take a
                                                                                                                  surprising step into collective responsibility.
By following Andrea during her last few months          The Human Body
as the Student Board Member, this award-                                                                          This film deglamorizes violence, examines its
winning video enables viewers to hear the con-          “A fantastic teaching tool! The video captures stu-       sources in racial, class, and gender conflicts, and
cerns of students and witness an extraordinary          dents’ attention and makes them look at the world         presents empathy — the ability to identify the
case study on leadership. Andrea’s story is of          in new ways. My students loved the way that the           the felt experience of another person — as an
importance both to students and to educators.           film uses real people, highlights cross-cultural differ-   alternative to violence. It is a compelling depic-
For young people she shows that they can make           ences in beauty ideals, and reveals the human costs       tion of the everyday life of many of America’s
a difference, and for educators she shows that           of trying to live up to “barbie doll” standards. The      youth, and it will stimulate discussion in at-risk
there is a lot to be learned from students.             film does a masterful job of illustrating how unre-        and violence-prevention programs, as well as in
                                                        alistic beauty ideals at the societal level are linked    social studies and multiculturalism classes. It
Hear Us Now was produced by Douglas Propp.                                                                        was conceived and produced by Alice Ray.
                                                        to eating disorders at the individual level and how
“A very useful video to show to students because of                                                               “The first video I’ve used on such topics that really
                                                        people struggle to overcome them.” — Prof. Scott
its focus on empowerment, and because it so effec-                                                                 held my class’ attention. The film really hooked
                                                        Coltrane, Univ. of California, Riverside
tively demonstrates how one committed individual                                                                  them. My supposedly withdrawn, ‘at-risk’ kids had
can alter the perception of many people. I often tell   “In clear, concise, and sometimes poignant ways,
                                                        this video lays bare the many facets of our culture’s     plenty to say.” — John Leonard, Teacher, Highline
my students that presentation is important, but                                                                   (Calif.) School District
without substance and intelligence any presenta-        preoccupation with, and effects of, physical appear-
tion is at best shallow. This video profiles an artic-   ance. Students cannot watch this video without            “Dramatic and honest, this film goes right at the
ulate young person who has put a great deal of          wanting to discuss and debate the issues it raises. It    issues of violence, racism, and sexism that challenge
thought into her ideas and beliefs. It reinforces not   is that good, that compelling. And the more matters       today’s kids. It shows youth able to make a stand of
only the value of passion, but also of intelligence     such as weight discrimination, eating disorders,          their own against serious social problems.” — Jim
and morality.” — Christopher Adams, A.P.                and other excesses in the name of youth and beauty        Denison, Counselor, Seattle Public Schools
Teacher, Archmere Academy, Claymont, Del.               are discussed, the greater the chances we will deal       “Better than good, this film is great. It presents a
                                                        more sensibly with such matters in the future.” —         realistic snapshot of inner-city students and their
27 min. Gr. 7-12 1997 Catalog #38394
                                                        Mark L. Knapp, Jones Centennial Prof. in                  concerns.” — Karen Hart, Coordinator of Health
Sale: video $195, Rental: video $60
                                                        Communication, Univ. of Texas                             Education, San Francisco School District
                                                        37 min. Gr. 7-12 1998 Catalog #38428                      39 min. Gr. 6-12 1997 Catalog #38378
                                                        Sale: video $195, Rental: video $70                       Sale: video $225, Rental: video $60
Fax: --                                                                                                    Guidance/Counseling/At-Risk 11

Death in the Hood                                            NEW FOR 1999-2000!                                     Veronica’s Story
         Natl. Educational Film Festival Award             Methamphetamine: From the                                         Young Adult Library Services Assn. 
         Northwest Region Alliance for                                                                                         Selected Video for Young Adults
          Community Media Award
                                                           Streets of San Diego                                              Natl. Educational Film Festival Award
                                                           Lurking behind San Diego’s sunny image of                         Best Non-Feature Film, Louisville Film
This hard-hitting documentary uses Portland,
                                                           swaying palm trees and beautiful beaches is a                       Festival
Oregon as a case study to examine how the ac-
                                                           drug subculture so pervasive that it affects the                   Best of Festival, Big Muddy Film Festival
ceptance of a “gangster” attitude and the spread
                                                           lives of most Americans. This subculture knows                    Telly Award for Social Service Programs
of crack cocaine has led to a dramatic increase in
youth homicides, particularly among African
                                                           no social boundaries. People of all ages, races,                  Selected for screening at some  film
                                                           and economic backgrounds have been seduced                          festivals and special series nationwide
Americans. The video explores the reasons be-
                                                           by the intoxication of methamphetamines, only
hind the alarming rise in youth homicides and                                                                       The hands of a young girl are powerfully meta-
                                                           to lose control of their lives. But students and
illustrates the effects on schools, the community,                                                                   phorical in this extraordinarily moving and true
                                                           young people are most at risk. This chilling
and friends and relatives of homicide victims. It                                                                   story of innocence betrayed. This innovative
                                                           investigative documentary explores the reasons
also shows some innovative efforts in Portland                                                                       work is based on an actual letter by a teenager
                                                           why San Diego has become the center of meth-
schools to deal with the problem — including                                                                        reaching out to understand a childhood of
                                                           amphetamine production and distribution in
graphic presentations by health professionals to                                                                    abuse. Veronica’s own words are performed in
                                                           America. The film traces the history of the drug,
at-risk kids of the impact of bullet wounds (one                                                                    voice-over while her handwriting appears on
                                                           examines its effects on users, and demonstrates
student’s reaction: “I didn’t know it would hurt.” ).                                                               screen as a counterpart for the mime-dance of
                                                           how it has been a factor in some of the nation’s
The video includes commentary by community                                                                          hands as they convey her story. This unique
                                                           most bizarre and violent crimes and contributed
members and activists, educators, health and                                                                        video reverses many cultural stereotypes about
                                                           to the flooding of courts, jails, and hospital
law enforcement professionals, and gang mem-                                                                        at-risk children. Veronica’s words demonstrate
                                                           emergency rooms with meth-related cases. Pro-
bers. This is a powerful and cautionary viewing                                                                     her courage, her emotional honesty, and her
                                                           duced by Lee Harvey for KPBS-TV.
experience designed for use with at-risk youth,                                                                     intelligent strength in writing her way out of her
educators, and parents. By Lanita Duke.                    “A realistic and compelling expose of the dangers of     trauma. Produced by Jill Evans Petzall; directed
                                                           crystal methamphetamine. We’ve used it successfully      by Deeds Rogers.
“Ably captures the fears and realities of today’s
                                                           in our drug education and recovery programs, and
youth, their families, and communities. The video                                                                   “An inspiring video for any adolescent abuse victim.
                                                           in tutoring programs for at-risk students at both
provides practical insights on what it takes to keep                                                                The sensitive presentation of the subject matter will
                                                           the junior and senior high school levels. Highly
young people safe and out of gangs.” — Sharon                                                                       encourage young viewers to discuss their own per-
                                                           recommended!” — Terry Hendlin, MSW,
McCormack, Manager, Crime Prevention                                                                                sonal tragedies and assist in the healing process.” —
                                                           Counselor, Sunset H.S., Encinitas, Calif.
Programs, City of Portland, Oregon                                                                                  Michael Fitzgerald, MSW, Hope Center for
                                                           27 min. Gr. 7-12 1999 Catalog #38461                     Children, St. Louis
29 min. Gr. 7-12 1997 Catalog #38421
                                                           Sale: video $175, Rental: video $60
Sale: video $150, Rental: video $50                                                                                 6 min. Gr. 8-12 1997 Catalog #38395
                                                           Video Letter to the President                            Sale: video $100, Rental: video $45
                                                           This powerful and honest short video features            The Band
                                                           six inner-city African-American high school
                                                                                                                             Young Adult Library Services Assn. 
                                                           students who, through the lens of a video cam-
                                                                                                                              Selected Video for Young Adults
                                                           era, try to tell the President of the United States
                                                                                                                             Natl. Educational Film Festival Award
                                                           what they need in order to achieve their dreams
                                                                                                                             American Psychological Assn. honoree
                                                           and find success in life. The students express
                                                                                                                             PBS National Broadcasts on P.O.V.
                                                           needs ranging from basic educational resources,
                                                           such as books and computers, to broader issues           Featuring refreshingly candid student commen-
                                                           including safety in the streets and, simply, teach-      tary on everything from anorexia and Ritalin to
                                                           ers who care. Produced by Anita Chang,                   divorced parents and race relations, The Band is
Graffiti Wars: A Matter of Pride                           McCrae Parker, and Samuel Miller.                        a lively, engrossing look at the ups and downs of
                                                           8 min. Gr. 8-12 1997 Catalog #38408                      all-American teenage life, s style. The film is
                                                           Sale: video $100, Rental: video $45                      a portrait of postmodern adolescence told from
                                                                                                                    the bittersweet perspective of a father with one
Death in the Hood                                                                                                   son on the verge of adulthood and another son
                                                                                                                    who lives only in memories. Taken as a whole, it
                                                                                                                    is a thought-provoking reflection on the state of
Graffiti Wars: A Matter of Pride                                                                                     America as it enters the st century.
         Natl. Educational Film Festival Award                                                                      “I have just finished watching The Band. It was
         American Film Festival Award                                                                               just what I needed after a difficult year working in
         CINE Eagle Award                                                                                           a public school. I came away realizing how truly
Malcolm-Jamal Warner narrates this perceptive documentary, which shows both sides of the conflict                    lucky I am to be working with public school stu-
over graffiti: those who write it and those who fight it. Filmed in Los Angeles, the video provides an                 dents as a school psychologist, and know that I have
insider’s look at the underground graffiti culture by taking viewers “mobbing” with local writing crews.              chosen the right profession. What a wonderful,
It also shows the complexity of the problem: while thousands of graffiti writers “bomb” the streets                   inspiring film!” — Magdalyn Baldo, Pittston,
every day in a continual search for attention and fame, the county and private citizens spend millions              Pennsylvania
every year in an effort to clean up after them. Produced by Shannon Sells and Christine Smith.                       “A very inspirational film! I’m a high school teacher
“An excellent resource for junior or senior high school classes dealing with urban problems, gangs, or social       and too much of the time I’m so wrapped up with
issues. It skillfully covers the many aspects of graffiti: causes, background, terminology, and possible solutions.   my subject that I don’t listen to what my students
The video is both entertaining and insightful and provides fuel for lively discussion.” — Terry Collings,           are really trying to say. A program like this touches
Social Studies Teacher, El Camino Real High School, Placentia, Calif.                                               my heart and moves me to be a better teacher and
                                                                                                                    advisor.” — Jamie Raymond, Sabetha, Kansas
30 min. Gr. 8-12 1992 Catalog #38153
Sale: video $150, Rental: video $50                                                                                 52 min. Gr. 8-12 1998 Catalog #38429
                                                                                                                    Sale: video $195, Rental: video $75
12     Science                                                                                                                Email:

Evolution                                                  Chemistry                                              Earth/Environmental Sciences
Two Videos for                                             General Chemistry
Teaching Evolution                                         Laboratory Techniques
These two videos are exemplary demonstrations                       World Safety International Recognition
of the “discovery” method of science education.                      Award
Produced by the National Center for Science                          These six videos are used nationwide at
Education, they are designed to demystify for              hundreds of high schools. Each illustrates the
students the processes of scientific inquiry and            key procedures for a particular general chemistry
to present science as a rational way of under-             laboratory technique. Live-action demonstra-
standing the natural world. They do not spew               tions are enhanced by graphics and animation,
forth facts for rote memorization; rather, they            and closeups of procedures magnify important
lead students through the processes by which               features for the student. Safety and equipment
scientific theories are developed and elaborated.           care are stressed throughout. Produced by the
Scientific terminology is kept to a minimum                 UCLA Office of Instructional Development.
and science is shown to be an exciting series of                                                                  Secrets in Stone
                                                           “The University of California’s entrants into the
discoveries and decisions based on evidence.               laboratory safety and techniques field makes it hard
                                                           to visualize the need for any additional attempts in
                                                                                                                  Secrets in Stone
     Save 20%!
     Special Series Price: $200                            this area.” — Arthur L. Friedman, Nassau (N.Y.)                  New York Film Festival Award
                                                           Community College, in Library Journal                            CINE Golden Eagle Award
How Scientists Know about                                                                                                   Columbus Intl. Film Festival honoree
                                                              Save 20%!                                                     San Francisco Academy of Sciences
Human Evolution                                               Special Series Price: $379                                     honoree
This engaging video clearly explains evolution-
ary theory by showing how scientists study hu-             Safety                                                 This highly engaging documentary provides an
                                                           Illustrates the important safety rules and pro-        informative introduction to the theory of plate
man fossils and use them to draw conclusions
                                                           cedures common to all laboratory situations.           tectonics, or “continental drift,” and at the same
about human biological and cultural evolution.
                                                           Emphasizes the need for individual responsibility      time chronicles the fascinating scientific research
It emphasizes the fascinating decision-making
                                                           and stresses a calm, methodical, commonsense           and discoveries in the early s that led to the
processes of scientists rather than a dry presenta-
                                                           approach to lab safety.                                broad acceptance of this once-dismissed theory.
tion of scientific facts. Students are led through
                                                                                                                  The video traces the history of the hypothesis of
the same steps that scientists take in interpreting        19 min. Gr. 10-12 1985 Catalog #37168
                                                                                                                  continental drift and explains its early dismissal
data and making conclusions about a fossil’s               Weighing                                               by experts, then relates the dramatic sequence of
place in human evolution.
                                                           Illustrates the fundamental principles and com-        events that led to the acceptance of the theory
“This is excellent. It’s simple, clear, direct, and very   ponent parts of the balance, then shows the            after geomagnetic polarity reversals were shown
useful. It stresses concepts and processes rather than     proper steps to follow and the necessary precau-       to match magnetic anomalies on the ocean
quantification, so it really holds students’ interest.      tions to keep in mind in correct weighing              floors. This is an outstanding example of the
It lays a broad foundation that enables a junior or        procedures.                                            “discovery” method of science education, as it
senior high school teacher to go off in many direc-                                                                leads students clearly and comprehensibly
                                                           22 min. Gr. 10-12 1985 Catalog #37169
tions with it.” — Marcia Clarke, science teacher,                                                                 through the processes by which one of modern
Mercy High School, San Francisco                           Use of a Pipet                                         science’s landmark theories was developed, chal-
18 min. Gr. 7-12 1991 Catalog #38102                       Carefully shows the volumetric pipet and its           lenged, and ultimately confirmed by experimen-
                                                           markings, and thoroughly demonstrates the              tal evidence. Accompanying Instructor’s Guide.
How Scientists Know about                                  steps involved in manipulating it — cleaning,          By David Donnenfield Productions.
Punctuated Equilibria                                      rinsing, filling, and delivering the sample.            “An outstanding classroom tool. It describes the
                                                           14 min. Gr. 10-12 1985 Catalog #37170                  unfolding of scientific discoveries that led to the
This program explores the development of a
new theory that explains how evolution takes               Use of a Buret                                         theory of plate tectonics and in so doing captures
place. This theory disputes Darwin’s notion of             Examines the buret and its markings and illus-         many of the important aspects of the scientific pro-
evolutionary gradualism, or the idea that new              trates its cleaning, rinsing, filling, and storing.     cess: the historical context, chance and serendipity,
species arise through long, slow processes. In             Closeups of a sample and a buret at various            scholarly competition, vision, hard work, and the
contrast, paleontologists Niles Eldredge and               stages of a titration show titration techniques        strength of collaboration.” — Sally Matz, Teacher,
Stephen Jay Gould describe how fossil evidence             and equipment from the student’s perspective.          Norwalk, Conn. School District
indicates that new species usually evolve relative-        17 min. Gr. 10-12 1985 Catalog #37171                  “An excellent instructional resource, especially for
ly quickly from ancestral ones (punctuations),                                                                    upper elementary and secondary students. This is
and that species do not change significantly                Solution Preparation                                   an intriguing story: It’s a science mystery well-told,
once they become established (equilibrium).                Demonstrates the preparation of four different          showing the interplay of creative minds and tech-
Produced with Boston Science Communications.               solutions and shows how to choose appropriate          nological advances.” — Dr. Barbara Butterworth,
“A crisp, enlightening explanation of how science          equipment and techniques.                              Principal, Palo Alto (Calif.) School District
works. Junior and senior high school students will         19 min. Gr. 10-12 1985 Catalog #37172                  “The best short video I’ve seen on the research that
be excited to see how two eminent scientists looked        Spectrophotometric Analysis                            led to the theory of plate tectonics. The graphics are
at the fossil record and developed an alternative          Briefly examines the nature of light, color, and        excellent and the narrative superb.” — Brent
way to account for it.” — Prof. Jere Lipps, Dir.,          spectra, then clearly illustrates the components       Dalrymple, Prof. of Geology, Oregon State Univ.
Museum of Paleontology, UC Berkeley                        and the uses of a calibrated spectrophotometer.        31 min. Gr. 7-12 1997 Catalog #38417
20 min. Gr. 7-12 1991 Catalog #38110                       15 min. Gr. 10-12 1985 Catalog #37173                  Sale: video $150, Rental: video $50
Sale: $125 each, Rental: $50 each
                                                           Sale: $79 each, Rental: $50 each                                                                                                      Science 13

Hurricane Force: A Coastal                                                                                 When the Bay Area Quakes
Perspective and Anatomy of                                                                                          Best Film of the Year, American
a Hurricane                                                                                                          Geophysical Union
         U.S. International Film and Video                                                                          Natl. Educational Film Festival Award
          Festival Silver Screen Award                                                                     Our best-selling science documentary demon-
         This cassette contains two related titles.                                                        strates what happens when an earthquake strikes
Hurricane Force is a powerful, -minute docu-                                                             the San Francisco Bay Area. Computer graphics
mentary that illustrates the environmental and                                                             and television news footage of the  Loma
economic consequences of three recent major                                                                Prieta earthquake illustrate the four main geo-
hurricanes: Andrew (on coastal Louisiana in                                                                logic effects of such temblors: ground shaking,
), Hugo (on coral reefs in Puerto Rico in                                                              liquefaction, landslides, and ground ruptures.
), and Iniki (on Kauai, Hawaii in ). It       The Future of Energy Gases                           The program shows how local geology deter-
deftly interweaves vivid 3D computer anima-                                                                mines how different areas are affected by earth-
tions with spectacular footage shot by daring         The Future of Energy Gases                           quakes, how buildings are damaged, and how
“hurricane chasers” to demonstrate how hurri-         The past  years have seen the successive          scientists are monitoring fault zones in order to
canes form, progress, and affect coastlines when       replacement of energy resources — first wood,         prepare for and attempt to predict the next large
they hit land. Following on the cassette is the       then coal, and now perhaps oil — by successive-      earthquake in the region. By Doug Prose.
five-minute short, Anatomy of a Hurricane,             ly cleaner and more efficient fuels. This video        “An EXCELLENT film; it is one of the best educa-
which combines actual hurricane footage with          examines the potential role of energy gases, par-    tional films I have ever seen and it richly deserves a
computer animations of how hurricanes form            ticularly natural gas (methane), in meeting our      five-star rating…. It is short, exciting, logically
and develop. Produced by Stephen Wessells for         future energy needs. It interweaves an outstand-     organized, well-paced, and loaded with important,
the USGS.                                             ing combination of historical and contemporary       clearly explained, well-illustrated, accurate scien-
34 min. Gr. 7-12 1995 Catalog #38361                  footage, clear explanations of key scientific con-    tific information. Moreover, it is beautifully made
Sale: video $150, Rental: video $50                   cepts, and colorful computer animation and           and has a strong emotional impact. Its smooth
                                                      graphics to illustrate the origin and occurrence     transitions between topics and frequent summaries
                                                      of oil and natural gas, the environmental            make the film easy to follow and understand.” —
                                                      benefits and consequences of burning natural          Journal of Geological Education
                                                      gas, and some of the economic implications of        20 min. Gr. 7-12 1991 Catalog #38100
                                                      its use. It also raises key questions concerning     Sale: video $125, Rental: video $50
                                                      the nature of an appropriate energy mix for an
                                                      environmentally secure future. This excellent
                                                      video will be a valuable enhancement to a wide
                                                      variety of classes from the junior high level
                                                      through the introductory college level. Produced
                                                      by Jonathan Swinchatt and David Howell.
                                                      29 min. Gr. 7-12 1995 Catalog #38356
                                                      Sale: video $150, Rental: video $50

Hurricane Force: A Coastal Perspective                Wrestling with Uncertainty
                                                      Every few years the U.S. Geological Survey
 NEW FOR 1999-2000!                                   assesses the nation’s oil and gas resources. These
At Risk: Volcano Hazards                              resources can be estimated only indirectly:
                                                      through our understanding of geological pro-
from Mount Hood, Oregon                               cesses, through the technologies that enable us
         Certificate of Creative Excellence, U.S.      to see beneath the earth’s surface, and through a
          Film and Video Festival                     vast array of historical exploration and produc-
          Volcanos worldwide pose extreme             tion data. This informative video presents a
hazards to people living on their flanks and in        broad overview of the most recent assessment
                                                                                                           When the Bay Area Quakes
outlying valleys. This informative case study         and clearly illustrates and explains the methods
uses dramatic eruption footage from Japan, The        and processes used to generate it. Produced by
                                                      Jonathan Swinchatt and David Howell.                 On the Edge: Nature’s Last
Philippines, Hawaii, and Montserrat to illustrate
possible future hazards from Mount Hood, a            29 min. Gr. 8-12 1996 Catalog #38357
                                                                                                           Stand for Coast Redwoods
Cascades volcano only  miles east of Portland,      Sale: video $125, Rental: video $50                  This beautifully photographed and highly infor-
Oregon. Computer-generated - graphics and                                                                mative documentary illustrates the -million-
animated maps show where hazards such as                                                                   year natural history of the coastal redwood, the
pyroclastic flows, ash fall, lava flows, debris                                                              earth’s largest living thing. The video explores
avalanches, and mud flows could affect the                                                                   the attitudes and relationship of the California
region’s infrastructure, homes, and people.                                                                Indians to the redwoods, and shows how the
Produced by Stephen Wessells for the USGS.                                                                 Gold Rush and the ensuing growth of California
15 min. Gr. 7-12 1999 Catalog #38448                                                                       and the West resulted in some  percent of all
Sale: video $125, Rental: video $50                                                                        redwood forest areas being cut down by . It
                                                                                                           also traces the history of conservationist efforts
                                                                                                           to protect and preserve these magnificent trees.
                                                                                                           Produced by James Daniels.
                                                                                                           33 min. Gr. 7-12 1990 Catalog #37987
                                                                                                           Sale: video $125, Rental: video $50
                                                      Wrestling with Uncertainty
14     Science                                                                                                                        Phone: --

Environmental Science                                  NEW FOR 1999-2000!

                                                      Deliverance from Oil
                                                      In , millions watched as the grounded oil
                                                      tanker Exxon Valdez spilled  million gallons of
                                                      crude oil in Prince William Sound, Alaska. The
                                                      destruction of wildlife was unprecedented, as
                                                      was the impact on fisheries and communities in
                                                      the path of the oil. Today, just two of  injured
                                                      species have recovered. This informative docu-
                                                      mentary recounts the ten-year restoration
                                                      process following the Exxon Valdez oil spill and      Restoring a Treasure: The Klamath Basin
                                                      explores the spill’s lingering effects on wildlife
                                                      and people in the region.                             Restoring a Treasure: The
                                                      Commentary by Native villagers, commercial            Klamath Basin
                                                      fishermen, and scientists carrying out the most                 Natl. Educational Film Festival Award
                                                      extensive ecosystem study in U.S. history paint a              Film Arts Foundation Festival honoree
                                                      picture of both heartbreak and hope. The film                   Klamath Bald Eagle Conference honoree
                                                      depicts in detail the fascinating work of scien-
                                                                                                            This beautifully produced and highly informa-
                                                      tific teams that are seeking to learn why most
                                                                                                            tive documentary presents the Upper Klamath
                                                      injured species are still in decline while some are
Ancient Forests                                                                                             Basin in southern Oregon and northern Califor-
                                                      on the road to recovery. It also examines the
                                                                                                            nia as a widely applicable case study in water-
                                                      problems scientists face in determining which
Ancient Forests                                       changes are spill-related and which are caused by
                                                                                                            shed and wetlands restoration. The film shows
                                                                                                            how damage to any one part of an ecosystem
          beautifully photographed documen-

                                                      other factors such as warming ocean tempera-
                                                                                                            ultimately affects the other parts. It vividly illus-
         tary explores the natural history and the    tures. The film demonstrates that a significant
                                                                                                            trates a variety of key scientific and environmen-
         complex ecosystem of the old-growth          effort has been made to improve oil-spill preven-
                                                                                                            tal concepts, including riparian habitats, wet-
forests of the Pacific Northwest. These ancient        tion and response, but is it enough? Produced
                                                                                                            lands, and waterfowl migratory flyways. The
forests once stretched across Washington, Ore-        by Kevin Hartwell for Wild North Productions
                                                                                                            film examines the natural history of the region,
gon and California, comprising an ecosystem of        and KTOO-TV Juneau.
                                                                                                            relates the history of wetland drainage by the
greater biomass than any other on earth. For        55 min. Gr. 7-12 1999 Catalog #38469                  federal government, and includes commentary
million years these magnificent forests have en-       Sale: video $195, Rental: video $70                   by all sides affected by the growing ecological
dured threats of pestilence, drought, and flood.                                                             crisis in water quality and quantity in the Basin.
They survived, changed, and grew back. Now,           In the Cradle of Storms                               Produced by Sarah Hall.
however, they are on the brink of extinction.
                                                               Natl. Educational Film Festival Award        “An excellent case study that visually explains
The film chronicles the delicate play of nature’s
                                                               Best Documentary, Northwest Video            numerous core concepts that are vital to the junior
checks and balances, exemplified in myriad life
                                                                Festival                                    and senior high curriculum and shows that every-
forms, each giving and receiving in an unending
                                                               Regional Emmy Award                          body is going to have to compromise if we are going
cycle of life and death. The balance and interde-
pendence of the countless organisms in the for-       This in-depth documentary explores one of the         to restore the environment.” — Betsy Halpern,
est, both living and dead, are examined in fasci-     major mysteries confronting scientists today: the     Biology Teacher, South Eugene High School,
nating detail. Today some  percent of these         precipitous decline of many marine mammals            Eugene, Oregon
old-growth forests have fallen to logging, and the    and birds in the Bering Sea. The video demon-         28 min. Gr. 7-12 1995 Cat. #38310
film demonstrates how logging irreversibly de-         strates that the decline in these species coincides   Sale: video $175, Rental: video $50
stroys the precarious balance of the forest, im-      with the development of large-scale fisheries in
poverishes the soil, and leads to the destruction     the Bering Sea. The video provides historical         A Sea of Trouble
of innumerable species of plants and animals,         context and an ecological framework for under-        This dramatic documentary examines the rise
many of which may hold answers to important           standing a complex environmental problem that         and fall of the West Coast tuna fishing industry.
scientific questions. Ancient Forests reminds us       many scientists consider unsolvable. It also ex-      It explores the history of the relationship be-
of what we stand to lose if we allow our old-         amines the behavior of many animals and covers        tween fishermen and dolphins and focuses on
growth forests to disappear. It will provoke dis-     a variety of basic biology concepts for junior and    the contemporary techniques used by tuna
cussion and reflection in any class studying the       senior high school students. By Hector Douglas.       fishermen to save dolphins from entrapment in
environment, ecology, biology, or natural history.    59 min. Gr. 7-12 1992 Catalog #38243                  tuna nets. Dramatic footage available in no oth-
It was produced by John Forte.                        Sale: video $150, Rental: video $60                   er film shows tuna fishermen diving into shark-
21 min. Gr. 7-12 1997 Catalog #38425                                                                        infested waters to hand-release dolphins caught
Sale: video $150, Rental: video $50                   Re-Use It or Lose It                                  in nets. This film presents all sides of a timely
                                                      Americans throw out more than  million             story of economics and environmentalism in
                                                      tons of waste annually — enough to fill the New        conflict. Produced by Staness Jonekos.
     Limited Time Offer:                              Orleans Superdome twice every day. This up-           “An extraordinary documentary! It’s perfect for
                                                      beat documentary focuses on solutions to the          junior and senior high classes on the environment
         Save 10%!                                    waste problem. It shows how people in the San         or in social studies. It presents a clear picture of a
      Purchase any three titles in this               Francisco Bay Area have achieved one of the           complex issue and includes the best, most exciting
      brochure by December ,                    highest recycling rates in the world and how the      footage I’ve ever seen.” — Clark Jarratt, Environ-
                                                      innovative recycling programs in the area have
     and take % off their list prices.               become inspiring models for communities na-
                                                                                                            mental Science Teacher, Los Angeles Science
                                                                                                            Magnet High School
  Shipping and handling charges and Calif.            tionwide. By Doug Prose.
  sales tax, if applicable, are additional. See the                                                         33 min. Gr. 8-12 1995 Catalog #38322
                                                      20 min. Gr. 7-12 1992 Catalog #38142                  Sale: video $150, Rental: video $50
  ordering information on page .                    Sale: video $125, Rental: video $50
Fax: --                                                                                                    Science/Ordering Information 15

Wild California Series
                                                                To order any title in this brochure, contact:
         Natl. Educational Film Festival Award
         Narrated by Peter Coyote, these unique                    University of California Extension
         and beautiful videos introduce a dozen
natural habitats found in California and the                  Center for Media and Independent Learning
western U. S. Together they provide a captivat-
ing and informative profile of the ecology and
                                                                    2000 Center Street, Fourth Floor
natural history of this varied region, and are                            Berkeley, CA 94704
perfect for elementary classes in geography, the
environment, ecology, and biology. Produced by                                   Phone: (510) 642-0460
Sea Studios, Monterey, Calif.
“Wonderful videos! ‘Magnificent,’ ‘Outstanding,’                                     Fax: (510) 643-9271
‘Excellent,’ and ‘Truly professional’ are just some of                       Email:
the superlatives expressed by our scientific staff
members after viewing them.” — Dustin Chivers,
California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco            Purchasing and Prices                                      Previews
                                                         School purchase orders must be signed and include          Preview cassettes are solely for purchase consideration
   Save More Than 15%                                    shipping and billing addresses and a telephone num-        and evaluation, and they should be requested through
   Special Series Price: $150                            ber. Phone orders by credit card are welcomed. All         an authorized department or administrator in charge
                                                         sales are final unless material is physically defective     of media purchases. Videos lost or damaged will be
Wild California: The Land                                and is returned within  days.                            charged to the customer at list price. Previews cannot
Explores through four seasons the wildlife and           All prices in this brochure are subject to change with-
                                                                                                                    be provided for rental customers or for videos whose
ecology of various terrestrial habitats, including                                                                  list price is less than . Preview prints are ½″ VHS
                                                         out notice. Purchase prices are f.o.b. Berkeley, Calif.;
a Tule marsh, oak woodlands, montane slope,                                                                         cassettes. Return shipment with insurance of preview
                                                         shipping and handling charges will be billed. Appro-
early Sierra winter, the Great Basin, and the                                                                       prints is at customer’s expense. For further informa-
                                                         priate Calif. sales tax will be added if applicable.
                                                                                                                    tion, see the “Ordering Information” section of our
desert. There is also a segment on bird migration.       Quoted purchase and rental prices are for ½″ VHS           Film and Video Catalog .
19 min. Gr. 4-10 1989 Catalog #37896                     cassettes in the U.S. (NTSC) standard; other formats
                                                         may be more expensive.                                     Rental
Wild California: The Sea                                                                                            Rental rates are for one day’s use; one-half this rate is
                                                         Educational Exchange Privilege                             charged for each additional consecutive day’s use. A
Introduces some of the wildlife and natural hab-         The University of California backs its videos with a        shipping and handling charge is added to each title
itats found on and off the Pacific Coast. Includes         one-year guarantee. Any title that does not fulfill its     rented. Customers are responsible for return shipping
sections on the Farallon Islands, sea meadows,           educational purpose may be exchanged within one            charges. See our Film/Video Rental Catalog for full
between the tides, beach wrack, and a salt marsh.        year for a cassette of another title with the same list    rental ordering information and regulations.
                                                         price and in the same condition as the one returned.
18 min. Gr. 4-10 1989 Catalog #37897                                                                                Copyright Restrictions
                                                         $75 Backup Video Offer                                     All titles listed in this brochure are protected by inter-
Sale: video $89 each, Rental: video $50 each             Purchase any video from us at an advertised price and      national copyright law. No work herein may be dupli-
                                                         any time thereafter you may purchase additional VHS        cated, altered, televised, or shown with an admission
                                                         copies of that title from us for only  each.            fee without our prior written permission. Violation of
                                                                                                                    copyright laws is a federal crime; it is also unethical.
    In-Service Videos and Courses
  We offer many excellent videos for in-service                                                                      In accordance with applicable Federal laws and University
  teacher training. Please use the reply card                                                                       policy, the University of California does not discriminate in
  below to request a copy of our “Education/                                                                        any of its policies, procedures, or practices on the basis of race,
  In-Service Videos Brochure.”                                                                                      color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, or handicap.

  Please send the following information:                                                                            P. O. #
                                                         We wish to order the following:                            Customer #
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