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									                                          TC TRUSSES
          TC offers traditional heavy timber mortise and tenon trusses. These trusses can
          be used for both new construction and re-models. They can also be used on
          conventionally framed stud-walls or on a timber framed structure. Our stock
          trusses can be ordered in any span up to 28’ and come in 3 configurations:
          Scissor, Standard King post and King Post with Struts. For more elaborate
          configurations, embellishments, additional roof members, or longer spans TC
          offers our custom truss design and building services.

          STOCK TRUSSES:
          SPAN AND SPACING: Trusses can be ordered to span up to 28’. Spacing
          trusses for conventional framing should be limited to 4’ on center; exceeding
          this spacing may require engineering in the wall framing and foundation to
          provide for point loads.

          ROOF BUILD UP: With the structural truss members exposed, your builder will
          have to frame over the trusses for insulation and utilities. This roof buildup can
          be done with Structural Insulated Panels supplied by TC, or built with
          conventional methods by your general contractor. A typical roof assembly
          consists of: your TC Trusses, tongue-and-grove ceiling decking, insulation
          panels, plywood, and finally the roofing material.

          MATERIALS AND FINISH: Stock trusses are built with #1, Free of Heart Center
          (FOHC), appearance grade, Douglas Fir timber. Trusses up to 18’ are typically
          designed with 6x8 timbers, and trusses over 18’ are typically designed with
          6x10 timbers. We sand all exposed surfaces with 150g random orbital sander,
          then apply one coat of natural Watco oil.

          DELIVERY: For most jobs TC delivers trusses to the job site pre-assembled, and
          ready for your General Contractor to install. TC can also provide installation
          upon request.

          STYLES: TC provides an almost unlimited vocabulary in truss style and
          configuration. We will incorporate steel plates hidden inside the timber if
          needed, although we design with traditional mortise and tenon joinery

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whenever possible. We will make an exception on some decorative metal. But
TC does not build with face plates.

SPAN AND SPACING: Custom timber trusses can be designed for spans
exceeding 48’ and TC provides engineering based on your design criteria. With
Custom trusses TC can also incorporate intermediate members such as Ridge
beams, Purlins, Common rafters, and compound roofs members such as Hip and
Valley rafters.

MATERIALS AND FINISH: TC offers a variety of timber options for custom
trusses: Western Red Cedar, Redwood, Reclaimed Douglas fir, and Dead-
standing Larch are just a few. The beam sizing is typically dictated by
engineering, however we often oversize our timbers for aesthetic purposes.
With Custom trusses you also have a choices of finishes. TC offers textured
timber such as hand hewn and re-sawn. You can also specify a mix of Watco oils
to match a particular shade. Please note; TC is not a professional finisher, we
apply only one coat of oil in our shop, for truly fine finishes we will ship your
timbers to a professional finisher prior to delivery to the site.

EMBELLISHMENTS: TC can detail the ends of beams with custom carvings. We
can also do custom profiles, draw knife edging and lambs tongues.

DELIVERY: For most Custom truss projects, TC organizes and handles the
installation. Your trusses may or may not ship pre-assembled depending on site
conditions and truss size.

To get a price quote on our “STOCK” trusses, simply fill out our “TRUSS QUOTE”.

To have TC design a custom truss roof system for you, fill out the “TRUSS
QUOTE” or the “PROJECT EVALUATION”. We will then get back to you with an
estimate of design time and costs.

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