Hospital Dentistry Established in Oral Surgery Clinic at College by dandanhuanghuang

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									                                                                                                UIC COLLEGE OF
June 2011, Vol. 8, No. 3                                                                                   DENTISTRY

                              Hospital Dentistry Established in
                              Oral Surgery Clinic at College
                              A new Hospital Dentistry program                         Medicine. In most cases, patient care
                              recently was established on the                          is expedited due to the proximity of our
                              first floor of the College within the                    clinical treatment facilities, since many
                              Department of Oral and Maxillofacial                     of these UIMCC patients will require
                              Surgery (OMFS).                                          OMFS services.”
                                    The clinical facilities include                           Along with Dr. Miloro, the Hospital
                              three standard outpatient rooms and                      Dentistry program and area were
                              one larger room, as well as in-room                      established through the work of Dr.
                              computers and a workstation with                         David Clark, Associate Dean for
                              access to both the University of Illinois                Clinical Affairs; Dr. Richard Monahan,
                              Medical Center (UIMCC) computer                          Head of the Department of Oral
                              patient database, and the College of                     Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences
                              Dentistry’s AxiUm                                                                (OMDS); Dr.
                              database. The                                                                    Kenneth Trch,
                              facilities are used                                                              Clinical Assistant
                              for both Hospital                                                                Professor,
                              Dentistry and Oral                                                               OMDS; Dr.
                              Medicine activities.                                                             Harvey Wigdor,
                                    “Oral Medicine                                                             Clinical Professor,
                              relocated from                                                                   OMDS; Dr. Indru
                              across the hall on                                                               Punwani, Head,
                              the first floor to                                                               Department
                              create additional                                                                of Pediatric
                              space for the                                                                    Dentistry; and
                              planned Clinical              Candido Rivera in facilities where hospital        Dr. William
                              Research Center               dentistry is performed.                            Chamberlin,
                              project,” explained                                                              Chief Medical
                              Dr. Michael                                                                      Officer, University
                              Miloro, Head, OMFS. “We welcome                          of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago
                              Oral Medicine in this area, and,                         (UIMCC), with the support of Dean
                              together, essentially created a new                      Bruce Graham.
                              clinical unit within a department, that                         “As Chief of the Dental Service
                              being Hospital Dentistry within Oral                     at UIMCC, I was approached by Dr.

In This             College Building                 Students, Faculty                       Construction
                    New LearnLab                     Receive Variety                         Update
Issue                                                of Awards
Chamberlin requesting if the College of Dentistry could           tissue samples,” Dr. Zhou explained. With the LMD 7000,
provide dental services to the transplant and oncology            “The researcher can selectively and routinely analyze cells
patients from the hospital,” Dr. Punwani said. “I checked         of interest down to single cells, to obtain results that are
with Dean Bruce Graham, and he agreed.”                           relevant, reproducible, and specific.”
     As of August 2010, the College of Dentistry assumed                The University has an older, heavily used LMD system
the responsibility of providing oral evaluation, diagnosis,       at the College of Medicine. Dr. Zhou made the case to the
and treatment planning, including emergent/urgent                 NIH that the new LMD 7000 was needed for the College
focused dental care and dental clearance, to patients             of Dentistry, because there are eight major NIH-funded
referred from UIMCC for pre-radiation therapy evaluation,         research projects and several
chemotherapy, organ transplant, acute cardiac conditions          minor projects in the College
prior to invasive therapy such as valve replacement,              of Dentistry needing LMD
stem cell transplantation, and any consultation, or               technology.
care necessary during and immediately following these                   Besides Dr. Zhou’s
procedures performed at the UIMCC.                                study, LMD 7000 will also
     These dental services are provided by the faculty of         facilitate the scientific
OMDS, OMFS, and the Department of Pediatric Dentistry.            progress of seven other NIH-
     “The intent of the provision of these services is to         sponsored ongoing studies
address the acute issues related to care, and not to              in the College, including
assume the role of long-term primary care dentists for the        studies on DNA-damage
patients,” Dr. Punwani said.                                      checkpoint pathways in oral
     Thus far the Hospital Dentistry program is functionally      cancer and liver cancer (Dr.
well, and provides a means by which the UIMCC patients            Srilata Bagchi, Director,
can have much-needed dental services performed in a               CMBOD); dental enamel               The College recently
timely fashion. Candido Rivera, Dental Assistant I, acts          formation and evolution             obtained a sophisticated
as the contact person for the UIMCC medical and surgical          (Dr. Thomas Diekwisch,              laser microscope micro-
services, and he coordinates the scheduling and daily             Director, Brodie Laboratory);       dissection system thanks
activities of the Hospital Dentistry program, along with the      molecular analysis of               to Dr. Xiaofeng “Charles”
OMDS faculty.                                                     stress-impaired microbial           Zhou.
     In addition, the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery clinic on    clearance (Dr. Phillip T.
the first floor has a new sterilization area.                     Marucha, Associate Dean
     “The previous sterilization room was out of date             for Research); ameloblastin function in periodontal
and in need of upgrading,” Dr. Miloro said. “The current          development and the periodontal ligament (Dr. Xianghong
sterilization area contains state-of-the-art equipment and        Luan, Assistant Professor, Department of Oral Biology);
cabinetry and is now organized for the proper workflow            epithelial-connective tissue interactions and scar
through the entire space, to proceed in an orderly                formation (Dr. Luisa DiPietro, Director, Center for Wound
sequence from a nonsterile to a clean environment.”               Repair and Regeneration); molecular mechanisms of
     Construction was completed on the sterilization              serpins in oral cancer tumorgenesis (Dr. Steven Olson,
area in March 2011, and the entire project was done               Professor Emeritus, CMBOD); and molecular analysis
within a matter of a few months, and was paid for with            of rhabdomyosarcoma (Dr. Chiayeng Wang, Associate
departmental and State funding. “We are very proud                Professor, CMBOD).
of this new sterilization unit, and we are glad that Lola               “Researchers from several departments in the College
Leach-Gary, Sterilization Technician, is in charge of the         will use the LMD 7000,” Dr. Zhou said. “We obtained this
organization and daily activities within this sterilization       state-of-the-art LMD system through a shared equipment
unit,” said Dr. Miloro.                                           grant from NIH, which funds the acquisition of advanced
                                                                  biomedical technologies that will support multiple NIH-
College Obtains Sophisticated                                     funded projects.”
                                                                        He noted that the LMD 7000 can dissect both
Microdissection Equipment                                         fresh and frozen tissue down to a single cell. It can
The College recently obtained a sophisticated laser               visualize regions of interest; perform contact-free and
microscope microdissection system, a Leica LMD 7000,              contamination-free dissections of any size, shape, or
thanks to a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant of          thickness for specific research needs.
$237,463 obtained by Dr. Xiaofeng “Charles” Zhou,                       The NIH grant is called “Laser Microdissection for
Assistant Professor, Center for Molecular Biology of Oral         Molecular Analysis of Oral, Dental, and Craniofacial
Diseases (CMBOD) and Department of Periodontics.                  Disease,” and Dr. Zhou is the Principal Investigator.
    Dr. Zhou and his molecular profile laboratory team                  For more information, contact Dr. Zhou at (312) 355-
are working on biomarker identification for oral cancer           0825 or e-mail
progression and metastasis.
    “Laser microdissection, or LMD, will allow us to
selectively procure relevant cells from heterogeneous

2                                                        Word of Mouth                                              June 2011
LearnLab to Promote Student                                          among four proposals that each would garner a college
                                                                     $250,000 to build a LearnLab. The other three will be in
Interaction in Class                                                 the Colleges of Nursing, Medicine, and Public Health.
When UIC built its first LearnLab classroom in Burnham                    The College of Dentistry submitted a proposal to
Hall on the East Campus, the College of Dentistry’s                  convert room 430C to a LearnLab as part of the campus’
Director of the Office of Dental Education, Dr. Charlotte            classroom improvement program,” Taeyaerts said.
Briggs, and Executive Associate                                                               “The proposal was selected for
Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Bill                                                           implementation because there
Knight, decided to take a look at                                                             was a synergy between our desire
it.                                                                                           to create additional learning
     They liked what they saw,                                                                environments which promote
and learned during their visit that                                                           active, team based learning and
there was a competition on the                                                                the College of Dentistry’s plans to
West Campus for UIC funding for a                                                             revise their curriculum. The College
similar room.                                                                                 of Dentistry’s new LearnLab will be
     The deadline for proposals                                                               a highly collaborative, technology-
was the next day.                                                                             enhanced environment which
     “We hadn’t even heard about        A high-tech LearnLab is coming to the College of      has been shown to enable the
it before,” Dr. Briggs recalled,        Dentistry.                                            instructor and engage the learner. “
laughing. “We received a one-day                                                                   LearnLab is furniture
extension and got a proposal in for                                                           manufacturer Steelcase Co.’s
the College of Dentistry.”                                           trade name for a studio classroom where students “work
     Later, they learned from David M. Taeyaerts, Director           actively in class, and do much more than just listen to a
of the UIC Office of Campus Learning Environment                     lecture,” Dr. Briggs noted.
(OCLE), that their proposal was so good that it was ranked

June 2011                                              Word of Mouth                                                            3
     “The LearnLab design is predicated on the students          different groups,” she explained.
reading and being introduced to material outside of                   There also will be whiteboards and huddleboards—
class, but then coming into the LearnLab to process the          newsprint-sized whiteboards that can be worked on at
information and to have a higher level of interaction with       the tables and then hung on the wall for the whole class
their faculty and peers,” she continued. “This allows faculty    to observe. A camera allows students to take pictures of
to get a better sense of what students understand and            what is on the whiteboards and huddleboards and save
with what students need help.”                                   them.
     The College’s new LearnLab is soon to be located                 “Since we are very image-heavy in dentistry, we added
in the old computer room in 430C. It is designed for four        some funds to this project so we can have high-definition
groups of eight students to work together. “So about half        projection,” Dr. Briggs said.
of a DDS/DMD class can work in the room at one time,”                 The LearnLab construction began on May 2 and is
Dr. Briggs said.                                                 estimated to be completed by June 30.
     “The room is arranged in an X pattern, with four tables          The 18 computers from the old computer room have
seating eight being the arms of the X,” she continued.           been moved to the fourth floor forum area.
“There is a smart podium from which you can run a                     The College is hoping to bring in UIC’s Project Oasis,
computer, projectors, and other media.”                          overseen by OCLE’s Wendy Wagoner, to help with the
     The room will have three slidescreens and three             forum area. “Oasis” is the term UIC uses for carefully
projectors. “No matter where the students are sitting, they      designed informal learning spaces where students study
will be able to see two of those screens without moving,”        outside of class.
Dr. Briggs said. “Students will no longer sit in a row,               “Both the LearnLab and the Oases reflect an
and we won’t have to worry about the tradeoff between            increased attention in recent years among colleges and
rooms that accommodate presentations well, and those             universities to the architectural and interior design features
that accommodate group work well. This room optimizes            that promote effective learning,” Dr. Briggs said.
both.”                                                                “Oases are designed to be attractive and comfortable
     Having three screens allows three different images to       for students,” Dr. Briggs explained. “They take into
be projected simultaneously. “We could have three images         account principles of communication, sociology, and
showing progression of a disease, comparing different            learning and are located where students walk going into
types of cells, or comparing work produced by three              or out of class to encourage them to interact and work

4                                                       Word of Mouth                                              June 2011
together.”                                                       a necessity, but it helps to reinforce that the work we do
      Besides the existing computers being moved, there          makes a difference. It also fosters an environment where
will be ports for laptop computers in the fourth floor forum     fellow dental students may be sparked into getting more
as well.                                                         involved in organizations at the school and in and around
      The current couches and chairs will be retained and        the UIC community.”
rearranged to better promote student interaction.                     Homann also was honored with the Jefferson Award
      If additional funding is obtained, Rooms 401A and          for Public Service, as one of two graduate students so
401B off the fourth floor forum will be combined to              honored by UIC. The Jefferson Award is granted to six
create a smaller computer lounge adjacent to the larger          UIC students who have made exemplary contributions to
computer room. “It will be quieter, yet close to the action,”    public and community service.
Dr. Briggs said.
      “We know our students want better study space, so          Dr. Steven Olson Receives NIH MERIT
this will be it,” she noted. “Dean Bruce Graham would
like to improve the feel of the building for our students,       Award for Blood Clotting Research
too.                                                             By Lucia Gonzalez
      “The idea is that students will be included to spend       Dr. Steven T. Olson, Professor Emeritus in the Center for
more time studying and interacting with each other, and          Molecular Biology of Oral Diseases and Department of
will feel better about their experience, if they are happy       Periodontics, has received a MERIT grant award from the
with the physical environment,” Dr. Briggs concluded.            National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the National
                                                                 Institutes of Health. The grant, entitled “Molecular basis of
                                                                 blood coagulation regulation,” will let Dr. Olson continue
Students Receive Several                                         his research on anticoagulant proteins that regulate blood
UIC Awards                                                       clotting and prevent abnormal clotting. The grant Dr. Olson
By William S. Bike and Lucia Gonzalez                            has received is for $392,500 in total costs per year for
Kaitrin Baloue, Jason Foreman, Brian Homann,                     eight years.
Shivam Patel, James Peterson and Taina Yanez                          The proteins that Dr. Olson has been studying are
recently were awarded UIC Chancellor’s Student Service           important defenses of the body against cardiovascular
Awards (CSSA).                                                   diseases such as heart attacks and strokes. “My research
     The CSSA honors students who have made an                   has relevance to dental clinical practice in so far as
outstanding contribution to the University through campus
and community service.
     Homann, Peterson, and Foreman were recognized for
their work with Goldie’s Place and the UIC chapter of the
American Association of Public Health Dentistry (AAPHD).
     “This award is a reflection of all the hard work that
students from our organization, the AAPHD, have put into
Goldie’s Place,” Homann said.
     “Receiving a UIC Chancellor’s Student Service Award
is an exciting form of recognition for the hard work and
dedication myself and those before me have put forth in
order to make Goldie’s Place student-run dental clinic a
reality,” Foreman said.
     Baloue was nominated because of her involvement
with research at the College, and she feels that it is her
mission to promote and encourage research among
the students. “I think it can improve critical thinking,
particularly when you can view problems with a scientific
mind,” Baloue said.
     “I was very honored,” Yanez said. “It was nice to
know that people take notice in the community outreach
that I am involved in. Being a strong advocate for
community service I am happy not only to receive such
an award, but by the idea that people will hopefully be
inspired to get involved as well.”
     “As a graduate student it often becomes difficult to
stay involved in extracurricular activities such as service
organizations because of our demanding schedules,”
Patel said. “Being recognized helps to acknowledge that
the hard work we put in does not go unnoticed. I think
that my drive comes from within and recognition is not

June 2011                                               Word of Mouth                                                         5
dentists need to understand                                       students in the Multidisciplinary Oral Sciences Training
how to manage patients                                            (MOST) program, and to post-graduate students who are
who are being treated with                                        training for biomedical research careers.
anticoagulants, because of                                             For more information, contact Dr. Olson at (312) 996-
their risk for a heart attack or                                  1043 or e-mail
other abnormal blood clot,”
explained Dr. Olson. “More                                        Dr. Dena Fischer Honored
importantly, my research
has relevance to two major                                        for Salivary Research
research programs in our                                          The Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program (WOHP) recently
College: the Center for                                           announced that Dr. Dena Fischer, Assistant Professor
Wound Healing and Tissue                                          and Director of Graduate Residents, Department of
Regeneration and the Center                                       Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences, was one of
for Molecular Biology of Oral                                     three winners of the International Association for Dental
Diseases.”                                                        Research (IADR)/Salivary Research Group and Wrigley
     Blood clotting is the                                        Salivary Research Award.
body’s first important                                                 The others were Gregory D. White, dental student
                                   A grant will allow Dr. Ste-    at the State University of New York at Buffalo, and Emily
response to injury to avoid
                                   ven T. Olson to continue       Hahn, a dental student at the Medical College of Georgia
blood loss. A blood clot           his research on antico-
forms only at an injury site                                      at Augusta who were recognized for excellent research in
                                   agulant proteins.
and generally does not                                            the Basic Research category.
spread beyond this site                                                Dr. Fischer received $1,500 toward travel costs to the
because of the presence of natural anticoagulants that Dr.        89th General Session and Exhibition of the IADR in San
Olson is studying.                                                Diego, CA, March 16-19, where she received the award.
     After a blood clot forms, a wound heals by a series of            “We would like to congratulate all three awardees
subsequent events that include inflammation, dissolution          on their excellent contribution to salivary science,” said
of the clot, and regrowth of damaged tissue. There are            Maureen Jones, Manager of Corporate Communications,
other researchers at the College who are exploring the            Wrigley. “As part of our continued commitment to driving
various phases of wound healing to understand the                 innovative, independent oral care research, Wrigley
nature of the biologic processes involved. By doing so,           Oral Healthcare Programs is proud to partner with the
the researchers are hoping to discover new treatments             International Association for Dental Research (IADR)
that could improve and accelerate wound repair. Such              Salivary Research Group (SRG) for the second year on an
discoveries would benefit not only dentists who treat oral        international dental research award program.”
diseases, but doctors who treat other diseases as well.                The Salivary Research Award, which is administered
     “My research,” remarked Dr. Olson, “also impacts
other phases of wound healing in view of recent
discoveries that have shown that the anticoagulant
proteins that I study are also inhibitors of the growth of
new blood vessels, a process called ‘angiogenesis.’ The
anticoagulant proteins may thus act to regulate the time
and place when new blood vessels are allowed to form
during the wound healing process.”
     Thus, Dr. Olson’s research is not only relevant to the
Center for Wound Healing and Tissue Regeneration, but
also benefits the Center for Molecular Biology of Oral
Diseases, whose research focuses on oral cancer.
     Cancer is an abnormal and unregulated growth of
cells called a tumor. Tumor growth triggers responses
similar to the regrowth of new tissue in wound healing.
However, tumors promote the growth of new blood
vessels to provide fuel to the tumor and allow its continued       Winners of the 2011 Wrigley Salivary Research Awards
growth. “Because the anticoagulant proteins we work                were announced at the recent IADR meeting. They include
                                                                   (second from left) Emily Hahn, Medical College of Georgia at
on are inhibitors of blood vessel growth or angiogenesis,
                                                                   Augusta; (third from left) Gregory White, State University of
they represent potential treatments to block the spread of         New York at Buffalo; and (fourth from left) Dr. Dena Fischer,
tumors,” Dr. Olson stated.                                         University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry. Also
     Dr. Olson’s research not only benefits the College in         pictured are (far left) Dr. John Erdman, Executive Director of
relation to oral cancer and wound healing research, but            the Wrigley Science Institute; (second from right) Maureen
also benefits students. His laboratory offers training in          Jones, Wrigley Corporate Communications Manager; and
research to undergraduate predental students, to graduate          Taichi Inui, Wrigley Sr. Technology Scientist.

6                                                        Word of Mouth                                                June 2011
by the IADR, has been established to recognize                     Drs. Galang,
outstanding research by both students and dental
scientists.                                                        Yuan Honored by
     “This partnership program provides oral care                  UIC for Teaching
researchers like these, a forum to be recognized for their         Excellence
contributions to a valuable research field, while having their     Dr. Maria Therese Galang,
efforts validated in a best-in-class professional setting,”        Assistant Professor of
said Dr. Olga Baker, President of the IADR’s Salivary              Orthodontics, and Dr. Judy
Research Group.                                                    Chia-Chun Yuan, Clinical
     Applicants from around the world were asked to                Assistant Professor of
submit a 300-word abstract in the salivary research area           Restorative Dentistry, were
                                                     of study.     selected by their peers to
                                                     These         receive 2010-11 Teaching
                                                     abstracts     Recognition Awards from the
                                                     were then     UIC Council for Excellence
                                                     considered    in Teaching and Learning
                                                     by a          (CETL). A total of 20 UIC
                                                     panel of      faculty were chosen campus-            Dr. Judy Yuan.
                                                     judges that   wide.
                                                     included            The Teaching
                                                     the SRG       Recognition Program (TRP) recognizes the excellence of
                                                     President,    UIC faculty in their teaching activities.
                                                     Immediate           “I strive to constantly improve my courses and I make
                                                     Past          sure that everything I teach is clinically applicable,” Dr.
                                                     President,    Galang said. “My goal is to keep students engaged and
  Dr. Dena Fischer, one of three winners of
                                                     President-    show them how the specialty of orthodontics will come
  the 2011 Wrigley Salivary Research Award,
  explains her poster to Dr. Roberto Vianna,         Elect, and    into play in their future careers as they take care of their
  President of the FDI World Dental Federation,      Group         patients.”
  during a poster session at the recent 89th         Program             “I value education as a lifelong learning process and
  General Session of the International Associa-      Chair.        hope to impart this love of learning to all my students,”
  tion for Dental Researchers.                            Dr.      Dr Yuan said. “My philosophy is to foster learning through
                                                     Fischer       facilitating knowledge in a self-motivation style, promoting
                                                     received      evidence-based education in a patient-centered setting
the Clinical Salivary Research Award for dental scientists         and communication with each other in a respectful way.”
for her abstract “Comparison of Salivary Inflammatory                    Dr. Yuan noted that her teaching style has evolved
Mediator Levels Between Four Collection Methods.”                  during her career. “Although I initially felt the need to
     “The purpose of this study was to assess                                                       deliver information on
concentrations of salivary inflammatory mediators using                                             topics through lectures, my
four different methods of salivary collection,” Dr. Fischer                                         perspective has changed,”
explained. “There is a significant amount of ongoing                                                she said. “My approach to
research using saliva to diagnose oral and systemic                                                 education has shifted from a
disease. For this study, we sought to determine if the                                              teacher who delivers a sea of
collection method may impact the concentrations of                                                  knowledge to a mentor who
inflammatory mediators, and we found that concentrations                                            inspires students to think.
of salivary biomarkers do differ by collection method.”                                             I believe that encouraging
     Dr. Fischer said she is “definitely grateful to have                                           student preparedness,
been honored as a recipient of Wrigley Oral Healthcare                                              rewarding their enthusiasm,
Program’s 2011 Salivary Research Award. First of all, I                                             stimulating conversation
want to thank the IADR Salivary Research Group and                                                  about the concepts, and
the Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program for having selected              Dr. Maria Galang.              demonstrating clinical skills
me as the Faculty Award Recipient. Secondly, research                                               in a respectful approach can
is a collaborative effort, and I would like to thank my                                             accomplish this goal.”
collaborators, Dr. Chris Engeland and Kelley Gyllenhaal,                 Dr. Galang noted she is “very proud of my dental
a second-year year dental student, for their work on this          students being able to recognize orthodontic problems,
project.”                                                          and them doing their best in each and every activity. I
     Dr. Fischer’s research was funded by the College’s            am also very proud of the orthodontic residents, most of
Wach Grant “and would not have been possible without               whom started out with little background in orthodontics.
Wach Grant funding,” she concluded.                                Now, they exchange challenging thoughts and ideas and
                                                                   help me educate the predocs.

June 2011                                                 Word of Mouth                                                         7
      “I also am extremely proud of the students I have           Students Meet State Legislators
mentored for various research projects—undergrads,                By Ben Youel
predocs, and residents. A number of them even have                UIC American Student Dental Association
won awards, and that always makes a mentor proud,” Dr.            Twelve UIC College of Dentistry students headed down to
Galang said.                                                      Springfield on April 6 for the Illinois State Dental Society
      The award being peer-reviewed makes it particularly         (ISDS) Capital Conference, which gave the students the
meaningful, Dr. Galang said.                                      opportunity to team up with Illinois dentists from their area
      “Being recognized for good teaching is one thing, but       and lobby their State Senators and Representatives.
being recognized by your peers for excellent teaching is                The students lobbied for three issues during this
another,” she noted. “I am very thankful for this recognition     trip. The first was in favor of a House bill that sets a 366-
and will use this as a challenge to constantly improve            day limit on the time insurance companies are allowed
and upgrade my teaching methods for the benefit of my             to seek recoupment of fees previously paid to dentists.
students.”                                                        The second was in favor of funding for the Dental Lifeline
      Dr. Yuan also expressed her gratitude. “It is an honor      Network, a program that costs the State $150,000
to receive this award,” she said. “I am indeed thankful for       annually, but returns $1.2 million each year in donated
this award that recognizes an educator’s dedication to            dental care to elderly or disabled Illinois residents. The final
the students and school. I am grateful to have a group of         issue lobbied on asked for the explicit removal of dentistry
energetic, wonderful students who keep me motivated.              from a House bill concerning the regulation of abortions
I am very grateful to the UIC Council for Excellence in           in ambulatory treatment centers. The current wording of
Teaching and Learning for their recognition and my peers          this bill would require dental clinics to adhere to certain
and department head, Dr. Stephen Campbell, for their              rules and regulations designed for abortion clinics. In
support.”                                                         Springfield, the twelve UIC students joined the voices of
      “I wish to inspire people who are considering               the ISDS in opposition to this burdensome requirement on
academic paths,” Dr. Galang said. “As an orthodontist, I          dental clinics.
find patient care very fulfilling and enjoyable. As a faculty           It was a successful and educational Capital
member, I find the same fulfillment and enjoyment in              Conference for the College of Dentistry students. We’re
teaching my students, especially knowing that I play a role       very grateful to have had this amazing opportunity to
in molding future dentists and orthodontists who will take
care of their own patients some day.”
      Dr. Yuan also is an inspiration to students, having
been selected in 2009 for a Crystal Apple Award by the
Class of 2011. She also is part of the predoctoral implant
team that recently was chosen for an American Dental
Education Association/Zimmer Dental Implant Teaching
Award, and has had several articles published in dental
journals on gender disparities, education, and teaching.
      “Being in academia entails a lot of work, but it’s worth
it,” Dr. Galang concluded.

Construction Update
Several construction projects will be underway at the               Students at the ISDS Capital Conference were joined
College this summer.                                                by faculty members Dean Bruce Graham and Dr. Sahar
     In the southern part of the third floor, work will             Alrayyes.
continue on the Implant and Innovations Center.
     A $175,000 grant from the State of Illinois, obtained
by Dr. David Miller when he was a member of the Illinois          actively participate in organized dentistry by advocating for
General Assembly, will allow construction of a “Quiet             our profession.
Room” in the Predoctoral Pediatric Dentistry Clinic.                   Students attending were Melissa Davis, Ashley
     The Radiology Clinic on the first floor will gain new        Ginsberg, Chelsea Jones, Becky Kendrick, Brandon
digital equipment.                                                Murphy, Erin Petrik, Alla Pisukiv, Michael Rabinowitz,
     Part of $10 million coming from the National Institutes      Anastasiya Quimby, and Ben Youel.
of Health will allow renovation and re-equipping of some               For more information, e-mail
research labs around the building.
     A new Clinical Research Clinic will be built in some
space formerly used by the Department of Oral Medicine
and Diagnostic Sciences.
     A state-of-the-art LearnLab classroom will be built in
Room 430C. (See related article, page 3.)

8                                                        Word of Mouth                                                June 2011
Students Promote Dental                                          Top Researcher Visits College to
Careers, Health                                                  ‘Stoke Fire’ of Scientific Curiosity
By Mateusz Wietecha                                              By Mateusz Wietecha
President, Student Research Group                                President, Student Research Group
UIC in early April hosted the 2011 Urban Health Program          The UIC College of Dentistry Student Research Group
Health Professions Student Conference, with help from the        (SRG) on April 28 hosted a special guest, Dr. David
Hispanic Student Dental Association and Student National         T. Wong of the University of California at Los Angeles
Dental Association and other students, who at the College        (UCLA), a distinguished scientist and leader in the field of
of Dentistry talked to more than 100 high school and             salivary diagnostics. Dr. Wong was specifically invited by
middle school students interested in the field of dentistry.     the SRG to visit UIC to give a seminar about his research
     “Mike Reyes and I spoke to two groups of children,”         and to meet with student researchers.
student Jason Harrison explained. “We gave a short                    Dr. Wong is the Immediate-Past President of the
presentation on the benefits of maintaining oral health,         American Association for Dental Research (AADR) and
advice and techniques that would assist them in achieving        Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement
                                             their optimum       of Science (AAAS). He currently holds the Felix and
                                             oral health,        Mildred Yip Endowed Professorship at the UCLA School
                                             and had a brief     of Dentistry, and he has been the school’s Associate Dean
                                             discussion          of Research since 2004.
                                             about which              A large and diverse audience of dental students
                                             foods would         and faculty from across the campus and other Chicago
                                             be beneficial or    universities filled up Lecture Hall South to hear Dr. Wong’s
                                             harmful to their    seminar, entitled “Saliva: the New Diagnostic Frontier.”
                                             teeth.              Dr. Wong discussed recent advances in the ability to
                                                   Different     diagnose oral and systemic diseases, including a number
 UIC recently hosted the 2011 Urban          props were          of cancers, through the analysis of patients’ saliva. This
 Health Program Health Professions           used to             technology will revolutionize the practice of dentistry in
 Student Conference, with help from the      demonstrate
 Hispanic Student Dental Association and     brushing
 Student National Dental Association,        and flossing
 who at the College of Dentistry talked to   technique, as
 more than 100 high school and middle        well as the “Mr.
 school students interested in the field of
 dentistry. Above, Kurrie Stennis, SNDA
 President, shows students a dental          plastic mouth
 clinic. Below, Taina P. Yanez, HSDA         to show the
 President, talks to students.               students what
                                             their mouth
                                             would look
                                             like if they did
                                             practice good        The SRG hosted a talk by Dr. David Wong recently. Front
                                             oral hygiene.        row, left to right: Kelley Gyllenhaal, Dr. David Wong, Ma-
                                                   “We shared     teusz Wietecha. Back row, left to right: Xuanyu Lu, Kaitrin
                                             with them            Baloue, Joshua Padovano, Ariel Johnson, Christine Politis,
                                             some of the          Yoshi Ito, and Stephanie Tymen.
                                             negative side-
                                             effects of not
maintaining their oral health, such as bad breath, gingivitis,   the near future, giving dentists the point-of-care testing
periodontitis and other oral diseases,” Harrison continued.      ability to diagnose diseases early and play an expanded
“We also described the type of consequences that they            role in preventative medicine as well as in the treatment of
could incur with the use of cigarettes, smokeless tobacco,       patients’ overall health.
and even receiving oral piercings.                                     Perhaps most importantly, Dr. Wong was able
     “The group was very attentive and they asked some           to spend an extended period of time during the day
very good questions regarding their oral health and what         interacting with student members of the SRG. He met with
they could do to improve it,” Harrison noted.                    Joshua Padovano (D-1, DMD/PhD), Kelley Gyllenhaal
     At the conclusion of the presentation, each student         (D-2, SRG Vice-President) and Mat Wietecha, (DMD/
received a toothbrush and toothpaste to take home to             PhD, SRG President) for breakfast, and, following the
practice some of the techniques discussed that day.              seminar, Dr. Wong had lunch with 12 DDS, PhD, and
                                                                 dual-degree students. The students enjoyed a stimulating
                                                                 discussion about the future of salivary diagnostics and
                                                                 the increasingly important role of research in dentistry. It

June 2011                                               Word of Mouth                                                           9
was inspirational to have such a distinguished scientist         IDDP Class of 2013 Welcomed
praise UIC’s students on their commitment to research. Dr.
Wong’s parting words of wisdom were to not let the “fire”        to Campus
of scientific curiosity die through the ups and downs of the     Beginning the week of April 25, the 30 new International
students’ respective training programs.                          Dentist
     The SRG is grateful to Dr. Luisa DiPietro and Dr.           Degree
Wendy Cerny of the Center for Wound Healing and                  Program
Tissue Regeneration, and the MOST Program funded by              (IDDP)
the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research       students,
(NIDCR). Dr. Wong’s visit is the inaugural seminar of what       prospective
will be an annual research series organized by the SRG.          graduates of
Students interested in getting involved with SRG should          the Class of
e-mail                                         2013, were
                                                                 welcomed to
                                                                 campus with
Día del Niño Festival Held                                       a three-week
The 15th annual Family Day for Latino Communities: Dia           orientation
del Nino was held                                                                  Returning students enjoyed meeting their
on April 16. These                                                                 new IDDP colleagues.
communities face                                                 orientation is
many obstacles in                                                sponsored
receiving quality health                                         by the Office of Student and Diversity Affairs.
care and the National                                                 Each year, the orientation program provides incoming
Museum of Mexican                                                dental students with an opportunity to learn about
Art sponsors this family                                         the College and University services. Also, it allows for
festival each year. It is a                                      incoming students to meet their colleagues. The IDDP-1
day-long free festival at                                        class was paired up with both the IDDP-2 and D-1 class
                            Dr. Maribel Reyes, Jeanette
the UIC Pavilion where      Gutierrez, Maggie Tejada, Dr.        for a social lunch. The IDDP-2 and D-1 classes were
art, culture, health,       Lynse Briney, and Luke Briney.       excited to have the opportunity to meet and welcome their
nutrition, and fitness                                           soon-to-be classmates.

                                  are combined along with
                                  folkloric dance company
                                        Some of the
                                  Pediatric Dentistry
                                  assistants, residents,
                                  staff, and faculty
                                  participated in the
                                  fair. Everyone had a great
 Participating in Dia del Nino
 were Angie Garza, Taina          time. Dr. Jane Caballero
 Yanez, Yasmin Farid, Dr. Indru   participated but is not         The new IDDP class received a three-week orientation at
 Punwani, Michael Reyes, Jake     pictured.                       the College.
 Wertz, Maggie Tejada, Brenda           “The pediatric
 Roman, Jeanette Gutierrez,       dental residents,
 and Vicky Roman.                 dental students, dental
                                  assistants, and faculty
                                                                 German Dental Student Gets Unique
members provided oral                                            OMFS Experience at UIC
health screenings and                                            A chance meeting in Munich, Germany, between
oral health education to                                         international law/human rights expert Lynsay Skiba
the children,” said Dr.                                          and German dental student Christine Grassl ended up
Indru Punwani, Head,                                             with Grassl engaging in an externship in the College’s
Pediatric Dentistry. “I                                          Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS)
was very proud of the                                            earlier this year.
commitment to children                                                Skiba, in Germany to present a paper at an
demonstrated by our           Taina Yanez, Dr. Ricardo Men-      international law and human rights symposium, stayed
group of volunteers.”         doza, Yasmin Farid, and Dr.        with a family for whom Grassl occasionally baby-sat.
                              Indru Punwani.                     The two became friends, and Grassl learned that Skiba’s
                                                                 father is Dr. Thomas Skiba, ’68, MS OMFS ’77, Clinical

10                                                      Word of Mouth                                             June 2011
Assistant Professor of OMFS at the College.                      them,” Dr. Skiba noted.
      Dr. Skiba and Grassl began corresponding by e-mail.             “I was deeply impressed by the way the professors
Dr. Skiba explained the OMFS extern program, and Grassl          took care of me,” Grassl said. “I liked it that many people
applied and was accepted for an intensive two-week               at the department were not only colleagues but friends
program.                                                         and enjoyed sharing their free time. I felt that respect for
      Grassl noted that her family “always had a lot of          the professors did not create a gap between them and the
international friends. I guess that is the reason for my         residents and staff, which is unusual from a German point
interest in foreign cultures and improving my language           of view.”
skills.”                                                              Chicago itself was surprising to Grassl. “I did not know
      Grassl would qualify for German funding only if her        much about the city before, so it was fun to discover all
externship lasted six weeks, however, so Dr. Skiba asked         the beautiful architecture, the varied neighborhoods, the
Dr. Trucia Drummond, ’81, if Grassl could have an                charm of the old industrial buildings, the el, the music,
additional four-week internship in her office. Dr. Drummond      theatre, and of course, the food.
agreed, and Grassl was on her way to Chicago.                         “However, the experience of a city is influenced by
      “Even before meeting Dr. Drummond, I could tell she        the people you meet,” Grassl noted. “In general everyone
was a wonderful person,” Grassl said. “When I was still          has been helpful and friendly, and I’ve made valuable
in Germany, she looked for German friends in Chicago             acquaintances.”
and sent me their contacts to make me feel comfortable.               “The opportunity of a predoctoral student to
When I got to know her, I was even more impressed for            experience cutting-edge OMFS and reconstruction at
she is a very special character—elegant, independent,            a leading University is a unique experience,” Dr. Skiba
caring, open.”                                                   said. “It is one that may lead to a specialty application. It
      For Dr. Drummond, “Christine basically was an              gives opportunities and challenges to grow and meet new
observer of all our procedures,” she said. “She did actually     friends. For an international student, it adds the cultural
assist me on a few occasions. Her ability to relate to the       and language dimensions of learning, too. Christine lived
patients was excellent. I took her to a branch meeting           with other international students, had a great American
of the Chicago Dental Society where the speaker was              city to explore, and had the adventure to do all of this on
an endodontist. She also attended a workshop on
Occupational Safety and Health Administration updates
with my staff, and an American Association of Women
Dentists student chapter meeting where I was on a panel.
I think she got a lot out of each of the activities.”
      “I enjoyed the quiet atmosphere in her office and
admired her for staying calm in difficult situations,” Grassl
said. “On my last evening, Dr. Drummond invited her staff
and me for dinner in an excellent Mexican restaurant and I
even got presents, even though I felt that my whole time in
her office had been a present.”
      At UIC, “concerning the working environment, I
was positively surprised about the mostly stress-free
atmosphere,” Grassl said. “I felt that there was always
enough time to examine the patient, listen, and explain the
treatment options and procedures to him or her.”
      She noted that she was surprised that at UIC,               German dental student Christine Grassl (right) with col-
“residents here are trained to do the anesthesia                  leagues in OMFS.
themselves,” unlike in Germany. “Besides, sedations are
more common here.”
      “All of our externs learn patient evaluation, treatment    her own.”
planning, and surgical treatment,” Dr. Skiba explained,               In her last year of dental school, Grassl said she has
concerning Grassl’s UIC work. “An extern is an assigned          not decided on a specialty. “Oral surgery has definitely
member of one of the resident teams who treat patients           become an option now,” she said. “As oral surgery is a
in the outpatient clinic, hospital operating rooms, and the      big part of our German exam, this externship has certainly
emergency room. They treat select outpatients under              helped me to prepare for it.”
supervision. They also attend hospital rounds, weekly                 “Christine being with us was a great experience,” Dr.
grand rounds, and the residents’ journal club. They have         Drummond said. “Having someone watching literally over
responsibilities to the team.                                    my shoulder was just fine and not at all uncomfortable
      “Our Department Head, Dr. Michael Miloro, has the          or intrusive. I would enjoy doing it again and would
externs assigned. The senior resident of each team has           encourage anyone who is offered the opportunity to
immediate responsibility for extern learning. But the faculty    welcome such.”
has the ultimate responsibility and satisfaction of teaching          Dr. Skiba also believes having externs like Grassl is a

June 2011                                               Word of Mouth                                                        11
great experience for the College.                                    Births
      “Predoctoral externs challenge our faculty and                 Dr. Julienne
residents to teach well at the basic student level,” he said.        Rutherford,
“We must reevaluate our skills, basic knowledge, and                 Assistant
abilities to be teachers and mentors of externs. Externs
                                                                     Oral Biology,
also assist in the treatment of our outpatients. They add            had a baby,
diversity and interest to our teams.                                 Adelaide
      “Having an international student extern has been a             Caledonia
great invigorating experience for all of us,” Dr. Skiba said.        Goehl, on
                                                                     March 31 at
“Diversity causes all of us to refocus on our important
                                                                     3:06 p.m.
responsibilities to teach and to teach well.”                        Adelaide          Adelaide Caledonia Goehl.
      “I want to give a big thank you to Dr. Drummond,               measured 20
as well as all members of the oral surgery department,”              inches and
Grassl concluded. “Before I came here, I tried to keep my            weighed 7 lbs., 14 oz. at birth.
expectations down to prevent disappointment. However,
in the end I had a once-in-a-lifetime experience that                Deaths
exceeded my best expectations by far. I am thankful to               Dr. Claude G. Matasa, who as a
everyone who contributed to that, and hope to stay in                Clinical Professor in Biomaterials in the
                                                                     Department of Orthodontics taught
                                                                     orthodontic materials at the College
                                                                     twice per year, died on March 24.
                                                                          Born in 1930, Dr. Matasa was a
People                                                               Romanian national who immigrated to
                                                                     the U.S. in the early 1970s and became
Accomplishments                                                      a U.S. citizen. He held a Doctorate in
The Universite Paris Descartes will confer the honor of Doctor       Technical Sciences from Technische
Honoris Causa to Dr. Anne George, the Allan G. Brodie                Hochschule in Vienna, Austria, and
Professor, Department of Oral Biology, on Tuesday, Nov. 15.                                                         Dr. Claude G.
                                                                     a Doctorate in Chemical Engineering
     The honorary degree acknowledges Dr. George’s                   from the Timisoara Polytechnic Institute       Matasa.
“exceptional                                                         in Romania. He also held a degree
contributions as                                                     in Chemical Engineering from the
a leading expert                                                     Polytechnic Institute in Bucharest,
on the subject of                                                    Hungary.
identification and                                                        Dr. Matasa had been imprisoned in a Romanian
characterization                                                     concentration camp in 1952 for what that country’s Communist
of acidic proteins                                                   government had perceived as anti-Communist activities.
involved in dentin                                                        Dr. Matasa served on the faculty of several universities.
mineralization                                                       Since 1982, he had been President of Ortho-Cycle Co., a
and dentin                                                           company dedicated to the recycling and reconditioning of
matrix proteins,”                                                    orthodontic appliances.
said Dr. Axel                                                             He founded and was editor of The Materials Insider, a
Kahn, President,                                                     quarterly publication regarding the latest studies and research in
Universite Paris      The Universite Paris Descartes will con-
                                                                     orthodontic materials. He also had served as a Consultant and
Descartes,            fer the honor of Doctor Honoris Causa          Referee for the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial
who noted Dr.         to Dr. Anne George.                            Orthopedics since 1986, and as an International Consultant for
George’s “work                                                       the Journal of Orthopedics, Orthodontics, and Pediatric Dentistry
on cloning                                                           since 1995.
phosphophoryn genes, the most abundant non-collagenous                    Dr. Matasa was named Honorary Romanian Consul for
extracellular component in dentin, and on synthesizing protein-      South Florida by the free Romanian government in 2004.
based templates for bone and dentin regeneration is quite                 He is survived by his wife, Netuta; two step-children; and
exciting.”                                                           several grandchildren.
     The ceremony will be performed at the Universite
Amphitheater, built during the reign of King Louis the XV.           Gracemae Rudgers, grandmother of Dr. Julie Rudgers-Croft,
                                                                     first-year resident in the Department of Pediatric Dentistry,
Dr. Damian Lee, Clinical Assistant Professor, Restorative            passed away on May 4 at the age of 95. Sympathies may be
Dentistry, was elected to the UIC Dental Alumni Board of             extended to Dr. Rudgers-Croft and her family at

Michael Kostal is the new Dental Student Council President.
Dr. Indru Punwani, Head, Department of Pediatric Dentistry,
was elected to the Executive Committee.
                                                                     Advanced Education
                                                                     The University of Massachusetts Medical School is accepting
                                                                     applications from individuals interested in joining its Advanced
Ben Youel was elected the National American Student Dental
                                                                     Education in General Dentistry Program. For information, call
Association District 7 Trustee.
                                                                     (508) 479-3312 or e-mail (FN)
The College’s 2011 Charitable Spring Formal was held on April 8
at the Knickerbocker Hotel. The event raised more than $11,000
to provide pediatric dental care. Chairman was Michael Kostal.

12                                                          Word of Mouth                                                 June 2011
                                                                      Journals Wanted
                                                                      I would like to acquire any dental or medical journals that you
                                                                      no longer need to archive. Please send me a list, and I will give
                                                                      you a quotation. Also, I can supply you with boxes and UPS call
                                                                      tags for my pickup. Anthony’s Information Services LLC, 27716
                                                                      Mt. Pleasant Rd., Columbus, NJ, 08022,,
                                                                      (609) 617-1241. (FN)

                                                                      Facebook users can sign up to be a fan of the UIC College of
                                                                      Dentistry. Just type in “University of Illinois at Chicago College of
                                                                      Dentistry” in the search function of your Facebook page. (FN)

                                                                      Important College contacts: For consumable supplies, contact
                                                                      Kathleen Boyce at, (312) 413-9260. For
                                                                      dental instrument issues, contact Robin Waner at rwaner@uic.
                                                                      edu, (312) 996-6411, second and third floor sterilization. For
                                                                      dental equipment problems, e-mail 8772484837@archwireless.
                                                                      net; enter room and unit number with description of problem and
                                                                      write the issue on the maintenance log. To reach housekeeping,
 RESEARCH SUMMIT—Dr. Thomas Schlieve (above), third-                  call (312) 996-8473. For the Information Technologies (IT) help
 year Resident from the Department of Oral and Maxillofa-             desk, call (312) 413-4731. (FN)
 cial Surgery (OMFS), and Dr. Antonia Kolokythas, Assistant
 Professor and Director of Research, OMFS, attended the
 recent 2011 Research Summit and Young Investigators’                 Positions/Practices Available
 Day at Rosemont, IL, sponsored by the American Associa-              Come join the professionals at ProCare Dental Group PC.
                                                                      Generous compensation, contemporary facilities, flexibility,
 tion of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial
                                                                      autonomy, premier locations, continuing education, professional
 Surgery Foundation, International Association of Oral and            camaraderie. Part-time and full-time positions available. (847)
 Maxillofacial Surgeons, and National Institute of Dental and         621-7229 or (847) 621-7225. (FDT)
 Craniofacial Research.
                                                                      Dentists wanted, full or part-time. Several offices in Chicago
                                                                      and collar counties. Our associates earn $200,000 and are paid
                                                                      on production. We love to teach comprehensive pedo, surgical
Calendar                                                              extractions, fillings, etc., to the right persons. If you are confident,
Don’t forget to post and look for UIC events on the UIC               willing to learn, and not afraid to work, we will keep you busy.
Calendar at (FN)                                 Malpractice paid. Recent grads welcomed too. Email resume
                                                                      (as Word or PDF attachment only or paste resume in e-mail
Dental Mission Opportunities                                          message) or questions to (FA)
Dental mission to Nepal. Volnepal is hosting a “moving dental
camp” from Aug. 4 through 13 at Chitwan National Park on the          Dental Clinic is pleased to offer immediate opportunities for
border of Nepal and India. Take a jungle safari, countryside tour,    General Dentists and a Dental Hygienist. We are looking to hire
and provide dental aid to those in need. Accommodations, food,        two College of Dentistry graduates and a Dental Hygienist. These
transportation, and social events provided. Cost is $870. Log on      are permanent positions and our business days are Monday
to (FN)

For Sale
Crest White Strips Supreme are available from the College
chapter of the Student National Dental Association. Contact uic. (FN)

Financial and Legal Services
Pesavento & Pesavento Ltd., certified public accountants,
offer accounting, tax, and financial planning focused on the
dental industry. They have more than 30 years of experience in
providing quality accounting, tax planning, practice management,
and financial planning. Pesavento & Pesavento Ltd., 3401 S.
Harlem Ave., Suite 200, Berwyn, IL 60402, (708) 447-8399,              AAWD SUCCESSES—The UIC Chapter of American Associa- (FA)
                                                                       tion of Women Dentists held its Women in Dentistry Panel
                                                                       on April 6. The event was a success, hosting nine women
Insurance                                                              dentists who shared their personal stories and provided
Choose The Dentists Insurance Company for your                         thoughtful professional advice to the students in atten-
professional liability, employment practices liability, and office     dance. On April 14, AAWD bid farewell to its graduating
property insurance needs. For your no-obligation premium quote,        seniors with a dinner at The Melting Pot, wishing them the
please call ISDS-member dentist Rennie Holmes, DMD, at (866)           best of luck with their future endeavors. Student Sylvia Deek
834.2487. (FDT)                                                        has been elected as AAWD President for 2011-2012, assum-
                                                                       ing the role from Kitt Stevens.

June 2011                                                    Word of Mouth                                                                  13
                                                                       advanced setting. Dentists earn on average $240,000/yr.
                                                                       plus benefits. Call (312) 274-0308 x324 or e-mail dtharp@
                                                              New graduates encouraged, great place to
                                                                       start your career! (B35)

                                                                       Orthodontic Educator. St. Louis University is seeking
                                                                       applications from persons interested in a full-time faculty position
                                                                       in orthodontics at the Center for Advanced Dental Education. All
                                                                       applications must be made online at Call Dr.
                                                                       Rolf G. Behrents at (314) 977-8363 for more information. (FN)

                                                                       University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of
                                                                       Dental Ecology, seeks Dental Director, Hospital Dental Clinic
                                                                       and General Practice Residency Director. Go to http://jobs.unc.
                                                                       edu/2500992 or call (919) 966-2787. (FN)

 DR. WU HONORED—Dr. Christine Wu (above, left) Professor,
                                                                       Space Available
                                                                       Garden apartment for rent in the Tri-Taylor Historic District
 Pediatric Dentistry, was named an Honorary Professor at               in the Illinois Medical District. One bedroom, full bathroom,
 the West China School of Stomatology, Sichuan University,             combined kitchen and living room, outside back patio and
 Chengdu City, SiChuan Province, China, by Dean Xuedong                yard. Dishwasher & private washer-dryer. Walking distance to
 Zhou (above, right). Dr. Wu chaired a session there at the            UIC Medical Campus; direct access to UIC buses, RTA, and
 International Conference on Microbial Biofilm, sponsored by           Congress Expressway; ten-minute drive to Loop/Museum
 the school and by Johnson & Johnson. Below, Dr. Wu was                Campus. Quiet and safe neighborhood; easy street parking
 honored by her conference colleagues.                                 (Zone 80 permit required). A/C window unit available; annual
                                                                       lease. Call (312) 421-0078 (hm), (312) 813-0857 (cell). Available
                                                                       June 1. Gas heat. $950 monthly includes electric & water. (FN)

                                                                       15: Classes begin for D1 students.

                                                                       22: Classes begin for D3, D4, and I2 students.

                                                                       29: Classes begin for D2 and I1 students.

through Saturday. Our office has a large volume of English and         September
Spanish speaking patients and a friendly bilingual environment.        5: Labor Day Holiday.
Please fax your resume to (773) 267-9662. (B30)
                                                                       14: UIC College of Dentistry/Dental Alumni Association
Help wanted. Part-time general dentist in Fox Lake area,               Golf Outing. UIC, Loyola, and alumni of other dental schools
Mondays 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Tuesdays 9 a.m.- 5 p.m., and one                invited. Shotgun start, golf, and buffet. Maple Meadows Golf
Saturday per month, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Please call (847) 587-5500
or e-mail (FN, FL)

Dentist in Darien, IL, looking for dentist in a temporary position
over the summer. Could lead to (630) 740-7138 or e-mail (FA)

Dental Associate Position. Seeking a full-time dental associate
in a well-established, recently remodeled practice in downstate
Illinois. Opportunity for rapid growth in general dentistry/ortho.
One-hour drive from St. Louis—beautiful parks, boating lake. E-mail resume to: dentaldoctor@ or fax to (618) 283-4963. (FA)

General Dentist: Family Dental Care. Full or part-time. Several of
our associates have become partners. Come and talk to them.
Very high income potential. Specialists on staff. Currently four
locations and growing. 95% fee for service. No Public Aid. (773)
978-7813 (ask for Tony) or email: http://            OMFS MEETING—Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery residents (FA)                                          Maya Almusa, Thomas Schlieve, and Thomas Sarna are
                                                                        pictured while attending the spring meeting of the Illinois
Dental Dreams desires motivated, quality-oriented associate             Society of Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons held in Oak Brook, IL,
dentists for its offices in IL (Chicago & suburbs), MD, MA,             recently.
NM, PA, and TX. We will be expanding into MI, LA, and SC.
We provide quality general FAMILY dentistry in a technologically

14                                                            Word of Mouth                                                    June 2011
Club, Wood Dale, IL. Call (312)
996-0485, or go to the College’s
                                                                   January 2012
                                                                   2: New Year’s Day Holiday.
website and register online.
                                                                   16: Martin Luther King Day Holiday.
14: Dr. Richard Cahill, ’65, to
receive the University of Illinois                                 February 2012
Humanitarian Award from the U of                                   22: UIC Retirement Luncheon. Chicago Rooms, Student
I Alumni Association at the Alumni                                 Center West, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
V Dinner. Time TBA. Call (312)
996-8535.                                                          May 2012
                                                                   28: Memorial Day Holiday.
27-28: “Open Wide,” Exploring
Past, Present, and Future of
Illinois Oral Health Plans, the                                    July 2012
Statewide oral health conference                                   4: Independence Day Holiday.
of the IFLOSS Coalition,
Doubletree and Embassy Suites
O’Hare Rosemont, 5500 N.                                           November 2013
River Rd., Rosemont, IL. For                                       12-14: Commission on Dental Accreditation site visit.
more information, contact (217)       THE TIE THAT
321-2616 or           BINDS—Dr. Daniel
at IFLOSS; at the College of
Dentistry, contact Dr. Linda Kaste,
                                      Claman has the serious
                                      responsibility of                IFLOSS Conference Seeks
Associate Professor, Pediatric        being the new Chief
Dentistry, at (312) 996-5724 or
                                      Resident in Postgrad             Attendees, Sponsors
                                      Pediatric Dentistry. He
                                      is a graduate of the             “Open Wide,” Exploring Past, Present, and
November                              Ohio State University            Future of Illinois Oral Health Plans, the Statewide
2: UIC Employee Recognition           College of Dentistry,
Award Program. Award of                                                oral health conference of the IFLOSS Coalition,
                                      and is pictured giving
Merit, CAPE, WOW, Inspire, and        his acceptance speech.           will be held Thursday and Friday, Oct. 27 and 28,
luminary Awards and Service           It was suggested that            at the Doubletree and Embassy Suites O’Hare
Recognition of 15, 30, 35, 40, and
45 years of service. 11 a.m. to
                                      he wear a tie for the            Rosemont, 5500 N. River Road in Rosemont, IL.
                                      speech, so he created                 Cost to attend is $195 for one day and
1:30 p.m., UIC Forum.
                                      the stylish paper
                                                                       $250 for two days for IFLOSS members, and
21-25 Predoctoral Break Week.         version he is shown
                                      wearing, above. “The             $270/$325 for nonmembers.
No classes or clinics.
                                      pediatric dentistry                   Exhibitors and sponsors are sought;
24: Thanksgiving Day Holiday;         residents would like             sponsorship opportunities range from $400
Friday, Nov. 25, is a Holiday for     to congratulate him              to $5,000. Advertisements in the conference
many employees.                       and are pleased
                                                                       program range from $50 to $150. Silent auction
                                      that he is our new
                                      representative,” said            donations also are requested.
December                              Dr. Rich Facko.                       For more information, contact (217) 321-2616
12-16: Final Examination Week.
                                                                       or at IFLOSS; at the College,
26: Christmas Day Holiday; Tuesday, Dec. 27, is a Holiday for          contact Dr. Linda Kaste, Associate Professor,
many employees.                                                        Pediatric Dentistry, at (312) 996-5724 or kaste@

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                                                                   Bruce S. Graham, DDS,
                                                                                                  Kathleen Cruger, kcru-
                                                                   MS, MEd              ; Lucia Gonza-
            University of Illinois at Chicago                            lez,; Ana
             College of Dentistry (MC 621)                                                        Lisa Ogbac, aogbac1@uic.
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16   Word of Mouth   June 2011

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