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Fall 2008 Volume 4 Issue 4                                        ALERT is a quarterly publication

                     ALMOST THERE….
                     We are $25,000 away from our goal
                               Would you help us get to the finish line?
                      As you know, FM Humane Society is a private non-profit organization that relies
                     on your generous support. Over 77% of our funding is generated through indi-
                     vidual donations, corporate support and fundraising events.

Every year we set a fundraising goal. Our goal in 2008 is to raise $195,000 to be able to con-
tinue to care for, feed and shelter the hundreds of lost and abandoned animals that come
through our doors every year. We have raised $170,000 to date! We are only $25,000
                           from the finish line!

                               Would you help us get there? The do-
                               nor who gets us to the finish line will
           YOUR                have their picture placed in the picture
          PICTURE              frame on the left and will be a contrib-
            HERE               uting columnist for the winter issue!

                               Please turn to pages 2 and 4 for many
                               ways to support the FM Humane

                  WE ARE NOW OPEN                                                What’s Inside???
              MONDAY - FRIDAY 11am - 7pm
                 SATURDAY 10am - 6pm                                      p. 2   Our animals need you!
                                                                          P. 3   Remembering Eddie
                                                                          p. 4   Name That Dog/Name That
Mission Statement: To care for, protect and place animals for adoption in
                                                                          p. 9   Paws Walk Update
   lifelong homes, and to prevent cruelty to animals by educating our
                                                                          p.14   Cold Weather Tips
         community in the proper and humane care of all animals.
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                                       OUR ANIMALS NEED YOU!
  The FM Humane Society is a private non-profit organization that relies on the generous
  support of our community. Over 77% of our funding is generated through individual
  donations and fundraising events. Your gift will help us care for and feed the hundreds
  of lost and abandoned animals that come through our doors every year.
                        YOUR GIFT SAYS ‘I CARE’
                       We thank you for your support!

 YES, I want to help FM Humane Society to care for and protect lost and abandoned animals
                          in our community by making a donation.

I would like to help FMHS by giving a gift at one of the following levels:

Alice Memorial Fund ______              Other                         ______

$35 - 1 month care      ______          $105 - 3 months care          ______

$70 - 2 months care ______              $210 - 6 months care          ______

$420 - 1 year care      ______
                                It costs $35 a month to care for a dog or a cat.
                 Your gift of $35 will provide a cat or a dog food, shelter and vaccinations.


Address_____________________________________            City:____________ State_____ Zip_________

Phone:__________________ Check enclosed ______ Charge my:           ____ MC    ___ Visa ____ Discover

Credit Card #___________________________________________________________

Expiration Date: (mm/yyyy) ______/________      Mail to: FMHS, 1201 28th Ave. N., Fargo N.D. 58102

                               FM Humane Society Board of Directors

                         Officers                                                 Directors

                Leanne Jordahl, President                                     Tom Colville, DVM
                                                                              Dawn Cruff-Kartes
               Virgil Seibold, Vice-President
                                                                              Diane Davies-Luger
                 Susan Fuglie, Treasurer                                         Dave Ebinger
                                                                              Michael McAllister
                Molly Thomas, Secretary
                                                                                Roberta Rieger
               Elise Leitch, Past-President                                      Steve Vogel
F A LL 200 8                               ALERT VOLUME 4 ISSUE 4                                              PAGE 3

                           REMEMBERING EDDIE
                           What a difference one small brown dog can make.

                           We adopted Eddie from the FM Humane Society on April 11, 1995. He was a
                           pound rescue about 2 months old. The vet classified him as a terrier mix, distin-
                           guished by lots of facial hair, very soft ears and a coat the texture of a whisk
                           broom. When asked what breed of dog he was (a frequent question), my husband
                           always told people he was a “brown dog”.

                           We knew from the very start that he had a lot of personality. When we brought
                           him home from the Humane Society, he immediately crawled up into the back
  window of the car and stayed there. This would remain his place to ride on all trips – even when he was
  full grown - until we traded the car for a van.

  Eddie was a funny dog with many endearing characteristics. Going to the vet was a social occasion. He
  couldn’t wait to get in the door to start socializing with anybody and everybody. He howled when he
  was happy, usually in the morning when he first got up or if he was trying to make a point. He was fasci-
  nated but puzzled by the neighborhood cat, Tommy, who totally ignored him. He was afraid of loud
  noises and hid in the closet during thunderstorms and on the 4th of July. He was a hunter of small game,
  spending many happy hours at the lake hunting for chipmunks, frogs and mice. When he was onto some-
  thing, his tail would go around in a circle. Once he carried a painted turtle around in his mouth, didn’t
  hurt it, just carried it around.

  A light went out in our lives when we lost Eddie on Saturday, September 20. He brought so much fun
  and laughter into our lives. Isn’t it amazing what affect one small brown dog can have?

Dear FMHS friends and supporters,

       We have been playing the “match-maker’ for an average of 50 dogs and cats and their loving families per month
throughout the year of 2008. We love it when a match is made at our shelter and when a cat or a dog gets its second
chance at a loving family. If you could be there to watch it happen, you will agree with us that they know when it is
                           time to go home with their families. It is definitely a sight to

                                This is what you make happen every day at the shelter with your support
                          and generosity. With your generous donations, you make it possible for 50 cats
                          and dogs a month to find their families at our shelter.

                                  Our goal was to raise $195,000 this year. We made it to $170,000 and we are so
                          very close to the finish line. We are asking you to help us get there. There are many ways
                          you can help us make it happen. You can use the gift card on page 2 and make a donation, or
                          you can play the “Name That Dog” or “Name That Cat” with us, or you can sponsor a dog/
                          cat kennel.

                                  Your gift today will continue to make the difference between a life on the streets
abandoned and scared or a life with a loving family. We cannot do it without you! Would you please continue to
help us make these “MATCHES MADE IN THE SHELTER” happen?
In gratitude,
Nukhet Hendricks, Executive Director
F A L L 2 0 0 88
F A LL 200                                ER R O L UM I ISS 4
                                       A LA L ET TVV OL U M EE4 4 S S U E U E 4                        PAGE 4

                                            NAME THAT DOG!
                                            NAME THAT CAT!

                             When the FM Humane Society rescues cats and dogs from the local impounds,
                             the animals come to us without a name. Staff has a wonderful time observing
                             the particular dog or cat to pick out just the right name.

We thought you would like to join the fun too!

So, would you like to name a dog? A cat? It is really easy to do! All you have
to do is to fill out the form below and send us your check for $35 or more!
Once we receive your request, we will name the first animal we rescue with the
name you have chosen and send you the picture of the animal. We will also post
a card by the animal’s kennel for all visitors to see the sponsor who name the
animal. By playing the name game with us, not only will you be helping us name
our animals but most importantly, you will be helping us to care for a cat or a
dog for a whole month!

   YES, we want to join in the fun of naming that cat or dog!

   We want to name a female cat/kitten ____           We want to name a male cat/kitten ____

   We want to name a female dog/puppy ____            We want to name a male dog/puppy ____

   The name we have chosen is:_______________________________________________

   We want our sponsorship card to read: ______________________________________


   We enclosed a check for our donation of $35 _____ or higher $_______

   Please charge our CC for our donation of $35 _____ or higher $_______


   Address_______________________________________               City:____________ State_____ Zip____

   Phone:_________________ Check enclosed ______ Charge my:             ____ MC   ___ Visa ____ Discover

   Credit Card #___________________________________________________________

   Expiration Date: (mm/yyyy) ______/________

   Mail to:        FMHS, 1201 28th Ave. N., Fargo N.D. 58102
F A L L 2 0 0 88
F A LL 200                     ER R O L UM I ISS 4
                            A LA L ET TVV OL U M EE4 4 S S U E U E 4   PAGE 5

                    FM HUMANE SOCIETY THANKS

                      JORDAHL CUSTOM HOMES

                      FM HUMANE SOCIETY ANIMALS
                         NEED NEW HOMES TOO!

                     FM HUMANE SOCIETY THANKS

                      RADIO FARGO-MOORHEAD

F A LL 200 8                                  ALERT VOLUME 4 ISSUE 4                                     PAGE 6

                             HONORARIUMS and MEMORIALS
                      Gifts received between July 31 and September 30, 2008.
          Gifts received after September 30, 2008 will be listed in the Winter Newsletter.
                                          THANK YOU!

    In honor of Special People                             Myron                    Smoky, the beloved cat
                                                        Linda Ponto                     John & Elise Leitch
             David Lotzer                            Harold Schelske             Eddie Beaton, the beloved dog
              Eva Waslaski                           Patricia Nicholson                    Vicki Beaton
              Frank Rook                              Tim Kennelly                  Eddie, the beloved dog
              Mark Gagnew                     Tammy Gudenkauf, Beth Young, Jim        Tom & Deborah Bulger
            Jean Albertson                       Homberg, and Greg Gotham           Eddie, the “brown dog”
       Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Kinsella                   Arlene Haukness                     Al & Linda Beaton
       Jay Jansen & Jeff Ware                      Charles & Vicki Hartz
               Carol Seim                            Carolyn Watkin               In honor of Special Pets
              Elise Leitch                         Charles & Vicki Hartz
           Happy Birthday!                             David Hardy                 Hart, Happy 8th Birthday
         JoNell Bye, Kim Burd,                    Brenda & Andrew Hardy               Jane Bailey Pearson
            Mary Schlossman,                                                        Zeus & Orion Brakke
           Jane Matthees, and                  In memory of Special Pets                 Jean Albertson
              Renee Crary                                                          Maddie & Maiz Thomas
                                                 Pumpkin Dix, Sammy Bala                 Jean Albertson
  In memory of Special People                            & Major Bala               Barney & Poogle Bala
                                                       James & Mary Bala                The Bala Family
                                                  Maggie, the beloved cat              Cooper Hanson
            Leonard Kallhoff                                                             Jean Albertson
        Jeffery & Julianne Canning                     Orv & Gen Eidem
           Irene Torgrimson                         Fish, Tyke, and Cindy
        Jeffery & Julianne Canning                    three special cats
              Tyke Schuaer                                Tom Canning
        Jeffery & Julianne Canning                Tortelli, the beloved cat
            Jeannine Christy                           John & Elise Leitch
        Susan & Dorothy Monson                      Url, the beloved dog
                Averil Berg                              Linda Parsons
            John & Elise Leitch              For all our wonderful clients who
           Abby Wonderlich                         have lost their special
                Ann Erickson                                 friends
           Timothy Kennelly                      Laurel Ecklund & Bill Huber
           Brian & Kathlyn Scott                        Pet Nannies Plus
        Megan, Adam & Kelly Scott              Happy Larsen, the white dog
           Timothy Kennelly                         Patrick & Susan Murray
               Richard Healy                       Our Beloved Shadow
           Timothy Kennelly                               David Kirsch
               Naomi Garber                                   Chico
            Margaret Minch                                  Ilene Lee
         John & Wendy Retterath                               Kirby
                Averil Berg                        Dieter & Beth Berninger
               Barbara Leitch                      Taffy, the beloved dog
             Boyd Holcomb                             Terry & Beth Fortier
               Laurel Ecklund               Sammy Bala, Pumpkin Dix, & Major
           Timothy Kennelly                                    Bala
 Lincoln Mutual Life & Casualty Insurance              James & Mary Bala
                 Company                           Cody, the beloved dog
           Mason Boeddeker                            Vern & Lois Smerud
               Wendy Clarin                      Smokey, the beloved dog
                                                           Fern Olsen
F A LL 200 8                            ALERT VOLUME 4 ISSUE 4                                               PAGE 7

                                       FM HUMANE SOCIETY
                                       CORPORATE DONORS
                     Gifts received between July 31, 2008 and September 30, 2008
                          We thank the following businesses for their support.
                   Please support these businesses that support FM Humane Society.

Alan Evans Bridal                    Her's Salon                                Pet Nannies Plus
Agassiz Seed & Supply                His Styling Salon                          PetSmart Charities
Avengers LLC                         Hospice Of The Red River Valley            Petco
American Crystal Sugar Company       Imaging Solutions, Inc.                    Plath Excavating
American Federal Bank                IdeaOne Telecom Group                      PRACS Institute, Ltd.
Animal Health Clinic                 Insim Inc.                                 Rape & Abuse Crisis Center
Bill's Video & TV Service Inc.       Jordahl & Associates, Inc.                 Remodeling by Foss
BlackRidge Bank                      Jordahl Custom Homes, Inc.                 Rover's Playhouse
Bremer Bank                          Junior Achievement                         S A Mechanical Inc.
Bottle Barn At The Hub               K&K Management (Fry'n Pan)                 Sandi Dahl Paintings
Building Guru's LLC                  KWK Inc.                                   Shaggy's
Chapman Law Firm                     Lincoln Mutual Life & Casualty Insurance   Sheyenne Bar
Cornerstone Bank                     Company                                    Southpointe Pharmacy
Coldwell Banker                      Lunde Lincoln Mercury, Inc.                Sports Bar
D.C. Consulting LLC                  Luther Kennels                             State Bank and Trust
Doggy Depot Inc.                     Magnum Electric Inc.                       Trenda's Auto Repair & Towing
Face & Jaw Surgeons, PC              Mechanical Insulation & Supply, INC.       Unicel
Ferny Properties LLC                 Microsoft                                  Vaaler Insurance, Inc.
Freddy's Lefse, Inc.                 Mid-States Distributors                    Valerie Axt CPA
Gate City Bank                       MinnKota Recycling                         Wags N Whiskers
General Equipment & Supplies, Inc.   Moorhead Insurance                         Ward Muscatell Automotive Group, Inc.
Go Figure Inc. / Curves              Nordic Needle                              Wilson Investments, LLC
Gateway                              Northwestern Bank                          Woodlawn Dental
Happy Harry's South Fargo, Inc.      Olaf Anderson & Son                        Wright Funeral Home

                                                                                    Our Wish List
                        DO YOU RECYCLE YOUR ALU-
                              MINUM CANS?                            Animals:
                                                                     Science Diet Hairball Control Cat Food
                   If you do, you can protect the environ-           Kitten food (Purina preferred)
                   ment and benefit the FM HUMANE SO-                Clay cat litter (NON-scoopable)
CIETY at the same time. You can take your aluminum cans              Kong dog toys
directly to MinnKota recycling and tell them that you are
donating your proceeds to the FM Humane Society.                     Office:
MinnKota recycling centers are located at:                           Postage stamps
                                                                     Printer cartridges: HP 92 & 93;
                 903 4th Ave N, Fargo                                Photocopy paper
         Monday-Friday 9am-5pm; Saturday 9am-3pm
           3510 South University Ave, Fargo                          Liquid hand soap
        Thursday-Friday 9am-5pm; Saturday 9am-3pm                    Tall kitchen trash bags
                                                                     Smaller trash bags
               1321 1st Ave N, Moorhead                              Laundry detergent
         Tuesday-Friday 9am-5pm; Saturday 9am-3pm                    Bleach
                                                                     Gently used towels
F A LL 200 8                          ALERT VOLUME 4 ISSUE 4                             PAGE 8

                                    FM HUMANE SOCIETY
                               18 ANNUAL PAWS WALK SPONSORS

                                           TITLE SPONSOR
                                      JORDAHL CUSTOM HOMES, INC.

                                       PLATINUM SPONSORS
                                               INSIM, INC.
                                             ROYAL JEWELERS
                                       TRI-STATE DISTRIBUTING CO.

                 GOLD SPONSORS                                   SILVER SPONSORS
                    BREMER BANK                                    BARBARA LEITCH
                    DOGGY DEPOT                                        CURVES
                 STATE BANK & TRUST                                 FREDDY’S LEFSE
                                                                   GATE CITY BANK
                 BRONZE SPONSORS                                  IDEAONE TELECOM
                ANIMAL HEALTH CLINIC                          JORDAHL ASSOCIATES, INC.
                    BUILDING GURUS                              NORTHWESTERN BANK
               CHRIS & RIKKA BRANDON                           OLAF ANDERSON & SON
                       FRYN’ PAN                                   VALERIE AXT, CPA
                  MAGNUM ELECTRIC
                       NORTHWE                                    IN-KIND DONORS
                   PET NANNIES PLUS                            25th ST. CARIBOU COFFEE
                 REMODELING BY FOSS                                      APT-TEK
                  ROVER’S PLAYHOUSE                                   BREADSMITH
                SHARON J. WINDEL, CPA                           CANDLEWOOD SUITES
               SOUTHPOINTE PHARMACY                          CATALYST MEDICAL CENTER
                                                            DAKOTA NATURAL FOODS, INC.
                 MEDIA SPONSORS                                     HORNBACHER’S
                    BOB 95FM                                            KAY HILDE
                      KFGO                                        NORTHSTAR MUSIC
                    MOJO 104.7                                       PAPPA JOHN’S
                    ROCK 102                                              PETCO
                     FAN 740                                            PETSMART
                       Y94                                             PIZZA HUT
                                                                   PREMIUM WATERS
                                                                      WEST ACRES

                      A BIG “THANK YOU” TO ALL OF OUR
                               BOOTH VENDORS

                    PAWS WALK

                   THANK YOU
                    FOR MAKING
                 THE 18TH ANNUAL
                 PAWS WALK A HUGE

                 THANKS TO YOU AND
                    YOUR SUPPORT
                   WE RAISED OVER
                  FOR CATS AND
                 DOGS AT THE FM
                  SOCIETY WAIT-
                  FOR A SECOND
                   CHANCE AT A
                  LOVING FAMILY!
F A LL 200 8                              ALERT VOLUME 4 ISSUE 4                                          PAGE 10

                                   FM HUMANE SOCIETY
                                   INDIVIDUAL DONORS
                      We thank the following individuals for their support.
                   Gifts received between July 1 2008 and September 30, 2008.
         Gifts received after September 30, 2008 will be listed in the Winter Newsletter.
Roger & Debbie Aakre         Abby Bredell                   Barbara Dennis            Gary & Wendy Fisher
S & L Abdelhadi              Bradley & Michelle Bredell     Shayla & Roxann Depee     Michael & Erin Fisher
Ronald & Ladonna Ackerland   Lisa Breiland                  Gail Dexter               Donna Fitzgerald
Steven & Marie Ackerman      Marvin Terry & Brenda McBain   Gregory & Angela Diehl    Lisa Fitzgerald
Sandy Ahonen                 Dave Breznay                   David & Misty Dietz       Jeff & Debbie Flisk
Jean Albertson               Nicole Broadway                Dawn Ding                 Preston & Jill Forsberg
Roger C. Anderson            Jolene Brottlund               Jason & Melanie Dinham    Terry & Beth Fortier
Ellen Anderson               Jeff Brown                     Marianne Dinner           Dorine & Eric Fosaaen
Roxanne Anderson             Megan Brown-Stocker            Timothy & Joy Dockter     Julie Fourner
Ryan & Sharlene Anderson     Jerry & Pamela Bruhn           Gerald & Susan Doran      Sharon & Thomas Fowler
Sharon L. Anderson           Robert & Pamela Burchill       Marge Dregseth            Gary & Wendy Fisher
Gretchen Anderson            Ronald & Kim Burd              Allan & Linda Dregseth    Michael & Erin Fisher
Mona Arnold                  Jay Burgay                     Zhongying Du              Donna Fitzgerald
Janice Ashburn               Heather Buriak                 Jay & Rhonda Duden        Lisa Fitzgerald
Valerie Axt                  Roger & Judith Buscher         Beth Dufault              Jeff & Debbie Flisk
David Bader                  LeeAnn Butts                   Dennis & Dawn Duncan      Preston & Jill Forsberg
Jane Bailey Pearson          JoNell & Scott Bye             Josh & Stacy Duncan       Terry & Beth Fortier
Mary & James Bala            Greg & Britta Cabanos          Rebecca & Robert Dura     Dorine & Eric Fosaaen
Karen Balsbaugh              Judy Candor                    Ronn Durand               Julie Fourner
Janine Barnstuble            Tom Canning                    Brenda Easton-Peyerl      Sharon & Thomas Fowler
Susan Wolf Nelson &          Julianne & Jeff Canning        Kristin Eaton             Tamera Frankl
  Barry Nelson               Marcia Carlson                 Laurel Ecklund            Bryan Freborg
Brent & Dawn Barth           Julie Carriveau                Lyman Edds                Daniel & Teri Fremling
Julie Bartholomay            Deb Carstensen                 Chad & Jill Eddy          Jeff & Rachel Froiland
James Basaraba               Mike Chapek                    Jolene Ehlert             Stacey Frolek
Monty & Michelle Bates       Gail Christopher               Joe Eichelberger          Gracia Fulwiler
Jake & Wendy Baukol          Wendy Clarin                   Greg & Sharon Eide        Brandie & R. L. Fuss
Vicki Beaton                 Travis & Mandy Cleem           Joshua Eide               Marlene & B. J. Gabel
Linda & Allen Beaton         Rick & Renaye Clemenson        Gen & Orv Eidem           Wayne Gadberry
Brian & Nichol Bennes        Dan Coleman                    Eileen Ell                Mark Gagnew
Jill Benson                  Bruce & Linda Collins          Connie Elledge            Barbara Gagnon
Tracy Bercier                Beth Colman                    Nancy Elliott             Douglas & Sharla Gahner
Bjorn & Stephanie Berg       Tom & Joann Colville           Cyndee & Roger Engberg    Naomi Garber
Mike & Jenny Berg            Joel & Gloria Colvin           Brent & Jill Engbrecht    Jacqueline George
Sam Berg                     Terry & Kay Compson            Lisa Engebretson          Jess & Kimberly Geyerman
Leighton Bergland            Jerry Connelly                 Susan Eppler              Cynthia Gigler
Dieter & Beth Berninger      Michael & Jodi Couse           Larry & Elaine Erdahl     Douglas & Lisa Gigler
Mark & Barbara Bibelheimer   Terry & Michele Cox            Ann Erickson              Joel Gilbertson
Greggory & Paula Bjerk       Dale Crawford                  Carissa Erickson          Trisha Gilbertson
Tarah & Josh Bjorem          Mike Crawford                  Lisa Erickson             William & Patty Gilchrest
Mark & Carol Blakslee        John Crocker                   Wade & Kristen Erickson   Rosemary Glaspell
Maari Boatman                Kelly Cruchet                  Sharon Esquivel           Ben Goehring
Angie Boisjolie              Dawn Cruff-Kartes              Arnold & Cheryl Esterby   Dan Goehring
Mike & Ginny Borgen          Jan Cummings                   Cheryl Evenson            Eliana Goehring
Janis Bork                   B. S. & J. L. Dahl             Laura Fasick              Mavis & B Goodroad
Janis Borstad                Bruce & Theresa Dahl           LaRee & Lee Faul          Steve & Mary Gorman
Tara Bowlus                  Sandra Dahl                    Mr. & Mrs. Arliss Fedje   Greg & Nancy Gotham
Rolf Brakvatne               Mike Daly                      Marie Felix               Carissa Graff
Rikka & Chris Brandon        Diane Davies-Luger             Amber Ferrie              Pamela Graff Corbin
Lukas & Janelle Brandon      Joan & Greg Deal               Jody Fischer              Jeff Grant
William & Amanda Brandt      Joshua & Laura Deltener        Wanda Fischer             Jacqueline Green
F A LL 200 8                             ALERT VOLUME 4 ISSUE 4                                             PAGE 11

Gabrielle Jones &           Amanda Hopper                 Matt Kern                      Ilene Lee
Gregory Jayson              Patricia Hornbaker            Bill & Ann Kiebko              Tom Lee
Bradley & Susan Grenz       Jill Hough                    Tom Kiewel                     Kimberly Lee
Alesha & Matthew Greseth    Roslyn Abramovitch &          Sarah Kim                      Todd Lefor
Penny Gronke                  Howard Smith                Paul King                      Douglas & Christy Leier
Pam Grothman                Rachel Howes                  Arthur & Patricia Kinsella     Carla & Robert Lein
Don Gruchalla               Bruce Huatori                 Michael & Joan Kirk            Morey Leiseth
Becky Gunderson             Doug & Carole Huber           David Kirsch                   Barbara Leitch
Lee & Tracy Gunkelman       Dale Hudson                   Becky Kirsch                   Elise & John Leitch
Carlene Gustafson           Lila Huff                     Dawn Kiser                     Kirk Leitch
Stephanie Guy Gruchalla     Kenneth & Elinor Huggett      Stephen & Corinne Kisslinger   Craig & Jane Lemieux
Fred Hagen                  Michael & Melissa Hughes      Brad & Lisa Kittelson          Michael Lemke
William & Christine Hagen   Carol Hutchison               Michelle Kittleson             Richard Lenzmeier
James & Ruth Ann Hahn       Jason & Joleen Ignaszewski    Cassie Klemetson               Zelko Leon
Linda Haider                Andrea & Ted Ingersoll        Samantha Klemetson             Christopher & Rachel Lerum
Jeff & Rochelle Hakanson    Glenn Ista                    Tony & Peg Klemetson           William Lewis
Sherry Hallquist            Marvin & Margo Iszler         Kara Danelle Kloehn            Michael & Barbara Lewis
Rick & Rhonda Hamre         Dan Iverson                   Bruce Klosterman               Michelle Lewis
Scott Hans                  Bob Jacobson                  Cole Knoke                     Steve & Debbie Lien
Doug Hansen                 Bonnie Jangula                Kyle Knop                      John & Susan Lien
Richard & Sherry Hanson     Debra Jensen                  Mary Ann Knudson               Nicole Lies
Sharon Hanson               Mark & Sonja Jensen           Gary & Barbara Knutson         Gerald & Karen Lillejord
Andrew & Brenda Hardy       Phyllis J. Jensen             KarlaJoyce Koenig-Sturre       Anna Lorrayne Lindsoe
David & R. A. Harmon        Anne Johnson                  John Koerselman                Terry Lipp
Ryan & Agnes Harrington     Doris Johnson                 Erin Koffler                   Alan Loehr
Lacey Harrington            Karla Johnson                 Monte Koffler                  Lara B. Loritz
Jeremy & Melanie Harrison   Alex Johnson                  Glen Kopperud                  Kurt Losee
Melinda Harrison            Barb Johnson                  Chris Korsgarden               Shannon & Stacy Lovelace
Maurice Hartz               Carmen Johnson                George & Ruth Korsmo           Sarah Lucio
Charles & Vicki Hartz       Kimberly Johnson              Brenda Koski                   Jody Lund
Steven Hassler              Kristie Johnson               Jeff & Cynthia Koth            LaVonne Lyberg
Holly Hassler               Michael & Kelly Johnson       Traci Krabbenhoft              William &
Melissa & Alan Haut         Tammy Johnson                 Kent & Julie Krabbenhoft         Loriann Lymburner
Richard L. Healy            Chris Johnson                 Kathy Kracht                   John & Shelly Lynn
Robin Hebert                Kimberlee Johnson             Brian Kraemer                  Michelle Maier
Gary & Sharon Hegle         Terri Johnson                 Sandy Kraft                    Kristen Marchus-Hemstad
Lynnette Heller             Vic Jones                     Tex & Lynn Kraig               Wesley & Carole Marhre
Nukhet & Bryan Hendricks    Andrew Jordan                 Kendra Krogstad                Sharon Marquardt
Gary &June Hendrickson      Jessica Jorgensen             Troy (Tony) & Mary Krupich     Sheryl Marquardt
Paul & Susan Hendrickson    Bruce & Catherine Jorgensen   Paul & Virginia Kruse          Chad & Susan Martin
Gary & June Hendrickson     Joshua & Amy Joy              Deanna Kubas                   Amy Mathias
Michael &                   Shari Juran                   Allan & Christine Kulesa       Mary Matthews
  Darlene Hendrickson       Todd Just                     Janie Kunick                   Lowell & Vicky Matthys
Allison Hennings            Laura Kahn                    Jack & Charlotte La Crosse     James & Mary Ann Mayer
Wade Hennings               Kristi Kaiser                 Kathy & Regis Lagler           Brenda McBain
Garrett Henrich             Kent & Eunice Kapplinger      David & Lindell Lamb           Shari McGann
Marlene & Michael Henry     Tom Kapsner                   Kelsi Langlie                  Jennifer McGannon
Andrea Hensler              Laine Kartes                  Shane & Jerilyn Larck          David McMaines
Gina Herrick                Darcel Kashmark               Jamie Larson                   Mark Meadows
Don & Deborah Hersrud       Dolores Kashmark              David Larson                   Paul & Michelle Mehling
LeeAnn Hess                 Nicole Kaste                  Michelle Larson                Harold & Hazel Meidlinger
Marcia Hess                 John & Rebecca Kay            Craig & Diane Larson           John & Carol Mermon
Brenda Hieb                 David & Tammy Keenan          Kevin Larson                   David & Janice Meyer
Gwendolyn Hill              Troy & Kim Kelsey             Kerry Lauer                    Rick & Martha Meyer
Duane & Kori Hilsendeger    Randy Kenninger               Traci Lavelle                  John & Lori Middlestead
Thomas & Becky Hodnefield   Douglas & Mary Jo Kenyon      Lori Lawson                    David & Amy Mielke
Ashley Hoeck                Cynthia C. Keough-Erdmann     Patrick & Cynthia Leach        Susan Mierkiewicz
Lou Ann Honek               Ronda & Kreg Kercher          Diane & Dennis Leatherbury     Natalie Miklas
F A LL 200 8                   ALERT VOLUME 4 ISSUE 4                                   PAGE 12
Jan Miller                    Michelle Olsen               Susan Risher
Matt & Sheree Miller          Martha Olsen                 Jamalee Robbins
Sharon Milligan               Chad Olson &                 Sarah Kjos & Robby Njos
Lois Minch                      Angela Jordahl Olson       Kenneth & Julee Rodrick
Harry & Patty Miranowski      John Olson                   Jane & Rick Roggensack
Kathleen & Lyle Monroe        April M. Olson               Lee Rorman
Susan & Dorothy Monson        Robert Omdahl                Christine Runck
Lee Morris                    Gregory & Jane Omdahl        Barbara Russell
Michael & Jessica Mortensen   Gary &Sandy Osborne          Renay A. Rutter
Hollie Moser                  Douglas & Linda Otterson     Jennifer Saathoff
Julie Munsey                  Gordon & Nancy Otto          Jeannie Saewert
Thomas Munsey                 Nikki & Dan Otto             Roger & Mary Safranski
Janet Munson                  E. Lynn & Joyce Overboe      Lonnie & Kimberly Saice
Ryan Munson                   Michael Simpson &            Delores Sandbeck
Dawn Munter-Murray              Pamela Patten              Chad & Holly Sarbaum
George & Cynthia Murphy       Joseph & Debra Parise        Leslie Satterlund
Patrick & Susan Murray        James Parsons                Stefanie Saucke
Sheila Muus                   Linda Parsons                Corinne A. Savelkoul
Barb Myers                    Teresa Pazdernik             Doreen Sayler
Lynsey Myhre                  David & Beverly Pearson      Dr. Natalie Sayler
Harriet B. Naylor             L. Pederson                  Larry Sayler
Calalince Nefzger             Paul A. Pederson             Todd & Briana Scearcy
Janet & Larry Nelson          Bruce & Patricia Penas       Teri Schaefer
Virgie Nelson                 Tomas & Julie Peterson       Diane Scheff
James & Kathleen Nelson       Diane Peterson               Howard & Michele Scheuring
Kris & Sarah Nelson           Randy Peterson               Alice Schiefert
Kinsey Nelson                 Dwain & Benita Peterson      Steven & Sandra Schilke
Kjersten Nelson               Jason & Amanda Peterson      Renae Schlittenhard
Mike Nelson                   S. K. Peteson                Brenda Schmitz
Mike & Heather Nelson         Mary Phillips                Holli Schmitz
Thomas & Andrea Nelson        Billy & Nadine Phillips      Scott & Karla Scholl
James & Susan Nelson          Brian & Keisha Piehl         BreeAnna Schott
Melissa Nelson                David & Leanne Pladson       Tom & Mary Schott
Chad Nesemeier                Laura & Daren Pladson        William & Cynthia Schwartz
Jean Neshiem                  Linda K. Ponto               Brian & Kathlyn Scott
Martin & Carol Ness           Andrew Ponto                 Scott & Andrea Seibel
Judy Neubauer                 Linda K. Ponto               Mary Seidel
William &                     Joanne M. Pounds             Carol & Dave Seim
  Darlene Neuhauser           Jeffrey & LaVonna Powell     Robert & Angela Seitz
Vance & Katie Nichelson       Ryan & Rebecca Prestegaard   Sandra Selvaag
Patricia Nicholson            Dawn Putney                  Tonya K. Serfass
Paul & Marilyn Nielsen        Roberta Quintero             John & Linda Seter
Amanda Nieman                 Bernard & Kathy Raidt        Rhonda Sharp
Gerald & Jane Noble           Alexander Rasmussen          Peter Shaw
Lee M. Nordrum                Steven Redfield              Patsy Sheehan
Debra Dawson &                Steve & Anna Regstad         Miriam Shewey
  Norman Robinson             Chad Reier                   Bryan Sholts
Dacy Nygaard                  Jeffrey Reiner               Raymond & Peggy Simmons
Richard & Susan Nymark        Boyd Remboldt                Christopher Sims
Deirdre & Mark Nyquist        Suzetta Remboldt             Wallace Skare
Trent & Jessica Ochsner       Ed & Sue Renner              Marion Skare
Mary O'Clair                  Travis Reno                  Ronald & Annette Skarperud
Daria Odegaard                John & Wendy Retterath       Jane Skjei
Kevin & Cindy Odegaard        Patricia Rheault             Julie Skogen
Kevin Ohnstad                 Julian & Kelsey Rheault      Linda Skogen
Ron Oldoren                   Lindsey Rhodes
Shawn Olgard                  Kate Rice
Fern J. Olsen                 Chad Rice
F A LL 200 8                               ALERT VOLUME 4 ISSUE 4                                        PAGE 13

Stan & Ardis Skogen           Gary & Rosa Stolzenberg     Joan Utter                   Ann Wennberg
Casey Skremstad               Kathy Stoppler              Charles & Karen Vaala      Diane Westlake
Vern & Lois Smerud            Rene J. Storbakken          Bruce &                    Dave Wey
Kayla Smith                   Linda Strand                 Carol Van Den Einde       Patrick Whittington
Anne Snyder                   Ryan Strand                 Bernie Vannatta            John & Linda Widner
Sylvia Soeth                  Joy Streed                  Lisa J. Vatnsdal           John Wilkinson
Melanie & Lee Soeth           Thomas & Trish Strom        Melinda Voeller            Holli Wilson
Betty Solly                   Stephen & Paula Stromstad   Steve Vogel                Sharon J. Windels
Philip & Ellen Sondreal       Karen Roertgen &            Katherine & Eric Volk      Wayne & Jacqueline Winje
Julie Sorenson                  Stuart Lahtinen           Claudia & Jeff Voorhees    Raymond Winter
Terri Sorum                   Gregg Swanson               DJ & Mindy Wadholm         Alicia Wisnewski
Claudia Souba                 Angie Tangen                Caroline Wadman            Nicole Witthuhn
Darlene Spalding              Hope Teal                   Marietta Wahl              Donald & Carol Wold
Grant & Bethany Speece        Mona Tedford                Vera Wahl                  Brenda & Kevin Wolf
Mark & Lynn Speral            R J Teigen                  Lisa Wainscott             Doug & Cyndy Wolf
Wayne & Marlene Sprague       Julie Tessar                Jennifer Waller            Maureen Woodbury
Steichen Family               Brian & Debra Theis         Karis & Kelly Walstad      Nina Wright
James & Teri Steinbeck        Gregory & Susan Thompson    Jason Wang                 Marianne Wygant
Dave & Tonya Stende           Brian & Kim Thompson        Eva Waslaski               Ed S. Yablonski
Louanne Stephenson            Tom Thompson                Cindy Wateland             Michael & Sherry Young
Todd Stern                    Craig Thompson              Donna Byzewski &           Russ & Colleen Young
Carol Fritz Saville &         Joel & Sherri Thomsen         Wayne Buzz               Robert Younggren
  Steve Saville               Melissa Tomlinson           Clarice & George Weber     Moore Yun
Stephanie & Tom Stiel         James & Judith Treichel     Rita Weber                 Sarah Wagner &
Glenn & Darci Stinar          Suzette Trenda              Michelle Weber               Zachary Frederick
Crystal Stockert              Beverly Trittin             Thomas & Jessica Webster
Ray Stockert                  Julie Trulson               Keith & Nancy Weisser
Jerome & Donna Stockrahm      Cory & Candace Tryan        Jeff & Sharon Weitzel
Leroy & Arlette Stoetzer      Ranelle Turman              Rachel Welder
Janet Stoll                   Deborah Tweten              Geraldine Welk
David & Michele Stollenwerk   Heather Urban               R G Engstrom &

                                           FM Humane Society is in need of
                                                 Foster Families
                               FM Humane Society is in need of Foster Families who will provide
                               temporary homes to our cats and dogs.

                               You provide the home and the love
                               for a certain period of time; we pro-
                               vide the cats and kittens, dogs and
                               puppies, supplies and veterinary care.
                               This is a no-cost-to-you arrangement
                               between you and the FM Humane So-

If you are interested, please give us a call at 701-239-0077 and
let us know that you are willing to join the ranks of the FM
Humane Society Foster Families!
F A LL 200 8                                     ALERT VOLUME 4 ISSUE 4                                                      PAGE 14


               Our animal companions depend on us to protect him a coat or sweater with a high collar or turtleneck with cov-
               them during cold weather. The following tips will erage from the base of the tail to the belly. For many dogs, this
               help protect them when the mercury dips.          is regulation winter wear.

               1. Keep your cat inside. Outdoors, felines can        6. Never leave your dog or cat alone in a car during cold
               freeze, become lost or be stolen, injured or          weather. A car can act as a refrigerator in the winter, holding in
               killed. Cats who are allowed to stray are exposed     the cold and causing the animal to freeze to death.
    to infectious diseases, including rabies, from other cats,
    dogs and wildlife.                                               7. Puppies do not tolerate the cold as well as adult dogs, and
                                                                     may be difficult to housebreak during the winter. If your puppy
2. During the winter, outdoor cats sometimes sleep under the         appears to be sensitive to the weather, you may opt to paper-
hoods of cars. When the motor is started, the cat can be in-         train him inside. If your dog is sensitive to the cold due to age,
jured or killed by the fan belt. If there are outdoor cats in your   illness or breed type, take him outdoors only to relieve himself.
area, bang loudly on the car hood before starting the engine to
give the cat a chance to escape.                                     8. Does your dog spend a lot of time engaged in outdoor activi-
                                                                     ties? Increase his supply of food, particularly protein, to keep
3. Never let your dog off the leash on snow or ice, especially       him—and his fur—in tip-top shape.
during a snowstorm—dogs can lose their scent and easily be-
come lost. More dogs are lost during the winter than during any 9. Like coolant, antifreeze is a lethal poison for dogs and cats. Be
other season, so make sure yours always wears ID tags.            sure to thoroughly clean up any spills from your vehicle, and
                                                                  consider using products that contain propylene glycol rather
4. Thoroughly wipe off your dog's legs and stomach when he        than ethylene glycol. Visit the ASPCA Animal Poison Control
comes in out of the sleet, snow or ice. He can ingest salt, anti- Center ( for more
freeze or other potentially dangerous chemicals while licking his information.
paws, and his paw pads may also bleed from snow or encrusted
ice.                                                              10. Make sure your companion animal
                                                                  has a warm place to sleep, off the floor
5. Never shave your dog down to the skin in winter, as a longer and away from all drafts. A cozy dog or
coat will provide more warmth. When you bathe your dog in         cat bed with a warm blanket or pillow
the colder months, be sure to completely dry him before taking is perfect.
him out for a walk. Own a short-haired breed? Consider getting

                              How Can I Support the FM Humane Society?

1. Make a donation: FMHS is solely dependent                carpenter, painter, electrician or mechanic.
   on the generosity of the community. Please re-        6. Add a link to FMHS on your web page:
   member FMHS in your charitable intentions.               FMHS’s web address is
2. Become a Corporate Sponsor: Corporate                 7. Support Spay/Neuter: Donate to FMHS Spay-
   sponsorship provides visibility to the sponsoring        Neuter Donor Designated Fund. Spay or neuter
   organization while helping the animals at FMHS.          your pet to reduce the number of unwanted ani-
3. Be an FMHS Ambassador: Talk about FMHS                   mals in our community.
   to your friends, colleagues and family.               8. ID your Pet: Place ID tags on your pet’s collar
4. Adopt or Foster an Animal: Consider adopt-               and please consider microchipping your pet.
   ing or fostering an animal from the FMHS.
5. Volunteer your time and skills: Walk the
   dogs, socialize the cats, help at fundraising events,
   or lend your expertise as a newsletter editor,
FALL 2008                        ALERT VOLUME 4 ISSUE 4                              PAGE 15

                      FM HUMANE SOCIETY’S
                    LEGACY SOCIETY UNVEILED
Donations, both large and small, have enabled the FM Humane Society to save and improve
the lives of dogs and cats throughout the community since 1966.

During the long history of the organization, many animal lovers have chosen to help the
homeless animals of the Fargo-Moorhead Humane Society even beyond the donors’ lifetime
by including the FM Humane Society in their estate planning.

The FM Humane Society is pleased to announce the Legacy Society, a new society for animal
lovers who have made the important decision and included the FM Humane Society in their
estate planning. Members of the Legacy Society will have their names printed in the newslet-
ter and receive special invitations to various events of the FM Humane Society. To become a
founding member of the Legacy Society, please fill out the form below and mail it to the FM
Humane Society.

Letters can be mailed to: Nukhet Hendricks, FM Humane Society, 1201 28th Ave N, Fargo, ND,

 YES, I want to be a founding member of the FM Humane Society Legacy Society.
 My plans to support the FM Humane Society in my estate planning include:

Bequest in Will                                         ______

Beneficiary – Insurance Policy                          ______

Beneficiary – Retirement (IRA, etc.)                    ______

I have some questions; please contact me.               ______


City:______________ ST:______________ Zip:____________________

                    1201 28th Ave. N.
                    Fargo, N.D. 58102
                    P: 701-239-0077
                    Web site:
FALL 2008 Volume 4, Issue 4

                                  “My Guardian Angels”
Did you know you could help save a life for as little as 50 cents a day? Help save the lives of dogs
and cats who come to the FM Humane Society and have your name proudly displayed on a kennel
showing shelter visitors you care. Your plaque on a dog or cat kennel not only helps the animals of
the FMHS but also serves as a reminder to everyone that you support the mission of the FM
Humane Society.

The process is simple: Fill out the coupon below, and return it to us with your check. If you prefer,
you can charge your pledge in one payment on your VISA, MasterCard or Discover. Please be sure
to tell us how you would like your recognition plaque to read (use up to 21 letters including spaces).
Once the plaque is printed, we will place it on the kennel for the duration of your contribution.
                        Yes, I would like to be a Guardian Angel!
   Cat Kennel ($15 per month)                   Cash or Check
   Dog Kennel ($25 per month)                   Credit Card (please circle) MasterCard / Visa / Discover
   1 Month 3 Months      1 Year
Name _________________________________          If paying by credit card, please complete the following:

Address ________________________________               Credit Card#________________________

City__________________ ST_____ Zip______               Expiration Date (MM/YYYY)_____/______

Phone:_____/_______/_________                          Signature on the Card____________________

I want my plaque to read (no more than 6 words)_________________________________________________________

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